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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (6/24/20)

One week away from Fyter Fest!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

How does Moxley fair going into Fyter Fest?

With Taz constantly on his case and Brian Cage decimating him in the AEW parking lot, will Jon Moxley prove he isn’t afraid of The Machine?


  • Lumberjack Match: Luchasaurus VS Wardlow; Wardlow wins.
  • Hikaru Shida VS Red Velvet; Shida wins.
  • Brodie Lee & Colt Cabana VS Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss; Brodie & Cabana win.
  • FTR VS SoCal Uncensored; FTR wins.
  • Brian Cage VS Jon Cruz; Cage wins.
  • Santana w/ Ortiz VS Matt Hardy; Hardy wins.


Lumberjack Match: Luchasaurus VS Wardlow!

That’s right, Dynamite has its first ever Lumberjack match! Best Friends dressed for the occasion, but they’re the only ones. All the excitement around the ring aside, will MJF’s muscle continue on the warpath against the locomotive of Jurassic Express? Or will Wardlow be the one derailed off his win streak tonight?

The bell rings and the two behemoths collide! Neither falls so they throw fast hands! Wardlow knees and punches, talks trash to the lumberjacks on Luchasaurus’ side, but walks into a back elbow! Luchasaurus kicks, kicks and kicks! Luchasaurus runs but into a LARIAT! Wardlow snaps the straps and grins as Luchasaurus bails out. Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt and the lumberjacks on their side help Luchasaurus up, but Wardlow goes out to back them off. Wardlow pushes JB aside and puts Luchasaurus back in the ring. Stunt wants at Wardlow but JB holds him back. Wardlow returns to the ring and rams into Luchasaurus!

Wardlow throws hands, whips Luchasaurus but Luchasaurus reverses. Wardlow goes up and over and rolls, to RAM back in! MJF talks trash as Wardlow throws European Uppercuts. Wardlow dumps Luchasaurus out to enemy territory, and everyone but MJF throws a punch and a stomp! But Luchasaurus explodes out and glares at everyone. Wardlow heads over but Luchasaurus ROCKS him! Luchasaurus climbs up to the apron but MJF swipes at him! Wardlow shoulders into Luchasaurus then brings him in with a suplex TOSS! Wardlow drags Luchasaurus back up, for another TOSS! The crowd and lumberjacks all rally, Wardlow drags Luchasaurus up, but Luchasaurus escapes the suplex to throw hands! Luchasaurus kicks, Wardlow blocks and EXPLODERS!

MJF can be heard talking more smack as Wardlow rains down rights on Luchasaurus. The ref backs Wardlow up but Wardlow glares at him now. The ref backs off as Wardlow goes back to Luchasaurus. Wardlow grinds his fingers into Luchasaurus’ mask, but the ref pulls him off again. Wardlow glares, then turns into Luchasaurus CHOPS! Luchasaurus whips corner to corner, Wardlow reverses, but Luchasaurus LARIATS back! Back kick, front kick and QUESTION MARK! Leg sweep and Penalty Kick! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Luchasaurus keeps his cool while MJF freaks out.

The crowd rallies up, Luchasaurus choke grips Wardlow, but Wardlow powers it off! So Luchasaurus CHOPS! Wardlow just roars and flexes, but Luchasaurus BOOTS him back! Luchasaurus runs in, Wardlow puts him on the apron, but Luchasaurus HEADBUTTS! Wardlow wobbles into the choke grip, and Luchasaurus climbs up! He has the lumberjacks clear out as he brings Wardlow up! Wardlow goes after the horns and headbutts back! Wardlow climbs up to headbutt more, then brings Luchasaurus up for a SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Luchasaurus lives and MJF is furious. “I pay you a LOT of money! Get on him!”

Wardlow and Luchasaurus both sit up slowly, and now it’s a brawl! Haymaker for haymaker flies in the ring, Wardlow rebounds but Luchasaurus catches him to KNEE and BOOT! But Wardlow huricanranas?! Luchasaurus gets up and Wardlow fireman’s carries, but Luchasaurus slips out. Luchasaurus shoves Wardlow, and gets him for a STANDING SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!?! These two men are truly not human! The crowd rallies up but Wardlow goes to the ramp. Luchasaurus pursues, brings Wardlow up, but Wardlow turns the scoop into a gut wrench and POWERSLAM! Wardlow gets up as JB checks on Luchasaurus. Wardlow throws JB onto the lumberjacks! MJF tells Kip Sabian and the others to go after JB, but here comes STUNT! Stun bowls into the pile and defends JB!

Wardlow turns around as Luchasaurus sits up! The two monsters brawl on the ramp while the other lumberjacks hurry to reinforce Stunt! Luchasaurus ROCKS Wardlow with an uppercut but Wardlow hits back. They brawl to the edge of the stage, Brandon Cutler tries to be a hero! But Wardlow TOSSES Cutler onto all the lumberjacks! Luchasaurus whips Wardlow but Wardlow whips Luchasaurus into railing! The ref tries to get this back in the ring, but Stunt hops onto Wardlow! Wardlow pries him off, to LAUNCH him onto the lumberjacks! But Luchasaurus TAIL WHIPS Wardlow and he falls onto the pile! Luchasaurus looks down at the crowd and decides to FLY! JURASSIC SHOOTING STAR!! The lumberjacks go down and the crowd is thunderous!

Jurassic Express regroups and gets Wardlow to ringside. MJF keeps his distance as Luchasaurus puts Wardlow in the ring. Wardlow flounders about and Luchasaurus waits for him to stand. TAIL WHIP AGAIN! Then a ROUNDHOUSE! Then the choke grip, to CHOKE SLAM!! Cover, but MJF distracts the ref! JB SPEARS MJF out onto the lumberjacks! But Wardlow LOW BLOWS Luchasaurus! Fireman’s carry, F10!! Cover, Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

Between hitting Luchasaurus in the “front tail” and MJF butting in, Wardlow found an easy way to win in this incredibly tough fight. But the fight continues as MJF goes after Stunt and Jungle Boy! They beat down Jurassic Express, but Luchasaurus comes back to even things. The lumberjacks return to break this up again, but that’s easier said than done! “This is Awesome!” and the night has only begun! Word comes down from Tony Khan that we have a tag team grudge match for Fyter Fest! Jurassic Express’ Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy VS MJF & Wardlow! Will the boy and his dinosaur finally shut Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s mouth?


AEW presents another Technique By Taz!

This week is who else? Brian Cage and his Drill Claw! Cage brings the perfect blend of size, speed, power, experience, athleticism and rage to his matches, and will bring that to Jon Moxley’s face at Fyter Fest. To observe, we relive Cage decimating Lee Johnson with the corner uppercut and enziguri into the German Suplex. The fast twitch muscle fibers are so powerful, which is why he has that first-step explosiveness. And of course, the Drill Claw uses the upper body strength to use a vertical suplex position, so that the blood rushes to the opponent’s head before being driven into the mat. “Mox, you are in grave danger when you defend your AEW world title at Fyter Fest against The Machine, Brian Cage.”


Britt Baker makes her presence known.

Firstly, she sends a note up to Tony Schiavone to know that the very forgiving role model is letting him out of “friendship timeout.” But she does want an explanation and a clinical diagnosis of why Luchasaurus’ tongue is green. Secondly, she has upped the security on her “Roles Royce” as there is Plexiglas around the truck bed she lounges in, and a security guard watching the cab. Will Britt stay safe from the wrath of Big Swole this week?


Hikaru Shida VS Red Velvet!

The Samurai of Stardom will defend her AEW Women’s World Championship against Penelope Ford as part of Fyter Fest’s opening night! As such, Penelope talks smack as Shida makes her entrance, so Shida gets in Penelope’s face. And then Penelope SLAPS Shida! The ref stops Shida from striking back and gets her to enter the ring instead. Will Shida be able to focus on her sinister sweet opponent with Superbad on her mind?

The bell rings, Velvet runs at Shida but Shida KNEES her down! Shida drags Velvet up into the FALCON ARROW! Cover, Shida wins!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

The fastest win in the AEW Women’s Division, and it’s only the beginning as Shida goes out to CLOBBER Penelope! Shida is after Ford and Kip gets in to break it up. Kip tells Shida to stay back, but Shida DECKS him to go after Ford again! Shida throws Ford into railing and throws more hands! Other wrestlers break this brawl up, but the fight is coming at Fyter Fest! Will Shida shut the Superbad Girl down? Or will it be a Superbad upset for the summer?


AEW shares footage from the Fyter Fest Press Conference.

As Cody Rhodes prepares to defend the TNT Championship against Jake Hager, the entire Nightmare Family is present with the American Nightmare on his side of the podium. But where is Hager? They start without him, and take a question from the media. They ask Arn Anderson if he is surprised by the Inner Circle’s current absence at this conference. Arn says “surprised” isn’t the right word. Hager came out, kept himself about 50 feet away, and challenged Cody with a lot of huffing and puffing. Arn has been around a long time, he isn’t a moron. He said it wasn’t Hager’s time. The timing was wrong because Hager is a big, tough badass.

But what you didn’t see was 30 seconds later, Cody had a vein sticking out of his neck, sweat on his forehead, face red as a beet. Cody looked Arn in the eye and asks, “You don’t think I can beat that son of a b*tch?” That vein got bigger, and Arn knew that Hager had accomplished what he wanted. He became a challenger for Cod. But is Hager so stupid to believe what Arn said about him? Does Hager have the credentials to be champion? Maybe. But not showing up, disrespecting the media and Cody, is only showing Arn that Hager is either doubting himself, or is just too stupid to put up a brave front. When this is all said and done, the champion will still be Cody.

Next question is for Cody. How does it feel to be the inaugural TNT Champion? “How does it feel? It feels like hope.” That yearning and desire for a positive expectation is what hope is. But hope is also last week, Arn choosing Ricky Starks, a kid from Louisiana, who with no exaggeration or hyperbole, had only $3 in his bank account before coming to Dynamite, and then left Dynamite with a job. Cody calls himself the American Nightmare, but he still believes in the American Dream. That’s what hope is. He doesn’t have the best reputation, can be a bit of a boy scout, and takes wrestling very seriously because wrestling fed him his entire life. Cody doesn’t like “meta” wrestling, “play wrestling,” cosplay wrestling, he likes professional wrestling.

Cody likes to fight, taste his own blood, and feeling of another man’s knee between his legs in the Figure Four. It’s an indulgence, but it pales in comparison to what the viewers are having at home. That is the service AEW provides, and the hope Cody is talking about. Another aspect of hope is the title being held up behind him. It’s not even complete yet, that’s public knowledge. This title is not in its final form, but it is the title that led us through the fog of the pandemic and kept the fans going. It is an imperfect yet beautiful situation.

Finally, the Hagers appear. Cody waits for Mr. & Mrs. Hager to walk up the steps and stand on stage with the Nightmare Family. “Are you ready?” Cody’s ready. Hager and Cody meet face to face with the belt held over them. The cameras take their pictures and get their shot as the two put their dukes up. Hager holds his fist near Cody’s cheek, but Cody slaps it away. Dustin gets riled up but Cody keeps him back. Cody says it’s fine. Hager leaves, but his wife splashes water in Cody’s face! Brandi gets riled up now, but Cody says it’s fine, the press conference is done. Will Cody put all of the hope, the inspiration, the grit and determination he has into the fight to take Hager down a peg?


AEW checks in with Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss.

Jersey’s Finest continue on their road trip together and take a pit stop. Kiss knows they call Janela “The Bad Boy” for a reason, but Janela isn’t sure if he’s still that guy. Kiss says it’s fine, everyone feels like this now and again. They switch places and Janela drives them to the gas station. Kiss fuels up the tank while Janela gets some snacks, as well as some new sunglasses. A group of strangers walk up and admire the car, and ask for a test drive. Kiss says no way, and that he doesn’t want trouble. Well he has trouble! Kiss fights them off while Janela loads up on Lunchables. Janela finishes checking out and sees the brawl going on! He hurries over, dodges two, and uses the snacks to smack them around! Kiss backs Janlea up, they work together to LOW BLOW and DECK the last thug. “I can get used to this.” “I can, too.” But will the joy ride come to a screeching halt in tonight’s tag match?


Brodie Lee & Colt Cabana VS Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss!

BOOM BOOM, Colt Cabana is conflicted because of his sudden losing streak. The Dark Order has offered him a place in their ranks, and even made this tag match so that the Exalted One can be right by his side through it all. Will Cabana cave and #JoinDarkOrder?

The teams sort out and Mr. Brodie starts against Kiss. They tie up, Brodie pops Kiss up but Kiss flips off to kick. Brodie blocks and flips Kiss, but Kiss lands on his feet to dodge and tilt-o-whirl headscissor Brodie to a corner. Kiss handsprings corner to corner for the SLAP! Brodie DECKS Kiss for it! Brodie drags Kiss up to uppercut down, then brings Kiss up to whip. Kiss dodges, ducks and wheelbarrows, but the bulldog is denied with a toss! Janela tags in and runs in, but gets run over! Brodie tags Cabana in and gives him pointers. Cabana runs but Janela hurdles, drops down and runs him over with a back elbow! Janela drags Cabana up to wrench, tags in Kiss, and they double whip Cabana. Janela hits Brodie while Kiss lifts Cabana, Jersey Hart Attack!

Kiss turns Cabana over with the Half Crab, Janela drops the leg, brother! Kiss Last Chancery but Brodie BOOTS Janela down! Brodie drags Kiss up and throws him out to the apron. Kiss does the splits while the ref backs Brodie down, but the ref doesn’t see Numbers 3 and 4, aka Alex Reynolds and John Silver, attack Kiss! The enziguri rocks Kiss into Cabana’s BIONIC ELBOW! Cabana drop splashes for the cover, TWO! Cabana brings Kiss up and bumps him off buckles hard! Tag to Brodie and AEW goes picture in picture.

Brodie brings Kiss up to CHOP in the corner! Kiss falls over but Brodie brings him back up for an uppercut! Brodie grinds his boot into Kiss then tags in Cabana. Cabana brings Kiss up to club the arm, then stands between Kiss and Janela. Cabana elbows Kiss down again, then covers, TWO! Kiss sits up but Cabana clamps on with a keylock. Cabana turns that to a half straitjacket but Kiss fights his way up. Kiss elbows free, runs, susnet fips, but Cabana stays up! Cabana sits on the cover, TWO! Cabana BOOTS Kiss down hard, then tags in Brodie. Brodie runs and drops an elbow, then another! Cover, TWO!

Brodie sits Kiss up, runs and drops a forearm into Kiss’ back! Brodie brings Kiss up, suplexes and hits a BRAIN BUSTER! Tag to Cabana and Cabana covers, TWO! Cabana brings Kiss up and bumps him off Brodie’s boot! Tag to Brodie, but then Brodie tags Cabana back in as he brings Kiss up. Brodie drags Kiss around and has Cabana stomp him. But Brodie insists Cabana stomp more, so Cabana keeps going. Then Brodie sucker punches Janela! The ref keeps Janela back and Cabana stays between Kiss and Janela. Cabana CHOPS Kiss to a corner, then whips corner to corner. AEW returns to single picture as Cabana runs corner to corner, bit Kiss dodges!

Kiss spins to ROCK Cabana with the forearm! Hot tag to Janela and the crowd fires up! Janela climbs up and puts on the sunglasses for a flying crossbody! Janela gives double dirty birds to Brodie, dodges Cabana and hits a jawbreaker! Janela runs, into an elbow! Cabana runs, Janela fireman’s carries for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Janela swings on Brodie, then coordinates with Kiss at a corner. They aim at Brodie and Cabana, for DOUBLE ASAI MOONSAULTS! Down go Brodie and Cabana! Kiss puts Cabana in the ring and Janela runs in to elbow Cabana! Janela sets Caban for Kiss’ handspring Axes ‘n’ O’s! Both go to the top rope, Janela splashes, Kiss 450’s!! Cover, but Brodie breaks it!

Brodie whips Janela, but Janela stops himself with the ropes. Brodie runs at Janela but Janela dumps him out! Kiss runs to handspring out, but Brodie pushes him back into the ring. Kiss wrecks Brodie with the dropkick, elbows Cabana away, then coordinates with Janela. Electric Chair as Kiss goes up top, but Cabana avoids Jersey Doomsday to a victory roll! TWO, but Kiss enziguris Brodie away! Kiss and Janela try again, but Cabana Bionic Elbows Janela away! Kiss enziguris Cabana and Janela SUPERKICKS him down! Kiss is up top again, but the Beaver Boys drag Cabana out! The crowd boos but Kiss adjusts to LEAP! Down go the Beaver Boys, but Brodie SUPERKICKS Kiss down! Janela DIVES at Brodie but is sent into barriers!!

Brodie puts Janela in, regroups with Cabana, DISCUS LARIAT! Brodie serves Janela up to Cabana for the cover, Cabana and Brodie win!

Winners: Colt Cabana & Brodie Lee, by pinfall

The Exalted One let Cabana get the pin as they both win! Will this convince Cabana and many more to #JoinDarkOrder?

As for Jersey’s Finest, LANCE ARCHER attacks!! He wanted after these two a couple weeks ago on AEW Dark, and now he gets them on Dynamite! Archer hip tosses Kiss hard, then rains down fists from all sides! Janela has a chair and he throws it at Archer! But it just bounces off him, and even lands sitting upright! Archer BOOTS Janela down! Jake the Snake pulls the Murderhawk Monster back because he’s done enough. These two are a waste of time, The Snake wants Archer going after someone better. But will Archer insist that #EverbodyDies?


FTR VS SoCal Uncensored!

A battle of acronyms as Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood take on SCU’s Addiction! Will FTR shoot up the ranks after defeating such an accomplished team? Or will Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian prove they’ve still got it?

The teams sort out and Cash starts with Kaz and the two circle. They tie up, Cash wrenches to a hammerlock but Kaz spins through to get a hammerlock of his own. Cash powers Kaz back, Dax tags in, but Kaz gets clear. FTR stands down and the crowd cheers. Dax and Kaz circle and tie up as the crowd rallies. Dax headlocks, shifts to a wristlock, then throws Kaz down for a leg drop on the arm. Dax has the short arm scissor and cranks on the elbow, then wrenches to tag in Cash. FTR mug Kaz then Cash wristlocks. Kaz gets to ropes, but Cash wrenches him down to a hammerlock. Cash drops a knee but Kaz gets the ropebreak. Cash holds on until 4 and lets Kaz up. FTR have a quick huddle before Cash and Kaz circle again.

Cash and Kaz tie up again, Cash goes after the arm and wrangles Kaz down with a knee to the elbow. Kaz rolls, uses the ropes to flip through, and wrenches to a whip. Cash reverses, Daniels tags in, things speed up and Daniels dropkicks Cash down! Daniels bumps Cash off buckles, CHOPS him, then brings him out. Cash CHOPS, Daniels knees low, and Daniels headbutts Cash down. Daniels whips Cash, Cash dodges, Dax saves him from the dropkick! Cash brings Daniels up, Daniels pushes him away and Daniels shoves Dax! Cash pushes Daniels and then Kaz comes out. The four start shoving all around and the ref can’t keep the peace! It’s a brawl between FTR and SCU! Daniels swings on Cash but Cash dodges to clothesline Daniels and himself out! Dax suplexes himself and Kaz out of the ring! All four men are down and out as AEW goes picture in picture!

Daniels and Cash flounder up to their feet first, and they continue brawling on that side of the ring. Daniels bumps Cash off the apron, then they go around to where Kaz and Dax are. Cash bumps Daniels off the apron, throws EuroUppers, and they go back around the way. Cash CHOPS, Daniels CHOPS, Dash BITES Daniels’ eyebrow! Meanwhile, Kaz dodges and Dax gets POSTED! Daniels puts Cash in the ring but Cash whips him first. Things speed up and Cash clobbers Daniels with the elbow! Cover, ONE! Cash sees Dax is still down so he runs at Daniels, only to get a boot! Daniels brings Cash over and bumps him off SCU buckles. Daniels snapmares Cash down and tags in Kaz. Daniels slingshot elbow drops, Kaz slingshot leg drops! Cover, TWO!

Kaz drags Cash up, tags in Daniels, and the two double wrench to bring Cash to his knees. Kaz kicks, Daniels clotheslines and Kaz drops a leg! Dax distracts, keeping the ref from counting Daniels’ cover right away, TWO! Daniels drags Cash up to bump off Kaz’s boots. The ref reprimands but Daniels clubs Cash down. Daniels brings Cash up for a snap suplex! Cover, ONE! Daniels keeps on Cash as Dax looks ready to jump in. Daniels wraps Cash in a chinlock but Cash fights up. Daniels rams Cash into the corner, tags in Kaz, but Cash fights back. Cash leaps but Daniels catching him, keeping him from a tag! Daniels hits an atomic drop on Cash then hits Dax just because. Kaz slingshots to DDT Cash down! Cover, TWO!!

AEW returns to single picture as Kaz keeps between Cash and Dax. Kaz brings Cash up, scoops and slams, then springboards but misses the leg drop! Cash crawls but Kaz tags Daniels in first. The Fallen Angel swings on Dax, Dax dodges and Cash huricanranas! Tag to Dax! Dax rallies on Daniels with jab after jab then a right! Another right! One for Kaz! Dax snap suplexes Daniels, then snap suplexes Kaz onto Daniels! Dax clotheslines Kaz out of the ring, but Daniels gets him with an uppercut! Daniels whips, Dax reverses, and slingshot suplexes Daniels down! Cover, TWO! Dax is frustrated, but he paces around Daniels. Dax brings Daniels up, but Daniels resists the piledriver. Daniels back drops but Dax wants to sunset flip. Kaz grabs Daniels’ hands to save him, but Cash runs in to leap frog and attack Kaz!

Daniels runs into a waistlock but knocks into Cash. Dax O’Conner rolls, TWO and Dax DECKS Kaz! The ref is busy with Kaz and Daniels cradles Dax! But the ref doesn’t see it, and Cash turns it over into Dax’s favor! The ref counts, TWO!! Daniels kicks but Dax blocks to ROCK Daniels. Daniels comes back with the STO! Both men are down but the crowd is fired up! A standing count begins, both teams crawl for their corners, hot tags to Kaz and Cash! The two throw fast hands, Cash ducks to CHOP back. Kaz CHOPS, Cash CHOPS, repeat! Cash swings, Kaz ducks, and Kaz mule kicks to knee and LARIAT! The crowd is fired up as Kaz brings Cash up.

Kaz clubs and suplexes, but Cash slips out to waistlock. Kaz elbows back, then runs, ducks, and slides off the back to BACKSTABBER! Kaz sends Cash at Daniels for the enziguri! Kaz gets Cash again, UNPRETTIER! Cover, TWO!! Cash survives and Kaz can’t believe it! Kaz drags Cash up and over to tag in Daniels. The Addiction drag Cash up, CELEBRITY REHAB, but Cash blocks the knees! Dax drags Kaz out while Cash gets the legs! Cash catapults Daniels into buckles! Dax tags in, goes up top, Cash cradles Daniels for the LEG DROP SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! The Fallen Angel survives the “Veg-o-matic,” and “This is Awesome!”

Dax looms over Daniels and brings him up to the top rope. Dax CHOPS Daniels, climbs up top, and Cash climbs up the other corner. SUPERPLEX, but Daniels turns it into an inverted DDT! Kaz trips Cash and Daniels covers, TWO!! Daniels tags Kaz and SCU double whip Dax. Dax kicks Daniels away, dodges Kaz, but runs into the hip toss and POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! SCU can’t believe it, but they just tag again. Daniels brings Dax up into the underhooks, ANGEL’S WINGS! Cover, but Cash breaks it! Kaz runs in, Cash dodges and hits Kaz with a POWERSLAM! Daniels KNEES Cash down, but Dax rolls Daniels! TWO, but Cash tags back in. Daniels whips Dax, Dax slides under, Daniels turns around into GOODNIGHT EXPRESS!! Cover, FTR wins!!

Winner: FTR, by pinfall

Cash and Dax continue to roll through AEW’s Tag Division, and they get some mics to speak. “So this might come as a shock to all of you and all of you at home, but Cash and myself, we were not a welcomed addition to the AEW Tag Team roster.” But it’s okay, because there are good guys, and there are bad guys. FTR may only be scratching the surface of 5’10”, and they may not have the athletic background guys like JR likes, but if we’re talking good guys and bad guys, “We are the absolute baddest.”

So now that brings FTR to talk straight to the camera, and specifically to Jungle Boy and his “dumbass dinosaur.” He’s talking to Santana & Ortiz, and to the AEW World Tag Team Champions, and on top of the list… Matt & Nick, the Young Bucks. Congratulations, boys! You graduated from the kiddie table, but now you’re eating with the big boys! When it comes to FTR, “y’all bit off a little more than you can chew.” FTR talks heavy, hits hard, and are the absolute best tag team on this planet!

But wait, The Butcher & The Blade just hijacked FTR’s truck! “Hey, boys! We’re over here!” This is a great truck! Butcher and Blade have been looking for a new ride, this fits the bill. But just a heads up. If you take one more step towards the truck. they’re going to rip the truck in half! And little does FTR know but behind them, the LUCHA BROTHERS have returned!! Blade knows FTR is excited for a dream match with the Bucks, but first, it’s a challenge for an 8 Man Tag at Fyter Fest! FTR & The Bucks VS The Butcher, The Blade and two brothers with NO FEAR. FTR accepts the challenge! They step up to Pentagon and Fenix, who give them Cero Miedo to the face. FTR pushes back and it’s a brawl!

Pentagon and Fenix beat Dax down, then bring Cash up for the DOUBLE STOMP PACKAGE DRIVER!! The Bucks appear and run the Lucha Bros off, but the damage has been done! Pentagon and Fenix jump into the truck with Butcher and Blade and they drive off into the night! Will FTR get their truck back as well as some payback?


AEW profiles Fyter Fest’s World Tag Team Championship match.

Looking at the two teams in this match, there are the challengers, Best Friends. Trent hopes his posture is confident. Trent and Chuck Taylor are best buddies, while there is some sort of “unique” bond between Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Omega feels that he relates to Hangman the most. No, that’s not true. Yes it is, they’re practically brothers now. Taz says those two are different animals, one having straight whiskey while the other is having a tall glass of milk. Chuck says that’s gross. One is half drunk, the other is gonna have milk breath. Omega says he can count Hangman’s drinking buddies on one hand.

Trent says those two can’t even drink the same drinks, and yet they’re tag team champions? Omega says he is Hangman’s best friend. Excalibur remembers being present for the “genesis” of Best Friends, when Trent and Chuck first met. They’re true best friends. Tony Schiavone notes they love to hug. Nothing wrong with that. Well what else are best friends going to do but hug? Omega and Hangman like shows of affection. Best Friends says the hug isn’t for fun, it gives them strength. There’s a lot of synergy between Best Friends. They’ve been through a lot. Like what? Umm…

JR says that in any sport, it’s about momentum. Schiavone says Best Friends are red hot. Best Friends has been all over the world, but they’ve yet to hold tag titles anywhere. Taz says Trent and Chuck have paid their dues, now it’s time to cash in that “sweat equity.” They’re the real deal. Omega knows Best Friends want to win. He’s taking them seriously. Schiavone can tell Omega and Hangman are getting closer, and those two decided to be the best and are just doing it. They decided to be a team that easy, went for the gold, and won it, just like that. They decided to have the greatest tag team match in history at AEW Revolution, and that’s what happened.

The biggest asset in the arsenal of Omega and Hangman is the Last Call, Buckshot and V-Trigger sandwich. So far, that move has been 100% effective. But while Omega and Hangman claim everything’s okay, JR isn’t buying it just yet. There’s something combustible that hasn’t reared its head yet. Best Friends finally get a shot at tag titles, they’re not gonna blow it. Omega says he and Hangman may not be best friends, but they’re the best wrestlers who are friends. Trent says this is the biggest match of Best Friends’ life, “We’re gonna f*** these boys up.” Hangman says he and Omega will see “you two weirdos” at Fyter Fest. Because those boys are good, real good. But Hangman will still whoop their asses. But they’re good.


AEW profiles the World Championship match.

Jon Moxley admits, he didn’t know what to make of Brian Cage. It didn’t seem like there was a lot going on between the ears. But then Cage put Moxley through a car windshield. Under different circumstances, Moxley would actually get along with Cage. Excalibur says Cage’s physicality is no match for Moxley. The car was the most obvious example. One thing Schiavone remembers about that moment, and this is the “x-factor” if you will, it’s that Taz told Cage it was enough, only for Cage to do it anyway. As aggressive as Taz is, Cage is going to do what he wants. Taz says the amount of “bodily harm” done to Moxley is going to be the real obstacle for Mox. Will he be damaged goods?


Brian Cage VS Jon Cruz!

Taz joins commentary as The Machine heads to the ring. Cage doesn’t even wait for a bell, he FLAPJACKS Cruz high into the air! The bell rings by the time Cruz hits the mat! Cage drags Cruz up and whips him to ropes. Cruz ducks and dodges, then leaps, into Cage’s arms! Cage does some quick curls with Cruz before he TOSSES him. Taz says Cage is the complete package, and Cage brings Cruz up to whip him corner to corner! Cruz bounces off the buckles, into the OVERHEAD suplex! Cage stalks Cruz to the ramp, drags him back up and around, and reels him in for a POWERBOMB into the ring! Cage isn’t done with Cruz, he drags him up for a DRILL CLAW!! Cover, Cage wins!

Winner: Brian Cage, by pinfall

Taz wasn’t on commentary long and didn’t need to say much, because Cage’s actions speak for themselves. Taz gets a mic, and asks someone please get Cruz out of the ring. Taz mockingly asks where “The badass” Moxley is. We all know Moxley wanted to be safe and keep others safe given incidental secondhand COVID contact, but Taz says Moxley’s behind the lens. Mox is sitting on his ass at home. “Hi, champ!” Mox remembers Taz, right? And Cage, “your fate.” Remember? He’s the guy who put Moxley through an automobile! The man who came to work! Who competed! Mox sits on his ass with a BULLSHIT EXCUSE! Moxley is just afraid, and he should be! Be afraid of Cage! Fyter Fest is coming, Moxley’s reign is in danger, all because of The Machine.

Cage will take that title at Fyter Fest, and Moxley is done! For all the right reasons Moxley thinks why he shouldn’t be here, it’s actually good Moxley isn’t here. Cage is unsafe. Cage would hurt Moxley more than Moxley has ever been hurt. Taz wants Mox to do one thing: Ask yourself if YOU can stop #ThePathOfCage. Cage says the answer is no, but we’ll know at Fyter Fest.


AEW Media finds Brodie and Cabana backstage.

Cabana feels pretty good after that win. Brodie told him that’s how it’d go. Winning feels good. Success feels good. Everyone suffers loss in life, but it is how you react to those losses that matter. Cabana showed the world when he won and had his hand raised. Brodie told Cabana this, and Cabana thanks Brodie for that. But Brodie wants to show Cabana that again at Fyter Fest, when they take on SCU. SCU? Cabana’s friends? Brodie wants Cabana to trust him. Brodie tells SCU that they were at one time nonbelievers, but they fixed that. Now, Brodie will bring his best to take on SCU’s best. SCU is in Brodie’s sight. Will Daniels, Kaz and Scorpio be able to survive The Dark Order coming for them?


AEW sets up the Fyter Fest cards!

On night one, it will be the tag team grudge match of MJF & Wardlow VS Jurassic Express! Private Party with Matt Hardy by their side going up against The Inner Circle’s Proud ‘n’ Powerful, Santana & Ortiz! Hikaru Shida defends her AEW Women’s World Championship against Penelope Ford! Cody Rhodes defends his TNT Championship against Jake Hager! The AEW Tag Team Championships are on the line as Omega and Hangman take on Best Friends!

Night two will have Lance Archer going after Joey Janela, as spurred on by the brutal confrontation earlier tonight! Will the Bad Boy get back at the Murderhawk Monster? Nyla Rose returns to action, too, and promises a big surprise. As we just heard, The Dark Order wants after SCU, and SCU has accepted the challenge! A Six Man Tag pits Daniels, Kaz and Scorpio against Brodie Lee, Stu Grayson and Colt Cabana! Will Cabana be conflicted between his friends and success? We have another grudge match as Orange Cassidy seeks revenge on Chris Jericho! Will Freshly Squeezed get revenge for being beaten to a pulp? And as The Blade put forward, he, The Butcher and the Lucha Brothers will team up against FTR and The Young Bucks! And of course, the main event, the AEW World Championship as Moxley takes on Cage!


Britt Baker sends another note up to Tony Schiavone.

Schiavone doesn’t really want to read it, but Britt insists. This is a message to Big Swole, wherever she is tonight. “I have might have been in a dumpster for nine-and-a-half to ten hours” (which is an even bigger exaggeration than last time) but Swole is still the biggest piece of trash on the roster. Britt will have her revenge on Swole. But here comes Swole right now! Britt says Swole wants the star power but there’s nothing she can do this time. And it’s soundproof by the way. Then how can we hear her? Britt says Swole can’t touch her. That’s fine. Swole goes around to jump up on top of the cart! And she dumps trash into Britt’s bunker!! Britt freaks out, but she can’t go anywhere because of the trap she created for herself! Will Britt learn to stop talking trash so that Swole will stop trashing her?


Santana w/ Ortiz VS Matt Hardy!

Proud ‘n’ Powerful gear up for their Fyter Fest match with Private Party, but they first want to go after the young team’s new mentor. But which version are we getting tonight? Hardy makes his entrance, and it’s DAMASCUS! The Broken Brilliance returns, with NEO-1 flying overhead! Will Hardy DELETE Santana before Private Party even gets a shot?

The bell rings, Santana circles with Hardy, and then rushes him to a corner. The ref counts, Santana lets up at 4 and eggs Hardy on. Ortiz talks smack, saying Hardy’s scared. Hardy snaps at Ortiz then circles with Santana. They tie up, Hardy puts Santana in the corner but Santana turns it around. Santana lets up but sucker punches Hardy! Santana CHOPS Hardy then stalks him along the ropes. Santana throws haymakers then boy shots. He brings Hardy out, throws more haymakers, then whips Hardy to ropes. Hardy holds the ropes and then dumps Santana up and out! Ortiz checks on Santana but Hardy goes out to fetch him. Hardy ROCKS Santana with the haymaker! Hardy presses Santana against the post and keeps his eyes open! Then he bumps Santana off the post!

Hardy clubs Santana then whips him into railing! Santana collapses while Hardy refreshes the ring count. Hardy backs Ortiz off then goes after Santana. Hardy BITES Santana’s fingers! Santana punches but Hardy hits back. Hardy puts Santana in the ring but Santana grabs the ref. Ortiz anchors Hardy’s foot and Santana runs to dropkick Hardy down! “You see that? We’re geniuses!” Santana stands on Hardy’s head while AEW goes picture in picture.

Santana brings Hardy up, throws forearms into his back, then hoists him up with a high and hard back suplex! Cover, ONE! Santana and Ortiz are frustrated but Santana toys with Hardy. Hardy hits back with body shots, but Santana CHOPS and headbutts! Santana stalks Hardy, brings him up, and bumps him off buckles. Santana grinds his boot in but the ref counts. Santana lets up to argue with the ref but goes back to dig his knee into Hardy. The ref counts, Santana stomps away, then grinds his boot in until 4. Santana argues with the ref more, but Hardy kicks and punches back! Hardy rocks Santana, throws more hands in the corner, then whips corner to corner. Santana reverses HARD and Hardy collides with buckles!

Ortiz talks trash at Hardy in the corner while Santana drags him out. Cover, TWO! Santana grows frustrated but also messes with the ref. Santana CHOPS Hardy in the corner, then brings him around to throw out. Ortiz waits for the ref to be distracted before he throws Hardy around and into the ring. Santana argues as AEW returns to single picture. Santana runs corner to corner, Hardy puts him on the apron, but Santana rams a shoulder into Hardy. Santana drags Hardy through the ropes, to slingshot up and over, but Hardy ducks the enziguri! Hardy dead lifts and waistlocks, but Santana elbows out. Santana swings, into a SIDE EFFECT, but Santana flips through! Santana baits Hardy into an URENAGE! Cover, TWO! Santana steps on Hardy to then springboard, LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Santana grows frustrated while the crowd rallies up for Hardy. Santana stalks Hardy and pushes him to a corner. Santana CLUBS Hardy in the corner, whips him corner to corner, but Hardy stops himself to kick back and bump Santana off buckles. Hardy clubs and punches but Santana ROCKS him with a right. Santana hops up but Hardy intercepts with a haymaker. Hardy climbs up but Santana resists and headbutts Hardy down. Santana adjusts, leaps, but his frog splash FLOPS! Hardy and Santana are down but the crowd rallies up. The standing count begins, Hardy stands at 4, and he fires up as he goes after Santana with BIG haymakers. Santana gives them back and we have a brawl!

Santana hits, Hardy gets the edge, and Santana drops! Hardy whips, elbows Santana down then runs, and LARIATS Santana inside out! Cover, TWO! Santana survives but Hardy won’t let up. Hardy brings Santana up to bump off buckles over and over and over, all the way to the bottom! The crowd fires up as Hardy says “DELETE!” Hardy runs in to corner clothesline, but no bulldog! Santana runs into the SIDE EFFECT! Cover, ONE!! Ortiz coaches Santana but Hardy hits another SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO! Hardy brings Santana back up, wants a third, and hits a THIRD Side Effect! Cover, TWO!! Santana still lives and Hardy is shocked! But Hardy brings Santana up, puts him in a corner, but runs into a knee!

Santana hops up, leaps, into a kick! Twist of Fate denied, but Hardy hits an inverted DDT! Ortiz distracts the ref as Hardy covers! Hardy runs Ortiz off, brings Santana up, but Santana fireman’s carries to a running MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO! To a victory roll, Hardy wins!!

Winner: BROKEN Matt Hardy, by pinfall

Damascus successfully defeats Santana, but Ortiz uses the mad ball to smash Hardy down! Proud ‘n’ Powerful go after this mortal vessel with more mad balls, and then they coordinate at the corner. They bring Hardy up, for the STREET SWEEPER! Private Party runs out but the damage is done! Is the Hardy Party over before it even began?


Orange Cassidy heads to the ring!

Freshly Squeezed didn’t mean anything by him walking into The Inner Circle’s shot, but they made it personal by attacking him with blood oranges. Cassidy got payback last week, but now he and Le Champion will meet face to face before their grudge match at Fyter Fest. Surprisingly, Jericho is here without The Inner Circle’s back-up. Jericho grabs a mic to speak to Cassidy. “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.” Jericho repeats that to make sure we understand that. It’s a joke everyone knows, and when you first hear it, it’s amusing, but also kinda stupid. But the more you hear it, the more you realize how annoying and dumb it is. And that’s Cassidy in a nutshell. Cassidy is the “chicken crossed the road” joke of pro-wrestling, because the more Jericho sees him, the more he sees that act, the more annoying he becomes and it pisses Jericho off.

When Jericho first heard the name “Orange Cassidy,” he thought it was stupid. The first time Jericho saw Cassidy’s matches, he thought Cassidy was an embarrassment to the business. And when Cassidy signed with AEW, Jericho called Tony Khan, Cody, Kenny, the Bucks, and asked them all, “Why in the hell did you bring in Orange Cassidy?” And they all said the same thing: “People love him.” The crowd sure does. Freshly Squeezed was definitely unique in presentation and in-ring style. And as the late Brian Pillman once told Jericho, if you want to make it, you have to be different. And for that, Jericho applauds Cassidy. Cassidy did the “seemingly unthinkable thing” and got over on his own by being himself. That’s why people love him! He’s like them: a lazy slacker that doesn’t have what it takes to make it to the top. Cassidy made a mistake when he broke out of his lane and got in Jericho’s way.

This is Chris Jericho, man. You better be the best Orange Cassidy at Fyter Fest, because if he tries any of that “bullsh*t, kick me in the shin offense,” Jericho will knock his teeth down his throat and beat him in 30 seconds. Do you understand him? As it stands now, Cassidy needs to reach down deep into those pockets and pull out a man-sized miracle, because that’s what it’s gonna take to beat Le Champion. But it won’t happen. AT Fyter Fest, the Orange Cassidy Phenomenon ends, because Jericho is gonna make him run outta juice. Clever, right? Cassidy takes the mic from Jericho!? Is he going to talk?! Cassidy brings the mic up, but then puts it down. To give a shin kick! And another! That’s what Jericho was talking about. Sweet Shin Music! Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets!

Jericho takes the sunglasses from Cassidy, and breaks them! Cassidy sees the pieces on the mat, and TACKLES Jericho! Cassidy is FURIOUS! He and Jericho brawl, go around, spill out of the ring, and Cassidy knocks Jericho into the railing! And then they go down the way to the crowd! Cassidy throws BIG hands on Jericho, then throws him into railing. Jericho DECKS Cassidy, and RAMS him with railing! Jericho pulls Cassidy’s jacket over his head for a hockey scrum! He throws Cassidy into railing, then brings him around the way to be in front of the fans. Cassidy hits back and bumps Jericho off railing! They fight up into the bleachers and Cassidy clubs him back. Jericho bashes Cassidy off chairs then SMACKS him with a water bottle!

The two go up higher, and Cassidy counter punches! Jericho uses tarp to block and hit back, but Cassidy won’t let up! Cassidy brings Jericho to behind production and Jericho ROCKS Cassidy! Jericho whips Cassidy into equipment, then brings a camera crane around to SMASH Jericho! Jericho brings Cassidy back up, bumps him off trunks, then climbs up to bring Cassidy on top. Jericho scoops, Cassidy drops down and SMASHES Jericho on the railing! And again! And again! Cassidy cools off to get space, and runs back down to SUPERMAN PUNCH Jericho through a table! The crowd is thunderous for Cassidy as he stands tall, bloody ear and all! Also, spare sunglasses! Will Cassidy show Jericho just how serious this “joke wrestler” can be?

My Thoughts:

An incredible “go home” to Fyter Fest! The Lumberjack match was insane, especially with the stage spots, but of course MJF helps Wardlow cheat and win. The tag match between MJF, Wardlow and Jurassic Express will be really good, and honestly could go either way. If MJF’s team loses, it’s because Wardlow takes the pin so that MJF can still say he’s gone undefeated and unpinned and all that. MJF’s big loss should be in singles competition at All Out this year. Shida almost didn’t even need that match, she won so quick and then brawls with Penelope. I’m thinking Shida wins, even with Kip ringside to try something. Nyla Rose’s announcement for Night 2 is intriguing, because I cannot possibly think of what it could be.

We got a great tag match out of SCU VS FTR, and yes that came about because Natural Nightmares could not compete. QT Marshall and Jon Moxley both came into contact with people who had COVID like symptoms so everyone’s playing it safe. But as a substitute, Daniels and Kaz did great, even in losing. As I predicted, there is an 8 Man Tag but with one team being subbed out as there are #SpeakingOut related reasons why Jimmy Havoc is out and thereby keeping the Superbad Squad out of action. FTR & Bucks VS Butcher, Blade & Lucha Bros is still going to be insane, and honestly even better than if Kip and Havoc were in. It’s great to have both Lucha Bros back, they’ll get things going again. Cabana and Brodie win in a pretty good match with Janela & Kiss, and now Dark Order and SCU are finally getting their story going again. Cabana should definitely be conflicted about how Brodie wants him to treat his friends, that will make for good story.

Archer going after Janela and Kiss was a good move, too, since we saw seeds being planted on Dark. It at least makes Dark important enough to watch for little details like that, so that things aren’t so out of nowhere. The “press conference” was a good final segment for Cody and Hager, though Mrs. Hager splashing water at Cody is right outta Brandi doing that to Stephen Amell. We got a great vignette for Best Friends and Omega-Page, as well as one for Moxley VS Cage. Cage takes Moxley’s spot on the card and destroys Cruz, but I was most surprised by Taz’s promo. Was it controversial for him to say Mox being cautious about COVID was BS? Yes, it was. But it was also genius Heel work.

Britt was doing genius Heel work, and Swole still got to give her some comeuppance. As it is right now, Britt VS Swole is going to be a showstealer at All Out. Hardy VS Santana was another substitution as Sammy Guevara’s past was made to haunt him. Even so, Hardy and Santana had a great match, and Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Private Party will be a lot of fun. Cassidy and Jericho had a great closing segment, from Jericho’s promo to the crazy brawl. Their match at Fyter Fest could be a showstealer.

My Score: 9.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (2/7/23)

Konosuke Takeshita gets Dark!



The future of wrestling could be defined in the Dark!

Konosuke Takeshita is going strong in AEW, but he takes on MLW’s EJ Nduka! Will Konosuke still be The Future? Or will The Judge bring down the law?


  • Slim J VS Mascara Dorada; wins.
  • Rush w/ Jose the Assistant VS Aiden Park; wins.
  • The Outrunners VS Logan Cruz & Tyshaun Perez; wins.
  • Baliyan Akki VS Rico Gonzalez; wins.
  • Blake Christian VS Serpentico w/ Luther; wins.
  • Dalton Castle w/ The Boys VS Dante Casanova; wins.
  • Kiera Hogan VS Megan Meyers; wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS EJ Nduka; wins.


Another pretty good line-up, but the highlight is of course Konosuke VS Nduka. Both are great, having been champions outside of AEW. In fact, Nduka will be featured on tonight’s debut edition of MLW Underground on the Reelz channel. Nduka is challenging Alex Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man Standing match. Between AEW Dark on YouTube and the MLW television debut, Nduka is going to get noticed by a lot of wrestling fans, and he very well could be the new MLW Champion the next time he’s in AEW.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (2/6/23)

Dayton gets Elevated!



Tag teams tune-up in Dayton!

While The Acclaimed defend their AEW World Tag Team titles against Austin & Colten on Dynamite, many teams fight tonight to see who’s got next!


  • Matt Menard & Angelo Parker VS The Boys w/ Dalton Castle; Menard & Parker win.
  • Juice Robinson VS Jake Crist; Juice wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Renny D, Matt Brannigan, & Crash Jaxon; The Dark Order wins.
  • Yuka Sakazaki VS Billie Starkz; Yuka wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Best Friends VS Zack Clayton & Chaos Project; Best Friends win.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Corey Calhoun; Hobbs wins.
  • Top Flight VS The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny; Top Flight win(s).
  • 8 Woman Tag: Nyla Rose, Marina Shafir, Diamante & Emi Sakura VS Madison Rayne, Queen Aminata, Skye Blue & Hyena Hera; Nyla, Shafir, Diamante & Sakura win.
  • Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli VS Ari Daivari & Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling; Yuta & Claudio win.


A good line-up, and plenty of great tags and trios going on. Menard & Parker are tuning up for the big gauntlet Ricky Starks is taking on this Wednesday, so the team formerly known as 2Point0 and Ever-Rise will surely beat The Tate Twins. Dark Order can get a good win here tonight to stay afloat as we wait on Hangman Page’s story of mending fences with old friends. Best Friends will definitely win against Clayton & Chaos Project. Not sure why it isn’t Spanish Announce Project, but maybe Angelico needs to be on Spanish commentary. Top Flight will have a hard match against Butcher & Blade but they’ll surely win going into their AEW World Trios title match.

I really like the 8 Woman Tag we’re seeing. That really is the Vicious Vixens faction I was hoping AEW was going to give us, as we’ve seen Diamante and Emi Sakura each team with Nyla Rose over the years. They’ll surely get the win here, and maybe they can convince Tony Khan to get them involved in the larger AEW Originals VS Outsiders story that we’ve got with Britt Baker, Ruby Soho, Saraya and Toni Storm. And I would think Yuta & Claudio, the top ROH champions, will win as they’re just up against Daivari Dinero & The Premier Athlete. Why it isn’t the Varsity Athletes, no idea.

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