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Mitchell’s NJPW New Japan Cup 2020 Results & Report Finale!

Who will challenge Double Champion Naito!?



NJPW New Japan Cup 2020

The 2020 New Japan Cup Final is upon us!

NJPW starts a busy weekend by wrapping an incredible New Japan Cup! Naito awaits an opponent for Dominion, but will it be friend or foe?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • 8 Man Tag: Suzuki-Gun VS Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi, Yuji Nagata & Ryusuke Taguchi; Suzuki-Gun wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Chaos; LIJ wins.
  • New Japan Cup Finals: Kazuchika Okada VS EVIL; EVIL wins and will challenge Tetsuya Naito at Dominion.


8 Man Tag: Suzuki-Gun VS Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi, Yuji Nagata & Ryusuke Taguchi!

The Meanest Faction in the World goes up against a rather incredible line-up! The Golden Aces want payback on the Dangerous Tekkers ahead of their IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship defense, but will they get it?

The fans, who are excited just to be back in the building, are very excited to see fan favorites. The teams sort out, ZSJ and Taichi of course egging on Ibushi and Tanahashi. But then Suzuki-Gun bails out? Taguchi complains but Suzuki-Gun says this is how they’re going to choose who starts. Taguchi’s team huddles up, and then breaks. Fans cheer, and in the end, it’s The Ace starting! He dares Taichi or ZSJ to start, and gets the fans rallying already. Taichi accepts the challenge and steps inside. The bell rings and we finally begin!

Taichi and Tanahashi circle but Taichi backs to a neutral corner. The ref keeps Tanahashi back, Taichi comes back, they approach, but ZSJ attacks! Ibushi gets in, he gets attacked, and the ref tries to get the Tekkers to stop. They don’t, and whip Ibushi corner to corner. Ibushi dodges Taichi, elbows ZSJ down then boots Taichi! The fans cheer as Ibushi helps Tanahashi whip Taichi. They double elbow Taichi down, Tanahashi drops an elbow, Ibushi corkscrew splashes, Tanahashi somersault sentons! Cover, TWO! Taichi survives the flurry of offense but the Golden Aces keep calm. Tanahashi scoops and slams Taichi, heads to a corner and hops up. Fans cheer until ZSJ dropkicks him down! Kanemaru and Desperado attack Taguchi and Nagata!

ZSJ drags Tanahashi up, feeds him to Taichi who puts him in double chicken wings. ZSJ hits a dragon screw! Tanahashi is kept standing, so ZSJ can dragon screw the other leg! The ref reprimands, Suzuki-Gun stands down, and Taichi grabs Tanahashi’s leg for a Queen Angelito Stretch! The fans rally and Tanahashi gets a ropebreak. Taichi keeps twisting until the ref gets him to back off. Tag to Kanemaru, he and Taichi stomp Tanahashi’s legs. Kanemaru smashes the knee into the mat, then whips him to rpoes. Basement dropkick takes out the legs, Kanemaru covers, TWO! Kanemaru drags Tanahashi over, ZSJ wraps Tanahashi’s legs against the bottom rope! The rest of Suzuki-Gun blocks the ref and Tanahashi’s team from stopping it!

ZSJ just keeps getting away with the heel hook and toehold in the rope! Ibushi fights through and goes after Taichi! They go after each other’s throats, literally! They spill out, Kanemaru stands on Tanahashi’s head while ZSJ has a hanging kneebar! Taichi whips Ibushi into barriers! Desperado is the only one in the ring now as Taichi feeds Tanahashi in. Desperado has the leg and turns Tanahashi for a Half Crab! Taguchi hops in just to coach Tanahashi up. Desperado can’t even, so he just stomps and cranks Tanahashi’s leg more. Taguchi hops back in, just to coach Tanhashi again. Desperado is annoyed, so he goes for the FULL Crab! He sees Taguchi coming this time and drop toeholds Taguchi onto Tanahashi’s legs!

Desperado throws Taguchi out, tags in Taichi, and Taichi looms over Tanahashi. Taichi talks smack while bringing Tanahashi up but the fans rally. Tanahashi fires forearms back! Taichi KICKS the bad leg! Tanahashi hobbles away and Taichi runs to the corner, but Tanahashi elbows back! And springboard crossbodies! Both men are down, crawl to their corners, but ZSJ hits Ibushi! The ref reprimands ZSJ but it’s too late. Taichi stomps Tanahashi down and taunts him. Taichi goes to kick but Tanahashi blocks to dragon screw back! Both men are down again, the crowd rallies up, hot tag to Blue Justice!

Kanemaru also tags in and dropkicks Nagata’s leg! Nagata stays up so Kanemaru kicks the leg more! Kanemaru throws haymakers but Nagata fires of to DECK Kanemaru! Nagata fires up more to kick and kick and KICK Kanemaru to a corner! Nagata whips Kanemaru corner to corner and BOOTS! Kanemaru blocks the exploder, so Nagata forearms and whips. Kanemaru reverses, Desperado trips Nagata and stomps away! The ref reprimands but Desperado rakes Nagata’s eyes. Desperado whips Nagata corner to corner, runs in, but misses as Nagata goes after Kanemaru with a boot! Desperado kicks Nagata low, whips again, but Nagata reverses to OVERHEAD suplex! Kanemaru kicks then runs, into a boot, but he blocks! Only to get the EXPLODER! Cover, TWO!

Nagata argues the count but two is two! Ibushi tags in and he springboards at Kanemaru for a missile dropkick! Ibushi waits for Kanemaru to get up but ZSJ tags in. ZSJ rushes Ibushi, dodges the boot to throw uppercuts but Ibhshi whips. Things speed up, ZSJ catches Ibushi out of the air! Bow ‘n’ Arrow, Ibushi pops out to cover, ONE! Ibushi strike fest and KICK! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! The fans rally up for Ibushi as he KICKS ZSJ again! And again! He makes ZSJ sit up but ZSJ ducks the buzzsaw to get the leg for a standing heel hook! Ibushi kicks him away, runs into the corner but misses. Ibushi goes up and over, ZSJ keeps up to get the Iron Octopus! Suzuki-Gun goes after the others while Ibushi endures being twisted around!

The fans rally as Taichi chokes Tanahashi and Nagata brawls with Kanemaru. Ibushi drops to a knee, ZSJ cranks even harder, but Tanahashi gets in to stomp ZSJ down! Taichi attacks Tanahashi and kicks him out of the ring. The Tekkers drag Ibushi up, double whip him and then ZSJ runs in to EuroUpper! Taichi adds a clothesline, feeds Ibushi to the scoop, but Ibushi slips out! DOUBLE PELE! The fans are thunderous as Ibushi hot tags Taguchi! Taguchi runs and runs and misses the Funky Weapon. Tag to Desperado and he stomps away on Taguchi. Desperado whips and gives Taguchi the atomic drop! And then the inverted atomic drop! Desperado runs in but into boots! Taguchi comes back, fakes Desperado out, and wags his finger. Then he gets him with Funky Weapon!

Ibushi, Nagata and Tanahashi come in, and Nagata helps Taguchi double whip Desperado corner to corner. Nagata runs in to boot! Tanahshi corner splashes! Ibushi knees! Taguchi fires up as they double whip Desperado back, FUNKY WEAPON! Cover but all of Suzuki-Gun breaks it! Suzuki-Gun gets thrown out, the Golden Aces DOUBLE PLANCHA the Dangerous Tekkers! Taguchi calls upon the power of Nakmaura, for BUM-A-YE!! Cover, TWO!?! Taguchi keeps his cool, brings Desperado up in the double chicken wing, but Desperado victory rolls through! He rolls Taguchi to shove inot the ref! Then he DECKS Taguchi with that right! Underhooks, PINCHE LOCO!! Cover, Suzuki-Gun wins!

Winners: Suzuki-Gun, by pinfall

But the brawling outside is still going! Ibushi gets whipped into barriers and Taichi chokes him with his foot! The Young Lions and referees try to restore order but that’s not so easy with Suzuki-Gun. The Tekkers take the tag titles as if they’ve already won them. Will it be so easy when it’s a normal 2v2?

Ibushi comes back but gets beat down! ZSJ claws Ibushi’s eyes and puts him in a neck CRANK! Taichi talks smack to the crowd but Tanahashi gets in to fight back! Ibushi fights ZSJ off, SLINGBLADE from Tanahashi! Taichi stands to get a combo, DOUBLE POP-UP ELBOW! Will the Golden Aces stay on top after Dominion?


Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Chaos!

The Last Dragon and one half of Roppongi 3K have a NEVER Openweight title match set for Dominion, while Tetsuya Naito prepares for his own massive title defense! Will LIJ’s three champions stay strong against the Stone Pitbull, the Clown Prince of NJPW and Sho the shockmaster?

The teams sort out and we begin with Sho and Shingo in a preview of their title match! Fans are already excited as they tie up and Shingo headlocks. Sho powers out, they collide shoulders but neither falls. Sho runs, Shingo stays solid. Sho throws forearms but Shingo gives them back. Shingo whips, Sho reverses, hurdles and drops to dropkick! Shingo comes back to run him over! The fans cheer as Shingo runs but Sho dodges the sliding lariat. Sho whips Shingo corner to corner then runs in to corner clothesline! Shingo eggs him on so Sho throws forearms and whips again. Shingo reverses but Sho comes back to run him over! Sho stomps away on Shingo then KICKS him in the back! Shingo writhes and Yano fires up as he tags in. Yano mocks Shingo, and goes after a buckle pad!

Shingo stops him before he unties it, whips him away, but Yano reverses, so he can go back to the buckle! The corner is exposed! Shingo runs in but stops himself before hitting the buckles. Red Shoes reprimands, Shingo runs at Yano, Yano dodges and swings the pad. Shingo dodges that but Yano kicks low. Yano talks smack but Shingo smacks the buckle pad away. So Yano rakes Shingo’s eyes! Red Shoes reprimands, Yano runs but Naito gets in to dropkick his legs out! Naito and Hiromu take out Ishii and Sho! Shingo drops elbows on Yano while Ishii and Hiromu brawl outside. Hiromu sends Ishii into barriers then clubs him down. Shingo elbows Yano on the back, cravats and snapmares to then run and hit Sho!

Shingo goes after Sho on the outside, whipping him hard into barriers! Shingo returns to the ring, stomps Yano down, then drags him to the LIJ corner. Naito tags in and fans cheer to have their Double Champion in action. Naito drags Yano up, cravats and cranks on the neck. He puts Yano in a corner, Red Shoes counts but Naito whips Yano corner to corner. Rocket kick and leg sweep, Combinacion Cabron! Naito wrenches Yano’s arm, Hiromu tags in and Hiromu clubs Yano’s arm. Hiromu CHOPS Yano to the exposed corner then whips him corner to corner. Hiromu runs in, corner clothesline and a roll to a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Yano stays in this so Hiromu fireman’s carries. Yano slips off and grabs Hiromu’s hair! Not this again!

Hiromu breaks free and shouts at Yano, but Yano grabs two handfuls of hair! Hiromu breaks free to fire off chops, Hiromu whips, Yano reverses and uses the hair for a takedown! Both men crawl, Ishii tags in. Hiromu fires off forearms but Ishii stays up. Ishii swings, Hiromu dodges, shoulder bump and drop toehold. Ishii dodges the dropkick, swats the mule kick but Hiromu elbows him away. Hiromu runs but Ishii runs him over! Ishii kicks Hiromu but Hiromu gets up to get in his face. Hiromu CHOPS away but they don’t bother Ishii. Ishii backs Hiromu down to CHOP and CHOP! Hiromu fires up to CHOP back! It’s a brand new chop fight! Ishii chops, Hiromu CHOPS!

Hiormu whips, forearms and puts Ishii on the ropes to kick the ropes. Ishii staggers into Hiromu’s shotgun dropkick! Hiromu drags Ishii up but Ishii blocks the suplex. Fans rally as the two men fight for suplex control. Ishii gets Hiromu up all the same, but Hiromu slips out to shove and superkick. Ishii deflects it, forearms, but Hiromu reels him into a German Suplex! Hiromu and Ishii stagger up, Ishii ducks HIromu to German Suplex! Hiromu SUPERKICKS back, but runs into a BACK SUPLEX! Only to get up and dropkick! Fans cheer as both men are down, and rally up as they stir. Shingo barks at Sho and now they’re the two stepping up. Hot tags and the two collide with clotheslines! And again!

Sho drops, Shingo whips him to the bare corner, but Sho boots back. Shingo clotheslines right back! Shingo JABS, CHOPS, repeat! Jab, chop, jab, jab, jab! Sho sits down, Shingo keeps hitting, but lets up at Red Shoes’ orders. Shingo stands on Sho’s head but Red Shoes reprimands. Shingo brings Sho up, whips and knees him, but it’s Sho who suplexes! Sho dead lifts Shingo but Shingo fights back. Sho CLUBS Shingo, then runs, into Shingo’s back elbow and JAB! Shingo swings, Sho dodges and SPEARS! Cover, TWO! Sho keeps focus as he takes aim with the bow. Sho underhook pump handles, but Shingo back drops out! Shingo drags Sho up but Sho breaks free. The two go forehead to forehead. Shingo pie faces, Sho forearms.

Sho eggs Shingo on but Shingo forearms back. Both men keep coming back, forearm for forearm! They pick up speed and the fans love it! Sho gets the edge, eggs Shingo on, but Shingo stands right up! Shingo throws elbows from all sides! Sho comes back with a leaping forearm! Sho runs, into the clothesline! Shingo runs, into a knee! Sho swats one clothesline away, only to get a Southpaw LARIAT! The fans rally up as both men are down. Shingo and Sho crawl for their corners, hot tag to Naito, but he takes his time going after Sho. Naito forearms and whips to hip toss and basement dropkick! Naito brings Sho up to whip again but Sho reverses. Sho runs into a back elbow, but Naito runs into a scoop! Naito slips out, spins Sho but Sho breaks free. Naito dodges but Sho LARIATS back!

The fans rally again, Sho heads for his corner and tags in Yano! Yano fires up and brings Naito up. Yano whips but Naito reverses. Yano stops himself from hitting bare buckles, then dodges Naito to send him into buckles! Yano rolls Naito up, TWO!! Yano brings Naito up and rakes his eyes! Naito rakes eyes back! Roll up, TWO! Naito kicks Yano low, turns him, but Yano pulls hair! Naito hits back, whips Yano to ropes, but Yano reverses and even dodges the flying forearms! Yano shoves Naito at Ishii but Naito hits Ishii first! Naito blocks Yano’s low blow!! Naito brings Yano around but Ishii clubs Naiot from behind! Cover, Hiromu breaks it up! Ishii throws Hiromu out and helps Yano with Naito. They whip him at the exposed corner, back elbow and clothesline! Atomic drop, lariat to roll up! TWO!!!

Naito survives again but Yano calls his shot. Yano lifts Naito but Shingo hits him from behind. Sho goes after Shingo with forearms at the ropes then whips. Shingo reverses, BLOCKS the spear into a DDT! Shingo runs to SLIDING LARIAT! Naito brings Yano back up as Shingo rallies the fans. LIJ double whips Yano, Yano ducks the line to grab hair! Hiromu grabs Yano’s hair! Hiromu whips Yano, Yano reverses but misses in the corner! Shingo corner clotheslines, Naito atomic drops and enziguris! SUPERKICK from Hiromu! Shingo LARIATS and Naito rolling jackknife covers! LIJ wins!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, by pinfall

Yano tried every trick in the book, but he couldn’t get one over on the Double Champion and his amigos. Shingo is ready for Sho, but will he still be the Double NEVER Openweight Champion? Will Naito be ready for whoever wins the Cup Finals?


New Japan Cup Finals: Kazuchika Okada VS EVIL!

The Rainmaker wants to reign again and will put everyone Deep In Debt to do it. The King of Darkness will win by any means necessary, and proved as much against his own LIJ teammate, Sanada. Who goes for broke and cashes in on the golden opportunity at Dominion?

The bell rings and the two stare down as the fans rally up already. Okada and Evil circle, approach but Okada backs away a moment. They approach again, feel out the grapple, and Evil kicks low. Evil headlocks and grinds Okada down, but Okada fights up. Okada pries at the hold but Evil clamps it on tighter. Evil grinds but Okada pushes him back to the ropes. Okada powers out, Evil LARIATS him down! Evil fireman’s carries, DARKNESS FALLS!? Cover, TWO!! Evil tried to finish this fast but it’s not that easy with Okada. Evil spins Okada around but Okada blocks the STO. Okada wants his Deep In Debt clutch already but Evil gets to the ropes. Okada lets go and bails out to finally let the pain sink in. Evil goes out to fetch Okada and stomp him down. Okada RAMS Evil into the barriers!

Okada brings Evil up, puts him in the ring, but his head is still bothering him. Okada follows after Evil and brings him up. Okada turns Evil for a neckbreaker! Okada makes sure his own head and neck are okay before bringing Evil back up. Okada bumps Evil off buckles and throws back elbows in. Okada snapmares and runs to basement dropkick Evil down! Evil writhes but Okada calmly adjusts his knee pads. Okada covers, ONE, but Okada keeps his cool. Okada brings Evil up, scoops and slams him, to then slingshot senton. Evil dodges, Okada rolls through but Evil gets his arm to hotshot it! Evil drags Okada out and whips him hard into barriers! Okada slumps down to the floor but Evil brings him up. Evil wrenches and whips Okada hard the other way!

Okada is down again as Evil goes searching under the ring. Evil finds chairs and Red Shoes tells him to stop. Evil shoves Red Shoes away while he puts Okada’s arm in a chair. Evil POSTS the arm! Okada falls down in a heap as he clutches that arm! Red Shoes comes back but Evil shoves him away again. Evil brings Okada up, puts the chair around his head this time, and grabs another chair! HOME RUN!! Fans cheer seeing that signature chair shot from Evil again. Evil leaves Okada behind but the fans rally up. Red Shoes returns and reprimands Evil but he doesn’t care. Evil wants the ring count so it begins. Okada stirs and sits up at 10 of 20. Okada staggers over and in at 12, but Evil stomps him down!

Evil stomps and stomps then throws the bad arm down on the mat. Evil smirks as he does it again! Evil stomps Okada more, then wrenches the arm to wrap around the ropes. Red Shoes reprimands as Evil pulls, but Evil stops at 3. Evil goes to Okada in a corner to CHOP him! Okada stays up, Evil CHOPS him again. Okada staggers and falls to his knees, but Evil covers, TWO! Evil grows annoyed but he brings Okada up to throw him out. Evil drags Okada up by the bad arm and wraps it around the railing! Evil pulls and Red Shoes counts, but he lets go at 3. To BOOT the railing! Okada’s arm feels even worse but Evil just paces about. Evil drags Okada up again, puts him in the ring, and stomps him around. Evil cranks on the arm but Okada endures.

Okada fights his way up, fights back with body shots and breaks free. Okada kicks low but Evil spins out to elbow him back. Evil clubs the bad arm, whips him to ropes but Okada reverses to kick and DDT! Both men are down and fans cheer again. Red Shoes checks on both men, but Okada sits up fast. Okada looms over Evil, brings him up and throws forearms. Okada whips, Evil reverses, Okada ducks and dodges to elbow back! Okada fires up and the fans do, too! Okada brings Evil back up, whips him to a corner then runs in. Evil dodges, runs in but Okada dodges. Okada puts Evil up top to dropkick him down! Evil hits the floor and fans cheer again. Okada takes his time fetching Evil. Okada whips Evil hard into barriers then boots him over! The fans cheer for this classic Okada move.

Okada drags Evil back up and across the railing, for a DRAPING DDT! Red Shoes checks on Evil but he’s okay to continue. Okada leaves Evil behind as the ring count climbs, but then brings him up at 10 of 20 to put him in. Cover, TWO! Okada keeps his cool and has the fans rally up. Evil stands, staggers, Okada Alabama lifts. Evil fights out and throws Okada down by his hair! Okada crawls to a corner, Evil runs in but he blocks Okada’s boots. Evil turns Okada sideways and CLUBS him into a Tree of Woe, WOE STOMP! Evil takes a moment to catch his breath before bringing Okada up. Evil fisherman suplexes! Cover, TWO! Evil keeps his cool as he brings Okada up. Evil clubs the bad arm again and again, then wrenches to club one more time. Evil runs, but into Okada’s FLAPJACK!

The fans rally up as both men are down. Okada sits up first, Evil follows, and both stand. Okada throws a forearm but Evil returns it. Okada boots but Evil CHOPS! Okada runs to dropkick, Evil dodges but Okada dodges the senton! Okada dragon sleepers to the gut wrench, but Evil slips out to waistlock. Okada elbows out and runs, Evil goes to the corner, but Okada dropkicks him down! Fans fire up as Okada brings Evil up for the gut wrench. TOMBSTONE! Okada brings Evil up to put Deep In Debt! Evil endures the clutch, fans rally up, Evil crawls and reaches but Okada cranks harder! Evil starts to fade, but he revives to get the ropebreak! Okada lets go and both men slowly recover. Evil stands in the corner, Okada whips him corner to corner then runs in to hit the back elbow!

Okada kicks, Evil blocks and gives it to Red Shoes to mule kick the leg out! Evil shoves Okada into Red Shoes and then LOW BLOWS! Evil said by any means necessary! But both men are down, as is Red Shoes. The fans rally up as the three stir. Evil crawls, bails out, and brings in more chairs! And still more chairs! Evil has four chairs, the number of DEATH. He piles them together, drags Okada up and over, fireman’s carries, DARKNESS FALLS ON THE CHAIRS!! Fans cheer this level of aggression! Evil hides the evidence by getting it out of the ring, and tells Red Shoes to get in. Red Shoes is back, counts the cover, TWO!?! Okada barely survives and Evil is furious with Red Shoes! Okada crawls to a corner and Evil gets to his feet. Evil runs in, BIG corner clothesline!

Evil brings Okada up and hoists him to the top rope. Evil climbs to join Okada, stands on the very top rope, for a SUPERPLEX!! But Okada rolls away so Evil has to pursue! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives again and Evil is beside himself. Evil stands up, drags Okada up and slashes the throat. Evil stands Okada up, spins him around but Okada forearms back. Evil just shakes his head and rakes Okada’s eyes! Red Shoes counts, Evil stops and then runs in. Okada pops Evil up, Alabama to REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Both men are down again but the fans fire back up. The fans rally as Okada and Evil stir. Okada sits up first, goes forehead to forehead with Evil, and they start trading forearms. Evil eggs Okada on but Okada grits his teeth to give another forearm back.

Evil forearms again, Okada shakes his head and forearms back. They pick up speed and the fans rally up! Okada European Uppercuts! Evil stays up, but Okada EuroUppers again. Evil staggers, comes back but gets another EuroUpper! Evil won’t fall so Okada boots., Evil blocks it, elbows the knee, forearms and ROLLING ELBOWS! Evil runs, into Okada’s dropkick! Okada drags Evil up into DEEP IN DEBT! Evil endures as Okada cranks on the hold. Evil rakes Okada’s eyes! Red Shoes reprimands but Evil doesn’t stop until the count of 3. Okada goes to a corner, Evil runs in, but into a boot! Okada runs and dropkicks Evil down, only for Evil to spring up! But Evil runs into a gut wrench, JUMPING TOMBSTONE! DEEP IN DEBT!!

Okada is determined to win with this new clutch, and Evil starts to fade! The fans fire up and Red Shoes checks on Evil. Okada lets Evil go, to bring him up for a LARIAT! And then ANOTHER LARIAT! And back to DEEP IN DEBT! Evil fades again, but who is that walking up the ramp? Is that Gedo?! Why does Gedo insist on interfering now?! Is Gedo not over Okada yet? Wait, Yujiro Takahashi attacks! Tokyo Pimp drags Okada up to the fireman’s carry, MIAMI SHINE!! Is this how much Bullet Club hates Okada?! Both Okada and Evil are down as Gedo and Yujiro leave, Red Shoes completely unaware of what just happened. The fans rally up, and Evil starts to stir. The rallying keeps going as Evil drags himself up the ropes. Okada starts to stir, Evil flounders about and heads for Okada.

Evil brings Okada up, runs, and LARIATS! Cover, TWO?!?! Okada still lives!! This is how much getting back to the IWGP Heavyweight Championship means to him! Evil staggers over again and drags Okada back up. He spins Okada, EVERYTHING- NO! Okada blocks the STO, elbows free then ROCKS Evil with a EuroUpper! Evil still fireman’s carries Okada! Okada slips off, and gets DEEP IN DEBT! Okada leans on Evil but Evil fights his way back up. Evil powers Okada back and Red Shoes gets sandwich’d! Evil wants his STO, Okada spins out to spin, but still no Rainmaker as Evil catches him! Okada blocks the STO again, wants his clutch, but Evil MULE KICK LOW BLOWS!

Evil staggers over, trips Okada up, and gives him the EVIL STOMP!! Okada’s gems are crushed! Evil hobbles over, drags Okada up as Red Shoes revives, and spins for EVERYTHING IS EVIL!!! Cover, Evil wins?!!?

Winner: EVIL, by pinfall; 2020 New Japan Cup Champion

What a shocking turn of events! Okada survives the strangest screw job attempt, but he cannot survive the darkness! Evil takes the Cup and is going to challenge Naito! LIJ will face LIJ at Dominion! Evil takes a mic to speak to the crowd. Didn’t he tell you the winner of the Cup would be evil? “Oi, Naito. Get out here.” He’s calling out his own faction leader…! And so, Naito appears! The Double Champion smirks as he brings both his IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships to the ring. Naito gets his own mic and congratulates the King of Darkness. LIJ is about to have a title match against itself. Naito tells him to bring it on, cabron.

Naito waits for the LIJ fist bump, but Evil gives a TOO SWEET?! EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! Evil has just changed teams?! That explains Gedo and Tokyo Pimp! And speaking of, they, Jado and Taiji Ishimori come out and applaud Evil’s actions! Evil STOMPS the LIJ baseball cap!! Bullet Club is Evil, and they Low Sweet over Naito! Then Evil starts stomping Naito! LIJ rushes the ring! They defend their leader from someone who used to be their ally! Now that it’s LIJ VS Bullet Club for Dominion, what does this mean for the future of NJPW?

My Thoughts:

An incredible way to cap off the New Japan Cup and also set up Dominion! I was a little torn with what to include, but I’m glad I went with both the 8 Man and 6 Man tag matches. Sorry, Grand Master Wato. Suzuki-Gun is really putting the screws to the Golden Aces, and though they win, the Golden Aces stand tall. NJPW keeps the math muddy so it really could go either way for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships. LIJ had a great win in the Six Man but naturally Sho is still going strong. Sho and Shingo are going to have a killer NEVER Openweight Championship match and I still can’t be sure who gets the win. Shingo ended up with a long dual Openweight reign because of the lockdowns, but he needs to actually build his reign with strong defenses to make it feel the same.

Okada VS Evil was very plotting and methodical, but issues of pace make some sense because these two have made it all the way to the end, so they’d be sore and beat up. It was all great, and in the moment the Bullet Club joining in made no sense though it could also have branched into Okada and Chaos VS Bullet Club all over again. Evil winning was still perfectly surprising, but what a shock for Evil to be leaving LIJ! Evil is Bullet Club now, and what a shock if he finds a way to win against Naito. LIJ VS Bullet Club sounds great, too, but there’s something I’m sure they’ll address: What happens to the NEVER Openweight Six Man titles? Evil is one of the champions! Will his spot be vacated and another member of LIJ steps up? Maybe that’s something for New Japan Road to handle, too. All in all, this is great creativity from NJPW in the restart of their year.

My Score: 9.5/10

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