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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (6/4/20)





NXT UK is Gallus’ Kingdom!

Joe and Mark Coffey ran roughshod the moment they arrived, and only got more dangerous when Wolfgang joined the firm. Relive their rise to the top of the brand in this NXT UK retrospective.


  • 1/9/19, Episode 22 – Six Man Tag: Gallus VS British Strong Style; Gallus wins.
  • NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff – Last Man Standing: Joe Coffey VS Dave Mastiff; Coffey wins.
  • NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II – NXT UK Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match: Gallus VS Imperium VS Grizzled Young Veterans VS South Wales Subculture; Gallus wins and retains the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.


Adam Shepherd welcomes us back to the show.

This week, it’s all about the Scottish trio that have been dominating the brand. #GallusBoysOnTop! It was only a matter of when, not if, the Coffey Brothers would sign with NXT UK, and it happened at the UK Championship Tournament in 2018 as they went after Mark Andrews and Travis Banks in their Cruiserweight Triple Threat! Their first targets were Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster, and Wolfgang would join in. Joe Coffey went after the Bruiserweight, aimed for his then WWE United Kingdom Championship, and signed on the dotted line for NXT UK’s inaugural TakeOver. But before then, they agreed upon a showdown that was firm versus firm.


1/9/19, Episode 22 -Six Man Tag: Gallus VS British Strong Style!

The war has come to a head, and now Wolfgang and the Coffey Brothers finally get their match with Pete Dunne & Mustache Mountain! This is just the prelude to NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool 2019!

The teams stare down and things get a bit tense. Liverpool is strongly on British Strong Style’s side, and teams sort out as the fans chant. Bate starts against Coffey and fans chant “Big Strong Boys!” The two tie up and fans sing for Bate as they break. Bate and Coffey go around and tie up again. Coffey pushes Bate back, but Bate puts his dukes up. They tie up again and have a test of strength. They push shoulders against shoulders, and Bate bridges as Coffey shoves him back. Joe sweeps the legs but Bate bridges again. Joe does it again, but Bate bridges again. Bate continues to avoid pinfalls, and even manages to support Joe’s weight! Bate powers up from the mat and shows he’s a Big Strong Boy by pushing Joe back. But Joe knees low and wrenches the arm.

Joe grinds the shoulder but Bate endures. Joe wrenches again, but Bate rolls back and handsprings to dropkick Joe away! Bate kips up and now the corners empty for a full six man stare down. The ref keeps the peace, and both teams back off. Joe tags to Wolfgang, so Bate tags Seven. Seven and Wolfgang tie up and Wolfgang gets a headlock. Fans sing for Seven as he powers out, but Wolfgang runs him over. Things speed up and Wolfgang throws Seven to ropes, but Seven comes back with a crossbody! The corners again empty and shoving starts between both sides. The ref shouts for them to back down again, and the teams listen to the official. There’s trash talk as Wolfgang tags in Mark Coffey, and Seven tags in Dunne!

Dunne and Mark circle and tie up. They go around and Mark gets a headlock. Dunne squeezes back and powers out. Things speed up and Dunne runs Mark over with a lariat! Wolfgang runs in, and the brawl is on! Gallus and British Strong Style fight all over the ring and the ref can’t get them to listen this time. Bate clotheslines Wolfgang out and Dunne throws Mark. Joe runs at Seven but Seven tosses him out! British Strong Style controls the ring and fans fire up. Gallus regroups and talks strategy. Mark runs in but into a drop toehold! Dunne hammerlocks and grabs Mark’s other arm. Dunne goes after the fingers one at a time, then the elbow. He shifts to the legs for a surfboard! Mark resists, so Dunne decides to stomp the knees! Dunne kicks Mark while he’s down, then tags to Seven.

Seven takes the hand-off and wrenches the arm to scoop slam Mark. Cover, TWO, but Seven keeps on Mark with a fireman’s carry. Tag to Bate, and Seven throws Mark down with a Wasteland slam. Bate hops up, and knee-boards for the senton! Cover, TWO! Bate keeps on Mark with a headlock and punches. HE wrenches and whips Mark but Mark reverses. Wolfgang is there but Bate knocks him away. Mark spins Bate with a full nelson to a suplex! Mark tags brother Joe and the Coffey boys mug Bate. Joe whips Bate into the corner, then tags in Wolfgang. Wolfgang clubs away with ax handles. Wolfgang drags Bate around to stomp him. He clutches his arm, but Wolfgang whips Bate to the corner. Tag to Joe, and Joe headbutts and haymakers Bate.

Joe whips Bate back in, then again. Joe double underhooks for a standing butterfly hold. Fans rally and Bate powers up, but Joe lifts Bate. Bate resists the suplex, so Joe keeps on the butterfly hold. Joe pushes Bate to the mat, then shifts to an armlock. Joe mounts and knocks Bate down, to then drag him up with nerve holds. Fans rally for Bate as he powers up and out. Bate elbows Joe but Joe body shots Bate. Joe whips Bate to Gallus’ corner and tags in Wolfgang. Wolfgang knees low then brings Bate around for another whip. Bate goes up and under, but gets caught in a waistlock. Bate standing switches and leap frogs, hot tag to Seven! Seven redirects and CHOPS away on Wolfgang! Seven whips Wolfgang for a back drop! He makes sure to hit Joe Coffey before DIVING onto Wolfgang!

Seven fires up and runs at Wolfgang in the corner for another chop! Seven dodges Mark to send him into Wolfgang, then throws Mark with a snap dragon suplex! Wolfgang denies Seven a second one, then moonsaults up, only to get Mark! Seven brings Wolfgang up for a scoop side slam! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Seven drags Wolfgang around. Seven spins it around but Wolfgang shoves Seven right out to the barriers! Mark barrels into the rnig, but it’s a distraction so that Joe can throw Seven into steel steps! Joe puts Seven into the ring for Wolfgang, who SPEARS Seven down! Cover, TWO!! Seven survives and frustrates Gallus. Mark tags in to stomp away on Seven. Fans rally as Mark clubs away on Seven. Mark puts Seven in the corner and tags to brother Joe.

Joe wrenches and reels Seven in for a facelock. Seven endures as fans sing for him. Joe wrenches and punches away on Seven, then tags brother Mark. Mark puts on the facelock, and Seven starts to fade. Mark puts Seven in the corner and Joe tags in. The Coffey boys mug Seven but Seven fights back! Wolfgang holds Seven’s tights to keep him trapped as Joe throws body shots! Joe puts the facelock back on and grinds Seven back down. Seven endures, and Joe throws haymakers. Joe coordinates with Wolfgang, and tags in as Wolfgang climbs. Wolfgang drops ax handles on Seven’s back, then tags Joe back in. Joe climbs now but Seven fights out! Seven CHOPS Joe but Joe grabs hair! Joe drags Seven in but Seven throws more hands. Seven climbs up, for a SUPERPLEX! Fans fire up as both men crash down!

Seven crawls for his corner but so does Joe. Hot tags to Wolfgang and Dunne! The Bruiserweight Rallies, even as Mark runs in. Dunne’s enziguri hits Wolfgang and Dunne whips Mark for a rebound German Suplex! Dunne kicks Mark’s arms out, then gives him an X-Plex! Wolfgang blocks a kick but Dunne rolls him into a kneebar! Wolfgang crawls and claws around. He drags himself to Gallus’ corner and tags in Mark! Mark drops an elbow, but into a triangle hold! Mark rolls around back towards Gallus’ corner and tags back to Wolfgang. Wolfgang climbs up, for the Howling! But even he gets caught into an armbar! Wolfgang shifts through but into the Kimura! Dunne is savvy, but Wolfgang is strong enough to suplex out! Fans are thunderous as both men crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Joe and Bate!

Bate rallies with EuroUppers on the Iron King! Joe reverses the whip but runs into the knee. Bate hops up for a flying EuroUpper! Bate runs corner to corner, for another EuroUpper! He whips Joe but Joe reverses again. Joe runs, misses, but elbows Bate away. Joe double jumps but misses the crossbody! Standing shooting star! Cover, TWO, and fans reach a fever pitch. Joe whips Bate but Bate wheelbarrows. Joe swings Bate around like that, Bate still victory rolls! TWO!! Bate scoops Joe for the airplane spin! They go around and around, and around and around! Fans give a standing ovation for this ultimate spin cycle! Bate finally stops to drop Joe, then falls on his butt. The Big Strong Boy has Liverpool on their feet as he goes for the Tyler Driver. Joe slips out, and sees Bang coming! Joe headbutts, but BOP comes around the other side!

Both men crawl for their corners, hot tag to Mark and Seven! Mark enziguris the punch away, but Seven swings Mark out for the Seven Star Lariat! But it was Seven’s bad arm, so that alone hurts. Tag to Bate, tag to Dunne. Mustache Mountain lifts Mark, and Dunne adds a backstabber to their back suplex bomb! Cover, but Wolfgang breaks it! Seven goes after him but Wolfgang throws Seven out. BANG hits Wolfgang, and Bate DIVES onto Wolfgang! Dunne kicks Mark down, then glares at Joe. Joe has Dunne’s title belt, and Mark rolls Dunne up! TWO, enziguri from Mark rocks Dunne! Tag to Joe, and Joe drags Dunne up. Joe hits the powerbomb! Cover, but Seven breaks it just in time!

Wolfgang returns but Seven throws him out by his ponytail. Seven’s backhand finishes it, but Mark rocks Seven. Bate’s rebound lariat takes out Mark, but Joe’s pop-up EuroUpper takes out Bate! Joe and Dunne are left alone in the ring, and the two fire off with fast hands! Neither man backs down but they do slow down. Dunne rocks Joe with the forearm, then brings his hands down, to stomp them! Buzzsaw kick on top, but Dunne runs into the headbutt! Joe runs corner to corner, but into a kick! Both men are down and fans again reach that fever pitch. Dunne and Joe slowly stir as their allies regroup. Joe goes to tag Wolfgang but Dunne intercepts! Dunne has the fingers, Wolfgang tags from the back side.

SNAP go the fingers, and Bitter End! But Wolfgang sentons onto Dunne! Tag to Bate, and Bate dodges Wolfgang to huricanrana Wolfgang back out. Bate aims at the cluster as he climbs up top. Bate LEAPS for a corkscrew senton onto everyone!! Fans fire up as Bate quickly gets Wolfgang back in the ring. Bate staggers over on noodle legs as Wolfgang slowly stands. Bate lifts Wolfgang but Wolfgang slips out. Joe tags in as Bate hits the rolling kick on Wolfgang! Bate sees Joe and has the underhook, but Joe back drops out. Bate lands on his feet, blocks All the Best, but his rebound gets the second shot! Cover, Gallus wins!!

Winners: Gallus by pinfall

The Scotsmen are victorious in this six man showdown! The Iron King stares down the Bruiserweight, but we know in the present that he falls short of dethroning him. Will Joe Coffey still find a way to reign over NXT UK?


NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff – Last Man Standing: Joe Coffey VS Dave Mastiff!

This pair of heavyweights kept colliding during the Summer, and would not stop when the matches were won. That forced Johnny Saint to put them in a match where it had to end one way or another! Relive what might literally be the biggest match in NXT UK history!

The moment Mastiff sees Coffey, he runs right up the ramp at him! Coffey swings his chain but Mastiff dodges to then throw big forearms! The bell rings and the brawl is on! Mastiff throws Coffey into barriers, then throws him into the ring. Coffey gets up fast to throw forearms, but Mastiff gives haymakers back. Mastiff rocks Coffey from both sides, but Coffey comes back all the same! Coffey throws big body shots on the big body of Mastiff. But Mastiff fireman’s carries! Coffey escapes but Mastiff denies the whip. Mastiff whips Coffey hard, and the top buckle unbuckles?! Fans lose their minds and even Mastiff is shocked. But Coffey is down so the count begins. Coffey stirs as Mastiff isn’t sure what to do. Mastiff just figures he’ll use the buckle as a weapon now! No Disqualifications, so that includes the ring’s own pieces! Fans chant “E C Dub!” as Mastiff puts the bar in Coffey’s mouth, and slams him on the mat!

Coffey stands, but into a waistlock. Coffey fights Mastiff off, then runs corner to corner, but stops himself from hitting the other buckle, just in case. Coffey hops up on the second rope, but falls over as it doesn’t support him properly! Mastiff reminds Coffey of that other rope, as he grinds the bar in Coffey’s face! Mastiff grins as he brings Coffey up. Coffey throws big hands again, but Mastiff shoves him. Coffey manages to rebound on the ropes to fight back. Coffey clotheslines but can’t bring Mastiff down. But that saido suplex does! But not for long! Mastiff is up and waistlocks Coffey for a HUGE German Suplex! Coffey falls out of the ring and the ref starts counting. Coffey stirs at 3 but Mastiff is after him. Coffey tackles Mastiff into the apron! Then throws Mastiff into barriers! Coffey grabs a pool cue?! And jams it in Mastiff’s ribs! Coffey goes under the ring to bring out a bag labeled “Gallus”! And he dumps out a bunch of sports equipment?

Mastiff stands but Coffey tackles him down. A count begins but Coffey brings out a table! Fans really like that! Coffey brings the table over to the timekeeper’s area and props it up. Mastiff runs over and Coffey kicks him back. Coffey runs at Mastiff but is back dropped onto the sports equipment! Mastiff picks up the cricket bat, but Coffey ducks it! Coffey throws hands then brings up the cue again. He jabs and SMACKS it on Mastiff to break it! Then Coffey aims with the jagged piece. Mastiff stops that attack and clubs Coffey down. Mastiff has the cricket bat to SMACK Coffey on the back! Coffey is down but fans want “One More Time!” Coffey stands at 5 to get another SMACK! Mastiff sees the table Coffey provided, so he brings Coffey up and throws him over to it. Coffey flounders and Mastiff aims, but Coffey dodges! Coffey rolls and SPEARS Mastiff through the table!! The Glasgow Send-Off has fans cheering again!

A count starts on both men. Coffey stands at 6 and has his chain back. Mastiff is up at 8, and narrowly dodges that iron-clad All the Best! He waistlocks and Germans Coffey again! Another count, but Mastiff is up at 3. Mastiff stalks Coffey, who stands at 5. Mastiff takes that Gallus chain to LASH Coffey’s back! And LASH! And then Coffey’s ribs! Fans cheer “F him up, Mastiff, F him up!” And that Mastiff does as he again lashes Coffey’s back. Coffey hears the count again, but Mastiff brings out a new table! Coffey stands at 7 but Mastiff sets his table up on the other end. Mastiff takes a moment to fetch that chain, but Coffey has the other end. They tug-o-war, but Mastiff just says, “okay.” He lets go and Coffey falls! INTO THE VOID through the table!! Cardiff loses their minds again! A new count begins as both men stir. Mastiff sits up at 4 and stands at 6. Coffey crawls and drags himself up at 9! Then Coffey flops over to the front row.

Mastiff is in pursuit, and has a chair with him. He jabs Coffey then SMACKS him on the back! Fans want more, so Mastiff gives Coffey another SMACK! Mastiff lines it up again, but Coffey punches the chair shot away! Then an IRON All the Best for the Bells! Both men are down but Mastiff crawls away. The ring count climbs to 5, but Coffey stands at 8. Mastiff is up at 9, and dares Coffey to do something. Coffey drops the chain and Mastiff comes back with chairs. Mastiff gives Coffey one! Mastiff wants to do this like men! Coffey leads Mastiff deeper into the crowd and fires himself up. The two run like rams with those chairs, and COLLIDE! Both men tumble away from the impact and Cardiff is loving this! Another count climbs to 5, but both are up at 9.5!

Coffey falls over and retreats but Mastiff is still stalking him. Mastiff runs in but is sent into barriers! They’re right in front of commentary as Mastiff fights Coffey off. Coffey runs back in but is hip tossed into commentary! Fans chant “DAVE! DAVE!” as Mastiff hops the rails. Mastiff clears off the announce desk, then puts Coffey on it. Coffey sits up as Mastiff climbs up to join him. They brawl on the desk, and then Mastiff fireman’s carries Coffey, for a ROLLING SENTON on the desk! The desk stands firm but both men are wrecked! A count begins again and fans are loving this. The count passes 5 but Mastiff sits up at 7. Coffey is up at 8, both these men are superhuman! But Coffey wants to get away, so he climbs over commentary. But Mastiff follows with the steps, and says he’s not getting away so easy.

Fans chant “Please Don’t Die!” as the two brawl on that extra stage! Coffey fires off but Mastiff hits back! Mastiff goes to suplex but Coffey resists for dear life. Coffey hits back, and says “This is MY Kingdom!” But Mastiff headbutts, and they BOTH fall!! Fans lose their minds all over again as the two men crash through extra tables! The referee counts and both men struggle to rise. They drag themselves over whatever is around in a desperate attempt. Coffey kicks out Mastiff’s support! Coffey wins!!

Winner: Joe Coffey

The Iron King more or less survives this demolition derby with Dave Mastiff, but Gallus’ leader wins the day! Will Coffey rise up again to go for the gold?


NXT UK has a Zoom Round Table with WWE’s Scottish champions!

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang of Gallus, Kay Lee Ray, Nikki Cross and Drew McIntyre are a history making quintet as they all hold titles on their respective brands. Shepherd talks with them all at once, because all five of them reigning at the same time, living only 40 miles apart from each other, in a country of just 5 million, that makes this literally a one in a million chance! How did it feel to sign with the WWE?

Mark says for him and Joe, the Coffey family was buzzing. You pat yourself on the back just a little bit, because you’ve been working so hard at a dream Mark himself has had since he was about 4 years old. It was something you never really think will happen, but when it does, you feel validated for all these weeks and years put into it. The sacrifice of social life and the like has all been validated because you’re here, and then you have to work harder. Wolfgang says that if he’s someone back home watching folks from Scotland being champions, that makes it obtainable and can aspire to. “Inspirational” is definitely the word. Whether you want to be a pro-wrestler in the WWE, or be an actor or whatever it is you’re passionate about, don’t let someone tell you it can’t happen just because where you’re from. You can achieve it. If the five of them can represent that, that’s even more important than holding the titles in the first place.

What has the reception been like from all the fans and supporters? Wolfgang says at first, everyone from Scotland was very, very proud. But then they come out of the woodwork. This outpouring of pride in what Gallus has achieved has not only inspired others, but it’s given them something to celebrate. Especially during this time. All the kids and fans that even can support the Scottish scene and Scottish champions is incredible. There was nothing like this growing up for Wolfgang’s generation, it just wasn’t there. Wolfgang can’t wait to see where it goes. For the full round table discussion, find this video on WWE’s official YouTube!


Next week, NXT UK returns to Superstar Picks!

Who from the roster will share their favorite matches from pro-wrestling history! Will their favorites match up with yours?


NXT UK Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match: Gallus VS Imperium VS Grizzled Young Veterans VS South Wales Subculture!

Isn’t that a mouthful? But this match comes one year after Zack Gibson & James Drake were crowned the inaugural tag team champions. They would lose in Cardiff to the hometown heroes of Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster. However, that didn’t last long as Mark Coffey and Wolfgang would pull off the firm’s biggest score in October! Relive the historic moment that opened the New Decade!

The four teams stare down as they all dare the others to make a move. “Gallus Boys on top!” And the brawl breaks out! GYV goes after SWSC while Gallus throws Imperium out. SWSC get the edge but only for a moment. They brawl with GYV, double dropkicks for Drake! SWSC keeps Gallus and Imperium out and Gibson brawls with Flash Morgan Webster. Gibson whips FMW and Drake follows him, basement dropkick after dropkick rocks the Modfather! Drake then launches off of Gibson, Mayhem in Motion takes down Mark Andrews! Liverpool’s Number One and his friend are fired up but Blackpool boos. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang return, wiping out Drake and then rallying on Gibson, senton! Wolfgang runs at Drake for a corner crossbody!

Barthel trips Wolfgang while Mark back drops Drake. Mark brawls with Barthel but runs into the SPINE BUSTER and Penalty KICK! Imperium clears the ring but FMW returns! FMW enziguris Aichner and flying huricanranas Barthel! Andrews goes around the world on Aichner, then helps FMW with the back suplex moonsault! Andrews moonsaults Aichner, FMW triangle dropkicks Barthel! SWSC get caught with hotshots by GYV, and Drake drags ladders out from under the ring. Gibson says go with chairs instead. GYV are armed as they enter the ring, double chair shots and SMACKS for SWSC! Then for Imperium! Wolfgang slingshot SPEARS Gibson! Mark full nelson SLAMS Drake! Mark sticks Drake in a Tree of Woe, and Wolfgang wedges chairs in place.

Gallus runs side to side but Imperium trips them up! Double dropkicks are their thing! They meet in the corner to crush Drake! Fans lose their minds but Imperium keeps focus as they go get the ladder. But SWSC double FLY to wipe them out first! SWSC puts the ladder in and stand it up. FMW climbs as Andrews keeps guard, but Imperium gets past! Andrews gets tossed out, followed by FMW! Aichner and Barthel both climb but Gallus returns with a ladder of their own! Gallus uses the ladder to knock Barthel and Aichner off their ladder! Mark moves the first ladder aside before setting the taller ladder in a corner. Wolfgang presses Barthel into a corner with a ladder, then runs corner to corner. Barthel pushes the ladder open, Wolfgang catches the one end, and Barthel CLACKS the ladder closed on Wolfgang!

Aichner grabs Mark for a BIG back suplex! FMW returns but Barthel ROCKS him! THen whips him at a ladder. FMW stops himself and elbows Barthel away, then QUEBRADA off the ladder! Barthel is down but Aichner back elbows FMW in the corner! Aichner whips FMW corner to corner, but FMW goes up and over and headscissors. Aichner puts FMW in the gap, and Barthel dropkicks the ladder into him! Imperium drags FMW out, to guillotine catapult into the ladder! FMW spasms and writhes out of the ring and Imperium “sanctifies” the mat. Imperium grabs the tall ladder, Andrews slides under to DOUBLE PELE! Fans fire up as Andrews drags this big ladder up. GYV grab it and overpower Andrews to put him in the corner.

Drake runs corner to corner to dropkick Andrews rather than the ladder. That is double-edged, and Gallus attacks! Gibson saves Drake but gets mugged for his troubles. Mark CHOKE SLAMS Gibson onto the other ladder! Wolfgang catapults Drake to Mark’s Samoan Drop ONTO the ladder!! The GYV are wrecked but Blackpool is fired up! Gallus sets the ladder up and heads up, but Imperium returns to drag them down! Imeprium throws Gallus out but Gallus drags them out to follow. Gallus whips Imperium into the steel steps! But SWSC take advantage! Gallus hurries and brings them down, but FMW tornado DDT’s Wolfgang! Mark HAMMERS FMW but Andrews kicks Mark away! FALL TO PIECES! The Shooting Star hits hard and fans fire up again!

Imperium sneaks in with Barthel! SWSC shoves the ladder over, Barthel uppercuts and throat chops them back! FMW goes after Barthel with forearms, but Barthel scoops him. FMW slips out, only for a SAIDO to send him onto the ladder! Barthel sticks FMW on the ladder again, Aichner triangle moonsaults!! Fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” after that risky move! Imperium drags the ladder back up, set it up, and both men climb. But Drake puts a new ladder in as he and Gibson return. Gibson yanks at Aichner and Drake RAMS Barthel! Barthel clings to the rungs as GYV sets up their taller ladder. Drake and Gibson each climb, but Gallus returns. Gallus goes up after Gibson while also setting up a third ladder. SWSC has a fourth ladder?!

Three teams climb while Andrews sets up a ladder bridge. The other six men brawl and someone CHOPS, but Andrews climbs up and over them all! FMW comes in with a FIFTH ladder! FMW traps Gisbon with his ladder as he climbs! Mark Coffey and Aichner fall from their ladder! Andrews drags Barthel off to THROW him down! Drake punches Wolfgang down, but SWSC reach for the belts! Gibson powers out to send FMW falling!! Andrews fights Drake but Gibson clears some space. Drake hops down and Andrews hurries, but Gibson anchors his foot! Andrews hops on, but ends up in Helter Skelter! Drake climbs up with Gibson’s help! Drake aims and 450 splashes onto Andrews!! Fans have to cheer for that one.

Gibson checks on Drake because he wants Drake to climb. Drake forces himself up and does the work for Gibson while Gibson clears more space. Gibson helps Drake up higher with an Electric Chair of sorts. Drake reaches but Aichner stops that! Aichner throws Gibson out then hurries after Drake. Barthel is in, too, EUROBOMB!! Aichner and Barthel coordinate while clearing space. One ladder remains as Imperium climbs. But Gallus returns and shoves them over! Gallus arms themselves with ladders, to SANDWICH Aichner! And again! And again! Then they do it to Barthel! Mark dumps one ladder out as the ring is clear. They feed Drake to the enziguri POWERSLAM! Mark gets a boost from Wolfgang to FLY onto Imperium!

Mark drags Gibson up and feeds him to Wolfgang’s scoop, another enziguri and SLAM, to the ramp! Gallus heads back to the ring, fans chant “UK! WOOP WOOP!” but SWSC snatch the ladder away. Gallus grabs at SWSC and drags them up, for double suplexes, double STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! SWSC is all alone and fans fire up! SWSC gets the biggest ladder yet, but Gallus swipes at it. The two teams fight over the ladder, and it ends up opening. SWSC drags Gallus out but Gallus beats them down. Mark RAMS Andrews into barriers! Wolfgang throws FMW down then looks under the ring. He and Mark each bring out a TABLE! Blackpool loves seeing those! Wolfgang sets one table up as a bridge, and then Mark does the same on the other end. Gallus drags SWSC up to the apron and over to the tables.

Gallus scoops SWSC, but SWSC slip out! Double headbutts rock the Gallus boys! SWSC put Gallus on the tables, and one just breaks under Mark’s weight! SWSC focuses on Wolfgang and FMW climbs the ladder. Andrews joins him, and fans chant, “Please Don’t Die!” SWSC go together, DOUBLE SENTON through Wolfgang and the table!! Fans lose their minds over that one! SWSC rise from the wreckage and fans are all fired up! SWSC bring another ladder into the ring and go as fast as they can to set it up. Andrews and FMW climb but GYV rise back up! Drake stops SWSC with big hands, and Gibson returns the favor from earlier as he RAMS Andrews with a ladder! Drake throws hands on FMW, then Gibson brings FMW around. GYV double lift and throw FMW out.

Drake heads up and Gibson stands guard against Andrews. Fans troll “Arse Face!” as he climbs, but FMW gives Andrews a kendo stick! Gibson begs for mercy, but gets SMACKS and SMACKS! An then Drake gets SMACKS! The kendo stick breaks but fans fire up with Andrews! Andrews hurries up top, but here comes Imperium! Barthel yanks Andrews off to feed to Aichner’s BRAIN BUSTER! Barthel hurries up the ladder, touches the belts, but Mark Coffey returns! He drags Barthel down with a waistlock, but Barthel clubs back. Aichner saves Barthel from a suplex by holding the ladder! Barthel climbs again but Mark keeps trying. Aichner goes after Mark, brings him around, Barthel turns around, but Mark fights free! Wolfgang SPEARS Aichner THROUGH A LADDER!!

Barthel is in shock, but he hurries to climb. Mark shoves him off and onto everyone else!! Gallus is all alone, climbing up, and Blackpool is thunderous as they take the belts down! Gallus wins!!

Winners: Gallus; still NXT UK Tag Team Champions

It’s true! Gallus Boys on top! They survive the chaos and come out still golden! But there is still the Iron King what needs a crown. Will NXT UK finally become Gallus’ kingdom?


NXT UK hears from Gallus.

The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang meet up, but they’re going to skip the Celtic Cross handshake because of the pandemic. But Wolfgang is all pent up and has lost track of the days. He just can’t wait to fight. He feels like he’s in a cage. Mark has Wolfgang cool off. This isn’t the first time either of them have been locked up. Remember that one time? Well let’s not start down that road. But they can’t let what’s happening take away from their heat. They do that, they stay grounded. They have been unrivaled, unbeaten and on top. Champions through and through. Joe has had time to reflect on his stumbles. That is not acceptable. He wipes the sweat and blood away and dusted himself up. Confidence is a stain that you can’t wipe away. There’s still the big score. They will take everything because #GallusBoysOnTop! That’s all there is to it. When and where will NXT UK be able to start down the road again?

My Thoughts:

Another good retrospective episode with obvious choices for Gallus. It’s actually easier to appreciate the Six Man Tag of Gallus VS British Strong Style and even Joe Coffey’s Last Man Standing with Mastiff this time. When both matches were first aired, the Six Man Tag was at the end of a double header of episodes as WWE worked to get through their backlog. The Last Man Standing was part of that great Cardiff card, but it was right after the incredible Triple Threat Tag with Cardiff so hot for their hometown heroes. Now, with full energy, those matches are even better than I remembered. Gallus still has the NXT UK Tag Team Championships since the UK locked everything down. Imperium has since moved on to the prime NXT Tag Team Championships, but there will come a day when Imperium gets the UK belts. It was probably going to happen in Dublin if UK TakeOver had happened. As for Joe Coffey, NXT UK still needs a proper midcard belt, and the Iron King would be a top choice for that title.

My Score: 8.5/10

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