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NEW 205 Live Coverage


Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (6/19/20)

It’s One-Two-05 Live!

The Cruiserweight Division heats up!

After sweeping them in tag team competition, the BritAm Bruisers take Ever-Rise on as individuals! Which halves step up to throw down?


  • Oney Lorcan w/ Danny Burch VS Chase Parker w/ Matt Martel; wins.
  • Jack Gallagher VS Jake Atlas; Atlas wins.


Oney Lorcan w/ Danny Burch VS Chase Parker w/ Matt Martel!

The Fury of 205 Live takes on one half of Ever-Rise as this Cruiserweight tag team rivalry starts to gain some speed! Will Parker be able to do alone what he and Martel haven’t been able to together?

The bell rings and the crowd rallies behind Oney. Oney and Parker circle, tie up, and Oney powers Parker back. Parker manages to wristlock and wrenches Oney to a hammerlock. He brings Oney to a knee and slaps him all over the back of his head! Oney just gets angry and powers up to slip through and headlock. Oney gives all the slaps back then grinds deep on the headlock. Parker tries to power out but Oney holds on tight. The crowd rallies with “ONE TWO!” but Parker tries again. Oney still holds on tight and really grinds the hold now. Parker pulls on an ear and powers out, but Oney runs him over! The crowd fires up as Parker backs off to a corner. Martel shouts for Oney to give Parker space but the ref tells Martel to back off. Parker gets up, circles with Oney, and knees low!

Parker clubs Oney on the back, whips Oney to a corner, but gets sent into buckles instead! Oney bumps Parker off buckles again, then snarls as he tries again. Parker turns that around to bump Oney, then whips him corner to corner. Oney stops himself to CHOP back! Oney goes to bump, Parker stops himself, but still gets Oney’s CHOP! Oney bumps Parker off buckles and Parker goes to the apron. Martel taunts the “bald idiot” and that distracts him, Parker hotshots Oney’s arm! Slingshot elbow drop! Cover, ONE!! Oney clutches his arm but Parker is on him at the ropes. Parker chokes then wraps the arm up. The ref counts, Parker lets off and Martel talks more trash. Parker whips Oney and calf kicks him down! Cover, TWO!

The crowd rallies for Oney but Parker clamps onto the arm. Parker cranks the hammerlock but Oney endures. Oney fights up as the crowd cheers him on. Parker wrangles Oney down to stay on the hammerlock and really pull on the arm. Burch coaches Oney to keep in this and get on his feet. Martel tells Burch to shut up while Parker drops knees on the shoulder. Oney fights up as the crowd rallies again. Parker tries to chinlock but Oney powers him to ropes and a corner. The ref counts, Oney rams in then backs off. Parker comes out, to get an atomic drop! Oney lifts for another atomic drop! Corner elbow and Oney gets moving, but runs into knees! Parker hops up, leaps, but into a third atomic drop! Oney runs to BLAST Parker with a European Uppercut! Oney fires up and the crowd fires up with him! Parker flounders into Oney’s BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, Oney wins!

Winner: Oney Lorcan, by pinfall

The overall series now goes 3-0 in favor of the One-Two! Will Ever-Rise ever rise above this challenge? But wait, here comes Malcolm Bivens! He “applauds” Oney and Burch, but this allows Ever-Rise to CLOBBER them! Parker and Martel stomp them down, then soak up the heat. Then Bivens calls in the heavy hitters. Indus Sher appears, and they want revenge for what happened on NXT! Rinku and Saurav get in the ring, Saurav BOOTS Oney and Rinku STOMPS Burch! Then they whip Burch to a corner, Saurav whips Rinku in for a corner splash! Then they combine, FLYING LEG DROP SIDEWALK SLAM!

The crowd boos but that does not bother the terrifying titans in the ring. Bivens Enterprises does what it wants when it wants! Will Rinku and Saurav destroy any team in the way of their NXT Tag Team Championship hunt?


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Next week’s 205 Live is Swerve’s House!

Isaiah Scott and Tony Nese have yet another rematch from all the ruckus between them since the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament! Will things finally be settled between the superstar oozing of confidence and the Premier Athlete?


Jack Gallagher VS Jake Atlas!

The gentleman turned jackal had a less than stellar run in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, certainly compared to the younger, newer superstar. Will Gallagher give Atlas a “warm welcome” to the 205 Live roster all the same?

Gallagher gets in Atlas’ face before the bell, trying to bring out some aggression in the younger wrestler. The bell rings, the two circle, and the crowd chants for Atlas. Atlas and Gallagher tie up, Atlas wrenches to a wristlock, but Gallagher rolls through. Atlas wrangles Gallagher back down, but Gallagher gets up to his feet. Atlas wrenches and wrangles him down again, but Gallagher gets a leg. Gallagher wrenches the foot to kick Atlas hard in the side! Atlas gets to ropes and Gallagher gives him space to return. Gallagher then headlocks tight, but Atlas powers out. Atlas goes to back drop, Gallagher sunset flips but Atlas rolls through! Gallagher drops below the Penalty Kick, avoids the standing moonsault, but Atlas cartwheels over the sweep. Atlas takes a bow, being a showman, but Gallagher ROCKS him with a right!

Gallagher fires off hands, whips Atlas corner to corner, and blocks the boots. Gallagher tosses those kicks aside, but Atlas comes back with a kick! Atlas hurries to run Gallagher over! Atlas keeps moving, he rolls over Gallagher then changes direction to springboard and arm-drag Gallagher away! The crowd fires up as Atlas kips up and goes after Gallagher again. Dragon sleeper, suplex, but Gallagher slips out to suplex and hang Atlas out to dry! Atlas flops to the mat and Gallagher soaks up the heat. Gallagher kicks Atlas while he’s down, but also toys with him. Gallagher brings Atlas up but the fans rally for Atlas. Atlas throws hands but Gallagher knees low. Gallagher KICKS Atlas in the chest, then throws body shots. Gallagher rams and throws more hands, but the ref counts. Gallagher backs off at 4 and Atlas falls to the mat again.

Atlas grits his teeth as he gets up and hits back. Gallagher SWATS Atlas then snapmares to a KICK to the back! Cover, ONE! Gallagher clamps onto Atlas with an arm stretch, and stands on Atlas’ back. The crowd rallies as Atlas endures, but Gallagher basement dropkicks Atlas down! Cover, TWO! Atlas gets to his feet but Gallagher is on him in the corner with back elbows. Atlas fights back and CHOPS Gallagher! And CHOPS! Gallagher eggs him on so Atlas CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Atlas stomps a mudhole then backs off, to walk into a headbutt to the stomach! Gallagher grounds ‘n’ pounds Atlas to the mat, then goes after an arm! Atlas resists the armbar as the crowd rallies up. The crowd chants, Atlas shifts to a cover, TWO! Gallagher is annoyed but he still toys with Atlas. Gallagher mocks the fans cheering Atlas on but asks, “What about me?!” The crowd boos Gallagher as he paces about.

Gallagher returns to Atlas for Atlas to fire off hands! Gallagher still eggs him on, so Atlas throws haymaker after haymaker! Atlas whips but Gallagher reverses to catch him to a cobra twist! Atlas endures as Gallagher digs an elbow into the ribs. The crowd rallies again, Atlas reaches for ropes, but he pops out to back suplex Gallagher high and hard! Atlas grits his teeth and slaps some sense back into himself. Gallagher staggers up and Atlas rallies with clotheslines! Atlas wobbles but handsprings to evade, and hit a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! The crowd rallies for Atlas as he and Gallagher slowly rise again. Atlas grabs Gallagher, reels him in, but Gallagher grabs ropes. Gallagher switches, Atlas holds ropes and elbows Gallagher away. Atlas runs into a GUILLOTINE HOLD!

Gallagher drags drag Atlas down and Atlas starts to fade. But with what he has left, Atlas rolls to the ropes! Gallagher holds on until 4 before letting Atlas free. Gallagher grits his teeth as he hammers Atlas on the apron! The ref counts again, Gallagher stops at 4, but the crowd keeps rallying. Gallagher demands Atlas stand, just to stomp him back down. Gallagher clubs away on Atlas, the ref counts again, Gallagher stops at 4 because he’s got until 5! Gallagher argues with the ref, then drags Atlas up. Atlas shoulders in, gets around and SNAP GERMANS Gallagher down! Gallagher flounders while Atlas drags himself up top. Atlas cartwheels, RAINBOW DDT!! Cover, Atlas wins!!

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Winner: Jake Atlas, by pinfall

An incredible showing from Atlas to get an upset on a 205 Live original! Is this just the first of many big wins for the up and coming star?

My Thoughts:

Another short episode but still a good episode, even though it’s tainted by Jack Gallagher being released today. The reason for that relates to the #SpeakingOut accusations, though the WWE did not say so in their article about his release. But being this episode was pretaped, there was nothing about that outright affecting Gallagher’s performance with Atlas. They had a great match that is now in effect Gallagher’s send off, and whatever story was building is going to be scrapped. With Swerve VS Nese advertised for next week, perhaps that is all we get for now, instead of a Triple Threat or tag match I was anticipating. The opening contest of Oney VS Parker was good, and clearly the rivalry of BritAm Bruisers and Ever-Rise is going to take a backseat to the NXT story of Oney and Burch VS Indus Sher. It was a great surprise to see Indus Sher show up, and I’m sure NXT will arrange a response to this attack to add onto the building NXT Tag Team Championship story.

My Score: 8.2/10


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