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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (7/17/20)

It’s Rematch Friday!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

205 Live has a case of deja vu!

After a triumphant 205 Live debut, Mansoor is back again to give Tehuti Miles a rematch! Will things go the same way or will Tehuti derail Mansoor’s return?


  • Tehuti Miles VS Mansoor; Mansoor wins.
  • Tony Nese VS Chase Parker w/ Matt Martel; Nese wins.


Vic Joseph returns to 205 Live!

He and former Cruiserweight Champion, Drew Gulak, are our commentary team and it’s great to see Vic back in general!


Tehuti Miles VS Mansoor!

A loss in their first-ever encounter doesn’t matter much to a man with swagger for miles. Will Tehuti make a comeback and shut Mansoor’s return down? Or will the star of Saudi Arabia put the 2-0 in 205 Live?

The bell rings and Tehuti throws his jacket at Mansoor! Tehuti then throws hands and stomps Mansoor into the corner! The ref backs Tehuti off and Mansoor fires back with CHOPS! Mansoor forearms but Tehuti knees low. Tehuti stalks Mansoor to a corner, brings him up and whips him corner to corner HARD! Mansoor hits buckles then mat but Tehuti crouches by him to talk trash. Mansoor fires right up to get Tehuti down and rain right hands! Tehuti gets away, kicks back and bumps Mansoor off buckles. Tehuti throws jabs and stomps again but the ref counts. He lets off at 4, the crowd rallies for Mansoor, but Tehuti brings Mansoor up to bring him to another corner.

Mansoor blocks the buckle bump, throws hands and forearms then whips Tehuti to ropes. Mansoor manages to back drop Tehuti then covers, TWO! Tehuti gets to a corner but Mansoor brings him up for a suplex! Cover, TWO! Mansoor chicken wings and chinbars Tehuti to keep him down. Tehuti endures even as Mansoor cranks on him. Mansoor grinds his forearm in, Tehuti pulls on Mansoor’s hair, but the ref reprimands. Tehuti fights up, goes around and throws Mansoor out. Mansoor gets back up and shoulders in. Mansoor slingshots but into a dropkick! Down goes Mansoor and Tehuti catches his breath. Tehuti heads out to fetch Mansoor back up and throws him into barriers! Mansoor writhes as the ring count climbs, but Tehuti bounces Mansoor off Plexiglas!

Tehuti refreshes the count at 7, looms over Mansoor, then brings him up, only for Mansoor to hit back! Mansoor CHOPS then throws Tehuti towards barriers. Tehuti stops himself, then throws Mansoor HARD into more Plexiglas! The ring count is again 7 and Tehuti goes in. Mansoor drags himself up at 8, starts to fade at 9, but jumps in at 9.9! Tehuti is right on him and throws him right back out! Tehuti dusts off his hands, then lounges by the ropes to taunt Mansoor. The ref reprimands that, Mansoor gets back up and in, so Tehuti looms over him. Tehuti CLUBS Mansoor down, Mansoor gets to ropes, and Tehuti throws more forearms. Mansoor shoulders into Tehuti but Tehuti knees him back down.

Tehuti drags Mansoor up, turns him, smooths the hair and hits the neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Tehuti puts the squeeze on Mansoor with body scissors and digs his palm into Mansoor’s face. The crowd rallies as Mansoor endures, and Mansoor fights against the hold. Tehuti clubs and pushes Mansoor around, but Mansoor bridges back! Cover, TWO and Tehuti lets Mansoor go. Tehuti FLAPJACKS Mansoor! Cover, TWO! Tehuti grows frustrated but the crowd rallies and cheers Mansoor on. Tehuti throws Mansoor to the apron, Mansoor lands on his feet, and then Mansoor fakes the slingshot! Tehuti’s dropkick misses and Mansoor slingshots now for the neckbreaker!

Both men are down but the crowd fires up. Mansoor fires himself up as he gets to his feet. Tehuti swings but Mansoor counter punches! Mansoor jabs and jabs, whips and rallies with clotheslines! Mansoor dropkicks Tehuti, then goes after him in the corner. He whips corner to corner, atomic drops to a SPINE BUSTER! Tehuti staggers up, Mansoor Electric Chair lifts, we saw this last week! The fold to the DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, Mansoor wins!

Winner: Mansoor, by pinfall

The streak builds to 2-0! Will Mansoor keep going like this all the way to the top?


205 Live replays El Legado del Fantasma’s toast.

In a luxurious restaurant, Santos Escobar and his cohorts toast their first victory together at The Great American bash. And one more thing. This is to the end of Drake Maverick’s career. The only reason he has a job is because he cried on YouTube. Joaquin Wilde says, “To the little chihuahua.” Raul Mendoza adds that they need to do something about Breezango. Those two tried to make a joke out of lucha libre culture! Escobar says everyone will see “what happens when you try to mock the lucha libre culture.” The NXT Universe has it wrong. It isn’t some fiesta. It is an art. Exactly! And these three are the true artists. Look at Mendoza! The technical assassin! Look at Wilde! When he is in the air, that is the end of his opponent.

“The Cruiserweight Division was in desperate need of a leader.” Escobar took the Cruiserweight Championship from being a sideshow, to being the main show. “We are going to build our empire!” Sometimes, you have to tear things down to build it back up. They are El Legado del Fantasma. They are familia. But are they the true future of lucha libre and the Cruiserweight Division?


Tony Nese VS Chase Parker w/ Matt Martel!

To everyone’s surprise last week, the Premier Athlete saved Isaiah “Swerve” Scott from Ever-Rise’s 2v1 attack, then helped Swerve win a tag team match with them. Now Nese will take Parker on one-on-one, will he add on to Ever-Rise’s fall?

The bell rings and Nese circles with Parker. They tie up, NEse waistlocks and throws Parker down, then flexes on him. Parker backs away to get encouragement from Martel, and circles with Nese again. Nese gets a takedown but Parker fights off the toehold. Parker chinlocks, Nese cranks the foot, and Nese turns things around to lace the legs and get a chinlock. Parker endures, pries free, and kicks his legs. Nese keeps the headlock but Parker powers up and out, only for Nese to run him over! Nese runs, Parker drops then hip tosses, but Nese turns that to a roll, a pretzeling of the legs, and a stomp! Nese sits Parker up to then step over and hook him up with a leg based half nelson! Parker endures this unique trapping hold, but Nese turns him to a cover, ONE!

Nese arm-drags Parker right down! Nese wrenches and clamps onto the shoulder but Parker powers him to a corner. The ref counts, Parker lets up only to shove Nese. Nese shoves Parker down! Nese eggs Parker on but Martel swipes at him! The ref reprimands Martel, Parker rushes Nese but Nese elbows him away. Nese goes up and leaps but Parker gets under. Nese goes Matrix to mule kick, knee lift, roundhouse and sweep! Cover, TWO! Nese grows annoyed but the crowd still cheers. Nese wrenches Parker slow but hard to the wristlock, but Parker endures. Parker gets up, knees low and clubs Nese on the back. Nese throat chops back! Nese brings Parker around for the bulldog hotshot! Martel gets in Nese’s face to stop his momentum, and Parker wrecks Nese with a dropkick!

Parker stomps away but only Martel applauds. Parker puts Nese in to wring out the arm into the mat! Martel is again the only one applauding as Parker wrenches on a double wristlock. Nese endures, the crowd rallies up, Nese fights up and powers Parker to a corner. Parker still holds on so Nese lifts and rams Parker into the corner again. Nese is free but Parker gives a bulldog of his own! Cover, TWO! Parker clobbers Nese back down then drops knees on the arm. Parker works on the double wristlock again, then stomps the hand! Parker stands on the hand and stomps it again! Parker goes back on the wristlock, cranks back like a Fujiwara, but Nese powers up. The crowd builds to a rally, Nese rams Parker back into the corner.

Parker still holds on but Nese rams again. Nese is again free, Parker tries the bulldog again but Nese tosses him away! Nese stands to BOOT Parker away! Parker clubs Nese back but Nese rocks him with haymakers. Nese counters the punch to a snapmare knee smash, then a knee lift and spinning heel kick! Parker flounders while the crowd cheers, Nese table tops Parker down! PREMIER TRIANGLE! Cover, TWO!! Parker survives and the crowd cheers this competitive contest. Nese drags Parker up, Alabama lifts, but Martel gets on the apron. The ref reprimands but Nese throws Parker into Martel! Alabama lift, tuck, but Parker sunset flips. Nese slips out to mule KICK! Cover, Nese wins!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall

This might even count as a knockout! But then Martel knocks Nese down! Parker revives and Ever-Rise goes after Nese 2v1! The crowd boos, but here comes Swerve! Ever-Rise bails out before he even gets in the ring, they’re in no shape for a full repeat of last week. Swerve returns the favor, but Ever-Rise says this isn’t his business. Will Swerve and Nese keep this unlikely alliance going to make sure Ever-Rise doesn’t get away with this?

My Thoughts:

Another good episode, but I almost thought they were going to do a complete rework of last week here. I’m actually glad they didn’t, as Swerve saving Nese to set up another “impromptu” tag match would’ve been a bit bland. I do like that things are furthering in Nese and Swerve being allies here, but I do wonder when the Cruiserweight Championship comes into play. Replaying the El Legado promo vignette was alright, a good way to fill time. At least with it being on the WWE Network now, the audio was fixed and actually audible without cranking things up. I do hope with 205 Live more or less being a subsidiary of NXT, there’s more connecting of stories to give 205 Live reason to be longer again. And of course, let’s not forget Mansoor is now 2-0 on his return. He and Tehuti have had two good matches together, but Mansoor’s finisher needs to get a name to help him really get a foothold on the roster.

My Score: 8.2/10

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