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Adam’s Video Game Review: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Our NWA guy without a show to review, decides to take an Uncharted Journey! PlayStation loves to bundle these for free with a new system. Was the first one any good?



Thanks to DPP and PC Tunney, I have been slowly playing a game series that has always caught my eye and that’s the Uncharted series. What will I think of this beloved series of games? Well we can’t get ahead of ourselves, there are four games after all so why don’t we start where every story starts, at the beginning.

No brown fedora or whip needed for this treasure adventure; just an old journal, a ring and the story of El Dorado.

  • Systems: PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4
  • Release Date: November 20,2007
  • Style: Action/Adventure- Single Player
  • Rating: T
  • Developer: Naughty Dog
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment



Our hero, Nathan Drake comes across the treasure of his long ancestor, Francis Drake, in the middle of the sea. With a diary of Francis Drake’s findings, Nathan Drake, his long time friend and teacher, Victor Sullivan and news reporter Elena Fisher, the crew goes to find El Dorado. After getting to the location, they find out more and more about El Dorado and the ominous secret behind it all while escaping and dodging mercenaries following and stopping you at every major point to find the exact location of the treasure and the horrifying secret along the way.

Concept/Story Score: 




From the start, you learn the ins and outs of the game series. Parkouring, how to shoot a gun, lobbing grenades and solving puzzles that you look through your personal journal to make connections to see if someone from the past made any notes of a pattern to unlock a new area or a secret. There are hidden treasures in every area that the player can find so if the first time around you just wanted to complete the game, you can always play it again and maybe get all the small treasures around the world or maybe there is a way you wanted to play the game like using punches only or going through with just a pistol. The possibilities are endless just like the treasure in the game just… don’t blame me if the melee only plan fails horribly

I personally loved punching out a machine gun wielding villain but, it might not be for the best.

Entertainment/Playability Score: 




There isn’t too much music in the game other than the always important fighting and maybe during a cutscene in an important part of the story. That being said however, for the PlayStation 3’s first game released (since it was the PS3 game add-on), the graphics are insanely good for 2007 standards. There will always be a small error for mouth movement when there is no voice sync, or maybe it was a weird transition in the cutscene, it’s still really good graphically in spite of the blocky features of the PS2 or awkward CGI.

Graphics/Sound Score:


And like that, it’s crazy eights across the board! I had a lot of fun playing the first game mainly because I had the hard copy of it thirteen years ago but this was before I found my funkiness or phenomenal finesse because well, I was more interested in sport games and I believe my exact words when I was ten or eleven was, “I don’t feel like playing an Indiana Jones game.” I guess with age does come understanding or… knowledge? Ah, it’s one of those sayings. So, that is my opinion on the first of four Uncharted games due to the PlayStation Store having the trilogy up for free.

How will the next installments compare to the first one? Well, we’re gonna have to find those now aren’t we, Sully?


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Ratings Talk is Back!

Rob always brings logical insight to any topic, regardless of how often it’s brought up in the IWC. Sit back and give this a read, they don’t call Rob a genius for the t-shirts.



OK, I know, I know, I’ve been saying it over and over for a very long time, ratings talk is dumb.  So why on Earth am I bringing it back?  Because now that some, ahem, developments have transpired I think I have a better case to make.  I don’t expect any of you who are obsessed with the subject to let it go, but you should at least hear me out here.  Now that the worm has turned a little, maybe the things that I and others have been saying all along will sink in a bit.

What am I talking about?  In short, AEW’s live audience numbers have taken a bit of a dip over the past couple of months, and this week even Dave Meltzer couldn’t say anything other than it was disappointing.  They haven’t gone over a million viewers for Dynamite in almost two months and Rampage slipped under five hundred thousand last week.  If this kind of thing was happening on the other side of the street then there would be some hot takes flying for sure.  So, are we going to get some of those now?  You know what I mean, things like:

  • AEW in the mud!
  • Worst ratings since (pick whatever date works for you)!
  • At what point does TNT start making demands on how the show is booked?
  • The ratings are obviously going down because the shows are unwatchable now!!
  • (Insert name here) is not a draw!
  • That title match in two weeks is hotshot booking to pop a rating!

Sound familiar?  We’re gonna see these soon, right?  No?  Why is that?  Are you trying to tell me that wrestling media doesn’t call this stuff the same on both sides of the street?  Seriously though, here are some other familiar things for you to chew on:

  • Dynamite is the highest rated non-NBA show on TNT, and it’s not close
  • Even on a disappointing night, it finished third in the ratings on cable
  • Rampage is the next highest rated and watched show on TNT after Dynamite
  • Fewer people watch TV now than before

Those are the kind of things a lot of us would say every week after people on the internet waxed doom and gloom about Monday Night Raw, of course.  And we were summarily dismissed as E drones or whatever.  But now that the falling numbers have struck AEW, the same rationalizations have begun.  But here’s the truth in both cases:

Everyone is doing fine.  RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Dynamite, and Rampage are all leading their respective channels for the day they air.  They all are among the top shows for their respective channels, even the much maligned (for their live audience numbers) NXT and Rampage.  There is literally nothing to see here folks as none of these shows are in any danger of getting cancelled.  No one is actually in the mud, guys.  The networks all know that Nielsen is suspect at best when it comes to measuring audience numbers, and they act accordingly.  There is no reason to rush to Shobuzz Daily every day at 4:30 unless you are just a numbers nerd like me but even then save the pontificating, ok? The numbers exist and that’s about it.  They serve no purpose for us as fans beyond goofy talking points.

But doesn’t it mean SOMETHING?

Well no, it doesn’t.  There are things you can derive from looking at the patterns over time but trust me when I tell you that your entire  narrative can be blown up in a matter of two weeks.  So don’t bother.  As I and many others have said before, a good rating does not mean a good show and vice versa.  There was a lot of trying to figure it out in the replies to Meltzer’s ‘disappointment’ tweet, and while there were reasonable takes there was also a lot of nonsense.  Which has been par for the course with RAW since like…….2002 at least.

So why do we keep doing this thing?

Well, it was a talking point that Eric Bischoff used to show how he was kicking the WWF’s butt over those 83 weeks.  But once that ended it became less and less relevant over time.  And then once TV viewership made the shift to streaming and DVRs it’s relevance was all but dead.  And it should have ended entirely once WWE signed two $1 billion TV deals in the face of nonstop ‘what about teh ratingz?’ talk on the internet.  That should have totally killed the conversation, but your friends Meltzer and company kept it going even though they (should) know better.  And they did it for traffic.

‘Fed bad’, ‘Fed down’, and ‘Fed in the mud’ has been selling Observer subscriptions for almost 40 years now while it has spawned a whole cottage industry of podcasts, YouTube channels, and websites over the last decade.  There is little to no truth to what any of these people are telling you when it comes to ratings, because if there was then they would be firing off the same takes about AEW that they’ve been using about WWE right now.  But they aren’t and that should be a tell.  If you ever needed proof that it was nonsense the last two months should be it.

Here’s a dose of reality for you:  Nielsen numbers are not accurate.  Several networks have already announced that they aren’t relying on them, Nielsen itself has lost it’s accreditation as an information gathering service, and the company itself has begun a shift to overall impressions from traditional audience measuring via Nielsen boxes.  What you read every day at 4:30 or on some wrestling website is by all accounts an inaccurate at best and dishonest at worst representation of how many people are watching these shows.  And the recent reporting of Fast Nationals, aka Overnights has only made it worse because those are a hastily gathered version of an already inaccurate report.

Here’s some more reality for you.  Regardless of what Nielsen says the live numbers are both WWE and AEW are going to get a nice bump in TV rights fees when they negotiate their new TV deals.  Other sports with smaller audiences just got more, and the NFL and NBA continue to get price hikes even as their numbers aren’t what they once were.  And your favorite internet loudmouths will continue to spout the same factually challenged gibberish that they’ve been saying for decades now.  None of it will matter unless you guys keep giving them money and traffic every month.

I’m going to make a bold statement here:  there is not a single thing that ratings talk has done to help the fan experience and in fact it’s only made things worse.  But it has made money for a lot of bad faith actors out there, many of whom want us to treat them as if they are reporting on Watergate or the Civil Rights Movement while they spout off takes based a change up or down of 100,000 people watching a wrestling show on TV.  At this point anyone writing serious essays or going on rants about ratings is not someone you should take seriously.  Just go do what you should have always been doing.  Watch the shows, enjoy the shows, go to the shows, talk reasonably about them with your friends, etc.  Anything else is just dumb.

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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu News Report! (12/6/21)

Another year, another Ghirahim gripe!



HPW News 2021

The Living Blade is calling someone out, again!

Ghirahim has been known to hold grudges, and he’s holding on to another one! But who is he calling out for a fight at HyruleMania 2?


Ghirahim wants after… MIDNA!

“Twilight Princess! How dare you interfere with my plans? I would’ve won the Hyrule Warriors match this year if not for you! Instead, it’s that stupid purple rabbit! I ended Rauru’s career last year, so now I’ll end yours!”

Midna’s response?

“Sure you will. See you on New Year’s Eve!” And so the match is made! Will Ghirahim cut down another great wrestling career? Or will the Living Blade be chipped and broken?

My Thoughts:

Hooray for this year’s grudge match! Ghirahim VS Midna may have only been building since Treasure Island this year but I’ve got some big plans for this one that’ll lead into 2022.

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