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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (6/26/20)

Division rivals clash again!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

205 Live just keeps heating up!

While El Legado Del Fantasma is reigning with an iron fist already, things are still wild on 205 Live! Will Swerve’s House finally stand tall again?


  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Tony Nese; Swerve wins.


Drew Gulak joins commentary!

Is it that Tom Phillips and Corey Graves got tired of Byron Saxton? Or perhaps the Philly Stretcher, a dominant Cruiserweight Champion in his own time, wanted to be back on the brand that built him.


Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Tony Nese!

It seems these two are far from through with each other! The Six Man Tag last week, and many weeks before this, will it finally come to an end?

The bell rings and Nese circles with Swerve. Naturally, Gulak is on the side of his old pal when it comes to why this rivalry started: Swerve insulted Nese’s run in the round robin, Nese is justified in retaliating. Nese and Swerve tie up, go around, Nese waistlocks and shoves Swerve. “Let me show you whose house this really is.” Nese flexes and Gulak says that is undeniable. The crowd are still on Swerve’s side as he circles with Nese. They tie up again, Nese waistlocks but Swerve pries free with a wristlock. Swerve fights Nese’s grip but Nese rolls Swerve down. Swerve fights, moves around, has the mount, but Nese pops out the back. The crowd applauds the exchange while Nese catches his breath on the apron. Nese returns, ties up with Swerve again, and Nese gets a leg takedown.

Swerve uses his free leg to fight back, then sits up for a chinbar. Nese cranks back to bridge but Swerve fights the cover. Swerve grabs an arm, wrenches and brings Nese around with a wristlock. Nese powers Swerve to a corner, the ref counts, and Nese pie faces! Swerve gives it back then baits Nese in. Swerve goes up and over, O’Conner rolls to Eddy Gordo headscissor! Nese gets up, runs into Swerve’s hip toss but drops down, only for Swerve to drop down and wristlock! Swerve shifts to an arm scissor and headlock. Nese fights up, lifts but Swerve hits a headlock takeover! The crowd cheers and even Gulak is impressed by this. Nese tries to fight back but Swerve keeps him down. Nese rolls to a cover, ONE!

Swerve keeps on the headlock, but Nese fights up to power out. Swerve goes up and over and headlocks to another takeover! Nese headscissors, Swerve moves around and pries at the squeeze. Swerve headstands, rolls and turns Nese over, to then roll back and get a rear mount chinlock! The crowd cheers and rallies as Swerve leans on Nese. Nese fights up, powers Swerve to a corner, and lets up to whip him corner to corner. Swerve reverses, Nese stops himself and elbows Swerve away! Nese moonsaults but Swerve gets under. Nese goes Matrix to mule kick, knee lift and roundhouse! Swerve jumps the sweep, goes Matrix in his own right and arm-drags Nese to an armlock! The crowd really loves that exchange! Swerve cranks the arm, digs a knee in, but Nese endures.

Swerve moves around to wrench the arm, then traps Nese’s head under a leg. Nese endures as Swerve cranks the arm. Nese pops out and gets to the ropes. The ref counts, Swerve lets go quick, but Nese throat chops! Nese brings Swerve up, and brings him over for a bulldog hotshot! The crowd boos and Gulak says Nese needs to not soak things in this long. Nese drags Swerve out, and goes for the steel steps! But Swerve stops himself, hits back and ROCKS Nese! Gulak says he was right about Nese needing to move faster. Swerve CHOPS Nese, and keeps Nese from climbing the Plexiglas. Swerve bumps Nese off the apron but keeps him from getting back in the ring. Nese pushes Swerve away, but Swerve comes back. Nese pops him up to the apron, then joins Swerve to chop and APRON BACK SUPLEX!

Swerve tumbles down and the crowd boos but Nese gets back in the ring. Nese wants the ring count to take care of Swerve for him and the ref starts counting. Swerve gets up at 5 but his back slows him down. Swerve still gets in at 7, only for Nese to CLOBBER him with the elbow! Cover, TWO! Swerve survives but Nese stalks him to ropes. Gulak knows this is Nese’s style, as Nese toys with Swerve. Swerve tries to kick back but Nese ROCKS him with that left. Nese grinds Swerve into buckles, then whips him corner to corner HARD! Cover, TWO! Nese seethes and Swerve sputters, but Gulak knows it’ll take more than this. Nese toys with Swerve again as the crowd rallies up. Swerve kicks back but Nese brings him up. Swerve CHOPS and haymakers, but Nese CHOPS back.

Swerve kicks, forearms, and runs, only for Nese to trip him up. Nese goes for the PREMIER TRIANGLE! Cover, TWO!! Nese is angry with the count and with Swerve. Swerve slowly rises as the crowd still rallies. Nese brings Swerve up to the corner, stomps then brings Swerve out for a high and hard back suplex! Nese hits another one, just as Gulak says he should. Cover, TWO! Swerve grits it out but Nese keeps his cool. Nese watches Swerve sit up and he stomps him! Swerve gets up to CHOP, but both men wince. Swerve CHOPS more, then kicks! Nese catches a kick, SLAPS Swerve, but Swerve blocks the suplex. Swerve throws body shots and hammering hands to the leg, but Nese powers up to bring Swerve up. Swerve knees out of the suplex but Nese back kicks! Nese goes to suplex but it’s Swerve who hits it!

The crowd fires up as Swerve gets to a corner. The crowd rallies, Swerve hops right up, but Nese SHORYUKENS! Nese climbs up to join Swerve, brings him to the very top, but Swerve resists. Swerve ROCKS Nese right off the top, then adjusts, only for Nese to come right back! Nese brings Swerve up, Swerve still holds on, and then shoves Nese down. Nese gets back up, Swerve sunset flips, but Nese rolls through to mule KICK! Cover, TWO!! Swerve still lives and the crowd is loving this! Both men are down but the crowd rallies again. Nese rises and brings Swerve into the body scissors! Nese puts on the squeeze but Swerve fights back. Swerve moves around, pries at the hold, but Nese squeezes even tighter.

Swerve reaches for ropes, but he CHOPS and hammers Nese with back hands. Nese lets go, but pie faces Swerve. “You’ll never be better than me, Swerve.” “Shut up.” Nese SLAPS Swerve, and again says Swerve will never be better. Swerve grabs the beard! Swerve puts Nese in a corner and fires off haymakers! Nese hits back, grabs the tights, but Swerve breaks free and ROCKS Nese! Swerve throws hands all over Nese but lets up at the ref’s count. He snapmares Nese for the falling uppercut! The crowd is fired up with Swerve as he throws Nese out of the ring. Swerve watches from the apron, apron BOOT! Swerve puts Nese back in, slingshots in and somersaults, COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Nese lives and crawls to a corner but Swerve keeps his focus.

Swerve stalks up behind Nese, brings him up, but Nese holds the ropes. Nese kicks Swerve away, hops up, and leaps, but the missile dropkick is blocked! Swerve hooks the leg, uses it to turn Nese, to dead lift GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Nese lives again! Swerve aims from a corner, Nese sits up, but Nese avoids the House Call! Nese knees low, but Swerve side steps to leap! Nese catches him to a BOSTON CRAB! Nese sits deep on the bad back, but Swerve fights and reaches for ropes. But Nese drags him away! Swerve powers up to turn back over, and he throws hammering hands on Nese. Nese lets go and falls back and the crowd rallies back up. Nese whips Swerve, Swerve reverses, but Nese slides under and pump handles for a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives and Nese grows frustrated.

Nese drags Swerve to a corner, sits him up, and runs side to side, into a toss! Nese shoulders back in, back drops Swerve out, then cartwheels over to ROCK Swerve with that forearm! And he sends Swerve into steel steps! Nese puts Swerve back in, climbs up top, for the 450 SPLASH! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Swerve survives again and Nese can’t believe it! The crowd rallies up again but Nese goes outside. Nese grabs a chair from the timekeeper’s area! The ref tells him not to leave that chair behind, but Nese still goes to the apron. The ref gives a final warning, so Nese drops the chair. Swerve sweeps the legs and mule kicks him! Then slingshot KILL STOMPS!! Swerve puts Nese back in, climbs up top, and hits ANOTHER KILL STOMP!! Cover, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

Nese’s rage got the better of him, and it allowed Swerve’s rage to finish him off! Has Swerve left the Premier Athlete behind to head for bigger and better?


BREAKING NEWS: The Cruiserweight Champion comes to 205 Live!

El Legado Del Fantasma follows Santos Escobar as he makes his 205 Live debut! Swerve knows this and says he’s coming for the champion! Swerve is the one person that beat El Hijo del Fantasma in the round robin, so it’s only fitting he gets a shot. Will it be the killshot to Escobar’s short reign?

My Thoughts:

I saw this episode was only 24 minutes and was worried we were getting really short matches, but then was pleasantly surprised we got a one-match episode where it was pretty much all match. For one, great to see Gulak on commentary, that’s pretty cool. And while the story of Swerve, Nese and Gallagher doesn’t resolve as intended because of Gallagher being exposed in #SpeakingOut, Swerve and Nese did great all on their own. I definitely figured on Swerve winning to be positioned for a shot at Escobar and the Cruiserweight Championship. Maybe Swerve will be the one to join Drake Maverick and Jake Atlas against El Legado Del Fantasma, because maybe Kushida is staying out of action for the sake of his young child. Either way, a rematch of Fantasma/Escobar VS Swerve will be great.

My Score: 8.2/10

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