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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings 7.28.20

This week we find out exactly what Wrestle House will be, and The Good Brothers make their tag team debut in an Impact ring! 



This week we find out exactly what Wrestle House will be, and The Good Brothers make their tag team debut in an Impact ring!

Also, from a purely biased perspective, Trey will get his ass kicked and hopefully stay 10 miles away from the main event scene. I’m still a little confused that out of all three Rascalz, someone thought Trey was the best one to push for the main event. Sheesh. I really hope it was just a quarantine pivot because he could make more dates or whatever.

Anyway, as we get into the show, let’s lead in with a Wrestle House snippet. Susie is adorable, and the little name acknowledgment is good humor.


  • Impact World Championship: Eddie Edwards (c) vs Trey: Eddie retains via Boston Knee Party – *** ½
  • Kimber Lee vs Deonna Purrazzo: Purrazzo wins via Fujiwara Armbar – * ½
  • Reno Scum (Adam Thronstowe & Luster the Legend) vs The Good Brother (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows): Good Brothers win via Magic Killer – ** ¼



Impact World Championship: Eddie Edwards (c) vs Trey

This was the type of higher motor, more Light Heavyweight style that most of us would anticipate. Eddie brought some of the King’s Road style, solid striking and Tiger Drivers, but this definitely felt more like an X Division match.

Trey had a few glimpses, the closest attempt when he countered the first Tiger Driver with a Huricanrana. But as I’ve covered in the previous weeks, I want nothing to do with Trey near the main event and even with a couple moments, he was generally outclassed throughout this match.

Eddie winning the match with the Boston Knee Party tells a story as well, since Ace ate 2 of them and had to get beaten by the Die Hard Flowsion at Slammiversary. So the Knee Party isn’t considered the big weapon, and beating Trey after only one, does really establish a gap in Trey’s qualifications.

Now we get the first episode of Wrestle House! A reality show…parody of sorts, with a lot of humor, nuggets for smarks and really great character work.

Nice promo package for the Motor City Machine Guns, highlighting mainly their matches with Beer Money, Team 3D and Generation Me. Also uses their old Cross the Line heavy rain promo shoot.

North have a backstage moment where Ethan Page seems on the verge of tears, so Josh Alexander decides to remind people he can talk as well. Great promo with personality and hinting at the future rematch.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Victory Road 2010, Beer Money vs MCMG, Vacant TNA World Tag Team Championship Match, July 11,2010

Kimber Lee vs Deonna Purrazzo

Okay well this started awkward with Kimber throwing chops and strikes, but it just looked odd. Nothing about this match really felt like it hit a real rhythm. Kimber’s moves were slow and looked rather lame, Deonna seemed to be going through the motions. This was hard to watch honestly.

Jordynne Grace comes out afterward with her arm in a sling; Deonna acts a bit smug until Jordynne removes the sling and starts beating the crap out of the Jersey Virtuosa.

It looks like Ken Shamrock is having a crisis of character and they’re setting up RVD and Sami Callihan. The Katie Forbes stuff is pretty cringey, but it serves a decent enough purpose that ends up being amusing.

Reno Scum (Adam Thronstowe & Luster the Legend) vs The Good Brother (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows)

Reno Scum decides to use old school tag wrestling, by cutting the ring in half and keeping on Machine Gun. This continues for a few minutes before Karl fights back and hits the Anderson Spinebuster. Big LG gets tagged in, takes Luster off the apron, lays out Thornstowe and tags Karl back in. Magic Killer on Thornstowe, Pump Kick knocks down Luster, and the Good Brothers get a fairly easy win (once LG came in).

Ace and Fulton make their presence felt, as we get a brawl to the backstage area, then to the parking lot; capped off with LG kicking Fulton into the camera, to cause the static short out end of the episode.


Overall Score: 6.75/10

Now I find Wrestle House to be a great mixture of jokes, parody and actual character work. Plus I really like the fact that Dreamer is doing more of the Edge and Christian Show style of humor, instead of trying to be passionate and serious. And of course yes, Alisha Edward in crop tops is wonderful.

As for actual wrestling and what not, we got a good match to kick things off, great build to two larger angles (RVD/Sami and Good Brother/Fulton & Ace), Heath might’ve tricked his way into a job, another Brian Myers hype package and some clarity from Ethan Carter the Third. If you watch wrestling shows solely for wrestling, you won’t like this show. However, if you enjoy the cheesey aspects, little jabs and story mobility….than you’ll be perfectly happy with this episode.

Personally I would’ve liked to see a little more action in the main event, but since it spilled out to a brawl, I guess that’s okay. Also Dez saying Suicide is a Power Ranger probably popped me waaay more than it should have. Still a good episode.

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