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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (7/2/20)

It’s Drew McIntyre’s Superstar Picks!




A very special NXT UK Superstar Picks!

For the first time ever, WWE World Champion DREW MCINTYRE is part of NXT UK! What is the Scottish Stud’s favorite match EVER?


  • 3/5/20 – Aoife Valkyrie VS Isla Dawn; Valkyrie wins.
  • 3/26/20 – A-Kid VS Noam Dar; Dar wins.
  • 1/15/17 – WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament Semifinals: Pete Dunne VS Mark Andrews; Dunne wins and advances to the finals.


Andy Shepherd welcomes us back.

Once again, NXT UK hands things over for some Superstar Picks, but this will be a very special edition. The stars tonight are some of the UK’s finest who are currently competing across the pond. Who better to start than the two time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, Nikki Cross?

The Loony Lass has been watching the NXT UK superstars choose their favorite, so Nikki is going to give us hers. It’s a rather recent one in Aoife Valkyrie VS Isla Dawn! Aoife was continuing from a victorious debut while the White Witch of Scotland was going to use her experience to test the newcomer. Sit back and enjoy the new generation!

Aoife Valkyrie VS Isla Dawn!

The newest force of nature collides with the White Witch for the first time in NXT UK! Witness the Valkyrie rise!

The bell rings and Isla circles with Aoife. They tie up, fans rally and Aoife wrenches to a wristlock. Isla spins through but Aoife spins, too. Isla rolls and hooks a leg, but Aoife powers her down to the ma! Aoife keeps on the wristlock then snapmares to hook and La Magistrol, TWO! Aoife keeps hold to ghost pin, TWO! Fans rally as Aoife wrenches back to the wristlock. Isla pushes with forearms, spins and bridges to wring Aoife out! Cover, TWO as Aoife gets a shoulder up. Isla pushes it back down for another cover. TWO as Aoife brings the other shoulder up. Isla tries again, TWO as Aoife bridges! Isla throws her whole weight on Aoife for the cover, TWO as Aoife manages to bridge again!

Fans rally as Aoife monkey flips then rolls back to her own cover, TWO! Aoife gets to the corner, Isla runs in to monkey flip but Aoife handsprings through. Aoife wags a finger, then jumps to dropkick, but Isla grabs the legs out of the air! Isla has Aoife down, but Aoife rolls back to SPIKE-RANA! Cover, TWO as Isla sunset flips, TWO! Aoife jackknifes, TWO as Isla bridges up. Isla hooks the arms but Aoife resists the backslide. Isla still gets it, TWO! Aoife ducks a kick but Isla does the splits to avoid one back! Fans cheer as the two stare down. Aoife watches Isla start to rise and swings a kick! Isla ducks the kick to roll Aoife up! Aoife slips out to mule kick then run. She slides under Isla, Isla ducks a heel kick, but Aoife sweeps the legs!

Aoife powers up to standing moonsault! Cover, ONE, but by a small gap of the shoulder. Aoife keeps on Isla as fans rally up. She hooks one arm but Isla powers up. Isla tries to fireman’s carry but can’t keep Aoife up. Instead, Isla rams Aoife into the corner. Aoife pushes and boots bakc, then hops up. But Isla uses a Tiger Feint to trip Aoife up! Fans fire up as Isla climbs, leaps and METEORAS! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally again as Isla looms over Aoife. Isla drags Aoife up, waistlocks, but Aoife elbows back and PELES! Isla staggers, Aoife HEEL KICKS! Aoife heads up top, aims at Isla, FLYING SCISSOR KICK! Cover, Aoife wins!

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie, by pinfall

The Flight of the Valkyrie is 2-0 and soaring in the NXT UK Women’s Division! Will Aoife move up towards Kay Lee Ray and that NXT UK Women’s Championship?


NXT UK recaps Imperium’s win of the NXT Tag Team Championships.

The Broserweights could not defend the titles, so Matt Riddle teamed with Timothy Thatcher. However, that duo fell apart, and Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel took advantage! Now Imperium has taken over NXT prime’s tag division! Walter says this was something that needed to happen for this sport. Aichner says it was rather surreal. It is the first time Europeans have won anything in prime NXT. It is only impossible until someone does it. These two have done it. “The future for Imperium is world domination.” It isn’t about them, but about the future, the passion, the business and the mat.

One of the man reasons these two work well together is because of their upbringings. Aichner wanted to do something with his life, and one day he watched the last few minutes of SmackDown. Taker, Big Show and Brock Lesnar, it all hit him. Aichner found Alex Wright’s wrestling school, who was a braggadocios German wrestler in WCW. Wright says the day Aichner walked into his wrestling school was the day Wright knew Aichner was a diamond in the rough. Aichner would drive four hours both ways just to learn from the best. Walter says he has never seen someone so reliable in the ring. It doesn’t matter what happens, Aichner has an answer. Most impressive was his discipline. Steve Wright says Aichner is one of the strongest men. He moves like a lightweight, hits like a heavyweight. Speed, power and passion, all must-haves for wrestling.

Combined with Barthel as a second generation prodigy, they were an incredible combination from day one. It feels like fate. They’ve only known each other a few years, but their connection goes back decades. The greatest rival of Barthel’s father was none other than Aichner’s teacher. Steve Wright, Axel Dieter, they battled for years and all over the world. Wrestling was Barthel’s life, and that is why he wanted to be in the business. But his father told him that the foundation is pain and hard work. But it would be all worth it. Barthel did go through rough sessions, learned everything his father knew. The mat is sacred, and that was no more clear than in Axel’s style. Nowadays, wrestlers tries to make jokes, dance around, being funny. Imperium will make us all remember what wrestling is truly about.

People saw Imperium as a threat, but they’re actually the exact opposite. NXT UK doesn’t rise up to where it is without Imperium. So, you’re welcome. Walter says what makes them different is that they are not “WWE fanboys.” They do want to be in WrestleMania’s main event, and vow to do just that. Who can stop them? Walter is NXT UK Champion. Aichner and Barthel are NXT Tag Team Champions. Now they just need to restore the honor of wrestling, and lead the world into that bright future.


William Regal shares his Superstar Pick!

The NXT General Manager is very proud to choose a match that pits two of NXT UK’s finest technical talents. First, Noam Dar, who has always been impressive in the ring, even with his bravado getting in the way. Second, A-Kid, the Spanish Ace of the new generation, who Regal himself recommended to NXT UK GM, Johnny Saint. Both men are skilled in the British and European styles, so surely fans of NXT UK will enjoy it.

A-Kid VS Noam Dar!

The Spanish Ace was minding his own business, and didn’t appreciate the Scottish Supernova butting in. Will AK make Mr. 11 butt out and back off for once in his life?

The bell rings and AK circles with Dar. They tie up as fans duel, and AK grabs at the kick. Dar gets away and respects the speed. They go again, Dar gets a waistlock and takedown but AK gets free. Dar and AK tie up with knuckle locks and go shoulder to shoulder. Dar rolls back and wrenches AK to the mat. Fans sing for Darth Dar but AK kips up and bridges around to headscissor! Fans cheer that but Dar bridges back. AK keeps on and cranks Dar’s head in the hold. Dar moves up and around to pop free and then tackle AK for a headlock. Dar adds a noogie! The ref reprimands but AK fights his way up. AK powers Dar to ropes and the ref calls for a break. AK lets up but Dar shoves. Dar avoids the kick and brushes off his shoulder.

Dar and AK circle and tie up again. AK rolls and then gets a leg to then get a headlock. Dar fights to keep his shoulders off the mat and then works his way around. They stand, AK wrenches and hooks Dar up for an Octopus! AK pulls an arm but Dar pops free. AK sunset flips but Dar stays up. Dar stomps but misses and AK kicks him in the back! AK trips Dar up, runs but Dar trips him up. Dar tries a rear mount but AK slips out the back to trip Dar up and float to a ghost pin! TWO and Dar baits AK into a backslide. TWO and Dar shoves. AK leaps over for a sunset flip, TWO! Another ghost pin, ONE! Dar has the half nelson cover, ONE! AK has the ghost, ONE!

Dar again, ONE! AK again, ONE! ONE, ONE, ONE, ONE, ONE, ONE, TWO!! AK almost had Dar but he cartwheels to avoid the Penalty Kick! Fans cheer this great exchange and even AK smiles. But Dar growls and scowls as he and AK circle. They tie up again, and Dar puts AK on the ropes. Dar lets off but cheap shot elbows AK to the apron! Dar drags AK up and has him on the ropes a la Orton, but just lets him go. AK catches himself with his hands! But Dar kicks him in the face! The ref reprimands Dar but Dar flexes. Dar walks over and AK kicks him in the leg! Dar is furious and he stomps AK over and over! The ref backs Dar off, and AK throws himself at Dar’s legs. Dar drops an elbow and then drags AK up for a EuroUpper! Cover, TWO!

Fans cheer but Dar circles AK like a shark. Dar drags AK around with an armlock and digs his knuckles into wherever he can. Fans rally up and AK fights up to throw body shots and forearms. Dar kicks a leg out but AK runs, goes up and over and arm-drags! AK kips up to dropkick Dar out! Fans fire up as AK builds speed to the corner, but Dar gets in. AK adjusts to leap! Into a FUJIWARA! AK endures being bent around, rolls through, and catches Dar’s punch into a TRIANGLE HOLD! Dar powers up but AK holds on. Dar pops the legs apart to get a kneebar! AK stands up and spins out to get the armbar! Dar reaches and rolls to get a cover, TWO! AK ROUNDHOUSES Dar!

Dar wobbles, AK fires up and grabs Dar’s shoulders, but Dar mule kick LOW BLOWS!! The ref completely misses that! Dar runs for the NOVA ROLLA!! Cover, Dar wins!!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

The Scottish Supernova is controversial as ever! The referee’s angle may have been what screwed A-Kid over but Dar still wants to brag on the mic. “Well then. An over the top rope 20-Man Battle Royal. Ooooh~! More like 19 Dafties, 1 Supernova 11 and YOUR next NXT UK Champion! No pinkie, no party. Thank you, b-b-b-b-b!” Dar heads out, ready to turn it up to 11 and tear the knob off. We know in the present he doesn’t win that, but does Dar still have a way to get after a title?


NXT UK hears from Pretty Deadly.

“NXT UK has one of the strongest tag team divisions in this company.” Who are they to argue the success and ability of those other teams? Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley see the high-flyers who are too busy wanting the affection of the fans. They see the big strong tough guys that don’t look like stars. All the teams in NXT UK seem to lack that je ne sais quoi. But Pretty Deadly talk about the light at the end of the tunnel: the two tasty snacks- Wait, whose football (soccer ball) is? Pretty Deadly picks it up and kicks it away! Sam gets heated running down whoever kicked it, but Lewis calms him down. Cheers to Pretty Deadly.


Next week, NXT UK presents #InternationalProminence!

The retrospective moves to looking around the world, highlighting the best the UK and Europe has, and how they’ve stacked up against wrestlers from around the world! Get ready to watch mat classics from Pete Dunne, Zack Gibson, Walter, Toni Storm and many more!


Drew McIntyre shares his Superstar Picks!

The first-ever Scottish born WWE World Champion, “It’s quite fricken time” McIntyre is on NXT UK. He’s only been bugging Triple H for two years, so let’s call this phase one. UK wrestling has definitely grown in the time McIntyre’s been wrestling. There was barely anything 19 years ago, a lot of people feel McIntyre is a founding father of the modern UK scene. McIntyre sparked something when he first came to the WWE, then when he came back home, it was just incredible. Not just the fanbase but the in-ring talent and how it kept growing and growing. The next logical step was this brand to take it to the next level. And he was blown away by the two in this match he has chosen. It is Pete Dunne VS Mark Andrews from the original United Kingdom Championship tournament! Enough said, just watch it.


WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament Semifinals: Pete Dunne VS Mark Andrews!

One step away from the finals, and former friends in the Bruiserweight and the High-Fiving, Stage Diving Welsh Rockstar clash! We know Dunne’s history in the WWE’s UK brand, but see just one of the building blocks in its foundation!

Dunne doesn’t want to shake hands with Andrews, he wants to win. The bell rings, the two circle, and the two tie up. Dunne scoops and slams Andrews fast, covers, TWO! Dunne wraps Andrews up in a chinlock and thrashes him around. Andrews endures as Dunne cranks back, but Dunne shifts to push Andrews’ head down. Dunne STOMPS Andrews’ head as the fans rally and duel. Andrews gets to ropes, Dunne brings him up and whips him corner to corner. Andrews goes up but Dunne stays back. Andrews lands to immediately spring up and moonsault, tilt-o-whirl arm-drag! Dunne bails out, Andrews builds speed, Andrews FLIES! Direct hit and down goes Dunne! Andrews high fives his fans before stalking Dunne around the way.

The ring count starts, Andrews puts Dunne in at 3, but Dunne STOMPS Andrews’ hands as he gets in! Dunne goes out, tortures the fingers, then drags Andrews over to steel steps. Dunne stomps but Andrews avoids it, to huricanrana Dunne off the steps! The ring count climbs, Andrews gets Dunne up and into the ring, then pursues. Dunne Penalty Kicks the arm! Then he throws Andrews into buckles! Cover, TWO! Dunne drags Andrews around, traps the arms then clamps on with a chinbar. Andrews endures, Dunne pushes his head down again, and STOMPS again! Andrews clutches his neck but the fans rally up. Dunne drags Andrews up, Andrews fights back but Dunne CLUBS him down.

Dunne drags Andrews up again, scoops and takes Andrews to the corner. Andrews resists, gets to the apron and shoulders back. Andrews slingshots and victory rolls to STOMP 182! Dunne crawls to a corner but Andrews gets up. Andrews runs corner to corner at Dunne for double knees! Northern Lights! Float through to standing INVERTED 630!? Cover, TWO!! Dunne survives and Andrews can’t believe it! Dunne gets himself to the corner, Andrews runs in, but Dunne puts Andrews on the apron. Andrews springboards and huricanranas Dunne down! Standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Dunne survives and bails out but Andrews keeps his focus. Andrews builds speed again, goes to the corner, ASAI! But Dunne catches him!

Dunne brings Andrews around, to APRON X-PLEX! The fans cheer this intensity as the ref says for them to get in the ring. The count begins, Dunne gets in at 2 and rests. Andrews stirs, drags himself up at 5, and gets in. Dunne drags him out, brings him over, and X-PLEXES him to the ramp!! The fans cheer for the Bruiserweight as he leaves Andrews behind. Andrews sputters and stirs but the ring count reaches 5. Dunne waits for Andrews but the count is at 8. Andrews springs up at 9 to get in the ring! Dunne won’t let up, he stands on Andrews, grabs an arm, and gives him Danielson Stomps! The ref backs Dunne off but Andrews still sits up. Dunne drags Andrews up but he’s mostly dead weight. X-Plex into STUNDOG MILLIONAIRE! Cover, TWO!! Dunne survives Andrews’ counter but the fans are loving this!

Andrews drags himself to a corner, climbs up top, but Dunne stops him with forearms! Dunne climbs up to join Andrews, but Andrews resists the superplex. Andrews fights back, the two brawl, Andrews forearms but Dunne holds on. Andrews forearms again and Dunne falls! Andrews FALLS TO PIECES onto knees!! Cover, TWO!! Andrews survives and Dunne can’t believe it! The fans rally up again as Dunne stalks Andrews. Dunne drags Andrews up, pump handles, Bitter- No! Andrews arm-drags out and enziguris! Andrews runs, springboards, into a BIG forearm! Dunne drags Andrews up, X- RANA!! Cover, TWO!! Dunne escapes at the last second and Blackpool is giving this a standing ovation!

Andrews hurries back to a corner, hurries back up top, “This is Awesome!” Andrews leaps, Dunne dodges the shooting star, and then German Suplexes Andrews into buckles! Dunne drags Andrews back up, X-PLEX again! Pump handle, dead lift, BITTER END!! Cover, Dunne wins!

Winner: Pete Dunne, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

An incredible showing from both men, but the brutal Bruiserweight breaks through to the finals! We know in the present that it would be Tyler Bate as the inaugural NXT UK Champion, but Dunne would become the longest reigning in his own right. Will Dunne ever rise back up to take that title back? Or will he sink his teeth into new gold in the future?

My Thoughts:

A really fun Superstar Picks, and I’m rather surprised Nikki Cross and William Regal chose two matches from within the recent NXT UK run. I really like that Nikki appreciates the new stars so much that she chose Aoife VS Isla. Aoife and Isla are definitely primed to be big names even just a couple years from now. Dar and A-Kid was also a great choice, they’re also much in the same position as Aoife and Isla. Dar might even be close to some real star status already because he’s just hilarious on the mic. I didn’t expect McIntyre to choose something just outside of my coverage collection, but I’m actually happy he did. Dunne VS Andrews was incredible, even the second time around for me. Dunne is probably returning to NXT USA after the lockdown, but it’d be great if he had a revisit to some of these early match-ups, too. Next week’s “International Prominence” episode sounds awesome, too, I can’t wait to relive those.

My Score: 8.4/10

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