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Mitchell’s WWE Backlash Results & Report! (6/14/20)

The GREATEST Wrestling Match EVER?



WWE Backlash 2020

Will this be the Greatest Backlash ever?

The WWE is putting a lot of pressure on two of the best ever, but somehow, someway, Randy Orton and Edge WILL have the GREATEST Wrestling Match EVER!


  • Kickoff Match – WWE United States Championship: Apollo Crews VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega; Crews wins and retains the WWE United States Championship.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Triple Threat: Bayley & Sasha Banks VS Bliss-Cross VS The IIconics; Bayley & Banks win and retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.
  • Jeff Hardy VS Sheamus; Sheamus wins.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Nia Jax; Double Count-Out, Asuka retains the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • WWE Universal Championship Handicap Match: Braun Strowman VS The Miz & John Morrison; Strowman wins and retains the WWE Universal Championship.
  • WWE World Championship: Drew McIntyre VS Bobby Lashley w/ MVP; McIntyre wins and retains the WWE World Championship.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: The Street Profits VS The Viking Raiders; No Contest.
  • Edge VS Randy Orton; Orton wins.


It’s the Backlash Kickoff Show!

Join Scott Stanford, Peter Rosenberg and more in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action for tonight!


Renee Young, Booker T and JBL discuss Backlash!

The Raw Women’s Championship was given to Asuka, so what are her chances against Nia Jax? JBL agrees with Nia that the title was handed to Asuka, but that motivates Asuka to fight against that asterisk. Asuka is a proud, great and deserving champion, so she’ll look to wipe off that asterisk. Renee points out that Nia earned her title opportunity against Natalya and Charlotte Flair. Booker T says Nia has been waiting for this moment for a long time. She will be 1v1 with a champion. As far as Asuka being given the title, she was Ms. MITB but couldn’t cash in. The mind set may not be right for Asuka, but the time is right for Nia.

So it’ll be a short run for the Empress of Tomorrow? Booker says that when it comes to the coming up star, it’s not about who got the champion, it’s about the challenger. Nia has played the game, waited her turn, and seeing from social media, she goes out hurting people. Vader, Sid Vicious, they had reputations of hurting people, but they were also world champions. But even Becky Lynch says Asuka is one of the best, so is this really one and done? JBL wants the wambulance for getting hurt in pro-wrestling. Booker has a point, Sid and Vader were great champions, so Nia can be a great champion. The longer this goes, it will favor Asuka, but she didn’t get her moment. This will be her moment. If Asuka loses, that will hurt her more than enough. Stay tuned as these three will be back later.


Backstage interview with Christian and Ric Flair!

Captain Charisma and The Nature Boy have each chosen a side, Team Edge VS Team Orton. Charly Caruso asks Ric to support his argument why Orton will win. Well, Orton lost to Edge in a Last Man Standing Match, and though that was phenomenal, they’re going to stay in a 20 square foot ring. Orton is at his peak, Edge is back after 9 years trying to get back. Orton will walk out of the ring, staying the greatest in-ring performer in the history of the WWE.

Christian says he’s seen that smile on Ric’s face. Ric’s repeated himself so much, he believes it. But Edge wasn’t on vacation those 9 years. Yes, Orton was born into this business, but it wasn’t enough to get him to the top fast enough. Orton used Ric and HHH to fast track his way there. Orton may be great, but he just wants to take the easy way every time. So here’s the reality: tonight, Orton, who has never had to work hard for a thing in his life, versus Edge who has had to scratch and claw over and over and over in life. Grit and determination overcomes natural talent! A heated debate to be sure, but tonight will be about living up to the hype! Can Orton and Edge together truly give us the GREATEST Wrestling Match Ever?


Renee, JBL and Booker T discuss more of the show.

The Street Profits and Viking Raiders finally get to settle things from their Anything You Can Do series, and we’re all excited for their Raw Tag Team Championship match. Who comes away with the titles? Booker didn’t like that the Profits got lured out to playing a bunch of games, but that means the Vikings have them right where they want them. JBL says that he doesn’t like playing games, either. You fight and win championships. Montez Ford is one of the best pure athletes, though, so JBL is voting for the Profits.

And of course, given all the anticipation, will the rematch of Edge and Orton BE the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever? After an amazing recap video package, the panel makes their predictions. An insane amount of pressure naming it this, but will these two crack under the pressure? AW HELL NAW~! JBL lists all the accomplishments both men have under their belts, so the pressure isn’t there. this is Rock VS Stone Cold, Taker VS HBK, HBK VS Hart, and others. Can they do? Abso-freakin-lutely! But with the loss at Mania, Orton was the one who wanted this normal rules match. Does he need this win? Booker says Orton has always had a lot of pressure on his shoulders, from his grandfather and father. Orton is coming up on 20 YEARS. Right around that mark, a switch turns on and you just know everything in that ring. That’s where Orton is.

Edge won his first Intercontinental Championship in 1999, but he was injured. That’s hard to come back from, but he is at the 20 mark. The advantage goes to Orton but we’re gonna see something from Edge. Renee does bring that up. Edge had a great Mania but he’s still 9 years behind. JBL says Edge can probably come back, but JBL doesn’t bet on “probably.” Orton’s father knew he’d be this amazing. Orton and Edge have done everything, but that 9 year gap could be something he can’t overcome. If JBL is betting, the slight advantage is Orton. Seems Orton has a sweep on this panel, but can he put on such a performance?


Kickoff Match – WWE United States Championship: Apollo Crews VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega & Angel Garza!

The young reign of the hungry star is about to be tested! Will Apollo deny El Idolo in this rematch from a few weeks ago? Or will Almas reign once again?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this kickoff finally kicks off!

But wait! Kevin Owens comes out, and looks to be joining commentary. The bell rings and Almas fires off on Apollo. Almas headlocks, Apollo powers out and the two collide. Apollo doesn’t budge and he dares Almas to try again. Almas runs, Apollo hurdles, drops down and dropkicks, only for Almas to deflect it! Almas headlocks again but Apollo fights out. Almas goes up and over and headlocks again, but Apollo pries at the hold. Apollo fireman’s carries but Almas fights out to the apron. Almas dragon sleepers with the ropes! The ref counts. Almas lets go at 4 but drags Apollo out to club with forearms. Almas brings Apollo to the ramp for knees, but Apollo back drops him down onto the plating! Kevin knows how that feels, and it’s not fun. Apollo refreshes the count but Almas grabs at him on the apron. Apollo mule kicks Almas away, then ASAI MOONSAULTS! Direct hit and Apollo is on his feet!

Apollo brings Almas up as the crowd fires up, and he puts Almas in the ring. Apollo drags Almas up, suplexes, and holds Almas up! After five, he slams Almas down! Cover, TWO! Vega grows concerned but the crowd rallies for Apollo. Almas elbows but Apollo lifts. Almas lands on his feet and baits Apollo into buckles! Vega chants “SI! SI!” and Almas runs corner to corner, for CIEN SHADOWS! Kevin also knows how those feel. Cover, TWO!! Apollo survives and Almas is frustrated. Vega keeps him focused and Almas gets to the corner. Almas climbs up top but Apollo CHOPS him! Almas forearms back but Apollo CHOPS and forearms! And CHOPS, CHOPS, CHOPS! Apollo climbs up top, brings Almas up with him, but Almas trips Apollo up! Almas CHOPS away on Apollo to put him in the Tree of Woe, but Apollo avoids the Woe Stomps! Almas runs back in, for an OVERHEAD suplex into buckles!

Vega panics while both men are down! Apollo and Almas stir while Vega coaches Almas on. The crowd rallies for Apollo and he dodges Almas to ROCK him with rights! Apollo rallies with clotheslines and tackles Almas to a corner! Apollo rams his shoulder in over and over, then whips corner to corner, for a big corner splash! The crowd fires up with Apollo as he SPINE BUSTERS Almas! Cover, TWO!! Almas survives but Apollo keeps his cool. Apollo watches Almas stand, brings him up, but the Olympic Slam becomes an arm-drag! But Almas runs into a dropkick! Apollo gets to his feet slowly and then goes to the outside. Garza lurks and Kevin warns him to stay back. Almas hits Apollo with forearms then goes to suplex. Apollo resists, throws body shots, and suplexes Almas!

Almas lands safely on the apron but the two brawl. They CHOP each other, but Almas kicks low. He has Apollo in the ropes, SLINGSHOT DDT!! Cover, TWO!?! Apollo lives and Almas can’t believe it! Vega is losing her cool, too, but the crowd is rallying for Apollo again. Almas drags Apollo up and reels him in. But Apollo suplexes, only for Almas to slip out and BOOT back! Apollo flounders but enziguris back! And then military presses for the SLAM! Standing moonsault! Standing shooting star! Cover, but Garza distracts the ref! So Kevin brings Garza down for a STUNNER! Apollo likes that, but Almas suckers him in! Hammerlock, but no DDT! CREWS MISSILE!! Cover, Apollo wins!!

Winner: Apollo Crews, by pinfall (still WWE United States Champion)

The Prizefighter helps Apollo keep his prize, and Vega knows it. Will KO and Apollo continue to work together to keep things fair and square?


Sheamus speaks.

“Jeff Hardy. Let’s not worry about what happened Friday night during our contract signing.” Tempers flared and things got out of hand. But as the bigger man, Sheamus will let bygones be bygones. Because the truth is, Sheamus knows how much pain Hardy is really in. It must be so hard to present yourself as a beacon of hope when you know deep down, it’s not the real you. This clear headed Hardy is a flicker of false hope before he reverts into the depraved human he’s meant to be. Hardy can smile and be positive on the outside, but he can’t deny the demons just below the surface. He can’t deny he’s the brain dead has-been that is an embarrassment to his friends, family and himself. That’s the true Jeff Hardy. And tonight, Sheamus will remind the WWE Universe of that when he Brogues Hardy off the wagon and back into obscurity. Will the Celtic Warrior satisfy his own addiction of ruining the Charismatic Enigma’s comeback?


Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Hogan VS Andre. Savage VS Steamboat. The Rock VS John Cena. HBK VS Austin. Taker VS HHH. “And at Backlash, it’ll be Edge VS Orton.” Challenge accepted! One man has gone from nothing to legend. Everything has led him to this moment. If you think the Ultimate Opportunist backs down now, than you don’t know him. “It’s not arrogance. It’s destiny.” Never has there been a more gifted wrestler in the WWE. The Legend Killer, the Apex Predator, the Viper. He is going to end one more legend. Together, opposed. If they have even a chance to prove they can do this, it’s against each other. Living legends, undisputed icons, and their defining moment. One man writes the last chapter between Orton and Edge. Tonight, will we see this generation’s Greatest Wrestling Match Ever?!


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Triple Threat: Bayley & Sasha Banks VS Bliss-Cross VS The IIconics!

Three dynamic duos who have all held the gold at least once will battle to prove who are THE best friends of the WWE! Will the #GoldenRoleModels stay strong? Will Alexa and Nikki take the titles back? Or will Billie Kay and Peyton Royce make the Women’s Tag Division IIIICONIC again?

Before their entrance, Kayla Braxton interviews the champions, but Bayley cuts her off. Why don’t they introduce the inaugural and “without a doubt” BEST tag team champions ever properly? The Blueprint and #BayleyDosStraps! Well Dos Straps, if you lose the titles, will you lose your friendship? Wow, so deep, Kayla. But Sasha points out Bayley is the most dominant woman in SmackDown history. And as they said, this friendship is unstoppable. Kayla is trying to get in Bayley’s head. But guess what? After raising their hands in victory, Kayla can look in the mirror to realize how stupid she is. Next time, send Charly. They are unbeatable, unstoppable and undeniable! Will all this confidence go to waste against two strong opposing teams?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and this title three way begins!

In this special triple threat, a member of every team is active, making this an even wilder Triple Threat Tag to begin with! To begin, it’s Bayley, Nikki and Billie. Peyton gives Billie some last pointers while the crowd rallies for Nikki. Billie tells them to shut up but Nikki DECKS her! Bayley and Nikki brawl but Nikki starts hitting both Bayley and Billie. Billie and Bayley hit Nikki then throw her down. Only for Bayley to DECK Billie! Peyton tags in but Bayley whips Billie into her! Nikki climbs on but Sasha tags in. Billie waistlocks but Nikki knocks her away. Sasha runs in but into another waistlock. Ssaha switches and goes to roll but Alexa tags in to ROCK her! All three teams are in and the crowd fires up for the stand off. Everyone cools off and Alexa circles with Sasha and Peyton.

The crowd rallies for “LEXI! LEXI!” as she, Sasha and Peyton approach. Peyton DECKS Alexa, rolls Sasha, but Alexa rolls Peyton! Sasha breaks the pin with a kick and swaggers about. Sasha clubs Peyton then knuckle locks to arm-drag her down! Cover, TWO! Peyton swipes but Sasha jumps, only for Peyton to kick and snapmare. Backslide, Gory Especial, Sasha slips out but Peyton sits! TWO, and Sasha sunset flips. TWO, and Sasha kicks Alexa. Sasha and Peyton double whip but Alexa ROCKS Sasha and rolls Peyton! TWO, to a ghost pin! TWO, Sasha rolls Alexa! Peyton rolls Sasha, bridges, but Alexa slips in to break it up! The crowd cheers this fast and furious exchange as the three stand off again. But then they each sucker punch an opponent! Alexa, Sasha and Peyton stand off, but then the partners all come in. It’s another triple stand off, into a six woman brawl!

Alexa throws Billie out, Peyton throws Bayley out and Nikki rams Sasha. Alexa brings Peyton around, shouts to Nikki, and whips Peyton into Sasha. Alexa runs in to SLAP Peyton, then she SLAPS Sasha! Nikki tags in to corner splash Sasha, then bulldog, into a HEEL KICK! Peyton covers, TWO! Sasha gets to Bayley and tags her in, but the ref didn’t see it! The ref makes Bayley tag for sure, and she argues with him. Bayley ROCKS Peyton, then RAMS Nikki into the corner. Bayley goes wacky waving, but misses! Billie tags in and BOOTS Nikki! She high stacks, but Bayley breaks it! Billie and Byaley argue while stomping Nikki. They get Nikki in a corner and stomp a mudhole together. But then Billie ROCKS Bayley to suplex her! Billie shouts, “IICONIC!” and strikes a pose. Billie swipes at Alexa then complains to the ref. Billie wheelbarrows but Sasha POUNCES Peyton! Bayley rolls Billie, TWO!

Bayley lifts Billie, Sasha sucker punches Alexa, bu Billie sunset flips! TWO and Bayley has the wheelbarrow, they steal the IIconic combo! Cover, but Nikki breaks it! The crowd is fired up and rallying again as Bayley goes after Nikki. Bayley rams Nikki into a corner, clubs her with forearms, then hoists her up. Billie throws Bayley by her hair then throws forearms at Nikki. Nikki hits back, clothesline bulldog combo! All three women are down and the crowd rallies up! Hot tag to Alexa! The Goddess rallies on Bayley, Peyton tags in but she gets hit, too! Alexa ROCKS Bayley, STO’s Peyton, then dropkicks Bayley down! Alexa hits Insult 2 THESZ PRESS! Alexa rains down hands, then Thesz Presses Sasha! Peyton runs into a third Thesz Press! Alexa is all fired up, Billie talks smack and gets SMACKED! Alexa dodges Bayley and Peyton to double crossbody!

Alexa puts Bayley in a corner and fires off stomps and forearms! Bayley throws her to the apron then tags Sasha, Sasha brawls with Alexa, but Peyton SPEARS them down and onto the others! All six women are down and “This is Awesome!” Peyton puts Sasha in but Bayley hurries after. Billie stops Bayley and wheelbarrows, IICONIC-CLASM! Sasha swings and grabs Peyton but she pops free! INVERTED MAGIC KILELR! But Bliss-Cross dropkick the IIconics down! Nikki turns Peyton but she fights free! Nikki dodges the heel kick and catches Peyton, Bliss-Cross hits the FLAPJACK DDT!! Billie throws Nikki but Nikki throws her out. Those two brawl on the outside and take each other out! Alexa goes up top, aimed at Peyton! TWISTED BLISS! But Sasha gets in to cover Alexa! Sasha & Bayley win!!

Winners: Sasha Banks & Bayley, by pinfall (still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

#BayleyDosStraps is still a thing! The role models are still golden, but are they truly unstoppable? They have a return to NXT this Wednesday, will Bayley and Banks shine bright on the black ‘n’ gold?


Braun Strowman pulls up to the arena.

His Plymouth Grand National has a new windshield, so clearly The Miz and Morrison didn’t do as much damage as they thought. The Monster Among Men brings his things out of the trunk and heads inside. Will he mash the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century up worse than their spy van?


Jeff Hardy VS Sheamus!

The Charismatic Enigma does not deny his inner demons exist, but he has overcome them to come back to the WWE Universe. However, the Celtic Warrior preys on those weaknesses in an effort to purge Hardy from his locker room. Will Sheamus break Hardy with one last Brogue? Or will Hardy prove nothing can break his spirit this time?

The bell rings and the crowd is already rallying behind Hardy. Hardy and Sheamus tie up, Sheamus gets a headlock and takeover and grinds his forearms into Hardy’s face! Hardy gets up, gets a leg, then a waistlock. Sheamus backs him up into buckles then throws hands. Hardy slips out and headlocks but Sheamus works to power out. Hardy holds on tight but Sheamus pulls hair. Sheamus puts Hardy in a corner and the ref counts. They break at 4, only for Sheamus to shoulder in! Sheamus throws forearms and then shouts that the piss wasn’t funny. Sheamus stomps Hardy then rips at his mesh shirt! The crowd boos as Sheamus drags Hardy up and whips. Hardy kicks back then dropkicks the legs out! Hardy stomps Sheamus’ legs as Sheamus scrambles about. Hardy stomps a mudhole into the legs but the ref backs him off. Sheamus gets up but Hardy just tackles him down!

Hardy clubs Sheamus down and chokes him on the ropes! The ref counts, Hardy lets up, but Sheamus clobbers him! Sheamus hobbles and says the crowd is to blame for this. Sheamus drags Hardy up to throw European Uppercuts then stomps him at the ropes. Sheamus scrapes his boot on Hardy’s face but lets up at the ref’s count. Sheamus drags Hardy around and whips him to ropes. Hardy holds ropes and dumps Sheamus to the apron. Hardy runs to dropkick the legs out! Sheamus hits the floor but Hardy pursues. Hardy runs and leaps off the steps, to clobber Sheamus towards commentary! The crowd fires up as Hardy drags Sheamus up. Hardy bounces Sheamus off the announce desk then puts him in the ring. Hardy grabs the steel steps and pulls off the top! The ref tells him not to, so Hardy puts the steps down. Hardy wants to win so he throws forearms on Sheamus in the ring.

Hardy suplexes but Sheamus blocks. Sheamus powers Hardy to a corner and throws elbows over and over! Sheamus backs off at the ref’s count but he comes back to drag Hardy into a suplex! He SLAMS Hardy on the top crossbar and Hardy flops to the apron. Sheamus catches his breath before heading back over. Sheamus drags Hardy up and scoops him for a swinging slam! The ref checks on Hardy but Sheamus climbs up. Sheamus leaps to drop a knee! Cover, TWO! Hardy survives but Sheamus looms over him. Hardy hobbles up but falls down, and Sheamus tells the crowd and fans that they’re all enablers! Sheamus digs his boot into Hardy at the ropes then puts him on the apron. Sheamus drags Hardy back in and scoops him for an IRISH CURSE Backbreaker! And another! Cover, TWO!! Hardy still lives and the crowd rallies for him.

Sheamus wraps Hardy up in a chinlock but the crowd rallies up. Hardy fights to his feet and throws elbows. Hardy jawbreakers free! Sheamus still comes back with a KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Sheamus grows frustrated but he walks off the bad leg. Sheamus shouts at commentary to call this right, he’s not frustrated at all. Sheamus cranks on Hardy with a chinlock and even smothers his face! The ref reprimands and the crowd rallies. Hardy fights up and fights back, to waistlock and shove Sheamus to buckles! Then hits a back suplex! Both men are down but the crowd fires up. Hardy gets up and throws haymakers! Hardy runs, but into a LARIAT! Sheamus goes to a corner and climbs up again, but he takes his time taunting the crowd. Hardy stands, ducks the flying clothesline, and elbows Sheamus away! WHISPER IN THE WIND! Cover, TWO!! Sheamus survives and Hardy grits his teeth.

Sheamus throws hands but Hardy gives them back. Hardy whips, Sheamus reverses but Hardy clotheslines! Atomic drop and takedown to the leg splitting leg drop! Basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Hardy keeps moving, falling splash! Cover, TWO! Hardy is too tired to be frustrated, but the crowd still has energy to give him. Hardy watches Sheamus stand and he calls his shot. Kick and Twist but Sheamus rolls him up! TWO, and Hardy tries again. Sheamus blocks but gets the spinning mule kick! Sheamus comes back, Hardy dodges the Brogue to hit a SLINGBLADE! Hardy drags himself to the corner while Sheamus is in the drop zone. The crowd cheers Hardy as he climbs, but Sheamus intercepts Hardy with forearms! Sheamus climbs up to join Hardy, but Hardy fights him back with body shots.

Hardy pushes Sheamus down hard, then adjusts to stand up. But Sheamus trips him up and Hardy falls to the mat! Sheamus brings Hardy up, WHITE NOISE!! Cover, TWO!?! Sheamus can’t believe Hardy survives again! Sheamus looms over Hardy as the crowd rallies hard as ever. Hardy staggers to a corner but Sheamus has his legs. Sheamus stomps Hardy down then laces the legs for the CLOVERLEAF! Hardy endures, reaches and crawls, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Sheamus lets go at 4 but he’s still frustrated. Sheamus stomps Hardy and kicks him to a corner. Hardy gets to the apron but Sheamus drags him up by his torn up shirt. “Do you know how long I’ve waited for this? I’m gonna help you with those demons!” He uses the Bodhrain to beat those demons out of Hardy! And then again!

Hardy flops to the apron but Sheamus drags him inside. Sheamus drags Hardy all the way to the far corner and hoists him up top. Hardy holds onto the top rope for dear life, and slips off to POST Sheamus! TWIST OF FATE!! Hardy hurries up top and the crowd is fired up again! SWANTON BOMB!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!? Sheamus saves himself by mere seconds and no one can believe it! Hardy and Sheamus head out, and Hardy uses the steps to get up on the barriers. Hardy runs and leaps, into a BROGUE!! Sheamus puts Hardy in and wants another. Hardy stands, to get another BROGUE!! Cover, Sheamus wins!!

Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall

The Celtic Warrior makes Hardy look at him while he’s down on the mat. Hardy has fought off his inner demons, but he was just mauled by a Great White. Will Hardy be able to recover from this defeat? Or will he be stuck wallowing in shame?


Backstage interview with The Miz & John Morrison.

Oh hi, Kayla. No time for media, they are preparing to become co-Universal champions. Well, that’s just it. It was announced earlier that the rules of the Handicap Match changed. The one who pins Strowman becomes the SOLE Universal Champion. What? Well, that’s fine. As long as one of them becomes champion instead of Strowman, that’s good enough. Strowman may have fixed his windshield, but he won’t be able to fix how it feels when his title is in THESE hands. But just then, Otis and Mandy Rose walk over. Otis says that while these two said some mean things about him, like he’s pregnant with a roasted turkey, he wants them to know he MIGHT cash in. So even if Miz and Morrison win, they may not be champion for very long. Will the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century have the title in their hands at all tonight?


Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Nia Jax!

The Empress of Tomorrow won the Ms. Money in the Bank match, but she won so much more than she realized. Becky Lynch gave the title to her as she stepped away to become a mother, but the Irresistible Force says Asuka is not worthy. Will Asuka prove Nia wrong once and for all?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this collision a long time coming finally happens!

Asuka and Nia circle and Nia runs in. Asuka fires off strikes but Nia shoves her. Asuka boots the punch but Nia blocks the back hand. Nia scoops, but Asuka slips to a sleeper! Nia elbows free but Asuka comes back to tilt-o-whirl! Asuka wants the arm but Nia powers her away again. Nia grabs Asuka by the head to headbutt! Asuka ends up in a corner, but she ROUNDHOUSES back! Nia stays up but Asuka bumps her off buckles again and again! Nia swats Asuka away with a back hand of her own, but she runs into a tilt-o-whirl! IRON OCTOPUS! Asuka cranks on the arm but Nia endures! Nia stays standing, pries free, and tosses Asuka off! Asuka gets to her feet but Nia CLOBBERS her down! Asuka sits up but Nia drags her up. But Asuka goes after the arm again!

Nia swats Asuka off but Asuka does it again. Nia shoves, Asuka returns, Nia runs her over! Nia tosses Asuka by her hair to a corner! Asuka flounders up and Nia corner splashes, to then toss Asuka the other way. The crowd rallies for Asuka but Nia scoops Asuka for a slam. Nia covers, TWO! Nia pushes Asuka towards ropes but the crowd continues to rally. Nia brings Asuka up and stretches her against the ropes. She lets up at 4 then stalks Asuka to a corner. Nia toys with Asuka but Asuka kicks back. Nia drags Asuka up but Asuka keeps fighting. Nia shoves Asuka, then pops her up for a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives and Nia grows annoyed. The crowd keeps rallying but Nia looms over Asuka. Nia drags Asuka up to a cobra clutch and leans on her. Asuka endures, the crowd continues to rally, and Asuka fights with elbows.

Asuka spins out and jumps on for a guillotine! Nia powers her way free to suplex Asuka up and JACKHAMMER her down! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives and Nia is losing her cool. Nia cools off and toys with Asuka. Asuka gets mad as Nia taunts her with, “Where’s Kairi?” Asuka back hands and back kicks and runs, but into a firemen’s carry! Asuka sunset flips but Nia stays up! Nia jumps but sits down on the mat! Asua runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Asuka keeps on Nia with kick after kick, then goes after the arm again. Nia denies the whip and sends Asuka the other way. Asuka goes up and missile dropkicks Nia down! Asuka keeps going, HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO! Still not enough but Asuka covers out of exhaustion! TWO, and Asuka gets angrier.

The crowd continues to rally as Asuka and Nia go forehead to forehead. Asuka fairs off kick after kick, but Nia catches one for a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives and Nia can’t believe it. Asuka gets to a corner, Nia gets up in a huff, and Nia runs corner to corner. Asuka dodges and POSTS Nia! Nia drags herself out while Asuka fires up with the crowd. Asuka goes up top but Nia headbutts her first! Nia climbs to join Asuka, but Asuka gets her with a hanging armbar! Asuka drags Nia over and out to the floor! Asuka aims at Nia, FLYING ARMBAR! The ref counts as Nia shifts to dead lift Asuka and swing her into barriers! The count is passed 5 and climbing! Nia drags Asuka up at 8, but Asuka slips free to ROUNDHOUSE! THE COUNT HITS 10!!

Double Count-Out; Asuka is still Raw Women’s Champion

Asuka survives Nia but not even she is satisfied with that! She goes to the apron to hit a FLYING HIP ATTACK! Nia goes down in a heap and Asuka leaves with the belt. Is this furious feud far from over?


MVP is on the phone.

He wants 20- no, 30! 30 bottles of the best champagne. They’re going to celebrate Bobby Lashley’s win tonight, so nothing but the best. Speaking of, the security team- Wait, he’ll have to call back. Lana walks over and says this is the greatest night in “my Bobby’s” career. She claims this is because of her work as his wife and manager. MVP stops her right there and says this is something she and Bobby need to talk over. And by the way, it was NOT his idea to keep Lana backstage, so perhaps she needs to talk with her husband. But she isn’t going to, because she’s too scared to hear the truth. Now if she’ll excuse him, MVP is going to attend to the NEW WWE World Champion. Will Lana finally get to the heart of the problem between her and “her Bobby”?


WWE Universal Championship Handicap Match: Braun Strowman VS The Miz & John Morrison!

The Monster Among Men hasn’t had the best time when outnumbered. Sami Zayn, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura took the WWE Intercontinental Championship from him together, so the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century will try to do the same. However, just like when Strowman took on the Artist Collective, only one man from the opposing team can be champion. Will the A-Lister and the Guru of Greatness agree to let what happens happen and support the other in becoming champion? Or will neither of them #GetTheseHands on the title?

But before the match, Miz & Morrison grab the mics to speak. They know that only one can become champion, but that means they need something to pump them up. How about they share something extra special with the WWE Universe? That’s right, the music video sweeping the nation! The PPV debut of their hit single, “HEY! Hey Hey!” Roll it! The video begins, and actually gets past the intro this time. And to the chorus! That’s incredible! But the second verse barely begins before the #StrowmanExpress barges in! The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this numbers game begins!

Miz starts with Strowman and they circle. Morrison starts up the chanting of “Hey Hey! Ho ho!” and then Miz backs off to tag him in. Morrison circles with Strowman but Miz gets a cheap shot! Strowman tries to go after Miz but Morrison fires off strikes. Strowman clubs and throws Morrison to a corner! Morrison dodges in the corner, then dodges the boot! Morrison kips up, gets away and tags Miz back in. Strowman seethes as Miz takes his time getting in the ring. Miz goes around the way but Morrison sneaks up behind Strowman. Strowman senses it and runs Morrison off, but Miz fires haymakers! Miz dodges Strowman, tags Morrison in, double shotgun dropkicks put Strowman in a corner! Morrison runs in but Strowman puts him on the apron. Morrison hits back and springboards, but Strowman catches him! Morrison gets away with parkour, but he runs into a HARD right hand!

Morrison crawls and Miz tags in. Miz realizes he’s going to be alone with Strowman and hesitates on the apron. Strowman rushes over but Miz hotshots him back! Miz throws haymakers and backs Strowman down, then BOOTS! But Strowman stays up! Miz is afraid again and tries to reason with Strowman. Miz goes to tag out but no Morrison. Strowman BOOTS Miz down and Morrison returns, but Strowman sends him into Morrison! That counts as a tag, oddly enough, but Strowman tosses Miz out hard! The Strowman Express builds up speed but Miz and Morrison get back in the ring. FLYING CHUCK takes Strowman down! Miz tags in to hit a wrecking dropkick! Morrison FLIES to wreck Strowman into barriers! The Monster is in trouble as Miz and Morrison stalk up behind him. Miz puts Strowman in and slithers up behind him. Strowman sits up to get an IT KICK! Cover, ONE!

Miz clamps on with a chinlock and leans on Strowman. Strowman endures but he’s already turning red. The crowd rallies and Strowman powers up with Miz as a backpack. He powers Miz to the corner, Morrison tags in and chop blocks the leg! Morrison kicks Strowman down, stomps him, then moves to ground ‘n’ pound! Strowman powers out but Morrison kicks and stomps more. Morrison sits Strowman up for a point-blank Wizard! Tag to Miz and they bring Strowman up together, DOUBLE DDT! Cover, ONE?! Strowman is still tough but he’s slowing down. Miz stalks Strowman and throws more It Kicks! He kicks and kicks and kicks, then kicks even more. Miz and Morrison sing Hey! Hey Hey, but Miz runs into a RIGHT! And a back elbow, and a BOOT! Strowman ROCKS Morrison, then TOSSES Miz!

Strowman runs corner to corner but Morrison tags and saves Miz! Strowman POSTS himself, and Morrison hits Antone FLYING CHUCK! Strowman staggers about, swings on Morrison, but gets a THIRD Flying Chuck! SHINING WIZARD! Tag to Miz and Miz climbs up top, for a flying ax handle! Miz looks to finish this, he full nelsons, DOUBLE STOMP FINALE COMBO!! Morrison covers, but Miz drags him off?! Instinct or ego? Miz realizes his mistake and lets Morrison cover, TWO!! Morrison is tossed out of the ring! Miz panics and hurries, but into a CHOKE SLAM! Morrison springboards, into an uppercut! Strowman scoops Morrison, for the MONSTER SLAM!! Cover, Strowman wins!

Winner: Braun Strowman, by pinfall (still WWE Universal Champion)

One major Miz-take and now neither Miz nor Morrison is champion! The Strowman Express is still on the track and he laughs at the Greatest Tag Team. Will the Monster Among Men continue to build momentum until he is completely unstoppable?


Backstage interview with the NEW Intercontinental Champion, AJ Styles!

The Phenomenal One is congratulated, but he has a special announcement. He could’ve taken the night off, and he certainly neared it last Friday. He has a special invitation open to everyone for this coming SmackDown. The greatest champion in the WWE should have the greatest presentation! He wants everyone to be there, including Daniel Bryan. Why? Because Bryan has the most to learn. Bryan fights for his dreams, but Styles makes his dreams happen. Styles lives in the real world. Bryan is certainly one of the greatest to lace up the boots, he’s just not phenomenal. Just what will this championship presentation be this Friday Night SmackDown?


WWE World Championship: Drew McIntyre VS Bobby Lashley w/ MVP!

The Scottish Stud waited a long time to finally have a shot at the world title. He not only won the Royal Rumble to earn his shot, he finally slayed The Beast, Brock Lesnar, at WrestleMania! But the Rocky Mountain Machine has also waited a long time to have his shot at the world title. Montel Vontavius Porter motivated Lashley to finally free Lashley, and here we are. Will this finally be Lashley’s moment to make it to the top of the WWE mountain? Or will the Claymore kick him all the way back down?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the moment of truth is here!

But before the bell, MVP gets in McIntyre’s face, McIntyre shoves him away, and Lashley clamps on the FULL NELSON! The ref tries to pry Lashley off but he thrashes McIntyre about! The ref calls for back-up and more refs rush out! But Lashley drags McIntyre down to the mat with body scissors! Lashley is like a bear trap clamped onto McIntyre, and he doesn’t let go until McIntyre is red and gasping for air. Lashley paces, a shark smelling blood in the water. McIntyre manages to breathe and the refs ask if he wants this match. McIntyre DEMANDS this match still happen, so the bell rings. Lashley rushes in to tackle McIntyre to a corner! Lashley rams his shoulder in over and over, then clubs McIntyre’s back. He bumps McIntyre off buckles and throws haymakers. The crowd boos as Lashley suplexes and SLAMS McIntyre down! Cover, ONE!?

McIntyre still has a lot so Lashley tries another cover. ONE, and Lashley is shocked. MVP says Lashley needs to keep on McIntyre, and Lana watches proudly backstage. Lashley bumps McIntyre off buckles and throws more hands. The ref counts as Lashley digs his boot in, and Lashley lets up at 4. Lashley clubs McIntyre more then roars in frustration. Lashley runs corner to corner, into a KNEE! McIntyre CHOPS Lashley back, then runs, but Lashley follows to LARIAT! Cover, ONE! Lashley tries again, ONE! Lashley digs his knee into McIntyre then cranks on an arm. He pulls McIntyre’s jacket off and then rams his knee into McIntyre’s spine over and over. Lashley clamps on with a chinlock and bends McIntyre back. MVP says that’s how to do it, and Lashley waistlocks. McIntyre fights out, standing switches, but Lashley spins around, only to get a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, ONE!

Lashley spins McIntyre for a neckbraeker! Cover, ONE!! Lashley grows frustrated as he looms over McIntyre. Lashley knocks McIntyre down and McIntyre is gasping again. MVP says to not let up, so Lashley drags McIntyre up in a corner. Lashley chokes McIntyre on the ropes, the ref counts, but Lashley lets up at 4. McIntyre coughs and sputters, but Lashley stands on McIntyre’s throat! The ref counts, Lashley lets up, and then brings McIntyre up for a scoop. The crowd rallies and McIntyre sips out to shove and clothesline Lashley out! McIntyre keeps on Lashley and rams him into barriers! And then again! The ref starts the ring count and MVP gets in McIntyre’s face again. MVP backs off, but McIntyre whips Lashley. Lashley reverses to scoop and TOSS McIntyre to the floor! MVP says Lashley has him, so finish him! Lashley fireman’s carries McIntyre to POST him!

McIntyre is down in a heap and Lashley high-fives MVP. Lashley taunts McIntyre before dragging him up and into the ring at 8. McIntyre manages to roll out the other side but Lashley pursues. Lashley runs at McIntyre, but McIntyre TOSSES Lashley into barriers! Both men are down but MVP keeps coaching Lashley. McIntyre drags Lashley up for a snap suplex to the floor! McIntyre drags Lashley up again to put in the ring at 7. McIntyre doesn’t want a count-out win, and the crowd rallies behind him for it. Lashley mule kicks but McIntyre haymakers. The two behemoths brawl and CHOP! Lashley kicks but McIntyre CHOPS again! And again! McIntyre whips, Lashley reverses, but McIntyre comes back to LARIAT! McIntyre keeps moving, and BOOTS Lashley! Lashley wobbles, McIntyre goes up top, and hits a flying ax handle! McIntyre is down, but he still manages to kip up!

The crowd rallies as McIntyre fireman’s carries Lashley. Lashley fights free and runs, into a SPINE BUSTER! Jackknife cover, TWO! Both men are down and MVP coaches Lashley again. McIntyre and Lashley stand, but Lashley spins McIntyre to shove. McIntyre kicks back, runs, but into the ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPINE BUSTER! Cover, ONE?!?! HOW?!? MVP is still shouting to stay on McIntyre, so Lashley drags him back up. Lashley POSTS McIntyre again, then hauls him up for a COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, ONE!! McIntyre is not slowing down but MVP says Lashley should use something he can’t kick out of. Lashley waits for McIntyre to get up. McIntyre gets to ropes, stands, but walks into the FULL NELSON! McIntyre resists, Lashley keeps trying, but McIntyre uses the buckles. Lashley bumps McIntyre off the buckles, then climbs up to club him from above!

McIntyre Electric Chairs, Inverted Alabama, but Lashley holds on for dear life! Not enough, and McIntyre SLAMS Lashley down! Cover, TWO! MVP is relieved that Lashley survives. Lashley stands first and gets back to a corner. The crowd rallies and McIntyre goes to the far side. McIntyre runs in, but Lashley puts him on the apron. McIntyre hotshots Lashley then climbs up again. McIntyre leaps, but into a takedown! CROSSFACE! McIntyre endures as Lashley cranks back, but McIntyre fights back to his feet. McIntyre scoops and gut wrenches Lashley, for a TOMB- NO! Lashley gets a takedown to an ANKLE LOCK! McIntyre flails, rolls, and kicks Lashley away. Lashley comes back, but the Spear is turned into a KIMURA! McIntyre learned something from Lesnar and is using it on Lashley! Lashley endures, reaches, and gets the ropebreak! McIntyre lets go at 4 and MVP grows worried.

Lashley gets up on the apron, McIntyre brings him over and bumps him off buckles. McIntyre climbs, drags Lashley up, and clubs away with forearms. McIntyre brings Lashley to the very top, SUPERPLEX! But both men are down! The crowd hopes they “Fight Forever!” at this rate but it has to end at some point. MVP gives Lashley more tips but McIntyre kips up again! McIntyre gets to the corner and starts the countdown! But he runs into a SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!?! Lashley and MVP cannot believe it! And to make matters worse, here comes Lana! The Ravishing Russian doesn’t care about things, she is saying the ref is cheating. McIntyre shoves Lashley at Lana, Lashley stops himself, but Lashley turns around into the GLASGOW KISS! Lashley bumps into Lana, who falls on MVP! CLAYMORE!! Cover, McIntyre wins!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall (still WWE World Champion)

MVP gets up and is distraught! All the hard work to turn the Rocky Mountain Machine around, and it was ruined by a Ravishing Russian. Lashley doesn’t even help Lana up off the ground! Is the romance finally through? As for McIntyre, he survived so much from Lashley and comes out on top. Will anyone ever be able to conquer #ClaymoreCountry?


There’s a brawl in the parking lot?!

The Street Profits and the Viking Raiders are throwing hands! They’re supposed to battle over the Raw Tag Team Championships tonight, but what happened to the respect found during the Anything You Can Do Series?! Erik throws hands on Ford while Dawkins and Ivar brawl. They’re dangerously close to Strowman’s Grand National, and then Ford HIP TOSSES Erik onto the windshield!! “Fam, that’s Braun Strowman’s car!” RUN FOR IT! The Profits and Vikings bail, but the brawling continues all the same! Ivar rocks Dawkins but Dawkins bounces him off trunks. Dawkins helps Ford against Erik, and then throw him into a garage door! Then the golf clubs come out! Except, Erik and Ivar get their axes back. And bowling balls? References abound, and the Profits bail!

The Vikings pursue down the hall towards gorilla. The Profits make a stand with the clubs, the Vikings storm up with ax and bowling ball, and Ford has to point out how crazy this is. Let’s all just drop the weapons and fight like men. All at the same time. Good, good, good. The four stand back up tall, and Ford has a question. What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP! And the brawling continues! Uppercuts and forearms, but then Ford hits a wall jump Superman punch! Erik comes back with Ace Ten Mao! Dawkins DECKS Erik and they continue down the way. Ivar and Ford slowly recover, and Ivar grabs his bowling ball. Ivar remembers back to their great night of bowling and all the strikes the Vikings were serving. Ivar prepares for one last one, and hits Ford right down the middle! STRIKE! Ivar pats him on the back before heading after Erik and Dawkins.

But when Ivar finds Erik, he’s down and out. Dawkins SPEARS Ivar through glass! Both men are wrecked, and Ivar goes back to his happy place: all the times turkey legs appeared as if from nowhere. And it was more often than you’d think. “Anything you can do…” “We can do better!” Ford and Erik catch up to these two and see just what happened. They help their tag partners up, and all four men hobble out of the lobby. No serious injuries, thankfully. They argue about who is to blame over this escalating. Let’s take this outside! But, they already are outside. What is Ivar doing? The two teams vow to finish this and they dig deep. But wait, who is this rolling in on motorcycles? It’s a whole biker gang of sorts! Led by… AKIRA TOZAWA?! It’s a bunch of biker ninjas! “Anything you can do, we ninja can do better!” CHECK! Helmet toss.

The Vikings and Profits huddle up and realize they’re up against ninja bikers. You know what that means? “It’s time, fam.” They must do this together. A storm rolls in, and Ford calls upon the powers of his red solo cup! Dawkins has a golf club, Erik has an ax, and Ivar has a turkey leg. They have combined to become the VIKING PROFITS!! Time to live by four words: WE WANT THE SMOKE! Tozawa and his shinobi power up, and it’s a 8v4 brawl! Shield smash! Cup splash! Drumstick smack! Golf club… club! Oh no, Ivar has been disarmed! But he still punches the ninja. Ford uses some street style while Dawkins rocks ’em! The Vikings give one ninja the Ivar SLAM on top of a car! They leap frog and ROCK more ninja, to then dosido BOOT!

The ninjas have been defeated and the Viking Profits super fist bump freeze frame! Tozawa ask they wait and show mercy. But then he waves over… THE SHOGUN!! He draws his sword, but Ivar summons Turkey Mjolnir! Ivar takes a big bite but Tozawa is confident in his ace’s ninja sword. Erik wants this one but the Profits keep him back. The four retreat to the top of the production truck! And then across the row of trucks, which is a lot of running for Ivar. Maybe if he wasn’t so obsessed with turkey legs, he’d be faster. Erik says Ivar is tired from beating up all the ninjas. No, the Profits did that. What did the five fingers say to the face? BRAWL! So much for that alliance. Dawkins clubs ERik and says it’s SMOKE SEASON! SUPER BULLDOG into the dumpster!

Ford and Ivar hurry over. What happened to being Viking Profits? Ivar pushes Ford into the dumpster! AIR IVAR SUPER SWANTON! All four are down in the trash and blame each other for starting it. Ivar goes back to his happy place: all the times the ladies complimented him on being cute; and said Erik isn’t as much. Good times, good times. The referee finally finds them and says their match is next. And by the way, Ivar, you’re cute. Erik? Not so much. Ouch. “She wants Ivar~ and not Erik~!” Wait, is there something in here with them?! This is straight outta Star Wars, yo!! C3PO, shut down the trash compactors on the detention level!! Also, what does this mean for their title match tonight?


Edge VS Randy Orton!

The Rated R Superstar’s return was the Royal Rumble. His return to a 1v1 match was in a Last Man Standing at WrestleMania. The Viper wants to see if Edge can do it “in a straight-up wrestling match.” Edge knows Orton is among the best, but this life was handed to him. Philosophies, motivations and determination will all be put to the test. The WWE has already deemed this the GREATEST Wrestling Match EVER, but will that be the undeniable truth when it is all said and done?

The introductions are given old school, in the spirit of the late, great Howard Finkel. The referee has the two approach to explain the basic rules. There will be no hair pulling, eye gouging, choking or low blows. Shake hands and come out fighting. They do NOT shake hands, and the crowd is thunderous already. The bell rings, Orton and Edge circle, they tie up and go around. They end up in a corner, then come back out, then Orton throws Edge down. They stay tied up and Edge gets to his feet. Orton SLAMS Edge down on his face but Edge gets to a corner. Edge gets up and shakes it off. They circle again, tie up, and Orton headlocks. Edge powers out but Orton runs him over. Things speed up, Edge hurdles and arm-drags Orton, then again! Orton fakes Edge out of the third, and Edge has to keep his cool over being fooled. Edge and Orton reset and circle again.

They tie up, Edge headlocks, Orton pulls hair but the ref reprimands. Edge hits a takeover, Orton turns it to a cover, ONE and Edge holds on. Orton pulls hair again then moves around to get a headscissor. Orton pries Edge off the headlock and squeezes tight, but Edge moves around. Orton cranks on the neck but Edge endures. Edge works to get free, gets up and pops out. Orton avoids the headlock and Edge again has to contain his frustration. Edge backs off and Orton grins as they circle again. Orton and Edge tie up once again, and Edge headlocks. Orton powers Edge to ropes and the ref calls for the break. Orton powers out but Edge hurdles and ducks under and keeps moving. Orton trips Edge and Edge tumbles out of the ring. Edge is growing frustrated and Orton eggs him on. The ring count climbs but Edge takes his time focusing himself. Edge is up and in at 7 and Orton gives him space.

Orton and Edge approach, tie up, and go around. Orton puts Edge in a corner, the ref calls for the break, but Orton knees low! The crowd boos as Orton whips Edge corner to corner. Edge slides out, Orton pursues, and it’s cat and mouse. Orton goes around the corner into Edge’s BOOT! Edge tricked Orton this time and Orton is down. Edge brings Orton up and around into the ring. Cover, TWO, but Orton gets to a corner. Edge walks over into Orton’s kick, then Orton throws a European Uppercut. Edge falls but Orton takes a moment to check his own jaw. Orton drags Edge up by his hair and whips to ropes. Edge slides under, keeps moving and slides again. Edge whips Orton and arm-drags him again! Edge wants the arm for a keylock and he smothers Orton to the mat.

Orton endures as Edge traps the arm, and Orton tries to headscissor again. Edge shakes that off, keeps on the arm, and stands to wrench the shoulder. Orton scoops Edge but Edge cranks again to bring Orton down. Orton fights his way towards ropes but Edge brings him back. Edge cranks on the arm more but Orton gets around to waistlock. Edge pries at the hold, the crowd rallies up, and Edge breaks free to another arm-drag! Edge has the headlock again but Orton keeps his shoulders up. Orton fights his way up, throws body shots, but Edge cranks on the headlock. Orton gets to his feet, powers Edge to a corner again, and the ref calls for the break. Edge lets go but Orton stomps Edge’s foot! The Viper bends the rules and he whips Edge corner to corner. Edge goes up and heasdcissors Orton out!

Orton gets up but Edge climbs up top?! Edge aims for Orton but Orton gets up to ROCK him with a right. Orton throws more haymakers, then measures out where he and Edge are. Orton climbs up and brings Edge up, and the crowd anticipates what he’s up to. Edge does, too, and he resists the suicide superplex! Edge throws hands, headbutts Orton, but Orton comes back. Edge headbutts Orton again and Orton falls to the apron! Edge adjusts, leaps, FLYING CLOTHESLINE takes both men out! Orton is busted open!! But he just grins through it! “This is Awesome!” but far from over. Orton gets to the apron but Edge is on him. Edge grabs Orton’s arm and wrenches to wring it into the apron! Orton clutches the arm and is still bleeding from somewhere on his forehead.

Edge stalks Orton and dares him to get up. Orton gets to a corner but Edge CLUBS him down! Edge keeps clubbing Orton, not letting him get away. Edge brings Orton up, whips him to ropes, and then KNEES him low! Edge whips again, KNEES low again, and brings Orton up for a Russian Leg Sweep! INTO A CROSSFACE! Orton endures as Edge cranks back as hard as he can! Orton reaches, crawls, and gets around to use a leg for the ropebreak! Edge lets go at 4 but the damage is done. Orton leaps but Edge avoids the RKO! Edge goes for the arm triangle but Orton hurries to get the ropebreak again. Edge lets go quick and throws forearms. And CHOPS! Edge whips Orton again but Orton reverses, to get the back2backbreaker! But he made it more a neckbreaker! Edge sputters and clutches his neck as he rolls out of the ring.

Orton takes his time resting in the ring while the ring count climbs. He then slithers out to follow Edge as the crowd duels. Edge gets up but Orton is on him with a SHOVE to the barriers! Edge’s neck is again in danger but ORton bumps Edge off the apron! And back into the barriers! Then more barriers! Then the announce desk! Orton refreshes the count as it passes 5, to go after Edge more. Orton SLAMS Edge into the steel steps! The crowd boos while the ring count climbs again. Orton SLAMS Edge into the steps again! Orton refreshes the count yet again, and looms over a dazed Edge. Orton drags Edge up and over to the announce desk to bump him off it again. And then BACK SUPLEX him onto it! Orton whispers to Edge, “I’m gonna effing kill you.” He drags Edge into the ring, covers, TWO!! Edge refuses to give in!

Orton keeps his cool and looms over Edge again. Orton stands on Edge’s hand to then stomp it! The Viper picks Edge apart as he stomps the knee then the ankle. And then the other hand! Orton drags Edge up to scrape his laces off Edge’s face! Orton pulls Edge up by his hair to then wrap on a chinlock. The crowd rallies up as Orton thrashes and grinds Edge down to the mat. Edge endures but he is turning red. Orton cranks, Edge claws at the arm, and Edge fights his way up. Edge throws elbows and body shots, and even stomps his foot in return! Edge throws forearms but Orton shoves him backwards into buckles! Edge clutches his neck again and Orton drags him up. Orton looks up at the ceiling as he suplexes Edge! Uno amigo! Eddie Guerrero’s move! Dos Amigos!

But Edge blocks tres, and gives Orton the suplex! Then Edge goes to do DOS AMIGOS! Edge brings Orton up and hits the THIRD! The Rated R Superstar does it for Latino Heat! Both men are down but the crowd rallies up. Orton SLAPS Edge on the chest while they’re on the mat, but Edge SLAPS back! They CHOP each other more, and more, and more! They stand up, the CHOPS keep flying, but Orton gets an edge. Edge puts Orton in a corner to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP again! Orton flounders away, ducks a chop and dropkicks Edge down! Edge bails out but Orton pursues. The ref counts but Orton comes around the way. Orton grabs Edge’s arms through the corner gap, to YANK Edge into the crossbar! Edge goes down, again in a daze as he struggles to breathe.

Orton goes back into the ring as Edge flounders up onto the apron. Orton drags Edge up top as the crowd rallies. Orton gets Edge in position but Edge fights back. The two throw body shots and clubbing forearms but Orton gets the edge on Edge. Orton wants it, and hits another SUPERPLEX!! Both men are down and Orton crawls to a cover, TWO!?! Edge still lives and no one can believe it! The crowd rallies up for Edge, even as Orton looms over him at the ropes. Edge crawls up the ropes but Orton brings him up to uppercut! Orton brings Edge up again to whip to ropes. Edge ducks, but DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Both men are down again but the crowd rallies. A standing count begins but Orton sits up first.

Edge stirs and heads for a corner at 6. Orton and Edge stand at 8, but Orton runs into a back elbow! Edge slips out and swing kicks Orton down! Edge leans on the corner, but he climbs up top. Orton throws haymakers to stop Edge, then adds uppercuts. Orton brings Edge forward, and drags him out along the rope! Edge denies the draping DDT, to hit EDGE-UCUTION! Edge crawls to a cover, TWO!!! The crowd hopes they “Fight Forever!” at this point, but it has to end somehow. “This is Awesome!” as Edge flounders to ropes. Orton gets to his feet, Edge runs in and knee lifts him down! Orton flounders back up but Edge runs in to KNEE him down! Edge runs again, basement sliding elbow! Cover, TWO! Orton survives and Edge is at a loss for what to do. Edge climbs up top again, leaps at Orton, and hits a crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Orton survives and crawls towards a corner.

Edge and Orton rise, Edge runs in but Orton goes up and rolls him up! TWO, and Edge wants the arm! CROSSFACE!! Orton endures, Edge shifts to a deeper choke! Orton turns red but Orton rolls to a cover! TWO!! Edge goes after an arm, Orton goes around, rolls and wrenches, to an OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Edge survives as Orton uses Kurt Angle’s move. The crowd rallies up as Orton and Edge get back up. Orton brings Edge up, whips him and jumps, into a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! Edge caught Orton off guard but still can’t put him away. The crowd duels as Edge and Orton stir and sit up. Orton and Edge go to opposite ends, Edge runs in, but Orton back drops him out of the ring! Edge hits the ground hard but manages to crawl towards the ring. Edge stares at the LED that reads “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever,” but Orton drags him in through the ropes! DRAPING DDT!!

Edge looks like he is out cold! Orton slithers around but keeps his eyes on Edge. Orton hears the voices in his head while Edge sits up. Edge stands up and Orton leaps, but no RKO! Edge gets the chicken wings but no Unprettier! Orton leap frogs, but into an EDGE O’MATIC!! Cover, TWO!?! That sequence has the crowd fired up again! Edge glares at Orton as he goes back to a corner. Orton slowly sits up as Edge builds up energy. The crowd builds with him, and Orton stands as Edge takes aim. Edge runs at Orton, but Orton hops the Spear! Edge fakes out the powerslam, to hit UNPRETTIER!! For Christian!! Cover, TWO!! Captain Charisma’s move could not do it! The crowd still believes “This is Awesome!” as both men slowly rise again.

Edge CLUBS Orton on the back, then whips him to ropes. Orton reverses, picks Edge up, and flapjack hotshots him on the ropes! Edge flops to the mat and gasps for air. Edge rises, Orton kicks low, and reels Edge in. Orton underhooks a la The Game, PEDIGREE!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Orton cannot believe it, but neither can the crowd! Edge checks his face and is okay. The crowd again wants them to “Fight Forever!” and they just might. Orton brings Edge up, whips him again, but Edge reverse into a ROCK BOTTOM!?! Cover, TWO!!! The Great One would not like that his move didn’t help Edge win this. Edge grabs Orton’s legs, steps through, but Orton powers him away! Orton gets up and Edge follows, Edge ducks the clothesline to go for a backslide. Orton fights it off, but Edge mule kicks a leg! The cover, TWO!!

Orton is up, to UPPERCUT Edge down! Orton walks over as the crowd rallies back up. Orton drags Edge up by his hair again, and back through the ropes. Edge knows that and pops free to hotshot Orton back! Edge gets back up, slides in to sunset flip, TWO! Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Cradle, TWO! RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Orton finally hit his move and it didn’t work!?! The crowd loses its mind as Orton deals with the shock of Edge surviving. Orton argues the count with the ref, but the ref defends it was two. Orton hobbles back over to Edge, looms over him, and calms himself. Edge stirs, but Orton backs up. Orton wants to bring out a deadly classic of his. A move that ended careers! Orton runs at Edge, but into the SPEAR!! Edge has a wild look in his eyes but he doesn’t cover!

Edge gets to another corner, builds the energy, and SPEARS again!! Cover, TWO!?!? Just what are these two men made of?! Perhaps they really will “Fight Forever!” Edge gets back up, watches Orton get to his feet, and stalks up behind him. Edge whips Orton corner to corner, Orton reverses, but Edge goes up and leaps, INTO AN RKO!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!?! No one knows what to make of this! Orton glares down at Edge as Edge slowly rises. Orton brings Edge up but Edge clamps on the ANTI-VENOM ARM TRIANGLE! Orton KNEES low, but how low?! Was it a low blow? The ref doesn’t know, and the PUNT hits!! Cover, Orton wins!!!

Winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall

Greatest Wrestling Match Ever? That may still be up for debate. But this was surely the greatest match between Randy Orton and Edge, though with a controversial ending. Orton crawls to Edge and tells him, “Go home. Go home to Beth and your beautiful girls. And tell them that Uncle Randy said hi.” Orton takes his time leaving while a medical team heads to the ring. A stretcher is prepared and they help Edge up, but he refuses to be helped. Edge forces himself to stand and the crowd cheers, but it doesn’t look good. Has The Viper ended the Rated R Superstar’s career once and for all? Is there no next chapter for Adam “Edge” Copeland?

My Thoughts:

For a PPV not even used last year, Backlash came back with a vengeance! Firstly, I was a bit bummed that the WWE United States Championship got bumped to the Kickoff Show to add the Raw Tag Team Championships, but then that Raw Tag Team Championship match turned into one of the wildest cinematic matches in a year of great cinematic matches. So much of that insane brawl was great, and I hope this means Tozawa has a tag team partner to join the tag division now. If that is truly Brennan Williams, aka Dio “The Shogun” Maddin, as the super tall ninja, that’d be awesome. He and Tozawa sound like a great combo and I want them in the mix with Profits, Vikings and all the factions, like Seth Rollins’ disciples and Vega’s stable. Also, Apollo wins with a little help from Kevin, but I’m not sure I want to see them as a tag team going for titles. Kevin should’ve had a tag title reign with Sami Zayn and no one else.

The Women’s Triple Threat Tag was incredible, especially as a main card opener. I knew Bayley and Banks would retain, and I do like that they’re trying to get a new tag name with “Golden Role Models.” Bayley and Banks are finally fulfilling their goal of bringing these titles to NXT for a match, and while Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox are a new team, it would be insane if they found a way to beat Bayley and Banks. Hardy VS Sheamus was pretty good, definitely better than their WWE Intercontinental Championship tournament match, and I’m a bit surprised Sheamus won. But that makes them 1-1 so I think Extreme Rules is the tiebreaker. By the way, that new Extreme Rules logo is not only ugly, but way too late 90’s, early 2000’s extreme sports. And yet I now have to make a thumbnail with it…

Asuka VS Nia was pretty good, but I was really hoping Asuka was going to win flat out. A double count-out obviously extends the story, so at least the concerns of Charlotte swooping in are momentarily eased. Extreme Rules could still give us a Triple Threat, but an Extreme Rules match for the title could be a way for Asuka and Nia to settle things to prevent Champion’s Advantage. That way, when Asuka wins, she definitively wins. The last minute change to how the handicap match crowns a champion was actually very smart, and it was smart to have Miz cost himself and Morrison so that Strowman wins without damaging their power rankings too much. Maybe the hacker returns and their targets are Miz & Morrison. And Otis and Mandy were smart to put the cash-in in the back of their minds, as all Mr. MITB’s should do.

I did not think McIntyre VS Lashley would be before the Raw Tag segment, but it was such a good match I didn’t mind. I just felt Lana would show up and cost Lashley in some way. It preserves some of Lashley’s power ranking, and I hope we get a rematch for at least SummerSlam. Lashley also looks completely done with Lana, and it’s about time. I don’t know what Lana does other than focus on herself, as she implied last Raw, but at least Lashley can finally be Lashley again. If nothing else, whoever is “traded” to in return for AJ Styles can be thrown into the mix to bide some time. I feel like Baron Corbin is a good choice given there’s also story to be settled between him, Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio for MITB’s “thrown off the roof” spots.

And then while it was constantly being called “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever,” Orton VS Edge really did turn into an incredible match. We could’ve done without the piped in crowd audio from great matches past, but I did enjoy using old Howard Finkel audio for introductions. Referee Charles Robinson being dressed old school was a bit odd, like they were trying to tell us visually that this was already one of those classics from the 80’s. But the genuine cheers from the crowd of NXT and trainee wrestlers were still great to hear, because surely they were enjoying the match. One thing that’s a bit funny to me was Orton and Edge burying the finishers of past legends and icons, though the shout outs to them were all greatly appreciated. I actually liked the controversy to the ending of the maybe-maybe-not low blow and then the infamous return of Orton’s punt kick. The series is 1-1, and the damage done definitely gives reason for Edge to rest until say, Survivor Series, so that they can try again in some other match type befitting these two.

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW New Japan Cup Results & Report! (3/19/23)

The semifinals are here!



New Japan Cup 2023

The New Japan Cup 2023’s Final Four!

Four is bad luck in Japan, but these four are grateful to be in the New Japan Cup semifinals! David Finlay VS Tama Tonga, Sanada VS Mark Davis, who will win to go for it all?


  • Shota Umino & Oskar Leube VS Zack Sabre Jr. & Kosei Fujita; Shota & Oskar win.
  • Six Man Tag: Tomohiro Ishii, Toru Yano & Ryohei Oiwa VS Bullet Club; Bullet Club wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Ryusuke Taguchi & Team Strong Style VS The House of Torture; The House of Torture wins.
  • YOSHI-HASHI & Tomoaki Honma VS Jeff Cobb & Kyle Fletcher; Cobb & Fletcher win.
  • Shingo Takagi & BUSHI VS Aaron Henare & Great-O-Khan; Henare & Khan win.
  • YOH & Lio Rush VS Tetsuya Naito & Hiromu Takahashi; Naito & Hiromu win.
  • New Japan Cup 2023, Semifinals: Tama Tonga VS David Finlay; Finlay wins and advances to the finals.
  • New Japan Cup 2023, Semifinals: SANADA VS Mark Davis; Sanada wins and advances to the finals.


New Japan Cup 2023, Semifinals: Tama Tonga w/ Jado VS David Finlay w/ Gedo!

The Good Bad Guy settled things with Bullet Club, but fate has intervened to have him face the NEW leader! Will Tama get past Finlay and into the finals? Or will the Rebel take over everything?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. Tama and Finlay circle, Tama claps to get the fans going more, and then he ties up with Finlay. They go around, Tama puts Finlay on ropes, but he lets off slowly as the ref calls break. Fans applaud and the two reset. They circle, fans rally up for Tama, and the two tie up again. Tama powers Finlay back but Finlay turns it around to have Tama on the ropes. The ref calls the ropebreak again, Finlay lets off slowly, but then swings on Tama! Tama dodges, then hits a headlock takeover! Tama grinds Finlay down, but Finlay keeps his shoulders up. Finlay fights to his feet, powers out, then slips around to headlock!

Tama powers out, hurdles, drops, then DROPKICKS Finlay down! Finlay bails out while fans fire up! Tama storms up to the ropes and slingshots but Finlay slides in! Tama lands on the apron, Finlay storms up but Tama ROCKS him with a forearm! Tama hurries in, and he arm-drags Finlay around! Finlay blocks the next, whips, but Tama reverses. Tama hurdles, but gets caught to a fireman’s carry! HOTSHOT, then BIG back suplex! Fans applaud, that was a good sequence, but Tama crawls to a corner. Finlay stalks Tama, drags him up, and UPPERCUTS him! Finlay whips corner to corner hard and Tama bounces off buckles! Finlay covers, TWO!

Fans rally but Finlay stomps Tama’s hand! Tama clutches that hand, but Finlay fishhooks his face! The ref reprimands, Finlay lets off, and Finlay says that was the nose, not the eyes. The ref doesn’t believe him. Finlay throws Tama out! Gedo tells the ref to leave Finlay alone, but the ref reprimands Gedo for getting on the apron. Finlay drags Tama up to RAM him into railing! No Man’s Land disappears as the railing go back! Finlay rains down fists, but fans rally up for Tama. The ref reprimands Finlay but he drags Tama up and puts him in the ring. Finlay covers, ONE!! Tama is hanging tough but Finlay is amused.

Finlay digs his knee into Tama’s face, he wants the ref to Too Sweet but the ref says no thanks. Finlay drags Tama up, whips him hard into the corner, and Tama bounces off buckles again! Fans rally while Finlay taunts them, “You think Tama’s getting to the finals?” Finlay stomps Tama, then springboard stomps! The ref reprimands, but Finlay clamps on with a cobra clutch. Finlay thrashes Tama around but Tama endures. Gedo tells Tama to give up but Jado coaches Tama to hang tough. Fans rally, Tama fights up and throws hands, but Finlay CLUBS him down! Finlay stomps and elbows Tama, but the ref counts.

Finlay lets off, he brings Tama up to whip corner to corner, but Tama comes back to CLOBBER Finlay! Fans fire up but Gedo is mad! Jado coaches Tama, Gedo coaches Finlay, but Tama is the first to stand. Tama roars, CLOBBERS Finlay, and ELBOWS him! Tama whips, Finlay reverses but Tama CLOBBERS Finlay again! OFF COMES THE VEST! Finlay goes to a corner, Tama runs in, STINGER SPLASH! And then clinch, for an EXPLODER! Finlay scrambles away and out of the ring, but Tama PLANCHAS! Direct hit this time and the fans fire up! Tama slides into the ring to let the ring count handle Finlay.

Finlay sits up at 5 of 20 so Tama goes out to fetch him. Tama puts Finlay in, stalks him to a corner, and Finlay wants mercy, but gets body shots instead! Tama whips Finlay out and then back into the corner, runs in, but Finlay elbows him away! Finlay storms up, but into a scoop! Finlay slips free to CHOP BLOCK! Tama writhes and clutches his knee but Gedo is loving this! The ref checks on Tama but Tama refuses to let this stop him. Finlay storms up on Tama to sit him up, “Look at this beautiful face!” CROSSFACE FOREARM! Gedo likes those, so Finlay sits Tama up again, to CROSSFACE FOREARM!

Finlay drags Tama up again, and he fires off MORE crossface forearms! Fans rally for Tama but Finlay looms over him. Finlay drags Tama up by his hair, sits him up, and BLINDSIDER LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Tama is still in this and Finlay is annoyed. Finlay paces around while Tama slowly rises. Finlay drags Tama up, gut wrenches and Canadian Racks, but Tama slips free! TONGAN TWIST!! Both men are down and fans fire back up! Fans rally as Tama and Finlay stir. Both men crawl over to each other, and Tama ROCKS Finlay with a forearm! Finlay ROCKS Tama right back! Finlay eggs Tama on and Tama sits up.

Tama ROCKS Finlay with another forearm, but Finlay ROCKS Tama again! Tama growls, he and Finlay sit up again. Tama ROCKS Finlay, Finlay ROCKS Tama, repeat! They throw forearms as they slowly stand, and they speed up as the fans rally! Finlay gets the edge, Tama fires off a strike fest! Finlay rebounds but into SRC!! Tama goes to a corner, fans fire up as he climbs, and Tama aims! SUPREME FLOW!! Cover, TWO!! Finlay survives but Jado and Tama rally the fans by pounding the mat. Finlay drags himself up with the ropes, Tama runs in, GUN- NO! Finlay rolls Tama, with tights! TWO!! GUN- NO!! Finlay blocks again!

Finlay drags Tama up with a dragon sleeper, inverted suplex, OSAKA STREET CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up while Finlay grows frustrated. Finlay aims as Tama rises, Jado warns Tama of what’s coming, but Finlay runs in, into a KNEE! Tama SUPER- NO, Finlay dodges to DEEP SIX!! Tama staggers up, into a SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!!! Tama survives and Gedo is furious! Finlay argues the count but the ref says that was all fair. Fans rally back up, but Finlay brings down the kneepad. “X marks the spot!” Finlay drags Tama up but Tama is deadweight. Finlay still hauls Tama up, suplexes, but Tama slips free!

Tama rolls Finlay, ties up the legs, and he has a SHARPSHOOTER!! Finlay endures and fans fire up! Tama sits deep on the hold, Finlay flails and fights forward! Finlay claws at the mat, but Tama goes deeper! Finlay fights back up, crawls and reaches out, but Tama drags him away again!! Finlay shouts in pain but he hasn’t given up yet! Another fight forward, and Finlay gets the ROPEBREAK! Tama lets go and Finlay writhes in pain, but the fans rally up again. Tama drags Finlay up, hooks an arm, but Finlay fights and RAMS Tama into a corner! And again and again and again! The ref counts, Finlay lets off and staggers away.

Tama runs in, but Finlay fights off the DDT! IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Finlay gut wrenches to a CLIFFHANGER DDT! Cover, TWO!!! Finlay is beside himself but Tama survives again! Fans are thunderous for Tama but Finlay is right on him. Suplex and- NO, Tama fights, wrenches, but Finlay ROCKS him! But Tama cradles!! TWO!!!! Finlay escapes but the SUPERMAN PUNCH hits! BLOODY SUNDAY!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Finlay barely survives but Tama just pounds the mat. Finlay rises up, GUN- NO!! Finlay blocks, spins Tama, suplexes, GUN- NO!! Finlay blocks again and ROCKS Tama!

Tama roars, but Finlay fires off a flurry of forearms! Finlay spins, into a HEADBUTT! GUN- NO, Backslide! Deadlift TRASH PANDA!!! Cover, Finlay wins!!

Winner: David Finlay, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

Even El Phantasmo has to give old rival Finlay credit on that one. Gedo gets the mic to make the announcement official: The Rebel wins, and he just beat the NEVER Openweight Champion! Finlay will take the EFF over everything! Gedo needs the Rebel, Bullet Club needs the Rebel, and the world needs the Rebel! But will the Rebel get what he wants in the tournament finals?


New Japan Cup 2023, Semifinals: SANADA w/ Just5Guys VS Mark Davis w/ The United Empire!

New team, new look! The Cold Skull is looking sharp, but will he still bring about a Skull End? Or can Dunkzilla conquer the Cup on behalf of the United Empire?

The bell rings and the fans rally up as Davis and Sanada circle. Davis eggs Sanada on but Sanada feels things out. They keep circling, tie up, and Sanada headlocks. Davis powers out, Sanada RAMS shoulders, but neither man falls! Sanada ducks Davis’ chop, gets an arm and wrenches, but Davis whips Sanada away! Davis CHOPS this time, and Sanada is stinging. Davis whips, Sanada dropkicks the legs out! Sanada whips, Davis cartwheels, then scoops and SLAMS! And SENTONS! Fans fire up while Sanada bails out, but Davis goes out after Sanada. Davis brings Sanada up to whip him into railing!

Sanada drops to his knees, but Davis drags Sanada up to ROCK with a forearm! Great-O-Khan is on commentary and he waves the glowstick in praise. Davis puts Sanada on the apron to CLUB and KNEE and CLUB again! Davis gets space, fans rally up, and Davis runs in to KNEE LIFT Sanada into the ring! Crowns up and the Empire high-fives. Davis gets in the ring while Sanada sputters. Davis knees for the cover, TWO! Davis clamps onto Sanada’s arm but Sanada endures. Fans rally, Sanada fights up to his feet, and he throws forearms! Sanada wrenches but Davis DECKS him! Davis drags Sanada up but Sanada waistlocks!

Davis fights free of the hold, CHOPS Sanada to the corner, then whips him corner to corner. Davis runs in but Sanada dodges the splash! Sanada reels Davis in to back suplex, but Davis turns it into a CROSSBODY! Davis drags Sanada back up and back suplexes, but Sanada lands on his feet! Sanada hits the BIG back suplex! Both men are down but their teams coach them while the fans rally up. Sanada kips up, and then he fires up! Sanada DROPKICKS Davis, Davis stays up, so Sanada DROPKICKS! And dropkicks, but misses this time! Davis runs, but Sanada dropkicks the legs out! Then he DROPKICKS Davis out of the ring!

Sanada takes aim and PLANCHAS! Direct hit and down goes Davis! Sanada stares down the Empire, but then he encourages the fans to get louder. The fans oblige and Sanada likes that. Sanada may have a new haircut but he is still Sanada. Sanada puts Davis in the ring, drags him up to fireman’s carry, but Davis fights it! Davis fireman’s carries now, but Sanada fights it! Only for Davis to rise up again! Sanada fights more, gets to the apron, and he counter punches! Sanada slingshots, but Davis HOTSHOTS him! And then TRIANGLE JUMP FOREARMS! Sanada falls, and Davis DIVES?!? Direct hit into the railing!

Fans fire up as No Man’s Land disappears again! Red Shoes checks both men, they’re both okay to continue, but their teams argue about territory. The ring count starts, Davis drags Sanada up at 7 of 20. Davis puts Sanada in at 10 of 20, aims from the corner and climbs up! Sanada rises, Davis FLYING SHOULDERS him down! Cover, TWO! Sanada is still in this but Davis keeps his cool. Davis drags Sanada up, but Sanada blocks the lift! Sanada throws down elbows, but Davis CHOPS him! Davis whips, Sanada goes up and out and springboards in to MISSILE DRPOKICK! Davis stays up!?

Davis swings, misses, and Sanada CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! But Davis KNEES low! Davis back suplexes but Sanada KNEES free! Sanada runs, into a LARIAT! Davis hits a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up and rally as Sanada survives. Davis drags Sanada by a leg, says it’s time to end this! But Sanada kicks Davis away, so Sanada JABS him down! Davis gets the legs, YANKS Sanada up, but Sanada rolls through! Sanada fireman’s carries to T K O!! Cover, TWO!! Davis is still in this, but Sanada goes up top! ROUNDING BODY- NO, Sanada has to roll through as Davis moves! Davis scoops to POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!!

Davis drags Sanada up, wrenches and torture racks, but Sanada slips free! Sanada ELBOWS Davis, QUEBRADAS and has the dragon sleeper! Davis snapmares free to clothesline in the corner! Sanada falls over and fans fire up! Davis climbs the corner, goes to the very top, and DIVING SPLASH, but he FLOPS as Sanada moves! Sanada goes up, ROUNDING BODY PRESS onto the knees!! Davis cradles Sanada, TWO!!! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Davis rises first, drags Sanada up, and fans rally up. Davis swings, but Sanada blocks the forearm to fire UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT!

Sanada spins, into  JAB! But he still ROLLING ELBOWS! Davis ENZIGURIS!! Sanada is down and Davis fires up! Fans rally, Davis throws off the elbow pad! Davis waits, Sanada rises up, Davis keeps moving, LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!?! Sanada survives and fans fire up again! Davis stalks Sanada to the corner, then runs side to side, SLIDING FOREARM! Davis shouts “DEAD!” and he drags Sanada up into the torture rack! But Sanada slips free again! O’Conner BRIDGE!! TWO!?! Davis escapes by nanoseconds! Sanada storms up, but Davis trips him! Davis has the legs, Close Your Eyes and Count to F@#$!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!? HOW?!?!?

The fans, the Empire and Just5Guys are all going nuts! Davis roars, he wrenches, torture racks, but Sanada slips free again! SIDEWINDER DDT!!! Cover, SANADA WINS!!!!

Winner: Sanada, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

Davis drove the Cold Skull into the ground, but then Sanada did it back to him! Will Davis find his singles success another time?

Wait, David Finlay and Gedo make his way back out to the ring to see the other finalist in person. Gedo gets the mic to say they just want to give Sanada words of support. Gedo tells Sanada to do his best, because in Nagaoka, Finlay’s gonna beat his face in with the shillelagh, and throw him out of the ring like trash! “See You Next Time, Just Five Losers!” Gedo and Finlay leave, having copied and mocked Sanada’s catchphrase and his new team. Sanada gets the mic to say, “Oi, Finlay! And the people of Gunma. I promise I will beat Finlay on Tuesday, and come back here as the New Japan Cup winner.” Fans applaud that! Sanada then tells Gedo and Finlay to get outta here.

Finlay and Goto leave, flipping Sanada off over their shoulders. Sanada says this debut with J5G is a day he’ll never forget. Fans applaud that, and the mic is handed over to Taka Michinoku. Taka says, “Soon enough, it’ll be us who changes the scene here in NJPW! JUST! FIVE! GUYS!!” The Cold Skull is red hot, but will that heat bring him through to win it all?

My Thoughts:

A great semifinals for the New Japan Cup! Both matches were awesome stuff, and though Tama came close, I figured Finlay would win. He has been winning since his Heel turn and joining the Bullet Club, but he hasn’t quite won the Club over, yet they can’t really deny him, either, because he’s now in the finals of the tournament. The big things in Sanada VS Davis were Sanada’s new look, and that he buries that piledriver. But similarly to Finlay, Sanada’s getting a push because of the big change in allegiance, and now they’re both in this great match for the finals that honestly could go either way.

Gedo as booker does love to push the guys he backs as a manager, but Finlay’s story could be more about controlling Bullet Club than getting the title. And Sanada has openly stated he sees Okada as a rival and Okada reciprocated, so revisiting that now, with Sanada and Okada both having changed ever so slightly, we could get an awesome match for the world title.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW New Japan Cup Results & Report! (3/18/23)

It’s lights out, but for who?



New Japan Cup 2023

Who rounds out the Final Four?

The New Japan Cup is getting closer to the end! Shota VS Finlay, Goto VS Tama, who will join Mark Davis and Sanada in the semifinals?


  • Zack Sabre Jr. & Kosei Fujita VS Oskar Leube & Ryohei Oiwa; ZSJ & Fujita win.
  • YOSHI-HASHI & Tomoaki Honma VS Aaron Henare & Kyle Fletcher; Henare & Fletcher win.
  • Six Man Tag: Team Strong Style VS Bullet Club; Team Strong Style wins, by disqualification.
  • Six Man Tag: The United Empire VS The House of Torture; The United Empire wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Chaos VS Los Ingobernables de Japon; Chaos wins.
  • New Japan Cup 2023, Quarterfinals: Shota Umino VS David Finlay; Finlay wins and advances.
  • New Japan Cup 2023, Quarterfinals: Hirooki Goto VS Tama Tonga; Tama wins and advances.


New Japan Cup 2023, Quarterfinals: Shota Umino VS David Finlay w/ Gedo!

The Roughneck took The Mighty’s Front Man to the limit and then won, but now he funs into Bullet Club’s newest leader. Will #SHOOTER be the one shot down? Or will another one bite the dust as Shota brings about a paradigm shift?

The two get face to face and start shoving. Red Shoes backs them off, the bell rings and the forearms start flying! Fans fire up as they go faster and faster, and Shota gets the edge! Shota fires off in the corner, but Finlay turns things around, only to miss! Shota fires off more, and even shoves his dad aside! Shota fires off knees and he CLUBS Finlay, then ROCKS him with a forearm! Fans fire up with Shota, and he brings Finlay up. Finlay throws forearms in return, whips, but Shota reverses to ELBOW Finlay down! Shota keeps moving to BASEMENT DROPKICK! Fans fire up again while Finlay checks his chin.

Shota kicks at Finlay, stomps him, but Finlay eggs him on. Shota stomps, Finlay throws a body shot, but Shota just BOOTS Finlay into the corner! Finlay kicks back from below, and even SPITS at Shota! Shota doesn’t flinch, so Finlay steps to him. Shota DECKS Finlay, then digs his boots in! Red Shoes reprimands and counts, Shota lets off at 4 and talks trash. Shota stomps Finlay, stands him up and CLUBS him! Finlay goes to ropes, Shota ROCKS him with another forearm. Fans rally, Shota ROCKS Finlay again, and then whips Finlay to ropes. Finlay reverses to TACKLE Shota to the apron! And then all the way into railing!

Gedo likes that as Finlay RAMS Shota in again! Finlay taunts Red Shoes, then throws hands on Shota. Finlay smacks Shota off the apron, follows him around the way, and claws at Shota’s face! Finlay ELBOWS Shota down, Red Shoes reprimands, but Finlay claims it was just the nose. Finlay stomps Shota around on the ramp, going after the limbs. The ring count starts and Finlay drags Shota up at 6 of 20 to put in at 8. Fans applaud and Finlay paces. Finlay stomps Shota down, gives him toying kicks, but Shota sits up with a frown. Finlay UPPERCUTS Shota in the back, but Shota doesn’t budge!

Finlay gets in Shota’s face, then DECKS him! Finlay stands Shota up to UPPERCUT! Shota goes to a corner, Finlay HEADBUTTS then stomps away! Red Shoes reprimands as Finlay digs a knee in. Red Shoes counts, Finlay lets off at 4 and talks more trash. Fans rally up as Finlay brings Shota out. Finlay taunts the fans, “This is your boy?” Shota stands to ROCK Finlay! Shota hits back! Finlay CLUBS Shota down! Shota writhes but Finlay covers, ONE! Finlay clamps onto Shota with a cobra clutch to grind him down. Fans rally and Shota endures. Finlay shakes his head and pulls harder on the hold, but Shota still endures.

Shota fights up, Finlay knees him low and then again, and again. Finlay whips, Shota reverses to scoop, TOSS and UPPERCUT! Fans fire up while Finlay sits up in a daze. Shota storms up on Finlay, whips him to a corner, then runs in to UPPERCUT! Shota FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect so Finlay escapes, but Shota keeps his cool. Shota kicks Finlay but Finlay gives a body shot. Shota kicks and kicks and CLUBS Finlay, then brings him up. Finlay fights the clinch with elbow after elbow after elbow! Finlay runs, into a DROPKICK! Fans fire up and Finlay bails out!

Shota hurries out to the apron, Finlay stands and Shota CANNONBALLS onto him! Fans fire up with Shota again as he shakes the railing! Shota drags Finlay back up, puts him in the ring, and fans rally behind Shota. Shota aims, to slingshot DDT! Finlay writhes but Shota wants him to stand. Fans rally, but Finlay blocks the kick, and he spins Shota around, only to swing into Shota’s clinch. Finlay fights free, then he clinches back, IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Shota is still in this and the fans rally but Gedo argues the count. Red Shoes says that was a fair count, so Finlay drags Shota up.

Finlay makes Red Shoes watch as Finlay CROSSFACE FOREARMS Shota! And again! Gedo likes that so Finlay gives more CROSSFACE FOREARMS! Finlay then sits Shota up to BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Shota is still in this and the fans fire back up! Finlay argues the count but Red Shoes defends it was fair. Finlay kicks Shota around, waits on him to rise, and the fans rally. Shota stands, ducks the lariat, and EXPLODERS! Fans fire up again while both men are down! Red Shoes checks both guys and they slowly stir. They go forehead to forehead, and Shota throws a forearm! Finlay throws it back!

Finlay eggs Shota on, Shota ROCKS Finlay! Shota eggs Finlay on, so Finlay ROCKS Shota! Shota ROCKS Finlay again, so Finlay ROCKS Shota again! They go forearm for forearm, fans rally and the two stand. The forearms keep going, back and forth, faster and faster! Finlay UPPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS again! Shota roars and UPPERCUTS in return! And again! Finlay rebounds into another UPPERCUT! Shota UPPERCUTS, and UPPERCUTS! Fans fire up but Finlay throat chops! And throat chops again! Finlay fires off HEADBUTT after HEADBUTT, then he rains down fists!

Red Shoes reprimands, those are closed fists! Finlay lets off and claims palms but Red Shoes can tell. Fans rally for Red Shoes as he argues with Finlay. Finlay goes back to Shota, but Red Shoes has him stay back to check. Shota is still in this, but Finlay thinks he’s won by knockout. Shota grabs at Finlay’s foot, so Finlay gut wrenches to a Canadian rack! But Shota slips free to CROSS RHODES! Shota holds on, he drags Finlay up, CROSS RHODES! Shota drags Finlay up again, SAVING GRACE! Cover, TWO!! Finlay survives but fans are thunderous behind Shota! Shota aims from a corner, runs in, but Finlay LARIATS!

Shota stands, but into a SPEAR! Cover, TWO!! Shota survives and Finlay is shocked! Finlay drags Shota up to gut wrench, CLIFFHANGER DDT! Cover, TWO!!! Shota survives again and the fans are thunderous! Finlay scowls at Red Shoes and argues the count, but the count is still fair. Fans rally behind Shota, but Finlay brings down the kneepad. Finlay slashes his throat and he drags Shota back up. Suplex to- NO, Shota cradles! TWO!! Finlay escapes, and ROLLING ELBOWS! Shota staggers to a corner and Finlay hoists him up top. Finlay climbs up after Shota, fires off forearms, then brings Shota up.

Shota throws body shots to stop the superplex! Finlay fires forearms and HEADBUTTS! Finlay brings Shota up again, but Shota SUPER GOURD BUSTERS first! Shota then hurries down and runs in, SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Shota roars and the fans are thunderous again! Shota picks Finlay up but Finlay fights free. Shota kicks low, underhooks, but Finlay powers him back. Shota sends Finlay into buckles! And then TORNADO DDTS! Roll through to the pick-up, SNAP BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Finlay survives but Shota roars! Fans rally behind Shota and he aims from the corner again.

Gedo shouts at Finlay but the fans rally up. Finlay rises, Shota underhooks, but Finlay fights the lift! Finlay stomps the leg! And then HEADBUTTS Shota down! Gedo says Finlay’s got it! Suplex, but Shota fights free! ENZIGURI! Finlay rebounds, but swings into hooks! Finlay fights the backslide to backslide, but Shota rolls through! Finlay suplexes, Shota slips free, backslide and underhooks! Finlay spins Shota around, suplexes, TRASH PANDA!!! Cover, Finlay wins!!

Winner: David Finlay, by pinfall (advances to the semifinals)

Another hard-fought battle, and The Rebel comes out on top! Finlay stands on Shota to add insult to injury, then he throws Shota out to just add more insult! Gedo makes the official announcement that Finlay won, and then he says what Finlay did to Shota will happen to everyone else! “Okada! Okada! Are you listening? The Rebel’s coming for you! The Rebel is taking the eff over everything! I need the Rebel, the Bullet Club needs the Rebel, and the world needs the Rebel!” Will Finlay be unstoppable until he has taken everything?


New Japan Cup 2023, Quarterfinals: Hirooki Goto w/ Yoshi-Hashi VS Tama Tonga w/ Jado!

The Fierce Warrior and the Good Bad Guy have both had their run-ins with the United Empire, and they both came out on top to make it this far. But there’s only one spot left in the semifinals, who is the final of the final four?

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two circle. Goto and Tama tie up, Goto powers Tama back, but Tama breaks free. They reset, tie up again, and Tama powers Goto back. Goto turns things around to put Tama on the ropes, and Red Shoes calls the break. Goto lets off with pats on the shoulder and fans applaud. Tama and Goto circle again, tie up, and Tama headlocks. Tama grinds the hold, but Goto powers out. They RAM shoulders, but Tama keeps moving. They RAM shoulders again, both men egg each other on, so Goto runs. Goto dodges the lariat to run Tama over! Fans fire up while Tama staggers up.

Goto whips Tama corner to corner, runs in but into an elbow! Tama runs in but into a hip toss! Tama avoids the elbow drop, headlocks, but Goto powers out, only for Tama to FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! But now Goto avoids an elbow drop and fans fire up for the standoff! Goto and Tama circle again and fans rally back up. They tie up, Goto headlocks, and Goto grinds the hold. Tama powers up but Goto holds on tighter. Tama fights up, powers up again, but still can’t power out as Goto just holds tighter! Goto grinds the headlock more, but Tama fights up to throw body shots. Tama powers out this time, and things speed up.

Tama hurdles, but Goto counter a hip toss with a hip toss! Tama goes to ropes, Goto runs in, but Tama dumps Goto out to the apron! Tama swings but Goto counter punches! But then Tama GUN STUN STUN GUNS Goto down! Goto falls to the floor and Tama waits on the ring count. Goto stirs at 5 of 20, fans rally and Hashi coaches Goto up. Goto sits up at 12 of 20, but we past 15 before he stands! Goto slides in at 18! Fans applaud, but Tama drags Goto up to COHP! Tama whips, DROPKICKS and covers, TWO! Tama keeps cool as he looms over Goto. Tama brings Goto up, then CLUBS him in the chest again and again!

Fans rally while Tama paces around. Tama drags Goto back up, snap suplexes and covers, TWO! Tama clamps onto Goto with a chinlock and grinds him back down. Fans rally as Goto endures, but Tama brings Goto down to the mat. Goto kicks and flails, fights his way back up, and he throws body shots. Tama CLUBS Goto on the back, then ROCKS him with a forearm! And then another! Goto scowls but Tama eggs him on. Tama ROCKS Goto again, but Goto snarls. Tama fires off forearm after forearm! Tama then runs, but Goto blocks the boot! Goto throws the foot down but Tama ROCKS him with another forearm!

Goto blocks another boot, waistlocks, but Tama elbows free! Tama runs, Goto follows and LARIATS Tama down! Fans fire up while both men are down! Tama crawls to a corner but Goto is right on him. Goto whips corner to corner and runs in to MURAMASA! Then SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Tama survives, and Jado coaches him up. Goto brings Tama up but Tama fires body shots and low headbutts! Tama whips, Goto reverses and he runs Tama over! Fans fire up as Tama bails out, and Goto hurries to PLANCHA! Direct hit and both men go down at the railing! Fans fire up as both men stir.

The ring count starts but Goto is already up at 2 of 20. He drags Tama up at 5, but Tama is deadweight so Goto stomps him. The count passes 10, Goto drags Tama back up at 13. Goto puts Tama back in at 15 and fans applaud. Goto fires up and fans rally behind him. Goto climbs up a corner, but Tama ROCKS him first! Tama throws another forearm, but Goto hits back! Goto ELBOWS Tama in the head, but Tama throws body shots. Tama ROCKS Goto, climbs up and CLUBS Goto on the back. But Goto throws body shots and forearms! Tama and Goto fire off back and forth, and Tama gets the edge! Tama stands Goto up for the SUPERPLEX!

Fans fire up while both men are down again! Red Shoes checks, both men stir, and the fans rally up again. Goto crawls to a corner but Tama runs in, STINGER SPLASH! And then EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Goto hangs tough and the fans rally up. Tama drags himself up with the ropes, and he storms over to Goto. Tama stands Goto up but Goto throws a forearm! Tama throws a forearm right back! Goto drops to a knee, but he grits his teeth. Goto stands up to ROCK Tama with a forearm! Tama shakes that off to ROCK Goto right back! Goto ROCKS Tama! Tama ROCKS Goto! The forearms go back and forth again!

Fans fire up as Tama fires off a strike fest! Tama whips, Goto reverses, fireman’s carries and USHIGOROSHI! Both men are down and Tama clutches his neck. Goto roars and fans fire up with him! Goto drags Tama up, dragon sleepers, but Tama throws hands from below! Goto blocks that, spins Tama around, but Tama fireman’s carries! SRC! Tama flounders but finds his way over to the corner! Tama goes up, for the SUPREME FLOW! Cover, TWO!! Goto is still in this, but fans fire up with Tama! OFF COMES THE VEST! Tama watches Goto stir, and Tama pounds the mat. Fans clap along and build back up.

Goto rises, Tama runs in, GUN- NO, Goto blocks! Goto shoves, runs, Tama redirects but Goto follows! Tama dodges and runs, GUN- NO! Goto blocks, then deflects the boot! But Tama jumps, VELENO! Both men are down after the satellite DDT and the fans are thunderous! Tama rises first, the fans rally back up, and Tama takes aim from the corner. Goto flounders, rises, and Tama rushes in, GUN- NO, Goto puts him in the corner! DRAPING SHOUTO!! But Goto’s too tired to make the cover! Fans rally up again and Goto rises. Goto roars and Tama rises, BUZZSAW! Goto then drags Tama back up to fireman’s carry!

USHI- NO, Tama flips through! But Goto still blocks Gun Stun! Goto drags Tama back up, spins him around, but Tama SUPER FOREARMS! BLOODY SUNDAY!! Cover, TWO!?! Goto survives Tama’s shoutout to The Prince, but Tama roars! Tama drags Goto up, underhooks, but Goto fights the lift! Goto wrenches and HEADBUTTS! And then LARIATS!! Fans fire up as Tama goes flipping through the air! Goto roars and gathers all his strength! BUZZSAW!! And then another dragon sleeper! G T- NO!! Tama blocks to a backslide but Goto holds that off! Tama HEADBUTTS, and GUN STUNS!!! Cover, TAMA WINS!!

Winner: Tama Tonga, by pinfall (advances to the semifinals)

The NEVER Openweight Champion bests one half of the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions! The Fierce Warrior misses out on the final four, will he and Hashi simply regroup to focus on the tag titles for the Spring?

As for Tama, he shakes Goto’s hand to show respect, and the two hug it out. Goto raises Tama’s hand in victory, then lets him have the ring. Tama gets the mic to say, “HAMAMATSU~!” Fans cheer and Tama continues in Japanese,
“Really, thank you so much! Goto-san. That was amazing, thank you.” Fans cheer the respect shown, and Tama asks that everyone please keep supporting him! A short and sweet message from the Good Bad Guy, will he go all the way until he has his hands on the Cup?

My Thoughts:

Another really good night for the New Japan Cup, though not as shocking and wild as yesterday’s. Shota VS Finlay went about as expected in that Finlay goes over, but I am still impressed that Finlay is a Heel that doesn’t cheat to win. He didn’t need Gedo to do things for him here, Finlay just outdid Shota. And then we got a great main event where I was rather surprised that Tama won out. I thought Goto was going to go strong to the finals to put over the other side of the bracket. Instead, Tama gets a great win here and he’ll get to face Finlay next week, in a great rework of Tama taking on the Bullet Club.

My Score: 8.7/10

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