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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (7/16/20)

Some of NXT UK’s GREATEST Matches!




Are these matches among YOUR NXT UK favorites?

Relive some instant classics from NXT UK’s young yet storied history! The Women’s #1 Contender Battle Royal and a No Disqualification grudge match!


  • 10/31/18, Episode 3 – Zack Gibson VS Noam Dar; Gibson wins.
  • 6/19/19 – NXT UK Women’s Championship #1 Contender Battle Royal: Kay Lee Ray wins and will face Toni Storm for the title, at a time of her choosing.
  • 1/2/20 – No Disqualifications: Ilja Dragunov VS Alexander Wolfe; Dragunov wins.


Andy Shepherd welcomes us back.

This week is about the greatest matches in the brand’s history as introduced by competitors involved. We go back to the very start of NXT UK, and Liverpool’s Number One starts us off.

“The arrival of NXT UK was the opportunity that I’d been waiting for my entire career.” Finally, the world would understand what Zack Gibson was preaching the entire time. But then “that little turd” Noam Dar took a break from being a disappointment to his parents to siphon some of Gibson’s momentum. But Dar would also learn that Gibson is what he says he is, Liverpool’s Number One, SOON to be recognized as the World’s Number One!

Zack Gibson VS Noam Dar!

The Scottish Supernova got his shot at Pete Dunne in the series premiere while Liverpool’s Number One had his back at Royal Albert Hall. Neither man succeeded in dethroning the Bruiserweight, and of course neither ever did. But see who wins and proves the other was the bigger loser!

The bell rings and the two circle. Cambridge jeers Gibson but he tunes it out as he ties up with Dar. He brings Dar down into an armlock, but Dar gets up. Gibson wrenches the arm but Dar rolls through to wrench back. Gibson rolls but Dar brings him back down. Dar wrenches the arm but Gibson gets up. He keeps on Gibson as he encourages the fans to sing “If you hate Gibson, shoes up!” Dar then shifts to a facelock and takedown. Cover, ONE, and the two back off. Dar puts his feet up to say he agrees with the fans. Gibson says Dar needs to ignore the fans, but Dar shoes off his shoe as further point. Dar circles with Gibson again and they tie up. Gibson gets the arm, wrenches and rolls Dar, then wrings out the arm.

Dar gets to a corner, but fans continue to jeer Gibson with songs. Gibson and Dar circle again, and Dar gets a waistlock. Gibson gets the arm and a wristlock takedown. He wants the armbar but Dar bridges. Dar works his way out of the headscissor, then has Gibson in a leg butterfly stretch. Dar shifts that into an Indian Deathlock, and wants to take Gibson’s boots off! Gibson resists so Dar just completes the lock and snaps it back. Dar then shifts to Penalty Kick the shins. Gibson backs away to ropes so Dar gives him a breather. They circle and tie up, Gibson rolls Dar into a grounded armlock. Gibson works over the wrist but Dar gets up. Fans rally as Dar endures the attack on the arm. Dar tries a few different counters but Gibson holds on. Dar tries to throw Gibson off but Gibson holds on.

Gibson trash talks Dar but Dar gets up and gets Gibson in a facelock. Gibson holds on as Dar continues to attempt powering out. Dar throws body shots, then uses a leg to flip thruogh. Gibson whips him at a corner but Dar goes up and around to roll Gibson. Gibson tries to sit on the cover but Dar sunset flips it. ONE, crucifix pin, TWO! Dar keeps on Gibson with a backslide attempt that goes around and around, but Gibson breaks free to knee low. Gibson runs but Dar goes sideways to sweep the leg! Gibson clutches his ankle while getting to ropes. Fans sing for Dar as he aims at Gibson. Gibson stands on the apron as Dar goes over, but Gibson hotshots the arm! Gibson hobbles up but Dar sweeps the legs again!

Dar goes out to the apron while Gibson’s on the ground. Gibson grabs Dar’s leg, yanks him in, and wants a suplex. Dar has the guillotine facelock so Gibson shoves him off. Dar uses the ramp to hit a flying dropkick to the knees! Gibson clutches his legs while the referee checks on him. Fans fire up with Dar as he brings Gibson up. Dar throws forearms, then puts Gibson in the ring. Cover, TWO! Dar brings Gibson up, quick back suplex and cover, TWO! Gibson survives but still works on getting his legs working. Dar is on Gibson, throws forearms again, then whips. Gibson reverses into a hammerlock DDT! Gibson doesn’t cover, he grounds ‘n’ pounds! Fans say “If you hate Gibson, stand up!” Gibson stands and fans boo.

Gibson hobbles to Dar and throws stomps and forearms in the corner. He reels Dar into a lariat, then covers, TWO! The fans sing “If you hate Gibson, sit down!” Gibson has Dar in a keylock, then brings him around for a half nelson chinbar. Fans rally for Dar and Dar works his way up. Gibson grabs Dar’s arm and wrenches the wrist. Dar snapmares Gibson but Gibson holds onto the hand. Gibson hammerlocks and stomps the arm on the mat! Gibson mocks the pinkies out while he slaps Dar around. Fans sing for Dar as he gets up and fights back. Gibson takes Dar down and tweaks the ankle! Gibson goes back to the arm but fans don’t stop cheering for Dar, even as Gibson throws Dar with an armbar suplex! Dar crawls but Gibson toys with him. Fans again say “If you hate Gibson, stand up!”

Dar ducks the clothesline to give throat chop, headbutt and uppercut! Dar runs in but gets an enziguri! Gibson hops up but Dar sweeps his legs again! Gibson flounders to a corner, Dar hits a big back elbow! Dar reels Gibson in, Northern Lights Suplex! Float over cover, TWO! Both men are down and fans again stand up. Dar fires himself up and brings Gibson up. Fisherman Suplex! Cover, TWO!! Dar almost had Gibson, but Gibson’s still hurting. Dar stalks him to ropes and unleashes strikes! Gibson shoves Dar away then wrings the arm. Dar rolls through but runs into throat chops! Gibson hops up, leaps for a flying code breaker! Cover, TWO!! Dar lives and Gibson can’t believe it! Fans rally for Dar as he and Gibson stir.

Gibson sits up first, and he stalks Dar. Gibson drags Dar over and gets the arm. Dar reaches for ropes but Gibson brings Dar around for forearms. Then the armlock! Gibson rear mounts but Dar resists and gets the ropebreak! Gibson doesn’t let up so Dar throws him out. Dar shoves Gibson away but Gibson comes back for more, powerbomb on the ramp! Fans lose their minds while the referee checks on Dar. Gibson returns to the ring and wants the count to end this. Fans boo but the count begins. Dar stirs but the count passes 5. Dar crawls, returns to the apron at 9, and gets in just in time! But Gibson is on him, with the Shankly Gates! Gibson sits down deep as he pulls back hard. Dar endures, reaches, and gets another ropebreak! Gibson backs off and fans chant “YES! YES!”

Gibson continues to say Dar needs to ignore the fans. He throws a forearm in Dar’s face, then mocks Dar’s other poses. Gibson kicks Dar while he’s down, then throws more forearms. He toys with Dar, but Dar hits him back! Dar sweeps the legs yet again! Dar is up and fans fire up, pinkies out! Gibson ducks the kick! Then has the arm again! Dar victory rolls Gibson, TWO!! So close, and even Gibson is shocked he got free. Gibson runs but misses, Dar sweeps the legs. Dar hurries to a corner while Gibson is down. Dar climbs up, takes aim, and double stomps the knees!! Gibson is writhing and shouting in pain, but fans know “You Deserve It!” Dar grits his teeth while Gibson begs for mercy.

Gibson drags himself up, and throws a forearm. Dar hits back and now we have a brawl. Dar hits, Gibson goes after the hand, but Dar gives him an elbow. But Gibson gets the arm again! So Dar kicks the leg. They go back and forth, and Dar drops down for a kneebar! With heel hook! Gibson rolls and kicks with his good leg until he’s free. Gibson crawls to a corner but Dar grabs the bad leg. Dar gets an enziguri for it, but then catches the missile dropkick into an Ankle Lock!! Gibson writhes and reaches but Dar grapevines the leg!! Fans are thunderous but Gibson again uses his good leg to fight. Now we have palm strikes back and forth. Dar and Gibson fight fast and furious and the fans love it!

Gibson gets the ear! The ref counts and he lets go at 4. Both men are down but fans chant “UK! Woop Woop!” Dar and Gibson get to opposite ends. They stand, Gibson runs in but into a boot. Dar hops up, leaps but misses the double stomps. His own leg buckles a bit, Gibson throws him into a post! Gibson lifts Dar up, Helter Skelter! Cover, Gibson wins!

Winner: Zack Gibson, by pinfall

Liverpool’s Number One got more of a fight from the Scottish Supernova than he expected. But in the end, Gibson managed to capitalize on an opening, and takes the win. When and where will Gibson get another shot at that NXT UK Championship?


NXT UK hears from South Wales Sub Culture.

Mark Andrews says “2019 was the best year of mine and Flash Morgan Webster’s career.” The Modfather says they could not have asked for better. TakeOver: Cardiff, becoming the first Welsh champions in WWE history was incredible. They took on the then Raw Tag Team Champions, the Viking Raiders. But then it came crashing down in the New Year. The tag team ladder match was brutal. The loss in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic was rough. And Andrews gets injured backstage, done indefinitely. 2020 has been tough for everyone, but Andrews is fighting to get back. Andrews is stronger. And he will find out who did this to him, and that person will see a different side to SWSC. FMW will help Andrews sort that out, then they can both focus on becoming the first-ever two-time NXT UK Tag Team Champions.


Kay Lee Ray introduces the next match.

“This Best Of match is the first-ever Women’s #1 Contender Battle Royal in NXT UK history.” This was the first big opportunity for the entire women’s division to get after Toni Storm, and it was the first opportunity KLR took. Piper Niven and Xia Brookside took their eyes off the prize, but there’s only one NXT UK Women’s Champion. Everyone else will get to see exactly how she did it.

NXT UK Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal!

The Lightning from Down Under was still THE NXT UK Women’s Champion at the time, and there was plenty of #ToniTime to go around. Nina Samuels wants a second chance, but Xia Brookside, Candy Floss, Killer Kelly, Isla Dawn, Rhea Ripley, Piper Niven, Kay Lee Ray, Jinny and The Alpha Female, Jazzy Gabert all want their turn. With such fierce competition in the ring, who is the last woman left to go after Toni Storm’s “Shiny Shiny?”

NXT UK returns as KLR makes her entrance, followed by Piper Niven. Piper eyes Jazzy as she’s already in the center of the ring. But then Piper’s attention turns to the instigator, the Mosh Pit Kid, Rhea Ripley, as she makes her entrance. Rhea and Piper have wanted at each other in the ring, this might be their opportunity to do just that. With all the participants in the ring, the bell rings and the fight is on!

Jinny goes at Isla while Jazzy seems completely untouched. Perhaps no one wants to challenge the Alpha Female’s power just yet. But then Candy Floss and a pair of newcomers from the NXT UK tryouts gang up on her. They’re not enough and Jazzy fights her way out! She mule kicks Rhio McDonnell and back elbows Winona Makanji then lariats Candy down. Jazzy throws and ELIMINATES Rhio! Winona tries again, but then immediately regrets it. Jazzy grabs her with one hand but Winona fights out. Jazzy tries the other hand but again Winona fights out. So Jazzy grabs Winona with both hands to knee her low and throw her out. Winona holds on but gets a CHOP! Jazzy ELIMINATES Winona!

Jazzy turns her attention to Candy Floss for furious strikes! KLR CHOPS Xia while Isla fights off both Nina Samuels and Jinny. Jazzy lifts Candy in the Canadian rack, for a Dominator Slam! And a hard one. Jinny sees this, and takes Candy for herself, to ELIMINATE Candy! The Spoiled Princess gets on the board but with help from Jazzy. Xia headscissors KLR out but through the middle rope! KLR is still in the match. Jinny goes after Xia while Jazzy knocks down Killer Kelly. Rhea goes after Isla while Nina goes after Piper. Jazzy and Jinny regroup and Jazzy clobbers Xia. Jazzy drags Xia up for another, but Xia dodges! Jinny is on Xia but gets a boot while Piper lifts Jazzy! Piper puts Jazzy on the apron, and headbutts her! Xia sweeps the legs and ELIMINATES Jazzy!! The Alpha Female is furious and the Fierce Fashionista is shocked!

Jinny has no choice but to be alone in this. And everyone else knows it. Xia, Piper and Isla give Jinny forearms and kicks, then Piper throws Jinny hard into buckles! Piper splashes Jinny, then feeds her to a double trophy lift from Xia and Isla! Together, they throw Jinny out! Jazzy saves her boss by carrying her to the other side. Referees tell Jazzy to leave, and she finally does. But Jinny runs at Xia to be put on the apron! Xia forearms and ELIMINATES Jinny! Including KLR, who is still down and out on the outside, Xia is among the final seven in this match! Xia goes after Killer Kelly to help out Piper while Nina has Isla in the corner. Rhea is down but crawling to clear space in the ring.

Rhea and Nina work together on Isla, but Piper runs in to pull Nina off. Piper CHOPS Nina while Kelly clubs Xia. Isla elbows Rhea away and Nina hits Piper back. Nina hoists Piper up but Piper gets to the apron. Piper headbutts Nina down, then gets back in with an elbow drop! Nina gasps for air while Kelly brawls with Rhea. Rhea shoves Kelly to then flapjack her on ropes and throw her over! Rhea ELIMINATES Killer Kelly! Meanwhile, Isla and Xia fight with each other, because there are no friends in battle royals. But then the friends realize they have a greater enemy in Rhea! They go after her with forearms and stomps while Nina survives Piper’s shoves. Rhea fights her way out but Isla and Xia are right back on her. Piper and Rhea end up back to back as they fight off Nina, Xia and Isla.

Rhea scoops Xia to ram her into a Tree of Woe! She stomps away but Isla saves Xia. But Rhea hits back, then throws and ELIMINATES Isla Dawn! Piper and Rhea spot each other, but Nina keeps on Piper. Piper throws and ELIMINATES Nina! Now Rhea and Piper can finally go toe to toe! Rhea SLAPS Piper but Piper SLAPS back! Rhea hits again, but so does Piper. The brawl picks up speed but Piper headbutts Rhea down! Piper runs corner to corner, CANNONBALL! She drags Rhea around, then climbs up, but Rhea anchors Piper’s feet! Rhea clubs Piper and shoves her to the apron. Rhea boots but misses! Piper drags Rhea out to join her and they brawl some more! Xia sees this, lines it up, and dropkicks them both! She ELIMINATES Piper AND Rhea! But everyone forgot about KLR!!

KLR gets in, and Xia notices the fans’ change in reactions! Xia turns around, and gets clobbered by KLR! Fans boo but KLR gives Xia a lift and a toss! KLR wins!!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray (NEW #1 Contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship)

They all forgot her again, but that’s how KLR took over. She is now NXT UK Women’s Champion in present day, how long will the Scary Queen of Scots reign?


NXT UK hears from Jinny.

“Since NXT UK first started, no other woman came in with a bang like me.” No woman was more ruthless, more aggressive or more fabulous than the Fashionista. And she has gone through girl after girl after girl to prove her dominance. When Jinny returns to the ring to grace us with her presence, she will show the entire WWE Universe why there is only one woman in NXT UK as she climbs to the top. And if anyone dares step in her way, let’s just say she’ll make an example out of them. They will never be as fabulous as Jinny.


Next week is another edition of NXT UK Greatest Hits!

Fabian Aichner VS FMW, Jinny VS Piper Niven and Eddie Dennis VS Dave Mastiff will be the big first-ever showdowns hitting your screen next week!


Ilja Dragunov introduces the third match.

“Alexander Wolfe and I always had a very special connection.” Wolfe trained Ilja, he was a mentor, and influenced how Ilja fights in the ring. And when they met again in NXT UK, Wolfe thought that he could decide Ilja’s future again. But he wasn’t that same person anymore! Ilja stood with Gallus against Imperium! Ilja was not a trainee, but something else. Something Unbesiegbar! Something unafraid of violence! “All those personal actions just led to one last match! No Disqualifications…!”

No Disqualifications: Ilja Dragunov VS Alexander Wolfe!

Despite there being no rules but to win, there is a ringside ban of Gallus and Imperium! This must be settled between the Moscow Madman and the dangerous German Ax-man! Who wins and who survives this battle in the war for NXT UK?

But since there are no rules, Ilja goes after Wolfe the second he makes his entrance! So the fight starts on the ramp! The titantron gives us the silhouette of the fight as the New World Symphony plays, it’s incredibly theatrical! But then things spill down the ramp and to ringside, Wolfe rams Ilja into the apron! Wolfe throws off his jacket, but Ilja was waiting for that so he could CHOP Wolfe! Ilja clubs Wolfe on the back then fights him around the corner. Ilja CHOPS again and headlocks, but Wolfe back suplexes him onto the apron! Wolfe gets in and grabs Ilja by the face. Wolfe shouts something in German but Ilja slips out and around to BACK HAND and senton! Fans fire up with Ilja as he goes up top, but he has to leap over Wolfe.

Wolfe kicks low and whips but Ilja reverses. Wolfe falls out of the ring hard, Ilja builds speed but Wolfe avoids the 619. Wolfe hops up but gets a BIG knee strike! Ilja climbs up top and aims, to LEAP for a big ax handle! Fans fire up with Ilja again as he stands tall! Ilja throws Wolfe into the ring and decides to take full advantage of the No Disqualification stipulation. Ilja gets a kendo stick! Fans cheer as Ilja grins and gets in the ring. Ilja swings but Wolfe blocks and disarms him! Impressive. Ilja dares Wolfe to hit him in the head. Ilja takes his fighting stance, Wolfe grins and puts the stick down. Fans boo, but Wolfe dares Ilja to use the stick. Ilja hesitates but goes to pick it up, only for Wolfe to KICK him down! Wolfe picks the stick back up and SMACKS Ilja on the back!

Ilja writhes but Wolfe sits him up to SMACK him again! Wolfe is having fun playing around with the stick before he SMACKS Ilja again! Wolfe gives toying jabs and smacks, and even mockingly knights Ilja. Ilja slaps the stick away, and blocks the head shot! Ilja and Wolfe struggle for control, but Ilja CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Wolfe BOOTS, then uses the stick as part of a cobra clutch BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Wolfe brings the stick around to jam into Ilja’s face as part of the chinlock. Fans rally up and Ilja fights up, but Wolfe gets the kendo stick inside Ilja’s mouth! Ilja bites on the stick as he fights up again! Ilja powers the stick off and throws Wolfe away. Wolfe comes back to enziguri! Wolfe runs, but into a SMACK! Ilja fires up as he SMACKS and SMACKS again!

Wolfe bails out of the ring but Ilja pursues. Ilja SMACKS but Wolfe catches it. Wolfe forearms, Ilja slips away and 6-1-SMACKS Wolfe down! Fans are all fired up with Ilja as he slams the stick down. Ilja gets a new idea, and starts searching under the ring. Fans of course want tables, and Ilja finds a table! Ilja stands the table up against the ring then throws Wolfe into the steel steps! Ilja slides the table into the ring and sets it up in a corner. Fans rally as the wood is wedged in place. Wolfe crawls up but Ilja stomps on him. Ilja drags Wolfe in, wrenches and reels him in, but Wolfe blocks the suplex! Wolfe throws body shots and turns things around, but now Ilja blocks. Ilja slips out and has a waistlock! Wolfe fights off the German Suplex with elbows, standing switches, but now Ilja blocks! Ilja throws Wolfe off and BOOTS him out of the ring!

Fans cheer as Ilja catches his breath and builds speed. But Wolfe throws a CHAIR at Ilja’s head! Wolfe then drags Ilja off the top to a fireman’s carry, APRON DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! It was double-edged and the referee checks on both men. The fans are stunned, but both men are okay to continue. Wolfe has the chair again and puts it in the ring. Fans still rally for Ilja as Wolfe puts him in the ring. Wolfe drags Ilja over and headlocks, but Ilja fights out! Ilja enziguris Wolfe down! Wolfe goes for the chair but Ilja stands on it. Ilja shakes his head, “No,” then baits Wolfe into a KNEE! Ilja returns the chair shot! Fans fire up as Ilja grabs the chair again. Ilja wedges the chair in Wolfe’s face before going to the adjacent corner. Ilja climbs, fans build anticipation, FULL METAL COAST2COAST! Cover, TWO!! Wolfe survives and shocks Ilja!

Fans rally up again as both Ilja and Wolfe slowly rise. Ilja goes back out and grabs something more from under the ring. He brings in a chair and then confiscates the timekeeper’s chair! And the announcer’s, and another! Fans fire up as Ilja brings all these things together into a chair pile. Ilja has Wolfe in the corner and up on the top rope. Fans anticipate what’s coming next as Ilja climbs up to join Wolfe. Wolfe resists and slips out, to get Ilja on his shoulders! Ilja holds on for dear life and hammers away. So Wolfe trips him up, and GERMAN SUPLEXES Ilja onto the chair pile! Then a DDT onto more chairs! Cover, TWO!! Ilja lives and Wolfe can’t believe it! “This is Awesome!” as Wolfe clears chairs away. Wolfe has one chair for his own and he SMACKS Ilja on the back!

Wolfe puts the chair under Ilja’s chin, and JAMS it off the mat!! Ilja gasps and sputters to breathe, but Wolfe isn’t done with him. Wolfe has another chair in hand. But Ilja stands up straight, which makes Wolfe hesitate. But Wolfe still JAMS the chair into Ilja’s stomach, then takes one of Ilja’s hands to mouse trap SNAP it inside the chair! Ilja writhes, his hand more than likely shattered! But Wolfe shows no mercy, he wants the other hand! Wolfe grabs it, brings it over, and SNAPS the chair shut! Wolfe says this is what Ilja gets for choosing the wrong side. But Ilja dodges the chair shot to LARIAT! Ilja can’t use his hands but he still has his arms! Fans fire up behind Ilja as he fireman’s carries Wolfe! DEATH VALLEY THROUGH THE TABLE!!

Hull is thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as well as Ilja. Ilja goes to the corner, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!!” TORPEDO MOSCOW!! Cover, Ilja wins!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

As Tom Philips asks, “What is Ilja Dragunov made of?!” But whether superhuman or something more, Ilja won this match and the adoration of this audience! Will Ilja one day win the coveted NXT UK Championship from the intimidating leader of Imperium, Walter?

My Thoughts:

This episode had a really fun set of matches to relive. Gibson and Dar had a way better match than expected for just the third episode of this brand’s history. The Women’s Battle Royal was good, but pretty short, and had a lot of great moments outside of KLR winning. And the No Disqualifications of Dragunov and Wolfe was great, almost worthy of a TakeOver. If I recall, Dragunov is still owed a shot at Walter and the NXT UK Championship, so I really hope the UK can open back up to give us this match before the year is over. Them going all out at whatever TakeOver event we get would be an absolutely incredible way to celebrate.

My Score: 8.4/10

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