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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (6/3/20)

Can Drake Maverick shock the world?



NEW NXT Coverage

The NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament finally finishes!

Drake Maverick has been fighting to stay in NXT, and now he might become Interim Cruiserweight Champion! Will he pull off one last miracle on the mat?


  • Candice LeRae VS Mia Yim; Double Count-Out.
  • Mixed Tag: Keith Lee & Mia Yim VS Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae; Gargano & LeRae win.
  • Tony Nese VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott; Swerve wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Triple Threat: The Undisputed Era VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS ???; Breezango wins and will challenge Imperium for the titles at TakeOver: In Your House.
  • Aliyah VS Santana Garrett; Garrett wins.
  • Cameron Grimes VS Bronson Reed; Grimes wins.
  • Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals: Drake Maverick VS El Hijo del Fantasma; Fantasma wins and becomes the interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion.


Candice LeRae VS Mia Yim!

Pint-Sized Poison wants to make the Head Baddie in Charge pay for mocking her and Johnny. But will she have to eat defeat along with her words?

But before the bell, Candice serves up knuckle sandwiches and has Mia in the corner! The ref backs Candice off and Mia keeps her cool. The bell rings and Mia runs Candice over! And BOOTS her down! Candice flounders, goes after a leg, but Mia pries her off to throw her aside. Candice gets to a corner but Mia runs in to BOOT again! Mia pulls on the hair and uses that to snapmare Candice down, for a Peanlty KICK! Candice writhes and rolls to the apron. Mia drags Candice up but Candice chokes Mia on the ropes! Mia powers up to drag Cnadice up and into the ring for a full nelson. Candice drops down to KICK Mia in the head! Mia staggers, Candice recovers and throws hands! The crowd boos as Candice hammers away on Mia. Candice grimaces as she gives Mia the step-up back senton! Cover, TWO!

Candice frowns while the crowd rallies up. Candice drops another senton, and then another! Cover, TWO! Mia survives the hat trick but Candice is after her right away. Candice pulls hair, but Mia powers up to carry Candice. Mia RAMS Candice into buckles out of the backpack, then runs corner to corner to CANNONBALL! Cover, TWO! Candice shakes out the cobwebs while Mia looms over her. Mia toys with Candice and brings her up> Candice throws body shots and CHOPS, and even forearms. She backs Mia down with furious fists but the ref counts. Candice lets up at 4, to run corner to corner for a back body check! But Mia DECKS Candice out of the ring! Mia goes out to fetch Candice and clubs her on the back. Mia dead lifts Candice to swing her into barriers!

The ring count climbs but Mia clubs away on Candice at the ramp. The count passes 5 as the two brawl. Candice tackles Mia and throws hands, but the count hits 10!

Double Count-Out

The match is over but the fight has just begun! Mia scoops Candice up, but Candice huricanranas to send Mia into the titantron! The screen goes out but Candice keeps clubbing away! Tegan Nox appears to back Candice off, but Dakota Kai BOOTS Mia down! Raquel Gonzalez is not far behind, and she DECKS Tegan! But Shotzi returns to go after Dakota! Shotzi TOSSES Dakota and a brawl is on all over the stage! Referees rush out to break this up, but Mia runs and ROCKS Candice!

Mia backs off as the refs tell her and Johnny Gargano appears to check on his wife. Candice doesn’t want to be helped away, she goes back for more! She blindsides Mia on the ramp and beats her down at ringside! Gargano cheers Candice on, but here comes KEITH LEE! Mr. & Mrs. Wrestling run away into the ring as Keith helps Mia back up. And #Yimitless rushes the ring! The Garganos run away again, but GM William Regal sends word down to the ring. We’re getting a MIXED TAG MATCH! Will #TheJohnnyGarganoWay have no choice but to #BaskInTheirGlory?


Mixed Tag: Keith Lee & Mia Yim VS Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae!

NXT returns and Gargano is complaining because he is far from dressed to compete. The crowd boos as Gargano and Candice go to leave, but Keith grabs Gargano and trophy lifts him! Keith carries Gargano back to the ring but Candice jumps on! She doesn’t bother him at all as he TOSSES Gargano into the ring. Mia dropkicks Gargano to the corner! Keith pops Candice off and she ends up in the ring, and Mia shotgun dropkicks her! The bell rings to make this official as Mia CHOPS and TOSSES Candice! Mia CHOPS Candice again, and TOSSES her again! Gargano is panicking as Candice flounders into the #Yimitless corner. Candice is spooked when she realizes where she is, and she staggers into SOLE FOOD! Cover, TWO!

Mia keeps her cool while Gargano finally gets on the corner. Mia drags Candice up and suplexes, but Candice resists. Gargano talks trash so Mia pushes Candice down to swipe at him. But Candice chop blocks in the distraction! Candice has the leg for a foot DDT! Gargano is all cocky now as Candice covers, but Mia keeps her shoulders up. Candice kicks Mia around but Mia hits back. Candice clubs Mia then pushes her to a corner. Candice drags Mia around but Mia pushes Candice away. Mia runs into the corner to BOOT, and then sit Candice down. Mia gives Candice some face washing while Gargano talks trash. Mia smirks at Gargano and dares him to do something. Gargano says he’s not in wrestling gear, how is he supposed to do anything?

Mia heads for Keith to force Gargano’s hand, but Candice anchors her feet. So Mia just dead lifts Candice for a DRAGON SUPLEX! Bridging cover, but Gargano sweeps her legs! Keith steps to Gargano and TOSSES him into the ring! Mia goes after Candice on the outside while Keith throws hands on Gargano. Keith tosses Gargano back to his corner then brings him back up to whip corner to corner. Keith hits a big corner splash, and keeps Gargano up with his body. He drags Gargano right up, but Gargano digs something into Keith’s eye!?! His car keys!! Mia checks on Keith but Candice rolls her up! The Garganos wins!!

Winners: Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano, by pinfall

#TJGW wins but Keith wants revenge already! Candice saves Johnny from Keith’s wrath, but Keith still shouts warnings to him. But then Keith’s hand slips in between steel steps and ring post, and Gargano KICKS the steps!! Keith’s hand may have just been crushed!! Will Gargano use every trick in the book to once again become NXT North American Champion?


Tommaso Ciampa responds to Karrion Kross.

“The word ‘special’ has been thrown around a lot lately.” But this is Ciampa’s 13th TakeOver. While each TakeOver is special in its own way, Kross and Ciampa make this one very different. There are still a lot of questions circling around Kross, “so let’s throw the damn questions out the window!” This Sunday, June 7th, “under those bright TakeOver lights, with the pressure on and the entire world watching,” Kross needs to bring his A Game. Because Ciampa’s hunch is that Ciampa’s A Game is that much better. Kross chose Ciampa as his first real target. But Ciampa promises that he will be the one Kross remembers. Kross finds out that there’s special, and then there’s Tommaso Ciampa.


Backstage interview with Dexter Lumis.

The eeriest superstar in NXT today, perhaps ever, is asked about the odds of Velveteen Dream finally becoming NXT Champion against Adam Cole at TakeOver: In Your House. Lumis doesn’t say a word, but he does bring out an easel and some markers. He draws on the paper to express his opinion. What will Lumis show us when NXT returns from break?


NXT Media catches up with Drake Maverick.

As seen on WWE’s YouTube, Rockstar Spud arrives, ready for his NXT Cruiserweight Championship match. How is he feeling? Well, he and Mackenzie Mitchell have known each other for a long time, how about he interviews her? He asks her how she thinks he feels. Because he is feeling NO PRESSURE! Why? Because today is the day! It could be the best day or the worst day, but Maverick is feeling amazing right now! He could become THE NXT Cruiserweight Champion! This is the first time he’s not felt pressure in so long. He’ll have cookies in catering that he keeps ignoring because of all the training, and maybe even some chocolate cake. Because that’s the thing about today! He doesn’t know what is going to happen, and he’s excited. The chips are down, he rolls the dice! Who knows what happens! He even looks right into the camera as he says this could go either way, but that’s the beauty of it. We find out what the future holds for Drake Maverick tonight!


The NXT Championship match will be a BACKLOT BRAWL!

Per Adam Cole’s negotiations with William Regal, this will be Velveteen Dream’s last shot at the title, so long as Cole is champion. And Regal has found the perfect stipulation and location for the two lovers of attention in this unique match-up.

NXT Prime Target: In Your House.

Monday, 6/1/20, in Orlando, Florida. NXT Champion Adam Cole knows the Undisputed Era has a special day planned for him. But every day is special for the champion. We start off with Kyle O’Reilly returning, and the Era picking Cole up in a limousine! They get ready to party, but what’s the occasion? As if he doesn’t know. But June 1st marks the ONE YEAR MARK of Cole as champion! A great day for the greatest NXT Champion EVER.

Meanwhile, Dream skates as he reflects on his long road to this opportunity. “Let’s take a little trip down memory lane.” This road all started when Cole screwed Dream out of the North American Championship. And then the Era threw him off the top of a production truck, nearly breaking Dream’s back. But Dream came back, and hopes Cole likes pain. Because there’s going to be a lot of it. Dream admires the beauty all around him. A beautiful NXT is the Dream’s NXT.

The Undisputed Era arrives at Fresco and has a feast. Cole has a toast. “The Undisputed Era is the greatest thing that I have ever done in my entire love.” He loves Kyle, Bobby and Roddy, and is so proud of them all. But this toast is for the ONE YEAR MARK, the longest reigning and certainly greatest NXT Champion of all time. This is also a toast to the beautiful victory at TakeOver: In Your House. And that is Undisputed. Cheers!

“The Dream’s been doing a lot of thinking, and The Dream’s got a lot on his mind, Adam Cole.” You don’t think Dream can handle 4v1? If Cole wants to talk numbers, Dream has some numbers for Cole. 24: that’s how old Dream is, and he’s already a superstar. Then there’s the 1-2-3, when Dream pinned Cole. That’s why Dream is Cole’s new reality. Cole needs to wake up. Ladies, bring the mirror. Dream needs a private conversation. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who will be the greatest NXT Champion of them all?” The mirror, whose spirit is very much like Prince, says Dream will be the one.

Cole wants Regal to say that Dream never gets another shot at his title, so long as it is on his shoulder. Regal agreed to the terms, and Sunday will either solidify Cole’s legacy, or finally crown Dream the champion. Sam Roberts has said it will not be about Dream’s tights or entrance. It will be about one thing and only one thing only: being unbeatable. Peter Rosenberg says this is the ultimate “traditional” pro-wrestler against the ultimate “charismatic personality.” Not even WWE World Champion, Drew McIntyre, knows what to expect in this. All he knows he will be watching. No one knows what Dream is truly capable of, because he is so unpredictable. Pat McAfee says that Dream has a lot in common with Dennis Rodman. Flamboyant, draws a lot of attention outside of “his craft,” but when he gets in the game, in the ring, on the court, they both deliver.

Regal has found a location to shine a lot on their talent, and that is the #BacklotBrawl! But who shines brightest in this already historic night for NXT?


NXT checks in on Dexter Lumis.

Lumis’ artwork is complete, and it’s a caricature of himself driving a truck, with who appear to be the Undisputed Era in the back. Mackenzie says that’s quite… good? What does this mean for Lumis’ plans at TakeOver?


Tony Nese VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott!

The Premier Athlete still hasn’t lived down going 0-3 in the NXT Cruiserweight Championship round robin, but he has since rebounded thanks to 205 Live. Will he keep things going now that he gets to confront Swerve over his harsh criticism?

Before the bell, the crowd chants, “Whose House?” “Swerve’s House!” Nese keeps flexing on Swerve, but as soon as the bell rings, Swerve TACKLES Nese down! Swerve rains hands down on Nese but Nese gets away. Swerve pursues and CLUBS Nese down, then throws him into barriers! The ring count climbs as Swerve clubs and kicks Nese around the way. Swerve ROCKS Nese with a right then whips him at steps. Nese chinbars to stop that then pushes Swerve away. Nese gets in the ring, Swerve follows at 9, only to get CLOBBERED by that back elbow! Nese throws furious crossface forearms but the crowd boos. Nese soaks up the heat and kicks Swerve while he’s down. He drags Swerve up to club him but Swerve shoves. Nese BOOTS Swerve down then covers, ONE!

Nese stalks Swerve and BOOTS him down again! Swerve gets under the bottom rope but Nese stomps him more. The ref backs Nese off and Nese soaks up more heat. Nese drags Swerve up and whips him corner to corner hard! Swerve hits buckles then mat, and Nese flexes on him again. Cover, TWO! Nese puts on the squeeze with the body scissors! Swerve endures but the crowd rallies up. Swerve grabs at Nese but Nese CHOPS him down! Swerve CHOPS back, and we have a CHOP fight while Nese still has the squeeze! Swerve gets the edge, gets the ground ‘n’ pound, but Nese guillotines! Swerve fights his way around and the crowd rallies up again. Swerve powers up, elbows back, and pops Nese for a BRAIN BUSTER!

Both men are down and the crowd is loving this. Swerve grits his teeth while Nese flounders to a corner. Nese runs but Swerve counter punches and CHOPS! Swerve fires off on Nese then ROUNDHOUSES! Swerve whips but Nese reverses, and Nese table tops Swerve down! Nese PREMIER TRIANGLES, but Swerve dodges! Swerve tosses Nese out then goes to the apron to BOOT! Nese is down but Swerve fetches him up and… He still wants the steel steps, so Swerve RAMS Nese in! The count is past 7 but Swerve puts Nese in at 8. Swerve goes after Nese at the corner but Nese uses the ropes as defense. The ref backs Swerve off, and Nese throat chops! Nese brings Swerve around but Swerve pries free with a foot and ROCKS Nese with a right!

Nese staggers to a corner, Swerve runs in to uppercut! He rolls Nese, hops up, but here comes Jack Gallagher! Gentleman turned Jackal Gallagher has beef with both these boys, but he’s distracting Swerve right now! Nese SHORYUKENS Swerve down! And then brings him into the Alabama, only for Swerve to sunset flip! Cover, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

Swerve gets out of the ring before Gallagher can pounce, and Nese is just back on the losing end of things! Swerve gets his payback, but will Nese and Gallagher get theirs?


Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch fire each other up backstage.

“We’ve got this! We can do this!” The One Two wants that second chance at the NXT Tag Team Championships, but they’re not the only ones. The Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong prepare, as well, but there’s still a wild card third team yet to be introduced. Who punches their tickets to TakeOver to take on Imperium’s Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner?


NXT Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Triple Threat: The Undisputed Era VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS ???

We know all about the Savior of the Backbreaker and the Infamous, as well as the Boston Fury and The Govenah. But none of them know who is being added to the mix! It’s… BREEZANGO~ IIIN~ SPAAACE~! That’s right! Prince Pretty and the Lord of the Dance are back! Will this triple threat now be out of this world?

To start, this variation of a Triple Threat Tag has a member from each team active! Tyler Breeze steps to Fish and Burch and the bell rings. Fish kicks Burch low almost immediately, then goes after Breeze with hands! Burch and Fish brawl but Breeze joins in where he can. Burch and Breeze punch Fish over and over until he falls. They both bring Fish up to double whip, then SPINE BUSTER and a roll to a HEADBUTT! Burch covers but Breeze pushes him aside. Breeze covers but Burch returns the favor. They stare down and talk trash, but Strong runs at Breeze, only to get a POP-UP SPINE BUSTER! Burch clotheslines Strong out but Fish rolls Burch up! TWO, and Breeze enziguris Fish down! Breeze rolls Burch, TWO! Burch is up and shoves Breeze, and then again. Fandango and Oney jump in and the crowd is going nuts as NXT goes to break!

NXT returns and Burch stomps away on Strong in a corner. Breeze gets his stomps in but Burch stomps more. They dig their boots into Strong and scrape him to the apron. Burch brings Strong up and throws European Uppercuts. Strong knees Breeze, CHOPS Burch, and fires off forearms. Strong throws hands on Burch and whips, but Burch reverses to corner clothesline and gamangiri! Burch rolls Strong, hops up, and Breeze SUPER MODEL KICKS Strong! Burch gives Breeze the missile dropkick! Breeze and Strong flounder but Burch is after Strong at the ropes. Fish protests but Burch ROCKS him just because. Strong ROCKS Burch, but Breeze grabs Strong. Strong fights off the Complete Shot and shoves Breeze into Burch! They collide head to head and Burch falls out. Breeze staggers into Strong’s BACKBREAKER! And Fish BLASTS Burch with an elbow!

Strong calls to Fish and Fish returns. Fish tags in and the Era stomp away on Breeze. Fish drags Breeze up to kick into the corner then fire off shots. Burch climbs up but Fish KNEES him out. Fish brings Breeze around for knees then bumps him off buckles. Tag to Strong and Strong CHOPS Breeze! Breeze reaches for Fandango but Strong mocks the dance moves. Strong stomps Breeze down then covers, TWO! Strong grabs the arm for a keylock but Breeze endures. Breeze gets up but Strong clamps on with a chinlock. The crowd rallies for Breeze as Fandango reaches out. Breeze fights his way up and Burch returns to clobber Strong. Fish gets in but he gets fists! Burch haymakers and CHOPS but the Era get him 2v1! Breeze heads for his corner and tags in Fandango!

Fandango BOOTS Strong, then leaps to knee him down! Fish runs into a spinning powerslam! So does Strong! The crowd fires up as Fandango uses Fish to give Strong a TORNADO DDT! Then he hits a FALCON ARROW! Cover but Fish stomps it up. Oney tags in and CHOPS away on Fish! And then CHOPS away on Fandango! Oney runs with clotheslines and elbows for everyone! Oney gives the Era a DOUBLE BLOCKBUSTER! Burch returns but Fandango decks him! Oney BLASTS Fandango with a EuroUpper! Oney runs but Fandango catches him for a back suplex out onto everyone! The crowd loves “NXT! NXT!” as Fandango builds speed, for Burch to BACK DROP out onto the rest!

The crowd chants “This is Awesome!” as the pile sorts out. Breeze gets in the ring but Burch dodges the Super Model Kick to throw forearms. Burch throws EuroUppers, runs, but into the SUPER MODEL KICK! Strong CLOBBERS Breeze and Fish adds on. The ref tries to restore order but the Era see Dexter Lumis in the crowd! Lumis’ stare scares them, but Oney’s uppercut BLASTS them! Oney goes after Strong and Breeze gives Fish the BEAUTY SHOT! Fandango DROPS THE LEG! Cover, Breezango wins!!

Winners: Breezango, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championships)

An incredible reunion brings the Fashion Astronauts to TakeOver! But Imperium appears, wearing the tag titles around their waists. Aichner & Barthel glare at the jokers, but here come some tigers! It’s Indus Sher and Malcolm Bivens! Rinku, Saurav and Bivens seem to be putting Aichner & Barthel on notice that TakeOver will only be the beginning. Who survives In Your House to then become the hunted?


NXT shares the Robert Stone Brand fallout from last week.

Also found on WWE’s YouTube, Chelsea Green and Robert Stone himself were feeling great after the victory alongside Charlotte Flair. Did the brand come through or did it come through? The Queen of All Eras and “Princess of NXT” were a good combo, and only Stone could pull that off. The Robert Stone Brand has worked! Green and Stone have worked! Green is the hottest she’s ever been. Which is why he’s fired. Ha, funny joke. Wait, she’s serious. Is she serious? There’s no way she’s serious! Stone hurried after his number one, and only, client but we have yet to get a clear answer.


Aliyah VS Santana Garrett!

The Bougie thought she was on her way to the Robert Stone Brand signing her, but he didn’t exactly give her his card. Will she prove herself worthy this week, though she goes up against the Wonder Woman of Wrestling?

The bell rings and Aliyah rushes Garrett but runs into a waistlock. Aliyah elbows out and spins Garrett to a neckbreaker! Aliyah rains down furious rights, and out comes a disheveled Robert Stone. He applauds as Aliyah covers, TWO! Aliyah grows frustrated but she drags Garrett up and bumps her off buckles. Stone cheers as Aliyah THROWS Garrett across the ring. Aliyah runs corner to corner at Garrett for a LEAPING BOOT! “THAT’S RIGHT!!” Cover, TWO! Garrett survives but Aliyah is on her with a double chicken wing. Garrett endures and the crowd rallies up while Stone coaches Aliyah.

Garrett powers her way up and backs Aliyah into the corner. Aliyah holds on but Garrett rams her again. Garrett is free but Aliyah grabs hair! Garrett breaks free but Aliyah SLAPS her! Aliyah hops up, but Garrett SLAPS back! Garrett hits the STRATUSPHERE! Garrett keeps moving, and she handspring moonsaults! Cover, Garrett wins!

Winner: Santana Garrett, by pinfall

Stone is in even more disarray after his desperate plan B turned out to be a bust. Aliyah pleads with him to still sign her, but Stone leaves without a word. Will Stone be able to pull himself together and resurrect the brand?


NXT Prime Target: In Your House 2, The NXT Women’s Championship.

“I don’t need anyone. Infinity, void, seeking me. Alone, isolated, darkness, emptiness. I love being alone. Being alone makes me stronger.” Io Shirai says that Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley should be afraid of her, because she will be the next NXT Women’s Champion.

5:30 AM on Monday, 6/1/20, Rhea Ripley wakes up. She doesn’t have to get up this early, she just chooses to because she doesn’t have anything else to do but become the best her she can. That’s why she gets up this early, goes to the gym this early, and works on getting better and better all day. Rhea finished 2019 at the highest point her career has ever seen. “And then 2020 hit, and it’s pretty much been all downhill from there.” Sam Roberts says that Rhea is already the future of women’s wrestling. Look at all she accomplished in such a short amount of time. That’s hard to argue against, until WrestleMania came. Charlotte Flair beat her. What happened happened. 2020 got the better of Rhea.

Charlotte Flair is already at the Performance Center, preparing for In Your House. She’s nervous. It’s been a long time since she’s been on a TakeOver. People don’t realize this about Charlotte, but she is NXT homegrown. She changed her life here. When the crowd chanted, “You Don’t Go Here!” as they approached WrestleMania, she said, “Excuse me? I made here.” The original class of NXT had to fight to get TakeOver to happen. The original, Fatal 4 Way, [R]EVOLUTION, aRival, Unstoppable, Brooklyn, Respect, London, Dallas, The End, and beyond! “Just people accepting NXT for what it is.” Had Charlotte not had her match against Natalya to become NXT Women’s Champion, Charlotte would never have been taken serious. Natty speaks to that match, Charlotte’s first ever title match. Going back where she started from, this is full circle.

Peter Rosenberg says “It wasn’t enough for her to be the Queen of WWE. She had to go back to NXT to show everyone that she is still as hungry as she ever was.” Because TakeOver is that extremely important to her and the history of where she is today. An outside? No, when she walks inside the building, she’s home. As for Rhea, when she works out, she thinks about a lot of things. She’s just focused on Sunday, Charlotte and Shirai. That motivates her to work harder and harder to get that title back. Charlotte won the Women’s Rumble, and Rhea dared to take a shot. She wanted Charlotte to pick her, because then that’d get Rhea on WrestleMania. The dream match happened, and Rosenberg even said Rhea is going to be the greatest of all time. Then she ran into the mountain that is Charlotte. Rhea knows she merely scratched the surface of being a champion. This is a need for her. The NXT Women’s Championship is being showcased on all three brands thanks to Charlotte, which will make this win even sweeter.

“As the entire world talks about what Charlotte did five years ago, and what Rhea did five months ago, let’s talk about what Io Shirai is doing today.” Sam Roberts says that every time Shirai walks into an NXT ring, every set of eyes are locked on every move she makes. Beth Phoenix shares that growing up in Japan, Shirai began training in high school. She transitioned from martial arts to pro-wrestling at just 16 years old. Shirai won every award, every title, and Rosenberg relates Shirai’s story to AJ Styles. An incredible talent that wrestled around the world, 10 years in Japan, and now she’s here. Natty says Shirai is one of the best, period. She has this mystique and you want to know about her. When she’s on TV, you watch what she does because she is innovative, groundbreaking, beautiful, mysterious and talented.

Pat McAfee says Shirai is a wolverine. She’s a spider! She will rip your face off, and will take that title to become NEW Women’s Champion! Lock it in! The three most unique and dominant women in wrestling today will prove to themselves and the world who is the best! Who takes over In Your House?


Cameron Grimes VS Bronson Reed!

The Carolina Caveman is bragging that it’s #GrimeTime all because Damian Priest softened Finn Balor up for him. But will he make good on all that bragging when he goes up against Auszilla?

The bell rings and Grimes circles with Reed. Grimes goes after a leg but can’t lift Reed. Reed gut wrenches Grimes up to the Canadian rack but Grimes gets free. Grimes CHOPS but Reed doesn’t even flinch! Reed clubs and haymakers away on Grimes! Reed whips then atomic drops Grimes to then CLUB Grimes down! Grimes flounders into Reed’s arms for the military press and SLAM! Reed drops the back senton! Grimes crawls but Reed drags him back in. Grimes hold ropes but Reed gets him to let go. Grimes BOOTS from the mat but Reed stays on his feet. Reed walks into an elbow, and Grimes runs, into Reed’s arms again! But Grimes slips out to SUPER FOREARM! Grimes waistlocks but Reed bucks him off the roll, to THESZ PRESS!

Reed stomps around as Grimes goes to a corner. The crowd rallies and Reed runs in, THICC HIP ATTACK! Grimes flops out of the ring but Reed fetches him into it. Reed hurries to the corner and goes up top!? Reed MONSTER SPLASHES but FLOPS! Grimes gets to his feet, and hits the CAVE-IN!! Cover, Grimes wins!!

Winner: Cameron Grimes, by pinfall

Now Grimes can brag about the literally biggest win in his career. “That’s how I beat Finn Balor, and that’s how I beat them all!” But Karrion Kross is here?! Grimes runs away, but Kross wants after Reed! DOOMSDAY SAIDO!! Kross tells Ciampa, “This Sunday… ‘Special.’ Ticktock.” Is time almost up on the Blackheart?


NXT TakeOver: In Your House gets even bigger!

After the huge confrontation at the start of the night, Mia Yim joins forces with Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox to take on their mutual enemies in Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez! Which side of this women’s division war will take over at TakeOver?


Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals: Drake Maverick VS El Hijo del Fantasma!

Rockstar Spud pulled of a #MiracleontheMat in Group A, but the Son of the Phantom handled his business in Group B. While Maverick feels absolutely no pressure tonight, will that help or hurt him here against the second generation luchador?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this last step to the title finally begins! The crowd duels as Maverick and Fantasma shake hands. But then Fantasma spins and rolls Maverick up, TWO! Maverick scrambles away, shocked he got away. Maverick cools off and circles with Fantasma. They tie up, go around, Fantasma waistlocks and slams then floats on Maverick. Maverick slips out to get the armlock and hammerlock. Maverick goes after the other arm but Fantasma fights his way up. Fantasma trips, covers, TWO, and Maverick backs away again. Maverick resets and ties up with Fantasma again. Fantasma puts Maverick in a corner but gives him a clean break. They go again, Fantasma hooks Maverick and drives him into the mat for the armlock.

Maverick endures and gets up, but gets a jamming monkey flip for it. Ghost pin, TWO but barely! Fantasma says it was that close and Maverick grows frustrated. Maverick backs off to cool down and come back. They tie up, Fantasma powers Maverick back then wrenches to whip. Maverick ducks, tilt-o-whirls, and headscissors Fantasma out of the ring! Fantasma staggers up, perhaps a bit surprised. Fantasma sees the slide coming and ducks under. He kick slow and powerbomb lifts but Maverick gets to the apron and fights free. Maverick leaps and CANNONBALLS Fantasma down! Maverick has control as NXT goes to break!

NXT returns and Maverick fires off body shots and forearms in the corner! The ref counts but Maverick lets up at 4 to whip Fantasma corner to corner. Fantasma reverses but Maverick goes up and over to then bait him into a dropkick that sends him into buckles! Maverick kicks the rope to jam Fantasma, then hops up top to missile dropkick Fantasma down! Fantasma bails out while Maverick checks his legs. Maverick hurries to pursue but Fantasma pops him up for a SIT-OUT BOMB on the floor! Maverick writhes and screams in pain but Fantasma puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO!! Maverick survives and Fantasma can’t believe it! Fantasma stalks up behind Maverick and then drags him up for a shove and forearm to the back!

Maverick screams in pain but Fantasma shoves and forearms him again! Fantasma hooks up the legs and goes after the arms. Maverick can’t fight off the Romero Special! The floating surfboard pulls at all his limbs but Maverick refuses to quit, even as Fantasma move shim up and down! And then back for a cover, ROPEBREAK! Fantasma drops an elbow right on the back, not giving Maverick time to rest. Fantasma drags Maverick up and back suplexes for a back drop driver! Cover, TWO! Maverick continues to tough it out and the crowd is rallying behind him. Fantasma drags Maverick back up to throw forearms and then back suplex again. Maverick fights out and hurries to a corner, to then boot Fantasma, and again send him into buckles! Another kick to the ropes and Maverick goes up again. Maverick leaps, but Fantasma catches him for a takedown! BOSTON CRAB!

Maverick screams as Fantasma sits deep! But Maverick refuses to let the ref talk him out of this, and he claws to the ROPEBREAK! Fantasma lets go fast and is shocked Maverick isn’t done. Maverick manages to say, “I’m not gonna quit!” and he crawls back towards Fantasma. Fantasma asks if Maverick wants more, and Maverick pushes him. So Fantasma SIT-OUT POWERBOMBS him again!! Cover, TWO!?! Maverick doesn’t know how to give up and the crowd hasn’t given up on him, either! Fantasma watches Maverick stagger and hobble to the corner. Maverick SLAPS Fantasma, so Fantasma turns him around for forearm after forearm to that lower back! Fantasma brings Maverick up and whips him to the corner. Maverick comes back to LARIAT!

Maverick fires up and fires off on Fantasma in a corner! The ref counts and has to pull Maverick off. Maverick is reaching a boiling point, and he runs to wheelbarrow, for a BULLDOG! He keeps going and gets to the corner. Maverick climbs up and leaps, for the MACHO ELBOW! Cover, ONE?! So close and yet so far, but “This is Awesome!” all the same. Maverick drags Fantasma up but gets a jawbreaker, to a SPINE BUSTER! Fantasma flounders to a corner and climbs up top. Maverick trips Fantasma up and heads to the apron! The crowd hopes they “Fight Forever!” at this point, but it has to end somehow. Maverick climbs to join Fantasma but Fantasma headbutts! Maverick headbutts back! They headbutt each other and they both fall down! But Fantasma ends up on the outside and Maverick is inside!

The ring count climbs, but the gold masked luchadors appear?! Are they finally going to capture Fantasma?! But Maverick DIVES onto them first!! He won’t let them ruin his match! He boots and punches and chops them down, but then turns around into Fantasma’s SUPERKICK! Fantasma fireman’s carries, for the PHANTOM DRIVER! Fantasma wins!!

Winner: El Hijo del Fantasma, by pinfall (NEW NXT Cruiserweight Champion)

One dream comes true as another ends! Fantasma is the winner and has the title, but must oddly thank the wrestler-abducting men that appeared. Will Fantasma be able to hold onto this title and his freedom? And what is the fate of Drake Maverick? Is this loss the last one he suffers in the WWE? Or has he at least won a place on the roster? At the very least, he has won the respect and admiration of his peers here at Full Sail. Maverick thanks the WWE Universe while the crowd chants, “Thank You, Drake!”

But wait! As Maverick makes his way up the ramp, Triple H appears! And as he shakes Maverick’s hand, he presents him with an NXT contract! Maverick signs on the dotted line, and is officially back! Is this just the beginning of a new chapter for Rockstar Spud?

My Thoughts:

A great go-home, and another great episode all around! Though, maybe with more than we needed in the opening segment than we needed. Mia VS Candice leading to a Mixed Tag Match that still ended in Candice getting the win off Mia was a bit odd for NXT. That’s usually more of a Raw/SmackDown move. But I suppose there was only one way for Gargano and Candice to win without making Keith Lee look weak this close to the North American Championship match. I can’t be sure who wins but it is a bit of a shame for both Keith and Gargano. Maybe something happens to have a finish where Champion’s Advantage kicks in. I am glad they at least gave us the Mixed Tag, and I am very glad to see we’re getting that Six Woman Tag. The brawl was great and that Six Woman Tag will be great, and it could go either way to great effect.

Swerve gets another win in a pretty good match with Nese. I’m mostly surprised that Gallagher didn’t just go after Nese when he couldn’t get Swerve. Maybe this prompts Swerve to get a tag team partner, but I’m not sure who it’d be. I’d prefer a Triple Threat that wraps all the stories up nicely, and gives us a challenger to the Cruiserweight Championship. The Cruiserweight Championship match tonight was the best stuff of the night, with so much story coming from Maverick’s side of things. I thought the gold masked luchadors were going to cost Fantasma, but that turned out to be the exact opposite. Maverick loses but gets the HHH handshake and contract, because clearly he’d been doing this as a WWE talent the entire time.

The tag team triple threat was great just on how we had the surprise of Breezango, and how it was a Triple Threat Tag, not two at a time like usual. A shame that Oney and Burch have to again wait for their time, but there is a lot of story already going into Imperium VS Breezango, given how Imperium takes things very seriously and Breezango takes it pretty easy. And I liked that Indus Sher reminded everyone that they’re just waiting their turn. Grimes gets a good win in a mostly filler match, but Kross and Ciampa sending each other messages tonight was good. The Prime Target specials being part of the show was alright. I thought they were supposed to be aired after the show on the Network, but I probably wouldn’t have watched them if they were. The content itself was all great, and I like the idea of this “Backlot Brawl,” where it isn’t so much a parking lot brawl as perhaps just a normal match with a lot of car headlights around. I can’t be sure who wins the NXT Championship, but I’m still hoping Shirai wins the Women’s Championship because it’s what she needs and it’s what NXT needs to keep Shirai around.

My Score: 9.2/10

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