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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (6/5/20)

Jeff Hardy shares his side!



WWE SmackDown Coverage 3.0

Title talk abound on SmackDown!

The Miz & Morrison have something to say to Strowman, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan are face to face, and Bliss-Cross defend their WWE Women’s Tag Titles!


  • Baron Corbin VS Otis Dozovic w/ Mandy Rose; Otis wins, by disqualification.
  • Lacey Evans VS Sonya Deville; Evans wins.
  • AJ Styles VS Drew Gulak w/ Daniel Bryan; Gulak wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The New Day & Chad Gable VS The Artist Collective & Mojo Rawley; Gable & The New Day win.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Bliss-Cross VS Bayley & Sasha Banks; Bayley & Banks win and become new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.


Jeff Hardy is backstage.

The Charismatic Enigma is clearly in better shape both mentally and physically after what happened last week. A car accident put Elias in the hospital and all witnesses saw was a man running away from the scene. The evidence pointed towards Hardy, from the rental permit to the alcohol found in the car to how he could barely walk. Police arrested Hardy and that threw the SmackDown schedule out of order. Sheamus would win a battle royal, battle Daniel Bryan, but lose because Hardy returned! Hardy seems to think Sheamus had something to do with last week, but now we hear from Hardy himself!

Hardy heads to the ring!

“Wow, it’s great to see y’all, man. First of all, I would like to thank WWE Management and Fox for giving me this time to get this off my chest.” Last week, we witnessed something awful. People’s lives were endangered, the show was thrown into chaos, and though Elias walked away with serious injuries, it could’ve been worse. Hardy wants to paint you a portrait from his perspective. He pulled into the parking lot, excited about the show. He grabbed his stuff out of the car and BAM, he got hit by something. The next thing he knew, the police were all around him and he reeked of alcohol. His head was barely conscious and the cuffs ripped his wrists up. Hardy questioned the last eight months, from sobriety to career to family. The crowd cheers in support of Hardy continues. He says he felt he let his family down. “How many more times can I beg for forgiveness?”

But it’s all good! Hardy is here in the WWE for a reason! Hardy is glad to know he’s not in this alone. Though his head was spinning, he knew he didn’t slip. He’s in the station, they’re throwing all the tests at him and he passes them all. More witnesses showed up for interviews. The person in the car had red hair and matching beard! So Hardy was free to go and ready to go. We all know who fits that description, right? Sheamus put a rage in Hardy that can only be expressed through action. Sheamus tried to take everything from Hardy, and he won’t let Sheamus get away with it! But here comes Sheamus to respond! “Don’t go pointing fingers and casting aspersions on me, fella.” Hardy is doing what he’s done his entire life: blame others for his problems.

Why is it that people like Hardy try to avoid responsibility? Why does he always have an excuse? The fans of Hardy are worse than him because they’re in denial! Worse, they’re enablers. The crowd boos and he tells them to shut up. Sheamus tells Hardy, “For once in your life, be a man and admit what you did.” But he won’t, right? Because Hardy’s not a man. Hardy’s a junkie. The crowd boos harder, but Sheamus says not to worry about disappointing his wife and kids. They’re used to it. Hardy rushes Sheamus, avoids the Brogue and tackles him on the ramp! Hardy and Sheamus brawl, but the BROGUE lands after all! Sheamus drags Hardy up to slam into the Plexiglas! And then more Plexiglas, and more Plexiglas, and then even more Plexiglas! Hardy flounders to ringside and Sheamus looms over him as the crowd chants, “You Suck!” Is Sheamus the one who framed Hardy? Will Hardy get retribution for everything?


Otis and Mandy arrive.

Mr. Money in the Bank and his sweet peach spot Baron Corbin’s cape and crown. Mandy wants Otis to try it on, so he does. KING Otis looks good to Mandy. They head out with the Wolf King’s crown, will this get back to Corbin? In fact, Corbin walks by a moment later and wonders where the crown went! He demands the staffer tell him what happened, and the guy gives up Otis. Corbin storms after Otis, but this is good timing, since they have a match set for after the break!


Baron Corbin VS Otis Dozovic w/ Mandy Rose!

The King of the Ring has wanted payback on The Dozer since Money in the Bank, but now he’ll want even more because of the little fun Otis and Mandy were having. Will Corbin finally be in a good mood after this? Or will fall to pieces after running into the human wrecking ball?

Corbin obviously wants to fight the minute he’s out there, but the ref tells him to put the scepter aside first. Corbin does, the bell rings and Otis brawls with him! Otis rocks Corbin, counter punches but runs into a kick. Corbin POSTS Otis, then runs corner to corner, only to be sent into buckles! Otis clotheslines Corbin out, Corbin gets in fast, but Otis dodges and clotheslines him back out! Otis fetches Corbin as Mandy and the crowd cheers, but Corbin rams Otis into the apron! And then POSTS him again! Mandy coaches Otis while the ring count climbs. Corbin puts Otis in at 4, gets in at 5, and whips Otis into a corner. Corbin runs in but Otis dodges, so Corbin slides out then in. Otis scoops, Corbin slips out and Corbin hits a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Corbin keeps on Otis with a half nelson chinbar. Otis endures, fights his way up and throws body shots. Corbin throws forearms and has Otis in a corner. Corbin throws body shots over and over until the ref counts 4, then he DECKS Otis! Cover, TWO! Corbin grows frustrated but he keeps on Otis at the ropes. Corbin throws forearms, puts on the half nelson and thrashes Otis around. Otis fights free again but Corbin climbs on for a sleeper hold! Mandy and the crowd rally as Otis rams Corbin into buckles! Otis runs into a boot, then another. Corbin keeps kicking but Otis powers up! Otis dodges and elbows Corbin down! And again! Otis rallies with clotheslines and Fall Away Slams Corbin away! And again!

Corbin gets to a corner and Otis hits a splash! Corbin is down and Mandy wants Otis to finish this! Otis pumps up but Corbin bails out. Corbin wants his crown and takes it from the timekeeper’s area, but Otis walks over. But Corbin uses the crown as a weapon! And then a chair!

Winner: Otis Dozovic, by disqualification

Corbin doesn’t let up on Otis and they go back to the ring. Otis dodges the chair shot to body check and corner splash! Corbin is down again and Otis gets back to the pumping! THE CATERPILLAR ELBOW! Otis is all fired up and Mandy celebrates with him! Will Otis keep building momentum to bust through the WWE Universal Champion, whoever it may be?


The Miz & John Morrison are in a van.

They have surveillance equipment and are preparing to make The Monster Among Men’s life a living hell. Braun Strowman pulls in, grabs his luggage, and heads inside. The Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century clearly has something planned, but will they pull it off?

SmackDown returns and Miz talks to the WWE Universe. “Everyone knows what it’s like to deal with annoying coworkers.” They’re the worst. Ever since they challenged Strowman to a Handicap match, their coworkers-and even the WWE Universe-have been saying stuff like, “Well why did you do that? You don’t stand a chance! It’s gonna be fun watching Braun Strowman disemboweling you.” That’s annoying. But not surprising. Those are the same people that underestimated Miz and Morrison their entire careers, just like Strowman is underestimating them! Strowman showed up to work without a care in the world, but that changes. This may be childish, immature, low-brow and idiotic, but this is strategic. Angry monsters make mistakes. “A wise man once said, ‘This is how we do it. This is Friday nights.'” And by the time we get to Backlash, Strowman’s life will be hell.

Inside, Strowman gets a refill of water and… his drink fizzes over! Somehow Miz & Morrison sabotaged his thermos, and they’re pumped up about it! “Get These Hands, Braun? WASH These Hands!” Strowman is furious and he storms off somewhere else. Will he put together who just pranked him?


Backstage interview with Chad Gable.

Shorty G returned to SmackDown to get an upset over Cesaro. But speaking of returns, Mojo Rawley is here. He apologizes to the “little man,” but there are far more important things to talk about. Like Mojo’s boy, Gronk, getting robbed of that WWE 24/7 Championship. So this interview just got cut short. It’s funny because Gable’s short! Wow, genuine comedian here with some classic material. But then Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura appear to mug Gable with Mojo’s help! The New Day back Gable up and back the others off. Will Shorty G, Big E and Kofi teach these bullies a lesson?


Lacey Evans VS Sonya Deville!

The Sassy Southern Belle and the Gladiator Gal went toe to toe last week but no one won in the Double Count-Out. Now they look to settle things, but then Sonya blindsides Lacey at the ramp! Lacey goes right into steel steps and Sonya goes into the ring. The crowd boos, Lacey grits her teeth and glares at Sonya, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and the bell rings. Lacey and Sonya tie up and go around, and Lacey has Sonya on the ropes. Sonya pushes back, Lacey arm-drags her around and dares her to get up. Sonya composes herself and circles with Lacey again. They tie up, Sonya waistlocks but Lacey standing switches. Sonya elbows out hard, switches back and slams Lacey down. Lacey spins and gets away, but Sonya backs off to cool things down. The two go again, Sonya kicks low and whips Lacey to a corner. Lacey dodges, throws forearms and sweeps the legs! Lacey slingshots for the elbow drop! Cover, ONE! Lacey keeps her cool and keeps on Sonya with buckles bumps! She bumps Sonya off more buckles then pulls on an arm with the ropes. Lacey hooks Sonya’s head with a leg for leverage. The ref backs Lacey off, and Sonya throws hands!

Sonya whips but Lacey reverses, only to run into a BOOT! Sonya says that’s all blondes are capable of, but Lacey gets to her feet. Sonya chokes Lacey on the ropes but the ref counts. Sonya lets up at 4, but comes back to kick at the leg! She taunts Lacey as she kicks more, then kicks her in the corner. Sonya brings Lacey out to clobber! And she stands on the hair! She backs off at 4, but KICKS Lacey in the chest! Sonya grinds forearms in Lacey’s face, then stands her up to go for a corner. Lacey turns it around to bump Sonya off buckles again! Lacey blocks a boot, trips Sonya up, then drags her through the ropes. She knees away on Sonya, then slingshots up and over to roll her up, but into the ref! The ref hobbles away and he needs medical help! Sonya and Lacey back off as the ref is attended to, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and a new referee has tagged in. Sonya throws hands on Lacey then KICKS her down! Cover, TWO, but Sonya wraps Lacey up in a chinlock. Lacey endures as Sonya thrashes her about. The crowd rallies, Lacey fights her way up, and rams Sonya into the corner! Sonya grabs hair but Lacey throws more shoulders in. Sonya throws Lacey down by her hair, then mocks her pain. Sonya drags Lacey out to the apron, for a draping neckbreaker! Lacey writhes but Sonya brings her up to the steel steps. The ref reprimands Sonya but she stands on Lacey’s head on the steps! Sonya stops at 4 but the damage has been done. Sonya drags Lacey up and puts her into the ring to cover, TWO! Lacey gasps for air but she’s toughing it out. Lacey chops but Sonya throws forearms. Sonya fireman’s carries but Lacey slips out to swing. Sonya dodges but gets a LARIAT!

Both women are down and the crowd fires up. Lacey and Sonya stir, and Sonya flounders up to her feet first. But Lacey rallies with more clotheslines! Lacey spins Sonya, kicks away and brings Sonya down! Lacey flexes and runs to Penalty Kick! Sonya ends up in a corner, Lacey hits the swinging bronco buster! Lacey climbs up the corner, for the SASSIEST MOONSAULT EVER! Cover, TWO!! Sonya survives and Lacey can’t believe it! Lacey drags Sonya up, spins her around, but Sonya KNEES Lacey, and ROCKS her with a right! Sonya is after Lacey in the ropes and chokes her more! The ref counts and Sonya stops at 4 to then club Lacey down! Sonya runs, SLIDING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Lacey lives and Sonya is furious!

The crowd rallies up as Lacey grits her teeth. Mandy talks to Sonya via the titantron. Sonya may want to hurt Mandy, but Mandy knows Sonya is hurting inside because she’s not a real fighter. Sonya’s a FAILURE! Sonya is furious as she shouts at the screen! She dares the “Barbie doll” to come back out and fight her. But Lacey turns Sonya around for the WOMAN’S RIGHT! Cover, Lacey wins!

Winner: Lacey Evans, by pinfall

Mandy gives Sonya a taste of her own medicine, and the Model Soldier gets the victory. Will Lacey be able to rise back towards the SmackDown Women’s Championship? Has the fury between Fire and Desire only reached a new level?



Matt Riddle loves having the crowd fired up behind him. This will be his moment, and you will remember his name.


Backstage interview with Braun Strowman.

The WWE Universal Champion cleaned up after that prank, but he knows “these two dorks,” Miz & Morrison are up to something. They’re like annoying gnats in the middle of the Summer. But speaking of, they’ve got another prank planned. Miz presses a button and… SLIME falls on Kayla! That was meant for him… Well the “jackasses” messed up, and Kayla is angry for Strowman. “Those… BASTARDS.” Well, Miz and Morrison still take that as a win. But are they going to be the ones getting messed up at Backlash?


Renee Young is in the ring!

Her guests tonight are two extraordinary wrestlers of this or any other generation! They will meet in the WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament Finals next Friday, it’s Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles! Renee wants to start with Bryan but Styles says Bryan will do the same thing: call him a coward for taking the easy way into the finals, while Bryan foolishly chose to fight. If Hardy didn’t get involved, Sheamus would be standing here instead. So does Bryan think Styles is a coward? Well he shows signs of being cowardly, but to each their own. This is the one title Styles hasn’t had in the WWE, so is that why he took his bye? Styles took his bye because it was the smart move. Styles looks in the mirror and sees the greatest champion the WWE has ever had! When Styles looks at Bryan, “he’s all heart.” That’s not a bad thing, no. Bryan is doing something rather noble, but it is also something rather stupid.

Bryan sees what Styles is doing, and it’s not working. They’ve known each other a long time. Long enough to know they have two entirely different world views, and two entirely different visions of what it is to be champion. In Styles’ vision, he defends the title sparingly, against a select few under the guise that no one else is good enough. Styles believes what he just said in saying he’s the greatest of all time. But he could never fathom someone coming out of nowhere and shattering that vision. But Bryan’s vision is defending the title every single week on SmackDown, against decorated veterans and young up-and-comers. Anyone who wants the opportunity gets the opportunity! And not because it’s noble, as Styles put it. It’s because Bryan wants to push himself, test himself, and learn and grow! The best isn’t who Bryan is now, but who he can be!

And when the WWE Universe tunes in to Friday Night SmackDown, Bryan wants them to be excited each and every week, knowing there is a title match! Knowing that maybe their favorite wrestler could beat Bryan and become champion! That’s what Bryan wants! The crowd agrees with that vision, but Styles says Bryan wants Styles to give handouts. Styles doesn’t believe in handouts. He believes in earned opportunities. Speaking of, how did Drew Gulak get the opportunity to become Bryan’s coach? An opportunity to work here, in the WWE. That’s not an opportunity, that’s a handout! So if Styles and Bryan can’t agree, how about this? Styles can reach across the aisle to do something unexpected. How about Styles give Gulak an opportunity? Right here, right now, Gulak is backstage, so he can get out here and get his handout, aka an ass-whipping.

Gulak appears! And he tackles Styles! Styles bails out but Bryan is cheering! Is the whipping gonna be on the other wrestler tonight?

AJ Styles VS Drew Gulak w/ Daniel Bryan!

SmackDown returns and the bell rings. Styles fires off strikes on Gulak and backs him down to a corner. Styles CHOPS and whips and elbows Gulak down! Bryan coaches Gulak but Styles bumps Gulak off buckles. Styles rams shoulders in and CHOPS again. He brings Gulak out but Gulak jawbreakers back! The crowd cheers as things speed up. Styles hurdles but Gulak fakes his dropkick out! Gulak goes after the arm and has a chinbar corssface! Styles gets the ropebreak, Gulak lets up at 4 but clamps right back on for another crossface! Styles gets back to ropes, they end up in a corner, and Gulak lets go but is trapped. Styles elbows Gulak and kicks at the legs! Styles fires off more strikes then snapmares Gulak for a Penalty Kick!

Bryan and the crowd rally for Gulak but he swings into Styles’ backbreaker! Cover, ONE! Styles grows frustrated but he still looms over Gulak. He drags Gulak up to a fireman’s carry but Gulak slips out to headbutt! Gulak whips, Styles reverses, but Gulak boots back, to run into a LARIAT! Styles seethes but the crowd rallies again. Styles drags Gulak into a chinlock and digs his knee into Gulak’s back. Gulak fights up and throws body shots. He powers Styles to a corner and fires off haymakers! The ref counts, Gulak lets up at 4, but comes back. Styles CHOPS and forearms back, then whips Gulak corner to corner. Gulak dodges and Styles runs into buckles, then a clothesline! Gulak rallies and dropkicks Styles to a corner!

The crowd fires up and Gulak runs corner to corner, for a big corner clothesline to snap fisherman suplex! Gulak stalks Styles and scoops him for a DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Styles survives but Gulak keeps his cool. Styles gets to a corner and Gulak heads over. Gulak hoists Styles up to an Electric Chair, but Styles rakes Gulak’s face to escape, and PELES! Styles reels Gulak in, scoop to dragon sleeper for an inverted DDT! The crowd boos while Styles and Bryan stare down. Styles drags Gulak back up and reels him in, but Gulak trips him to a jackknife cover! GULAK WINS!

Winner: Drew Gulak, by pinfall

The Phenomenal One just got upset! The Philly Stretcher turns this “handout” into an opportunity and has a win over a former world champion! What will this do for Gulak’s path in the WWE? What will this do to Styles’ confidence going into next week’s title match?


Miz & Morrison go over to Strowman’s car.

The Buick Grand National, a true classic. Yes, one of a kind. It’d be a crying shame if something happened to it. Is that a fly on the window? Well it’s a good thing Miz has been working on his golf game. “FORE!” He smashes the windshield!! And Morrison has a baseball bat. Papa Strowman loves softball. Miz “pitches” to Morrison, and he hits a grand slam into the windshield! They would hate to see the look on Strowman’s face. He’s going to be PISSED.


Six Man Tag: The New Day & Chad Gable VS The Artist Collective & Mojo Rawley!

AWWWW~ people at hooome~! Bullies are no good, and three of them might just get what they deserve! Will Kofi Kingston, Big E and Shorty G show the Swiss Cyborg, the King of Strong Style and the Hype Bro what happens to negativity in the face of positivity?

The teams sort out, and Gable steps up to Cesaro. Gable goes for a rolling kick, but Cesaro catches him! Cesaro brings Gable up but Gable sunset flips! TOW and Cesaro gets up under Gable, only to get a huricanrana! Gable gets up but Cesaro knees him down! Cesaro gut wrenches but Gable blocks the suplex. Gable gets a leg for a dragon screw! Tag to Big E and Gable tweaks the legs. Big E throws body shots then whips, but Cesaro throws a European Uppercut! Tag to Mojo and he runs to tackle Big E! Cover, TWO! Mojo taunts Kofi and puts Big E in the corner. Tag to Nakamura and they stomp away on Big E. Nakamura brings Big E up, mocks the hip swivel then fires off a strike fest! Big E catches the roundhouse but Nakamura resists the belly2belly. It doesn’t work and Big E THROWS Nakamura overhead!

Tag to Kofi and Big E RAMS into Nakamura. Kofi runs and uses Big E’s step stool for a big corner splash! Tag to Gable and he brings Nakamura out for a snapmare. Tag to Big E, and he gives Shorty G help in the moonsault! Big E runs, tags Nakamura, and hits the SPLASH! Kofi frog splashes, TWO! Kofi aims from the corner and the crowd claps along. But Cesaro gets Nakamura out, only for Kofi to FLY! Kofi takes out Cesaro but also hurts himself. Nakamura waits for Kofi, “C’MON!” Kofi gets up but Mojo POUNCES him into the apron!! Kofi is down and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns Kofi endures as Cesaro cranks on the chinlock. The crowd rallies and Kofi fights up and out. Kofi leaps but Cesaro catches him for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO, but Cesaro tags Mojo in. Mojo stomps Kofi down then pulls on his hair. Mojo headbutts Kofi down then taunts Big E and Shorty G. MOjo runs at Kofi but is sent out of the ring. He gets back up on the apron and in the ring, to hit Big E before Kofi can tag! But Kofi DOUBLE STOMPS Mojo down! Both men are on the mat but crawling for their corners. Hot tag to Gable! Gable is up top fast and crossbodies Mojo down! Gable hits Nakamura then throws forearms and uppercuts on Mojo! Mojo swings but misses, Gable mule kicks then overhead suplexes Cesaro!

Gable fires up and goes corner to corner, for the rolling kick! And then a rolling neckbreaker! Gable goes up top again, for the MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Gable keeps his cool as he keeps his focus on Mojo. Mojo bucks the roll off, then fireman’s carries Gable to pop him p. Gable lands on his feet, trips Mojo up, and has the ANKLE LOCK! With the GRAPEVINE! But Nakamura slides and knees Gable! Big E scoops Nakamura but Nakamura gets tot he apron. Nakamura holds Big E in place, Cesaro EuroUppers Gable! Kofi LEAPS Onto Cesaro, but Mojo lifts Gable, HYPER DRIVE! Cover, TWO!?! Gable survives the pop-up slam and Mojo is furious! Mojo drags Gable up and over but Gable blasts Cesaro! Mojo tosses Gable, runs, but Gable dodges! Big E tags in., Gable feeds Mojo to the scoop. Gable PESCADOS onto the Collective, Mojo takes the MIDNIGHT HOUR! Cover, The New Day & Gable win!

Winners: Chad Gable & The New Day, by pinfall

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions and their new buddy give the bullies what they deserve! Will Mojo, Cesaro and Nakamura learn to pick on someone their own size next time?


Strowman heads to the parking lot.

And he sees what Miz & Morrison did to his car! Miz & Morrison laugh it up in their van, and Strowman is furious! Strowman asks security where Miz & Morrison are. Miz wants Morrison to get the keys so they can get out of here, but Morrison says Miz had them. The security guard tells Strowman that Miz & Morrison are in the van. Strowman storms over but the doors are locked. Miz & Morrison think they’re safe, but Strowman says, “You two are dead men.” Miz & Morrison laugh at him, but Strowman starts rocking the van! And then he starts tipping the van over!! Miz & Morrison panic as they go over!! Strowman shouts, “Now that’s funny!” Will Miz & Morrison survive, let alone win, at Backlash?


Backlash has another match made!

Jeff Hardy and Sheamus will settle the score when they have it out in a rematch from the WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament! Whether the Fella framed Hardy or not, can Hardy finally shut Sheamus up about his past?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Bliss-Cross VS Bayley & Sasha Banks!

Alexa & Nikki have gotten past one pair of obnoxious best friends in The IIconics, Peyton Royce & Billie Kay. But now the inaugural Tag Team Champions come back for the titles they put on the map! Will the “role models” of SmackDown have even more gold on them after tonight?

The introductions are made, the tag title belts are raised, and the teams sort out. Nikki runs right at Bayley and tackles her! Nikki hammers away but Bayley gets up, only for Nikki to hop on for a thrashing sleeper! Alexa tags in and she snapmares Bayley into an STO! And she adds Insult2Injury, to tag in Nikki for the basement dropkick! Cover, ONE, but Nikki clamps onto Bayley. Nikki whips Bayley to the corner, then fires up for the corner splash! Alexa tags back in, and waves at Sasha before SLAPPING Bayley! Alexa brings Bayley up but Bayley knees and clubs back! Bayley brings Alexa up and tags in Sasha. They stomp Alexa in the corner then taunt the crowd that they’re going to be tag champs again.

Sasha bumps Alexa off the buckles then digs her boot in. She tags in Bayley and they SLAP Alexa back! Bayley chokes Alexa at the ropes but lets up at  4. Bayley taunts Nikki but Alexa rolls her up! TWO, and Alexa powers Bayley to the corner! Nikki tags in and fires up for a bulldog! Cover, TWO! Bayley bails out but Nikki wrecks her with a dropkick! Nikki fires off on Sasha and POSTS her, then LEAPS onto Bayley! Nikki is all fired up as she says, “You belong to me!” Bayley says she doesn’t but Nikki puts her in the ring. Sasha grabs at Nikki but Nikki headbutts her down! Bayley knees Nikki off the apron and tags in Sasha. Sasha METEORAS and takes Nikki down! The Boss & the Leader are back in control as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns once more and Sasha stomps away on Nikki in the corner. She lets up at 4 to taunt Alexa and tag Bayley. They double whip and spin Nikki around for a double SLAM! Bayley covers, TWO! Bayley stays between Nikki and Alexa, and even taunts Nikki to reach. But she sends Nikki to the corner and tags in Sasha. Sasha mocks Alexa to then hit a corner meteora! High stack cover, TWO! Sasha wraps on with a chinlock and leans on Nikki. Nikki endures, the crowd rallies up, and Alexa reaches. Sasha backslides Nikki, TWO! Sasha drags Nikki away and tags Bayley in. They stomp Nikki down again, then Bayley wraps on with a chinlock of her own. Bayley leans on Nikki as the crowd rallies. Nikki endures and fights her way up. Nikki throws hands but Bayley powers her to a corner. Bayley rams her shoulder in, then rolls back for the wacky waving, only to hit buckles!

Nikki crawls but Bayley clobbers her! Bayley throws Nikki to the apron but the hotshot is denied! Nikki shoulders in then flounders around. Bayley tries to stop Nikki but Nikki kicks her away! Hot tag to Alexa! Alexa rallies on Bayley, counter punches and ROCKS Bayley! Sasha gets the punches, too! Alexa dropkicks Bayley then fires up! Alexa adds Insult2Injury, then goes up top! But Sasha goes after her, only to be kicked away. Bayley ROCKS Alexa then climbs up to join her. “Talk about the first-ever women’s tag team champions!” SUPER BAYLEY2BELLY!! Tag to Sasha, SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Sasha can’t believe it and she is furious! Sasha paces around Alexa like a shark and brings her up. She whips but Alexa reveres, but Sasha goes up and over. Alexa headscissors Sasha into buckles!

Bayley crawls in, Nikki drags her back out, and hits an apron tornado DDT! Alexa hops on for a SUNSET BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Sasha survives but both women are down. Hot tag to Nikki! Nikki climbs up, crossbodies and covers, TWO! Sasha rolls towards her corner but Nikki gets Sasha first. Nikki puts Sasha on the ropes, but no Purge as Sasha springs out. Bayley returns to tag in, BACKSTABBER and BANK STATEMENT! Bayley takes the hand-off but Nikki drags her up and into a neckbreaker! Cover but Sasha breaks it! Sasha drags Bayley back to her corner, tags herself back in, and puts Nikki against ropes. Sasha shoulders and knees in, then slingshot body scissors to the BANK STATEMENT! Nikki endures, reaches, and Bayley keeps Alexa away! Nikki rolls to a cover, TWO, ghost pin! Sasha & Bayley win!!

Winners: Sasha Banks & Bayley, by pinfall (NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

The miscommunication didn’t stop #BossTime from finishing this off! And we now #BayleyTwoBelts! What will this mean for the future of SmackDown?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode for SmackDown, though still with some things left out. When are we hearing from the hacker again? Maybe at Backlash? One of his possible targets were very active tonight as Miz & Morrison did their best Heel version of Degeneration X pranking Vince McMahon. I actually did like the “failed” slime prank, that was brilliant. And I’m very glad Strowman got back in touch with his vehicle tipping side, that was a natural way for him to get back at Miz & Morrison. With one more week, I feel like there might be escalation but it’ll all follow the formula of Strowman standing tall at Backlash. I doubt Otis tries to cash in, either, that should be when the fans get to return. I can see Corbin playing interference on cash-ins now after his match with Otis tonight. It’d be a logical way to put heat on Corbin, since Corbin wouldn’t want someone else succeeding where he failed.

I really liked how the Styles-Bryan Face-to-Face worked out. They had a great argument about their championship “visions,” and while Bryan’s is the more favorable because it means title matches for ratings, it’s not like Styles is wrong in saying opportunities should be earned. Styles VS Gulak was a really good match, and Styles can’t say Gulak didn’t earn that win. A part of me thinks this means Styles wins next week, and Gulak gets a title match sometime later, but Bryan’s weekly open challenges would be a lot of fun. I think the viewers will be the ones winning in the end. We got a nice segment with Hardy and Sheamus, but the way it was worded, it doesn’t seem like Sheamus was denying the accusations. He didn’t give an alibi, so maybe this isn’t a double frame-up. Hardy VS Sheamus at Backlash will be good, but with as much as Hardy has won already, I feel like Sheamus finds a dirty way to win.

Lacey VS Sonya this week was really good. It was physical, and they used the ref bump in a very unique way. But it was also great for Mandy to get some payback with her titantron distraction. I still hope this leads to a proper blow-off at Extreme Rules, where Sonya and Mandy can just go after each other with reckless abandon. Lacey, meanwhile, is spinning her wheels because she already had her chance at the SmackDown Women’s Championship. The New Day had a great match alongside Gable, and it mostly makes me wonder what Mojo’s going to be up to. The SmackDown Tag Team Championship story might be put on pause because of how people reacted to what Jaxson Ryker said, but I didn’t really see the Forgotten Sons ready for the titles at this point anyway.

But speaking of tag titles, Bayley and Sasha get those back, and this might actually complicate things for the better. I’m now hoping they and the IIconics get to settle things since we never got a follow-up after WrestleMania 35. There was also a good bit of tension teased again where Sasha didn’t realize Bayley tagged in and they had to scramble to get the legal wrestler in. It might be too easy, but it seems like the hacker will return to expose their fragile friendship. That would actually be a shame, Bayley and Sasha should self-destruct on their own. And it’d basically mean the tag titles either go back to Bliss-Cross or to the IIconics without actually earning it. Also can these titles have a match in NXT already? There isn’t really a strong women’s tag team there yet, but if the effort was actually put in, we’d actually some.

My Score: 8.5/10

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