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Adam’s Opinion: Ranking Bullet Club Leaders

Bullet Club is one of wrestling’s most storied and over groups. But who was the best leader?

Bullet Club is one of wrestling’s most storied and over groups. But who was the best leader?

The question that comes up too often in most, if not all, wrestling groups in the past four years is the modern days opinion question, “Who is the best leader of the Bullet Club?” Numerous amount of fans in the community will flock to one of two wrestlers as the Greatest Leader and I thought, you know what? NWA is on hiatus, NJPW is starting things back up with the New Japan Cup currently going on, I need to write and I very rarely speak my mind on popular subjects because I’m usually the guy that doesn’t like the favorite or popular subject at hand. Again, this is completely opinionated. I’m not here to completely 180 your thoughts, I’m just giving my side of the subject and maybe you might see it my way. I will be going from who I think is the worst to who I think is the best and this might be completely different from what most people think who knows. Let’s begin!

4. Kenny Omega

That’s right. I put “The Cleaner”, “The Best Bout Machine” whatever cute nickname he creates, as the worst. He has put on good matches, he had an amazing trilogy with Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, everyone knows who Kenny Omega is. Why in the world did you put him last, Adam? Simple. He nearly destroyed and killed the Bullet Club with The Elite and the Golden Lovers. He was more focused on his own project with the Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi that the group had multiple near blowups with the Tongans and Cody in their storyline. A vast amount of however many star matches or memorable matches doesn’t make you a good leader, it’s making sure the group you are leading is healthy and thrives to it’s fullest which… was quite the opposite of the Omega regime if you think about it. It doesn’t matter what one man has done in his career in a place is, if you are leading a group, you need unity and having a civil war to see if someone would be with the Firing Squad or The Elite or if it was Team Cody or Team Kenny.

3. Prince Devitt (Finn Balor)

The founder, the creator, the Prince. You can’t start something without having an origin and Devitt exploded. Getting a bit of an edge, getting a lot cockier, he betrayed Ryuske Taguchi and then went on to say, “No more Mister Nice Guy and no more Apollo 55 (The name of the tag team).” Bad Luck Fale attacked and became the Underboss then finally after a failed effort by Karl Anderson in facing Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tama Tonga and Karl Anderson join in and the rest is history. The gajin stable was created and caused problems for whoever they had their cross-hairs on. Granted, all the championship success Devitt had was a bunch of Junior Heavyweight accomplishments, he still became “universally” known to the world and the Bullet Club is still thriving today. I wonder if we might see the OG Club back together in the future and I don’t mean the OG Club that a man not brought up yet started in WWE.

2. Jay White

Wait, wait, wait… the knife pervert is number two? Why, yes. Yes he is. Jay White became the leader of the Bullet Club after Omega and the Elite create some other company that people probably aren’t watching today. At the end of 2018, he stole Gedo from Chaos and put them through disarray, wondering who was next to cause them to fall apart, maybe even destroy Chaos all together. Jay White brought back the Bullet Club back to the cutthroat, take what I want and leave nothing behind. Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa being the tag team enforcers, Ishimori and El Phantasmo as the Junior heavyweight representatives along with someone winning championship gold at some point during the Jay White Regime including the leader who dismantled Okada, took the Heavyweight Championship off of Tanahashi and defeated Naito for the Intercontinental Championship. All they are really missing is multiple championships at one time like another era of Bullet Club. Jay getting the tutelage from Gedo, reviving the Bullet Club to it’s former glory, bringing unity and an end to the civil war between The Elite and The Club as we finally have the one and only Bullet Club together again… what could possibly be better than a Bullet Club Reborn?

1. AJ Styles

Of course the guy with his social media handles of PhenomenalAJB has AJ Styles as the best leader. This one is very difficult because Jay really has been doing an amazing job as leader but looking at it, AJ is number one for leadership to me and let’s look at why. Mister Total Nonstop Action cut ties with the company he was with since the beginning and is a freelancer, going all over the world with the TNA World Championship since he left with it in story. Once all of that was done, Styles went to New Japan once Prince Devitt left and after attacking the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Hiroshi Tanahashi and becoming the champion in his debut match a month later. Styles becoming the leader of the Bullet Club made the stable go from a heel stable in Japan into the worldwide phenomenon that every fan knows today because in America, knowing who AJ Styles was in what he can do in the ring is worth watching. With Karl Anderson helping to keep the group together when Styles was at home to be a family man, the Bullet Club showed true unity in becoming the best. The two time IWGP Heavyweight Champion had great matches with all of the names in NJPW at that time like Naito, Tanahashi, Okada and Nakamura just to name a few and let’s not forget the special moment out of Styles’ time with the stable was nearly every member had won gold within the AJ regime, they were always looming in the distance and became a threat that attacked however they saw fit and that was just too sweet.

That is my thoughts on the leadership of Bullet Club. I didn’t add the times that Cody and Tama were the leader because that was just to cause disfunction. I know for a fact that this will probably get some major controversy behind it but as Eric Bischoff once said, Controversy Creates Cash. I had my own views on how leadership went but for the time being, this is my stance on it. I know everyone varies and has their own thoughts on it so let us know in the comments and there might be more opinions on wrestling or entertainment from me to come.


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