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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (7/21/20)

Darby Allin gets Dark!



AEW Dark Coverage

AEW’s undead daredevil returns to the ring!

Darby Allin returned at Fight for the Fallen and is after Brian Cage! But first he must shake off ring rust. Will it be so easy against Egotistico Fantastico?


  • Hikaru Shida VS Rache Chanel; Shida wins.
  • Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Corey Hollis; Sabian wins.
  • Best Friends VS Brady Pierce & Sabby; Best Friends win.
  • Ricky Starks VS Will Hobbs; Starks wins.
  • Scorpio Sky VS Aaron Solow; Sky wins.
  • KiLynn King VS Diamante; Diamante wins.
  • Darby Allin VS Robert Anthony; Darby wins.
  • The Butcher & The Blade VS Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates; The Butcher & The Blade win.


Hikaru Shida VS Rache Chanel!

The AEW Women’s World Champion is daring all the women, not just the top contenders, to step up and take their shot! Will the most fashionable addition to the division hit the jackpot tonight?

The bell rings and Chanel makes sure her hair is nice while she circles with Shida. Shida approaches but Chanel backs off. Chanel comes back, Shida kicks her low! Shida wrenches to a wristlock then hammerlock. Shida shifts to a headlock and Chanel freaks because it messes her hair! Chanel backs off to fix her hair and smile at the camera. Shida shoves and runs but Chanel waistlocks then shoves Shida away. Chanel is still too worried about her hair, so Shida messes it all up! Chanel gets fired up and CHOPS Shida! Shida kicks low, suplexes but Chanel slips out to shove and knee back. Chanel skips to the swinging neckbreaker! Chanel drags Shida up by her hair to bump her off the buckles! Chanel chokes Shida on the ropes, wraps her up and clubs her on the back!

Chanel goes to her purse to bring out her comb. She’s brushing Shida’s hair? Shida elbows Chanel away but then Chanel ducks the enziguri! Chanel brings Shida up for a back suplex! Cover, TWO! Chanel stomps Shida and plays with Shida’s hair, but Shida forearms! Chanel forearms back and we have a brawl! Shida gets the edge, then runs corner to corner to KNEE Chanel down! Shida drags Chanel to the apron, lets the hair down, and runs to KNEE her again! Shida gets in, drags Chanel back up, suplex and a bit of a stall, before the drop! Cover, TWO! Shida keeps her cool and drags Chanel back up. Shida whips Chanel, Chanel reverses and mule kicks! Chanel whips corner to corner then runs in, but blocks a boot to elbow Shida back!

Chanel rolls and runs, into a waistlock! Shida makes the lift a swinging backbreaker! Shida rolls Chanel to a Fujiwara armbar! Chanel endures, drags herself and gets the ropebreak! Shida lets off to drag Chanel back up. Shida wrenches and rolls Chanel to then SLIDING FOREARM! Shida kips up and POINT-BLANK WIZARDS! Cover, TWO!! Chanel surprises Shida but Shida won’t stop here! Shida drags Chanel up, but Chanel tries to cradle counter the rest! Shida powers it back up, FALCON ARROW! Cover, Shida wins!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

The Samurai is rolling! She got a good fight out of Chanel, but who else will step up to try her?


Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Corey Hollis!

Superbad is back and hopes to get back on track! Will Kip use The Original Corey Hollis to do just that?

The bell rings and Sabian keeps his sunglasses on as he apparently doesn’t take Hollis serious. They tie up with knuckle locks, Kip spins and drags Hollis to the mat. Hollis keeps his shoulders up but Kip stands on him for a cocky cover. ONE, and Sabian finally realizes he didn’t take off the glasses. Sabian hands the shades to Ford and ties up with Hollis again. Hollis wrenches Sabian to a wristlock and shoulder breaker, then wrenches more. Sabian rolls and handsprings through to wrench back. Sabian hammerslocks, half nelsons and flying-mares! Ford gives Sabian a drink of water and a kiss to stay fresh. Sabian and Hollis tie up and Hollis arm-drags Sabian to a corner. Hollis wants the “pretty boy” to get serious, so Sabian gets serious. They tie up again, Sabian ROCKS Hollis with a right!

Sabian stomps away on Hollis and brings him up in a headlock. Hollis powers off, Sabian ducks, dodges and hurdles, only for Hollis to fireman’s carry! Sabian slips off to shove and calf kick Hollis down! Hollis gets to a corner and checks his jaw. Sabian drags Hollis up and throws more forearms. Hollis shoves but Sabian throws more forearms. Sabian whips corner to corner, runs and gamangiris! To then snapmare and sliding lariat! Hollis flounders but Sabian brings him up to snapmare and line it up… PENALTY KICK! The kick is good! Finally! Sabian runs at Hollis but Hollis puts him on the apron. Sabian triangle jumps in but Hollis pushes the DDT away.

Hollis mule kicks then runs in, but Sabian goes up and over. Hollis comes back, Sabian blocks his kick but Hollis blocks Sabian’s knee to enziguri! Hollis gets to the corner as the crowd rallies up. Sabian runs but into Hollis’ elbow. Hollis springboard PELES! Cover, TWO! Sabian survives but Hollis keeps going. Hollis cravats and runs at a corner but is shoved into buckles! Sabian torture racks for DEATHLY HOLLOWS! Cover, Sabian wins!

Winner: Kip Sabian, by pinfall

Sabian throws up the deuces, and Ford kisses where it hurts. Will the Superbad power couple be feeling great as the summer heats up?


Dasha checks in with “The Nightmare Sisters.”

Dustin Rhodes coaches Brandi Rhodes and Allie through their drills. Dasha asks how they’re doing. These two are 4-0 in tag action and fans want to know, what does this mean? What is the goal? Uh, the goal is to win, obviously! What is Dasha really asking? Brandi says there is a reason for this. AEW has a great Men’s Tag Division, but what about the women? The hope is that getting these wins, people would notice. Dustin is pretty sure they have. Thanks, Dasha, they’re going to get back to training. Yeah, back to training.

Is Allie going to parrot everything Brandi says just to have the last word? Allie is just saying they’re going back to training. Dustin has Dasha move aside so these two can argue this out. Brandi’s point is Allie being passive aggressive but Allie just doesn’t seem to get it. Dysfunction aside, can these two be the spark that lights the flame of an AEW Women’s Tag Team Division?


Best Friends VS Brady Pierce & Sabby!

Trent Baretta and Chuck Taylor are getting better and better, despite not taking the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Will they be able to start back up at the expense of The Inspiration and the man formerly known as Tino Sabbatelli?

The teams sort out and Trent starts against Sabby. They tie up and Sabby throws Trent down hard. Trent gets up, Chuck gives him some pointers, and Trent circles with Sabby again. They approach, Trent gets the waistlock to the headlock and grinds Sabby down. Sabby powers up and out to run Trent over! Sabby eggs Trent on, “This is MY ring, dog!” Trent throws big forearms but Sabby kicks low. Sabby scoops but Trent slips out and chop blocks! Trent drags Sabby around and stomps the leg. Sabby scrambles but Trent drags him back up to a chinlock. Trent clubs away on Sabby with forearms then brings him back up for a big back suplex! Cover, ONE! Sabby’s tough but Trent drags him to the corner.

Tag to the Kentucky Gentleman but Sabby gets away. Tag to Pierce and Pierce circles with Chuckie T. Pierce and Chuck tie up, Chucke waistlocks to headlocks but Pierce powers out and runs Chuckie over! Chuck CHOPS Pierce back then whips corner to corner. Pierce goes up and over and grins as he runs in, but gets a boot! Chuck hops up to missile dropkick Pierce down! The crowd cheers as Trent tags in. Best Friends double whip Pierce to double shoulder him down! Sabby talks smack but Trent flexes on him. Trent brings Pierce up to throw forearms. Trent kicks low and CHOPS Pierce in the corner. Trent tags Chuck back in, Chuck goes up top and drops ax handles on Pierce. Chuck whips, Pierce reverses and Sabby gets a cheap shot! Chuck DECKS Sabby but Pierce SPINE BUSTERS Chuck!

Pierce rains down rights, drags Chuck to the corner then tags Sabby in. Sabby drags Chuck up to throw big forearms. Sabby brings Chuck and whips him hard into the corner! Tag to Pierce and the two big men mug Chuck. Pierce bumps Chuck off buckles, tags Sabby back in and Sabby talks trash. Sabby whips and dropkicks Chuck down! Tag to Pierce, the mugging continues, and Pierce sucker punches Trent! Chuck avoids Pierce’s boot, throws Sabby out and KNEES Pierce back! Tag to Trent! Trent CHOPS Pierce, forearms, CHOPS, repeat! Ternt runs into Pierce’s BOOT! Pierce brags too much and Trent SAIDOS! Hot tag to Sabby, but Trent ducks him to waistlock. Sabby elbows out, whips Trent but Trent ducks and dodges to elbow Sabby down!

Trent drags Sabby out to tornado DDT! Sabby flounders but Trent watches him stagger to his feet. BLINDSIDE KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Sabby survives and Trent seethes. Trent goes to a corner, climbs up top but has to fight Pierce off. Sabby runs into Trent’s shoulder, but he catches Trent’s slingshot for a POWERSLAM! Both men are down, the ref starts a standing count, but Sabby crawls to tag in Pierce! Pierce clubs Trent, drags him up and throws haymakers. Pierce whips but Chuck tags in. Trent reverse the whip, shoves Pierce to a corner and Chuck corner clotheslines! Chuck feeds Pierce to Trent’s CHOP, then gives Pierce Sole Food! Trent SPEARS Pierce down! Sabby gets in but Chuck enziguris him first!

The Best Friends aim and DOUBLE PESCADO! Chuck and Trent focus on Pierce as Chuck tags Trent in. Best Friends HUG! Trent brings Pierce up as Chuck climbs. STRONG ZERO!! Cover, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

Best Friends are still strong! Will they going to get back to the #1 contender’s spot and go for the gold again?


Ricky Starks VS Will Hobbs!

Absolute lost his debut but has won every week since! But can he keep going against the imposing Embodiment of Willpower?

The bell rings and Starks circles with Hobbs. Starks puffs himself up to mock Hobbs’ side, but they tie up and Hobbs shoves him down hard! Starks sees it isn’t just size but strength. He still runs at Hobbs but bounces off! Hobbs whips, Starks goes up and over and then hurdles and ducks. Starks leaps and shoulders Hobbs down! Starks strikes a pose but Hobbs gets right up. Starks ELBOWS Hobbs, but Hobbs TOSSES Starks! Hobbs runs into a knee but doesn’t seem to mind. Hobbs yanks Starks into a suplex and holds him up for the count of 10! Starks bails out but Hobbs is in pursuit. Hobbs follows Starks around the way, Starks gets on the apron and poses? Hobbs grabs at Starks but Starks kicks Hobbs back! Starks then swings and dropkicks Hobbs to barriers!

Starks goes out to fetch Hobbs, drags him up and in, and then climbs up the corner. Hobbs stands and Starks leaps for a big missile dropkick! Starks rains down angry rights and lefts but Hobbs pushes him away. Starks drags Hobbs up but Hobbs breaks free to shove back. Hobbs runs in, gets buckles, but still SPINE BUSTERS Starks down! The crowd cheers as Hobbs brings Starks up for a scoop. Hobbs carries Starks around before he RAMS Starks into buckles. Hobbs aims for the opposite corner but Starks slips out to shove Hobbs into buckles. Hobbs stays up, Starks dodges again, and leaps, only for Hobbs to deny the DDT. So Starks switches to a swinging neckbreaker! Starks BOOTS Hobbs down then drags him back up. Starks reels Hobbs in, double underhooks to Canadian Rack, ABSOLUTE DOMINATOR! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

That was an incredible feat of strength! No, an Absolute feat of strength! Will Starks continue to surprise and amaze on his way to an AEW title?


Scorpio Sky VS Aaron Solow!

SoCal Uncensored’s Closer continues his hot streak, but it can always get hotter! Will he “welcome” this fellow Californian to the show?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Solow wrenches to a wristlock but Scorpio rolls, handsprings and wrenches back. Solow steps through, headlocks and wrenches to another wristlock. Scorpio rolls, rolls again, handsprings and spins to get a takedown to a double wristlock! Solow gets up, pushes Scorpio to ropes to whip free, but Scorpio runs him over. Scorpio fakes him out on the drop to then trip Solow up to another armlock. The crowd cheers the exchange as Solow powers his way up. Solow reaches for ropes but Scorpio keeps him at center. Solow ROCKS Scorpio with a right and is free, to throw more forearms.

Solow whips, Scorpio reverses and body shots to a SNAP Russian Leg Sweep! Scorpio drops a leg then covers, TWO! Scorpio keeps on Solow’s arm, Solow fights his way up and pushes Scorpio to ropes again. The ref counts, Solow YANKS Scorpio into ropes at 4! Scorpio gasps and sputters while the ref reprimands Solow, but Solow doesn’t care. Solow stomps a mudhole into Scorpio then rains down rights. The ref counts, Solow stops to strike a pose and blow a kiss. Solow brings Scorpio up, throws forearms, but Scorpio throws forearms back. Scorpio gets the edge, Solow shoves him to spinning roundhouse! Cover, TWO! Solow grows frustrated but he drags Scorpio into a chinlock.

The crowd rallies up as Scorpio endures and fights his way up. Scorpio throws elbows, gets free, and runs but fakes Solow out again. Solow runs into an elbow then the dropkick! Solow flounders and Scorpio runs and rallies with clotheslines and elbows! Scorpio whips Solow, Solow ducks and dodges but runs into a kick! COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Scorpio grows frustrated but keeps cool. Scorpio brings Solow up, fireman’s carries but Solow sprawls to block. Scorpio ROCKS Solow with a right, whips but Solow reverses. Solow swings into a back suplex lift but counters with a headlock throw. Solow wheelbarrows to the victory roll and STOMPS! Cover, TWO!!

Scorpio survives the surprise and the crowd rallies up. Solow stands first, Scorpio runs into a boot and enziguri! Solow mule kicks, SUPERKICKS, and dodges the counters to SUNSET BOMB Scorpio into buckles! Cover, TWO!! Scorpio survives again but Solow puts him in a drop zone. Solow climbs up, leaps, but the short elbow turns into a ghost pin! TWO, Scorpio fireman’s carries for the TKO! Cover, Scorpio wins!

Winner: Scorpio Sky, by pinfall

The Closer isn’t cooling off yet! Scorpio is gonna #ReachForTheSky, but when will he be holding onto singles gold?


KiLynn King VS Diamante!

Before welcoming Ivelisse to AEW, the Diamond in the Rough is going to warm up against the Queen of Crazy! Will things get crazy before the Baddest Bitch makes herself at home?

The bell rings and Diamante circles with King. They tie up, King wrenches to a wristlock but Diamante rolls and handsprings to wrench back. King rolls, slips through and drop toeholds Diamante to a facelock. Diamante works her way back up and wrenches out to a hammerlock. Diamante changes to a headlock, King lifts but Diamante punches her first. King powers out, dodges and stops Diamante’s tilt-o-whirl to whip and run Diamante over. Diamante gets up but King arm-drags her back down! Diamante fights up, King wrenches and wristlocks to a facelock. King suplexes and holds Diamante up for a count of 10, but Diamante slips out! Diamante waistlocks, Kings breaks free and snap suplexes this time! Cover, TWO!

King grows frustrated, but she runs corner to corner at Diamante, only to get an elbow! Diamante baits King into an OVERHEAD suplex into buckles! Diamante runs in, basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Diamante keeps on King by pulling on her hair. Diamante rains down angry fists then covers, TWO! King crawls to a corner but Diamante keeps her cool. Diamante eggs King on before she CHOPS her from the left, then CHOPS her from the right! More CHOPS from all sides, then Diamante fires up. But King CHOPS back! And CHOPS! And trips to a jackknife cover, TWO! Diamante gets up, King gets around her, roll up, TWO! Diamante knees low, clubs King on her back, then rams her into buckles! Diamante runs and uppercuts King, then locks eyes with King.

The crowd fires up with Diamante as she runs, but King goes up and over. King comes back to rally with clotheslines! King boots then kicks Diamante, to run and BOOT her again! Diamante stays up but King waistlocks. Diamante fights out but King shoves her to ropes. Diamante hops on, CODE RED!! Cover, Diamante wins!

Winner: Diamante, by pinfall

And Diamante puts away a taller, stronger opponent! Ivelisse is coming, will she and Diamante put on an explosive match for Dynamite?


Darby Allin VS Robert Anthony!

The undead daredevil was just as surprised as anyone to see The Machine be the wild card in the Double or Nothing Casino Ladder match. Because of Brian Cage running roughshod in that match, Darby was out with a bad ankle for weeks. Now Darby is back for revenge at any cost! Will he make an example out of Egotistico Fantastico in this return match?

Darby glares at Taz but Taz says he’ll address things on Dynamite, though he does say Darby has himself to blame when Taz offered his help and was rejected. The bell rings and Darby still glares at Taz from the corner. Anthony tells Darby to pay attention to him. When Darby doesn’t, Anthony scuffs him in the face with his boot! “This isn’t a joke!” Darby gets up and Anthony dares him to fight. Anthony shoves Darby but Darby still doesn’t respond. Anthony rushes in, Darby goes up and over, comes around and rolls to throw a haymaker, a headbutt and a YOSHI TONIC! Cover, TWO and Anthony bails out! Darby pursues, drags Anthony up and whips him into barriers! Darby runs in and RAMS into Anthony!

Anthony gasps for air as Darby refreshes the count. Anthony comes back with a boot! Anthony suplexes and slams Darby onto railing! Now Anthony refreshes the count, then he drags Darby off the railing with another suplex! The ring count starts again but Anthony pulls the apron skirt aside. Anthony whips Darby into the ring frame! The ref checks on Darby and Anthony asks the camera, “Do you see me now?!” Anthony puts Darby in, stalks Darby, then hooks up the legs. Anthony goes after the arms, pulls Darby up, ROMERO SPECIAL, and Anthony starts rolling with it! Anthony then lets Darby go for a Romero Special slam! Cover, TWO! Anthony rains down angry fists then stands on Darby in the corner. The ref counts, Anthony lets up and Darby drags himself up the ropes.

Anthony CHOPS Darby and looms over him as he falls. Anthony drags Darby up, back suplex but Darby lands on his feet! Darby drop toeholds to get the FUJIWARA! Anthony crawls with his good arm and gets the ropebreak with his legs. Darby hold on until the ref counts 4. Darby whips Anthony, Anthony reverses but Darby arm-drags Anthony to the FUJIWARA! Anthony endures as Darby pulls the fingers and twists the wrist! Anthony keeps reaching and crawling, and again gets the ropebreak! Darby lets go at 4 again and Anthony rolls away. Darby clubs Anthony at the ropes and kicks him to the apron. Darby drags Anthony up, goes after the arm, but Anthony rakes Darby’s face!

Anthony clotheslines Darby over and out of the ring! Darby hits the ground hard and clutches the back leg. Anthony drags Darby up and brings him to a corner. Darby grabs the arm to YANK Anthony into the buckles! Darby climbs up, APRON COFFIN DROP!! Both men crash ‘n’ burn and the crowd cheers for Darby! This is the part of Darby that Taz respects. The ring count climbs, Darby crawls around at 4 and gets into the ring at 6. Anthony stands at 9 and springs in at 9.5! Darby gets around and flips over, THROWBACK STUNNER! Darby roars as he goes to the top rope. COFFIN DROP!! Cover, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Darby gets a big win in his return, but wait! Here comes Brian Cage! The Machine drags Darby out of the ring to GERMAN SUPLEX him back in! The FTW Champion drags Darby up, reels him in, but Anthony defends Darby? Cage shoves Anthony, and Starks drags Anthony out?! Starks POSTS Anthony while Cage BOMBS Darby! And then BOMBS him again! Then hands him off to the ABSOLUTE DOMINATOR! The two fist bump, did Taz orchestrate this alliance? Taz says we will all learn what this is tomorrow night on Dynamite. “We are just getting warmed up!”


The Butcher & The Blade VS Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates!

Andy Williams & Braxton Sutter have been feeling really good since taking FTR’s truck and winning alongside the Lucha Brothers. But they’re going to face the Young Bucks in Falls Count Anywhere for Dynamite! Will the Dungeon Master and Librarian simply be an appetizer before that incredible main course?

The teams sort out, Blade starts against Cutler and they tie up. Blade powers Cutler to a corner, grinds forearms in, then throws a sucker punch as the ref tries to break things up. Blade stomps Cutler then clubs him down. The ref backs Blade off and Cutler kicks back! Cutler fires off fast hands but Blade knees low. Blade runs, Cutler follows but Blade dodges to waistlock. Cutler bucks Blade off and slingshots out to then springboard in for the flying forearm! Cutler brings Blade over to the corner and tags Avalon in. Blade scrambles away to tag in The Butcher. Butcher and Avalon circle and tie up. Avalon headlocks, Butcher powers out and runs Avalon over! Things speed up, Avalon leaps but into Butcher’s bearhug!

Tag to Blade, Butcher atomic drops and Blade runs to clothesline him down! Cover, ONE, but Blade keeps close on Avalon. Blade brings Avalon up to CHOP! Tag to Butcher, Butcher fireman’s carries but Avalon slips off to shove Butcher into Blade! Avalon runs, ducks and dodges to dropkick back! Avalon runs, Butcher sends him out to the apron but Cutler tags in. Avalon slingshots and sunset flips Butcher and Cutler jackknifes, TWO! Cutler tags Avalon back in, they try to double suplex but Butcher double suplexes them! Blade tags in and clotheslines Cutler out! Avalon CHOPS Blade then whips, but Blade reverses to hotshot Avalon! Butcher tags in to LARIAT Avalon down! Cover, TWO!

Butcher rains down rights on Avalon then drags him back up. Butcher whips Avalon HARD into buckles then tags in Blade. The mercs drag Avalon up to CHOP then CHOKE Avalon! The ref backs Blade off but Butcher gets his own choke in! Avalon sputters as Blade chokes him on the ropes. The ref counts, Blade lets off and tags in Butcher. Butcher drags Avalon up and suplexes, to hold Avalon before a big slam! Cover, TWO! Leva is relieved but Butcher throws Avalon out. Butcher stalks Avalon, brings him up but Leva leaps off the apron! Butcher catches her but Avalon DIVES to topple them over! Butcher manages to get up and tag Blade in. Blade drags Avalon back but Avalon kicks Blade away to tag Cutler in!

Cutler rallies on Blade with clotheslines and a whip. Blade reverses but Cutler leaps to forearm Blade down! Cutler runs, blocks the boots and turns Blade to kick! Butcher runs in but only gets buckles as Cutler goes out. Cutler roundhouses Butcher away to then slingshot draping leg drop on Blade! Cutler dodges Butcher to go up and QUEBRADA! A bit sketchy but Butcher goes down. Cutler runs to DIVE and hit Blade into barriers! Cutler puts Blade back in, and Avalon tags as Cutler FLIES! Cutler takes out Butcher and Avalon climbs up top. FROG SPLASH onto Blade! Cover, TWO!! Blade survives and Avalon is frustrated.

Avalon runs, Cutler tags in before the Marti-KNEES! SPRINGBOARD FROGGY-BOW! But Cutler can’t cover after that rough landing. Cutler stands and Blade is on the ropes. The ref notices a book ended up in the ring and asks what happened. Cutler has no idea, but then Avalon BOOK SMACKS Blade! Cutler doesn’t like the cheating, this has been an issue between these two. But Butcher CROSSBODIES Avalon down! Blade back drops Cutler and tags in Butcher! FULL DEATH!! Cover, The Butcher & Blade win!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

A last minute misstep cost Cutler and Avalon, but then Avalon gets the suplex to POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! “You see that, Bucks?! You see that!?” These two are coming for Matt and Nick, but where in the arena will that heated battle end?

My Thoughts:

A really good Dark with some really good follow-up from Fight for the Fallen. It was clear Ricky Starts was going to join up with Taz and Cage at some point, so it was great to see them officially establish that here. Darby and Anthony had a great match to lead into that, and it’s pretty clear Taz’s special announcement for this week’s Dynamite will be about his stable growing stronger. I hope Moxley helps Darby out to have a tag match with Taz’s team, it just makes sense. Starks himself had a really good match with Hobbs to keep his own momentum going, and his finisher is great stuff! Cody’s TNT Championship opponent hasn’t been named but Starks seems perfect to come back around at some point.

The Nightmare Sisters had a good promo to keep the dysfunction going, and I’m glad Brandi is putting forth the AEW Women’s Tag Division story. I feel like a completely different team will take the eventual titles, though, in the same way SCU took the men’s titles instead of The Young Bucks. Shida had a good match with Chanel and obviously wins. I look forward to her having a lot of fresh match-ups with the women that have come into AEW. Diamante has a good match with KiLynn King and also gets her first win in AEW without any real fanfare. Diamante and Ivelisse will have a great match, but I am pretty sure I saw them hanging out in the crowd together last week so I fully expect them to become a team for the coming women’s tag division. They might even be the team to come out of nowhere and take those titles.

Sabian has a good match against Hollis and actually wins cleanly. He might be good for an Open Challenge against Cody. Best Friends had a good match with Pierce and “Sabby,” and I’m glad to see Tino Sabbatelli wrestling somewhere televised. Sabby and Pierce could probably stick together as a team of strong and in-shape young wrestlers. Scorpio and Solow have a real good match but Scorpio keeps his win streak going. Between him and Starks, one of them has to get that TNT Championship next. In fact, I’d love if Cody’s opponent tomorrow is Scorpio as a great surprise. The tag team main event was really good, as Avalon and Cutler are still a very strong team despite always losing. It seems a real shame the only reason they lost is the disagreement over cheating, but that is a fitting way to get back to having Cutler VS Avalon as I was expecting. Blade and Butcher get a strong win, that Falls Count Anywhere is going to be wild, but I would think The Bucks win to make up for Fyter Fest’s 8 Man Tag loss.

My Score: 8.4/10

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