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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (7/14/20)

Brian Cage defends the FTW Championship!



AEW Dark Coverage

AEW’s newest title gets Dark!

Who can stop The Path of Cage? “Bulletproof” Bill Pillman Jr. is going to try! Will Cage’s reign as new FTW Champion end already?


  • The Nightmare Sisters VS Diamante & Rache Chanel; The Nightmare Sisters win.
  • Ricky Starks VS Robert Anthony; Starks wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Joe Alonzo, Will Hobbs & Shawn Dean; The Dark Order wins.
  • Marko Stunt VS Michael Nakazawa; Stunt wins.
  • Luther & Serpentico VS “Pineapple Pete” Suge D & Brady Pierce; Luther & Serpentico win.
  • Jurassic Express VS Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates; Jurassic Express wins.
  • FTW Championship: Brian Cage VS Brian Pillman Jr; Cage wins and retains the FTW Championship.


The Nightmare Sisters VS Diamante & Rache Chanel!

Brandi Rhodes and Allie are working to let bygones be bygones, and to that end they’ve formed a tag team! They’ve already won when at odds, will they keep winning now that they’re working together? As for the fashionable new AEW star, will diamonds prove to be a girl’s best friend?

The teams sort out but Diamante gets in Brandi’s face. So Allie gets in hers! They start shoving and start us off with a tie up. Diamante headlocks but Allie powers out to headlock right back. Diamante powers out but Allie runs her over. Allie blows a kiss before things speed up. Allie stops herself and then copies Dustin Rhodes with the uppercut! Allie runs to knee lift Diamante down, then takes a bow before the cover. ONE, and Diamante scrambles to her corner. Diamante tags Chanel in, and Chanel finishes up brushing her hair to get in the ring. Allie and Chanel circle, tie up, Allie knees low and bumps her off buckles. Allie runs to back elbow Chanel then tags in Brandi. Allie whips Brandi in and she elbows Chanel. Brandi rolls and basement mule kicks Chanel! Cover, TWO!

Brandi throws forearms, wrenches an arm then brings Chanel to the corner. Allie tags in, climbs up and drops ax handles on the arm. Allie brings Chanel up to CHOP against the ropes! Allie whips but Chanel reverses and Diamante swipes at Allie! Allie swipes back and the two shout at each other, but Chanel clubs Allie from behind! Chanel throws Allie by her hair then covers, ONE! Chanel brings Allie up, Diamante tags in, and the two double whip Allie into buckles! Diamante uppercuts Allie then stomps a mudhole in! The ref counts, Diamante lets up at 4 then clubs Allie down. Diamante stands Allie up for elbows then tags in Chanel. Diamante stomps and Chanel rams in shoulders. Tag back to Diamante, they club Allie down.

Diamante snapmares Allie to a chinlock. Allie endures while Dustin and Brandi get the crowd to rally up. Allie fights up but Diamante elbows over and over, then covers. TWO, but Diamante keeps on Allie with a neck wrench. Allie endures again as the crowd rallies up. Allie fights up, fights back and gets free, but Diamante throws forearms. Diamante talks smack and wheelbarrows, but Allie makes it a facebuster! Both women are down but Allie crawls to her corner, but Diamante knocks Brandi down! Allie rolls Diamante up, TWO! Diamante clobbers Allie down! Diamante drags Allie back up and bumps Allie off buckles. Diamante rams into Allie, then whips her corner to corner hard! Allie hits buckles then the mat, but Diamante fires up as she takes aim.

Diamante goes corner to corner, but Brandi saves Allie from the basement dropkick! Both women are down, Brandi reaches, Allie tags her in! Diamante tags in Chanel but Brandi rallies with clotheslines! Chanel reverses the whip but takes the Sling Blade! Allie intercepts Diamante with a THESZ PRESS! Allie rains down fast hands while Brandi drags Chanel up. Chanel throat chops then knees low! Chanel prances rather than runs, into a SUPERKICK! Brandi runs to BOOT Chanel back down! The crowd fires up with Brandi as she aims from a corner. Chanel flounders around, staggers into the SPEAR! Cover, the Nightmare Sisters win!

Winners: The Nightmare Sisters, by pinfall

Still undefeated! Brandi and Allie are making it work, yet they’re heading to a match against each other at Fight for the Fallen. Will the friendship be broken or made stronger than ever for it?


Ricky Starks VS Robert Anthony!

The Absolute won big on his Dark debut, but he has to keep it going to get back after a title. Meanwhile, Egotistico Fantastico has put on incredible matches with some big names in AEW, especially the world champion, Jon Moxley. But can Anthony put up the absolutely best match of his AEW career and win?

Starks continues to shout out Taz and Taz praises Starks. The bell rings and Starks circles with Anthony. They tie up, Anthony waistlocks and slams Starks! Starks gets up and stretches before he circles with Anthony. They tie up, Anthony blocks the takedown but Starks floats around to the waistlock. Anthony switches back and gets an armlock. Starks grows frustrated already but he fights up and reaches. Anthony wrenches his arm to a hammerlock but Starks switches it onto Anthony. Anthony switches it back then shifts to another armlock and cranks on the shoulder. Starks gets up and throws a forearm to get free. Anthony swings but Starks ducks and kicks back. Starks whips, Anthony goes up and over then ducks and dodges to clothesline! Anthony BOOTS Starks down!

The ref checks on Starks but he’s fine, and he flapjacks Anthony on the ropes then CLOBBERS him down! Starks shakes out the cobwebs and drags Anthony back up. Starks throws body shots then bumps Anthony off buckles. Starks CHOPS but Anthony CHOPS back! Starks kicks low and brings Anthony for a Northern Lights Release! Anthony sits up and Starks rams a forearm into Anthony’s back! Starks drags Anthony up and whips corner to corner but Anthony reverses. Starks dodges and SPEARS Anthony down! But Anthony gets to the apron and saves himself. Starks is furious as he drags Anthony up. Starks suplexes but Anthony slips out to waistlock. Starks swings a back elbow but Anthony ducks that to keep the waistlock. Anthony lifts but Starks fights off the suplex to hit a swinging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Starks glares at Anthony as Anthony goes to a corner. Starks throws forearms on Anthony but Anthony boots and elbows back! Anthony ducks to tilt-o-whirl SLAM Starks down! Anthony hooks up the legs and pulls the arms for the Romero Special! Anthony lets Starks’ arms go for a FACEBUSTER out of the surfboard! Cover, TWO!! Starks survives but Anthony drags him back up. Anthony fireamn’s carries and bumps Starks off buckles. Starks fights out to roll up, ONE! Starks KICKS Anthony in the face, then double underhooks to the Canadian racks, RUNNING DOMINATOR! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

The “Buster Keaton” keeps the Absolute going strong! Starks again walks to commentary to fist bump Taz. Will Taz consider recruiting another client?


AEW hears from Shawn Spears.

“History, in the palm of my hand. A true student of the game is wild and unpredictable.” The game called pro-wrestling understands that history repeats itself. Blackjack Mulligan. Ted Debiase Sr. Barry Windham. They all wore this black glove. And what has followed those men to this day, even after their careers are long over? “Legacy.” Tully Blanchard wants Spears to reach down deep and have that same legacy. Tully believes in Spears, and Spears believes in Spears. Will this belief in #PERFECT10N bring Spears to grab gold with that black glove?


Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Joe Alonzo, Will Hobbs & Shawn Dean!

Numbers 3, 4 and 5, aka The Beaver Boys and Alan Angels, want to make The Exalted One proud as a trio. Will they do so against The Chosen One, the Embodiment of Will Power, and the Captain?

Naturally, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson and Number 10, Preston Vance, watch from the stage. The trios sort out and Angels starts against Hobbs. Angels SLAPS Hobbs, then bobs ‘n’ weaves the counter attacks! Angels throws hands but Hobbs tosses Angels to a corner! Angels dodges, comes back with fast hands, and lands on his feet as Hobbs shoves him away! Hobbs runs at Angels but Angels dropkicks the legs out! Angels runs but into Hobbs’ scoop! Hobbs FALL AWAY SLAMS Angels to the Dark Order corner! John Silver tags in, but he gets caught, too! For a POWERSLAM! Tag to Alonzo and Hobbs helps him with a rocket launcher senton! Cover, TWO!

Alonzo drags Silver up to whip, Silver reverses and Alonzo Quebradas! Silver gets under, dodges Alonzo but Alonzo counters the hip toss to a hip toss! Alonzo scoops and slams Silver then dropkicks him to a ring! Alonzo mocks the Dark Order’s “We Are One!” but then he runs into Silver’s lift! Silver spins and SLAMS Alonzo down! Silver drags Alonzo up and pushes him to the Dark Order corner. Tag to Alex Reynolds, the Beaver Boys double drop toehold and dropkick sandwich him down! Cover, TWO! Reynolds drags Alonzo up to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Reynolds drags Alonzo up to back suplex but Alonzo lands on his feet! Tag to Dean and the Captain rallies!

Dean dropkicks Reynolds but Reynolds low headbutts back. Reynolds whips Dean to the corner but Dean fights back. Dean decks Silver and Angels then pops Reynolds up to hit buckles! Dean clotheslines Reynolds out and Evil Uno is upset. The crowd rallies as Dean builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit on Reynolds and Silver! Dean drags Reynolds up but Angels throws him into barriers! Angels puts Dean back in for Reynolds to cover, TWO! Reynolds tags Angels and Angels drops splash after splash after splash! Cover, TWO! Angels drags Dean up and drops a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Uno is relieved now as Angels kicks Dean around. Angels tags in Silver and they mug Dean.

Silver throws European Uppercuts and forearms then snapmares Dean for a BIG Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO!! Dean survives but Silver looms over Dean. Silver glares at Alonzo and Hobbs before he KICKS Dean down! Cocky cover, TWO, and Grayson reprimands the flashy style. Reynolds tags in and mugs Dean, then throws a EuroUpper! Cover, TWO! Reynolds drags Dean back up but Dean fights back with body shots! Dean backs Reynolds down but Reynolds knees back. Reynolds cravats to snapmare Dean into buckles! Cover, TWO! Tag to Silver but the crowd rallies up. Silver ROUNDHOUSES Dean down, then toys with him. Silver digs his knee into Dean’s chest, Alonzo protests, but Silver comes over to BOOT him!

Hobbs wants after Silver but the ref keeps him back. Silver decks Dean and tags in Angels. Angels tags in Reynolds and the three coordinate. Silver facelocks while Reynolds wheelbarrows and Angels goes up, MOONSAULT DRAPING DDT! Cover, TWO!! Dean survives the triple team and Uno is shocked! Alonzo shouts at Angels but Angels dropkicks him down! Hobbs swipes at Angels, and Dean rolls him up! TWO!! Angels drags Dean back but Dean pushes him away! Silver tags in, Dean tags in Hobbs! Big Hobbs starts rallying with big forearms! Hobbs RAMS into Silver at the corner, then SPINE BUSTERS Reynolds! Angels runs into the spinning powerslam! Hobbs runs at Silver but gets an enziguri!

Reynolds adds a rolling elbow! Silver enziguris again, Reynolds STUNNERS, into Silver’s GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, Alonzo breaks it in time! Reynolds throws Alonzo out but Dean double clotheslines the Beaver Boys! Angels grabs Dean’s arms but Dean arm-drags out. Angels runs, Dean follows, but Angels sees him coming and STANDING SPANISH FLY! Hobbs tags to Alonzo, Alonzo BOOTS Angel down! But Silver waistlocks Alonzo, only for Alonzo to standing switch and O’Conner roll! TWO, into Reynolds’ BOOT! Angels grabs Alonzo’s arms for a motorcycle stretch, WING SNAPPER! The Beaver Boys coordinate, DOUBLE DESTROYER DDT!! Cover, The Dark Order!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

Numbers 3, 4 and 5 get the 1-2-3, and they have earned points with the Dark Order’s upper management. Will all of AEW soon belong to them?


Marko Stunt VS Michael Nakazawa!

Mr. Fun Sized and the Turkish oil master have both been running pretty hot this summer, but things are only heating up! Will Stunt or Nakazawa be the one cooling off with a loss right before the Fight for the Fallen?

The bell rings and Nakazawa already brings out a bottle of oil. Nakazawa is so confident going against Stunt, he says he DOESN’T need it! He tosses the bottle away, and Stunt jumps on for a headlock! Nakazawa powers out and Stunt’s shoulder tackle bounces off him! Nakazawa asks what’s up with that, so Stunt gets up and says he’ll try again. Stunt runs again but still bounces off Nakazawa. Stunt says he knows what needs to happen. He dares Nakazawa to run! Nakazawa does, Stunt follows, and Stunt dropkicks Nakazawa down! And then BUZZSAWS him! Stunt fires off shots in a corner but Nakazawa powers him off. Stunt comes back to DROPKICK! Nakazawa is stunned, Stunt dropkicks again! Nakazawa sits down, and Stunt runs to dropkick again! Nakazawa bails out, Stunt DIVES!

Stunt sends Nakazawa into barriers and the crowd is loving this! Stunt drags Nakazawa up and into the ring, then takes aim from the ropes. Stunt steps in to springboard wheelbarrow, but Nakazawa throws him at the ropes! Both men stagger up, Nakazawa bumps Stunt off buckles! Nakazawa CHOPS Stunt then stomps a fun-sized mudhole into him. The ref backs Nakazawa off, but he comes back to bring Stunt up for a scoop and BIG slam! Cover, TWO! Nakazawa wraps Stunt up in a chinlock but the crowd rallies as he fights up. Stunt fights out of the hold, runs but into a back elbow! Nakazawa snapmares Stunt and brings out his SPARE bottle! Nakazawa pours the oil all over Stunt, runs and hits the slipping senton! Cover, TWO!!

Stunt survives and Nakazawa grows frustrated. Nakazawa runs corner to corner, Stunt slips out and steps in again for a wheelbarrow arm-drag! Nakazawa swings on Stunt but Stunt ducks, BABY TAIL WHIP! Stunt springboard huricanranas Nakazawa to a corner! Stunt runs corner to corner but Nakazawa dodges. Nakazawa runs back in, Stunt slips back out, and Stunt springboard ax handles Nakazawa on the back! Cover, TWO! Stunt keeps on Nakazawa with forearms and a whip. Nakazawa holds ropes to block the whip but Stunt CHOPS him! Stunt whips again, Nakazawa reverses to a fireman’s carry, SAMOAN DROP!

Nakazawa isn’t done there, he drags Stunt back up to put on the top rope! It’s the HENTAI SLIDE, but with no lube! Then an atomic drop! Nakazawa runs to SPEAR! Cover, TWO!! Stunt still lives and Nakazawa can’t believe it! Nakazawa decides to resort to THAT! Off comes the jock strap! Nakazawa aims it at Stunt, but Stunt ducks the claw to backslide! Cover, TWO!! Stunt blocks the second attempt at the Nasty Claw, to dropkick it into Nakazawa! Then a roll up with bridge, Stunt wins!!

Winner: Marko Stunt, by pinfall

Nakazawa is a victim of his own nastiness, and Stunt is victorious! Stunt is a good sport, though, and he helps free Nakazawa from his own undies. Will Stunt be heading for something bigger and better in the near future? Will Nakazawa at least take a shower?


Luther & Serpentico VS “Pineapple Pete” Suge D & Brady Pierce!

The original death dealer and SNAKE MAN were a strong duo inside a trio that just didn’t work out with Max Caster. Will they succeed on their own against Sugar Dunkerton and The Inspiration?

The teams sort out and Suge starts with Luther. Luther creeps Suge out and he ends up cornered, and Serpentico grabs him! Luther and Serpentico mug Suge, the ref reprimands but Luther keeps on Suge with clubbing forearms. Luther clubs Suge down but Suge hits back and headlocks. Luther powers out, Suge bounces right off him, and Luther runs. Luther runs Suge over and stomps him down! Luther kicks Suge hard, throws more haymakers, but Suge CHOPS, haymakers and back hands, haymakers and back hands! Suge runs, into Luther’s BOOT! Luther drags Suge up, brings him around and tags in Serpentico. Serpentico climbs as Luther wrenches, double stomp to the arm!

Suge shakes out that arm but Serpentico throws forearms. Serpentico shoulders into Suge’s shoulder, whips but Suge reverses. Suge hip tosses but Serpentico arm-drags out of it! Serpentico runs but Suge dodges, things speed up and Suge MONKEY FLIPS Serpentico! The crowd cheers as Serpentico backs off and tags Luther in. Suge tags in Pierce! Pierce and Luther circle, Luther tells the crowd to shut up, but the crowd rallies up. Pierce throws haymakers but Luther just points at his head. Pierce runs and shoulder Luther but Luther stays up. Pierce tries again but Luther still doesn’t fall. Pierce runs again but Luther DECKS him!

Luther clubs away then whips but Pierce reverses and redirects Luther into the corner! Pierce runs in to corner clothesline and Suge tags back in. Suge hits a running uppercut, swaggers about but Luther decks Pierce to then tackle Suge! Luther grounds ‘n’ pounds but Suge fights back from the corner! Suge hits Serpentico but Serpentico trips him up to POST the pineapples! Luther drags Suge up, for a belly2belly! Cover, TWO! Suge survives but Serpentico waves hi to the corner cam. Luther whips Suge to hit a sidewalk slam! Serpentico comes in as a human weapon, scoop slam senton! And a second time! And a third time!

Serpentico clutches his back from that double-edged offense but he drops knees on Suge. Serpentico bumps Suge off buckles then tags Luther back in. They double whip Suge to the corner, Luther whips Serpentico in to RAM a shoulder in. Luther adds a corner splash then dumps Suge down for Serpentico’s slingshot stomps! Luther drags Suge up to whip again, Suge blocks the hip toss so he gets a KNEE! Tag to Serpentico, for a human weapon, inverted suplex splash! Cover, TWO! Serpentico drags Suge up to throw forearms but the crowd rallies. Suge ROCKS Serpentico back but Serpentico JABS Suge back. Serpentico whips Suge but Suge boots back! Serpentico fixes his head to run back in but gets more boots. Suge somersault FACEBUSTERS!

Both men are down, crawl and hot tag to Pierce! Pierce rallies on Serpentico with big elbows then DECKS Luther for good measure! FLAPJACK and BOOT for Serpentico! Pierce SPINE BUSTERS then covers, Luther breaks it in time! Luther kicks Pierce and whips, he and Serpentico doubl ekick. Knee lift and SLICED BREAD! Luther officially tags in and drags Pierce up while Serpentico climbs, METEORA SPINE BUSTER! Cover, Serpentico DECKS Suge, Luther and Serpentico win!

Winners: Luther & Serpentico, by pinfall

A big win for SNAKEMAN thanks to the death dealer, and for the duo as a whole! Will this be the beginning of a brutal friendship?


Jurassic Express VS Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates!

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus have been up and down, while the Dungeon Master and Librarian have been mostly down. But things might be looking up for the duo with the most losses in AEW after the last few weeks. Will tonight be the night they finally get a win?

To show their support, Matt & Nick Jackson are ringside cheering their friend, Culter, on. Teams sort out and Avalon starts against JB. JB and Avalon flex at each other before they circle. They tie up, JB waistlocks then spins to a hammerlock. Avalon reaches back to headlock and takeover, but JB makes it a cover. ONE and Avalon still has the headlock. JB stands and rolls Avalon to a cover, TWO! JB gets right on Avalon with another cover, TWO! Avalon kicks low then bumps JB off buckles. Tag to Cutler, they mug JB and Cutler throws haymakers. Cutler whips but JB reverses and drops down. JB hurdles and arm-drags then dropkicks Cutler down! Cutler gets to a corner while the crowd fires up. JB runs in, Cutler slips out to ROUNDHOUSE! Slingshot enziguri! Cover, TWO!

Cutler keeps on JB and drags him to the corner. Avalon tags in and they mug JB more. Avalon CHOPS JB, tags Cutler back in, and then they mug JB with more CHOPS! JB CHOPS back! Cutler whips, JB kicks Cutler then runs, to huricanrana Cutler down! JB brings Cutler up, bumps him off buckles, and Luchasaurus tags in. Jurassic Express kick away on Cutler, then combine for a wheelbarrow complete shot! Cover, TWO! Luchasaurus drags Cutler up but Cutler breaks free. Luchasaurus blocks Cutler’s punch to fire off body shots and kicks! Cutler ducks one kick but not the BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO! Luchasaurus drags Cutler up, tags in JB, JB climbs while Luchasaurus turns Cutler. DOUBLE STOMP to the chest! Cover, TWO!

JB keeps his cool and chicken wings Cutler’s arms. Cutler breaks free but JB reels him in. Cutler bucks off the roll up to then jump out then springboard in, flying forearm! The Bucks rally with the crowd as Cutler powers JB to the corner! Tag to Avalon and he fires off punches and digs his boot in. The ref counts, Avalon backs off, but Avalon brings JB back up. Avalon suplexes high and hard, covers, TWO! Avalon keeps on JB but JB throws body shots. Avalon clubs JB down, scoops and slams then tags Cutler. Cutler slingshot sentons then runs for a BIG leaping leg drop, brother! Cover, TWO! Cutler brings JB up and around to whip to ropes. JB wheelbarrows but Cutler pushes him away, only for JB to LARIAT! Both men are down, the crowd rallies up and a standing count begins.

JB and Cutler crawl to hot tag Luchasaurus and Avalon! Luchasaurus clotheslines Avalon, boots Cutler to the corner then BOOTS him again! Avalon runs into Luchasaurus’ choke grip, for a CHOP! Luchasaurus CHOPS Cutler, back kicks Avalon then front kicks and Question Mark kicks him down! Luchasaurus misses Cutler once but not with the LARIAT! The crowd fires up as Avalon staggers into another choke grip. Luchasaurus lifts but Avalon slips out of the slam to enziguri back! Tag to Cutler, and the two run at Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus handsprings under their clotheslines, and then TAIL WHIPS! Avalon takes the hit, Cutler gets a ROUNDHOUSE! Luchasaurus choke grips, JB wrecks Avalon with a dropkick! CHOKE SLAM! Standing moonsault, to knees! Inside cradle, TWO!!

Luchasaurus survives but Avalon throws JB into barriers! The Bucks and the crowd rally up while the ref is busy checking on Luchasaurus. Leva gets away with an apron huricanrana on JB! Cutler runs at Luchasaurus but gets popped up, only to counter to a tornado DDT! Tag to Avalon, he runs in, ducks the Polish hammer to hop, hop and tornado DDT, too! Luchasaurus staggers about, Cutler tags in, Marti-KNEES! Springboard FROGGY-BOW! Cover, Jungle Boy breaks it!! “This is Awesome!” but not over yet! Cutler dumps JB out and tags Avalon. Luchasaurus BOOTS Cutler, ducks Avalon’s kick to back drop him! Tag to JB, he dodges Avalon to clothesline Avalon out! JB DIVES on Cutler, then DIVES on Avalon!

JB throws Avalon back in, shoulders him to then slingshot up and over. Avalon swings into the lift but elbows the suplex off. JB still powers up and SAIDOS! Then the chicken wings, TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Avalon survives and Jurassic Express can’t believe it! JB tags Luchasaurus and they go after Avalon together. Cutler gets in and pushes JB, Avalon lands on his feet to BOOT Luchasaurus! Cutler enziguris and the two double whip. Luchasaurus stops that, HEADBUTTS Cutler and back elbows Avalon! JB slingshot springboards to DDT Cutler! Luchasaurus drags Avalon up, gut wrench, JURASSIC CUTTER! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

Stunt celebrates as the trio sweeps the night! With Fight for the Fallen sending them against The Elite, will the Jurassic Express stay on track? As for Avalon and Cutler, what is it that will get them up and over that hump into victory?


FTW Championship: Brian Cage VS Brian Pillman Jr!

The Machine was gifted this title by Taz, but that’s because Taz feels he is a legitimate badass worthy of carrying on the legacy. In this title’s first defense in decades, will Cage bust through Bulletproof Pillman to then be primed for Jon Moxley?

Cage makes sure Justin Roberts introduces him right as the FTW Champion. The title is raised and this official match for an unofficial title begins!

Cage rushes Pillman but Pillman dodges to dropkick back! Pillman fires up but Cage is still standing! Cage throws Pillman to a corner for clothesline after clothesline! Pillman dodges the reel to SUPERKICK! Cage stays up so Pillman ROUNDHOUSES! Pillman runs into Cage’s boot! Cage GERMAN SUPLEXES Pillman across the ring! Pillman flops out and Cage pursues. Cage drags Pillman up to knee and reel him in, for a powerbomb lift! Pillman grabs ropes, hits back and SUPERKICKS from the apron! Pillman runs to WRECK Cage with a dropkick! He keeps going, but Cage catches the cannonball for a SUPLEX! Cage shouts, “Who betta?!” and Taz says none betta.

Cage refreshes the ring count to bring Pillman around, to POST BOMB him!! The crowd boos but Cage paces about. Cage tells the cameras that this is Mox’s future. Cage puts Pillman on the apron then drags him up to the corner. Cage DEAD LIFT SUPERPLEXES Pillman down! Then he brings Pillman around, slashes the throat, and DRILL CLAWS!! Cover, Cage wins!

Winner: Brian Cage, by pinfall (still FTW Champion)

The announcement makes it real! Cage keeps the title as given to him by Taz, but he keeps going after Pillman! POWERBOMB! Another POWERBOMB! Then a fireman’s carry to an F5!! Cage is the most brutal SOB, just as Taz said he is. But will he also become the most brutal AEW World Champion yet after facing the Death Rider?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode of Dark, with mostly predictable endings but still great action. One of the big things is that Luther and Serpentico are a tag team and they are moving up so that Serpentico is no longer a Heel jobber. The 2v2 tag division is pretty stacked already, maybe they do find a third man to bolster the demand for a trios division. The Dark Order’s trio did pretty good, I feel like that trio move where they held Dean up should’ve been their finisher. I get they still want the Beaver Boys to look good as a duo but the Dark Order should really plan to have a part in all possible divisions. Brodie Lee as world champion, the OG in Uno and Grayson for world tag team champions, then Numbers 3, 4 and 5 for trios. Preston Vance or Colt Cabana can be their TNT Championship contender, and whenever Anna Jay returns, she is their women’s champion contender.

Brandi and Allie winning tonight only to have a match tomorrow for Fight for the Fallen could make for an interesting layer of the story. If QT Marshall was back, Fight for the Fallen could be the moment the betrayal happens. Starks wins but what matters is his continuing connection with Taz. Likewise to the Dark Order, Taz could build a stable where Cage is the world title contender and Starks could come back around for the TNT Championship. Jurassic Express continues to roll on all levels, and Stunt had a really fun match with Nakazawa. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus put on a great match with Cutler and Avalon, and of course they win while Cutler and Avalon develop their story.

Cage defending the FTW Championship was a nice touch for tonight, and it makes for good story for them to tease Cage could be a “double champion.” I still don’t really see Cage winning the world title, but that in itself could be a shocking move AEW pulls. Darby Allin still wants after Cage, Darby has fought for the world title once when Jericho was champion, so they could circle back to that for his feud with Cage. At the very least, there’s now the FTW Championship that can be fought over, so maybe Darby goes after that just to  make a point.

My Score: 8.2/10

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