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NWA Carnyland


Adam’s Carnyland Combination 6.21.2020

Another week that means another roundup of NWA Carnyland… wait roundup?

Another week that means another roundup of NWA Carnyland… wait roundup? I really am losing my mind with quarantine. Anyway… with this week we have a surprise in the election, Eli Drake giving his opinions on Leg Slapping in wrestling, questions and story time with his career.

Without further delay (more than what I took dragging my feet in all honesty), let’s start the review!


It opens up with the vote date being next week for the next mayor of Carnyland and the only way to vote is becoming a Patreon. Eli gives his video package to reassure votes for his mayoral election and cuts to Danny Deals and Nick Aldis working on the World Champ’s chances… poorly. The Question Mark now has his phone operating system and the question is, “How do I get a long lasting relationship?” Apparently, Daffodil Symphony is the way if you really want that spark to never die. Ester Addington has her video message going for her mayoral election and even more rumors go around that Allysin Kay gets the rumor mill of maybe being the drop out that Stu said from last week and gives her lovely and um… pleasant opinion on Ester. More electoral voting videos appear from Aron Stevens and Jocephus along with Zicky Dice trying to ruin Thunder Rosa and to “help” Zicky Dice by telling him why he’s losing the female votes calling him; creepy, childish, weird, creeeeeeeeeepy and much more.

BREAKING NEWS, Danny Deals puts himself in the crapper with his “lovely” business deals by being partnered with people that are more shady than even Danny Deals himself. With that being said, Nick Aldis will respectfully step down in his mayoral vote and be replaced by none other than Tim Storm for Mayor of Carnyland.

The Eli Drake Show

The show starts off with him addressing something that majority of us do and that’s the use of the word “Um” in the podcast so to hopefully stop himself, he stole DPP’s bell on DWI and has that as his counter whenever he uses it. Trust me, it’s entertaining,. He gets mad about it. Firs topic is the #LegSlap that Orton brought up about current wrestling and Eli agrees that it’s just too much. It used to be a couple a times a show but now it’s every other move even with chops or gut kicks. To prove that he isn’t much of someone to slap their own leg, he plays a show back in 2004 that he did in HWA and goes over things that he would do differently and would like to change. After the match, he’s addressing the people that actually watch and listen to the show with the 30 day challenge or as Eli calls it, “The Shoes of a Champion Challenge” where it’s 100 Push-ups, sit-ups and squats every day for a month, more of a way for people saying that there isn’t much to do during quarantine. You can go work out, feel better about yourself even though you’ll hurt like hell after and get something done.

Finally, we get to the Patreon questions and some good ones said, sadly not mine but, it also ends with a very nice and touching story about Percy Pringle when he was in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

Final Thoughts

Now I will admit that this took a while to write out. What’s Causing Aldis was a good interview with Camille that is a great listen with Strictly Business ties and Inside The NWA giving us multiple competitors giving their Mount Rushmore of wrestling like they are our lovely friends on The Badlands Podcast but, it will also be a while for another product with the NWA. With the wrestling world getting different accusations towards people and horrible things some are accused of doing or have done, one of the names thrown in was Vice President of NWA, David Lagana. Much like Jim Cornette did with his remark on commentary months ago, with the allegations towards Lagana, he resigned from the National Wrestling Alliance and have halted any production of NWA Shows much like Carnyland for the time being. Don’t worry, I will still be writing articles but, they will be different like my own opinions, covering other wrestling or you might see me do things with our entertainment page. Until then, writing for the NWA will be halted for the foreseeable future until they decide when and how they will do things moving forward.

Oh… and for anyone wondering how many uh or um’s Eli said, it’s 45. I feel like breaking that the next DWI.

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