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Mitchell’s NJPW New Japan Road Results & Report! (7/20/20)

The bridge between Dominion and Sengoku Lord!



NJPW New Japan Road

NJPW paves the way towards Sengoku Lord!

NJPW is still reeling from EVIL becoming Double- No, TRIPLE Champion!! Los Ingobernables de Japon is coming for revenge, will this be a semblance of it?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • SANADA & Shingo Takagi VS El Desperado & DOUKI; Sanada & Shingo win.
  • Kazuchika Okada & Hirooki Goto VS Yujiro Takahashi & Gedo; Okada & Goto win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Suzuki-Gun VS Master Wato, Yuji Nagata & The Golden Aces; Suzuki-Gun wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Bullet Club; Bullet Club wins.


SANADA & Shingo Takagi VS El Desperado & DOUKI!

The Last Dragon held onto the NEVER Openweight Championship against Sho, until Desperado attacked and literally stole the belt! The Cold Skull joins Shingo while “The Japanese of Evil” joins Desperado! Will Shingo get his belt back before having to defend it again?

As the LIJ members make their entrance, Desperado taunts Shingo with the belt he took from him. Desperado even mocks Shingo’s cross legged pose! Shingo gets in and attacks! Sanada keeps Douki back and throws him out. The bell rings as Shingo stomps Desperado down. Shingo rains down forearms then goes after the mask! The ref reprimands, Shingo brings Desperado up but Desperado hits back with forearms. They don’t budge Shingo but Desperado keeps trying. Shingo gives forearms back and they brawl. Desperado rakes Shingo’s eyes! Desperado whips Shingo but Shingo reverses, then runs in to CHOP and JAB on repeat! The fans rally as Shingo punches away, but Douki gets in to attack.

Douki whips, Shingo reverses and then corner clotheslines him. Shingo runs corner to corner to clothesline Desperado, then comes back to run Douki over. Shingo scoop slams Desperado then kicks him while he’s down. The fans cheer and Shingo throws Desperado into the corner. Tag to Sanada and LIJ dig their boots in. The ref counts, LIJ lets up and Sanada drags Desperado up to club him. Sanada wrenches and whips Desperado corner to corner, but Desperado boots. Sanada blocks it, trips Desperado and wraps him up in Paradise, but Desperado kicks him away before it can lock in. Desperado puts Sanada on the apron, Sanada hits back, but Douki trips up the springboard! Desperado hits Shingo!

Desperado goes after Shingo and wihp shim into barriers. Douki stomps Sanada and whips him to barriers while Desperado takes some chairs. Desperado stands on Shingo’s leg to SMACK it with a chair! Desperado mocks Shingo’s pain but the fans rally up for LIJ. Douki and Desperado regroup in the ring while the ring count starts on LIJ. The count reaches 10 of 20 but Sanada gets in at 14. Douki stomps Sanada down then chokes him at a corner! The ref counts, Douki stops at 3 to argue with the ref. Douki tags Desperado back in, and Suzuki-Gun drags Sanada up to double whip. They double spine buster then wheelbarrow senton! Cover, TWO! Sanada grits his teeth but Desperado stands on his ribs.

Desperado stomps Sanada and taunts Shingo. Shingo stirs, still far away, and Desperado tags Douki. Douki chokes Sanada while the ref has to keep Desperado from Shingo! Shingo brings one of the chairs with him to ringside but the ref reprimands him. Shingo drops the chair while Douki drags Sanada up. The fans rally for LIJ as Sanada blocks the suplex. Douki rakes Sanada’s eyes! But Sanada suplexes Douki up and over! Fans cheer as both men crawl for their corners. Desperado tags in, drags Sanada away and stomps him down while still taunting Shingo. Desperado SLAPS Sanada, but runs into the basement dropkick! Sanada crawls to Shingo and tags in! The true NEVER Openweight Champion rallies as he runs Desperado over!

Shingo whips and knees Desperado at the ropes, then suplexes him high and hard! The fans cheer as Shingo covers, TWO! Shingo grits his teeth and clutches the bad knee but he fires himself up. Shingo sits Desperado up, but Desperado ducks the sliding lariat! Desperado blocks the kick to kick the bad leg! Desperado throws elbows then goes after the bad leg. Shingo fights him off but not for long, SHIN BREAKER! STRETCH MUFFLER! Shingo gets the ropebreak but Desperado thrashes and holds on until the ref counts 4! Desperado stands on the bad leg then drops knees on it! Shingo clutches the knee but Desperado is right on him with a spinning toehold. Shingo kicks Desperado away and hobbles to his feet, only to run into a knee! SPINE BUSTER to STRETCH MUFFLER!

Desperado gets the arms to add onto the stretch! Shingo endures and the fans rally up! Shingo gets his arms free and powers his way to the ropebreak! Desperado lets go but he drags Shingo back up. Desperado underhooks but Shingo blocks the lift. Shingo powers out, wrenches but Desperado rocks him with a forearm! Desperado taunts Shingo but Shingo gives forearms. Desperado gives them back and we have a brawl. They go back and forth, faster and faster, and the fans fire up with them! Desperado gets the edge but Shingo LARIATS! Shingo elbows from all sides, throws many more but seems to hurt his own elbow. Desperado ROUNDHOUSES, then runs but into Shingo’s elbow! JABS! But Desperado ROCKS him again, but Shingo still comes back with a LARIAT!

Both men are down and the fans are fired up again! Hot tag to Sanada and he drags Desperado up. Sanada throws forearms, whips Desperado corner to corner but Desperado dodges. Sanada tumbles up and out and springboards in. Desperado dodges but Sanada kicks him low. Sanada runs but Douki trips him up! Douki tags in and runs at Sanada, corner clothesline! Douki suplexes but Sanada slips out to waistlock. Douki elbows free, Sanada reels him back in but Douki breaks free again. Douki kicks, knees and enziguris! Sanada staggers and Douki brings him into an underhook, Gory Especial and Gory Bomb! Backslide cover, TWO! Sanada survives but Douki slashes the throat. Douki aims from the apron, slingshots and DDT’s! Cover, TWO!

Douki powers up and calls for a suplex! Douki wheelbarrows Sanada but Sanada breaks free. Douki UPPERCUTS! Sanada staggers back but dodges in the corner. Shingo corner clotheslines and rolls Douki for Sanada’s basement dropkick! Cover, but Desperado breaks it! Shingo drags Desperado out and Sanada has Douki in the dragon sleeper! Shingo whips Desperado into barriers! Douki slips and gets Sanada in the inside cradle! TWO, Douki dodges and runs, into a fireman’s carry! Douki flails but Sanada throws him into the dragon sleeper! SKULL END! Douki taps, LIJ wins!

Winners: Sanada & Shingo Takagi, by submission

Shingo and Desperado back off from each other, but their fight is still to be settled. Shingo gets the belt back, but Desperado runs in and DECKS him! Desperado steals the belt again! But will he officially own that belt after facing Shingo for it?


Kazuchika Okada & Hirooki Goto VS Yujiro Takahashi & Gedo!

The Rainmaker can’t get away from his former manager, and now Tokyo Pimp wants a piece of the action! With the Fierce Warrior by his side, can Okada put Yujiro and Gedo #DeepInDebt?

The teams sort out, and fans cheer as Okada starts with Yujiro. They circle, but then Yujiro tags out to Gedo. Okada circles with Gedo but swings on Yujiro! Yujiro gets away and Gedo sucker punches Okada, but it’s not enough! Gedo apologizes and offers a handshake, but Okada throws forearms instead! Okada snapmares Gedo then runs to basement dropkick him out! Fans cheer as Goto goes after Gedo and puts him back in the ring! Gedo asks for mercy but Okada tags in Goto. Goto stomps Gedo down then drags him around to wrench the arm. Goto wrenches the other way, too. Goto yanks on the arm, whips Gedo to ropes then elbows him down. Cover, TWO! Goto stomps Gedo more as fans cheer.

Goto drags Gedo back up, wrenches him again but Gedo pokes Goto’s eyes! Gedo throws haymakers and rakes Goto’s eyes more! Gedo runs but Goto follows, only for Yujiro to kick him! Goto swings on Yujiro but gets a hotshot for it! Gedo rakes Okada’s eyes, Yujiro clotheslines Okada down! Yujiro keeps after Okada on the outside, and POSTS him! Yujiro rains down right hands while Gedo whips Goto around ringside. The ref checks on Goto while Yujiro stomps Okada. Yujiro leaves Okada behind while the ring count starts. Gedo undoes the buckle pad in the blue corner! Okada and Goto rise at 14 of 20 and Goto gets in at 16. Gedo is on Goto with a whip, into the bare buckles! The ref finally notices that while Goto writhes on the mat. Gedo drags Goto up and bumps him off buckles!

Tag to Yujiro and he drags Goto up to snapmare and drop an elbow, leg and falling headbutt! Cover, TWO! The fans cheer as Goto toughs it out. Yujiro drags Goto up, snapmares him down then runs, to boot Okada! Gedo applauds while Yujiro laughs at Okada. Yujiro stomps Goto, drags him up and whips him back into bare buckles! Tag to Gedo and Gedo stands on Goto’s head. The ref counts, Gedo stops at 3, but comes back to stomp Goto more. Gedo drags Goto up, throws elbows, then puts Goto through ropes to throw haymakers! The ref reprimands and Gedo lets up, but then the ref has to keep Okada back. Gedo gets away with choking Goto on the ropes this way! Gedo kicks Goto mockingly but the fans rally up.

Gedo drags Goto up to bump him off buckles again, then tags in Yujiro. Yujiro drags Goto around but Goto CHOPS back! And CHOPS! Yujiro mule kicks Goto then puts him against the ropes. Yujiro runs in to BOOT Goto down! Yujiro drags Goto back up, fisherman but Goto blocks the suplex! Goto goes to suplex but Yujiro blocks back. The fans rally as both men fight for suplex control. Goto throws body shots then gets Yujiro up, but Yujiro slips out. Yujiro kicks low, runs but Goto follows to LARIAT! Both men are down but the fans rally up, hot tag to Okada! Okada throws forearms hten whpis but Yujiro reverses. Okada dodges to elbow Yujiro down! Fans fire up as Okada hits Gedo off the apron! Okada whips Yujiro to a corner then runs in to back elbow. Kick and DDT! Cover, TWO!

Okada keeps his focus as he watches Yujiro crawl. Yujiro stands, Okada Alabama lifts but Yujiro slips out to throw more forearms. Okada goes to throw back but Yujiro rocks him. Yujiro blocks the boot, throws Okada down and basement dropkicks! Yujiro fisherman BUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Okada is tougher than that, Tokyo Pimp! Yujiro drags Okada up to a fireman’s carry, but Okada slips out to gut wrench! Yujiro fights out to rake Okada’s eyes! Yujiro runs corner to corner but Okada pops him up! Alabama lift, REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Both men are down but Goto and Gedo return to the corners. Hot tags to Gedo and Goto! Goto swings but Gedo ducks to rake Goto’s eyes! The ref reprimands but Gedo jawbreakers! And superkick- No! Goto blocks!

Gedo throws haymakers but Goto clotheslines back! Goto drags Gedo up, whips him to a corner, then runs in to windmill kick! And back suplex! Cover, TWO! Gedo survives but Goto won’t let up. Goto drags Gedo to the fireman’s carry but Goto slips out. Gedo pokes eyes and whips but Goto reverses to send Gedo into the bare buckles! Yujiro boots Goto down! Okada runs back in and dropkicks Yujiro down! Okada leaves it to Goto as he pushes Yujiro out. Goto drags Gedo back up and sees the brass knuckles! Goto stomps that hand then drags Gedo into the USHIGOROSHI! Goto isn’t done there, he drags Gedo into the G T R!! Cover, Chaos wins!

Winners: Hirooki Goto & Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall

The Fierce Warrior gets his own revenge on Gedo, but Tokyo Pimp gets in the Rainmaker’s face. These two still have something to settle, who takes the win at Sengoku Lord?


8 Man Tag: Suzuki-Gun VS Master Wato, Yuji Nagata & The Golden Aces!

The Man with the Worst Personality leads his faction into battle once more, but this is more about the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships more than anything! Zack Sabre Jr. and Taichi, the Dangerous Tekkers, took those titles from Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kota Ibushi and are definitely going to lord it over them. Will the Grand Master and Blue Justice help the Golden Aces get some payback?

Kanemaru already gets after Wato but the ref keeps the peace. Taichi and ZSJ taunt Ibushi and Tanahashi with the belts while Taichi continues to “sing.” And then it’s just a brawl! Suzuki is after Nagata and Kanemaru is after Wato while the tag champs throw out the Aces. Taichi POSTS Tanahashi while Nagata and Suzuki brawl in the ring. Suzuki fires off so many forearms and knees but Nagata stays up. Nagata gives forearms back and the brawling just continues. Neither man backs down or even slows down! Nagata runs but Suzuki follows to get a headlock. Nagata back suplexes but Suzuki makes it a crossbody! Suzuki keeps moving, but Nagata ducks the Pnealty Kick to hit back. Nagata snapmares and runs but Suzuki also ducks the kick! The two old rivals back off and the fans cheer.

Nagata eggs Suzuki on but Suzuki tags out to ZSJ. Nagata tags out to Tanahashi and fans rally for this rematch sampler. Tanahashi and ZSJ circle, tie up, and ZSJ waistlocks. Tanahashi switches but so does ZSJ and ZSJ gets a full nelson! Tanahashi endures, powers up and breaks the nelson! Tanahashi switches but ZSJ blocks the nelson, and the two fight for cobra twist control! Tanahashi gets the twist! Fans cheer as ZSJ endures, and then Tanahashi rolls ZSJ into a grounded cobra twist cover! TWO, and Tanahashi has ZSJ with a heel hook! ZSJ fights the hold and grabs Tanahashi’s leg for a heel hook! It’s a heel hook battle! ZSJ cranks harder but Tanahashi gets the ropebreak! ZSJ lets go, stays between Tanahashi and his corner, but Tanahashi throws forearms and uppercuts!

Tanahashi runs, Taichi kicks him! ZSJ boots but Tanahashi blocks, only for Taichi to grab Tanahashi’s leg! ZSJ dropkicks the knee! And the rest of Suzuki-Gun attacks Tanahashi’s corner! ZSJ tortures Tanahashi’s leg with a toehold while Taichi claws at Ibushi’s face! Suzuki whips Nagata into barriers while Kanemaru keeps Wato down. Suzuki uses a chair on Nagata! Taichi whips Ibushi into barriers while ZSJ shifts position on the toehold. Tanahashi gets another ropebreak but ZSJ tags Kanemaru. Kanemaru drags Tanahashi around by the bad leg then YANKS it! Kanemaru drags Tanahashi up as the fans rally. Kanemaru whips and dropkicks the leg out! Tanahashi clutches the leg but Kanemaru stomps it down.

Tag to Suzuki and they split the wishbone! Suzuki drags Tanahashi around and wrenches the foot. Tanahashi endures as Suzuki tortures his ankle with a standing heel hook! Then the grapevine! Wato tries to save Tanahashi but Kanemaru throws him out! Kanemaru DECKS Wato while Suzuki drags Tanahashi away. Tanahashi throws forearms on Suzuki, thse two no strangers to each other. Suzuki KICKS the bad leg out and tags in Taichi. Taichi toys with Tanahashi as he kicks but the fans rally up. Tanahashi throws forearms back! Taichi kicks the bad leg and Tanahashi staggers away. Taichi runs into a back elbow, but he avoids Tanahashi’s crossbody! Taichi waits for Tanahashi to sit up, but Tanahashi blocks the buzzsaw! DRAGON SCREW!

Both men are down but the fans rally up. Tanahashi crawls, hot tag to Ibushi! Ibushi hits Kanemaru and Suzuki down, dodges Taichi and ROUNDHOUSES him down! ZSJ runs in to get a SNAP RANA! Fans fire up with Ibushi as he STANDING SHOOTING STARS onto Taichi! Cover, TWO! Ibushi keeps his cool as he runs in at Taichi. Taichi boots him from the corner, then dodges him to gamangiri! Ibushi flops down and Taichi catches his breath. Fans rally up and Ibushi ducks the buzzsaw to throw forearms. Taichi kicks back, so Ibushi KICKS! Fans cheer as the two circle. Taichi kicks, Ibushi walks it off and KICKS! Taichi eggs Ibushi on and kicks again. Ibushi kicks, Taichi kicks, repeat, faster and faster! Ibushi kicks again and Taichi wobbles. But Taichi sobats!

Ibushi doubles over, Taichi brings him up, Ibushi gives the sobat back! Ibushi runs into a boot, but stays up! Taichi ducks the clothesline to SAIDO Ibushi down! Suzuki-Gun attacks the corner again! Taichi soaks up the heat as he watches Ibushi stand. Taichi runs, Ibushi ducks the clothesline to ROUNDHOUSE! Both men are down and the fans cheer! Hot tags to Kanemaru and Wato! Wato fires off his kung-fu fighting, but Kanemaru uses Red Shoes as a shield! Kanemaru rakes Wato’s eyes then runs, but Wato dropkicks him down! Fans cheer as Wato whips Kanemaru corner to corner. Wato runs in, but Kanemaru puts him on the apron. Wato forearms back and springboards for a FLYING uppercut! Cover, TWO!

Nagata gets in and intercepts Suzuki. Nagata whips Kanemaru corner to corner and runs in to BOOT! Wato whips Tanahashi in to corner splash! Suzuki drags Nagata out while Tanahashi whips Kanemaru at Wato’s leg lariat! Wato standing flips, covers, but ZSJ breaks it! Tanahashi ROCKS ZSJ and throws him out while Wato brings Kanemaru up. Wato scoop slams Kanemaru into a drop zone then heads to the top! Fans rally up but Suzuki climbs up to go after Wato! Guillotine hold and then sleeper! Wato fades, Kanemaru and Suzuki double KICK him down! Kanemaru scoops, dragon sleepers, reverse DDT! Cover, TWO!!

Wato survives and fans fire up! Kanemaru goes up top while Nagata and Suzuki brawl. Wato stands, Kanemaru leaps, FLYING DDT! Cover, TWO?! Kaneamru lets up just to keep going, BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, Suzuki-Gun wins!

Winners: Suzuki-Gun, by pinfall

Kanemaru keeps adding on with stomps while Nagata and Suzuki don’t stop! Ibushi shields Tanahashi from the Dangerous Tekkers while Young Lions try to stop Suzuki and Nagata. It doesn’t work as Nagata and Suzuki just get in the ring to brawl! Suzuki hits the Young Lions in his way but he and Nagata keep throwing slapping palm strikes! Neither man backs down, and the Tekkers don’t even bother, they just taunt the Golden Aces with the belts. Suzuki and Nagata even keep brawling after the rest of their teammates leave! The Young Lions keep, Suzuki keeps swatting them away, but eventually the two are pulled apart. Suzuki knocks one more Young Lion down and then throws a chair on his way out. Will any of this be settled come Sengoku Lord?


Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Bullet Club!

The King of Darkness and NEW TRIPLE CHAMPION, EVIL, betrayed his faction for the sake of glory! Tetsuya Naito wants revenge for losing those titles. Hiromu Takahashi wants revenge for losing his dream match. Bushi wants revenge for Dick Togo trying to frame him! Will LIJ get revenge for Dominion? Or will the #EvilDickEra of Bullet Club only grow stronger with every event?

Hiromu is uncharacteristically calm and moving slowly. Perhaps what happened with the New Japan Cup and Dominion has burned him out. Evil looks all three of his former friends in the eye before holding up both IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental belts. The trios sort out slowly, and Bullet Club gives a Low Sweet before Hiromu steps to Evil. Hiromu takes off his studded jacket slowly, and has a BULLET CLUB shirt?! Hiromu takes aim at Evil, but then at Naito! Psyche! Hiromu attacks Evil and a brawl is on! The bell rings so this is at least on record. Hiromu throws Evil into barriers, Naito stomps Dick down and Bushi is after Taiji in the ring.

Hiromu takes off the Bullet Club shirt to choke Evil with it! Hiromu laughs at Evil before he brings him up to whip into more railing! Bushi turns Taiji for a neckbreaker then covers. TWO, and Bushi kicks Taiji to the LIJ corner. Tag to Naito while Hiromu stomps the Bone Soldier. LIJ all come in and stomp away on Taiji! Red Shoes reprimands but LIJ fist bumps quickly before Naito brings Taiji around. Naito clubs Taiji over and over then wrenches him into the corner. Hiromu tags in to club Taiji then CHOP him! Hiromu kicks and CHOPS Taiji against the ropes! Tag to Naito and Naito adds elbows. Naito whips and elbows Taiji down but Evil gets a cheap shot in. Naito lets him have that one as he brings Taiji up to snapmare, turn over and trap an arm for the Half Crab!

Taiji endures but Evil comes in to mockingly kick Naito over. Naito keeps his cool as he drags Taiji up. Naito goes after Evil but Evil hotshots him! Taiji throws Naito out while Dick goes after Hiromu and Bushi! Evil goes after Hiromu with a wrench and whip into railing! And then CHOPS! Bushi comes over to attack Evil but Evil rakes Bushi’s eyes! Hiromu throws chops but Evil doesn’t flinch. Evil CHOPS Hiromu then stomps Bushi. Taiji throws hands on Naito and Dick stomps him. Evil digs his boot into Hiromu into the railing with his boot. Evil stomps Hiromu’s legs while Taiji puts Naito back in the ring. Cover, but Red Shoes won’t after all that outside business. Dick tags in and he clubs Naito on the back. Dick headlocks and punches Naito, then fist drops! Cover, TWO!

Evil keeps hitting someone on the outside while Dick covers again. TWO, and Dick wraps Naito up in a chinlock. Naito endures as Dick grinds him down. Dick headstands in the hold and fans are impressed by that at least. The fans still rally up for Naito and he fights his way up. Naito fights back and frees himself, but Dick ROCKS him with a right! Dick stomps Naito at ropes then brings him over. Evil tags in and he brings Naito around to wrench and whip back into BARE BUCKLES! Naito writhes and Evil stomps him down! Hiromu and the fans rally up as Evil stands on Naito’s head. Evil stomps Naito down then drags him up to wrench. Dick tags in and Bullet Club mugs Naito.

Naito hits and CHOPS Dick but Dick knees low. Dick throws punches and has Naito in a corner. Dick digs a boot into Naito’s bad knee, then brings him back up. Dick whips Naito corner to corner but Naito boots back! Naito boots Dick again, then runs to spin him around. Dick slips out, Naito trips him up, and turns him with a BOSTON CRAB! Again Evil gives mocking kicks. Naito isn’t so easy to knock over this time so Evil rakes Naito’s eyes! Red Shoes reprimands Evil while the fans rally for Naito. Dick and Naito crawl for their corners, Evil tags in and keeps Naito from Hiromu. Naito blocks Evil’s kick to enziguri back! Hot tag to Hiromu! The Timebomb fires off forearms on Evil! The fans fire up as Hiromu whips Evil corner to corner, hits a corner clothesline, then rolls Evil for the basement dropkick!

Dick and Taiji go after Hiromu but Hiromu ducks the clothesline. Hiromu shoves Taiji into Dick then makes Taiji huricanrana Dick out! Hiromu whips, Taiji reverses but Hiromu shotgun dropkicks Taiji out! Bullet club regroups, Hiromu leaps to shotgun dropkick all three of them! The fans are fired up as Hiromu puts Evil back in. Hiromu drags Evil up, suplexes, Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO! Hiromu keeps his cool as the fans rally up. Hiromu stomps Evil then toys with him. Hiromu drags Evil up to a fireman’s carry but Evil slips off and throws Hiromu down by his hair! Evil intimidates Red Shoes and this allows Taiji and Dick to stomp Hiromu down!

Evil leaves Red Shoes alone and goes back to Hiromu. Evil drags Hiromu up and whips him HARD into the bare buckles! The fans rally as Hiromu writhes but Evil looms over him. Evil stands on Hiromu before bringing him up, and whipping him back in! Red Shoes reprimands but the damage is done. Evil looms over Hiromu, brings him up again, and fireman’s carries. Hiromu fights out, Evil elbows him away, but Evil runs into a SUPERKICK! Hiromu dodges and LARIATS Evil down! The fans fire up again as Hiromu and Evil stir. Hot tag to Bushi! Bushi brings Evil up and enziguris then basement dropkicks then DDT’s! Cover, TWO! Bushi stomps Evil down, drags him up and whips him corner to corner. Bushi runs in but Evil dodges. Evil runs in, Bushi slips out and swing kicks him away!

Bushi goes up, and missile dropkicks Evil down! Bushi uses the Bushirooni to get up but he gets attacked by Taiji and Dick! They double whip Bushi but Bushi dodges dick and boots Taiji! Bulldog dropkick combo! Bushi builds speed to DIVE into Evil! Evil hits barriers and fans fire up with Bushi! Bushi puts Evil in and whips him to the LIJ corner. Bushi runs in and corner knees! Naito returns, and both he and Bushi Electric Chair Evil. Hiromu is up, missile dropkick for an LIJ Doomsday! Cover, but Bullet Club saves Evil! Naito and Hiromu kick Dick and Taiji out but Taiji throws Hiromu into railing. Bushi goes up and aims at Evil, MX misses!

Taiji knees Bushi and backstabbers Naito! Taiji spins Hiromu around into Evil’s LARIAT! Evil mule kicks Bushi, Taiji scares Red Shoes and Dick has the CORD! Dick uses it to choke Bushi like he did Naito! Bushi fades and Evil brings him up, EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! Cover, Bullet Club wins!

Winners: Bullet Club, by pinfall

The King of Darkness and his new allies have denied LIJ their revenge this day! But Sengoku Lord is coming, and Hiromu is after Evil’s Double Championship. Hiromu goes after Evil but Dick chokes him with the cord! Evil kicks Young Lions away while Hiromu fades out. EVERYTHING- No, Evil spares Hiromu this evening. Evil grabs a mic to speak. “Oi, Hiromu! I can see through absolutely everything you’re going to do, punk!” Evil swears he is going to send Hiromu to hell in Nagoya! That’s why he’s saving to use his finisher on Hiromu. “Remember that!” Will the Era of Darkness last forever? Or for only a few days more?

My Thoughts:

Really good stuff for the filler event before Sengoku Lord. I couldn’t decide if the Shingo tag or the Okada tag could be cut so I ended up doing them both, but both were pretty good so it’s alright. Both had similar formulas for the finish, however, with the Sengoku Lord matches not being affected by the math. Sanada submits Douki, Goto pins Gedo, but it still comes down to Sengoku Lord to settle the stories. It was an interesting touch for Desperado to still find a way to keep that Openweight belt. Makes Shingo look a bit goofy for not expecting it, though, but I guess that’ll just make the win at Sengoku Lord all the better. And I’m pretty sure Okada wins against Yujiro, unless there’s just a ton of cheating from Bullet Club.

The 8 Man Tag was pretty wild, but the ending was also pretty clear. Wato was going to be involved to preserve the math on Dangerous Tekkers VS Golden Aces and apparently another match of Suzuki and Nagata. Wato being new, he can take losses like this because he has his whole career to build himself up. I loved that Suzuki and Nagata were still brawling even after the match ended and while everyone else was talking trash. Whenever we get Suzuki VS Nagata and the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship rematches, those will be incredible.

The Six Man of LIJ and Bullet Club was pretty good, too, and Evil being part of the decision is a great way to give him momentum into Sengoku Lord. Hiromu is great, and his swerve-not-swerve was pretty clever, but I don’t see him becoming a TRIPLE Champion of his own. Evil wins, likely has a rematch with Naito, or might even give another LIJ member like Sanada a shot. Sanada and Evil had a great match in the New Japan Cup, there’s a lot of history with them being tag champions together, I want to see that play out even for just a month or two!

My Score: 8.8/10

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