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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (6/15/20)

The Empress battles the Irresistible Force AGAIN!



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

The Raw After Backlash!

After retaining her title in controversial fashion, Asuka has a Raw Women’s Championship rematch with Nia Jax! Will tonight be the decisive battle?


  • Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega VS Kevin Owens; Kevin wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Vikings Profits VS Akira Tozawa & Ninjas; The Viking Profits win.
  • Natalya & Liv Morgan VS The IIconics; The IIconics win.
  • Apollo Crews VS Shelton Benjamin; Crews wins.
  • WWE World Championship Tag Match: Drew McIntyre & R-Truth VS MVP & Bobby Lashley; McIntyre and Truth win, McIntyre retains the WWE World Championship.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Nia Jax; Asuka wins and retains the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • Unsanctioned Match: Randy Orton VS Christian; Orton wins.


Raw opens with Randy Orton!

The Viper, the Apex Predator, and once again, the Legend Killer. Orton returns to Raw victorious over the Rated R Superstar, and Edge has a torn triceps that will require surgery. Edge will be out for six to eight months, but Orton looks just fine. Orton grabs a mic as the crowd boos, and says that last night at Backlash, he did what he said he would do: he humiliated, embarrassed and wrote the final chapter of Edge. But Orton also gave Edge closure. “I knew the minute I saw him in January at the Royal Rumble, when he made his miraculous return,” there was just no way Edge would be the competitor he was. Edge was stubborn and resisted. All Edge needed to do was trust Orton the same way Orton trusted Edge when Edge saved Orton from himself.

At WrestleMania, Orton was not the Last Man Standing, but he stands here today victorious after the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever! That makes Orton the greatest wrestler ever, and he doesn’t need a world title to prove it. But what Orton needs is to thank Edge. Orton thanks Edge for reigniting the fire in his gut, the fire that burns at the expense of legends. It helped Orton remember what it feels like to be the Legend Killer. Orton wishes Edge was here so he could thank him face to face. Edge isn’t here, not just because of that punt kick that ended the match, but also because Orton tor Edge’s triceps clean off the bone. Orton knew when it happened, but he knew he had to keep going. He had to make Edge suffer for his own good so that he would go home to be a husband and father.

Edge isn’t here because he’s in some godforsaken hospital on an operating table while the doctors work to reattach that muscle. It seems Edge has a new mountain to climb. Orton hopes Edge reaches that peak, because he might even be cleared in July. Of 2029! So maybe they’ll cross paths again in nine years. But instead of Edge, it’s CHRISTIAN that appears! Captain Charisma, the best friend to Edge, enters the ring with a mic to confront Orton. “Look at you standing here gloating.” What kind of man Orton is? The greatest ever? The legend killer? Christian just sees a cold, calculating son of a bitch! Orton thinks Edge’s career is over? He’s wrong! Christian has known Edge his entire life and Edge doesn’t quit. Orton doesn’t get a say in how this story ends. When that time comes, Edge gets closure on his terms, not Orton’s.

Orton can’t believe Christian came out blabbing and interrupting while Orton has important things to say> this isn’t about Christian, it’s about Orton and Edge. It has never been and never will be about Christian, who is just jealous of Edge! Orotn sees that look in Christian’s eye, and he knows what Christian wants. Orton knows Christian better than he does himself. Christian wants #OneMoreMatch. No he doesn’t! He’s here defending Edge! Oh c’mon! Edge and Christian are the same! They can’t accept that something they love was taken away from them before they were ready to say good-bye. Christian may not be medically cleared to compete, but ORton has a way around that. Tonight: Orton VS Christian, UNSANCTIONED! What does Christian say to that challenge?

The crowd cheers, but Orton says that his offer expires by the end of the night. If Christian doesn’t accept, it just proves what we all already know: That Christian is a COWARD. Orton leaves the ring and leaves Christian with something to think about. Will Captain Charisma risk it all to avenge his friend?


Backstage interview with Angel Garza & Zelina Vega.

El Latino y La Muneca look back at Backlash’s WWE United States Championship match. Apollo Crews dropped Andrade down, jumped all over him, but Garza tried to stop the count. Kevin Owens gave Garza a STUNNER, then Apollo finished Almas off with the powerbomb! Vega had to keep her men from arguing again, but what is Garza feeling having cost Almas? Vega argues back that there are NO arguments in the team. No one cost anyone anything. Garza says he was helping Almas, but when you care so deeply about someone or something, you must be willing to let it go. Almas will get over this, and Garza feels for Almas. We feel for Kevin Owens because Garza will again show Kevin he is inferior. Idea! When Garza is done with that, how about a private interview with Charly? Maybe.

Almas comes over and wishes Garza luck against Kevin. But if Garza fails, Almas hopes Garza gets over his disappointment. El Idolo throws those words back at Garza, will Garza be made to eat them?


Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega VS Kevin Owens!

We heard what Garza and Vega have to say, but the Prizefighter is going to let his actions speak for him! There’s no ambush this time, so will it finally be a fair fight between KO and El Latino?

The bell rings and Garza rushes Kevin! Kevin avoids the dropkick and fires off hands on Garza! Kevin knees and shoves Garza to a corner, but here comes Almas! Kevin backs off to watch Almas strut out and this confuses Vega. Almas applauds Garza but Kevin fires off on him again! Kevin bumps Garza off buckles and CHOPS! Garza fires off forearms and CHOPS but Kevin hits back. Kevin waistlocks, Garza resists the lift and standing switches. Kevin switches back, and rips Garza’s pants off for him! To throw them at him! Garza escapes the Stunner and bails out of the ring. The crowd boos and Kevin rushes over, but Garza hotshots!

Kevin blocks the bump to give the buckle bump! Almas avoids catching Garza and he drops to the floor! Vega has to keep her men from arguing, and says she is sick of this! She leaves them both behind!? How will Garza continue without his manager?

Raw returns and Garza grinds Kevin in a corner. Garza lets up at the ref’s count to dropkick the legs out. Garza sits Kevin down and goes corner to corner, but Kevin avoids the bronco buster! Kevin KICKS Garza in the back, then sits him up to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Kevin goes corner to corner now for the CANNON- NO, Garza moves, Kevin stops himself, but Garza enziguris him away! Garza goes up top and missile dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Garza pushes Kevin and brings him up to club with forearms. Garza grabs a leg to pull on the half bow ‘n’ arrow, then grabs for an arm. Kevin gets the ropebreak and Garza lets up. Garza kicks Kevin then brings him up but Kevin throws forearms! They brawl, Kevin gets the edge, and he HEADBUTTS Garza! Kevin runs but Almas swipes at his legs! Kevin swipes back but Garza kicks low! Garza wants the ref to pay attention, and he gets a STUNNER!! Cover, Kevin wins!

Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall

Almas is disappointed in Garza, but isn’t he to blame there? Kevin takes his leave and Vega returns in a huff. Vega sees Almas and Garza arguing again and shouts them down. “Enough of this!” Both of them better listen to her. They both want the same thing, so stop fighting against each other! Do they hear her? Almas and Garza stand down and follow Vega out. Will the tensions disappear for the greater good of the stable? Or will it only escalate as the Summer heats up?


Bobby Lashley and MVP talk backstage.

MVP guarantees they will move forward and have what was promised. But an interviewer comes by and asks about Backlash. Does she not realize this is a private conversation? Go back to journalism school! But Lashley says that this is a strategic discussion for tonight’s match against “The clown,” R-Truth and that… Drew McIntyre. But the world is abuzz about Lana’s involvement. MVP cuts that thought off by saying the headline here is this: After waiting 13 YEARS for a world title opportunity, circumstances beyond Lashley ‘s control ruined it. And so instead of the champagne celebration they were supposed to have, things didn’t work out. But they’re going to address that right now. So excuse them while they take their leave.


MVP and Lashley head to the ring!

While their match with McIntyre and Truth comes later tonight, Montel Vontavius Porter and the Rocky Mountain Machine are going to address the WWE Universe and the issues they’ve been facing. MVP gets right to it and says that last night at Backlash, after 13 YEARS, this once in a lifetime athlete who should be the NEW WWE World Champion had his night RUINED. McIntyre had the unmitigated GALL to capitalize on circumstances. Lana is always thirsting for attention, and how did she quench that thirst? She came out to the ring to catch Lashley’s eyes. It is exclusively Lana’s fault Lashley is not champion! If McIntyre has any integrity at all, he would’ve given Lashley a rematch on the spot! But McIntyre doesn’t, so he didn’t. Instead, McIntyre is hiding behind another man’s wife, who was explicitly told not to bring her behind to the ring!

But speaking of, here comes the Ravishing Russian! Lana tells Bobby she is going to be perfectly clear. It was Lashley’s “stupid idea” to keep her from ringside to begin with. Bobby knows she would never do anything to hurt him. And to be honest, she does everything for him. She put his career over hers, stopped being blonde for him, and most of all got divorced for him! So MVP needs to understand that all the positivity, joy, love, happiness, good health, prosperity and blessings came to Lashley because of her. It stopped because of MVP. MVP is the problem! NO, Lana is the problem, THOT! You think the whole world revolves around you, but have no right to bask in Lashley’s spotlight! Don’t ever talk to her like that again! MVP is a snake who slithered into the relationship and manipulated Lashley!

MVP says that before he showed up, Lashley hadn’t even been around the world title! Lana says MVP needs to lower his tone and be respectful. She is a woman, thank you very much. And MVP is the problem! Everytihng was perfect with them! They were on a hot streak! Oh?! They were on a hot streak? Since when was th elast time Lana laced up her boots? Well… When was the last time Lana won anything other than a bunch of likes on socila media? Lahley had his opportunity against “a lesser man,” but Lana couldn’t follow one simple request. Backlash was Lashley’s night but she made it about her. He is sick and tired of her posting their personal life on social media. Lana spouted on about their sex life, just to become famous.

Lana says Lashley is even more delusional than she thought if he thinks she used him. If she was going to sleep tot he time, Lana would’ve chosen way more famous. Actually, now that she thinks about it, she should’ve chosen McIntyre. Then Lashley wants a divorce! The crowd chants “Jerry! Jerry!” while Lana tries to process what Lashley just said. Not only is the honeymoon over, but the entire relationship is! Will kicking Lana to the curb finally get Lashley back up to the very top?


Backstage interview with #TheVikingProfits.

Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins, Erik & Ivar made it through the night but are at a stalemate. Do they have a plan to break their tie? Well they would’ve settled it last night but they ended up facing a common enemy: an army of ninjas! Whenever the WWE Universe is threatened, they assemble like the Avengers! But fam, Dawks is thinking big! Anime, action figures, merchandise! But wait, Akira Tozawa and his ninjas return! The Stamina Monster says they deserve a sequel! What sequel? Not with them! But y’know what, if he wants to throw down, they’re ready any time. Tozawa powers up and… he summons NINJAZILLA! Tozawa’s evil laughter only provokes Erik, but Dawkins tells him, “He ain’t worth it, bruh.” But what do we do now, fam? Ford has an idea. Will the Viking Profits be able to defeat Tozawa and his towering shinobi?


8 Man Tag: The Vikings Profits VS Akira Tozawa & Ninjas!

King Tez and Dawks party real quick with the crowd of NXT superstars and prospects, especially Bugenhagen. But then they go by commentary to get Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe involved. Then they join Erik & Ivar in the ring as they confront The Stamina Monster and his shinobi clan. Who will win in this rematch from last night’s wild parking lot brawl?

Eriks tarts against Ninja 1 at the bell. Ninja 1 shows off his moves, but gets a SHOTGUN KNEE! Tag to Dawkins and Ninja 2! Dawkins SPEARS Ninja 2 then has Erik scoop him for the human weapon senton! The crowd is fired up as Dawkins tags ford and Ninja 3 tags in. Ninja 3 runs into a dropkick! Ford tags in Ivar and Ivar helps Ford with the back suplex splash! Ivar tags Erik and the Vikings are ready for Ninjas 1 AND 2! Dawkins gives one the CASH OUT SPINE BUSTER while Erik URENAGES the other! Ford and Ivar climb, SIMULTANEOUS SPLASHES!! Cover, the Viking Profits win!!

Winners: The Viking Profits, by pinfall

Tozawa never tagged in, but he sicks NINJAZILLA on the heroes! The Viking Profits huddle up and plan this out. Ready? Break! “WE! WANT! THE SMOKE!” But instead, it’s the BIG SHOW?! The Giant heads to the ring to reinforce the Viking Profits! Ninja 1, 2 and 3 return, but all get swatted away in turn. Tozawa and Ninjazilla retreat while Show gives Ninja 2 a CHOKE SLAM! And Ninja 3 gets the KO PUNCH! The crowd is fired up while Tozawa and his own giant stand down. Will Big Show and the Viking Profits take the fight to the shinobi?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

What is his reaction to Dominik Mysterio’s tweet that he will be here tonight? Well, it is Rollins’ understanding that no one has seen Dominik yet. But Rollins knows Dominik is here against his father, Rey’s wishes. Rollins senses Dominik’s presence, and that pleases him. Rollins wants Dominik here, and needs Dominik here. Because Rollins will go to the ring to deliver a message to the Mysterio family. What will Rollins have to say? And will Dominik show himself to respond?


Christian talks on the phone.

He doesn’t have to be reminded of the risks, but he’s thought it through. Christian isn’t sure what he’s going to do, but he’ll talk later. Who was he on the phone with? What will Christian’s answer to Orton’s challenge for an UNSANCTIONED match?


Seth Rollins heads to the ring!

The Monday Night Messiah promised to send a message to the Mysterio family, but is aware that Dominik is in the arena. Rollins takes up a mic as the crowd boos. “Last week, I came out here, I sat right there where Byron Saxton is sitting. I kindly invited Rey Mysterio to come to Monday Night Raw this week, and yes Rey is not technically medically cleared, but I just wanted to have a conversation.” Rollins wants to clear the air in this situation. Here are the facts: Rey Mysterio is a hero! Rey Mysterio sacrificed himself for the greater good that is the future of Raw. But sadly, Rey Mysterio declined the invitation. He took the cowardly way out by staying away. But fortunately, his son has taken it upon himself to make his way to Raw on behalf of his family.

Rey speaks on the titantron! He wants Rollins to hear him out. He didn’t know Dominik was on his way until it wsa too late. Mysterio couldn’t stop his son, but he knows what Rollins is capable of. This is his one warning. What? What is Mysterio talking about? He has Rollins all wrong. Does Mysterio think Rollins want to harm Dominik? He wants to help Dominik. Mysterio sacrificed himself for the future, and Dominik is part of that! He’s already part of Rollins’ plan. So do your fatherly duties for once in your life and let Rollins help Dominik. Help Rollins help Dominik. Encourage Dominik to join the Monday Night Messiah and his disciples to fight for the greater good! Join Rollins? Are you crazy?! Dominik will NEVER join Rollins!

Well then Rollins has few options left. Murphy and Theory are looking for Dominik, will find him, and bring him here. If Dominik is not part of the solution, then he is part of the problem! And if he is part of the problem, he will be sacrificed. Mysterio warns Rollins that if they harm Dominik, Mysterio will END Rollins! Did you hear him!? Rollins did hear Mysterio, loud and clear. An eye for an eye, right? That’s what Dominik said. Fortunately for Dominik, Mysterio doesn’t make the decisions for him anymore. Dominik is an adult who makes his own decisions, and has two decisions to make: Join Rollins and stand on the right side of history; or he can make the same choice as his father, and become a sacrifice. But Dominik sneaks up behind Rollins and CLOBBERS him!! The crowd goes nuts as Dominik throws Rollins into steel steps!

Rollins writhes but his disciples appear! Murphy and Theory surround Dominik and trap him in the ring. Murphy runs in but is thrown back out! Dominik leaps over Theory and then goes around! He ducks Murphy, hops the barriers and runs through the crowd! Rollins and his followers are furious, and a semblance of payback has been dealt! Will the son avenge the father and destroy the Monday Night Messiah?


MVP and Lashley prepare for their match.

MVP vows Lashley will be WWE World Champion, but then R-Truth walks up, shaking his head. What does he want? Bruh, Truth just wants to give his con… Consoles? Wait, condominium. Condolences?! No, ew, no. But it’s alright, Bobby. Truth feels bad that he got sent to Claymore Country, and Truth doesn’t even know where that is. Lashley must be jet lagged. And now he’s getting a divorce? Oof, a raw deal. Get it? Raw deal on Raw. Making jokes? No, no jokes. Good, because no one is laughing. Can Truth back it up? Of course he can! He’s teaming with the WWE World Champion! Well that’s later. McIntyre ain’t around right now. Well then bye. Truth heads out, but it’s only a matter of time. Will the 24/7 Champion and World Champion be a successful duo against a very angry MVP and Lashley?


Raw returns to MVP and Lashley hunting Truth!

They find him hiding under a ring and he scurries out the other side. Truth warns them about the ninjas, but then McIntyre appears. Now Truth has back-up. MVP says that McIntyre isn’t a champion, he is a pretender. Lashley is THE contender. Well MVP says Truth is a clown? The clowns are MVP and Lashley. MVP is all talk and false promises. No! 13 YEARS and Lashley is finally realizing his full potential. If McIntyre had any integrity, he’d put his title up on the line! The same for Truth with the 24/7 title! Make the tag match a Championship Winners Take All! Oh, you want both the World and 24/7 Championships on the line? MVP didn’t stutter.

BINGO! Sign ’em up! Truth!? McIntyre isn’t sure about that, but then Lashley taunts the “Chosen One” for having second thoughts. On second thought, challenge accepted. Will Lashley and MVP cash in? Truth is impressed by McIntyre, because think about it! Truth could become the NEW Becky Two Belts! No, it’s not that kind of Winner Takes All, Truth…


Natalya & Liv Morgan VS The IIconics!

The Queen of Harts has been having a frustrated time while the LIVing Embodiment has been trying to find herself. Will they find themselves a winning combination? Or will Billie Kay & Peyton Royce rebound from a Backlash disappointment?

The teams sort out and Peyton starts against Liv. But then Natty tags in outta nowhere, only for Peyton to DECK her! Peyton whips Natty to the corner but Natty puts her on the apron. Natty decks Billie but Peyton scorpion kicks her down! Billie tags in as Peyton goes up top, DUMDUM STOMPS! Billie covers, TWO! Billie is upset already as she drags Natty into a camel clutch. Natty endures, the crowd rallies up, and she fights free with elbows. Billie knees back then suplexes Natty down! IICONIC! Billie strikes the pose, runs and drops the lebow! Cover, TWO! Billie mocks Liv and the two argue. Billie pie faces Liv but Natty rolls her up! TWO and Liv tags in! Liv rallies with fire on the IIconics! Running facebuster!

Liv whips, Billie reverses, but Liv elbows back, and goes up, up and away for the missile dropkick! Cover, but Peyton breaks it! Natty brings Peyton around but Peyton throws Natty out. The ref keeps Peyton back but Liv rolls Billie! The ref is late, TWO!! Liv would’ve had it, and Billie shoves her. Liv standing switches but Peyton tags in. Billie bucks Liv off, Liv runs into the FALL FROM GRACE! Cover, The IIconics win!

Winners: The IIconics, by pinfall

Natty’s frustrating losing streak continues! But the IIconics get on the mics to call out Sasha Banks and Bayley. “We know you’re here, and we hope that you are watching. Because that’s what happens when we fight one tag team, not two.” The #GoldenRoleModels brag about being all over the WWE with those tag team championships, so they should get out here to face them. The IIconics challenge them for a match here on Raw! Billie and Peyton wait for a response, but they don’t get one. Guess they’re too cowardly for a challenge tonight. But they know someone who knows someone who knows someone, etc etc, to make a match for next week! And when they beat Bayley and Banks again, it will be IIconic! But with NXT’s Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox getting a shot this Wednesday, will it even be The Boss and #BayleyDosStraps coming back to Raw to answer that challenge?


Big Show checks in on Christian backstage.

Good to see the thinking face again. Christian has a lot on his plate, but Show knows it’s no coincidence Orton wants an Unsanctioned match. We all know how brutal those matches can be. Orton isn’t doing it just because Christian isn’t cleared to compete otherwise. Orton is doing it so he can get away with anything. So is Show saying Christian shouldn’t accept? No, not at all. Show is the last person to be telling someone else what to do. He just wants Christian to be aware of the facts. The fact is, it’s been a minute since Christian’s last match. Show has known Orton a long time, and he can’t remember the LSAT time Orton was this sadistic.

But Christian has one of two ways to do this: Understand the situation and step back; or go into the ring, look Orton in the eyes and shut him up. Because if Show was in Christian’s shoes, he’d smash that snarky smug off Orton’s face. Christian thanks Show for the talk and knows what he must do. Is Captain Charisma getting back in the ring?!


Natty and Liv talk backstage.

Natty is trying to keep her cool, but she has no words. Liv made rookie mistakes! She has zero discipline, vision, and as afar as partnerships go, Natty gets why Ruby Riott let her go. Liv is in no mood to hear Natty blame her for that loss, and Natty says there is no respect, gratitude or appreciation for a woman who built this division! She did it all for a bunch if ingrates! All Natty has gotten out of it is humiliation. If that’s bad, Lana is supposed to be married to the WWE World Champion, but she got embarrassed in front of the entire world. Lana put everything into Bobby, and only got a divorce. Lana is sick and tired for being blamed for others’ shortcomings. Natty knows that feeling. Are these two going to unite over their bitter feelings?


Christian is on stage!

He paces back and forth and Charly Caruso comes out to ask him about his answer for the challenge. Orton accused Christian of being jealous and a coward. Christian is proud of his WWE career and has nothing to prove to anyone. But he also won’t be disrespected. If Orton wants to give Christian #OneMoreMatch, then he accepts! Captain Charisma is back in a match with no rules and restrictions! Will he win? Will he survive?


MVP finds Apollo Crews backstage.

“There he is! The United States Champion!” MVP loves what Apollo is doing and is very proud. Apollo appreciates that, and loves being a fighting champion. Yeah, speaking of that… MVP says there is a difference between being a fighting champion and a smart champion. MVP knows Apollo will take on anyone, any time, and that’s great. But it’s not about fighting all the time, but the right person at the right time for the right amount of money. Apollo survived Almas and is going to take on Shelton Benjamin, a formidable former champion., Being a fighting champion burns you out and turns you into a former champion, too. So you need someone to navigate you through those situations. As one of the longest reigning United States Champions ever, MVP can be that someone.

Oh is that so? Apollo sees it that if he’s not a fighting champion, he’s not a champion at all. He appreciates the offer, and says no thanks. Well then, what is he going to do with this title? Because the only way he keeps it is with MVP in his corner. Will MVP’s words become reality for Apollo? Or are these false promises like McIntyre said to Lashley?


Charlotte and Ric Flair are backstage.

The Nature Boy is having fun, and he tells The Queen as both father and biggest fan, he needs to know her plans. Like, what title she’s after? No, she’s already the most decorated woman ever. He wants to know, just between the two of them, who does she have problems with? Yes, a lot of people get under her skin, okay? But he knows her. She does what she wants. WOO~! She is his daughter. Does this mean Charlotte’s next target isn’t so much a title as it is a feud?


Apollo Crews VS Shelton Benjamin!

The rising star put El Idolo in his rear view mirror but he isn’t slowing down. Will he be able to show he’s on par with the Gold Standard? Or will MVP be proven right?

The bell rings, the two circle, and tie up. Shelton headlocks, Apollo powers out, but Shelton runs him over. Cover, ONE, and Apollo ducks to dropkick! Apollo runs corner to corner to hit the big splash! Then goes again, only for Benjamin to get around and GERMAN SUPLEX Apollo away! MVP watches backstage as Benjamin hits the step-up KNEE! Cover, TWO! Benjamin drags Apollo into a half nelson chinbar and leans on the hold. The crowd rallies up, Apollo endures and fights his way up. Apollo fights free but Benjamin throws forearms. The two brawl and go fast and furious. Apollo gets the edge but Benjamin knees low. Benjamin runs, but into a back elbow! Apollo catches the kick, avoids the dragon whip, and enziguris Benjamin back!

Apollo hits the standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Apollo keeps his focus on Benjamin and brings him around for the military press! But Benjamin slips out, rolls up, and uses the ropes! The ref catches that and stops the count! Benjamin is furious, but Apollo rolls him up! AND USES ROPES! Apollo wins!!

Winner: Apollo Crews, by pinfall

Turnabout is fair play, as they say, but maybe he did listen to MVP’s words about fighting smarter, not harder. Will Apollo win by any means necessary to stay on top?


Akira Tozawa and his ninjas catch up to Truth.

And one ninja is a referee! Tozawa tells Truth that it’s time to have a rematch for Truth’s “baby,” the 24/7 Championship. Truth tells Tozawa if that’s the way he wants it, that’s the way he’ll get it. Truth has the crane kick! McIntyre also backs Truth up, so the ninjas reconsider. Truth thinks he scared them off but McIntyre wants him to be serious for a moment. Truth overstepped earlier by putting not just his title but McIntyre’s title, everything McIntyre has worked for in life, on the line. But what’s done is done, so McIntyre will say this slowly: Does Truth understand the gravity of the situation? They could lose everything tonight. Truth does understand. He knows what to do. Will the two champions be able to stand tall together?


Backstage interview with Asuka!

The championship match last night ended in a double count-out. Does she think Nia is too menacing? Asuka responds in Japanese first that Nia just wants more and more punishment, and it will be EZPZ. Nia started the fight, Asuka will finish it!


McIntyre finishes preparations.

Truth comes back and McIntyre asks what he wants. Truth says he fixed the tag match tonight. The only title on the line in their tag match will be the world title. It just makes sense. No…! McIntyre is not happy, because if Truth loses it for them, McIntyre still loses the title! Oh… Truth asks McIntyre to believe in him. Truth knows how painful it is to lose the title, because he has lost his 24/7, 48-7, 7/11, I-95 South European Television Championship A LOT. And it took a few days to get it back sometimes. But he won’t let that happen to McIntyre. Believe!


The Viking Profits talk backstage.

The still need to settle the Anything You Can Do series. But how? Chess? Uno? Erik wants a chariot race! What? Where would they even get a chariot? Big Show comes by and says they shouldn’t look at him. He can’t ride horses. Ford thanks Show on behalf of the Viking Profits in thwarting Tozawa and that extra large ninja. Erik says he could’ve taken him, but he still thanks Show. Show thanks them for the merchandise, and has enjoyed watching their rivalry. But he also knows how to settle things. Carpool karaoke! NO! NEVER AGAIN! Oh, okay… The Profits are the current Raw Tag Team Champions, and the Vikings are the previous. Next week, the women are having a tag title match, so so should the men! That’ll settle it once and for all! Well that’s a great idea. Because #WeWantTheSmoke! How about getting jazzy with it? We want~ the smoke! Gotta have that smoke! The five dance, and the raid is on next week! Who comes away with the gold and the series all at once?


WWE World Championship Tag Match: Drew McIntyre & R-Truth VS MVP & Bobby Lashley!

What was just a tag match became a dual championship match but is now just about THE WWE Championship! Will Truth help Claymore Country keep the title? Or will the Rocky Mountain Machine right what went wrong at Backlash?

The introductions are made, the one belt to rule them all is raised, and this high stakes tag match begins!

The teams sort out and McIntyre has Truth let him start. Lashley and McIntyre circle in a rematch from Backlash, and they tie up! McIntyre powers Lashley to a corner but lets up at 4. Lashley gets in his face but McIntyre doesn’t move. Lashley shoves so McIntyre fires off! McIntyre CHOPS and punches and CHOPS again! He lets up to whip Lashley corner to corner, but Lashley comes back to clothesline! McIntyre stays up to hit a GLASGOW KISS and clothesline! Lashley flounders to a corner and uses the ropes as a defense. The ref counts, McIntyre backs off, but Lashley throat chops! Lashley clubs McIntyre but McIntyre shoves back. Lashley fires off as the crowd boos, and he fires off elbows. Lashley puts McIntyre into the ropes and buckles but the ref pulls him off. Lashley runs to RAM into McIntyre!

The crowd boos as MVP tags in. MVP and Lashley double whip but McIntyre kicks MVP away, and SPINE BUSTERS Lashley! McIntyre elbows MVP then clotheslines Lashley out of the ring! MVP runs in but into a neckbreaker! McIntyre aims from the corner, but Truth tags in!? McIntyre doesn’t like any of this but Truth says he’s got this. But MVP throws Truth OVERHEAD! Truth flops out of the ring, Lashley tags back in, and Lashley drags Truth up to throw him into barriers! Lashley stares McIntyre down from across the way while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and MVP drags Truth to the corner. Lashley tags in and KNEES Truth down! McIntyre stresses as Lashley drags Truth up and pushes him to an open corner. Lashley throws hands and elbows on Truth then stomps a mudhole into him. Lashley digs his boot in and the ref counts. Lashley lets up at 4 to run corner to corner, and RAM into Truth again! MVP tags in, he runs corner to corner and BOOTS Truth down! Cover, TWO! Truth still lives and McIntyre is relieved. McIntyre shouts at Truth to get up, but MVP lines up the shot. MVP runs, but Turth splits to dodge, then comes back to calf kick! The crowd fires up and rallies as Truth sits up. Truth figures out where he is and hot tags McIntyre! Lashley tags in but McIntyre rallies with clotheslines!

McIntyre whips, and OVERHEAD suplexes Lashley! Lashley is up, McIntyre spins him around for double underhooks, but Lsahley spins out and elbows the Future Shock away. Lashley wrenches and brings McIntyre over to tag in MVP. But McIntyre throws Lashley overhead again! MVP freezes up top and McIntyre BLASTS him down! McIntyre throws MVP into the barriers, the apron, and then the ring. McIntyre climbs up as the crowd rallies, and he leaps to hit the ax handle! And the kip up! McIntyre fires up, glares at MVP and waits for him to rise. “Get yer ass up!” MVP does, but staggers into the FUTURE SHOCK! Cover, but Lashley breaks it! Truth rushes Lashley but Lashley kicks and throws him out hard!

Lashley aims at Truth on the outside, but Truth drop toeholds him into steel steps! MVP rolls McIntyre up, ONE! McIntyre dodges, CLAYMORE!! Cover, but McIntyre lets up? He tags in Truth to finish MVP off! Truth goes up top, McIntyre gives him the boost, SUPER SPLASH! Cover, Truth and McIntyre win!

Winners: R-Truth & Drew McIntyre, by pinfall (McIntyre is still WWE World Champion)

McIntyre trusted in Truth and together, they vanquished Lashley and MVP! Will both their reigns continue on through the Summer?


Christian prepares for his match.

Ric Flair finds him, and apologizes for not being here sooner. Maybe Flair could’ve stopped this. Flair says Christian is NOT ready for this. He completely understands why Christian agreed to it, but Orton is on top of his game. Orton is mean, sadistic, and wants to prove a point to everyone. Christian is doing this to make his own point. Christian appreciates this talk, but he can’t think like this. Flair says Christian’s family will understand if he doesn’t do this. They’d rather see him not get hurt! Christian says he is not going to let Orton do what he wants, and he won’t regret what happens next. Christian heads out, but will he be able to walk his way back?


Sasha Banks and Bayley are here!

The Golden Role Models may not have cared enough about The IIconics calling them out, but they are here to celebrate their victory at Backlash. They grab mics to speak, “I don’t know if you guys know this,” but they successfully defended their titles! They’re in the mood to celebrate, but there’s a bit more than just the titles. Anyone know what today is? Bayley’s birthday! They’re gonna make this a birthday WEEK! They’re starting tonight, you’re welcome, and then Wednesday is their trip back to NXT. They are gonna WHOOP Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart! Then they’ll go all the way back to SmackDown to top it off. Sasha loves the sound of that. But she has a message for the IIconics: NEVER tell them when or where to defend these titles! Sasha is The Boss, this is #BayleyDosStraps, and they-

But wait! The IIconics return!”No one, and I mean no one, wants another reading of your resumes.” They want their answer! Yes or no? Do they not remember Backlash? DING DONG, The IIconics LOST! Or do they feel special for winning real quick tonight? It doesn’t matter how many they put against these two, the end result is the same: Sasha and Bayley win because they are THE team. Well they are the team the IIconics beat last year at WrestleMania. A loss that was so crushing, they each had separate melt downs. Aww, someone call a wambulance! Hello, 9-wah-wah? This is Sasha and Bayley. They couldn’t handle the pressure then, and they can’t handle it now. You wanna talk pressure? Sasha steps to Peyton and gets SLAPPED!

And Bayley flips out! It’s her freakin’ birthday! You can’t ruin it like that! This is Bayley’s day! But fine! They accept! Sasha is upset by that as much as she is by the slap, but Bayley says they’re not gonna let the IIconics get away with disrespect. But will they even make it through the week?


Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Nia Jax!

Backlash was meant to settle things between The Empress of Tomorrow and the Irresistible Force, who has been trying to belittle Asuka’s reign from day one. A double count-out put a hold on the battle, but it is about to begin again! Is Nia finally ready for Asuka? Or will Asuka finally silence the doubter and move past this issue?

Raw returns as Asuka makes her entrance. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this Backlash rematch begins!

Asuka rushes Nia and dropkicks her! Nia stays up to CLOBBER Asuka back! Nia drags Asuka up to clobber her again, and again! The crowd boos Nia as she brings Asuka up, only for Asuka to hit an armbar takedown! Nia flails, gets free and bails out to the apron. But Asuka runs and hip attacks, only to miss! Nia grabs Asuka, brings her through, and brings her up to a fireman’s carry! Asuka hols on for dear life, then slips to a sleeper! The ref counts but Asuka lets go at 4. Nia catches her breath and gets in, but sees Asuka coming so she stays in the ropes for defense. Asuka backs off and Nia takes her time returning. Asuka rushes Nia with furious kicks, but Nia DECKS her! Nia is upset with the ref but she kicks Asuka while she’s down.

Nia taunts Asuka as she looms over her. She grabs at a leg but Asuka drags her into a TRIANGLE HOLD! Nia scrambles around and gets under the ropes. Asuka lets go, Nia is frustrated, but Asuka runs and baseball slides. Nia avoids it again, and lifts Asuka up, for a POWERBOMB to the floor! The Empress is in danger as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Nia bends Asuka back in a torture rack! Asuka pulls hair and pops free, but Nia hurries after her. Asuka kicks from below and hits a CODE BREAKER! Asuka fires up and runs, SLIDING ENZIGURI! Cover, TWO!! Nia survives but Asuka gets to a corner. Asuka climbs but Nia runs over to forearm her first! Nia climbs up to join Asuka and fireman’s carries her up! Asuka fights, shifts and sunsets but Nia holds on! Asuka mule kicks the legs, NIa is in the Tree of Woe, RUNNING STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Nia barely escapes but Asuka keeps her focus. Asuka watches Nia slowly rise, and gives her kicks! Kick after kick after kick, but Nia blocks the buzzsaw to headbutt back! Nia drags Asuka up to the fireman’s carry, SAMOAN DROP! Cover, ROPEBREAK!

Nia argues with the ref to do his job, but he did! So she shove shim down!? She apologizes but the ref says that was over the line. The ref heads for the timekeeper, surely read to disqualify Nia, but Asuka rolls Nia up! A bit of a fast count, Asuka wins!!

Winner: Asuka, by pinfall (still Raw Women’s Champion)

One way or another, Nia cost herself in this second chance! Yes, the count at the end was a touch fast, but she was going to lose by disqualification. Will Nia learn her lesson now? Is Asuka finally past the Irresistible Force?


Backstage interview with Randy Orton.

The Viper’s challenge was accepted, but he asks a question first. “Do you think Christian is a legend?” Charly does. Well for what it’s worth, so does Orton. Now do you know what “Unsanctioned” mean? It means there are no rules, there are no regulations, and that in a few short minutes, the legend of Christian will be destroyed by the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment: R K O. Will the Legend Killer add another notch on his belt tonight?


Unsanctioned Match: Randy Orton VS Christian!

The challenge was made and then accepted, Captain Charisma gets #OneMoreMatch without a single rule or restriction holding The Viper back! Will Christian avenge Edge while defending his own honor? Or will Orton end Edge & Christian’s legends that reek of awesomeness?

The introductions are made, but then Ric Flair walks out to the ring? The Nature Boy tried talking sense into Christian, is he here to try again? “Hey, c’mon. No, no, no. I just talked ot Edge, this ain’t cool.” Christian doesn’t need to prove anything, so just let it go. Flair also tells Orton this, but Christian takes the mic to say, “I have to do this.” And with that, the bell rings, and Christian circles with Orton. But Flair LOW BLOWS Christian from behind?! How dare you, Nature Boy!! Orton takes his time, and PUNTS Christian in the head!! Christian is OUT, but Orton still has to pin him. Orton turns Christian over carefully, covers him slowly, and wins.

Winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall

#OneMoreMatch was a complete farce! The dirtiest player in the game served Christian up to Orton, but Orton apologizes? “I understand why you came here, but you shouldn’t have come here. Matter of fact, this is your fault! I didn’t want to do this! I didn’t want this to happen! Why are you here?!” The Viper blames the victim, then lets medics tend to Christian, insisting they be careful with him. “I finished the last chapter of Edge’s redemption, I don’t want to finish the last chapter of yours, Christian. But I had to. This is YOUR fault!” He didn’t mean for this to happen, but this is his livelihood. He can’t let anyone interrupt or disrupt that. Between them and him, it’s gonna be them. What is wrong in the twisted mind of Randy Orton?

My Thoughts:

What a wild Raw to follow Backlash! This may have been the first Raw after Vince McMahon kicked Paul Heyman out, but it really felt like Bruce Prichard did his absolute best in keeping Heyman’s ideas and stories going. We got great development in the dysfunction of Vega’s stable and it gave Kevin Owens a good win. I am definitely expecting this to turn into Almas VS Garza, winner stays with Vega, and I expect that to be Almas. We got a lot of great stuff out of the Viking Profits and this new ninja stable Tozawa has created. Turns out, the super sized ninja is Jordan Omogbehin, the Nigerian NXT recruit that had yet to make a television debut. It’s pretty great that Omogbehin is getting a Braun Strowman style call-up straight into something, and I feel like with Big Show getting in, we get another passing of the giant torch to help solidify Omogbehin’s place in the roster. I can’t wait for Tozawa to hit a super senton off of Omogbehin’s shoulders, too.

There was great integration of stories all over the place, too. Natty loses to the IIconics but blames Liv for not knowing what she’s doing, and looks to be joining forces with Lana. Pretty sure that means the two of them are a Heel team, but who knows how long it lasts just on personalities clashing. The IIconics were very active tonight with that tag match win and getting at Bayley and Banks. Their tag title match set for next week surely means Bayley & Banks get through Nox & Blackheart this Wednesday and whatever might happen on Friday, and we’re likely in store for a great match next Monday. Asuka and Nia had a match about as good as Backlash, with only a slightly more definitive finish. I actually like that Nia almost got DQ’d only to get pinned, and this better mean Asuka’s headed for… Actually, not sure. Unless Vince changes his mind about Shayna Baszler at some point, it feels like Charlotte by default.

Seth Rollins had a good segment with Rey and Dominik Mysterio, and it definitely helped Dominik there. I thought he was going to get beat down and spur Mysterio on to try and make an early return, but that might not be the case. Dominik is probably going to make an in-ring debut very soon, and it might be that Rey is used to coerce Dominik into becoming a disciple. Then we got a lot of integration between MVP, Lashley and various others. For one, the Lashley Lana divorce sending Lana to join Natty, but also MVP trying to recruit Apollo. I like that Apollo rejected the offer, then gave Benjamin a taste of his own medicine in using the ropes. Apollo is riding the tweener line but that could be to his advantage. At the same time, it would be incredible for MVP to create a full stable with Lashley as his world title guy, Apollo as the midcard guy, and then bring back Ricochet and Cedric Alexander to be the tag title guys. MVP can even be a champion because there’s the 24/7 Championship, and then he’d have four bodyguards keeping him untouchable.

But fantasy booking aside, the story with Truth and McIntyre tonight was great, too. Egging them on into a double title match, but then dialing it back to just the world title, it was a roller coaster, but McIntyre and Truth ride it out. Given Orton’s promo at the start of the night, I feel like McIntyre and Orton should start to mix it up going towards Extreme Rules and SummerSlam. The Unsanctioned Match turned screw job was great, all that Heel heat on Flair and Orton. With Edge out with a shoot tricep injury, Christian taking his place would actually be a pretty great way to keep things going. Then maybe, just maybe, we get the return of Edge & Christian as a tag team to take on Orton together for WrestleMania 36.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (1/22/21)

Will Apollo be able to #ThinkBig and be a champion?



Coverage SmackDown 2021

Big time challenges go down on SmackDown!

SmackDown goes big as Big E takes on Apollo Crews’ rematch challenge, and Bayley takes on Bianca Belair in the ULTIMATE obstacle course challenge!


  • Ultimate Athletic Obstacle Course Challenge: Bayley VS Bianca Belair; wins.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Big E VS Apollo Crews; wins and


[Due to the scheduling choices of KFOX14 (El Paso & Las Cruces), coverage of SmackDown will not begin until 9PM Eastern]

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Mtichell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (1/21/21)

Who is NXT UK’s one true queen?



Coverage NXT UK 2021

Will Kay Lee Ray still reign in NXT UK?

The Scary Queen of Scots has held the NXT UK Women’s Championship for over 500 days! But that could all change against the Spoiled Princess, Jinny!


  • Dave Mastiff VS Rampage Brown; Brown wins.
  • Ilja Dragunov VS Jack Starz; Dragunov wins.
  • Amir Jordan w/ Kenny Williams VS Tyson T-Bone; Jordan wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray VS Jinny w/ Joseph Conners; KLR wins and retains the title.


Dave Mastiff VS Rampage Brown!

The Proper British Heavyweight is up for any challenge, and so is the newest star in NXT UK! But will the Bomber be able to stop the Rampage when they finally collide?

The bell rings and the two big men tie right up! They go around, break, and then tie up again. Rampage headlocks, Mastiff powers out and they collide! Neither man falls, and Rampage is liking this already! They tie up again, go around, and Mastiff headlocks now. Rampage throws heavy body shots then powers out, they collide again, and still neither man falls! They tie up once more, Rampage headlocks, but Mastiff powers out. They ram shoulders again and again and again! Rampage throws a forearm, Mastiff gives it back and we have a heavyweight brawl! Mastiff rocks Rampage, headlocks, but Rampage powers out to dropkick Mastiff down!

Rampage drags Mastiff up to throw more forearms, fireman’s carries, but Mastiff slips out, shoves and DROPKICKS?! Mastiff defies gravity with that one! Mastiff drags Rampage up to CLUB him, and ROCK him, and put him in a corner. Mastiff CLUBS Rampage in the chest, hoists him up top, but Rampage hits back with forearms and a boot! Rampage leaps and hits a FLYING TACKLE! Rampage crossface forearms Mastiff from all sides! Rampage stomps Mastiff down, drops elbows, then covers, TWO! Rampage keeps his cool and he clamps onto Mastiff with a chinlock!

Mastiff endures as Rampage thrashes him around! Mastiff fights up and throws body shots but Rampage CLUBS him! BT Sports Studios fires up as Rampage tries to gut wrench Mastiff, but Mastiff back drops and SITS on Rampage! Rampage staggers up but Mastiff fires off forearms! Mastiff backs Rampage to ropes, whips him and CLOBBERS him! And drops a BACK SENTON! Rampage gasps and sputters as Mastiff stalks him to a corner. Mastiff runs in but into boots! Rampage goes up, and leaps into a CLOTHESLINE! Mastiff drags Rampage up, for an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Rampage survives but Mastiff powers up.

Mastiff waits for Rampage to stand, runs, but into a BOOT and a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Mastiff survives and Rampage can’t believe it! Rampage drags Mastiff up, reels him in and LARIATS, but Mastiff stays up! Mastiff gets around, Rampage elbows out of the waistlock but Mastiff CLUBS him! GERMAN SUPLEX! Mastiff runs corner to corner but Rampage bails out! Rampage is on the apron, Mastiff climbs up the corner, but Rampage CHOP BLOCKS a leg out! Mastiff falls, Rampage gets in and manages a BACK SUPLEX! Rampage drags Mastiff back up, and DOCTOR BOMBS?!? Cover, Rampage wins!!

Winner: Rampage Brown, by pinfall

Incredible! Rampage Brown takes down massive Dave Mastiff! If he can win against this big of an opponent, is no one safe from the Rampage?


A-Kid reflects on his match with Walter.

Heritage Cup Champion took on NXT UK Champion in an instant classic, and he put so much heart into taking on the Ring General. But in the end, the body was not strong enough and Walter still reigns. “I am proud of how I represented the Heritage Cup Championship against Walter. I came up short this time, but next time, it will be different.” Will the Spanish Ace rise back up the ranks while growing the prestige of the trophy he holds?


NXT UK Media finds Kenny Williams backstage.

Williams is on the phone, and here is Amir Jordan! Williams says not to worry about his leg when Jordan has bigger fish to fry. Jordan has a big singles match that Williams helped arrange, and it’s against… Tyson T-Bone! Really? T-Bone? Williams knows Jordan is thinking that T-Bone will level him, but that doesn’t matter! Williams has faith in Jordan that he’ll be the lucky one tonight! Okay, but, he couldn’t find anyone smaller? Nope, sorry. But hey, go get ready, Williams will be right there with him. Did Williams write a check Jordan’s body can’t cash?


Ilja Dragunov VS Jack Starz!

After the epic battle with Walter that disappointingly ended in a loss, the Moscow Madman reflected for a long time, and decided that he needed to start from scratch. He chose to bring things full circle against his first opponent in NXT UK, but will it go the same way now that #UNBESIEGBAR isn’t so sure of himself?

The bell rings and the two circle. They low five to show respect, then tie up. Starz powers Dragunov to ropes but lets off clean. BT Sports Studio cheers the sportsmanship as the two circle. They tie up, Dragunov arm-drags but Starz moves around. Dragunov wristlocks, Starz pushes back and uses ropes to flip through. Starz rolls, handsprings and throws Dragunov up and over! Starz has the wrist and bends the fingers but Dragunov fights up. Dragunov wrenches back, Starz spins and breaks free to dropkick! Dragunov flounders to a corner but comes back after Starz. Starz stays back and circles with Dragunov again. Dragunov blocks the arm-drag to hit a hip toss to a headlock takeover.

Starz fights up, Dragunov hits another takeover but Starz rolls it to his own headlock! Starz grinds on the hold, Dragunov fights up, and Dragunov slips through to hip toss Starz down! Dragunov has the headlock, Starz rolls it to a cover, ONE! Starz gets around Dragunov to O’Conner roll, TWO! Dragunov hurries up, Starz sunset flips over, TWO! Starz LARIATS but Dragunov stays up! Dragunov gets Starz by his legs and SPINEBUSTERS to a headlock! Dragunov grinds Starz down, Starz fights up, and Starz tries to power out but Dragunov holds on. Starz keeps trying, gets out on the third try but Dragunov runs him over!

Things speed up, Starz hurdles then ducks but leaps into Dragunov’s arms! Dragunov swings and tosses Starz but Starz lands on his feet, only to run into a BACK HAND CHOP! Dragunov goes to a corner and runs out, into a LARIAT! Starz hops up but Dragunov holds off the huricanrana, to bring Starz back up! Starz fights out, gets around and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!! Starz keeps on Dragunov with HARD EuroUppers! Dragunov throws forearms, Starz EuroUppers! Starz CHOPS Dragunov on the back, much like Walter would! Dragunov grits his teeth and SLAPS Starz, BOOTS him, and then fires off forearms and CHOPS in the corner!

The ref counts, backs Dragunov off, but Draguno half hatch suplexes Starz hard! Then a DEAD LIFT GERMAN! Dragunov holds on, CHOPS Starz on the back, and GERMAN SUPLEXES again! Dragunov floats to a facelock, throws heavy knees, then pump handles for an EXPLODER! Starz flounders as Dragunov shouts in Russian. Dragunov goes to a corner, and runs for a BLINDSIDE TORPEDO MOSCOW! But he’s not done, Dragunov puts Starz into a double armlock and just rains down furious elbows! Starz is OUT, the ref calls it!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by knockout

But Dragunov keeps going! The ref counts and Dragunov stops at 4! Though passionate and aggressive before, Dragunov has unlocked a new level to it! When he calms down, he realizes what he did to Starz. Dragunov apologizes to Starz, but can Starz even hear him? What will this new intensity in Dragunov mean for his road back to redemption?


NXT UK looks back on Ben Carter’s in-ring debut.

From Supernova Sessions right into a Cruiserweight Championship match with Jordan Devlin, the pro-wrestling prodigy impressed many on the roster. Carter may not have won his title match debut, but he shows a lot of promise, and will be back in action next week!

Sam Gradwell shares his own opinion of Ben Carter.

“Ben Carter? This supposed to be exciting? Fizzing around like a bloody Catherine wheel?” As much as Gradwell likes spelling out naughty words with a sparkler, he’s not here to be “a pretty little bonfire treat.” Gradwell will admit Carter push Devlin to his limit in just his debut, “but we’ll see how exciting the lad is when this Thunderstorm sends him packing back to Jersey. Ben Carter is a yogurt!” Will Gradwell rain on Carter’s parade before it even gets going?


Amir Jordan w/ Kenny Williams VS Tyson T-Bone!

The Bhangra Badboy is back in action on his own, and the Lucky-Yin set him up against a rather tough opponent. Will the returning King of Travelers trample all over Jordan’s singles run?

The bell rings and Jordan circles with T-Bone. They tie up, T-Bone shoves him but Jordan comes back with a shoulder! Jordan ducks the punch to get a headlock, but T-Bone powers up. Jordan holds on, T-Bone keeps fighting but Jordan grinds on the hold. T-Bone back suplexes, Jordan lands on his feet and gets another headlock! T-Bone powers out, Jordan goes up and around the corner, but T-Bone is there to snapmare and RAM Jordan! Things speed up, Jordan hurdles but T-Bone blocks the hip toss. Jordan body shots and flips up an dover, then dodges the clothesline, only to get hit with a forearm!

T-Bone drags Jordan up, scoops him, and gives him a BACKBREAKER, to a FALL AWAY SLAM! Jordan flounders but T-Bone is on him with elbows and forearms and even knees! Jordan gets to a corner, kicks back but T-Bone throws heavy hands! Williams coaches Jordan up but T-Bone kicks Jordan down! T-Bone throws more forearms, Jordan gives some but T-Bone jabs and forearms back! Jordan shoves but T-Bone kicks him down. T-Bone shoves Jordan to ropes to CLUB him on the rebound! And again the other way! T-Bone covers and glares at Williams, TWO! Williams rallies for Jordan as T-Bone whips him, but Jordan elbows back!

Jordan throws forearms, CHOPS, but T-Bone shoves. Jordan goes up, the monkey flip is blocked to a SLAM! T-Bone has the legs, and he swings Jordan under the ropes, for a ROPE GUILLOTINE! The ref reprimands then checks on Jordan, T-Bone covers, TWO! T-Bone clamps onto Jordan and drives knees into Jordan over an dover! T-Bone clamps on with a chinlock, fish hooks Jordan’s face, then CLUBS him in the chest! T-Bone wraps on the chinlock again nice and tight, and he thrashes Jordan around. Jordan fights his way up, and jawbreakers free! Jordan kicks at T-Bone’s leg, throws body shots and forearms, but T-Bone shoves.

Jordan comes back with more forearms and a dropkick! T-Bone rebounds, Jordan dodges the boot and sunset flips! T-Bone stays up, but Jordan avoids the elbow drop! Jordan throws hands, facelocks and grabs at arms, but T-Bone back drops free! T-Bone stalks Jordan to a corner, and is Williams smirking? Jordan dodges T-Bone’s corner splash, then runs in, only into T-Bone’s arms! T-Bone brings Jordan up, but Jordan sunset flips again. T-Bone stays up again, then sits on Jordan! TWO and Jordan slips out the back?! Roll up, Jordan wins!!

Winner: Amir Jordan, by pinfall

What a shocker! Certainly for Williams, he seems almost confused as to how that happened. But Williams did say Jordan would have luck on his side. Will that luck run out? Or will it take Jordan all the way back to a Cruiserweight Championship opportunity?


NXT UK Media catches up with Xia Brookside.

“Nina Samuels. I beat you fair and square. And then you jump me after the match. You then cost me the match with Isla Dawn. What is it? This is not the Nina Samuels Show. And now, you want to drag my family’s name through the dirt? Soon enough, Nina, you will see exactly what a Brookside is truly capable of.” Will Nina consider bowing out of the leading role in a sequel with this fired up second generation superstar?



While Primate & Wild Boar are part of next week’s massive Fatal 4 Way ELIMINATION Tag Match to name new #1 contenders to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, their mastermind will be BANNED from ringside! That’s right, Eddie Dennis will not be allowed to interfere in the battle between The Hunt, Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter, Pretty Deadly, and South Wales Subculture! Will The Hunt end up the hunted without the Welsh Dragon there to guide them?


NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray VS Jinny w/ Joseph Conners!

The reign that is 509 days and counting could be stopped right here! The Scary Queen of Scots has overcome everyone put in front of her, even the likes of Toni Storm and Piper Niven! But she and the Spoiled Princess haven’t had a real opportunity to go 1v1 until today! Will KLR make it to day 510? Or will Jinny having a knight in not so shining armor be a major factor?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this battle to determine the brand’s one true queen begins!

KLR and Jinny tie up, go around, and KLR powers Jinny back. Jinny pulls hair to back KLR down but KLR pulls at hair, too! They go around, into a corner, and the ref calls for a break. The ref steps in between them to break this up, and BT Sports Studio likes the aggression. KLR and Jinny circle, tie up and KLR wrenches to a wristlock. KLR grinds on the shoulder then chinbars Jinny down. Jinny pulls at her and grabs at KLR’s chin, but KLR pushes her down to scrape her boot off Jinny’s head! Jinny gets up to shove KLR, KLR SLAPS Jinny back! KLR wrenches, Jinny wrenches back and wrangles KLR with an armlock.

Piper Niven is spotted on the screens watching this match as Jinny talks trash and pushes KLR around. KLR CHOPS Jinny back! KLR bumps Jinny off buckles, throws more CHOPS and fast hands, but the ref counts and she stops at 4. Jinny puts KLR in the corner to stomp a mudhole into her! The ref counts, Jinny stops at 4, and now Dani Luna is spotted among those watching on the screens. KLR CHOPS Jinny then kicks her back. KLR whips and dropkicks Jinny down! Cover, TWO! KLR argues the count, and now Amale is spotted among the screens. KLR keeps on Jinny but Jinny shoves back, only for KLR to spin her to a GOURD BUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Conners is relieved but KLR is annoyed. KLR drags Jinny to a drop zone and climbs up top, and Conners waves hi. Jinny gets up, KLR has to jump over her and her leg jams! KLR runs back but into Jinny’s OVERHEAD ARM-DRAG into buckles! Cover, TWO!! KLR flops out of the ring and Conners is there to taunt her, but the ref tells him to stay back. Jinny fetches KLR and bumps her off the apron! And off the steel steps! Jinny fires off forearms but the ring count is climbing! Jinny refreshes things at 7, then brings KLR up. KLR throws body shots, Jinny clubs her down, and the count begins again. Jinny brings KLR up but KLR RAMS her into the barriers!

KLR brings Jinny up but Jinny bumps her off the apron! Jinny refreshes the count at 8 but KLR gets in. Jinny hurries after KLR and rains down rights. Cover, TWO! Something’s going on with the screens, and is that Aoife Valkyrie? The screens go back to normal and Jinny puts KLR in a corner. Jinny wrenches and whips KLR corner to corner hard! KLR bounces off buckles and Jinny covers, TWO! Jinny grows frustrated and she tells KLR, “You are NOT championship material!” KLR SLAPS Jinny away! Jinny comes back to ROCK KLR with a right, whips her, but KLR reverses. Jinny rolls to trip KLR up into the grounded surfboard!

KLR endures as Jinny rocks back and forth! KLR tells the ref to shut up and stop asking her, and she gets an arm free! KLR crawls and reaches but Jinny stomps her over and over! KLR still gets the ropebreaks! The ref counts, Jinny lets go to stomp KLR over and over! Jinny rains down rights again, then drags KLR back up. Jinny pulls hair and snapmares KLR to a cover, TWO! Jinny clamps on with a chinlock and now both Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels are watching. KLR endures, fights up, but Jinny pulls hair again. Jinny brings KLR up to throw a heavy forearm!

Jinny ripcords but KLR dodges, only for Jinny to ROLLING HEEL KICK! And another ROLLING HEEL KICK! But KLR SUPERKICKS back! Both women are down and BT Sports Studio fires up! Conners is worried as the standing count climbs past 5. Jinny and KLR are up at 8, and KLR ROCKS Jinny! Jinny comes back to forearm KLR and now they go back and forth! KLR gets the edge, Jinny knees low and hard! Jinny whips, KLR reverses to SUPERKICK again! DDT! Cover, TWO! Jinny survives, but KLR puts on a KOJI KLUTCH! Jinny flails, KLR thrashes, but Jinny endures! Conners grows worried again, but Jinny fights up and rolls KLR to a cover, TWO!!

KLR lets Jinny go and kicks, but Jinny blocks! Jinny throws KLR into the KNEE! Jinny drags KLR up and reels her in, LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! KLR survives but Conners argues the count. Jinny drags KLR up to club her over and over on the back! Jinny drags KLR up, KLR CHOPS her! KLR gets the leg, uses that to reel Jinny into the Gory Especial, but Conners gets on the apron! KLR lets Jinny go to back Conners off, but she turns around into Jinny’s KNEE! Jinny drags KLR up, puts her in the ropes, THE MAKEOVER!! Cover, Conners even holds KLR’s legs down, but the ref sees that!! The ref EJECTS Conners!!

Conners is furious but he grabs the belt, saying it’s Jinny’s! KLR rolls Jinny up, TWO!! SUPERKICK!! Conners is taking the title but KLR goes out to snatch it from him! KLR DECKS Conners, gets in, but Jinny has the belt! KLR ducks the belt shot, and the ref sees it, too! The ref grabs at the belt but Jinny won’t let it go! KLR gets Jinny for the Gory Especial! GORY BOMB!! Cover, KLR wins!!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall (still NXT UK Women’s Champion)

Jinny’s insurance policy failed her, and the historic reign continues! What will it take for someone, anyone, to dethrone KLR?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT UK from top to bottom! Mastiff and Rampage was a great match, especially for an opener, and naturally Rampage wins as he’s the new big star moving up the ranks. Who knows, we might get a rematch or a series of rematches because if this was the first one, I’d love to see what they could do to build upon it. At the very least, this helps get Rampage on track towards the NXT UK Championship and Walter, and he could be in a position to challenge in the Spring to match with WrestleMania season. As a fall back, have these two guys be a tag team and just steamroll some people.

A-Kid had a decent “self-reflection” promo, but I still expect him to focus on the Heritage Cup Championship, and to build up that reign with a lot of great defenses, maybe even giving rematches to some of his opponents from the tournament. I again enjoyed Sam Gradwell’s promo running down one of the bright stars of NXT UK, he has great obscure references because I forgot what a “Catherine wheel” was until I googled it. This surely means Ben Carter’s match week is against Gradwell, and that will be Carter’s first win in NXT UK. Xia Brookside had a good video promo warning Nina Samuels, I look forward to a more intense Brookside in the coming weeks.

I was completely and gladly shocked by how Dragunov changed in that match with Jack Starz. I thought there was going to be a long run of Dragunov being mellow, more technical, and struggling to win, and then at a certain point, he’d snap and get back to Unbesiegbar. Instead, they did a lot of that in just this one match and then he went above and beyond into this extra scary Dragunov. This fugue state Dragunov is a very interesting take, but I look forward to seeing the follow-up with Starz confronting Dragunov about it.

I think Williams is turning Heel on Jordan. He tried to set Jordan up to fail against T-Bone, but then Jordan wins, so maybe Williams tries to take it up a notch and set Jordan up against someone like Mastiff or Saxon Huxley. It’ll come out that Williams is doing this out of a sense of jealousy and bitterness, the team splits up, and we’ll get a great match of Jordan VS Williams.

KLR VS Jinny was a great main event, but the only thing that brought it down was NXT UK trying to make it seem like all the women on the roster were watching via ThunderDome technology. They did a good job with Piper Niven but I swear Amale was edited in, she was in far better focus than all the other screens. The one effective one was Aoife taking over the screens with supernatural powers similar to The Fiend or Taker. I like the creativity with how Conners tries to screw KLR over but ends up screwing Jinny over. There were some good false dirty finishes, and in the end KLR wins to keep history going. I have a feeling, given those ThunderDome screen edits, Aoife will be built up so that she will be the one to dethrone KLR and immediately be a star. Not sure how effective that is but it’s clearly NXT UK’s goal.

My Score: 8.4/10

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