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Marian: Randy Orton addresses issues with NXT 

Are Randy Orton’s NXT comments unfounded? Marian tends to agree with The Viper.



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Are Randy Orton’s NXT comments unfounded? Marian tends to agree with The Viper.

Orton wants wrestlers to have lengthy, beneficial careers and does not believe that NXT provides that. 

WWE Superstar Randy Orton shared online about taking shots at Tommaso Ciampa and the NXT brand. A third time around and a more modern, independent style of wrestling, an actual issue with the style of Ciampa and others NXT is the high-impact approach to sustain towards the goal of maintaining a lengthy career. 

Orton was interviewed and his explanation for his leg slap comment was taken more serious than expected. Well, one thing I do agree with Orton is the same repeating moves and the same super kicks that NXT keeps using. The pay of NXT is less than Raw and Smackdown, yet I honestly don’t know if a wrestler gets paid for a takeover. There is a lot of controversy with the idea of the type of style NXT brings. I do believe that in order to have a sustainable and have the financial benefits of ending up on Raw and Smackdown can lead to a healthy longevity career and set targets on major leagues. 

Between Orton’s comments and what I have gathered, is wrestlers like  Tommaso Ciampa, who have a family to sustain, go out to the ring and willing kill themselves. Seeing his story upon his neck surgery, but there is little offered. He is a big fish in a big pond, no matter how well NXT is being positioned. Agreeing with Randy Orton, it shouldn’t be anyone’s goal. 

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