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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings 7.7.20

The penultimate IMPACT before Slammiversary! Later start time, but starting off with a smile!



Since tonight marks the penultimate IMPACT before Slammiversary, we should get some angles coming to a head. Callihan and Shamrock will slowly start building some chemistry or stay suspicious of one another. Jordynne Grace gets a tune up before Deonna Purrazzo’s challenge.

Most importantly, at least for Taya, she finally tags with her best demon friend Rosemary! Ragnarok begins, aiming to take out the the adorable duo of Kylie Rae and Susie.

The Knockouts kick things off, so let’s see if Ragnarok begins…or…if that’s bad!


  • Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary vs Susie & Kylie Rae: Kylie via Smile to the Finish – ***
  • Reno Scum vs The Deaners vs Fallah Bahh & TJP vs XXXL: Jake wins via Side Slam – **
  • Jordynne Grace vs Kimber Lee: Grace wins via Grace Driver – * 1/2
  • X Division Championship: Willie Mack (c) vs Swing-a-cide: Willie retains via Stunner – *
  • Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page vs Sami Callihan: Callihan wins via Piledriver – *** 1/4 



Well this was a terrible night to start off with for the Impact brand. Not only did they start an hour later than usual, without much heads up; their Twitch stream had a heart attack and froze twice within the first 20 minutes.

This caused a fairly large exodus from the stream by the time they got things worked out. Awful look before a big show.

Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary vs Susie & Kylie Rae

In what started as a solid match with Rosemary verbally berating Susie calling her an idiot, leading into a lot of Taya and Rosemary heel work. This was building to a solid crescendo with Kylie working over Rosemary, but the stream froze (Impact showed a replay after the show of the frozen segments so I’ll restart the results).

So let’s reestablish the match for a second. Kylie is very encouraging to Susie, trying to do tandem moves, team poses and just being cute. It very much seems like an older sister trying to involve a younger sibling. Taya and Rosemary really get across the verbal abuse about calling Susie an idiotic child, and she plays into the scared little girl in a horror movie trope. This is probably the first real understanding we’ve gotten of Susie. She’s not so much Su Yung’s good side, but perhaps an innocent inner child version before the darkness took her over.

Kylie did most of the work, and sold being exhausted but trying to protect Susie at the same time. Susie sells voices in her head combined with frustration at not being useful, before she finally comes in with a couple Shoteis to take out Rosemary. This allows Bravo to be distracted with his demon girlfriend, which causes Taya distress and a distraction. Kylie takes advantage of the distraction, hooks the heel and locks in the Smile to the Finish (STF).

I think this is Susie’s first official win, and she looks confused/astonished/happy…this was just fun and great character work from everyone.

Reno Scum vs The Deaners vs Fallah Bahh & TJP vs XXXL

The intermittent lag issues continued, but this was a mess of a match. Lots of everyone in the ring, random brawling, and then Reno Scum and Kuyas brawl to the back. So I guess we’re looking at a TJP & Fallah Bahh versus Reno Scum match soon. But back in the ring we’ve got…two teams with no momentum. So hey, one has to win, right?

XXXL beats around Cody since he’s the size of a light lunch to them, but when Jake comes in; the story changes a bit. Acey wipes out Cody, but as Larry comes off the ropes, Jake catches him in a Pop Up Side Slam. Which as a move is uninteresting, but given the size of the man and context…it was a cool enough finish.

After the match, they cut backstage and we see a bit of the brawl and TJP hops in a trash can with a chair, and Fallah pushes him around like a battering ram. I guess they’re trying to go for a meme worthy gif. Reno Scum gets the advantage…again, probably leading to a match. 

IMPACTplus Flashback Moment: Lockdown 2010, Tara & Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne, TNA Knockouts & Knockouts Tag Match

This match reminds how much I loved Lacey Von Erich…aesthetically…cause god was she awful at wrestling. 

Not a terrible backstage segment with Shamrock and Sami:

Jordynne Grace vs Kimber Lee

This match was slow, and frankly, boring. Kimber is being developed decently as a heel threat, but it’s basic wrestling logic that you’re not gonna have a dominant champion lose before a PPV. Jordynne fell victim to a few shortcuts, and again, just slow developing moves that looked far too telegraphed to be taken seriously.

Kimber goes for the brass knuckles but gets caught in the Grace Driver and the champion wins without a ton of struggle, just dealing with cheap shots.

We get a very long hype package for the 3 known competitors for the vacant Impact Wrestling title. Trey doing this screaming and trying to get angry, just has his voice crack and make him sound like a kid who wants his toy back. The last few weeks have done Trey no favors. 

Willie Mack encounters Swing-a-cide, obviously knows it’s Swinger and “reminds” him of his X Division title match. 

Locker Room Talk has a special guest, and it’s – MADISON RAYNE! Yes this is a little cringey, but it’s also pretty funny, especially the finish is very 90s sitcom. 

X Division Championship: Willie Mack (c) vs Swing-a-cide

My rating on this is a little misleading. Yes the match wasn’t good, but it was great comedically. Swinger tried to do Suicide moves and motions, and he knew them fairly well. He tried to Spiderman in the ropes…but it was pathetic, tried to do an Abdominal Stretch but failed, then he went to the top rope; was super uncomfortable, slipped, hit his face then stumbled into the Stunner.

Solid comedy, but nothing wonderful of course.

Okay Tommy Dreamer has an E&C Awesome Show caliber level of promo. Advised by Tricky Dicky Heyman. This was great. 

Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page vs Sami Callihan

This was a solid main event. Sami came out swinging and brawling damn well, even mitigating Ethan Page’s presence for the most part. The small moments when Ethan’s jawing did distract Sami, Josh hit a few nice power moves. A Vertical Suplex into apron and a Spin-Out Torture Rack Bomb had Sami reeling. Josh locked in an Ankle Lock as an interesting combination message. We all know that Ken Shamrock’s signature move is the Ankle Lock, but Josh also picked the ankle that Shamrock used to make Sami pass out at Rebellion.

Sami hits the Piledriver on the apron, rolls Josh in, then Josh kicks out, causing Sami to fall into the referee. Ethan gets involved, but Shamrock shows up to make the save. Shamrock has the Ankle Lock on Ethan on the outside, Sami hits another Piledriver; and the match is over. This “World’s Most Dangerous Tag Team” is picking up some steam.


Overall Score: 6/10

The early technical difficulties made this a very irritating watch. Impact did good since they replayed the segments after their post-show After Shock. Also after the show, they had another altered/extended teaser for Slammiversary. This time it confirmed the former World Champion isn’t coming alone, so those 3 shot glasses we saw before are now full; then there are three hands that grab the shots. Plus on After Shock, Don Callis makes so many Good Brothers references that it actually gets annoying.

As for the show, we get a lot of obvious matches that weren’t exactly riveting and mixed with the technical issues, it was really an awful look tonight. A good portion of why I scored the show so low was the fact it was about 25/30 minutes of issues before they figured it out. Plus Trey looked like such a punk in the promo, I want to watch him getting beaten so hard he stays on Xplosion for the rest of the year.

The main event was good stuff, built the story well, but just a bit on the rough side to get to the end. After they replayed the Knockouts tag, that brought the score up a little since that was a really fun match, but I’m still salty.

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 1.20.2022

We’re coming to the end of their first set of tapings. So I wonder what IMPACT has cooked up since the Florida tapings are supposed to have a few Bullet Club favorites. Let’s find out!



We’re coming to the end of their first set of tapings. So I wonder what IMPACT has cooked up since the Florida tapings are supposed to have a few Bullet Club favorites. Let’s find out!

Another week with Tom Hannifan as the play by play, and he just sounds right. We’ve got Charlie Haas’ first match in IMPACT, Tasha Steelz versus Chelsea Green and Steve Maclin is aiming for the ROH Heavyweight Title.

There should be other things, but those take most of the initial attention. Let’s see what else goes on!


  • Tasha Steelz w/Savannah Evans vs Chelsea Green: Tasha wins via Crucifix Bomb – **
  • The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) w/Kaleb vs Decay (Havok & Rosemary): Influence wins via Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – *
  • The Learning Tree (Zicky Dice & VSK) w/Brian Myers vs Massive Cassidy: Cassidy wins via BQE – SQUASH
  • ROH Heavyweight Title: Steve Maclin vs Jonathan Gresham (c): Gresham retains via Rope Assisted Figure Four – *** ½
  • Doc Gallow & Joe Doering w/Karl Anderson & VBD vs Heath & Rhino: Gallows & Doering win via Double Chokeslam – **
  • Charlie Haas vs Josh Alexander: Alexander wins via Ankle Lock w/Grapevine – *** ¼


Tasha Steelz w/Savannah Evans vs Chelsea Green

Tasha is jawing with the crowd as the bell rings, Chelsea goes right at her and hits the Shotgun Dropkick as Tasha is turning to face her opponent. Chelsea stays on the offensive, baits Tasha to the apron, drops her on her face, Curb Stomp, attempt at an Unprettier…but no counter into a Codebreaker from Tasa and we see Chelsea’s momentum slow down a little.

After some back and forth with Tasha having a lot of advantage, Chelsea makes her comeback. Chelsea hits a middle rope Crossbody but Tasha continues to rotate and rolls it into a pin attempt. Chelsea kicks out and pulls off a Package Flatliner, but only for a near fall. Chelsea goes to grab Tasha, Tasha kicks her to stun her, looks to get caught in a Crucifix, but turns it into a Crucifix Bomb. Tasha picks up the win with the Crucifix Bomb again.

After the win, Tasha cuts a promo that doesn’t seem to really fit. Trying to portray herself as a savage, from the wrong side of town, but she’s a smack talking 5 foot nothing brat. So the second half of the promo works a lot better than the first. She also took some shots at WWE’s women’s division being Barbie Dolls, NWA, Nick Aldis and then brought the son into the mix, so of course that got Mickie fired up. Things look bad for Mickie, but Chelsea Green manages to recover and make the save for Mickie.

Video Package courtesy of Ring of Honor showcasing some of Charlie Haas’ work with Shelton Benjamin and CM Punk involved in certain clips.

The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) w/Kaleb vs Decay (Havok & Rosemary)

The Influence attack while Havok and Rosemary are distracted by Kaleb. Rosemary clutches her shoulder after the mugging, the doctors throw up the X and tell her she can’t go. Rosemary asks if Havok can go, the doctor says yes, so Rosemary tells Havok to go destroy the Influence.

Havok put up a valiant fight but the heels prevail! Cross Rayne into a Spotlight Kick into…whatever their tandem finish is called. I’m going to call it Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

The IInspiration have a reactionary video promo which is pretty solid. I do enjoy their work. Hopefully their match ends up being pretty solid because I’d like to see The IInspiration start getting over their abilities in the ring as much as their abilities on the mic.

The Learning Tree (Zicky Dice & VSK) w/Brian Myers vs Massive Cassidy

The highlight of this match is Hannifan and Myers on commentary. There was a like 4 second spot where the Learning Tree landed a move, but then Cassidy kills them. So we’re in and out, double Pinfall murder happened.

Post-Match the Massive one goes on his search for Moose, D’Amore stops him in the back and says he’s got a title shot coming. Then we see the OGK ROH invaders have tickets this time around, and I’m going to be sick saying this…but Matt Taven is pretty great in this segment. Jesus Christ, I popped for Taven. Shoot me now.

ROH Heavyweight Title: Steve Maclin vs Jonathan Gresham (c)

Early on it looked like Gresham was toying with Maclin as he forced early rope breaks, but Maclin returned the forced rope breaks in kind. Maclin eventually started coming into his own when he utilized the one closed fist warning rule. Maclin really worked over Gresham’s back after a Butterfly Backbreaker, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, and a lot of back work.

Gresham was really on the back foot until he managed to force Maclin to use his final rope break. Then we saw Gresham hyper extend Maclin’s knee, and keeps working on the knee. It all made sense as we saw Gresham utilize the Figure Four for the victory. It was entwined in the ropes, Gresham used it for leverage and Maclin’s will power gave out as he couldn’t get his shoulders up fast enough and succumbed to the three count.

IMPACTPlus Flashback Moment: No Surrender 2009: Sarita & Taylor Wilde vs The Beautiful People – Innaugural TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match

Doc Gallow & Joe Doering w/Karl Anderson & VBD vs Heath & Rhino

So Good Brothers and VBD looked really sloppy. Gallows got rocked by Rhino, Doering was caught off guard often by Heath and there was just a ton of odd moments where it looked like they tried to regroup and until we saw the extra members get involved, Heath and Rhino dominated the legitimate tag team aspects.

I’m wondering exactly how much of a shift the Guerrillas of Destiny will have in the tag scene and if we’ll need to see the Good Brother and VBD implode first before we get the Bullet Club foundation match.

Charlie Haas vs Josh Alexander

They start with a classic grounded start with headlocks, hammerlocks, leg picks and positioning advantages. Alexander managed to take some early momentum before the commercial break, but when we come back we see Haas pop over out of the corner, striking Alexander’s knee and starts focusing a body part. A very methodical attack on knee comes off far more aggressive and cruel than Haas usually goes for. Haas locks in the Indian Deathlock, and they begin slugging at each other. The hold breaks, Alexander goes for the Finlay Roll but Haas counters into a Crucifix Cradle for 2.

Alexander locks in the German Suplex, hits 2, obviously going for 3 to make a point, but Haas blocks the third. Haas pulls off 2, before Alexander blocks and hits one more German before Haas grabs the ropes, feeds in for a lariat but gets caught in another German Suplex this time with the bridge but only for 2.

Haas manages to charge Alexander in the corner, stumbled a bit but lands in the legs that he’s been aiming for, and then goes back to the other corner and hits the mid-section. Haas looks for a leg pick, Alexander counters into his own Ankle Lock. Charlie tries to counter it a few different ways but Alexander holds on and locks in the Ankle Lock with the Grapevine so Haas taps out.

Things moved a little too quickly, so it was alright but could’ve been better. After the match they shake hands and the ROH invaders hit the ring. Haas, Alexander, Chris Sabin comes in, then Rich Swann and Willie Mack, Heath and Rhino…finally Eddie Edwards hits the ring with a kendo stick and drives the ROH guys out.


Overall Score: 6.25/10

I think Maria named the invading stable as Honor No More, so I suppose for like a Pop Punk or Emo band that sounds cool…but it’s a bit dumb for a faction name. Can’t really chant it, the abbreviation is dumb, H.N.M. sounds like a clothing company, but I guess this is them distancing themselves from ROH.

Either way, this was kind of a janky episode. The matches weren’t great, a lot of stories were touched upon but left wide open, and the next major event being No Surrender on Feb. 19th, feels like a lot of time to fill. So maybe it was just a little too redundant, maybe it was also that the general match quality was down to further storyline angles…not sure. This still wasn’t bad, just definitely felt extremely lacking.

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 1.13.2022

Hard to Kill was well received and caused a bit of buzz from Mickie retaining to ROH invading. Where does this episode of IMPACT take us from there?



We come out of Hard to Kill with no new champions but a lot of new opportunities. Deonna gets a shot at Rok-C and the ROH Women’s Championship. Moose is handing out title shots and Mike Bailey is working on increasing his early stock in IMPACT.

Should be interesting to see where this first episode out of a major PPV takes us!


  • Chris Bey vs Laredo Kid: Kid wins via Laredo Fly – *** ¼
  • Jake Something vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey: Speedball wins via Ultima Weapon – ** ¾
  • Masha Slamovich vs Vert Vixen: Masha wins via Northern Lights Bomb – N/A
  • IMPACT World Championship: Moose (c) vs Zicky Dice w/VSK & Brian Myers: Moose retains via Uranage – N/A
  • Raj Singh vs Jonah: Jonah wins via Tsunami – N/A
  • Winner Take All: ROH Women’s World Championships vs AAA Reina de Reinas Campionship: Rok-C (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo w/Mattew Rehwoldt (c): Deonna wins via Venus de Milo – *** ¾ – TITLE CHANGE!!!



The show kicks off with a very mad Massive Cassidy. He storms the ring, calls out Moose, but Moose doesn’t bite. Instead he appears on the tron, states that there will be a World Title match tonight but not involving Cassidy. The big man storms to the back to try and lay into Moose, but Scott D’Amore stops him and then ROH resurfaces!

Matt Taven and Vincent are at commentary trying to get the headsets off D’lo and Tom “New Name” as Taven keeps calling him. D’lo starts to comply but eventually gets sick of them and fights back. Mike Bennet grabs him, they all lay him out on a table for PCO to dive and ROH makes an early statement.

Chris Bey vs Laredo Kid

Trey Miguel is out on commentary and of course to fill in blanks since he needs a number one contender. Early back and forth action starts to swing after Chris Bey pulls off the Tiger Wall on the post, to flip behind Laredo and take control of the match. Coming back from commercial we get a lot more of Chris Bey having his way.

Bey stays in control until we get to the outside again and Bey starts trading barbs with Trey. Bey slips a little between his Pump Kick so Laredo uses the fact it wasn’t flush to Back Body Drop Bey into the top rope as Bey bounces off the rope, the apron and then onto the floor. Bey gets run around a little, and Laredo goes for a High Speed Suicide Dive right as Bey starts to turn and situate himself. Laredo hits a driver for a near fall and we just get some solid action from Laredo.

Trey Miguel is a little cringe, but the fact that he just speaks in memes and Tom Hannifan is more than willing to play in that space actually makes commentary pretty amusing through this match. Bey fights back with a Spinebuster, big Brain Buster, but only a near fall. Bey tries to finish things off but Laredo fights back, rocks Bey on the corner, and we get a Laredo Fly and a 1-2-3 for Laredo Kid.

After the match we see the IMPACT squad from Hard to Kill looking to find the ROH crew. So there will be some random brawling to look forward to!

Jake Something vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Ace and Madman Fulton are doing guest commentary for a match between the two guys that beat them on the Countdown to Hard to Kill show. You know, I’m aware of who Mike Bailey is…but looking at how he enters the ring he reminds of a young Eric Bischoff steering into the martial arts gimmick.

Rope run early spot turns into Bailey showing his speed but Jake’s strength gives him an early advantage until a Dropkick sends Jake to the outside. Back Handspring fake out bow just annoys Jake. So when Bailey goes to hit the ropes again, Jake grabs the legs, pulls him to the outside and hits the Apron Powerbomb. Jake starts throwing around Bailey, rocks him with a bit Forearm, for a 2 count. Bailey tries to make a comeback but the big Thesz Press keeps Jake’s momentum mostly intact. Once they hit the ring, Bailey flies, Jake catches him, Bailey gets out of the Powerbomb, Sole Butt, Axe Kick, Buzzsaw Kick into a Corkscrew Senton.

Jake starts working his way back into the match, Speedball catches him with that corner Tornado Kick and then the Shooting Star Double Kneedrop, which he calls Ultima Weapon. Speedball is 2-0.

Masha Slamovich vs Vert Vixen

Good Masha gets to kill more Indie talent. What kind of name is Vert anyway? Masha makes light work, ending with her Nothern Lights Bomb and looks like a potential threat to Mickie James.

Josh Alexander walks out as Masha is walking up the ramp and they exchange nods before Josh makes it to the ring. Josh basically goes over the laundry list of what he’s been through to prove he deserves his World Title shot. He makes very similar claims that Massive Cassidy made about having to go through him to get to the ring. Then Charlie Haas’ music plays.

Charlie eludes to World’s Greatest Tag Team and similar pedigrees between both of them. Then issues a challenge. Josh starts nice saying he’d gladly give him the match after he gets his title shot. Haas cold cocks Josh to make a point, pull apart and I guess we all know where this is headed.

IMPACT World Championship: Moose (c) vs Zicky Dice w/VSK & Brian Myers

Zicky cocks his fist, Superman Punch is….ineffective. Zicky tries again, gets caught in an Uranage and Moose pins him with one foot. Oh yeah, Moose came out in street clothes, disrespecting the hell out of Zicky.

Massive Cassidy storms the ring after, Zicky stumbles into the crossfire to give Moose and out but Moose forgot the title…so Cassidy makes his intentions very clear. And then decides to make an example out of VSK as Moose collects the belt and then retreats.

Raj Singh vs Jonah

Well Raj is gonna die and we can prove that Rohit was the talent in the Desi Hit Squad. Jonah comes out to eat Raj because who cares about Raj. I’m just glad we get more of Jonah’s theme. Send him to the Morgue Jonah!

Raj maybe did a thing or two but it wasn’t close. Jonah murdered a man and capped it off with the Tsunami. He did play a classic game of Fling the Singh.

Backstage, Decay and Inspiration have a moment while we find Eddie Edwards laid out. Then Jonathan Gresham gets questioned about his involvement with the attacks and Steve Maclin pokes the bear to get his chance at the ROH Title.

Winner Take All: ROH Women’s World Championships vs AAA Reina de Reinas Campionship: Rok-C (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo w/Mattew Rehwoldt (c)

Early on we see Rok-C show her skills basically just playing Deonna’s game better than Deonna. It takes Deonna until she catches the younger champion on the ropes, pushes her off and manages to take some control with a more sadistic approach.

The Suzuki style of approach works perfectly as she finds different ways to attack Rok-C’s arm, and we even get an interesting World of Sport style of spot that leads to Deonna working over the arm again. Deonna posts herself though and that gives Rok-C option to his a Flying Thesz Press, Snapmare, a few quick attacks, a Satellite Rusian Leg Sweep and attempts the Rok-Lock but her arm gives out.

Fujiwara attempts from Deonna, Rock-C turns it into a cradle, a little bit of back and forth, Code Rok from Rok-C, but Deonna kicks out. Code Rok attempt, Deonna blocks that, Mexican Arm Drag, into a Fujiwara attempt, Cradle Counter, Rok-Lock, Rok-C kicks off the bottom rope to try and reapply, but Deonna turns it into a Fujiwara. Rok-C refuses to tap, grabs the referee’s pants to stop him from calling for the bell, so Deonna breaks Rok-C’s grip, changes the Fujiwara into the Venus de Milo and Rok-C verbally submits.

ROH people hit the ring, attack Rehwoldt, TNA style group brawl to go off the air.


Overall Score: 7.25/10

So the major thing we drew from this episode was a great main event, solid story beats moving forward with the guest commentary and that IMPACT isn’t afraid to allow Hannifan a little creative freedom in referencing his old job and relationships. Rehwoldt and Myers both had amusing things to say, Trey Miguel was tolerable and Ace with Fulton wasn’t too terrible either. Hannifan really adds an interesting wrinkle that hasn’t been in IMPACT commentary in a long time.

Aside from that, a few squashes don’t give us much to elaborate on, but Speedball looking great and Rok-C really making a great first impression on the IMPACT crowd was something special. Watch at least the main event, the rest of things were more building blocks to bigger things. Solid show though.

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