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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (7/22/20)

Who faces The American Nightmare for the TNT Championship?



AEW Dynamite Coverage

AEW has another explosive night ahead of them!

Jon Moxley still has his AEW World Championship, what is next for The Maniac this summer? How will Taz and Brian Cage respond to Darby Allin’s return?


  • AEW TNT Championship Open Challenge: Cody Rhodes VS ???; changed to…
  • AEW TNT Championship No Disqualifications: Cody Rhodes VS Eddie Kingston; Cody wins and retains the AEW TNT Championship.
  • MJF w/ Wardlow VS Griff Garrison; MJF wins.
  • Falls Count Anywhere Tag: The Young Bucks VS The Butcher & The Blade; The Young Bucks win.
  • Diamante VS Ivelisse Velez; Diamante wins.
  • Hangman Page VS Number Five; Hangman wins.
  • The Inner Circle VS Jurassic Express; The Inner Circle wins.


AEW TNT Championship Open Challenge: Cody Rhodes VS ???

Why waste time waiting? The American Nightmare and Coach Arn Anderson are already in the ring to put this title on the line! But against who? “Nah, nah, nah, nah! No, no, no!” Eddie Kingston is here?! Evolve’s 18 YEAR veteran is making an AEW debut. “You talk about grinding, you talk about living this rough life, all that jazz!” It’s easy to say that when you grew up around “used to be legends” like Arn! Arn keeps glaring at Kingston like that, he’ll knock Arn’s jaw right off his face. But you know what Kingston grew up around? Alcoholics, junkies and all that! Kingston learned how to survive and grind! Cody couldn’t last a day in Kingston’s shoes, so you don’t say nothing about grinding!

And Cody wants to talk “the sport of pro-wrestling? That’s a joke!” Everyone Cody has ever faced has been a child. Kingston is a “grown ass man,” and will put Cody in the ground with a smile. But the best part is, Cody’s best buddy, the boss around here, Tony Khan? Khan paid Kingston to show up, and now he’s paying Kingston to kick Cody’s ass and take that title. But Arn, Kingston swears on his beautiful mother’s eyes, if you don’t shut up, Kingston will gouge Arn’s eyes out! Kingston keeps speaking because this is his time. Cody’s had his so relax. Khan told Kingston, if he wants No Disqualifications, that’s fine. So long as Cody accepts. So either Cody is “an egg sucking dog, or an egg sucking b*tch. Oh my God, I said something.”

Cody isn’t just riled up, he is DEMANDING to accept that added challenge! It is made official, for the first time ever, Cody Rhodes VS Eddie Kingston, for the TNT Championship, under NO DISQUALIFICATIONS!! Does the workhorse schedule stop here?

AEW TNT Championship No Disqualifications: Cody Rhodes VS Eddie Kingston!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Kingston CLOBBERS Cody before the bell! Kingston drags Cody out as the bell rings, and starts clubbing away on him at ringside! Cody hits back and the two brawl around the way. Kingston rakes Cody’s eyes, rips Cody’s shirt and CHOPS him against the apron! Cody CHOPS back and throws haymakers! Kingston CHOPS again, then fish hooks Cody into the headlock. Kingston brings Cody around but Cody pops out to club him back. Cody rakes Kingston’s face and bumps him off the apron. Cody throws hands then throws Kingston back in the ring. Kingston gets Cody and trips him for a ground ‘n’ pound!

The crowd boos as Cody gets away. Kingston grins as he CHOPS Cody in the corner, over and over and over! Kingston talks smack to Arn but Cody kicks and uppercuts back! Cody ducks the back hand to springboard, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! Kingston bails out but Cody takes aim, to DIVE! Direct hit send Kingston into barriers! Cody ROCKS Kingston with a right, puts him back in and heads to a corner. Cody climbs, leaps, missile dropkick! Off comes the weight belt! Kingston bails out but Cody pursues, only for Kingston to kick low. Kingston grabs the belt to LASH Cody first! Cody just fires up, but Kingston CHOPS and LASHES again! Free souvenir!

Kingston hobbles but he rips the floor mats up! He wants exposed concrete, and reels Cody in. Cody back drops Kingston onto the concrete! Kingston clutches his knee while Cody has to lean on the apron. Cody drags Kingston up, throws BIG haymakers, then headlocks him for more! Kingston goes after ears and eyes! Kingston puts Cody in, pursues and CLOBBERS him! Kingston drags Cody up for a SAIDO! Both men are down and the crowd is thunderous! Cody gets to a corner and Kingston fires off fast hands! Kingston SLAPS Cody but Cody SLAPS back! Kingston throws more body shots and Cody drops!

Kingston hobbles as Cody crawls. Kingston boots Cody down but Cody gets back up. Kingston keeps booting Cody, telling him to stay down. He clubs Cody on the back and wraps him up in a chinlock. The crowd rallies, Cody endures and fights up, but Kingston just CLUBS away on the back! Kingston smirks despite still hobbling. Cody crawls to ropes, Kingston hurries after and brings him against the ropes to then throw a clubbing crossface. Kingston throws more crossfaces, then heavy body shots. Cody clutches his ribs while Kingston barks at Arn. Cody kicks the bad leg and runs, but into a LARIAT! Kingston still has to hobble his way to Cody for the stretch plum! Cody endures, the crowd rallies up, and Cody throws hands to get free!

Cody gets up, Kingston CHOPS him! Cody CHOPS and throws haymakers! Kingston stays up but Cody ROCKS him! Kingston snapmares and KICKS Cody in the back! Kingston gets the bad leg moving as he looms over Cody. Kingston drags Cody around, back to the stretch plum! Cody endures, fights up, pops out and throws hands! Cody back hands, body shots, but Kingston pokes his eyes! The crowd boos but Cody back suplexes. Cody slips out to chop block the bad leg! Cody drags Kingston up, bumps him off buckles and then whips corner to corner. Kingston can’t run on the bad leg, so Cody walks up, into a LOW BLOW! Kingston says he’s just that smart. Kingston drags Cody up for a DDT!

Kingston grins as he goes outside and looks under the ring. He brings out a satchel! What’s in the bag? Kingston brings it into the ring, says a prayer, and pours out THUMBTACKS! Kingston stalks Cody and CLUBS him on the back! Kingston chokes Cody on the ropes as he dares him to fight back! “Hit me!” Kingston CHOPS then scoops Cody, but Cody slips out to dropkick the bad leg! Cody turns Kingston around with the inverted Gory Especial, but Kingston slips out! Kingston CHOPS Cody, brings him in, to POWERBOMB Cody onto the tacks!! Arn is feeling the pain on that one! Cody has tacks in his arms and back and even the crowd is wincing. Kingston keeps on Cody with a SAIDO onto tacks! But Cody fires up to LARIAT!!

Both men are down and the crowd is thunderous! Cody gets up, tacks still in his back, and he wraps Kingston’s leg. But Kingston SLAPS away, so Cody SLAPS back! Cody fires off hands, grabs the legs, FIGURE FOUR!! Kingston endures even as he and Cody are in the tacks! Kingston TAPS, Cody wins!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by submission (still AEW TNT Champion)

That was extreme to say the least! Cody is undefeated as champion, but this was his toughest match yet! What will it take to finally break the American Nightmare? As for Eddie Kingston, will he continue to fight his heart out to stay on this level?


Jon Moxley speaks.

“In a business where historically, so many people are completely full of it, I pride myself on keeping it real. I’m a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of guy, so if I tell you I’m gonna do something, I do it.” When Mox told Taz he’d try to rip Brian Cage’s arm in two, that’s what he did. Taz is Manager of the Year, though. Moxley had Cage’s arm locked up tight and felt the tendons snapping, a feeling Moxley loves, and with Cage this close to another six months of rehab, taking painkillers, arm in a sling, “the whole nine,” but was denied the satisfaction of Cage’s bicep popping like a balloon, because admittedly, Taz made the right move. Taz saved Cage that time, but next time? Moxley ain’t letting go. Will Taz and The Machine think better before trying Moxley again?


MJF w/ Wardlow VS Griff Garrison!

The Salt of the Earth returns to action because in 1v1 competition, he is still undefeated. The Dynamite Diamond Ringbearer grabs a mic to speak. “Guys, the mic’s in my hand so that means shut up. That’s not that complicated at all.” Maxwell Jacob Friedman looks at the #IvyLeagueMVP and compliments how “jacked” he looks. Ready to go, huh? Shaking at the knees for being nervous, but that’s understandable taking on a prodigy. BUT a prodigy with a heart of gold. That’s why MJF is going to give him a chance to talk about “Jungle Man.” Um, that’s not his name. This is Griff Garrison. MJF mocks Griff, “apologizes” for getting the name, and mocks Griff for “prancing around pretending to be the ‘Ivy League MVP.'” Seriously? Griff looks like he didn’t even graduate finger painting.

But this is getting off on the wrong foot. This is a big moment for Griff, so he should tell all the folks back home how cool it is to share the ring with someone undefeated. Didn’t MJF lose that tag match at Fyter Fest, though? Well, Griff, that’s a good point. And then MJF BASHES Griff with the mic! The bell rings to get this underway, will MJF make Griff pay for that comment?

MJF stomps Griff in the corner but the ref counts. MJF whips Griff corner to corner and wrings him out into the buckles! “Take notes!” The crowd boos and jeers but MJF grinds his boots into Griff at the corner. The ref counts, MJF lets up and goes back to Griff for an OVERHEAD suplex! MJF sneers as he looms over Griff. MJF stands on Griff’s hand then runs to drop a knee on Griff’s head! MJF stares out at the crowd as AEW goes picture in picture, #MJFBetterThanYou.

Griff flounders to ropes but MJF stalks up behind him. MJF CLAWS Griff’s back, circles him like a shark, and stands on Griff’s foot. MJF STOMPS the ankle and Griff clutches the leg. Griff hits back with furious body shots but they don’t do a thing to MJF. MJF clubs Griff down, then drags him up to DECK him! MJF poses to soak up the heat before going back to Griff. He fish hooks Griff’s face but the ref reprimands. MJF keeps Griff from getting the ropebreak and BITES that hand! The ref reprimands  and counts but MJF stops at 4. MJF goes back to Griff to bring him up and throw him out! MJF takes his time following after, and whips Griff hard into barriers! Wardlow chuckles while MJF gets in the face of Will Hobbs in the crowd.

MJF returns to Griff as he crawls and stomps him down. MJF hears the ring count and refreshes it before fetching Griff. Griff hits harder but MJF still elbows him back down. MJF brings Griff up as AEW returns to single picture, and POSTS the Ivy League MVP! MJF drags Griff up again and finally puts him back in the ring. MJF grabs a mic to say, “Okay, okay, okay. Hold on. Griff, I think we got off on the wrong foot, and for that I’m sorry.” He lost his temper. Griff said something that upset MJF about the Fyter Fest loss. MJF didn’t lose, because he’s never been pinned or submitted, so that means he is undefeated! Tell the people at home, Griff. Griff swats the mic away, so MJF stands on Griff’s hand! Good moxie, but how about telling the people at home he’s undefeated?! “Ow, ah!” Oh, sorry, not the right answer! MJF stomps Griff down again.

MJF demands Griff tell the world MJF is undefeated! “You’re un…” What was that?! We couldn’t hear you! Say it with your chest!” You’re undefeated!” See? Wasn’t that easy? But then Griff shoves the mic into MJF’s face!! Griff rolls MJF up, TWO!! MJF CLOBBERS Griff for that then rains down angry fists! MJF drags Griff up to put him through ropes, SWINGING PILEDRIVER! The Heatseeker hits, MJF covers, MJF wins!

Winner: MJF, by pinfall

Maxwell Jacob Friedman stays undefeated in singles competition, and storms off with Wardlow in tow. Will this streak continue all the way to a title opportunity?


Tony Schiavone is backstage with Britt Baker’s assistant, Rebel.

A couple weeks ago, Britt Baker needed surgery on her face after Rebel’s hand smacked her in response to Big Swole’s intimidation tactics. Three hours under the knife, what is the medical update? Rebel wants to set the record straight: She is- “Reba! Get in here!” Rebel goes to Britt, who has another Rules of Being a Role Model demonstration prepared. Britt complains someone needs to turn the wheelchair around, even though it should do that on its own. Tony helps Britt turn around, to reveal the nose brace on her face and the two black eyes. “The conspiracy continues.”

We all remember back in April, when Shida “violently” busted Britt’s nose and the blood poured out. Britt still returned the following week as the “much needed face of this women’s division.” And how was she repaid? Her fragile nose was taken advantage of! Flip it, Reba! Rule #4: NEVER Count Out a Role Model. Yes, this “temporary disfigurement” and many conspirators aside, Britt is still set for the biggest comeback of all time. Not unlike Tiger Woods at the 2019 Masters, or Rocky Balboa defeating Drago in Rocky IV, or Michael Jordan returning to the NBA with the Washington Wizards. Tony wants to point something out. Jordan had a good comeback, but the Wizards didn’t make it far. “Why are you being such an as*hole, Tony?”

Rebel calms Britt down, because the point is, Jordan is one of the greatest of all time. Rebel watched Space Jam 19 times, Jordan beats the MonStars every time. Oh shut up! Britt has to start over now. “I am Michael Jordan. Do NOT count me out. Particularly at All Out.” Will the Role Model still roll into All Out at 100% health?


Brian Cage and Taz head to the ring!

The FTW Champion lost the match against Jon Moxley and almost lost his arm, but Taz threw in the towel to spare him. However, Darby Allin made a big return by attacking Cage, but Cage and Ricky Starks got back at him on AEW Dark! “Alright, so here’s the deal!” This has been a very difficult week for Taz and Cage. A lot of heated arguments and discussions, to be honest. And Cage was pretty close to firing Taz. Cooler heads prevailed as Taz explained why he took the orange towel and threw it in, costing Cage the AEW World Championship. The reason why is it was a business decision.

Taz realized that the longer Moxley had that “legitimate, badass armbar,” which Taz will give him credit for, he was not going to let the Machine have his bicep torn again! Taz has gone through that, so he isn’t letting his client suffer through that again! Taz stands by what he did as a business decision, because he assures us all that Cage will never be in that position again! Cage wasn’t going to tap, he didn’t tap, he’s not wired to tap! That’s why he is THE FTW Championship! “No surrender, no quit!” But speaking of never quitting, here comes Darby Allin! He clearly wants payback for Dark, but Ricky Starks CLOBBERS Darby from outta nowhere! Starks and Cage continue where they left off with Darby, and Cage POWERBOMBS Darby on the ramp! And then into the ring!

Starks drags Darby up, ABSOLUTE DOMINATOR! Starks gives Cage Darby’s skateboard then drags Darby back up. But here comes Moxley! With a barbed wire bat!! Mox and “Barb” defend Darby, and Starks has to keep Cage back before this gets any wilder! The battle lines are drawn, is Darby going to ride with the Death Rider against Taz’s stable?


AEW has a new Women’s Tournament in the works!

“This is our opportunity to rise up and show the world what we are made of.” Who steps up to become allies? We all know they can stand on their own, but who will work together to become the best team ever? A 16 woman, 8 team tournament will light up the summer in the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup, “The Deadly Draw!”


Backstage interview with The Inner Circle!

Chris Jericho is still wearing the orange juice stained suit jacket and tells Alex Marvez to shut up because he doesn’t want to hear the dumb questions. Instead, Jericho has a question for him. “What color is this jacket?” Orange. And what is it supposed to be? White. Exactly! It was white, and it cost $7000! Now it’s ruined because of Orange Cassidy. So now Jericho will ruin Cassidy’s career. He wants to embarrass the #DemoGod on national TV? Jericho will embarrass him! And the Inner Circle will embarrass Jurassic Express because they thought it was funny that Le Champion got drenched in juice. Marko Stunt called Jericho an idiot and thought it was funny! Well you know what else is funny? Stunt’s mutated, bulbous head and Jungle Boy’s “stupid sideburns straight out of a 70’s stag film!”

And guess what else is funny. The Luchasaurus not really being a dinosaur. “Sorry, kids.” But either way, the Jurassic Express goes extinct. By the way, does Jericho still smell like orange juice? Santana says yes. “DAMN IT!” Well, Santana wasn’t going to lie…


The Young Bucks lead a referee and cameras backstage.

They don’t want to start Falls Count Anywhere in the ring, they want this started NOW! Matt & Nick Jackson storm into the kitchen and find the Butcher and the Blade, well, butchering some meat. Andy Williams and Braxton Sutter wash up and skip the wrist tape to oblige! This match can go anywhere in the entire arena, where does it end?

Falls Count Anywhere Tag: The Young Bucks VS The Butcher & The Blade!

The bell rings and it’s a brawl! Butcher rams Matt into the freezer door while Blade whips Nick at the cart. Nick hops over without tipping it over, then kicks it into Blade! The meat spills and Nick smacks Blade off the cart to then climb and leap at Butcher. Butcher catches Nick and tosses him to Blade’s gutbuster! Blade gut wrenches Nick to BOMB him onto the cart! Butcher covers, TWO! Matt hits Blade and Butcher back, takes the T-Bone and SLAPS Blade with it. Then he takes the sirloin to SLAP Butcher! Matt keeps hitting, cravats Butcher and uses the freezer door for Sliced Bread! But Butcher powers out of it and Blade kicks low!

The mercs take Matt to a different cart and double suplex him onto it! Cover, TWO! Butcher drags Matt off the cart and brings him to the door. Blade fetches Nick and brings him along. Things go back to the concourse and they brawl along. Butcher bumps Matt off pillars, Blade adds Nick! Butcher and Blade fetch a trolley and ride at the Bucks, but the Bucks move and Blade crashes into pillar! The Bucks go after Butcher with haymakers and forearms! They fight him down to a table and sit him down. Matt holds a tray in place, Nick SHINING WIZARDS it into Butcher! Blade returns to brawl with Matt and head towards the arena. Butcher and Nick follow after, Butcher throwing Nick into the side of a production truck!

Butcher and Blade both lift Matt to toss him into the truck! Nick staggers around but Butcher kicks him first. Butcher scoops Nick to LAWN DART him into his own picture on the truck trailer door! Blade and Butcher go back to Matt, but he comes FLYING out! Direct hit and Matt topples them both down! Matt hobbles up and Nick returns. They drag Blade around to whip him into the pop-up Cracker Barrel’s Plexiglas! Blade drags himself along the counter while the Bucks go after Butcher. They drag Butcher to join Blade but Butcher fights back. Nick uses a tray to SMACK Butcher! The Bucks put Butcher on the table and clear some counter space, for a metal tray senton! The table topples over with Butcher on it, and now the Bucks target the crawling Blade.

Blade gets to the escalators but the Bucks catch up. Blade wants mercy but he gets DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Blade is out as he rides the escalator up! The Bucks have control in this chaotic match and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and the Bucks have brought Butcher to ringside. They club, kick and punch, then work together to give Butcher Sliced Bread! And a SHINING WIZARD! The crowd cheers as The Bucks drag Butcher up. Matt tries the gut wrench but Butcher fights it off. Butcher bumps Matt off the apron, then dodges Nick’s Pescado! Nick hits the floor, Butcher clubs Matt. Blade returns and has a chair! He SMACKS Matt then JAMS and SMACKS Nick! Butcher brings out a table while Blade keeps on Nick with forearms and CHOPS! The cameraman is almost a casualty of the brawl but Butcher helps Blade whip Nick at barriers. Nick leaps those, only to crash into the next layer of railing!

Butcher and Blade take Matt to the table, but Matt fights out of the bomb and up to the apron. Matt boots Butcher and kicks Blade away, to then THROWBACK CUTTER Blade to the floor! Nick LEAPS from the stair railing to windmill kick Butcher down! “This is Awesome!” but far from over as the Bucks fetch a second table. They set that up against other railing, bring Butcher up and attempt a double suplex. Butcher fights it off to double suplex the Bucks! Butcher clubs Matt down then whips Nick into railing. Butcher throws more forearms on Matt and sets him up against the first table. Blade FLIES but Matt moves, Blade clips the table! Butcher hurries to crossbody Matt through the other table!

The crowd loses their minds over all that while Butcher drags Matt back up. Butcher puts Matt in the ring, but Nick returns. Butcher pump handles Matt but Matt slips out to drop toehold Butcher onto ropes! Nick THROWS the chair into Butcher’s face! Matt and Nick regroup, Matt rams Butcher into the buckle for Nick to SHINING WIZARD! Nick keeps going as he enziguris, forearms and bulldogs into Matt’s dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Butcher survives but the Bucks keep going. The crowd cheers for “A E DUB!” as Matt puts on the SHARPSHOOTER! Nick adds on the CROSSFACE! But Blade returns to attack them both! Blade kicks Nick and puts him in a corner. Blade suplexes Nick to hang him out to dry! He clotheslines Matt out to the ramp side, then regroups with Butcher.

Butcher and Blade go after Matt on the ramp and give him the POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER to the ramp! Matt writhes but the mercs aren’t done. They each go to a different tunnel and start rummaging around. They each bring out a table! Nick returns to attack Butcher first! Nick stomps but Butcher kicks back. Nick jawbreakers and Butcher staggers. Matt stops Blade and clubs him down. The Bucks set up a table each but Butcher and Blade hit them first. Blade CHOPS and Butcher kicks. The mercs suplex a Buck each but the Bucks slips out and shove Butcher and Blade into each other! SUPERKICKS for Butcher! Blade ROCKS Matt but Nick SUPERKICKS Blade! The Bucks duck Butcher to DOUBLE SUPERKICK again!

The Bucks focus on Blade and give him BTE TRIGGER!! Blade is out but they still drag him onto a table. The Bucks then aim at Butcher, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS again! Butcher is put on the other table, and then each Buck goes up the scaffolding! Each Buck is on top of a tunnel, aimed at a table! Matt MACHO ELBOWS and Nick SWANTON BOMBS, both go through the tables!! Double cover on the mercs, The Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall

All four men risked so much in that fight, and in the end, The Bucks stop on stage! Will they rise back up to another fight for the AEW World Tag Team Championships?


Backstage interview with Jake the Snake Roberts and Lance Archer.

One week after Fight for the Fallen, and the Murderhawk Monster doesn’t have anything to do. Alex Marvez asks on behalf of us all what’s next, but Archer grabs him by the collar! He brings Marvez to the locker room, and Archer just annihilates the random wrestlers inside! Jake says Marvez wanted to know what’s going on, and says that he and Archer are growing so frustrated right now. Archer boots one man into a locker, scoops another and slams him onto a chair, then takes another to TOSS into the ceiling! Does Marvez understand fear? Sooner or later, someone has to step up and take this on. Archer says “Anybody in AEW, it doesn’t matter who.” But Archer and The Snake decide when #EverybodyDies.


Diamante VS Ivelisse Velez!

Two lethal Latinas are about to battle for the first time ever on AEW! Diamante got her first ever win on Dark, but will she already give up a loss to the Baddest Bitch?

Ivelisse gets in Diamante’s face and the two start jawing, but then Ivelisse ROCKS Diamante with a right! The bell rings to get this on record as Ivelisse fires off furious fists! “Everybody wanna be Ivelisse!” But Diamante hits back with the same fury! Ivelisse runs into Diamante’s arm-drag but Diamante walks into Ivelisse’s back kick. Ivelisse brings Diamante up for a springboard arm-drag and then eggs her on. Ivelisse brings Diamante up but Diamante hits back. Diamante waistlocks, Ivelisse elbows and switches to shove Diamante to ropes. Diamante wheelbarrows  and arm-drags Ivelisse back! Ivelisse runs back but Diamante dodges to huricanrana! Ivelisse gets to a corner but Diamante runs in to elbow Ivelisse!

Diamante keeps on Ivelisse with elbows and uppercuts! Diamante runs corner to corner but Ivelisse dodges to elbow back! Ivelisse elbows over and over and over, then takes aim to run in again. Diamante boots her back and dropkicks her down! Ivelisse gets up in a corner and bails out before Diamante runs in. Diamante keeps her eyes on Ivelisse, but Ivelisse ducks, expecting the slide. Diamante slides this time, but Ivelisse still blocks the dropkick, drags Diamante out and CHOPS her back! Diamante grits her teeth as Ivelisse boasts for Puerto Rico. Diamante CHOPS back and stands up for Cuba! Diamante throws Ivelisse into barriers, then into the apron! Diamante CHOPS Ivelisse again, but Ivelisse CHOPS back!

Ivelisse CHOPS Diamante against the apron but Diamante throws her into the apron. The ring count is at 7, Diamante refreshes it, and goes after Ivelisse with clubbing forearms. Diamante puts Ivelisse in hard then gets up, only for Ivelisse to intercept at the apron. Ivelisse kicks the legs out to BUZZSAW Diamante into the ring! Ivelisse covers, TWO! The crowd rallies but Ivelisse drags Diamante up to KICK in the back. Diamante grits her teeth but Ivelisse drops down on her with a chinlock. Diamante endures the grind and the crowd rallies up. Diamante fights up, fights out and cravats back. Ivelisse endures the crank, throws body shots until she’s free then throws forearms. Ivelisse CHOPS but Diamante scowls. Diamante CHOPS back!

We have a CHOP fight as they go back and forth, faster and faster! Neither woman backs down, but they do slow down. They go forehead to forehead and Ivelisse SLAPS Diamante! Diamante SLAPS back! Ivelisse ROUNDHOUSES! Diamante stays up to ROUNDHOUSE back! Ivelisse wobbles and Diamante rallies with clotheslines! GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Diamante can’t believe it but the crowd rallies up. Diamante sits up first but Ivelisse follows. Diamante drags Ivelisse in but Ivelisse reverses to back suplex BOMB! High stack, TWO! Ivelisse can’t believe Diamante survives but she pushes her around. Ivelisse runs, Diamante cradle counters! DIAMANTE WINS!

Winner: Diamante, by pinfall

What a shocker! At least, to everyone but Diamante! The Diamond in the Rough catches Ivelisse off guard, will she rise up the ranks towards Hikaru Shida and the AEW Women’s Championship?


AEW hears from Big Swole.

While on suspension at her home in Orlando, Aerial Monroe tells us, “What pisses me off is that fact that YOU,” Britt Baker, think you can get away with anything and everything. But actions have consequences, “little girl.” And in Swole’s world, she’s the one who gives out those consequences. Sooner or later, Britt’s “frail ass gonna have to meet me in that ring.” And guess what, little Brittany? “Swole don’t mind waiting.” How long will Swole have to wait before she can get her hands on The Role Model in the ring?


Hangman Page VS Number Five!

The Cowboy had the night off last week to enjoy a drink at the bar, but now he’s back in action! Will he show Alan Angels that his decision to #JoinDarkOrder means nothing?

The bell rings, and conspicuous by their absence is the rest of the Dark Order. Angels circles with Hangman and Hangman ducks the roundhouse! Hangman grins and has to admit that was a good one. Hangman blocks the next try to DECK Angels with that right! And then he CHOPS Angels and DECKS him again! Angels flounders back up, ducks the chop to give a CHOP Hangman grins and shrugs that off to CHOP again! Angels falls, Hangman brings him up and back suplexes but Angels lands on his feet. Angels shoves, tries to rip but has to hurdle. Things keep moving, Hangman handsprings to BOOT Angels down! Hangman dusts off his boot after that one.

Hangman brings Angels up, snap suplexes then floats to the cover, TWO! Angels sputters but Hangman keeps on him with a whip. Angels reverses, runs in and knees Hangman down. Angels drags Hangman up to whip corner to corner, then runs in again, but is put on the apron. Hangman runs, triangle lariat misses, as does the next clothesline, but Angels hits his enziguri! Only for Hangman to BOOT him to the barriers! Hangman takes his time fetching Angels and throwing him into more barriers! Hangman drags Angels up to snake eyes him on the railing! The ring count passes 5 and Hangman puts Number Five in the ring. Hangman takes a moment to breathe, and now The Dark Order appears. Hangman asks Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, and Numbers 3, 4 and 10 if they want something, while AEW goes picture in picture, #AEWHangmanFive.

Uno, Grayson and the Numbers glare at Hangman as he gets on the apron. Angels kicks the ropes to jam Hangman! Then he brings Hangman around to dropkick him! Hangman dangles and Angels climbs, for a GUILLOTINE ELBOW! Hangman hits the apron on the way down and the Dark Order applauds. Angels shoves Hangman in and goes after Hangman with haymakers and stomps. The ref counts, Angels stops at 4 to then come back. Hangman CHOPS but Angels kicks low and drops Hangman with a neckbreaker! Cover, ONE, but Angels keeps on Hangman with a choke! The ref counts, Angels lets up and drops down on Hangman. Angels climbs the corner now, leaps, but misses the double stomps! Hangman pop-up FLAPJACKS Angels down!

Hangman catches his breath now and paces around Angels. Hangman dead lift pump handles Angels for a squat and FALL AWAY SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Hangman keeps his cool while he brings Angels up. Hangman throws Angels out but Angels shoulders back in. Angels steps in to dropkick Hangman down! Angels hobbles over as AEW returns to single picture and he rains down furious left hands. Hangman shoves him away but Angels uses Hangman’s own body for a step stool senton! Then Angels goes to the corner, MOONSAULT onto knees! Hangman grits his teeth and puts some stank on the CHOP! Hangman whips Angels corner to corner, Angels goes up and over and things speed up.

Angels ducks, fires off fists and kicks to then enziguri! Angels kips up and runs, but Hangman follows to LARIAT him down! The Dark Order is a bit shocked as Hangman aims at Angels. Hangman runs, blocks the boot to corner clothesline! Hangman whips Angels and scoops him for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman kips up and the crowd fires up. Angels staggers into the ROLLING ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Angels survives and Hangman is actually having fun. Hangman drags Angels up to whip and pop-up POWERBOMB! High stack, Hangman wins!

Winner: Hangman Page, by pinfall

Uno seems rather embarrassed for Angels and Grayson is upset. Will Mr. Brodie Lee be even more upset with these results? Hangman dares the Dark Order to do something, but they don’t take him up on the offer. Finally, Brodie and Colt Cabana appear! Brodie has a mic and joins Hangman in the ring. “Mr. Page, I have been nothing but impressed with you.” This match was impressive. Hangman’s rise to stardom is impressive. But what isn’t impressive is Hangman’s lack of friends and lack of a partner when he is clearly in immediate danger. Brodie isn’t going to hit him, that’s not why he’s here. But Brodie offers Hangman a spot in the Dark Order. The Dark Order would never leave Hangman alone at a bar or in the ring. They are here to offer him that protection.

Hangman is given the mic and appreciates the compliments. And he appreciates the offer of friendship, but Hangman isn’t really ready to “join a cult” right now. Brodie takes the mic back and tells the Cowboy that he just made his bed, and hopes he enjoys sleeping in it. Brodie takes his leave, with Cabana right by his side and Number 10, Preston Vance, right behind. The rest of the Dark Order head to the ring now, and the numbers are literally not in Hangman’s favor. But Hangman doesn’t care, he throws haymakers! He’s 4v1 and that doesn’t go well! Grayson rains down rights while the Beaver Boys stomp away! But here comes FTR!

Cash Wheel chucks a cooler at Numbers 3 and 4, and the beer and ice goes everywhere! Then he and Dax Harwood brawl with Uno and Grayson! FTR runs off the Dark Order and stands tall with Hangman! Only now does Kenny Omega arrive but the fighting is all over. Omega feels a little awkward about that while Hangman accepts handshakes and a cold one from FTR. Does Mr. Brodie have a point in terms of the AEW World Tag Team Champions? Or is it all just playing into his hands?


AEW has big plans for next week!

What timing with The Dark Order confronting the AEW World Tag Team Champions! Evil Uno and Stu Grayson finally get their shot at these titles against Hangman and Omega! Will the Dark Order have those titles one way or another? As for the AEW Women’s World Champion, Hikaru Shida has another fresh match up as Diamante steps to her! Will Diamante keep the momentum from tonight going when she faces the Samurai?

After the confrontation from tonight, the FTW Champion and the Absolute take on the AEW World Champion and the undead daredevil in a TORNADO Tag Match! Will the Death Rider and Darby take down Taz’s new stable? And the TNT Championship is still with Cody Rhodes, so who answers his Open Challenge next week?


The Inner Circle VS Jurassic Express!

The “Demo God” does not tolerate others laughing at his expense! He’ll deal with Orange Cassidy ruining the $7000 jacket later, because tonight is about him and The Big Hurt, Jake Hager, teaching Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus a lesson for making jokes alongside Marko Stunt. Will Le Champion have the last laugh tonight?

Of course, Santana and Ortiz are with Chris Jericho and Hager, making sure there’s no more giant tanks of juice to be dumped on them. Things are safe, if you ignore Jericho bringing Floyd the bat with him. The teams sort out and Jericho starts against JB. Jericho tells Stunt to watch out as he goes after JB with haymakers! Jericho has JB in the corner, clubs him down then stomps away. The ref counts, Jericho lets off brings JB up to CHOP! And CHOP! Jericho whips, JB goes up and over and arm-drags Jericho around! JB dropkicks Jericho down and is ready to throw hands again! Jericho scrambles to his corner and wants a breather. The crowd rallies for JB as Jericho tags in Hager. JB tags in Luchasaurus, and we have the two titans face to face.

Hager and Luchasaurus square up, and start throwing haymakers! Hager rams Luchasaurus into a corner but Luchasaurus blocks the punches to turn things around. Luchasaurus throws hands but Hager shoves! The slug fest continues, Hager whips but Luchasaurus ducks and runs, the two men COLLIDE and stagger around! Hager gets up but gets a sobat from Luchasaurus! Hager boots, Luchasaurus comes back to ram shoulders. Hager comes back to ram Luchasaurus, but the QUESTION MARK hits! Luchasaurus choke grips, but Hager wheelbarrows to a takedown! Luchasaurus pushes Hager of the ankle lock, then goes to kick! Hager catches the foot for the Ankle Lock! But Hager’s in his own corner, the ref counts and Hager lets go. Tag to Jericho, and Jericho hurries to stomp the legs.

Jericho puts Luchasaurus’ foot on the ropes to springboard and drop down on it! Jericho slaps Luchasaurus, Luchasaurus shoves and ROCKS Jericho with an uppercut! Jericho dropkicks the legs out! Jericho tags Hager back in and they mug Luchasaurus. Hager sits Luchasaurus up, wraps on a chinlock and leans on him. Luchasaurus endures but Hager pushes him down to standing toehold the bad leg. Luchasaurus endures despite how deep the leg is being bent! Luchasaurus gets a ropebreak, Hager holds on until 4. Hager pushes Luchasaurus around and puts him in the Inner Circle corner. Jericho holds Luchasaurus back by his hair while Hager wraps the leg on the ropes. The ref counts but Hager kicks the bad leg.

Hager brings Luchasaurus up but Luchasaurus fights back! He elbows Jericho and haymakers Hager, but Hager chop blocks the leg from the front! The Inner Circle cheers itself on while the fans boo. Hager brings Luchasaurus up, whips him corner to corner but Luchasaurus reverses. Hager stops himself from running into buckles, but turns around to collide with Luchasaurus! Both men wobble, and they double clothesline! Both men are down, the ref checks on them both but Stunt and the crowd rally up. Luchasaurus and Hager crawl, hot tags to Jericho and Jungle Boy! JB rallies, tilt-o-whirl headscissors Jericho and dropkicks Hager down! SNAP-RANA to a cover, TWO!!

JB keeps on Jericho with clubbing forearms and kicks. Jericho reverses the whip but JB dodges and DIVES out onto Santana and Ortiz! JB slingshots and springboards to DDT Jericho down! Cover, but Hager breaks it! The ref backs Hager off but Stunt goes up to FLYING-RANA Jericho into JB’s cradle! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives the Fun-Sized screw job! JB sobats and runs, but Jericho pop-up flapjacks JB down! And DECKS Stunt off the apron! “You see what happens, Marko!?” Jericho grins and soaks up the heat as AEW goes picture in picture, #AEWJurassicCircle.

Jericho and Hager soak up the heat, and Matt Hardy is spotted watching from the bleachers. Jericho taunts JB to tag someone but there’s no one in the corner. Jericho drags JB up and throws haymakers! He shoves JB to the corner and tags in Hager. Hager and Jericho stomp a mudhole into JB but the ref backs Jericho off. Hager kicks JB out for Santana to throw into barriers! Ortiz gets his stomps in before the ref notices. Hardy still watches as Hager drags JB up. JB throws body shots but Hager clubs him down. Hager bumps him off apron and throws him into barriers to then put back in the ring. Hager pursues JB, kicking him away from the Jurassic corner. Hager stands on JB’s hair while he pulls JB’s arms! The ref reprimands, Hager stops to tag in Jericho.

Hager scoop slams JB and Jericho steps on him. Jericho laughs while soaking up the heat, but JB kicks back from the mat! Jericho staggers but he BOOTS JB down! Jericho stomps away on JB in the corner, but stops at the ref’s count. The ref is busy with Jericho as Ortiz and Santana get more cheap shots in! Jericho goes back to JB to drag him up. JB hits back but Jericho clubs him down. Jericho suplexes JB and holds him up as AEW returns to single picture. Jericho drops JB after a count of 10 then covers, TWO! Jericho drags JB away but JB still tries to fight. Jericho SLAPS JB down then corner clotheslines him! Jericho clubs JB down more, then hoists him up top. Jericho CHOPS JB, then climbs up to join him.

Jericho clubs JB over and over, then brings him up to the very top. JB holds on, fights back and GOURD BUSTERS Jericho down! JB adjusts, leaps, and crossbodies! Cover, TWO!! Jericho staggers up and LARIATS JB down! Jericho tags Hager back in, Hager drops big elbows down. Hager chicken wings the arms and cranks on JB but JB endures. Hager keeps shifting position to keep on the arm at different angles. JB resists so Hager just CLUBS him down! The crwod boos but JB kicks from the mat! JB throws haymakers, runs, sunset flips but Hager drags him up to toss him to a corner! JB dodges and Hager gets buckles! But Hager sucker punches Luchasaurus first! Hager drags JB away and tags in Jericho.

Jericho brings Floyd in but the ref warns him not to use it. Jericho doesn’t care but the ref stays in his way. Aubrey Edwards takes the bat, Jericho takes it back, and now Aubrey is in his face! She’s not having his crap so Jericho throws the bat away. Jericho goes back to JB and drags him up for a back suplex! Jericho drags JB back up, but JB cradle counters! TWO, and JB LARIATS Jericho back down! The crowd fires up for JB as he drags himself to ropes. Jericho anchors JB’s feet but JB enziguris him down! JB and Jericho crawl, hot tag to Hager and he intercepts JB! Hager knees JB against ropes over and over, but lets JB drop as the ref counts 4. Hager wraps JB up in a chinlock but JB gets the ropebreak. Hager drags JB from ropes but JB fights back, only for Hager to club him down.

Tag to Jericho and the Inner Circle double CHOP him at the ropes! They double whip, JB turns the double back drop into a DOUBLE DDT! All three men are down but the dinosaur is ready! JB crawls, hot tag to Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies on Jericho, boots and BOOTS Hager! Luchasaurus CHOPS Jericho, CHOPS Hager, CHOPS Hager more, then whips Hager. Hager reverses, Luchasaurus comes back to LARIAT Hager! Luchasaurus grabs Hager by the throat, grabs Jericho, but they both break free. Luchasaurus handsprings under to come back with the TAIL WHIP! Jericho takes the hit, but Hager takes a ROUNDHOUSE! Luchasaurus drags Jericho up, fireman’s carries, EXTINCTION EVENT!

Hager grabs Luchasaurus for a POWERSLAM! JB springboard forearms Hager out of the ring! Jericho LARIATS JB, Stunt climbs up the corner! Santana and Ortiz protest but this only distracts the ref, Stunt missile dropkicks Jericho! Luchasaurus SUPERKICKS Jericho down! Cover, TWO!! Luchasaurus roars and drags Jericho up but Jericho slips out. Jericho shoves, Luchasaurus runs him over, spinning BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives but Luchasaurus looms over him. Luchasaurus wants Jericho to stand but Santana lurks. JB runs and gets help from Luchasaurus to FLYING-RANA Santana onto Ortiz! Luchasaurus choke grips Jericho but Aubrey is busy with things on the outside. SERPENTICO has Floyd?! And he CRACKS Luchasaurus with it!! Is Serpentico now Inner Circle?!

Luchasaurus staggers into Jericho’s CODE BREAKER!! Cover, The Inner Circle wins!!

Winner: The Inner Circle, by pinfall

Serpentico hops in to help The Inner Circle stomp Luchasaurus. JB and Stunt get in but that’s still 5v2, there’s nothing they can do! Jericho scoop slams Stunt while Hager digs his knee into Luchasaurus’ chest! Serpentico climbs up top, Luchasaurus is in place, SHOOTING STAR! But that’s because Serpentico is really… SAMMY GUEVARA! The Spanish God has returned! The Inner Circle is back at full power and they stomp and club and kick the Jurassic Express over and over. But here comes Orange Cassidy! And Best Friends, of course. They run The Inner Circle off, and this just in from Tony Khan! It’ll be an EPIC 10-Man Tag, The Inner Circle VS Jurassic Express, Best Friends & Orange Cassidy! Will Freshly Squeezed and his allies finally shut down Le Champion and his cohorts?

My Thoughts:

A wild episode with a lot of great stuff to keep moving things along. Opening with the TNT Championship was a good move, and what a great surprise to see Eddie Kingston. That was a really good No Disqualification match, but naturally Cody wins to keep his streak going. He’s definitely making it to All Out with that title, and only then will it be a question if he retains. I wonder if Archer’s story of “frustration,” waiting around for AEW wrestlers to accept a match with him is a way of biding time until All Out to give us a rematch from Double Or Nothing. I wouldn’t mind seeing that. MJF is another possibility as he keeps his singles undefeated streak going, really taking it to Griff Garrison who finally gets a Dynamite match. MJF and Cody having history automatically adds to the match quality just on the story.

The Falls Count Anywhere Match between Bucks and Butcher-Blade was great stuff, much like when The Inner Circle had theirs with Kenny Omega and Matt Hardy. The escalator gag was hilarious, for one, and starting out in a kitchen where Butcher and Blade were doing their “other job” was a great choice. I did not expect them to go so hard by the time they actually went to the ring, Blade almost broke himself with that missed table crash. Ending it with double table spots was pretty risky but also incredible. Hangman has a real good match with Angels, Brodie’s appearance and promo was great, and I like that there’s more seeds sown on whether Omega and Hangman are sticking together. Next week’s tag title match will certainly be a pivotal one just on the story now and could go either way.

Speaking of tag matches, it’s great to know that the AEW Women’s Tag Division is happening sooner rather than later. I like that we’re getting a tournament that’s considered a “cup,” suggesting it might even become a tradition like the New Japan Cup or Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. However, why the “Deadly Draw” subtitle? Haven’t we gotten enough unnecessary subtitles to things from WWE right now? It’s little details like this that should show anti-WWE fans that AEW isn’t completely without it’s own weirdness. But the tournament is going to be great, and the teams that will arise should be rather interesting. As I said for AEW Dark, I’m definitely sensing Ivelisse and Diamante join up after their great match tonight. I am pleasantly surprised Diamante won, and she’ll have a really good match with Shida next week, but Shida will win and that will lead Diamante to team with Ivelisse.

Another great tag match is the Tornado Tag for Darby and Moxley against Cage and Starks. This is exactly what I was hoping for before things sort out on a championship story level. Moxley’s promo and Taz’s response/explanation were both great, and it clearly sets up the chance of a rematch for All Out. Starks’ involvement can also be used as a hurdle for Darby to get past before going after Cage, and more than likely for the FTW Championship. We got a great tag team main event tonight, too, though perhaps drawn out to fill for time. I’m curious as to why Hardy was watching this match while he’s supposed to be coaching Private Party. Inner Circle wins thanks to Sammy Serpentico, which is quite the surprise. I didn’t think Sammy’s suspension would fly by so fast but the 5v5 for next week is also going to be wild.

My Score: 9.3/10

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