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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings 6.16.20

Two championship matches on a random Tuesday! The North defend the tag titles again The Rascalz and Moose protects the TNA championship against Hernandez!



Two championship matches on a random Tuesday! The North defend the tag titles again The Rascalz and Moose protects the TNA championship against Hernandez!

We also are supposed to learn a little more about Deonna Purrazzo and what’s changed since the last time she was in Impact Wrestling.

Oh yeah – Help Susie stay good…cause bad is, well…that’s bad.


  • Impact Tag Team Championship: The Rascalz (Wentz & Dez) vs The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c): The North retain via Northern Assault – *** ¼
  • Kimber Lee vs Nevaeh w/Havok: Nevaeh wins via Reverse Corckscrew DDT – **
  • Rhino vs Rohit Raju: Rhyno wins via Gore – ** ¼
  • TNA Heavyweight Championship: Hernandez vs Moose (c): Moose retains via No Jackhammer Needed – ***
  • XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) vs Reno Scum (Luster the Legend & Adam Thornstowe): Reno Scum wins via Scum Stomp – **
  • Street Fight: Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards: Ace wins via The Fold – *** ¼



Impact Tag Team Championship: The Rascalz (Wentz & Dez) vs The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c)

Solid match, where it starts off with Trey exonerating Wentz of suspicion in Gorilla position. Dez and Wentz isolate Josh for a good bit of time with quick tags and tandem moves. When Josh hits a Spinebuster to tag in Ethan, The North never really lose control.

Not sure if they’re going to use the Trey distraction, but this is a little rough to continue to have The Rascalz come up short. There was a small shot when Rascalz got things moving, but it really felt one sided after the commercial break.

After the match, The North complain that no one was watching their match, so the locker room is doomed to fail (hinting towards maybe Good Bros or a new tag team in general) and then Trey is unconscious against boxes. So it definitely not Wentz since he was having a match.

Kimber Lee vs Nevaeh w/Havok

So Nevaeh gets her first official match to avenge Havok’s questionable losses to Kimber Lee. Part of the amusement was that Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz showed up in the crowd with popcorn and signs being adorable and rude.

Kimber pulled out some signature moves, Nevaeh showed a lot of impressive power moves, punctuated with that Reverse Corckscrew DDT (think the thing Velveteen Dream does for a quick reference).

Rhino vs Rohit Raju

Rohit attacked Rhino during his entrance and looked pretty good. This match worked well as a way to show Rohit is a solid worker, but he’s still missing something as he gets caught by Rhino and a Gore.

Not really a huge takeaway here beyond they are trying to tear him down while establishing himself as a singles wrestler.

IMPACTPlus Flashback Moment July 1,2015, EC3 winning TNA Heavyweight Championship from Kurt Angle

TNA Heavyweight Championship: Hernandez vs Moose (c)

This Moose story is fantastic, and the work has been really solid too boot. Moose tried to take an early advantage, but Hernandez countered that and kept the champ reeling for a while. Hernandez shows a lot of athleticism, Moose isn’t too be outdone. Big dropkick while Hernandez is perched in the corner, Hernandez takes his shirt off and looks to finish things off, but turns the Border Toss into more of a Canadian Backbreaker.

Moose takes advantage of referee placement, pops Hernandez over his head and his foot just happens to be well placed for a low blow. PURE COINCIDENCE. No Jackhammer Needed and Moose retains.

But wait…the music that plays is…Trouble, Trouble, Trouble…good tease.

I didn’t think Willie Mack and The Deaners could be tremendous, but wow. Give me a Hell Yeah!

XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) vs Reno Scum (Luster the Legend & Adam Thornstowe)

Both teams traded blows pretty well, with Thornstowe taking a few of the bigger bumps since he’s the smallest guy. The back and forth was decent, but neither team is really well established. Reno was last seen losing a handicap match to Willie Mack and XXXL have been impressive because of their size; but not because of many wins.

So it’s nice there’s a possible spot for these guys on the tag team ladder, but this match wasn’t engaging because neither team matters right now.

Impact with more of the WWE release teasers. Swingman drops a few names/hints/insinuations and the Impact Twitter is definitely making us think it could be a certain Axe wielding social outcast.

We get the Deonna Purazzo retrospective and she acknowledges not being ready for many of her opportunities. She’s showing more of the cocky persona she had in Ring of Honor, and if she makes a good early impression she might end up working out. I’m aware Tenille was only on a partial contract since she had other stuff she wanted to do, but some of these new arrivals need to splash big; and Deonna is one of them. 

Street Fight: Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards

You know, I thought it was symbolic when Tommy Dreamer passed the kendo stick to Eddie, but also apparently passed the losing because of everything under the sun as well. What we got here was a solid hardcore bout with a lot of back and forth, clever weapon spots and decent work. Ace finding new ways to to apply the Ace up the sleeve, Eddie doing a Neckbreaker on the extended table leg…was…ouch.

But just when it looks like Eddie is going to hit the Boston Knee Party, Madman Fulton rises into screen and lays out Eddie. Holding Eddie up so Ace and execute The Fold. We get the full circle that Fulton most likely took out Trey and is now Ace’s hired gun to take out the others in the Slammiversary 5 way.


Overall Score: 6.5/10

Not a bad show, but nothing particularly strong either. I did appreciate the constant teases at recently available talent, and they even showed an updated trailer for Slammiversary saying that at least one person returning will be a former World Champion. Then after that, the one shot glass turned to 3, and we already heard EC3’s theme song. Plus the last two weeks have involved EC3. This is either a Russo level swerve, or such heavy handed implication that anyone can pick up on it.  OR…both? Por que no los dos?

ANYWAY – show was fun, it was an easy 2 hour watch, but nothing felt overly noteworthy. I like the build, and it definitely benefits fans that watch weekly who watch the whole thing come together. But this is skippable.

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