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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (7/3/20)

El Legado del Fantasma visits 205 Live!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

WWE 205 Live finally has the Cruiserweight Champion back!

Santos Escobar graces purple ‘n’ orange with his presence! What will El Legado del Fantasma do and say to the rest of the Cruiserweight Division?


  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Matt Martel w/ Chase Parker; Swerve wins, by disqualification.
  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Tony Nese VS Ever-Rise; Nese & Swerve win.
  • El Legado del Fantasma VS Leon Ruff & Liam Gray; El Legado del Fantasma wins.


Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Matt Martel w/ Chase Parker!

Swerve’s House welcomes Ever-Rise’s mouthy half and hopes to shut him up. Will things go that smoothly for him?

The bell rings and Martel calls out the “hotshot.” They tie up, Martel arm-drags Swerve and fires himself up already. “Who’s tough now?!” Swerve just brushes that off with a grin as he and Martel circle. They tie up, Martel headlocks but Swerve works against the hold. Swerve powers out but Martel runs him over. But Swerve kips right up to arm-drag Martel! “Who’s the hotshot now?” Martel wants a second to discuss things with Parker, but the crowd chants, “You Got Swerved!” Martel comes back, ties up with Swerve, and powers him to a corner. Martel shouts as he grinds forearms into Swerve’s face. The ref counts, Martel lets up, and Swerve comes back to tie up. Swerve gets Martel down and grinds forearms all over his face!

Swerve lets up, dodges, spins, and Eddy Gordo headscissors! Martel CHOPS back, so Swerve CHOPS him down! Martel gets up, Swerve bumps him off buckles and CHOPS again! Swerve wraps Martel’s arms in the ropes and pulls, then CHOPS! Martel CHOPS back, kicks then throws elbows. Swerve dodges and CHOPS again! Swerve throws haymakers and body shots from all sides, then snapmares Martel for a double CHOP! Martel staggers to a corner, Swerve walks into a kick. Martel puts Swerve in the corner to CHOP, then he whips corner to corner. Swerve reverses, runs and uppercuts! Martel flops down, Swerve goes up, but Parker yanks him down! The ref calls for the bell!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by disqualification

Ever-Rise doesn’t care about the singles result, they just want to teach Swerve a lesson! The ref tries to stop them but they refuse! They stomp away on Swerve as the crowd boos, but here comes Tony Nese?! The Premier Athlete comes to the rescue of Swerve, and that definitely surprises Swerve himself, given the grudge match they just had. Nese wants a tag match!? Nese and Swerve against Ever-Rise? “Who put him in charge?!” Swerve isn’t sure about this team up, but the decision is made by management in the back! Will this reluctant rematch work out for Swerve?

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Tony Nese VS Ever-Rise!

The teams sort out, Parker starts against Swerve. The bell rings and Parker sucker punches Swerve! Nese protests but Martel tags in, and Ever-Rise mugs Swerve. Martel throws uppercuts and haymakers then tags Parker back in. Ever-Rise mugs Swerve more, Parker throws haymakers, and Martel talks trash again. Parker brings Swerve up, throws more haymakers, then reels Swerve in, only for Swerve to hit a suplex! Nese wants in, Swerve clubs Parker but Parker hits back. Nese tags in, trips Parker, covers, ONE. Nese keeps on Parker with a facelock as Martel accuses Nese of being a snake. Nese brings Parker up, wrenches him and whips to clobber him with an elbow! Cover, TWO!

Nese brings Parker up and over, wanting Swerve to tag in. Swerve isn’t sure, but he does tag. Swerve and Nese double suplex Parker up and down! Nese applauds with the crowd, which only confuses Swerve more. Swerve covers Parker, TWO! Swerve stays between Parker and Martel with a leg hooks. Parker resists and gets up but Swerve spins him around with a facelock. Parker sends Swerve into buckles! Parker drags Swerve up and over and tags in Martel. Ever-Rise mugs Swerve more, Martel elbows and snapmares Swerve for even more elbows. Cover, TWO, but Martel is still on Swerve. Martel armlocks, Swerve endures and the crowd rallies up. Swerve fights up, Martel whips him away, and tag to Parker.

Parker whips Martel for Martel to whip Parker, and Parker forearms Swerve! Parker feeds Swerve to Martel’s drop toehold, then Parker leaps off Martel’s back for a big elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Parker keeps on Swerve with a chinlock, and Ever-Rise has fans in the crowd. The crowd duels, “Ever-Rise!” “Sucks!” and Swerve fights up against the facelock. Nese reaches, Swerve reaches, Swerve jawbreakers Parker away! Parker comes back and anchors Swerve, and then Martel goes around to go after Nese. Nese cartwheels over and ROCKS him with a left! Swerve breaks free to ROCK Parker! Hot tag to Nese! Nese rallies on Parker, cravat knee smash and running boot! Windmill heel kick! The crowd fires up with Nese and he runs at Parker for a corner back elbow!

Martel gets in but Nese throws him out. Nese has Parker, bulldog hotshot and PLANCHA! Martel is down, PREMIER MOONSAULT for Parker! Cover, TWO! Nese doesn’t let up, he brings Parker up. Martel gets in, Nese dodges and enziguris! Parker Gory Especials, Gory BOMBS! Cover, but Swerve breaks it! The crowd rallies as the teams regroup. Ever-Rise says they wanted a tag match, so he’s a brawl! Swerve and Martel spill out, Nese has Parker for a whip corner to corner. Martel gets thrown into barriers but Parker boots back. Parker sunset flips, Nese slips out to mule KICK! Nese drags Parker to a corner, sits him up, and goes side to side! PREMIER KNEE! Nese tags Swerve in to let him finish this off! Swerve climbs up, for KILL STOMPS!! Cover, Nese & Swerve win!

Winners: Tony Nese & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

What an interesting turn of events! Nese and Swerve shake hands, but even then Swerve is still unsure about this. Will this become the premier tag team in the Cruiserweight Division?


El Legado del Fantasma VS Leon Ruff & Liam Gray!

Santos Escobar and cohorts have sworn an oath to take over the Cruiserweight Division and recreate the world of lucha libre in their image. Escobar has already accomplished his part in taking the Cruiserweight Championship for his own, now Mendoza and Wilde look to begin the next phase. Will they match the success their leader has achieved?

The teams sort out, Ruff starts against Wilde, and Wilde CLOBBERS Ruff right away! Ruff sputters as Wilde circles him. Wilde wrenches, shoulders Ruff’s shoulder over and over, then wrenches to wrangle him down with a chinbar! Wilde keeps on the wrist but Ruff fights back. Wilde gives him an atomic drop, takedown, splash and moonsault! What a fast string of moves! Wilde drags Ruff up, brings him over and tags in Mendoza. They double whip Ruff and double elbow him down. Wilde runs, has Mendoza hip toss him at ropes for a rebound splash! What innovation! Mendoza looms over Ruff as he sputters and coughs and stomps him down. Mendoza stomps Ruff more then dares him to stand.

Ruff hits back but Mendoza kicks him to the corner. Mendoza keeps Ruff down with more clubbing forearms, then brings Ruff up to CHOP off his feet! Gray dares to let him in, so Mendoza yanks Ruff up and swing him for a SUPLEX! Mendoza lets Gray have his shot and Gray tags in. Gray runs into Mendoza’s knee! Mendoza CHOPS Gray, then brings him up for an X-Plex! But Gray lands on his feet?! Gray fires off forearms, kicks and runs, but into a LARIAT! Gray flounders about and the crowd is losing their mind over that one. Mendoza drags Gray up and ANARCHY SUPLEXES! Escobar tells his men to finish this, and Wilde tags in. Wilde drags Gray up, wrenches and wristlocks. Mendoza runs, ENZIGURI TO RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover, El Legado wins!

Winners: El Legado del Fantasma, by pinfall

The legend is being written through the suffering of their opponents. Will Escobar lead Wilde, Mendoza and the entire Cruiserweight Division into a future of his own design?

My Thoughts:

This was an alright episode that I feel suffers from the same segment arrangement problem as tonight’s SmackDown. We know El Legado del Fantasma is to be the big thing in the Cruiserweight Division, but a squash match didn’t need to be the main event. Yes, we needed to see Mendoza and Wilde get back in the ring, but then let them open and “make quick work” of their opponents so they can go prepare for Drake Maverick and Breezango. Then you let this story between Swerve and Nese take center stage for 205 Live as it’s been the thing 205 Live has been rolling with. In a year where wrestlers are being let go for one reason or another, Jack Gallagher no longer being part of the story with Nese and Swerve clearly dictated a change to the story. Swerve and Nese becoming a team is definitely an intriguing way of doing that, and it could make for a great run for both guys.

My Score: 8/10

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