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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (6/17/20)

It’s all about tag teams tonight!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

AEW’s Tag Division is Dynamite!

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega defend their tag titles at the same time as Best Friends put their shot on the line! How will Fyter Fest be affected?


  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page VS The Natural Nightmares; Omega & Page win and retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships.
  • Anna Jay VS Abadon; Abadon wins.
  • MJF w/ Wardlow VS Billy Gunn w/ Austin Gunn; MJF wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship Open Challenge: Cody Rhodes VS ???; Cody wins and retains the AEW TNT Championship.
  • The Young Bucks VS The Superbad Squad; The Young Bucks win.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match: Best Friends VS Le Sex Gods; Best Friends wins and will challenge for the titles at Fyter Fest.


AEW World Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page VS The Natural Nightmares!

The Cleaner and the Cowboy are finally on the same page, and are hoping to head for Fyter Fest. But Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall might change that if they can pull of a stunning upset! The introductions are given, the belts are raised, and a battle of dynamic duos opens Dynamite!

Teams sort out and we start with Dustin and Omega. They circle and shake hands to show there is respect. It’s of note that Allie is NOT ringside right now, per a request by Brandi no doubt. Dustin and Omega tie up, Dustin headlocks but Omega powers out. Things speed up, Omega jumps but Dustin fakes him out. Dustin runs, Omega waistlocks but Dustin bucks Omega off, only for Omega to flip back up to his feet! Omega CHOPS Dustin, then Electric Chair lifts! Dustin escapes and waistlocks, Omega standing switches, but Dustin elbows free. Dustin runs into a boot, then Omega goes up and over. Omega gets Dustin with a huricanrana! Dustin kicks back then hops up to hit a flying huricanrana of his own!

Omega comes back, avoids the powerbomb lift, and the crowd rallies up. Dustin shakes out the cobwebs from that corner bump a moment ago but he shakes hands with Omega again. The two tag out to give us Hangman and QT. QT circles with Hangman, they tie up, Hangman waistlocks and trips QT to float over to a headlock. QT gets up, powers out and kicks. Hangman blocks, spins QT but QT dodges to uppercut! Hangman comes back to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Hangman fakes QT out on the next one to SLAP him on the back! But QT dropkicks Hangman in return! QT runs, Hangman ducks and handsprings to BOOT QT down! Hangman brings QT back up, tags Omega in, and the champs combine for a springboard double ax handle.

Omega brings QT up to CHOP! He clubs QT on the back then CHOPS again. He whips QT to ropes but QT avoids the back drop to scoop Omega for a suplex! QT is still stinging from the chops but he tags Dustin in so Dustin can kick and uppercut. Dustin whips Omega corner to corner hard, then brings him back up for a back suplex! Dustin drops elbows then more elbows, then covers. TWO, but Dustin tags QT. QT and Dustin bring Omega up to double wrench, body shot and Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, TWO! Britt Baker is apparently passing notes up to commentary while she “isolates” herself from the other wrestlers in the audience. She strings up another one while QT scoops Omega for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO!

The crowd rallies and duels while QT clamps onto Omega with a chinlock. QT dogs a forearm in Omega’s face and even pulls hair to add what he can. He drives in elbows but Omega gets to ropes. Dustin tags in and CLAWS Omega’s back! Dustin snapmares Omega down to a chinlock and leans on him. The crowd rallies, Omega fights his way up and throws body shots. Omega backs Dustin down, throws haymakers then whips. Dustin reverses, back drops and Omega hits hard! Dustin runs to the corner but gets an uppercut! Omega runs, KOTARO KRUSHER! Both men are down but the crowd rallies up. Both men crawl, hot tags to Hangman and QT! Hangman rallies with big haymakers and a whip. QT reverses but Hangman comes back to LARIAT! Hangman hits Dustin for good measure then BOOTS QT!

Hangman keeps moving, triangle clothesline takes Dustin down! QT runs into the FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman kips up to PESCADO Dustin! Hangman returns to basement LARIAT QT! Cover, TWO!! QT survives and Hangman nods respect. Omega tags in and he brings QT around to a fireman’s carry. “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” Rolling senton to springboard moonsault! Cover, TWO!! QT didn’t escape but he did survive, so Omega puts him in the corner. Tag to Hangman and he CHOPS QT. Omega gives QT a pie face while Hangman BOOTS Dustin just because. QT uppercuts Hangman, and again! Hangman BOOTS again, then brings QT up, only for QT to follow, NEURALIZER! The crowd rallies again as both men stir. Hot tags to Dustin and Omega!

Omega swings Polish hammers but it’s Dustin who rallies with clotheslines! Dustin whips, Omega revers, “Not today!” Rhodes Uppercut! Dustin decks Hangman then atomic drops Omega! Dustin runs to bulldog Omega down! The crowd fires up as Dustin whips Omega corner to corner, and hits the spinning powerslam! Hangman runs in to get a powerslam, too! Dustin goes up top and PHOENIX CANNONBALLS the champions! Dustin dumps Omega out then throws Hangman out to follow. Tag to QT, Dustin CANNONBALLS both champions, and QT FOSBURY FLOPS Omega! QT puts Omega back in, heads up top, and leaps for a FLYING UPPERCUT! QT fires up even more, calls for the DDP, but Hangman runs in. QT throws him out, Omega avoids the bang, to SNAP DRAGON SUPELX!

Dustin returns, to give Omega a DESTROYER!! Hangman LARIATS Dustin! QT staggers into a scoop, but turns it around into a DIAMOND CUTTER! All four men are down but here comes Allie! She cheers on her cutey QT, but at least it means she and Brandi are on the same page. QT climbs up, motivated by his girl. MOONSAULT FLOPS! Tag to Hangman, he whips Omega for Omega to whip him to clothesline QT! Omega adds the back elbow! Omega feeds QT to Hangman’s rolling elbow! Then the pop-up GERMAN SUPLEX! Jackknife cover, but Dustin breaks it in time! Omega throws Dustin out and coordinates with Hangman. Hangman tags Omega in and they bring QT up. POWERBOMB! V-TRIGGER!! Hangman PESCADOS Dustin while Omega covers QT, TWO!!

Allie, Brandi and the crowd are rallying behind QT and his superhuman heart. But Omega and Hangman line it up, THE LAST CALL!! Cover, Omega and Page win!

Winners: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Omega and Hangman take care of business and are headed for Fyter Fest! But there is still respect between them and the Natural Nightmares. Will there be a rematch waiting for Dustin and QT on the other side of the Summer?


AEW takes a closer look at Anna Jay.

“I was probably in middle school when I started watching wrestling. I fell in love with it, I knew I wanted to learn more, to do more, to train more. Any opportunity you have is an opportunity to showcase your talents.” So as soon as she got signed to AEW, she knew she had to work 10 times harder. The biggest thing for her is putting on a show for people to talk about later. She is the Star of the Show for that reason. But will she become THE star of the AEW Women’s Division? We find out next!

Anna Jay VS Abadon!

Anna Jay may want to be a star, but she just stumbled upon a freak show! Does she stand any chance of surviving this horror movie personified?

The bell rings and Anna is definitely wary of Abadon. They rush each other and Abadon tackles Anna! Abadon rains down wild hands, the ref counts at her but Abadon scares him off! Anna gets far away from Abadon, too, then baits her into the corner. Anna fires off forearms but Abadon isn’t bothered at all! Abadon knees low, whips Anna to ropes and clotheslines her down. Abadon crawls as she stalks Anna to the ropes, then chokes her on those ropes! The ref counts, Abadon lets up at 4, then yanks Anna off the ropes. Abadon runs to SPIKE-RANA Anna down! Cover, Abadon wins!!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall

The living nightmare gets her first win, and it was a big win at that! Will Abadon only grow more horrifying as she climbs the rankings? Will Anna be able to recover from that scare to become a star?

Wait! The Dark Order is here! Colt Cabana is ringside, and Mr. Brodie Lee leads his minions out. Evil Uno has an envelope in hand while the Beaver Boys walk over to Anna Jay. Uno hands the envelope to Cabana, does this have to do with Cabana visiting their private locker room last week? Cabana opens the envelope and reads what’s inside. Mr. Brodie nods as Cabana keeps reading what looks to be… a contract. As for Anna, the minions help her up and out, and Brodie takes her hand to lead her backstage. Will Anna be the first woman to #JoinDarkOrder?


MJF w/ Wardlow VS Billy Gunn w/ The Gunn Club!

The undefeated Maxwell Jacob Friedman feels unappreciated and under-valued. The Gunn Club just thinks he’s unbelievably obnoxious. Austin and Colten are here to cheer their dad on, will they all have two words for MJF after this?

The bell rings and the crowd is on Billy’s side. MJF bails out to check his knee pads but everyone on that side taunts him. MJF gets back in the ring and circles with Billy, they tie up, and MJF tries a wristlock. Billy doesn’t budge, so MJF shakes his hand as a sign of good sportsmanship. MJF goes to step back but Billy keeps hold of his hand. Billy hip tosses MJF high and hard! MJF gets up and headlocks to punch Billy! The ref warns MJF but he knees Billy low. MJF wrenches, whips but Billy reverses. MJF ducks, dodges and rolls under the boot to front waistlock and push Billy to ropes. Billy easily pushes MJF off to BOOT him down! Cover, TWO! Billy brings MJF up and headlocks to give that punch back.

MJF gets out of the ring and goes to the stage, saying he’s done with this. Billy pursues MJF down the tunnel, and then brings him back out on his shoulders! Billy puts MJF in but MJF hotshots him! MJF struts but he doesn’t realize Billy is still standing. Billy walks right up behind MJF and MJF backs up into him. MJF turns around to get kicked low! Billy runs, MJF dodges the Famouser and chop blocks the leg! MJF runs and chop blocks from the front! MJF kicks and drops knees on the leg over and over! The crowd boos but MJF soaks up the heat. He stands on the foot then stomps it as AEW goes picture in picture.

MJF swaggers about as he stalks Billy. He taunts MJF before he stomps the bad leg again. MJF talks trash to the crowd before he grabs the foot, but Billy kicks back with the good foot. But MJF holds on to DDT the bad one! MJF drags Billy by his legs to the corner, but he’s too busy talking smack to the Sons of Gunn. Billy yanks MJF into the post! The ref checks on MJF, and Wardlow gets away with a cheap shot on Billy! Billy drags himself into the ring while Austin protests but the ref tells him to stay back. This allows Wardlow to SLAM Billy’s leg into the post over, and over, over, and over! Billy flops out of the ring and only now does the ref notice. Billy is now at the mercy of the ring count but he gets up and in. MJF is after the leg and drops an elbow on it!

MJF cranks on the leg in a toehold, and even digs knuckles in. Billy forearms MJF back, and punches him off the hold! MJF staggers to his feet but goes to drop toehold Billy. Billy stays up, until MJF chop blocks him again! MJF hooks up the legs for a “SUCK IT!” SNAP DEATHLOCK! Cover, ONE!! MJF is annoyed with Billy but the crowd is rallying as AEW returns to single picture. MJF drags Billy to the ropes and drops down on the bad leg! MJF talks trash to Jungle Boy in the crowd as he drops down again. The ref reprimands MJF but MJF goes for a third, only for Billy to move! MJF lands on his tailbone and hobbles to Billy. MJF gets the bad leg, hooks it up but Billy powers out! MJF hits buckles face first and the crowd rallies for Billy!

Billy rises, and ROCKS MJF with big right hands! Billy tilt-o-whirl SLAMS MJF down and the crowd fires up! Billy kicks low, runs, but MJF gets out of the way again. MJF is in the corner, Billy runs in, but his knee hits buckles! MJF grabs the leg, hooks it up, and puts on a Trailer Hitch! MJF uses ropes for leverage! The ref sees that and kicks MJF’s arms off the ropes! MJF lets Billy free to argue with the ref, but Billy choke grips him! MJF kicks the bad leg, runs, and tries to steal Famouser! But Billy stands right up to flip MJF around! And kicks low, to give him the FAMOUSER! Both men are down but Wardlow gets on the apron to distract the ref. Billy gets up and DECKS Wardlow, not noticing the Dynamite Diamond Ring was quickly tossed in first!

MJF puts the ring on while Austin Gunn gets in Wardlow’s face. Wardlow CLOBBERS Austin, but now Billy hurries out to RAM Wardlow into railing! Billy hobbles back into the ring where MJF plays possum. Billy brings MJF up, MJF diamond DECKS Billy! Cover, MJF wins!

Winner: MJF, by pinfall

Still undefeated, still obnoxious. But Jungle Boy confronts MJF over seeing the diamond ring used. Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus are in Wardlow’s face, and talking trash turns into a brawl! JB goes after MJF while Stunt and Lchasaurus go after Wardlow! The other wrestlers in the crowd hurry to break this up, but others want to “Let Them Fight!” Wardlow and Luchasaurus are the literally biggest problem so referees hurry out to help. MJF finally backs off, will he and Wardlow ever get what’s coming to them?


Backstage interview with Le Sex Gods.

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara prepare to take the #1 contender’s spot from Best Friends, but they’re asked about last week’s vicious beating The Inner Circle gave Orange Cassidy. The question is simple: Why? Jericho says the answer is simple: “You’ve got a fat head, Marvez!” But the real reason why they “juiced” Orange is because everyone loves him. He’s so cool and has a laid back attitude. But he had the audacity to interrupt the Inner Circle’s business twice. Orange Cassidy wants to be funny, but what the Inner Circle did to him, “ain’t nothing funny about that.”

Sammy says they beat the pulp out of Orange! Or to a pulp. They’ll do that to Best Friends tonight to move on to the AEW World Tag Team Championships. And then they’ll get those titles because they’re better than best friends. They’re brothers! Blood brothers like the blood from the head of Orange Cassidy. Blood is thicker than water, or in this case, thicker than orange juice.


Ringside interview with Britt Baker.

Tony Schiavone of course talks to the Role Model, and he “thanks” her for the little notes she sends up. Schiavone has an announcement concerning Fyter Fest. The AEW Women’s World Championship has a challenger! Hikaru Shida will take on Penelope Ford, who has been on a hot streak of her own as of late. Ford pinned Shida so that is why she leap frogs over many others in the Women’s Division. Which upsets Britt. Is this all Schiavone “waddled” over to say? The fact that Britt’s leg is “broken” (it’s just some damaged tendons) and she is a victim of a conspiracy, that means Schiavone is in deep sh*t! TNT is going to be furious because he just lost an interview with the “face of the Women’s Division.” And their friendship is on a timeout so she can’t help him.

Britt tells Reba (whose real name is Rebel) to get her out of here. But the one driving the Role’s Royce is BIG SWOLE! “Where to, Doctor?” Britt realizes who is behind the wheel, and Swole takes off! Beep beep, time to put Britt where she belongs! And just where is that?!


AEW TNT Championship Open Challenge: Cody Rhodes VS ???

The American Nightmare wants to work a true workhorse schedule while he is holding this title, and he has already given two young stars big opportunities the first two weeks of his reign. Jake Hager waits to put the big hurt on Cody at Fyter Fest, but Cody has to make it there as champion first! For this third week, Cody is thinking outside the box by looking outside of AEW for a challenger! Cody has handpicked his opponent tonight, but who is it? We find out after the break!

AEW returns and Cody has a mic. “It’s time for the Open Challenge! But I can’t help but notice the air is getting a bit thin. It’s a bit lonely at the moment.” After being on the receiving end of a beating courtesy of Hager, Cody thought to himself, “No Dustin? No Matt? No Nick? No Kenny? No Hangman?” Is he even in The Elite anymore? He sure hopes so. But is the Nightmare Family still a family? It makes you wonder, right? But he doesn’t want to talk about that, he’ll hand this off to the coach, Double A, Arn Anderson! Arn takes the mic to say that here’s the thing. With age comes maturity, and with maturity comes wisdom. Sometimes you need to listen to that voice of reason in your head. Arn knows Cody believes he can beat Hager, and Arn knows Cody can beat Hager.

But in this business, timing is everything, and it’s just not right. Hager himself is watching backstage, eager to see what happens. Arn says they need to move on for right now to focus on tonight. Tonight’s opponent is more than qualified and very talented. Arn has checked this guy out, and it is someone Cody can use to hone his skills. That man is… “Absolute,” Ricky Starks! He is a former NWA World Television Champion and the hottest free agent on the market. And hearing the Open Challenge had also become open to those outside of AEW, Starks felt that was the perfect chance to not only get his foot in the door, but prove to himself that he can hang with anyone!

Starks has been broke with only $3 to his name, he’s slept in his car, on floors and on couches, all so that he could be sitting here right now. And when he had nothing else, he had two things: work ethic and grit, the same two things Cody talks about. So Cody says he can outwork anyone you put him up against? “Well guess what, baby boy?” Starks has his shoes on tight and is ready to go the distance. Is Cody? Starks makes his entrance, the introductions are made, the belt is raised and this absolute test for both men begins!

The two circle fast and approach. They feel it out, tie up, but then back off. They come back, Cody waistlocks to a hammerlock but Starks switches with him. Cody swings an elbow but Starks stays low to push and whip Cody to ropes. Cody comes back to run Starks over but Starks kips right up! Cody applauds that but kicks low to Rhodes Uppercut! Starks SLAPS Cody! Starks says he’s on Cody’s level, but Cody puts him in a corner. Cody swings but misses, and Starks SLAPS him again! Starks clubs Cody but Cody throws haymakers back. Starks hits back and runs, but into Cody’s dropkick! The crowd cheers as Cody stalks Starks to ropes. Cody brings Starks up for the not low blow kick! Starks bails out and Cody builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Starks into barriers! Hager watches with ice cold focus as Cody puts Starks back in.

Cody stalks Starks again, brings him around but Starks clubs him. Cody wrenches and whips but Starks reverses. Cody kicks back, runs, but Starks sends Cody hard into ropes! Arn even winces as Starks drags Cody out to the apron for haymakers! Starks spins Cody around to get on the apron and drop a leg! A bit double edged but Starks figures it’s worth it. Cover, ONE, and Cody gets back to ropes. Starks chokes Cody on the ropes and Arn protests. The ref counts and Starks lets up at 4, to then run. Arn saves Cody from the straddle attack but Starks warns the coach not to get involved. Arn doesn’t sweat the young gun, and Cody kicks low. Cody throws hands but Starks gives them back. Starks headlocks for a TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Cody crawls but Starks stalks him now.

Starks talks trash to Cody, elbows Cody to ropes, then throws haymakers. Cody hits back but Starks CHOPS. Cody CHOPS, Starks kicks low and hard. Starks wraps Cody up with a chinlock and even traps an arm. Cody pries at the hold as the crowd rallies up, but Starks elbows Cody in the head! Starks stomps Cody around then brings him up for a whip. Cody stops himself but the two collide head to head in the corner! Starks and Cody stagger, Starks wrenches and reels COdy in, but Cody denies the second tornado. Cody BOOTS, then dodges Starks to hit the spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO! Starks is toughing it out but Cody takes off his weight belt. Free souvenir for a fellow wrestler. Cody dragon sleepers but Starks knees out and shoves free.

Starks rams low but Cody tanks it for a suplex! Cody holds Stars up for a few seconds before hitting a gourd buster! Cover, TWO! Cody grows frustrated but Hager is… Well, Hager is stoic as usual. Cody positions Starks in a drop zone, goes up top, but Starks anchors his foot. Cody kicks Starks away but Starks comes back to throw hands. Starks climbs up to join Cody, on the very top, SUPERPLEX!! Both men are down but the crowd is loving this! They rally up as both men slowly rise. The standing count hits 5 but Cody and Starks are up. Starks runs at Cody and crossbodies them both out of the ring! Hager might actually be cracking a smile now. Cody sits up as the ring count climbs. Starks goes around the way to get up and in, but Cody is in at 6.

Cody wants Starks to stand, and they start throwing hands! They brawl fast and furious, then Cody knees low. Cody runs, springboards, but Starks ducks the kick to SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!! Cody lives and Starks can’t believe it! Starks drags Cody up, clubs him on the back, and underhooks. Cody blocks, trips, jackknife bridge, TWO! STarks has a sunset flip, TWO! Cody high stacks, TWO, and Starks tries. Cody jackknifes again, TWO! Starks gets up, swings but into a CROSS RHODES!! Cover, Cody wins!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

The coach is relieved but maybe so is Hager. The Big Hurt is coming for the American Nightmare, will Fyter Fest be the end of Cody’s workhorse run? As for Starks, Cody shakes his hand to show there is respect between them. Will Starks be back in AEW again one day?


The Young Bucks VS The Superbad Squad!

Matt & Nick Jackson were involved in a tag team brawl with FTR, The Butcher & The Blade, but also Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc. Both teams want to fight their way to a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships, and that brings them to fight each other! Who takes the other team out to take that next step forward?

The teams sort out and Havoc waits for Matt to high five Nick before clobbering him from behind! Havoc throws Matt down and stomps the bad back. Havoc shoves Matt to ropes and clobber shim again! Havoc bumps Matt off buckles and throws body shots to keep on the bad torso. He brings Matt to the other corner to dig his nails in! Havoc whips Matt to ropes, but Nick tags in and Matt slides under. Matt whips Havoc, Kip tags in, Matt drop toeholds Havoc for Nick’s slingshot leg drop! Matt sees Kip coming and kicks low. The Bucks double wrench, CHOP and whip for double elbows! Fist drop and splash combo! Double dropkicks sends Havoc out and the Superbad Squad regroups. But they get DOUBLE PESCADOS!

But ringside, Butcher and Blade talk trash to The Bucks, getting their attention. The Bucks dare them to step over the railing, but nothing happens there. Kip and Havoc recover and Nick offers them entry. Kip slides in and the teams regroup at their corners. Both teams huddle up, but Kip rushes the Bucks, only to get a double JAB! Kip flounders away and tags Havoc. Havoc dares Nick to punch him around, to Nick kicks low. Nick whips Havoc to the corner but catches the boots to turn Havoc sideways. Tag to Matt, draping neckbreaker to slingshot senton! Matt scares Kip off the corner, to then WRECK him with a dropkick! Nick gutbusters Havoc while Matt skins the cat, and the Bucks combine for the flipping neckbreaker backbreaker combo! The crowd cheers the Bucks as they dare Butcher & Blade to do something.

Now Blade hops the railing to get at Nick. Butcher follows but Matt backs Nick up. The ref tries to keep peace while Matt calls for the Superkick Party~! Butcher and Blade get right on the apron, and someone has given Havoc a wet floor sign!? The ref is busy with Nick so Havoc SMACKS Matt with the sign! Nick protests, Havoc covers, TWO! Havoc digs his knee into Matt’s back as the rib tape comes loose. Havoc mugs Matt in the corner and tags Kip. The Superbad Squad stomps away as AEW goes picture in picture.

Kip stomps a mudhole but lets up to mock the Bucks’ flexing pose. This allows Havoc to choke Matt behind the ref’s back! Kip mocks giving a superkick to then bring Matt up and tag Havoc. The squad mugs Matt more then double whips him to ropes. Matt hops over Havoc but right into Kip’s atomic drop! Havoc comes around, BOOTS Matt down, then covers, TWO! Havoc uses the rib tape to choke Matt! The ref counts, Havoc lets up at 4, then gets in Nicks’ face as he throws up deuces. Havoc bumps Matt off buckles in the corner and double punches Matt in his bad ribs. Tag to Kip and he headbutts Matt low. Kip rams his shoulder into Matt over and over and over, then backs off to taunt Nick. Havoc again reels Matt in for cheap shots! Kip goes back to Matt, covers, TWO!

The Superbad Squad grows annoyed but Kip clamps onto Matt with a chinbar and armlock. Matt endures, fights his way up, and throws body shots. Kip throws Matt by his hair, but the ref is reprimanding him harshly. But this all allows Havoc to give Matt a paper cut between fingers! Kip covers, but the ref is busy with Nick protesting. The ref finally counts, TWO! Kip brings Matt up, tags in Havoc, and the squad mugs Matt some more. Havoc snapmares Matt to uppercut low to the back! Havoc tortures the bad fingers while AEW Returns to single picture. The crowd rallies as havoc brings Matt up and puts him in the corner. Tag to Kip and Kip stomps another mudhole. Tag back to Havoc, and Havoc cravats Matt to throw him out. Havoc keeps the ref’s attention again and Kip has the mercenaries help him out.

But wait, FTR appears?! Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood have had their issues with Butcher and Blade, and they’re keeping those two from doing anything more. Havoc drops knees on Matt then brings him up to tag in Kip. The squad mugs Matt in the corner then Kip snapmares Matt to kick him in the back. Havoc stomps Matt down and sets him up for Kip’s PENALTY KICK! The kick is still no good? Kip is annoyed but he bumps Matt off buckles. Tag to Havoc and Havoc whips Kip in, for Matt to put on the apron! Havoc uppercuts, Kip enziguris, and then tags in to dropkick! Havoc adds a dropkick of his own, then Kip tags Havoc back in. The squad taunt Nick more but the ref is busy with Nick while Kip catapults Matt into Havoc’s eye poke! Cradle, TWO!!

Havoc chokes Matt with his own long hair, then bumps him off buckles. The crowd rallies and Matt boots Havoc away! Matt hits Kip, then catches the Shoryuken to a hanging sleeper hold! Kip hits Matt then springboards to Steiner, only for Matt to block and make it a SUPER SIT OUT BOMB! Matt crawls towards his corner, hot tag to Nick! Nick rallies on Kip and Havoc with his quick kick combo! Corner shining wizard, clothesline bulldog combo! The crowd fires up as Nick shoulders Havoc and slingshot FACEBUSTERS him on the ramp! Nick back elbows Kip to then escalara crossbody Havoc back down! Nick slingshots to sunset flip Kip, for a SHARPSHOOTER! Kip endures, crawls for ropes, but Matt drops the elbow! Nick sits deep, Kip holds on, but Havoc has a mallet! Ford uses the floor sign to SMACK Nick!!

Kip tags Havoc, Havoc goes right after Nick, fisherman lift, SING THE SORROW!! Cover, but Matt breaks it!! Havoc kicks Matt out of the ring and tags in Kip. The squad coordinates, wheelbarrow springboard DDT! Cover, TWO!?! Kip can’t believe it, but he heads up top. Kip is bleeding but he leaps, the stomps miss and Nick SUPERKICKS him down! Hot tags to Matt and Havoc! Matt gets Havoc for the Northern Light! Float over, and the Polar Express gets moving! Matt catapults Havoc into Nick’s enziguri! Tag, springboard stomps across the knees! Nick Penalty Kicks Kip down! Then the Bucks coordinate, RISKY BUSINESS! Cover, TWO!! Tag back to Matt, he drags Havoc up, and the Bucks look to end this. FTR keeps Butcher & Blade back, but Havoc shoves Matt into Nick! Roll up with tights, TWO!!

Havoc underhooks for a butterfly suplex! Tag to Kip, he climbs again, DOUBLE STOMPS!! Cover, Nick breaks it outta nowhere! Havoc throws Nick back out then drags Matt up. Havoc scoops but Matt shoves Havoc into Kip now. Matt gets the squad for a DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS! Matt hurries and tags in Nick, and we get DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! They use Kip to hold Havoc in the gut wrench, then they double mule kick his legs out! Kip gives Havoc a Tombstone piledriver! Then the Bucks drag Kip up for a modified DOUBLE KAMI-GOYE! The Golden Lovers would be proud! Cover, the Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall

But then the brawl starts again! Butcher and Blade go after the Bucks but FTR goes after them! FTR even hits Havoc, but then they focus on big Andy Williams! They double whip Butcher, and the Bucks DOUBLE SUPERKICK him! But FTR still gives him GOODNIGHT EXPRESS! But they’re not done, as the Bucks grab Blade and FTR has Havoc. Simultaneous INDIETAKER AND MIND BREAKER!! They’re basically the same but each team puts their own twist to it. The crowd is loving the AEW Tag Division, but when and where will we see The Bucks and FTR finally face off?


AEW hears from Taz and Brian Cage.

Taz wants to bring us all “behind the scenes” for just a moment. Last week, Taz and Cage were hanging out in their luxury trailer, watching Dynamite, drinking protein drinks because that’s what they do. But then Taz hears this racket, goes out and sees the “crazy ass banshee” that is the AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley. Mox was claiming he was going to pop Cage’s head like a pimple and shut Taz up for good. “Are you kidding me, Mox? You rotten son of a bitch.” Moxley is miserable? That gimmick was taken decades ago by Taz!

But Cage speaks up and says he understands Taz’s frustrations, but he’s taking the high road too much. Mox wants to disrespect them on the mic, in the ring, dropping the mic and leaving them standing there. Mox brought this on himself! As a matter of fact, Cage wants Fyter Fest to be tonight! Taz loves it! It’d be Drill Claw City! Cage isn’t sure what he wants more: to rip Mox’s head off, drop him on his head, or take that title. He isn’t sure. Well what’s better? Actually, who better? The answer: nobody. Will Moxley fall when he crosses the Path of Cage?


Jon Moxley responds.

“Who can stop the Path of Cage?” Cage climbed up a ladder, pulled down “some gimmick,” and now thinks it’s a good idea to step into the ring with the world champion? Aka “The judge, jury and executioner of AEW, the man who makes heads roll!” Moxley is in this business because he has demons. Bad ones. “The only thing that keeps them at bay is hurting people in the ring.” And now Cage’s path has crossed Moxley’s. Moxley turns Taz’s words around on them, “Beat me if you can! Survive, if you are the kind of miserable son of a bitch that can survive in the deep water that I’m gonna drag you into.” The Maniac wants to destroy the Machine, can he do it?


AEW loads up another big episode!

After all the talk and the fighting alongside allies, Sammy Guevara will confront Matt Hardy 1v1! Will the Spanish God be ready for all the forms of Hardy? And after being given his Dark Order contract, BOOM BOOM Colt Cabana teams with Brodie Lee! They take on New Jersey’s Finest, Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss! And in AEW’s first ever Lumberjack Match, MJF’s muscle, Wardlow, takes on Luchasaurus! And though the Natural Nightmares fell short of the titles tonight, their path to redemption begins! But will it only be shattered by FTR? And to keep sharp before Fyter Fest, Jon Moxley will return to action, with Taz watching live on commentary. What will Taz say and do to the AEW World Champion so close to the big event?

Speaking of the big event, Cody VS Hager is official now that Cody has gotten through the night. Will Hager get to end the American Nightmare’s dream with his own hands?


AEW tracks down Britt Baker and the “Role’s Royce”!

Rebel has the GPS on her phone, they find Britt in a dumpster! Britt is furious but also very disgusted. Britt’s been stuck in this trash for five hours! Well, no, it’s only been one hour. Britt does not want them to question her! She FIRES Rebel. Rebel is free? Rebel goes to leave, but Britt says Rebel isn’t fired. But where was she? In the bathroom. Why?! This is a full time job, 24/7!! She doesn’t go anywhere that Britt isn’t, and she sure doesn’t go to the bathroom without her! And where the hell is Tony?! You said he was in timeout… Oh, right. But no, that doesn’t matter! Friends don’t take timeouts so he should be here! Get Tony and- Why is there a camera crew?! They were here to see Britt being rescued. Oh is Rebel some kinda hero now? No, it’s just- GET TONY!! Okay, okay!

But since cameras are here, Britt warns Swole that she will pay for this. Literally. Britt will sue Swole, make her pay fines, and make Swole never EVER forget the day she did this to Dr. Britt Baker. Britt will get Swole if it’s the last thing she does. “Reba, get me outta here.” NOW!! Rebel panics as Britt nags her. Will Swole really face the consequences? Or is The Dentist all bark and no bite?


Matt Hardy joins commentary!

For right now, this looks like normal Hardy joining Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and good ol’ Jim Ross. He is excited to watch the main event, just as we are.


AEW World Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match: Best Friends VS Le Sex Gods!

Trent and Chuck Taylor want to avenge Freshly Squeezed, but the only way they could get Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara to agree is to put up their shot at Hangman Page and Kenny Omega! Are they risking too much for the honor of Orange Cassidy? Or will the Fyter Fest card change at the last minute?

AEW returns as Best Friends make their entrance, and push Sammy’s scooter out of their way. The teams sort out and the Kentucky Gentleman starts with the Spanish God. But then both Best Friends ambush Le Sex Gods! Trent is after Sammy while Chuckie chases Jericho! Jericho hits Chuck back but Chuck hits him. Trent drags Sammy out of the ring to club away with forearms. Chuckie chokes Jericho with his shirt, but Sammy clubs Trent on the back. Sammy shoves Trent at the post but Trent stops himself to elbow Sammy away! Chuckie throws hands on Jericho then bumps him off the timekeeper’s desk! Trent stomps Sammy at railings on the other side, then Chuckie headlocks to dig a water bottle into Jericho’s face!

Sammy bumps Trent off the apron while the ref reprimands both teams. Sammy whips Trent at railing but Trent comes back with a SPEAR! Trent puts Sammy in the ring for Chuckie, and he hits a standing Sliced Bread! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives but Chuckie drags Sammy up. Sammy rakes Chuckie’s eyes and tags Jericho. Jericho walks into kicks and punches from Chuckie! Chuckie sweeps the legs and stomps away on Jericho until the ref counts. Chuckie fires up and whips Jericho corner to corner. Chuckie runs in but into an elbow! Jericho hops up to missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Chuckie gets to ropes but Jericho chokes him! The ref counts. Jericho lets up, but Sammy chokes Chuckie in the corner!

Jericho tags Sammy and Le Sex Gods stomp away. Sammy brings Chuckie up to whip him to ropes. Sammy hurdles over, flips, and dropkicks Chuckie down! Sammy kips up and shows off, to then do the cocky Jericho pin. ONE, and Sammy drops on Chuckie with a chinlock. Chuckie endures and the crowd rallies up. Jericho tags in and Le Sex Gods mug Chuckie. Jericho snap suplexes Chuck down then runs to drop a knee. Sammy applauds while the crowd boos. Chuckie gets up and throws hands on Jericho, then runs but into Jericho’s dropkick! Cover, TWO! Jericho taunts Chuckie to go tag Trent, but then he clubs him down. Jericho brings Chuckie up but Chuckie throws forearms. Chuckie runs, but into Jericho’s elbow!

Jericho springboards, LIONSAULT! It flops as Chuckie moves! Both men crawl to their corners, hot tags to Sammy and Trent! Trent dodges Sammy to CHOP him down! Trent CHOPS Sammy again, then CHOPS him at the ropes! And again! Trent whips and CLOBBERS Sammy with an elbow! Trent hits Jericho for good measure before stalking Sammy. Sammy runs in, Trent dodges and Sammy hits buckles! Trent CHOPS Sammy again, then runs, only for Sammy to BOOT him back! Sammy runs but Trent reels him in, SNAP SAIDO! Trent sees Jericho pick up Floyd the baseball bat, so he wrecks Jericho with a baseball slide! Trent slingshots, but his Pescado gets a base hit! Trent goes down in a heap while AEW goes picture in picture.

Jericho drags Trent up and whips him into railing! Trent winces but Jericho drags him back up. Sammy clobbers Chuckie T for good measure while Jericho POSTS Trent! The ref reprimands Jericho but Jericho puts Trent in for Sammy to cover. TWO, but Sammy keeps his cool. Sammy drags Trent up to put him against ropes. Sammy CHOPS and CHOPS Trent in return, then fireman’s carries to show off the squats. Then Sammy hits the Samoan Drop! Cover, but Trent makes it a ghost pin! TWO, and Sammy CLOBBERS Trent! Tag to Jericho and he looms over Trent. Jericho drags Trent up and back suplexes high and hard! Trent flounders to a corner while Jericho soaks up heat. Jericho brings Trent up again to CHOP!

Jericho CHOPS again but Trent gets him back with haymakers and CHOPS! Trent whips corner to corner but Jericho reverses, sending Trent tumbling up the buckles! Trent comes back down to get a LARIAT! Jericho covers, TWO! Jericho is still very cocky as he soaks up more heat. Jericho brings Trent up and knees low. Jericho suplexes to hang Trent out to dry and let him hit the mat! Cover, TWO! Jericho brings Trent up and tags in Sammy. Le Sex Gods double whip and double shoulder Trent down! Sammy does his spinny move, and the two pose together. Sammy swaggers over to Trent and kicks him in the corner. Sammy goes corner to corner, but Trent STOMPS him down! Both men are down and a standing count begins. The crowd rallies up, hot tag to Chuckie T!

The Kentucky Gentleman rallies on Le Sex Gods! He goes up and over to spin Sammy for a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Chuck keeps his cool, drags Sammy to a corner, and goes up top. Chuckie MOONSAULTS, but lands on his feet when Sammy moves. POP-UP BOMB! Cover but Jericho breaks it! Chuckie throws Jericho out and stalks Sammy. Sammy stirs but Chuckie brings him up, only to get a jawbreaker! Sammy runs but into a boot! Trent tags in, he and Chuckie give Sammy SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF! And the Best Friends go to hug, only for Jericho to ruin it! Chuckie whips Jericho, Jericho reveres, but Jericho walks into the Sexy Chuckie Knee! And turns around into the PSYCHO KNEE!

Trent kicks and tornadoes, but Jericho stops the DDT to get the legs! Jericho works to turn Trent and Sammy FLIES out onto Chuckie! WALLS OF JERICHO! Trent endures as Jericho sits deep! Trent crawls and gets the ropebreak! Jericho thinks he’s won but the ref points out it was a ropebreak. Jericho argues with the ref, but Trent LARIATS Jericho down! Both men are down, Sammy tags in, and Sammy SUPERKICKS Trent down! Sammy goes to a corner, climbs up top, but Trent trips him up! Trent climbs up to join Sammy, but Sammy fights back. Sammy headbutts Trent, but Chuckie returns to help Trent up. Electric Chair SUPERPLEX!! Trent LARIATS Sammy inside out! Cover, but Jericho breaks it in time!

Chuckie throws Jericho out but the ref shouts at Chuckie to go to the corner. Chuckie obeys, but Sammy feeds Trent to Jericho’s eye rakes! Roll up with tights, TWO!! The screwjob didn’t work, and Chuckie goes after Jericho again! He bumps Jericho off the apron then rams him into railing! And then more railing! Chuckie grabs a chair, but the ref tells him no! That’s a disqualification if he does it. But then Jericho hits Chuckie low and throws him out into the crowd! Chuckie bowls over Suge D and almost takes out Hikaru Shida! In the ring, Sammy has Floyd and base hits Trent! Sammy goes up top, for the SHOOTING STAR!! Cover, TWO!?! Trent will not be taken out and Sammy is freaking out! Sammy brings Trent up, torture racks, but Trent slips out to shove. A camera man swipes at Sammy?! Trent hits STRONG ZERO!! Cover, Best Friends win!!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall (still #1 Contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championships)

Le Sex Gods tried to cheat Trent and Chuckie out of their title shot, but they just got cheated back. Because that mystery camera man is none other than… ORANGE CASSIDY!! The Sloth shows the scars of that assault, but now he gets in Jericho’s face! Jericho warns Cassidy, but Cassidy goes after him with fury! Cassidy is trying! In fact, he is serious as he SUPERMAN PUNCHES Jericho out of the ring!! Fyter Fest is set in stone as Best Friends will take on Omega and Page, but it gets even better! To settle the score, we will get Chris Jericho VS Orange Cassidy!! Cassidy gives a thumbs up as he and Best Friends hug it out! Will they be hugging with title belts soon enough?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode, with a lot of great action and some intriguing developments towards Fyter Fest. AEW did a great job sandwiching the episode with the AEW World Tag Team Championship story. Omega & Hangman VS Natural Nightmares was great, though I expected this to be the night Allie shows her true colors. Apparently not the case, as QT and Dustin lose clean. Maybe that moment is being left for All Out, or whenever normal fans can finally return. Best Friends and Le Sex Gods had a great main event, and it was pretty great for Orange Cassidy to get a semblance of payback tonight. We get the tag team title match we figured on with Omega & Hangman VS Best Friends, but now we get Jericho VS Cassidy and that is going to be a show stealer.

Just as I was wondering if The Dark Order was ever going to recruit a female wrestler, we get our answer! Anna Jay gets a vignette like she’s about to be pushed with a win, only to job to the truly horrifying Abadon. Dark Order recruits Anna, she’ll likely be one of the missing numbers soon enough, but then Cabana is given that contract and is announced for a match alongside Brodie Lee next week. Pretty sure that means Brodie and Cabana win at the expense of Janela and Kiss, but it still adds intrigue to the Dark Order’s story. MJF VS Billy Gunn was pretty good, especially with Wardlow and Austin Gunn getting involved. The brawl with Jurassic Express was great, and that Lumberjack Match next week might actually be really good, as AEW does great putting new twists on traditional/cliche matches.

I feel like I need to say again that Cody’s personal story in AEW simply has a pacing problem. Him reaching outside of the company seems several months too soon, but maybe this was the only time Ricky Starks could show up for AEW. The match itself was great, but of course Cody wins to solidify his match with Hager at Fyter Fest. I also do appreciate Cody’s promo, feeling hung out to dry by both The Elite and the Nightmare Family. I feel like Cody should at some point actually join up with Dustin, Brandi and QT to truly make the Nightmare Family a team and not just a name. Next week is the go home to Fyter Fest, so I expect a contract signing for something, most likely the TNT Championship. Moxley, Taz and Cage had good promos tonight and I wonder how Moxley’s go-home match goes if Taz will be on commentary running him down.

Penelope Ford being named Shida’s challenger for Fyter Fest makes a lot of sense, she did pin Shida and has been doing great both in her own matches and alongside the Superbad Squad. Britt’s attitude tonight and Swole taking out the trash was great build for their story, and I can’t wait to see how things escalate towards All Out. We got an awesome match out of The Young Bucks and the Superbad Squad, even with Butcher & Blade and FTR showing up ringside. Fyter Fest might have a massive 4v4 or even a Fatal 4 Way Tag to give all these teams a way to fight it out at once. It could easily be called a #1 contenders match to the tag titles, and then it is won by a team that isn’t The Bucks or FTR. That leaves Bucks and FTR open to feud with each other for All Out. FTR claims to not care about the dream match, but that match has to happen for both teams to get past it.

My Score: 9.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/3/21)

Dynamite’s headed for Revolution!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW’s stars meet at the Crossroads!

Before the Revolution returns, AEW Dynamite ignites! And Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet meet Jade Cargill & SHAQUILLE O’NEAL in a stacked crossover Mixed Tag Match!


  • Mixed Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet VS Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal; Jade & Shaq win.
  • PAC & Rey Fenix VS John Skyler & D3; PAC & Fenix win.
  • Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS FTR & Tully Blanchard w/ JJ Dylan; FTR & Blanchard win.
  • AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals: Nyla Rose VS Ryo Mizunami; Mizunami wins and will face Hikaru Shida for the title at AEW Revolution.
  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Preston Vance VS Max Caster; Caster wins and advances to the Revolution Ladder Match.
  • Matt Hardy & Marq Quen VS Hangman Page & John Silver; Hangman & Silver win.


Mixed Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet w/ Arn Anderson VS Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal!

What a way to open the last Dynamite before Revolution! The American Nightmare’s battle with Shaq has been a long time coming, and it’s finally happening! Will Cody and Velvet stir it up against a duo of debuting giants?

The teams sort out and Cody starts with Shaq! The fans rally already as the two circle. Cody fires himself up and ties up with Shaq. Cody wrenches but Shaq SHOVES him down! Shaq double guns but Cody gets up to his feet. Fans rally and duel, Shaq encourages them to get louder, and things circle. Shaq shows off some rope a dope, then ties up with Cody again. Shaq powers Cody to a corner but Cody slips away to CHOP and CHOP! Shaq just tosses Cody in to CHOP him back! He didn’t even hit that hard and how loud was that?! Shaq CLUBS Cody, whips him and back drops him high and hard! Shaq has Cody in the corner and CHOPS him again! And KNEES him low and hard!

Cody staggers to the other corner, fans rally and duel more, and Shaq CHOPS him again! Cody ends up in the corner, Jade tags in! Velvet steps in, and the two stare down. Jade kicks Velvet low, whips her to a corner, but Velvet goes up and over and builds speed, only to run into a fireman’s carry! Velvet fights out with elbows, waistlocks, but Jade bucks her away. Jade BOOTS Velvet down, then shows off the fight pose. Velvet staggers to a corner, Jade runs in but Velvet bobs ‘n’ weaves to kick and HEEL KICK! Velvet forearms but Jade ROCLS Velvet, TOSSES her, then chokes her in the corner! The ref counts, Jade lets off, then TOSSES Velvet across the way!

Fans fire up and duel as Jade shows off by doing push-ups. Jade storms over to Velvet, whips her corner to corner hard, then soaks up some heat. Velvet BOOTS Jade from the corner, hops up top, and leaps for a BIG CROSSBODY! But Jade rolls through to FALL AWAY SLAM, and kip up! Jade fires up, and she pie faces Cody! Cody gets in to KNEE Shaq! Shaq gets up, Austin Gunn SMACKS him with a chair! But Shaq doesn’t flinch! Shaq turns around and CLUBS Austin, and his brother Colten! QT Marshall gets grabbed, the ref tells Shaq to stop! Shaq lets off, but Velvet SUPER MOONSAULTS onto everyone else!! Fans are fired up and Velvet stirs it up!

Jade gets in the ring, Velvet pursues, and she brings Jade up to ROCK her with forearms! Velvet whips, Jade reverses and kicks low to trip Velvet up. Jade hooks up the legs for a FIGURE FOUR! Velvet endures as Jade flexes and copies Cody. But Velvet turns it over onto Jade! Jade endures now, powers it back and pushes up, then blows a kiss to Cody. Velvet endures so Jade lets Velvet free to bring her up. Velvet throws body shots but Jade sweeps the legs! Jade goes out side, and starts looking under the ring! Jade brings out a TABLE! But this isn’t No Disqualifications! The ref and Shaq argue, Jade sets the table up, but Arn and the ref shout at her to stop.

Velvet goes out after Jade and clubs her! And bumps her off the table, to then put her in the ring! Velvet moves the table further from the ring, to bring out a second table! Velvet sets this table up, and it seems both women must just want to hurt each other, winning and losing be damned! Velvet goes up but Jade ROCKS her at the apron! Velvet shoulders back in, runs but Jade blocks the boot, only to take the ENZIGURI! Velvet hobbles and tags to Cody! Shaq gets in and he flexes on Cody. Shaq wants a test of strength, but then he switches hands on Cody. Cody still tries, they tie up, and Cody kicks low! But Shaq hits a knee! Shaq shouts out Brodie for a POWERBOMB!

Shaq mocks Cody but Cody BOPS him with the uppercut! And SCOOP SLAMS Shaq!! Cover, TWO!! Cody goes flying off the kick out, he tags to Velvet! Jade gets in but Velvet throws forearms! Jade gives them back and they go back and forth! Velvet CHOPS, Jade CHOPS! Velvet throws a forearm, another, another, but Jade CHOPS again! Velvet SLAPS Jade, Jade knees Velvet! Jade runs into a calf kick! Velvet fires up, runs, but into Jade’s SPINEBUSTER! Jade flexes and covers, Cody pulls her off! Cody hits Shaq, runs, and FLIES! Cody and Shaq crash through the tables!! Fans lose their minds, Jade freaks out, too, and Velvet is waiting! Jade turns around, for a SPEAR! Cover, TWO!!

Arn coaches Velvet to keep on Jade and she brings Jade up. Velvet clinches, scoops, but Jade is too tall! Jade scoops Velvet, but Velvet slips out. Jade blocks the forearm, spins Velvet and chicken wings, for a GLAM SLAM!! Cover, Jade and Shaq win!!

Winners: Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal, by pinfall

Jade stands tall but Shaq looks out cold from crashing through the hardwood! Will Shaq be alright after his AEW debut? Is this win just the first of many for Jade?


AEW medics take care of Shaq.

They get him on a gurney, load him into an ambulance, and take him to local facility. Tony Schiavone wants a quick word, but… Where did Shaq go? Is Shaq magic?!


PAC & Rey Fenix VS John Skyler & D3!

Though they do not have their third point, Penta El Zero M, The Bastard and the Firebird are here to represent the Death Triangle! Will they bring the pain to the Southern Savior & the Prince of Rome?

The teams sort out, Fenix SUPERKICKS D3 off the apron and Pac ROCKS Skyler! Pac kicks and kicks and runs to BOOT Skyler down! Skyler scrambles, Pac tags to Fenix, and Death Triangle double whip to shove and BOOT him, UPPERCUT and SUPERKICK SWEEP COMBO! Fans fire up as Fenix goes up to tightrope KICK D3 back down! Pac FLIES and FOSBURY FLOPS D3 down! Fenix gives Skyler a fireman’s carry to the corner, Pac tags back in, Wasteland Slam to 450 SPLASH! Tag back to Fenix, Skyler is fed to the FIRE THUNDER DRIVER!! Cover, Death Triangle wins!

Winners: PAC & Rey Fenix, by pinfall

Deadly as ever, Pac and Fenix make fast work of their opponents tonight! Will they only be more dangerous once Pentagon returns?


The Inner Circle heads to the ring!

The dastardly duo of Chris Jericho & MJF are here for a press conference to supposedly answer for everything they did to the Young Bucks’ father last week. Fans sing Judas for Jericho and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Dasha is at the official podium as MJF and Jericho take their seats. The first question is from Barstool Sports, and is about what the AEW World Tag Team Championships mean to Y2MJF. Jericho says that everyone knows he is LE CHAMPION! That isn’t just a nickname, t’s the truth! But it’s been one year since he lost the AEW World Championship, so it’s time he has a title again! But with all the accolades he has, the greatness he has, he is a seven-time world tag team champion! SEVEN! With some of the biggest names in the industry, including Dwayne Johnson and Paul Wight! But none of them are better than MJF! And it is time for them to beat the hell out of the Young Bucks, just like they did to their stupid father!!

The second question is from Conrad Thompson of Grilling JR. The fighting is over, what are the odds of letting Sammy Guevara back into the Inner Circle? MJF can’t believe “turkey tits” here just asked that. Jericho said he never wanted to hear that name again, so get out of here! Go back to Nebraska! Next question! Brandon Walker of Barstool Sports ask why they attacked Papa Buck. Why? MJF is so sick of the shmucks out there making Papa Buck out to be a martyr! He attacked Jericho first! He did! So what they did was self-defense! But the worst part is that “that old worthless sack of crap” got his blood on MJF’s custom suit!

MJF knows most people can’t comprehend how expensive that is, but to put it in ways they can, he doesn’t shop at Target and Baby Gap! And if you thought what they did to Papa was bad, just wait until they get their hands on “Malnourished Matt” and “Not so Slick, I wish my hair was way more thick Nick!” But hey, it wasn’t their idea to attack Papa Buck, no. Did the Bucks think it was that smart to bring their bitch-ass pops down here? Especially knowing there isn’t a line that the Inner Circle wouldn’t cross? The Bucks need to do better. NEXT!

And it’s Eric Bischoff from 83 Weeks. His question is two parts, and he’ll direct the first part to Jericho. Do they know the condition of Papa Buck? And in Jericho’s list of stupid ideas, where does motivating the Bucks to come at you with a vengeance rank? Just curious. Jericho tells “Eric B” to shut his mouth! And second, they don’t know the condition of Papa Buck and they don’t care! As far as Matt & Nick go- They’re here! Matt & Nick step out on stage and glare at the Inner Circle. Nick knew that once this got started, the Inner Circle “pricks” would hurt their friends. But hurting their father makes this thing personal!

Matt says that their dad is the greatest dad in the world! He taught them everything they needed to know to be the men they are today! Being compassionate, have faith, love your family! They love their family! Papa Buck did everything that MJF’s and Jericho’s dads apparently failed at with them! Papa Buck taught them to dream big, and when he couldn’t afford to put them through college, he built them their own wrestling ring with his bare hands! Papa Buck taught them not to just stand idly by and let someone else do the work. You do it yourself! That DIY spirit is what created the Young Bucks, Being the Elite, and ALL ELITE WRESTLING! Without Papa Buck, there would be no Young Bucks or an AEW!

Laugh now, but do you know what that means? Then that means MJF is still at home, unemployed, on call with the Rosie O’Donnell Show! And for Jericho, let’s be honest! He’d be jerking the curtain at “the Performance Center.” Because Papa Buck taught them empathy, faith, family and one other thing! Stand up for yourselves and maybe kick some ass! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for tY2MJF! Things bust off with the Inner Circle but Brandon Cutler gets in! Referees rush out to stop this but that’s easier said than done! Wardlow tackles Cutler, Matt SUPERKICKS Santana and Nick tosses Ortiz! The Good Brothers are here to help out! They have tables set up and Nick ROCKS Ortiz!

Matt heads over, dares someone else to come get them, and Nick puts Ortiz on a table. Karl Anderson keeps Ortiz down while Nick climbs up! Nick aims from above the tunnel, and Matt has Santana off the stage! 450 AND MACHO ELBOWS through tables!! The Bucks are fired up and Y2MJF look worried, as they should! Will Matt & Nick teach Jericho & MJF what happens when real men fight back?


AEW profiles what it means to have an “Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match.”

America hasn’t seen something like this in 25 years! Once you hit the barbed wire ropes and trigger the switches, there WILL be explosions! Not only that, but the barbed wire will cut you up mercilessly! This will be something to remember for a long, long time because of the violence, the unknown, and the two men in it. Atsuhi Onita says the rules here are fitting for Moxley and Omega. It is unpredictable, dangerous, and painful. But Moxley’s honor won’t let him do any less to take Omega out or be forced into retirement trying. Will the Maniac take back what the Cleaner stole from him? Or will he give up everything in return?


Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS FTR & Tully Blanchard w/ JJ Dylan!

Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood are more than honored to have a legendary tag team wrestler come out of retirement for one night and join them in battle! But will it also be the end of them as Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt are coming #ForTheirRevenge?

AEW returns and Jurassic Express make their entrance. The trios sort out, Tully starts with Stunt and they tie up. Tully puts Stun in the corner, fires off body shots and knees, then tags in Dax. Stunt slips away, Jurassic Express back him up, and they stare FTullyR down! Stunt swipes at Cash but everyone cools off. Jungle Boy tags in, he and Dax tie up as a return from their great singles showdown. Dax puts JB in a corner, the ref calls for a break but Dax throws body shots and CHOPS! Dax throws EuroUppers, pulls hair, but JB elbows Dax, hits Cash, repeat! JB CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, whips, but Dax runs him over!

Things speed up, JB hurdles, drops, hurdles and dropkicks! Cash runs in but gets a dropkick! Tully distracts JB, Dax shoves him but JB rebound LARIATS! JB GERMAN SUPELXES Cash, trips up Dax, and gest the SNARE TRAP! Cash gets in to drag JB off the hold! JB trips Cash up and puts CASH in the Snare Trap! It’s on the outside so Cash tapping doesn’t matter! Dax gets something from Dillon! Tully talks with the ref about JB holding onto his hold, JB goes in and Dax SMACKS JB with a shoe!! Cover, TWO!! JB survives the classic SHOE screw job! Fans fire up, Dax bumps JB off buckles and tags in Tully. They mug JB, Tully CHOPS JB and JB bails out.

FTR hold the rope and Tully builds speed, to Fargo Strut instead. Tag to Dax, he drags JB up and throws him hard into railing! Fans rally and duel as AEW goes picture in picture.

Dax THROWS JB into more railing, then pulls up floor mats! Dax scoops and SLAMS JB on the bare concrete! JB writhes, Dax talks trash, then he drags JB up and ROCKS him with a EuroUpper! Tag to Cash, Cash fetches JB and toys with him. Cash puts JB in, drags JB up and whips him for a HARD shoulder at the ropes! Cash DECKS JB with a EuroUpper! FTR soak up the heat as Cash stomps JB down! Tag to Tully and he stomps JB around. Tully drags JB up, bumps him off buckles, then tags in Dax. Dax drags JB by his hair, CLUBS him on his back, then paces about. Tully stands on JB’s hair out of the ref’s sight!

Dax drags JB up, snapmares him and wraps on a chinlock. Dax grinds JB down and thrashes him around into a stretch. Dax fish hooks JB’s face, the ref reprimands, so Dax jams an elbow into JB”s face! Dax clamps onto JB’s face again with a smothering chinlock! JB endures as Dax grinds his forearm in over an dover, but the ref reprimands. Dax lets off, taunts Stunt, but the ref keeps Stunt out. Dax puts JB in a corner and CHOPS him! AEW returns to single picture as the CHOPS fly, and JB hits a BIG back suplex! Both men are down, fans rally up, Cash tags in to intercept JB! Cash scoops and RAMS JB into a corner, to then SLAM him down!

Cash hops up and leaps, but the Vader Bomb gets BOOTS! JB is down, as is Cash, and fans rally as they crawl! Hot tags to Dax and LUCHASAURUS! Luchasaurus runs FTR over, throws big hands and CHOPS, then BOOTS Cash and mule kicks Dax! Luchasaurus fires off on Cash in a corner and Tully starts slipping in. Stunt becomes Luchasaurus’ weapon to CROSSBODY Tully down! Luchasaurus choke grips FTR, but they both kick low! Cash DECKS Stunt, then FTR whips Luchasaurus corner to corner! Luchasaurus powers through their double clothesline to waistlock Cash! Cash grabs at Dax, Luchasaurus GERMAN SUPLEXES them both!! AND KIPS UP!

Fans are thunderous for Luchasaurus as he choke grips Dax. Dax slips out of the lift, baits Luchasaurus into a corner and POSTS him! Dax climbs up, JB runs over to go up and SUPER STEINER Dax into a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Luchasaurus is surprised but he tags JB in. Cash drags Luchasaurus out to TORNADO DDT him to the floor! JB WRECKS Cash with a dropkick, Dax runs in but JB elbows and ECKS him! JB DECKS Tully, climbs up top, but Cash returns to anchor JB! Dax climbs, Cash tags in! SUPERPLEX and FROG SPLASH! The Power and Glory! Cover, TWO!! Cash GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!! SNAP DRAGON! Bridging cover, STUNT SPLASHES IN!

Tully goes after Stunt to slingshot BRAINBUSTER!!! Fans can’t believe they’re seeing it again! But Tully turns around and Luchasaurus is there! Tully eggs him on, Luchasaurus choke grips, but Luchasaurus has a heart, so he just TAIL WHIPS Tully instead! JB tags Luchasaurus in, they focus on Cash, JURASSIC EXPRESS! Cover off the back suplex bomb, TWO!?!? Cash survives but barely! JB builds speed to DIVE, but who was that in the beanie?! He took the shot for JB, and Dax gets Luchasaurus so the same mystery man can CLOBBER Luchasaurus! Tag to Cash, then to Tully! They combine for a DOUBLE SPIKE PILEDRIVER!! Cover, FTullyRwins!!

Winners: FTR & Tully Blanchard, by pinfall

One way or another, the returning legend gets a win alongside the self-professed best tag team ever! And speaking of all that controversy, the man in the beanie was SHAWN SPEARS! The Chair Man returns, and is now on the team! Coach Arn is watching from the tunnel, and says he’s seeing this foursome. Is this a revival of the Horsemen?


Tony Schiavone is on stage with big news!

AEW is expanding and now has a third show of in-ring programming: Dark Elevation! And his cohost for that will be… THE GIANT, PAUL WIGHT! #NoMoreBS, but definitely big things for AEW! Schiavone is glad to have “G” here, and the fans are loving this! Did anyone see this turn coming? But that aside, Schiavone’s known Wight since he had long hair and a bright future. Wight is so happy to be in AEW. Fans chant “Welcome Home!” and Wight is definitely glad to be back on TNT. He is looking forward to working with the talent in AEW, and cohosting Elevation with Schiavone. There, Wight can do color commentary on the amazing and young talent!

But don’t worry, Wight will take this job seriously, too. He has a scoop! The biggest scoop EVER! Oh? This Sunday, AEW Revolution, they will hire and put under contract a Hall of Fame talent that will be a HUGE asset to AEW! But it’s not who you think. You’ll find out and Wight wants us to know you heard it here first! Who could Wight be suggesting?


AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals: Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Ryo Mizunami!

Two hard hitting wrestlers had hard fought roads to this moment! The Native Beast beat the Brazilian Blackbelt, the Doctor and the former NWA Women’s World Champion, while Aneki defeated “Fallen Idol” Maki Itoh, THE Aja Kong, and “Magical Girl” Yuka Sakazaki! The Full Metal Warrior, Hikaru Shida, is watching this one very closely, but which familiar foe will she be facing at Revolution?

The bell rings and the two circle as fans fire up. Ryo is fired up already but Nyla just doesn’t seem to get what’s going on with her. They tie up, Ryo tries to power Nyla back but Vickie shouts for Nyla to push her back. Nyla does push Ryo to ropes, but the ref counts and Nyla lets off. Nyla swings, Ryo dodges to fire off forearms! Ryo runs, rams Nyla, but Nyla stays up. Ryo powers up and runs, but Nyla stays up again. Nyla ROCKS Ryo with a right but Ryo hits back! They go back and forth with forearms, faster and faster! Ryo gets the edge, whips, but Nyla reverses. Ryo dodges but Nyla runs her over! Nyla mocks Aneki’s dance moves before stomps Ryo down.

Nyla drags Ryo up, reels her in, but Ryo back drops her away! Aneki unleashes the real dance moves, runs in and forearm smashes Nyla! Ryo shoulders, CHOPS, CHOPS and machine gun CHOPS away! Kojima would be proud! Ryo apologizes to the ref, fires up some more, and CHOPS again! Nyla sputters, Ryo fires up, does some miming, and runs in to CLOBBER Nyla! Cover, ONE!! Nyla gets up but Ryo keeps focus. Ryo powers up but Vickie distracts her! Nyla BOOTS Ryo down then hits a SOMERSAULT SENTON! Cover, TWO! Vickie is furious but Nyla chokes Ryo at the ropes! The ref counts, Nyla lets off, and Ryo is in more pain from Vickie’s shrieking than anything.

Nyla whips Ryo, scoops her and POWERSLAMS her! Cover, TWO! Nyla grows annoyed as AEW goes picture in picture.

Nyla drags Ryo up, chokes her on ropes again, and Vickie is again in Ryo’s face! Nyla lets off as the ref counts, Vickie keeps screeching at Ryo, and Nyla stalks Ryo to a corner. Ryo hits back but Nyla stomps her down. Nyla drags Ryo up, bumps her off buckles, then stands on her! The ref counts, Nyla lets off at 4, and then goes out to drag Ryo to the outside. Nyla RAMS Ryo into railing! Nyla makes sure Shida is watching as she drags Ryo up and makes her way to the fans. Nyla CLUBS Ryo down, drags her over, and RAMS her into railing again! Ryo sputters, staggers up, and Nyla gets in Shida’s face about the cup and the belt.

Nyla goes back to Ryo but Ryo hits body shots! Nyla CLUBS Ryo, puts her in the ring, then follows to stomp away! Nyla drags Ryo around into a chinlock stretch but Ryo endures. Nyla slowly hooks Ryo up into a camel clutch but still Ryo endures. Fans rally, Ryo reaches and powers up, but Nyla CLUBS her down! Nyla drags Ryo up, whips her to the corner, and runs in to SPLASH! Nyla keeps moving but Ryo follows to clothesline! AEW returns to single picture as Ryo reels Nyla in. Nyla is too big to scoop, and she scoops Ryo to SLAM her instead! Fans boo as Nyla steps on Ryo on the way to the corner. Nyla climbs up, leaps, but her Swanton FLOPS!

Ryo fires up again and fans are rallying with her! Ryo slaps some sense into herself, Nyla runs in but Ryo dumps her out! Ryo runs and RAMS Nyla off the apron! Aneki’s fire is back as Ryo drags Nyla up and reels her in. Nyla bumps Ryo off the apron first! Nyla climbs up, Vickie is shriller than ever, but Ryo SWEEPS THE LEGS! Nyla hits apron, Ryo climbs up fast, and APRON LEG DROPS!! Nyla staggers and sputters then falls over! The ring count climbs, Ryo waits in the ring and fans rally for “A E DUB!” Nyla slowly rises at 5 of 10, Vickie is freaking out, but Ryo sees Nyla won’t stay down forever! Ryo climbs, Nyla gets back in, and Ryo LEAPS for another leg drop! Cover, TWO!!

Ryo grows frustrated but she drags Nyla up to fire off forearms from all sides! Ryo has Nyla wobbling but Nyla stays up! Nyla ROCKS Ryo right back! Ryo gets up again, throws a forearm, but Nyla throws a clothesline! They keep hitting back and forth, Nyla ROCKS Ryo again, then runs, but Ryo swats the lariat away! Ryo fires off lariats point blank! Nyla stays up, Ryo runs but Nyla CLOBBERS her! Nyla drags Ryo up fast, fireman’s carries and DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS! Cover, TWO!?! Ryo survives and fans are fired up! “This is Awesome!” but Nyla isn’t done yet! She hangs Ryo out to dry, then goes to the corner! Nyla climbs, leaps, GUILLOTINE KNEE!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Vickie is shrieking like the banshee she is as Nyla drags Ryo around. Fans are fired up for Ryo as Ryo resists the bomb lift! Ryo throws body shots and palm strikes, then hits an EXPLODER!! Nyla is in a drop zone, Ryo hurries up top! Nyla hurries up, too, and ROCKS Ryo with a haymaker! Nyla climbs, brings Ryo up, and hits a SUPERPLEX!! Nyla slowly crawls to the cover, TWO!! Ryo gets a waistlock and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Ryo fires up again, Nyla stands, Ryo SPEARS!! Ryo drags Nyla back to a drop zone, goes back up top, and Vickie is losing her mind as Ryo hits the SUPER LEG DROP!! Cover, RYO WINS!!

Winner: Ryo Mizunami, by pinfall (wins the AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament)

Shida commends Ryo on that fight, and hands her the Women’s Eliminator Cup. Ryo thanks her and shakes her hand, to then SUCKER PUNCH her! Ryo eggs her on and Shida hits back! They brawl, Shida DECKS her challenger, and picks up her belt again. What a way to say hi to an old rival! Imagine what that title match is going to be like!


AEW returns with Schiavone back in the ring.

The Street Fight at Revolution is coming, so Schiavone introduces… STIIIIING~! The snow, the crow and the Icon! Sting walks out and fans are fired up to see him. Schiavone says Sting came back with Darby Allin last week to take the fight back to Team Taz. Sting has never looked better, and Sting says it’s great Schiavone says that. It evolves every single week, but then Sting found out a couple weeks ago he wasn’t when he got powerbomb’d by Cage! But Sting thanks The Machine for shaking off that rust! Sting feels like he’s ready for that Street Fight!

But then Ricky Starks comes out to tell “Stinger Man” to pump the brakes. He’s here on his own, so don’t worry about an attack. Starks is sick of the “Budding romance.” We’ve seen things go back and forth, but Sting showed something Starks hadn’t seen. Sting tore it up, and Starks is man enough to admit he saw something he hadn’t seen, and that was the fire! Sting’s still got it! But even so, Starks still doesn’t see the Icon. He SLAPS Sting, so Sting DECKS Starks! Sting rips Starks’ shirt off and whips him out of his shoes to CLOBBER him! Starks flounders, Sting is on him for another whip! STINGER SPLASH! Starks flops down, Sting gets the legs! SCORPION DEATHLOCK!!

Starks endures, taps, but here comes Team Taz! Hook gets Sting in a sleeper! Sting SMACKS Hook away, but Will Hobbs gets Starks out and Cage attacks Sting! But here comes DARBY ALLIN! No zipline this time, he just jumps on Cage’s back! Cage rams him into buckles but Darby holds on! Sting runs in, STINGER SPLASH! Darby goes up top, to missile dropkick! The Icon and the Relentless run off Team Taz, but what happens when things are finally unleashed for the Street Fight!?


Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Max Caster!

Number 10 surely heard Platinum’s diss track just for him, and now it’s time for him to respond directly! Scorpio Sky also watches from commentary to see who joins him, Cody Rhodes, Lance Archer and, if he is medically cleared, Penta El Zero M at Revolution! But first, Platinum gives us a special bonus track on Preston! “Listen! Listen! This guy’s big but a small talker. I shoot you up like Lady Gaga’s dog walker! This dude is mad soft, there is no future if you take your mask off! His names 10 but a 5 in the looks department. Like the fireball just hit Ronnie Garvin! Now you gettin’ burnt up! Platinum Max, I got this place turnt up!”

He ain’t done spittin’! Negative One ’bout to catch a butt whippin’! See Max in the streets- Negative One is fired up and Vance holds him back. Caster skips the rest and that was for the best, but who will get this won and head for Revolution?

The bell rings, Caster and Vance circle as fans rally. They tie up, Vance rolls Caster up, TWO! Caster scrambles away and tries to mock Vance still. Caster calls for a test of strength but kicks low. Caster clamps onto an arm, Vance powers out but Caster runs Vance over! Scorpio runs both guys down as being less skilled wrestlers, Caster runs but Vance goes to hip toss. Caster blocks but Vance blocks back to CLOBBER Caster! Cover, TWO! Vance drags Caster up, headlocks, but Caster powers out. Vance runs Caster over, things speed up, and Vance crossbodies! Cover, TWO! Vance keeps on Caster and hauls Caster up, but Caster gets away to a corner.

Vance CHOPS Caster, keeps him close and climbs up to rain down punches! Fans count and Vance gets only 4 before Caster slips out. Caster runs, only gets buckles, and Vance finishes the punches to get 10! Vance has fans fired up, runs in and CLOBBERS Caster out of the ring! Fans rally while Scorpio continues to talk trash on even Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer. Vance bumps Caster off the apron, then again, then runs in, only for Caster to POST him! Caster runs in to dropkick Vance into barriers!

AEW goes picture in picture as Caster mugs Vance and puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO! Caster grows annoyed, but he clamps onto an arm to grind Vance down. Vance fights up but Caster wrangles him down with a wristlock! Vance grinds forearms in Caster’s face but Caster holds on to drag Vance up again. Caster wrenches, yanks the arm, then whips Vance, only for Vance to reverse. Caster slips off the spinebuster and CLUBS Vance down! Caster pulls on the arm, hammerlocks it, and locks it down to taunt and KNEE Vance! Vance gets to a corner, Caster wraps the bad arm around ropes and pulls! The ref counts, Caster lets off at 4, and he goes after Vance in another corner.

Vance fires body shots back, but Caster wrenches and YANKS the arm again! Caster clamps on with smothering chinlock and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and both men rise, but Vance rallies with big clotheslines! Vance whips Caster, and back drops him high and hard! Caster goes to a corner, Vance runs in but Caster elbows him away! Caster runs but into the SPINEBUSTER! Scorpio puts his hoodie over more than these two, but Caster puts Vance on the apron. Vance SLINGSHOT SPEARS! Cover, TWO!! Caster survives but fans rally with Vance as he aims from a corner. Caster staggers up, Vance runs in, but Caster hits a takedown! Caster has SHANKLY GATES! Vance endures the keylock stretch and gets the ropebreak with feet!

Caster lets off just long enough to SNAP BRAINBUSTER Vance! Caster goes up top as Scorpio says that’s dumb, and Vance avoids the Mic Drop Elbow! Vance and Caster slowly rise again, and Vance runs in at the corner! Caster boots Vance, hops up, but Caster’s rana is blocked to a BOMB! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Caster survives and Vance can’t believe it! “This is Awesome!” as Vance drags Caster. Caster kicks Vance away, then yanks him into ropes! Caster distracts the ref, and is that Jack Evans with Anthony Bowens’ boombox?! Evans CRACKS Vance with it!! Evans slithers under the ring, Caster covers Vance, Caster wins!!

Winner: Max Caster, by pinfall (advances to the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match)

Scorpio says Caster will just be disappointed now because he’s going to lose that Ladder match! But wait, Evans did that favor to Caster as a way to get paid by #BigMoneyMatt! A whopping $4200 for taking out Number 10 of the Dark Order! This is all because Hardy hates Hangman for pulling one over on him! Caster is fine with that, but will he benefit from all 4200 reasons he just won?


AEW has big things for Revolution Weekend!

First of all, AEW Dark has a special airing on Saturday to fit in all the action before the PPV! Then, a Buy-In match has been made! Britt Baker & Rebel will face Thunder Rosa & Riho! Will The Doctor and her assistant be able to beat a former NWA Women’s Champion and a former AEW Women’s Champion in one match?


Miro speaks.

The Best Man gave “Charles” Taylor a week, but he couldn’t even face Miro like a man! Miro is just trying to protect Chuck but now he has to hurt him! The people will now get what they want: DESTRUCTION! Miro is going to stop playing games, and it will be GAME OVER for Chuck!! Will the Best Man and Kip “Superbad” Sabian put a stop to all the fun the Best Friends are having?


Matt Hardy & Marq Quen VS Hangman Page & John Silver!

Before the Big Money bet, Hardy and his other Private Party protégé will take on the Cowboy and Number 3! But after what we just saw Hardy pay Evans to do to Number 10, will Hangman & Johnny Hungy eat Hardy and Quen alive?

The teams sort out, Silver and Quen start and circle. Fans rally, Silver shoots in to TOSS Quen, then he clamps on with a headlock. Quen gets the ropebreak, Silver lets up, and Quen powers Silver to the corner. Hardy steps back as Quen lets off for the new ropebreak, and Hardy gets a cheap shot in! Quen clubs away on Silver, kicks him to a corner, then wrenches him to tag Hardy in. Hardy Party mugs Silver, Hardy wrenches but Silver ROCKS him! Silver headlocks, Hardy throws body shots, and powers out. Hangman tags in, Hardy shoves Silver at him! Hangman and Silver hug it out and Hardy eggs Hangman on, only to tag Quen back in.

Quen and Hangman circle, Hangman dodges the clothesline to fire off haymakers! AEW goes picture in picture as Hangman stomps away in the corner!

The ref counts, Hangman lets off, and Hangman is fired up as he scrapes Quen on the ropes! Hangman whips, back drops Quen high and hard, then swings on Hardy! Hardy gets away, Hangman goes back to Quen and drags him up. Tag to Silver, they mug Quen, and Silver whips Quen to back drop him high and hard, too! Silver’s friggin’ jacked, baby! Silver drags Quen up and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Hangman, they double whip Quen but Quen kicks them back! Quen throws hands, runs, but into a DOUBLE BACK DROP that sends him flipping through the air! Quen flops to the apron and Hangman stalks over to bring him back in.

Hangman drags Quen up, CHOPS him off his feet, then drags him back up. Hangman snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Quen hurries to ropes but Hangman drags him back up. Tag to Silver, they mug Quen at ropes, and Silver throws big haymakers! Quen ends up in a corner, Silver fires off more shots, then he TOSSES Quen across the way! Silver flexes on Hardy, looms over Quen, and brings him up for forearms. AEW returns to single picture as Silver military presses Quen. Quen slips off and shoves Silver to the apron and fires off! Quen chokes Silver on the ropes, the ref counts, Quen lets off but Hardy hits an APRON SIDE EFFECT! Fans boo but Hardy gets away with that one.

Quen tags Hardy, Hardy drags Silver up and ROCKS him with a haymaker. Hardy bumps Silver off the apron, puts him back in and then covers, TWO! Hardy rains down rights, drags Silver up and puts him back in the corner. Quen tags in, they mug Silver with knees to his back, then stomps to his front! Quen digs his boots in, the ref counts and Quen lets off. Quen flexes now then drags Silver up to scoop and SLAM! Tag to Hardy, he hops up and soaks up the heat before he jumps, into Silver’s KICK! Both Silver and Hardy are down, crawling, and Hardy tries to keep Silver from Hangman. Silver BOOTS Hardy away, and reaches out!

Hardy drags Silver away again, but Silver gets around to hit a STANDING SLICED BREAD! Hot tags to Hangman and Quen! Hangman rallies on Quen with big forearms! Hangman whips, Quen dodges but Quen runs into a POP-UP SPINEBSUTER! Hangman runs at Hardy but Hardy avoids the boot! Hangman drags Quen up, Quen kicks a leg and whips Hangman to the corner! Hardy holds Hangman but Hangman gets away as Quen runs in, and the BOOT hits Hardy! Hangman scoops Quen for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman kips up and PLANCHAS Hardy down! Hangman rains down rights, puts Hardy in the ring, but Quen is after Hangman with stomps!

Fans boo but Quen pie faces Hangman, only to run into a fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Fans fire up as Hangman drags Quen back up and throws him to the corner. Hangman dares Hardy to man up and tag in, but Quen bails out to regroup with Hardy instead. Hardy puts Quen back in, but Hangman kicks and suplexes him. Quen slips out to dropkick Hangman’s leg! NOW Hardy wants in, so Quen tags him! Hardy hits Hangman with a neckbreaker! Hardy calls for his finish, kicks but Hangman slips out to back suplex! Quen runs in but Hangman dumps him out! Silver tags in and he SPEARS Hardy!

Silver fires off furious fists, but Hardy hits a Twist, only for Silver to backslide! Hardy rolls off, but Silver kicks, KICKS, SUPERKICKS and BRAINBUSTERS!! Cover, TWO!! Silver’s Beaver Boy Blitz couldn’t finish this! Quen trips Hangman off the apron, hotshots Silver, and Hardy hits a back suplex! Tag to Quen, Quen climbs up, Silver stands up to get the MISSILE DROPKICK! Quen gets up, runs in but Silver OBOTS! Hangman tags in, Silver is the decoy and he KICKS Quen to send into Hangman’s ROLLING ELBOW! Silver ENZIGURIS, Hangman POP-UP POWERBOMBS Quen!

Silver reels Quen in to wheelbarrow, GERMAN SUPLEX, to the BUCK SHOT!! Hangman stares Hardy down and Hardy backs off! Cover, Hangman & Silver win!

Winners: Hangman Page & John Silver

But Hardy is a sore loser and he assaults the winners with a mic! Hardy tells Hangman that he hates him, and in their Big Money Match, Hardy will take everything from Hangman! This was all just a trap! Hardy is going to make it so Hangman won’t even make it to Revolution! But here comes the rest of the Dark Order to attack Hardy! Maybe Hardy is the one who won’t make it to the PPV! But here come the Casino Battle Royal field! Butcher and Blade, Chaos Project, Cezar Bononi & “Pretty” Peter Avalon attack the Dark Order, but then they’re countered by Bear Country, the Varsity Blondes, the Natural Nightmares, the Sydal Brothers and SCU!! It is tag team turmoil in the ring to say the least, and Negative One is just reveling in it from the stage!

BUT HERE COMES DEATH TRIANGLE!! PAC & Fenix are last minute entries in that match and they want to get their shots in! Hardy tries to run away but Negative One tells him he’s in for a bad time on Sunday! Will Hangman be the one to bankrupt Big Money Matt after the Revolution?

My Thoughts:

An awesome episode for AEW, and even a great go-home. I didn’t think we’d open with the Mixed Tag, but Shaq was great, of course Jade was good, and though Shaq took that table spot, it makes sense for his team to win. Jade has been waiting a long time for this debut so it makes sense for her to win and start her career off strong. Shaq’s disappearing act was interesting, I have no idea what that could mean. We got a great Six Man out of FTR and Jurassic Express, but I should’ve figured FTR finds a way to cheat and win. Shawn Spears being part of that is a natural move, and it just makes sense that he is part of their faction now. I don’t know if “FTR” will be the name that applies to the group or if they’ll have some new name, but it’s about time this happened.

Nyla VS Ryo was a great match, and I am happily surprised that Ryo won. As great in story it would’ve been for Nyla and Shida to have a rematch from Double or Nothing, I feel like it is much better for everyone watching to see Shida VS Ryo, which we certainly haven’t seen in AEW and hasn’t happened in some time. With that match up, I feel like the title match could go either way. If Ryo wins, that’d freshen up some things, even though Shida hasn’t faced everyone yet. Nyla is still considered top ranked contender, so she could still face the winner from Revolution over the Summer, and we could even work our way to Shida VS Nyla at Double or Nothing 2021, almost one year after the previous match-up.

Sting and Darby had another short spot with Team Taz, but I have no idea if it adds anything to what we’ve already seen. We got a great segment with the Inner Circle and Young Bucks, where another AEW press conference of course has Eric Bischoff for last. The Bucks had a great response promo and then a great double table spot. Maybe a little risky, but what else is new for these two? I feel like standing tall here could mean the Bucks lose, and that could also suggest who is coming out of the Casino Tag Battle Royal. PAC & Fenix win fast and then get in on the tag brawl at the end of the night. I don’t see them winning, but them getting in makes sense with Penta in the ladder match.

Speaking of, Caster VS Vance was a great match, but it makes a lot of sense in story for Vance to get screwed over by Hardy and Evans. I had a feeling the other night with Dark that Caster was going to win since Archer is already the powerhouse in that match. There is still one spot left, so either the bonus Dark gives us that qualifier, or that sixth person is the person Paul Wight introduces. That latter possibility would actually be pretty big, because Wight promises that will be a (WWE) Hall of Famer, someone everyone knows yet “not who we’d expect.” No idea who that could be, but I’d love to see them show up and do big things in the ladder match.

Meanwhile, Hardy loses the tag match tonight, but doesn’t stand tall even after he attacks, so the math makes me think Hangman loses his Q1 earnings. I feel like that’d work in story, because then Hangman can #JoinDarkOrder and lean on them for support. Hangman’s struggles have been great pacing in his AEW career, and maybe even his career as a whole, so giving up money to find the friendships that will really build him back up is a great element to that. With this, Hangman can totally become AEW World Champion come All Out 2021 or so.

My Score: 9.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (3/2/21)

It’s Dark Before the Crossroads!



AEW Dark 2

Dark does 14 on the way to AEW’s Crossroads!

We’re so close to AEW Revolution but Dark is still turning out the hits! It’s a stacked card of FOURTEEN, and The Dark Order is ready to make this their show!


  • Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow w/ Arn Anderson VS Chris Peaks & Louie Valle; Johnson & Solow win.
  • Red Velvet & KiLynn King VS Ivelisse & Diamante; Velvet & King win.
  • Top Flight VS Fuego Del Sol & Jon Cruz; Top Flight wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Gunn Club VS Tony Vega, Aaron Frye & Angel Fashion; The Gunn Clubb wins.
  • Abadon VS Renee Michelle; Abadon wins.
  • Stu Grayson w/ The Dark Order VS JD Drake; Grayson wins.
  • Bear Country VS Baron Black & M’Badu; Bear Country wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Evil Uno, Alan Angels & Colt Cabana VS Levy Shapiro, John Skyler & Ryzin; The Dark Order wins.
  • Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens VS JJ Garrett; Caster wins.
  • The Hybrid2 VS Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo; The Hybrid2 win.
  • Orange Cassidy VS Steven Stetson; Cassidy wins.
  • Chuck Taylor VS VSK; Taylor wins.
  • Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Daniel Joseph; Vance wins.
  • Tag Career on the Line: SoCal Uncensored VS The Sydal Brothers; SCU wins and remains a tag team.


Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow w/ Arn Anderson VS Chris Peaks & Louie Valle!

If having new ring gear didn’t confirm it, having the Enforcer as coach does! Big Shotty & The Extra Talented are both part of the growing Nightmare Family! Will this new drive help them get through the Peaks ‘n’ Valle facing them?

The teams sort out, Solow starts with Valle and fans rally as they circle. Valle doesn’t like Arn being nearby, but he ties up with Solow. Solow gets the arm, wrenches and wristlocks, but Valle reverses that onto Solow. Solow ducks, slips through, and headlocks for a takeover. Valle fights to the headscissor but Solow kips out. Valle dodges the headlock takeover to waistlock back. Solow pries free, switches, then hits the takeover after all. Valle tries to headscissor but Solow fights that off. They stand, Solow wrenches, and tags Johnson in. Johnson hops up to drop ax handles on Valle’s arm! Johnson wrenches, tags Solow, and Solow goes up to also drop ax handles!

Solow wrenches, tags Johnson, and they double whip Valle for double elbows! Johnson covers, ONE, but Johnson keeps close. Tag to Solow and Johnson scoop slams Valle, for Solow to leap and knee drop! Cover, TWO, but Solow has the cording hold. Valle fights up, knees low, then tags Peaks! Peaks runs in but into an arm-drag! Solow has the armlock, Peaks endures and moves around, then pulls hair. Peaks powers out and Valle gets a cheap shot, but Solow DECKS Valle! Peaks kicks low, throws big EuroUppers, then whips. Solow reverses, but Valle tags in as Peaks tumbles out. Solow still thinks it’s Peaks and he goes after him, but Peaks trips Solow for Valle to slingshot STOMP!

Fans boo as Valle hammers away on Solow’s head! Valle grabs Solow’s arm to BITE the hand! Solow goes to ropes, kicks back and throws hands. Valle rakes Solow’s face, suplexes him high and hard, then covers, TWO! Valle drags Solow over, tags in Peaks, and they mug Solow. Peaks tags Valle back in, they double whip Solow to ropes, Solow kicks back! Solow dumps Peaks out, crawls for the corner, and hot tags Johnson! Johnson rallies on Valle, dodges him to dropkick him down! Fans fire up with Big Shotty but Peaks runs in, only for Solow to intercept with a GAMANGIRI! Johnson gets Valle up for a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, Johnson & Solow win!

Winners: Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow, by pinfall

Their first tag team victory is a big one! The Coach cheers on his guys, will Johnson & Solow rise up the ranks in the tag division soon enough?


Red Velvet & KiLynn King VS Ivelisse & Diamante!

Before joining the American Nightmare at the Crossroads, she’s teaming with the King to take on Las Sicarias! Will Velvet stir it up and serve some L’s before facing down Jade Cargill & Shaq?

The teams sort out and King starts with Diamante. Diamante wants after Velvet but King says she has to deal with her first. Diamante shoves King and demands to face Velvet! King gives in and tags Velvet. Diamante starts swinging but Velvet bobs ‘n’ weaves and ROCKS her back! Velvet kicks, Diamante ducks the heel kick and trips Velvet up to rain down fists! King shoves Diamante off Velvet, Ivelisse comes in, but they both stand down. Diamante headlocks, Velvet powers out but Diamante runs her over! Things speed up, Velvet dodges Diamante to calf kick! Fans fire up, Velvet dares Diamante to do something, but Ivelisse tags in.

Ivelisse and Velvet circle, feel things out, and Ivelisse ROCKS Velvet! Velvet CHOPS back! Velvet wrenches, pushes Ivelisse to the corner, and King tags in. King wrenches Ivelisse and cranks the arm, then tags in Velvet. Velvet goes up to drop ax handles! Velvet wrenches, elbow breakers, and tags in King for a hand-off. King WRINGS Ivelisse out, tags in Velvet, then whips Ivelisse for a hip toss! Velvet and King combine, wheelbarrow SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Velvet wrenches Ivelisse again, tags King in, and feeds Ivelisse to King’s towering scoop and SLAM! King gets the fans fired up with her moshing, and trips Ivelisse up. Ivelisse drags King into a triangle hold!

But King powers up to dead lift Ivelisse! Ivelisse fights and gets to ropes for a HANGING TRIANGLE! The ref counts, Ivelisse lets go at 4 to then hotshot the arm! Diamante gets a hotshot in, then Ivelisse gives King’s arm some Sole Food! King ends up in the corner, Ivelisse stomps her down, then tags in Diamante. Las Sicarias stomp away on King, then Diamante runs to basement dropkick! Diamante drags King around, tags Ivelisse back in, and Ivelisse KICKS the bad arm! Fans rally as Ivelisse puts King’s arm in a chicken wing. King fights up and scoops Ivelisse, but Ivelisse hits a chicken wing takedown! Tag to Diamante, she wrenches the arm to give it a CODE BREAKER!

Tag back to Ivelisse, she isolates the arm and Diamante KICKS it! Ivelisse jams the shoulder, then mule kicks King back down! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse is annoyed with King and she clubs the arm. Ivelisse hooks one arm up and keylocks the other! Fans rally, King fights up and fights back, but Ivelisse chicken wings and chinlocks. King powers up to RAM Ivelisse into buckles, then throw her off! Ivelisse staggers up but into a ROUNDHOUSE! King runs to CLOBBER Ivelisse! Both women are down and fans fire up! Fans rally, Ivelisse and King crawl, hot tags to Diamante and Velvet! Velvet hits a Thesz Press!

Velvet rains down rights on Diamante, ROCKS Ivelisse, then stares down with Diamante. The forearms fly, Diamante uppercuts but Velvet ROLLING ELBOWS! DOUBLE KNEES at the ropes, and a BIG standing moonsault! Cover, Ivelisse breaks it! Ivelisse drags Diamante over but Velvet gets in between them! Diamante ENZIGURIS Velvet! Tag to Ivelisse, Las Sicarias aim but Velvet dodges the double knees! Velvet dropkicks Diamante but Ivelisse cravats and KNEES, to a butterfly suplex! Cover, but King breaks it! Diamante returns and hops on King! King powers Diamante out of the ring but tumbles with her!

Velvet rolls Ivelisse for the HEEL KICK! Velvet runs, for JUST DESSERTS!! Cover, Velvet and King win!

Winners: Red Velvet & KiLynn King, by pinfall

Victory is sweet for Velvet & King! They beat the Women’s Tag Cup winners, will this bode well for Velvet going against Jade?


Top Flight VS Fuego Del Sol & Jon Cruz!

Darius & Dante Martin are getting ready for the Revolution Tag Battle Royal and their newest chance at becoming contenders! But will the coldest team in the game today start to feel the heat against the Fire of the Sun and, uh… Mr. Jon Cruz?

The teams sort out, Darius starts with Fuego and they fist bump to show respect. They circle, tie up, and go around. Darius wrenches the arm, Fuego slips through and spins Darius for a headlock. Darius powers out, Fuego bumps shoulders but Darius comes back to run Fuego over! Things speed up, Fuego wheelbarrows but Darius makes it an O’Conner Roll! TWO, Darius tackles Fuego for a headlock but Fuego headscissors. Darius kips out, rebounds, but Fuego hits a headlock takeover back. Darius headscissors, Fuego kips free, and fans cheer as Darius sweeps, but then Fuego sweeps! Fuego covers, TWO, Darius covers, TWO!

Fuego goes to monkey flip but Darius lands on his feet and kicks the grip to dropkick Fuego down! Fuego crawls but ends up in the Top Flight corner. Darius runs in, Fuego puts him on the apron but Dante tags in. Dante runs and hits an A-List Lariat! Darius snap suplexes Fuego and Dante slingshot sentons! Cover, TWO! Dante wrenches Fuego’s arm, wristlocks, but Fuego handsprings and flips to spin and wrench. Dante breaks free, Fuego ducks the roundhouse, but Dante sunset flips. Fuego rolls through, Cruz tags in, and things speed up. Dante dodges and whips then hurdles Cruz to roll back and headscissor him, for a big dropkick!

Cruz goes to a corner, Dante ROCKS him with a forearm, then whips him corner to corner. Cruz reverses, runs in and blocks the boot to gamangiri! Cruz snapmares and neck snaps! Cover, TWO! Cruz drags Dante up, tags in Fuego, and they mug Dante. Fuego throws body shots, Dante ROCKS Fuego then runs, but Fuego KNEES low and hard! Fuego hip tosses and STANDING SHOOTING STARS! Cover, TWO! Tag to Cruz, they double back suplex but Dante lands out on his feet! Dante dodges, shoves Cruz into Fuego, and tags in Darius! Fans fire up as Darius rallies on Cruz! Darius dodges Cruz, DECKS Fuego, then boots Cruz!

Darius hops up, leaps over and gets around Cruz to hit a STANDING SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Cruz survives but Darius tags Dante in. The Martins bring Cruz up, double whip him, but Cruz holds ropes. Cruz elbows Darius, TOSSES Dante out and SUPERKICKS Darius! Fuego tags in and monkey flips Cruz at Darius for a RANA! Cruz keeps moving and DIVES onto Dante! Cruz took a bit more out of that than Darius, but Fuego SUPER TORNILLOS Top Flight down!! Fuego drags Dante up and in, aims from a top rope, and leaps! Dante dodges, runs in but into a kick! Fuego wants the tornado, but Darius tags in!

Dante blocks the DDT, Darius helps out, and they pop-up UPPERCUT! Dante BOOTS Cruz, Darius has Fuego, LEAP FROG! Top Flight works together again, boosted back suplex to a BULLDOG! Cover, Top Flight wins!

Winner: Top Flight, by pinfall

Fast and furious doesn’t even cover it! But will Top Flight soar above all the teams in the Casino Battle Royal and hit the jackpot?


Six Man Tag: The Gunn Club VS Tony Vega, Aaron Frye & Angel Fashion!

Billy and the boys are back in action as a trio but they’re still on a hot streak overall! Will they hit the mark again against Top Notch, Frye Daddy and The Fashionable Hombre?

The trios sort out, and after a round of rock-paper-scissors, Austin starts against Frye. Austin and Frye circle, tie up, and go around. Austin is after an arm, Frye gets the waistlock. Austin pries free but Frye gets a headlock. Austin tries to pry free again, but Frye clamps on tighter. Austin brings Frye to a knee, gets free and gets the arm, but Frye throws body shots. Frye puts Austin in a corner, lets off as the ref counts, but then ROCKS Austin with a sucker punch! Frye grins as he whips corner to corner, Austin goes up, up, and over. Austin speeds up and trips Frye to then hit a Throwback! Frye tags Fashion in as Austin fires up and fires off hype bullets.

Fashion runs in but Austin sends him into the Gunn corner! Tag to Colten, and he whips Austin in for an uppercut! Austin sets up the hoop, and Colten DUNKS on Fashion! Colten runs and does a Euro step to the neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Colten brings Fashion up, wrenches the arm but Fashion claws Colten’s face! Fashion puts Colten in the corner, CHOPS, then tags in Vega. Vega says he’s got this but Colten ROCKS him with a right! Colten puts Vega in the corner, tags Austin, but the whole family gets in as they body shot, BOOT and dropkick! Cover, TWO! Austin keeps his cool and whips Vega to ropes. Vega holds ropes, elbows Austin then drop toeholds him to ropes.

Frye BOOTS Austin down while Vega distracts the ref, then Vega CLOBBERS Austin! Tag to Frye, he stomps Austin and has him in an open corner. Frye throws hands, brings Austin around and DECKS him! Fans rally for Austin but Frye drags Austin over to tag Vega in. They mug Austin, Vega toys with Austin but Austin throws a body shot. Vega CLUBS Austin, tags in Fashion, and they mug Austin now. Fashion drags Austin up to whip him back in, and Austin bounces off buckles! Tag to Vega, he taunts Colten and Billy, then drags Austin up. Vega scoops, slams, then covers, ONE! Vega is upset and he drags Austin up.

Vega whips Austin in but Austin boots back! Austin DECKS Fashion, DECKS Frye, dodges Vega and tags in Papa Gunn! Billy rallies with haymakers and then throws Frye out hard. Billy dodges Vega to scoop SLAM him! Billy fires up, runs at Fashion for a corner splash, then stands him up to kick low. SUCK IT, the FAMOUSER hits! Cover, but Frye breaks it! Austin whips Frye but Frye reverses to send Austin out! Austin drags Frye out to RAM him into the railing! Fashion swings, Billy dodges but Fashion kicks him! Fashion tells Billy to SUCK IT, but he runs into the 3:10 TO YUMA!! Cover, the Gunn Club wins!

Winners: The Gunn Club, by pinfall

And the Gunns are still undefeated as a trio! Will they be a major part of the Nightmare Family’s continued success in AEW?


Abadon VS Renee Michelle!

The Living Dead Girl returns to make this Dark even darker! Will she start to haunt #THEDiva in her dreams?

The bell rings, Renee is rightfully afraid of Abadon and tries to run away! Abadon catches her at the apron, Renee freaks out and ROCKS Abadon! Abadon stays up by holding ropes, and then DECKS Renee! Renee gets up and Abadon LEAPS from the apron for a seated senton! Abadon rains down fists, lets off to growl and roar at whatever is around her, then she puts Renee in the ring. Abadon slithers in as fans rally up. Renee gets up, gets around Abadon and cravat KNEES Abadon. Abadon stays up so Renee kicks the leg and hammers away! Renee runs, into a LARIAT from Abadon!

Abadon roars again, drags Renee up, and TOSSES her across the ring! Renee ends up in a corner, and Abadon runs in to METEORA! Abadon growls and Renee is afraid but Abadon brings her up. Abadon reels Renee in for underhooks but Renee fights free to throw forearms! Abadon stays on her feet, shrieks and reels Renee in to RAM her with a shoulder! Abadon drags Renee up, underhooks and Gory Especials, for the CEMETERY DRIVE!! Cover, Abadon wins!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall

And this is why the only woman to beat her is the AEW Women’s Champion, Hikaru Shida! But with Shida spoken for at Revolution, will the creeping nightmare have to wait for another match with the Full Metal Warrior?


Stu Grayson w/ The Dark Order VS JD Drake!

Player Two is back in action! He’s #BornForCombat, but will he be ready to scrap with Scrap Metal?

The bell rings and Stu ties up with JD. They’re in a deadlock, JD gets a headlock, but Stu powers out, only for JD to run him over. Things speed up, Stu dropkicks but JD stays up! JD swings, Stu dodges and CHOPS! JD doesn’t even flinch! Stu CHOPS again, throws forearms, then whips. JD blocks by holding ropes, Stu tries again but JD reverses. Stu dodges, and CHOPS again! JD felt that one, and Stu throws uppercuts and forearms! JD shoves, Stu dodges but JD CHOPS! Stu grins and laughs because this is getting fun! Stu offers a fist bump, JD gives it, and they fire off fists fast and furious! JD puts Stu in a corner, Stu turns it around but JD turns it back around!

JD fires off body shots, Stu turns things around to stomp away! The ref backs Stu off and JD runs at him, but Stu puts JD on the apron. Stu sweeps the legs and PENALTY KICKS, then slingshots for the apron senton! Fans fire up and Stu grins, and he goes back at JD, but JD tosses him into ropes to then DECK him with a forearm! JD puts Stu in, runs and drops a senton! Cover, TWO! JD KICKS Stu in the back, drags him up, and snapmares him for a knee to the back! JD clamps on a chinlock, thrashes Stu around, but Stu fights up to throw body shots. Stu clinches, JD resists the lift and elbows Stu away! JD whips Stu to CLOBBER him!

But Stu is right up and they get forehead to forehead! They egg each other on, JD CHOPS, Stu kicks and kicks and CHOPS! Stu JABS, ducks under the back hand and URENAGES! PENALTY KICK, and BIG knee drop! Fans fire up as JD gets to a corner, Stu runs in and RAMS into him! Stu runs, JD shoves but Stu springboards for a FLYING SHOULDER! Stu drags JD up, reels him in but JD clubs away on his back! JD whips, Stu reverses, but JD goes up and over?! To OVERHEAD SUPLEX! JD hops up, Stu runs in, FLYING LEG LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!! Stu survives and JD is surprised! Fans fire up more, JD has Stu in a drop zone and JD climbs.

Stu goes to the apron and ROCKS JD! Stu then adjusts, springboards, and SUPER STEINERS JD down! Stu hurries back up, aims again, and 450’s but has to bail out as JD dodges! SHOTGUN BOOT! JD fires up and runs corner to corner, to CANNONBALL but miss as Stu moves! Stu aims, triangle jumps to TORNADO DDT! Stu runs to KNEE TRIGGER, then he reels JD in for a torture rack! THE NIGHTFALL!! Cover, Stu wins!

Winner: Stu Grayson, by pinfall

Scrap Metal just got scrapped, and Stu is leading the charge for the Dark Order! Will Stu be a contender after Revolution?


The Acclaimed speak.

Anthony Bowens & Max Caster introduce themselves, then introduce us to The Acclaimed Shopping Network! They’ve got something cool, magical and spooky for you today~! It’s the Dark Order’s Kool-Aide~! Not to be confused with Kool-Aid or Gatorade, someone has to try this live to prove what it does! Their volunteer takes a big swig, and whoaaaa~! He’s transformed into Number 100! He’s Number 10’s twin brother! He’s small and frail! Gross and stupid! And smells awful! And it’s time for an all new Acclaimed hit single!

“Platinum, Max I’m, about to draw a fine! I’m facing a guy named 10 but he couldn’t draw a dime! With his 10 cent brain, 10 dollar body! Who loves the Acclaimed? Everybody! The 10 day forecast: All rain. But you face me so you seeing them stars, main. Platinum, with the visibility. I got the ability to make the match something the fans wanna really see. Uh, you’re welcome, keep ridin’ my coattails. I’m the only one in this match who just won’t fail. More charisma in my teeny tiny toenail than you have in your whole body, oh well!

“See me in the ring, the best wrestler alive. Be careful what your knees when you steppin’ inside. Yes, the call me Platinum cuz I’m destined to shine. I’ma climb the corporate ladder one step at a time! Yo, wassup with your chest? That’s a scary skin rash. Matter fact, don’t talk, shut the zipper on your gimp mask. I be drummin’ on your neck, call it whiplash. Andre drummin’ on your back, got a big bag. Platinum, me against 10, that’s a mismatch. On B T E, every skit’s bad. In the Dark Order, you’re a hanger-on. Looking like SpongeBob with your anchor arms. Fake muscles, yeah I know you ain’t too strong.

“Wednesday Dynamite, no place to run. Try to step to the Acclaimed, I’m a gangsta, son. No, I’m not the Revolution, I’m the face of one. Platinum, Max, I’m about to call a fine. I’m facing a guy named 10 but he couldn’t draw a dime. A 10 cent brain, 10 dollar body! Who loves the Acclaimed? Everybody!”

And that’s the show for today! Thanks for joining them on the ASN, and watch Caster beat the absolute CRAP out of Number 10! Heck, he’ll do the same to JJ Garrett tonight! Get yourself some Acclaimed shirts and make everyone jealous!


Bear Country VS Baron Black & M’Badu!

Bear Boulder and Bear Bronson are ready to roar up the rankings, but they have a long road ahead. Will the #EmpBRUH and Nigerian Warrior end up lost in Bear Country?

The teams sort out, Bronson and Baron start. They circle, tie up, Baron waistlocks but Bronson switches. Baron wrenches free, Bronson reverses the whip and elbows him down! Bronson scoops Baron to SLAM him! Bronson runs and drops a BIG elbow! Cover, ONE! Bronson drags Baron up, tags Boulder in, and Boulder headbutts Baron in the ribs. Boulder throws shoulders into Baron again and again, then gets a knuckle lock. Tag to Bronson, Bear Country mugs Baron, and Bronson brings Baron up, but Baron CHOPS! Bronson doesn’t budge! Bronson puts Baron in a corner, fires off hammering hands, then lets off. M’Badu runs over but Bronson CLOBBERS him!

Baron hits Bronson but Bronson DECKS Baron! Baron ends up on the apron, Bronson drags him up and goes out to join him. M’Badu grabs at Bronson, Boulder protests but the ref is busy with him as Baron WRINGS Bronson into the apron! Bronson staggers and M’Badu CLOBBERS him! Boulder is furious but the ref has him stay in his corner. M’Badu puts Bronson in, Baron brings Bronson to the post and pulls the arm against the steel! Baron SLAMS the arm into the post, then wraps it around the other way! Baron adds a chinbar, the ref reprimands and counts, and Baron lets go of Bronson at 4. Baron pushes Bronson to a cover, TWO!

Baron CLUBS Bronson, goes after the bad arm, and M’Badu tags in. They mug Bronson, M’Badu throws haymakers, but Bronson hits back with haymakers! Bronson whips but the bad arm messes that up! M’Badu runs and SHOULDER TACKLES Bronson down! Cover, TWO! Bronson toughs it out with the bad arm, but M’Badu drags Bronson up to then hit a corner splash! Tag to Baron, M’Badu whips him in and Baron CHOPS! Baron feeds Bronson to M’Badu’s BIG sidewalk slam! There’s a miscommunication in who is legal, Baron comes back to cover, TWO! Bronson survives but Baron wraps on a cobra clutch.

Bronson fights up, throws body shots, but Baron keeps him from Boulder to hit a COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Baron grows frustrated but he brings the straps down. Baron drags Bronson up, wrenches the bad arm and CHOPS! Bronson gets mad but Baron CHOPS again! And again! Bronson reels Baron in for a BEAR-SPLODER! Fans fire up and Bronson gets himself to the corner, hot tag to Boulder! Boulder rallies on Baron, DECKS M’Badu, then runs at Baron. Boulder blocks the boot to give clotheslines and elbows! Boulder whips Baron, and BACK DROPS him on the rebound! Baron staggers up, Boulder sees M’Badu coming and sends him into Baron!

Boulder SPLASHES them both! Boulder fireman’s carries M’Badu, scoops Baron, and hits the FALL AWAY SAMOAN DROP COMBO! Fans fire up for Boulder as he drags Baron around to a drop zone. Boulder climbs, and MOONSAULTS, but FLOPS as Baron moves! M’Badu climbs and leaps at Boulder for a FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Baron hits the BACKSTABBER! Cover but Bronson sentons onto him! Bronson DECKS M’Badu, and DIVES?!? Direct hit and M’Badu is flattened! Fans are going nuts for Bear Country as Bronson tags in! Boulder sets Baron up, Electric Chair lifts Bronson, for the BEAR COUNTRY SPLASH! Cover, Bear Country wins!

Winners: Bear Country, by pinfall

It was a tough one, but the battle belongs to Bear Country! Will Bronson & Boulder bulldoze their way up the tag ranks on the other side of the Revolution?

But wait, The Butcher & The Blade ambush Bear Country! Bunny Allie brings a chair with her as Butcher shoves Bronson out of the ring. Blade takes the chair and SMACKS Boulder on the back! Butcher RAMS Bronson into barriers and throws him over while Blade SMACKS Boulder again! Butcher sets Bronson up for Blade to stick the chair in his face, and Bunny BOOTS the chair! The chair hits Bronson’s bad arm and Bunny laughs at his pain! Eddie Kingston’s Fam shout at the cameras, “Do you know who we are?!” They are the wolves and they are going to hunt down the bears! Will they get to butcher Bear Country into bloody meat?


Six Man Tag: Evil Uno, Alan Angels & Colt Cabana VS Levy Shapiro, John Skyler & Ryzin!

Player One, Number Five and BOOM BOOM are ready for action! Will they find a way to convince Mr. Timeless, the Southern Savior & The Priest of Sin to #JoinDarkOrder?

The trios sort out, Cabana starts against Skyler. They circle, approach and Cabana gets an arm. Cabana wrenches, hammerlocks, headlocks and hits a takeover. They get up, Cabana spins around to wrench Skyler again. Skyler rolls, rams a shoulder and throws uppercuts. Skyler shoves, Cabana sunset flips and then shifts to a school boy. Skyler rolls, whips, Cabana goes up and under and DOUBLE CHOPS Skyler down! Fans fire up as Cabana wrenches then tags in Uno. Uno CLUBS Skyler’s arm, ROCKS Skyler then CHOPS him at the ropes. Uno wrenches, whips, but Skyler reverses and RAMS low! Skyler rolls Uno, tags Shapiro and Shapiro drops an elbow.

Shapiro whips, Uno reverses and headlock, but Shapiro reverses. Uno powers out, Shapiro rams him but Uno runs him over! Uno runs, Shapiro leaps but into an atomic drop! Uno bumps Shapiro off buckles, tags in Angels, and Angels runs in at Shapiro to CHOP him! Angels whips him corner to corner, climbs up and rains down fists on Shapiro! The Dark Order counts it out, and Five hits five! Angels leaps back, dropkicks Shapiro down, and covers, TWO! Angels drags Shapiro up, wrenches him and tags in Cabana. They double wrench, double wrench again, and double CHOP Shapiro down! Negative One loves what he sees as Cabana runs to leap and drop an elbow!

Cabana bumps Shapiro off buckles, bumps him again, and again, and then tags Uno! Uno runs in to back elbow Shapiro and dust his hands. Ryzin and Skyler get in but the ref keeps him back. Uno mugs Shapiro with body shots and CHOPS, then bumps him off other buckles. Uno CHOPS Shapiro down, then brings him up for elbows. Fans rally, Uno whips corner to corner, then runs in but Shapiro elbows back. Shapiro hops up, BOOTS Uno down, then tight rope walks for a FALLING FIST DROP! Cover, hot tags to Skyler and Angels! Angels baits Skyler in, dodges him to clobber Shapiro and DECK Ryzin! Angels rallies on Skyler, dodges and enziguris!

Angels handsprings and dodges Shapiro to drop toehold him to ropes! Cabana says this’ll suck, and Angels CROSSBODIES Shapiro into the ropes! Skyler puts Angels on the apron and Ryzin runs at him, but Angels SLAMS Ryzin down! Angels enziguris Skyler, and springboard side splashes! Cover, TWO! Negative One protests that count but Angels puts Shapiro out. Angels dropkicks the legs out and Shapiro crashes down! Angels drags Skyler up but Skyler SUPERKICKS! Skyler tags Ryzin but Uno tags in, too! Uno slingshot Ryzin to Cabana’s fireman’s carry, and Cabana TOSSES Ryzin into Uno’s knees!

Angels hits the WING SNAPPER, Uno hits the TWISTING COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, The Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

A great showing for Uno, Angels and Cabana! Will this momentum help the Dark Order in the Casino Battle Royal and lead them to those AEW World Tag Team Championships?


Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens VS JJ Garrett!

We heard from The Acclaimed earlier tonight and clearly, Mr. Platinum thinks he’s greater than 10. He’s about to turn it up to 11 with a diss on his opponent right here!

“We are the Acclaimed, getting all the ladies. Hey, nice mullet. What is this, the 80’s? We killing the game, you look like a broke Brian Pillman in the ring! You did it for the irony, lookin’ like a girl, write it in your diary! Got you calling out mayday, and I heard your name’s short for Va-JJ!” AEW~! The Acclaimed have arrived! But will Platinum be shining going into his qualifier against Pres10 Vance?

The bell rings and Caster circles with JJ. They approach, JJ gets a leg and dumps Caster down to then get a facelock. Caster gets a ropebreak with a foot, the ref counts and JJ lets off. Fans rally for JJ as he and Caster circle again. They tie up with knuckle locks, Caster kicks low and hard, then takes a bow. Caster snapmares and drops a knee but misses! JJ runs to CLOBBER Caster with a leaping lariat! Caster gets to a corner, JJ runs in but Caster dodges! JJ goes up and over, Caster hits buckles and JJ corner 619’s! JJ springboards and moonsaults but has to land on his feet! Caster is back in a corner, JJ RAMS into him!

JJ runs corner to corner but Caster arm-drags him down hard, then hits a dropkick! Caster drags JJ around, yanks on the arm, then kicks the arm before hooking it up. Caster blows a kiss before he SNAP LOCKS the hammerlock! JJ clutches the arm, but he throws body shots. Caster CLUBS JJ, clamps onto the bad arm, and brings him up. JJ jawbreakers free and headlocks, but Caster wrenches free to hit a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Caster clamps onto JJ with a chinlock, smothers JJ’s face and digs elbows in. JJ endures, fans rally up and JJ fights to his feet. JJ arm-drags free, headlocks again but Caster wrenches out.

JJ slips around to get a headlock again but Caster powers out to run JJ over! Caster gets the bad arm for a keylock and he thrashes JJ around into a seated stretch! JJ endures, fans rally up and JJ fights up again! JJ gets a ropebreak with a foot, Caster lets go, then STOMPS JJ down. JJ kicks from the mat but Caster kicks him while he’s down! Caster snapmares and drops the knee! JJ gasps and sputters, Caster drags him up and he fireman’s carries. Caster spanks JJ, puts him on the top rope, JJ tries to fight back but Caster throat chops! Caster climbs up, drags JJ up, but JJ resists the superplex! JJ shoves Caster away, but Caster comes right back and leaps right up to get JJ again!

JJ fights, hops down and HOTSHOTS Caster hard! JJ slingshots and springboards to hit the MOONSAULT! Fans fire up as JJ fires off with forearms and CHOPS! JJ whips, Caster blocks and JJ’s bad arm gives up! Caster whips, JJ goes up and STOMPS Caster down! JJ staggers but he runs corner to corner to CANNONBALL! JJ drags Caster to a jackknife cover, TWO!! JJ couldn’t get all his weight on Caster, and now Bowens throws in the boombox! The ref takes the boombox away, Bowens argues with the ref, Caster pop-up LOW BLOWS JJ! Into a SNAP BRAINBUSTER! Caster goes up top, for the MACHO ELBOW! Cover, Caster wins!

Winner: Max Caster, by pinfall

Caster finishes with a #MicDrop and kisses JJ’s hand. Will Caster be thanking Vance the same way after their match on Dynamite? Or will he just be kissing his best chance at the TNT Championship good-bye?


The Hybrid2 VS Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo!

Jack Evans & Angelico want to reach the titles, but that’ll be a long road if they don’t win. Will the Captain and #GoonPlatoon make that road a bit harder tonight?

The teams sort out and Angelico starts with Bravo. They circle, tie up, and Angelico wrenches to a wristlock. Bravo rolls, handsprings and slips through to wrench back. Angelico spins, steps in and gets a standing armbar, to then get a facelock. Angelico wrenches to a wristlock, Bravo spins around and gets the wristlock back! Angelico rolls, spins and drop toeholds Bravo into a chinlock. Bravo fights up as Angelico grinds him, and Angelico spins through to arm-drag Bravo away! Fans cheer as things speed up, Angelico hurdles but Bravo shoves. Angelico holds ropes to dodge the dropkick, and fans cheer the exchange. Bravo tags Dean, and Angelico tags Evans.

Evans and Dean circle, tie up, and Evans waistlocks. Dean pries free, switches but Evans drop toeholds and floats to a facelock. Dean slips out to hammerlock, Evans rolls and wrenches, then gets a wristlock. Dean handsprings, wrenches, but Evans cartwheels, only for Dean to trip him up! Things speed up again, Evans hurdles but Dean shoves him to arm-drag him around! Dean mule kicks a leg, and step-up BOOTS Evans down! Tag to Bravo and they drag Evans up. They double whip Evans, Dean drops and Bravo dropkicks Evans down! Cover, TWO! Bravo keeps cool, drags Evans up, and brings him away, only for Evans to throw Bravo into buckles!

Evans distracts the ref and Angelico rakes Bravo’s eyes! Bravo swings blindly but Evans ROCKS him! Tag to Angelico, Dean dodges Angelico’s sucker punch but the ref is busy keeping Dean back. Evans trips Bravo to get a Chancery, and Angelico PENALTY KICKS Bravo in the face! Angelico covers, TWO! Angelico drags Bravo up as fans rally. Angelico JABS and KICKS and KICKS Bravo, but Bravo throws body shots back! Angelico knees low and hard, runs in but Bravo ducks the Penalty Kick! Then he jumps the sweep to tag in Dean! The Captain rallies on TH2, dodges Angelico to ENZIGURI!

Angelico ends up in the corner, Dean runs corner to corner and he hits a big dropkick! Dean dropkicks Evans, too, then dropkicks Angelico again! Fans fire up with Dean as he wrenches and reels Angelico in, salute and SPIKE DDT! Cover, TWO!! Dean keeps cool, tags in Bravo, and Dean climbs as Bravo brings Angelico up. STANDING SLICED BREAD to a FROG SPLASH! Bravo covers, but Evans barrels in to break it! Dean reverses the whip but Evans boots back! Evans is on the apron, dodges Dean’s tackle and then FLYING SCREW KICKS Dean down! Bravo dodges a sweep but not the EDDY GORDO!

Angelico hooks a leg, trips Bravo up, ties up the legs, and hits the NAVARRO DEATH ROLL! Tot he NAVARRO DOS MIL!! Bravo taps, TH2 wins!

Winners: The Hybrid2, by submission

Angelico puts it away, and these two are on the winning track! Will they be rolling towards the top of the tag division soon enough?


Orange Cassidy w/ Chuck Taylor VS Steven Stetson!

Freshly Squeezed is heading for Revolution to finally take the fight to The Best Man and Superbad! But will he be able to get serious here on Dark?

The bell rings and Cassidy circles with Stetson. Stetson wants Cassidy to get serious but Cassidy goes to put his hands in his pockets. Stetson rushes at Cassidy, but Cassidy dodges, and snags Stetson’s Stetson cowboy hat! Cassidy puts it on and Stetson is angry. Stetson grabs at the hat but Cassidy swats Stetson’s hands away. Cassidy trips Stetson up and ties his legs up in a very slow Sharpshooter! Cassidy shifts it down to a deathlock, and puts his hands in his pockets! Stetson drags himself and Cassidy over, and gets the ropebreak! The ref counts, Cassidy doesn’t respond, but the ref unties the hold for him.

Cassidy walks bow legged and brings out the finger guns, but Stetson snatches his hat back. Stetson brushes the hat off but Cassidy dropkicks Stetson down! The hat goes flying, as do Cassidy’s sunglasses, and Cassidy kips up! It isn’t the cleanest, but Cassidy just rebounds and shows off his agility with more kips! Cassidy finally stands up, and the ref helps him get his sunglasses back on. Cassidy Alabama lifts Stetson but Stetson fights out and shoves Cassidy to BOOT him down! The sunglasses go flying, Cassidy staggers up to ropes, and Stetson goes to the apron. Stetson ELBOWS Cassidy in the head, then follows him around the way.

Stetson talks trash, ELBOWS Cassidy again, then talks trash to Chuck. Stetson runs corner to corner to back elbow, then keeps moving. Cassidy dodges to ORANGE PUNCH! Alabama lift, BEACH BREAK! Cover, Cassidy wins!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Cassidy sends the Sparta (New Jersey) Cowboy out to pasture and is rolling towards Revolution! And speaking Speaking of that match with Miro and Kip Sabian, the Kentucky Gentleman is part of that to get payback for what they did to Trent! Will the Vision be used to show the Best Man and Superbad what’s in store for them on Sunday?

Chuck Taylor w/ Orange Cassidy VS VSK!

The bell rings, Chuck and VSK tie up and Chuck puts VSK in a corner. Chuck lets off, he and VSK reset, and they tie approach. Chuck kicks low, bumps VSK off buckles and stomps him down! The ref counts, Chuck lets off and runs in, but VSK elbows him away! VSK hops up to hit a FLYING UPPERCUT! VSK hits a backbreaker to scoop slam and standing splash! Cover, TWO! Chuck gets to ropes, VSK throws uppercuts, whips him but Chuck reverses to hit SOLE FOOD! Chuck runs to BOOT VSK down! VSK shakes the cobwebs out but Chuck is snarling. Chuck drags VSK up, snap suplexes and covers, TWO! Chuck keeps his cool, drags VSK up and DECKS him!

VSK gets to ropes, Chuck drags him up and bumps him off buckles. Chuck wrenches, whips VSK corner to corner hard, and VSK bounces off buckles and hits the mat. Chuck grins and drags VSK up, but VSK throws body shots. VSK throws a forearm, Chuck knees low and wrenches. VSK blocks Sole Food this time to mule kick, front kick and enziguri! Chuck is in a corner, VSK runs in but is put on the apron! VSK shoulder sin, steps in and TORNADO DDT’S! Chuck bails out, VSK builds speed and VSK DIVES! Direct hit and Chuck hits barriers! VSK puts Chuck in and runs corner to corner, into a SEXY CHUCKIE KNEE!

Chuck scoops VSK for an URENAGE! VSK clutches his back, Chuck brings him up for a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! VSK survives but Chuck is furious! Chuck drags VSK back up, hoists him up top and then brings him out in a crucifix, but VSK slips off to roll Chuck up! TWO, SNAP PILEDRIVER! Chuck drags VSK up, for the AWFUL WAFFLE!! Cover, Chuck wins!

Winner: Chuck Taylor, by pinfall

The Vision had the Kentucky Gentleman seeing red, but he’s cooled off now. Will Chuck bring this kind of heat to Miro and Kip on Sunday?


Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Daniel Joseph!

Max Caster’s had a lot to say about Number 10, but actions speak louder than words. Will Vance dance with DJ Footloose and show he can drop the beat, too?

Negative One joins commentary this time and Excalibur puts on his happy face. Negative One still tells him to shut up, then says hey to Taz. The bell rings and Vance circles with Joseph. They tie up, Vance shoves Joseph down and fans cheer. Joseph gets up, circles with Vance again and they tie up. Vance headlocks, Joseph powers out but Vance runs him over! Vance runs, Joseph stays low but Vance blocks the hip toss to give a hip toss! Vance clotheslines Joseph out to the ramp! Vance goes out and quickly high-fives Negative One before he goes after Joseph. Vance throws Joseph back in, runs in but Joseph dodges to CHOP!

Vance CHOPS back and fire off forearms! Negative One likes that as Vance rolls Joseph and fireman’s carries. Joseph slips out, ROCKS Vance, then runs, but into a BACK DROP! Vance runs in but Joseph BOOTS him! Joseph dodges Vance’s boot, runs, but Vance comes back with the BOOT! Vance drags Joseph up, whips him, and gives him the SPINEBUSTER! Negative One is fired up for Vance as he drags Joseph to a DEAD LIFT POWERBOMB! Cover, Vance wins!

Winner: Preston Vance, by pinfall

Number 10 treats Joseph like a zero! But will Vance be the Dark Order’s hero against Max Caster on Dynamite?


Tag Career on the Line: SoCal Uncensored VS The Sydal Brothers!

Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian are determined to be tag team champions in their careers again, and the Casino Battle Royal might be their best bet. But that means they have to get through Matt & Mike tonight! Will SCU blind Matt’s third eye and bend yoga master Mike all out of shape?

The teams sort out and the Heavy Metal Rebel starts against Matt. They circle, fist bump to show respect, and then tie up. They go around, Kaz wrenches Matt to a hammerlock but Matt turns that around on Kaz. Kaz reaches for legs but can’t get any. Matt wrenches the hammerlock, they go around and around and Kaz throws Matt out! Matt lands on his feet, gets back in, and the two circle again. They tie up, Kaz headlocks and grinds Matt, but Matt powers out. Matt arm-drags Kaz around, ghost pins, TWO! Matt wrenches, tags in Mike, and the Sydal Brothers coordinate to DRAPING DOUBLE STOMP! Matt snapmares for Mike’s STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Mike is after Kaz in a corner, whips him corner to corner, but Kaz goes up and over to kick, knee and LARIAT! Kaz drags Mike up and bumps him off Daniels’ boot. Tag to the Fallen Angel and he fires body shots on Mike. Daniels whips, dropkicks and covers Mike, TWO! Daniels brings Mike up to club him, then throws forearms. Mike goes to a corner, Daniels whips him to ropes and scoops, but Mike tilt-o-whirls out to dropkick Daniels to the corner! Tag to Matt, the Sydals whip Daniels, drop toehold to a basement dropkick! Matt scoops Daniels for a FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Daniels survives but Matt stays on him.

Tag to Mike, the Sydals mug Daniels, then Mike brings Daniels around. Daniels blocks the suplex, throws body shots, and suplexes back. Mike slips out but Daniels elbows him away. Tag to Kaz but Mike dodges and fires off forearms and CHOPS! Mike whips, Kaz holds ropes to stop, then Kaz elbows Mike away. Tag to Daniels, Kaz and Daniels HIGH LOW Mike down! Daniels drags Mike back up, scoops and slams him, then runs to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO! Daniels drags Mike up, tags in Kaz, and they double whip Mike to body shot and swinging neckbreaker! Kaz covers, TWO! Kaz drags Mike up, CHOPS him to a corner, and then CHOPS him in the corner!

Mike CHOPS back, CHOPS again, and he backs Kaz down with CHOPS! Mike whips, Kaz reverses but Mike blocks the hip toss, only to swing into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Mike survives and Matt coaches him up. Fans rally, Kaz drags Mike up and brings him over with clubbing forearms. Tag to Daniels, SCU whips to leap frog and LARIAT, then back suplex SPLASH, to a LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Mike survives again and Daniels is losing his cool. Daniels drags Mike up to ROCK him, whip him corner to corner, and run in for forearms! Daniels whips Mike back the other way, Mike goes up but Daniels catches him!

Mike holds ropes, Daniels pulls him off but Mike uses that momentum for a TORNADO DDT! Both men crawl for their corners, hot tags to Kaz and Matt! Matt slingshot boots Kaz, sobats him down, dropkicks Daniels down then RANAS Kaz to a corner! Matt runs in, Kaz dodges but Matt goes up to QUEBRADA ARM-DRAG! WINDMILL KICK! Cover, TWO! Kaz survives but fans rally up. Matt calls for Mike, and Matt brings Kaz up. Kaz CHOPS Matt, scoops him but Matt slips out! Daniels runs in but Matt catches him, JAWBREAKER and SLICE! STANDING MARIPOSA to Kaz! Cover, TWO! Mike gets in, the Sydals drag Kaz up, they hook him up for a DOUBLE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!

Matt wants the modified crossface but Kaz resists and fights up! Fans rally, Kaz endures the cobra clutch, and uses the corner to push back! Kaz has a cover, TWO! Kaz mule kicks, front kicks and swings but Matt dodges to KNEE! Hot tag to Mike! Mike slingshot somersaults but Kaz dodges! Kaz swings but Mike goes Matrix to then ENZIGURI! Cover, TWO! Mike drags Kaz up, fans rally but Kaz throws Mike to the apron. Kaz slingshots Mike in for a CUTTER! Cover, Matt breaks it in time! Daniels gets in but Matt KNEES him! Matt runs in but is put on the apron! Matt ROUNDHOUSES Daniels back and goes up top, to leap!

Kaz pushes Daniels out of the way and Matt’s meteora misses! Matt turns around into CELEBRITY REHAB! Mike O’Conner rolls Kaz, TWO! Daniels kicks Mike low, he gives Mike to Kaz, and they coordinate for the BEST MELTZER EVER!! Cover, SCU wins!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, by pinfall (still a tag team)

Pressure makes diamonds, and right now Kaz and Daniels are shining! Will the Addiction be just as unbreakable and get the AEW Tag Team Championship gold?

My Thoughts:

At just under two hours, this was another good Dark. I will say, with the coming of Dark Elevation, I hope Tuesday Darks don’t have to be as long anymore. Elevation will probably have the more meaningful matches that are meant to advance story from Dynamite, as well as the matches that are more than just established name(s) VS jobber(s). I don’t know what that’ll mean for Tuesday Darks in my schedule, and the fact that Elevation is going to be on Mondays means I won’t get to it right away (though, I don’t even do that with Tuesday Dark), but it might make things a little easier in the long run. Plus, for normal viewers who just watch these programs, I would think it’s much easier to have one hour one night, then the other hour another night.

All that said, I really liked Stu VS JD, those guys can really throw hands and move around. Stu winning in singles and Uno winning in a trios match proves the Dark Order OG can get it done no matter what situation they’re in, and establishes that the Dark Order really can dominate all divisions. Caster and Vance had good matches, and it makes a lot of sense for Vance to have an easier time with his opponent than Caster did with his. But the newest Acclaimed music video was a lot of fun. Vance VS Caster could honestly go either way, but given who is already in the Face of the Revolution Ladder match, I feel like Archer is more than enough powerhouse for it, so that Caster might get the win off Bowens interfering. Plus, imagine the great diss raps Caster could come up with when he has Pentagon, Scorpio Sky, Lance Archer and Cody Rhodes to go after.

My Score: 8/10

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