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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (6/23/20)

Anything Mox can do, Cage can do better!



AEW Dark Coverage

The Path of Cage gets Dark!

With Fyter Fest’s AEW World Championship match drawing ever closer, The Machine looks to show The Maniac how to handle business! Will Brian Cage dispatch of Robert Anthony easier than Moxley did?


  • Brian Cage VS Robert Anthony; Cage wins.
  • SoCal Uncensored VS David Ali & Musa; SCU wins.
  • Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS “Pineapple Pete” Suge D; Spears wins.
  • Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake VS Griff Garrison; Archer wins.
  • Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss VS The Beaver Boys; Janela & Kiss win.
  • Melanie Cruise VS KiLynn King; Cruise wins.
  • Scorpio Sky VS Lee Johnson; Scorpio wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS Luther, Serpentico & Max Caster; Jurassic Express wins.
  • Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates; Cassidy wins.


Brian Cage VS Robert Anthony!

Egotistico Fantastico gave the AEW World Champion quite the match a couple weeks ago, and Taz couldn’t help but razz on him for it. Will taking on the same man prove The Machine is better than Moxley?

The second Cage is in the ring, he rushes Anthony! Anthony goes up and over, the bell rings, and Anthony unleashes CHOPS and JABS! Then an enziguri! Anthony runs but Cage LARIATS him inside-out! Cage brings Anthony up, for the BUCKLE BOMB! Anthony flops to the apron but Cage drags him up for a DEAD LIFT SUPERPLEX! Cage slashes the throat, drags Anthony up, for the DRILL CLAW!! Cover, Cage wins!!

Winner: Brian Cage, by pinfall

Incredible! Even after that fiery start, Cage puts away Anthony like he was nothing! Will Fyter Fest have the fastest AEW World Championship match ever?


SoCal Uncensored VS David Ali & Musa!

The Addiction returned as Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian teamed up again, and it was like they were never apart! Will SCU show #YourSavior and Fearless how it’s done?

The teams sort out and we start with Musa and the Fallen Angel. Daniels circles with Musa, they tie up, and Musa headlocks. Daniels powers out but Musa runs him over with a shoulder. Musa feels good, speeds things up, but Daniels arm-drags back. Musa arm-drags him, then somersaults but misses the dropkick. Musa avoids the elbow drop to sweep the legs and cover, ONE! The stand off is intense but Daniels applauds Musa’s ability. But then Ali jumps in to clobber Daniels! Musa sucker punches Kaz while the ref reprimands. Musa whips Daniels, and hits a spinning powerslam! Cover, ONE, but Musa tags in Ali. Ali goes to a corner, runs out and BOOTS Daniels down! Then Musa adds a second rope moonsault! Musa forgets he’s not legal and there’s fumbling with the cover, ONE!

Ali sucker punches Kaz now, then back kicks and underhooks Daniels for a butterfly suplex! Ali kips up and talks smack before he covers, TWO! Ali drags Daniels up and tags Musa. Musa swings on Kaz again but gets caught into the guillotine leg drop! Daniels hits a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Both Daniels and Musa are down, but they crawl to their corners, hot tags to Kaz and Ali! The Heavy Metal Rebel rallies with forearms and elbows! Kaz whips, Ali reverses, but Kaz hits a flying forearm! Kaz brings Ali up and uses a cravat to bump Ali off buckles. Kaz keeps moving and he CLOBBERS Ali with the clothesline! Kaz brings Ali up, tags Daniels in, and they combine for the atomic drop and high-low combo!

Musa staggers into kicks and a double whip. SCU double hip toss cradles Musa into the POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Daniels tags Kaz back in and SCU focuses on Ali. They whip him to a corner, hit a forearm, then Daniels suplexes Ali up for Kaz to gut wrench. BEST TOMBSTONE EVER!! Cover, SCU wins!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, by pinfall

SCU’s Addiction continues to roll, and they are climbing up those tag team rankings! When and where will they get their shot at tag title gold?


Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS “Pineapple Pete” Suge D!

The Chair Man wears the black glove as given to him by his mentor, but it isn’t clear if it is truly the missing link to #PERFECT10N. Will a fight with Sugar Dunkerton prove Tully’s thinking right?

The bell rings and Spears circles with Suge. They tie up, Spears headlocks and grinds Suge down, but Suge fights his way up. The crowd rallies for Suge as he throws body shots and powers out. Spears runs Suge over with the shoulder, then struts around. Suge sits up and gets to his feet in a huff. The crowd sings, “Pineapple Pete!” as Suge circles with Spears again. They go again, Spears waistlocks but Suge sits down. Suge breaks the hold, rolls to get the headlock. Spears spins out to reverse to a headlock of his own, but Suge powers out and things speed up. Suge hurdles then crossbodies to a cover, ONE! Spears swings into a roll up with bridge, ONE! Suge tells Spears to wait, and he does a dance. Spears swings another punch but gets table topped to a cover, TWO!

Spears bails out in frustration and the crowd cheers for Suge. Tully coaches Spears and Spears returns. Spears and Suge tie up and end up in a corner. The ref counts but Spears knees low! Spears bumps Suge off buckles then CHOPS! Spears throws body shots, pulls on the hair, and throws more body shots. The ref backs Spears off and double checks the glove. The glove is a glove, and Spears brings Suge out for a backbreaker! Spears looms over Suge, drags him up, but Suge throws body shots again! Suge fires off heavy hands on Spears, then fires up. But he runs into a lift, and a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Suge still lives and Spears is a bit surprised.

Spears brings Suge up, but Suge resists the back suplex to throw elbows. Suge runs but Spears reels him in for a clobbering shot and BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Spears seethes, but cools off as Tully distracts the ref. Spears grabs the little weight Tully left for him, and slips it into his glove. The steel piece adds to the HAYMAKER! Cover, Spears wins!

Winner: Shawn Spears, by pinfall

Guess that’s the missing element Tully talked about! The loaded left hand leads to the win, but will that trick be enough to take Spears to the top?


Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake VS Griff Garrison!

The Murderhawk Monster continues to maul opponent after opponent and is not anywhere close to being done! But is it already over for the Ivy League MVP before it’s even begun?

Let’s not forget Archer loves assaulting anyone that is even near him. He drags out one of the wrestlers not booked for tonight from the back, to the stage, and hits a POWERSLAM right on the ramp! Despite seeing his future right in front of him, Griff still wants this match! The bell rings, Griff dodges Archer’s boot, and throws forearms! Archer doesn’t flinch, but Griff keeps trying! Archer eggs Griff on, Griff throws more forearms but Archer choke grips him. Griff breaks free and throws another BIG forearm! Archer spins around into Griff’s European Uppercuts! Griff runs, into the DERAILER! The Snake applauds as Archer stands on Griff’s head at the ropes. Archer intimidates the ref then brings Griff up to whip and CLOBBER! Griff writhes but Archer clubs him down to a corner.

Griff pushes Archer away but Archer bumps him off buckles. Archer shouts at the crowd then CHOPS Griff down! The crowd boos but Griff dodges the chop to give a CHOP! But Archer stays standing and he pushes Griff. Griff CHOPS, Archer eggs him on. Griff CHOPS, Archer ROCKS him! Ripcord and URENAGE! Cover, TWO! Griff survives but Archer likes that. Archer stalks behind Griff and Griff throws hands, but they do nothing. Archer bumps Griff off buckles then KICKS him right down! “Every single person in AEW has NO IDEA what’s coming for them!” Archer stalks Griff, dribbles him off the mat, then brings him up for forearm after forearm in the corner! The ref counts but Archer gets in his face again. Archer puts Griff in a corner, runs corner to corner, and hits a big forearm smash.

Archer goes again, but Griff elbows back! Archer runs back into a boot, Griff hops up, but Archer SWATS him! Archer has Griff in the inverted crucifix, for the BLACK OUT BOMB! And then he finishes it with the EBD CLAW! Archer dribbles Griff then covers, Archer wins!

Winner: Lance Archer, by pinfall

The guy Archer destroyed before the match finally wakes up. Archer drags him up to give him a CHOKE SLAM! That’s how the Murderhawk Monster celebrates a victory! Will anyone survive this even more aggressive Archer? Or will Archer make sure #EverybodyDies?


Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss VS The Beaver Boys!

The Bad Boy and the Concrete Rose have joined forces as #JerseysFinest, and are slowly building up momentum in the AEW Tag Division. As for John Silver & Alex Reynolds, it was some time ago that they decided to #JoinDarkOrder, but haven’t gotten to do much since. Which team makes a move up in the rankings this close to Fyter Fest?

The teams sort out and Janela starts with Reynolds, aka Number 3. The two tie up, go around, and Reynolds wrenches to a wristlock. Janela endures, rolls through, handsprings and wrenches back to the wristlock. Reynolds rolls, wrenches and throws forearms! Reynolds throws EuroUppers then whips, Janela reverses and things speed up. Janela arm-drags Reynolds down and then runs in at the corner for a splash! Janela hits a back suplex then covers, ONE! Janela brings Reynolds over, tags Kiss, and the two double whip. Kiss brings Reynolds up, Janela runs and they hit a Jersey Hart Attack! Kiss turns Reynolds over to a Half Crab, Janela drops a leg, brother! Kiss keeps moving, Last Chancery to leave Reynolds open for Janela to run and run and basement dropkick! Kiss covers, TWO!

Kiss keeps on Reynolds but Reynolds powers him to the corner. Silver tags in and throws hands on Kiss. Silver whips, Kiss reverses, swings and arm-drags Silver down! DISCUS FOREARM! Silver flounders, Janela tags in, and Silver gets to KISS MY SASS! Russian Leg Sweep from Janela, Kiss handspring mule kicks! Cover, TWO! Janela throws haymakers then CHOPS Silver at the ropes. Janela runs, but Reynolds gets a cheap shot! Janela rocks Reynolds, but Silver runs in and DROPKICKS Janela so hard, the mask flies off! Silver throws hands on Janela in the corner, EuroUpper after EuroUpper, but stops at 4 to put his mask back on. Silver throws forearms again then sucker punches Kiss!

Silver drags Janela up and whips but Janela reverses. Reynolds tags in, Silver military presses Janela, and then the Beaver Boys combine for the military drop CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Janela survives but Reynolds brings him up for EuroUppers of his own. Reynolds whips Janela corner to corner HARD! Reynolds snapmares for a knee drop, cover, ONE! Reynolds clamps on a half nelson chinbar and thrashes Janela around. The crowd rallies as Janela endures, and Janela fights his way up to reach for Kiss. Reynolds knees low and back suplexes but Janela lands on his feet! Janela ends up in the Dark Order corner but boots Reynolds away. Janela goes to run but Silver pulls him down by his hair! The ref reprimands but Reynolds covers, TWO!

Tag to Silver and Silver drags Janela up. Silver KICKS Janela down then stalks him. Silver KICKS Janela again, but Janela fights back! Janela throws forearms and back elbows, then boots! Janela goes up and over, hot tag to Kiss! Kiss slides under, dropsault! Jawbreaker, leg sweep, twerking moonsault! Silver dodges but Kiss huricanranas and COMPLETE SHOTS Silver down! Cover but Reynolds breaks it up! Janela LARIATS Reynolds! Kiss holds ropes open for Janela to DIVE! But Silver catches him to ram him into the apron! Reynolds throws Kiss down while Silver suplexes Janela up. Silver holds Janela for Reynolds to DIVE, TOPE SUICIDA BRAIN BUSTER!! The Bad Boy just got blasted by the Beaver Boys, and now Kiss is all alone!

Silver table tops Kiss into ropes and runs for a BLINDSIDE BOOT! Silver torture racks for the TOWERHACKER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Kiss survives that insane spinning drop but Reynolds tags in. Numbers 3 and 4 bring Kiss up together, but Kiss resists their double team. Janela climbs up to DOUBLE BLOCK BUSTER! Janela goes back out and climbs back up. Kiss springboards and they both missile dropkick! Janela fireman’s carries Silver and Kiss climbs up to jump over, SPLIT LEG DROP! Janela hits Silver with a Death Valley Driver while Kiss covers, Janela & Kiss win!

Winners: Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss, by pinfall

Jersey’s Finest are feeling fine after that hard fought match! Will they continue to take down the Dark Order as they face Mr. Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana on Dynamite?


Melanie Cruise VS KiLynn King!

The Nightmare Collective fell apart, but its one recruit finally returns to action! Will the mighty Mel make a good impression on the Queen of Crazy?

The bell rings and Mel circles with King. The crowd rallies for King and she gets into it, but Mel ain’t having it. They tie up, go around, and are pretty even in strength. Mel gets King, King gets Mel and back again. King puts Mel in the corner but lets off fast. Mel swings into an armlock and wrench, but Mel slips through to wrench back. King rolls, slips around and goes to arm-drag, but Mel denies it with strength! Mel slams King down on the mat! Mel soaks up the heat as she drags King up by her hair just to dribble her off the mat. The ref reprimands but Mel does it again! Mel brings King up again to bump her off buckles! Mel brings King up and throws big forearms! Mel chokes King, then tosses her across the ring!

King slowly gets up but Mel stomps her against the ropes. Mel knees and CHOPS then whips King, but King dodges and slides under. King tries the arm-drag again, but Mel again blocks it, and starts stomping away! Mel paces around King like a shark with blood in the water. Mel waits for King to get up, King tries to hit back but Mel clubs her back down. Mel runs to BOOT King and then soaks up the heat. King stirs but Mel brings her up again. King breaks free to forearm and ROUNDHOUSE! Mel staggers and King fires up, and she finally gets the arm-drag! Mel flounders to a corner, King is on her with forearms! King runs corner to corner, for the big uppercut! King fires up, brings Mel out and throws big forearms and CHOPS! King adds on more, then powers up the hand, for another CHOP!

King whips Mel to ropes, Mel reverses, but King crossbodies! King bounces off the cover but goes up top, to leap! But Mel just dodges the missile dropkick! Mel choke grips, for a CHOKE BOMB! Cover, Mel wins!

Winner: Melanie Cruise, by pinfall

Mel towers victorious over King, but when will she stand tall in the AEW Women’s Division?


Scorpio Sky VS Lee Johnson!

The Closer draws closer and closer to a title opportunity with every win, but he’s still not quite there yet. Will #BigShotty ruin the run Scorpio’s been on?

The bell rings, the two circle and fist bump to show there’s respect. They tie up, Scorpio wrenches to a wristlock and cranks on it. Johnson slips through to get the hammerlock, but Scorpio slips around to a waistlock. Johnson pries free to switch, but Scorpio switches back. Johnson switches, Scorpio switches, repeat! Scorpio gets one more switch and mat slams Johnson down! Scorpio facelocks and grinds Johnson into a headlock. Johnson powers out but Scorpio runs him over. Things speed up, Scorpio fakes Johnson out to an Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Scorpio CHOPS Johnson, but Johnson CHOPS him back! Johnson throws big forearms, runs, ducks and dodges, but gets a KICK! And a dropkick! Scorpio brings Johnson around to a cover, TWO!

Scorpio keeps his cool as the crowd rallies up. Scorpio drops an elbow and stalks Johnson to ropes. Scorpio drops knees into the side, then bends Johnson back. Scorpio drops another knee but Johnson endures. Scorpio grabs an arm, brings Johnson up and scoops him for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Johnson toughs it out but Scorpio keeps his cool. Scorpio covers with double wristlocks, but Johnson gets a shoulder up. Scorpio tries again. Johnson gets the other shoulder up. Scorpio tries a third time, Johnson bridges! Johnson avoids the elbow drop, then throws forearms. Johnson bobs ‘n’ weaves, fires off a strike fest and LARIATS Scorpio down!

Scorpio gets to a corner, Johnson runs in but Scorpio dodges, SNAP GERMAN! But Johnson lands on his feet, gets around, BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Everyone loves that move but that move doesn’t seem to be doing it tonight. The crowd rallies for Johnson as he takes aim. Johnson drags Scorpio up but Scorpio resists the fireman’s carry. Scorpio elbows Johnson but Johnson elbows back. Johnson whips, Scorpio goes up to sunset flip, but Johnson sits on it! TWO!! Johnson CHOPS Scorpio to a corner then whips. Scorpio reverses and redirects but Johnson goes up and over. Johnson walks into the TKO NECKBREAKER! Cover, Scorpio wins!

Winner: Scorpio Sky, by pinfall

SCU sweeps the night once again, and that’s another solid win for Scorpio! Is the Closer any closer to a shot at a singles title?


Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS Luther, Serpentico & Max Caster!

Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt have been on a roll as a trio, and they don’t look to be slowing down just yet! But will the original death dealer, #SNAKEMAN and The Platinum Hit Maker change all that?

The teams sort out and we begin with Fun Size and Caster. Caster wants a high five from his team but they’re not really team players. Stunt steps to Caster but Caster shoves him down! Caster wants to freestyle on Stunt but Stunt SLAPS him first! Stunt fires off fast hands and Caster screams for help. The ref backs Stunt off but Stunt boots and whips. Caster reverses, Stunt holds ropes and kicks Caster in the leg! And again! Caster swings, misses, and Stunt mule kicks Caster down! SHINING WIZARD! Stunt keeps on Caster with hands and feet, then kicks away in the corner! The ref counts, Stunt stops just long enough before he throws more forearms. Caster shoves Stunt down but Stunt comes back with a BIG dropkick! And then another!

Tag to Jungle Boy and he is a step stool for the FLYING DROPKICK! JB adds the boot wash, covers, TWO! Caster wants a tag but JB drags him away. JB throws forearms at the ropes then whips Caster. SCRAPBUSTER to a SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO! Caster survives but shouts for help from his team. Caster pushes JB away and tags to Serpentico. Serpentico runs at JB, things speed up, both men handspring and JB huricanranas! Serpentico boots from the corner, goes up and huricanranas back! JB sweeps the legs to cover, ONE! Serpentico sweeps and covers, ONE! Both men kip up and the crowd is fired up! Serpentico turns around into a dropkick! Serpentico tags to Luther, and he’s already staring at Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus tags in and Luther tells the crowd to “SHUT UP!”

Luther and Luchasaurus stare down, then Luther shoves, Luther ducks the roundhouse to give haymakers, then tags in Serpentico! Serpentico speeds things up, but Luchasaurus blocks the huricanrana. Luchasaurus brings Serpentico up, Serpentico fights out of the bomb, but his kick is blocked to get a KNEE! Luchasaurus clamps onto the back of Serpentico’s neck, for an INVERTED CHOKE SLAM! Then a dead lift wheelbarrow suplex! Serpentico flounders and tags Caster, but Luchasaurus tosses Caster into the corner! Luchasaurus fires off hands and tags in JB. Jungle Boy brings Caster around, he and Luchasaurus kick away, then combine for the wheelbarrow flying COMPLETE SHOT!

Tag to Stunt and Stunt climbs Luchasaurus for a SUPER SPLASH! JB climbs up, uses Luchasaurus for the knee-board senton! Luchasaurus hits a standing moonsault! JB pump handles Stunt for the imploding 450 and leg drop combo! Stunt covers, but Luther breaks it! Luther sucker punches JB then throws Stunt to the corner. Luther tags in off Caster, then drags Stunt back up to knee him down. Luther calls Stunt a “little slut” before hitting a belly2belly! Cover, TWO! Luther argues with the ref and then tells the crowd to shut up. Luther drags Stunt up by his hair and rakes Stunt’s eyes! The ref reprimands but Luther argues with her again. Luther snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Luther has had it with Aubrey Edwards, but Stunt rolls him up! TWO and Luther CLOBBERS Stunt! Luther drags Stunt up by his hair to then SLAM on the mat!

Luther puts Stunt on the ropes to choke him, and he taunts Stunt with the fact no actual fans are here to cheer. Luther insults Stunt more, then tags in Caster. Caster gives thumbs up but Stunt enziguris back! Hot tag to Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies with clobbering forearms! He spins Caster to CHOP him down! Serpentico runs in but Luchasaurus BOOTS him! Luchasaurus BOOTS Luther for good measure, then pops Serpentico up for the flapjack! Spinning Buzzsaw! Caster gets up, gets the QUESTION MARK, then the fireman’s carry. “YOU! ARE! EXTINCT!” Extinction Driver! Cover, Stunt leaps off Luchasaurus to go after Luther, but Luther catches him! Luther uses Stunt to break the pin!

Luchasaurus glares at Luther, Luther’s tongue wags, but Serpentico tells Luther to bail out. Caster is legal, so he’ll take what’s coming. Luther and Serpentico are leaving Caster high and dry! Stunt hits the BABY TAIL WHIP! Luchasaurus hits the PAPA TAIL WHIP! Caster flounders into Stunt’s choke grip, but Stunt needs some help. TRIPLE CHOKE SLAM! JB ties Caster up in the figure four crossface, the SGS! Caster taps out fast, Jurassic Express wins!

Winner: Jurassic Express, by submission

This trio of a boy, another boy, and their dinosaur continues to climb the ranks! But Luther and Serpentico say they aren’t the ones that lost. Will the death dealer and SNAKEMAN be back with a third man that better suits their style?


Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates!

Freshly Squeezed came back from being beaten to a pulp by The Inner Circle, and managed to keep Le Sex Gods out of Fyter Fest’s AEW World Tag Team Championship match. But now he must face Le Champion himself to complete his revenge. Will The Sloth actually put an effort into this warm-up with The Librarian? Or will he slack off and allow Avalon to finally get a win?

Cassidy takes his time throwing his jacket and shirt to the crowd, specifically The Gunn Club, and then putting on his one elbow pad. The bell rings, Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets, and Avalon kicks low. Avalon brings Cassidy’s hands out of his pockets before putting on a headlock. Avalon takes Cassidy’s sunglasses off and tosses them, then throws Cassidy with a takeover. Cassidy fights his way up, puts one hand in the pockets, but Avalon takes that hand and wrenches it. Cassidy puts the other hand in his pocket, Avalon goes after that hand with a wristlock. Guess what? The other hand goes in the pocket. Avalon waistlocks, uses a full nelson just to get the hands out of the pockets, and then mat slams Cassidy down.

Cassidy powers his way up, and puts his hands through Avalon’s arms to get into the pockets. Cassidy wiggles down and out then scoots under Avalon. Leva keeps Avalon calm as Cassidy lounges under the bottom rope. Cassidy gets up, things speed up, and Cassidy leaps over Avalon tot hen dropkick him down! No hands kip up! The crowd cheers and the ref even helps Cassidy get his sunglasses back. Cassidy runs at Avalon but Avalon slingshots up and over while Cassidy baseball slides. Cassidy stops to say “How you doin’?” to Leva. This upsets Avalon so he wrecks Cassidy with a dropkick! Then slingshots for the plancha! Avalon grounds ‘n’ pounds and takes the sunglasses. Is Avalon cool for wearing glasses? He doesn’t care and throws them away.

Avalon puts Cassidy in the ring for more ground ‘n’ pound, but lets up at the ref’s count. Avalon drags Cassidy up to a fireman’s carry, for a flapjack! Cover, ONE! Another try, ONE! A third try, TWO! Leva says that was close. Avalon stomps Cassidy then brings him up. Avalon CHOPS and throws hands on Cassidy in the corner, then wrenches him to whip corner to corner. Cassidy bounces off buckles into Avalon’s leg lariat! Cover, TWO! Avalon keeps on Cassidy with a facelock then a wrench and whip. Cassidy hits buckles again, Avalon hits a forearm smash, then butterfly suplexes Cassidy down! Cover, TWO! Avalon grows frustrated but he drags Cassidy up. Avalon wrenches and whips, Cassidy tumbles up and out, then ducks under to bump Avalon off buckles.

Cassidy ducks the punch again, to bump Avalon again! Cassidy climbs up top, leaps, but Avalon gets under. Avalon turns around into a big buckle bump! Cassidy goes for the last corner, and completes the four! Avalon flies off into the middle of the ring, Cassidy tilt-o-whirl DDT’s! Cover, TWO!! Avalon survives being spiked, but Cassidy keeps his cool. Leva has Cassidy’s sunglasses, seems she’s torn between The Librarian and the smooth Sloth. Cassidy climbs up top, Avalon stands, crossbody! But Avalon rolls through to a cover, TWO! Cradle, TWO! Avalon spins Cassidy but no backslide. Cassidy ducks the leg lariat to SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, Cassidy wins!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Cassidy didn’t just try tonight, he won tonight! Best Friends help Cassidy get his jacket back and drink some water. Thumbs up! Will Cassidy be giving a thumbs up after his confrontation with Chris Jericho?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode for Dark, though pretty par for the course on all levels. The most obvious thing was that Cage was going to annihilate Robert Anthony to basically say he is the more powerful and more dominant wrestler compared to Jon Moxley. But Moxley has already proven that he wins not because he’s big and strong like Cage or Jake Hager, experienced and savvy like Chris Jericho, or incredibly athletic and flashy like Kenny Omega. Moxley wins at Fyter Fest because he’s just meaner and tougher than everyone else. SCU wins on all parts tonight to establish The Addiction in the tag division while also finally giving Scorpio the singles build he was due before the pandemic. It would be great for SCU if they all held gold, much like they did in ROH, but we’ll see how it goes with so many other great wrestlers in both the tag division and on the TNT Championship contender’s list.

Suge D doesn’t last all that long against Spears but that’s mostly because that glove actually does give Spears an edge, when something actually is hidden inside it. I suddenly want to see MJF and Spears go against each other, and each of their corner men slip them their secret weapons, so that we get a double cheater knockout situation. Archer obviously destroys Griff, and I’m definitely hoping we see him come back around after Cody Rhodes since Jake Hager might not take that title off him. Janela & Kiss win to keep themselves strong as a team, but they were against grunts. It could go either way against Brodie Lee & Colt Cabana. Cabana could be conflicted and that’s why he loses, or he could easily be brainwashed and go Heel to win. Either way, it’s two birds and one stone for these stories.

The one women’s match on the card was alright, but it’s going to take some time before Melanie Cruise feels like anything special when there’s already Nyla Rose as the monster of the division. Luther is an oddball, but he, Serpentico and Caster had a good match against Jurassic Express. I really do sense a new trio forming as soon as there’s someone Luther and Serpentico can team with. Cassidy and Avalon had a really fun main event but obviously Cassidy is saving the good stuff for Jericho in a couple weeks. Avalon’s story still has to be with Brandon Cutler, where they face each other so that one of them finally gets a win to taunt the other with. And again, I still see it being Avalon so that he can Heel it up and get on Cutler’s nerves. Then they have a rematch that’s an even bigger and better match that Cutler wins as revenge.

My Score: 8.1/10

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