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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (7/23/20)

The Greatest Hits keep on coming!




NXT UK continues to roll out the favorites!

The Greatest Hits playlist keeps on going with three more classics, as chosen by Mark Andrews, Piper Niven and Dave Mastiff!



Andy Shepherd welcomes us back to the show!

NXT UK again digs into the vault to bring out some classics, as introduced to us by the superstars involved! First up, the showdown in Plymouth as introduced by Mark Andrews! Andrews says if we’re talking the best matches, then it his pleasure to introduce this match from a time before Imperium and even the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Him and Aichner from back in December of 2018, enjoy!

Fabian Aichner VS Mark Andrews!

Long before Imperium, the real-life Italian Stallion debuted in NXT UK, hoping to find opportunity anywhere and everywhere he can. The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Welshman Rockstar wanted opportunities, too, and that means winning.

The bell rings and Andrews circles with Aichner. Aichner and Andrews shake hands to show there is respect between them. Andrews gets a headlock but Aichner powers out. Aichner runs Andrews over then things speed up. Andrews leaps but Aichner catches him and then lifts. Andrews slips out and puts Aichner in the corner, then runs in but is put on the apron. He shoulders back in, then slingshots to roll of Aichner’s shoulder. Andrews wheelbarrows and arm-drags Aichner, then dodges to headscissor him around and out of the ring! Fans fire up as Andrews builds speed, to DIVE! Direct hit and Aichner goes down! Andrews puts Aichner back in the ring and runs at him, but into a pop-up backbreaker! Fans applaud, because that was impressive, too. Aichner covers, TWO!

Aichner brings Andrews in for a body scissors. Andrews endures the squeeze while fans rally up for him. Andrews pries his way out of the hold to make it a cover, TWO! Aichner brings Andrews up but gets a jawbreaker. Andrews mule kicks then front kicks Aichner, then whips. Aichner blocks with power and whips Andrews, but Andrews slides under to enziguri! Andrews runs again, wheelbarrow to Stomp 182! And standing corkscrew senton! Cover, TWO! Aichner survives but Andrews keeps his cool. Fans duel as Andrews brings Aichner up. Aichner powers out and Andrews hits buckles. Aichner runs in but into a boot! Andrews runs out, another tilt-o-whirl but the DDT is blocked with power. Aichner suplexes Andrews up to powerbomb position, but Andrews uses that for a huricanrana pin! TWO!! Andrews is shocked but the fans are loving this.

Aichner and Andrews crawl to opposite sides as fans duel. Andrews runs, 619 to Aichner’s gut. Andrews slingshots again, but Aichner knows it’s coming, so he makes it a wheelbarrow German Suplex! Aichner can’t cover, he’s too dizzy himself. But Aichner brings Andrews up for a bomb, but Andrews slips around to a victory roll, TWO! Andrews CHOPS away on Aichner, then ducks the punches from Aichner. Andrews forearms and chops, but Aichner shoves him. Another slide dodge, but Aichner dodges the enziguri to clobber Andrews! Aichner suplexes, but gets Stun-Dog Millionaire! Fans are thunderous while both men are down! A 10 count begins and Andrews crawls over. Andrews gets up and heads for a corner. Aichner is in a drop zone and Andrews takes aim, but Aichner gets up!

Aichner goes after Andrews but Andrews boots him away. Andrews leaps, but Aichner catches him! For a brain buster! Cover, TWO!! Andrews lives and Aichner can’t believe it! Aichner decides to change plans and heads up top himself. Aichner triangle jumps and moonsaults, but Andrews rolls out of the way, leaving nothing but mat! Andrews gets himself up and runs at Aichner, springboard tornado DDT! Cover, TWO?! Aichner still lives! Andrews hurries to put Aichner in another drop zone as fans rally up. Andrews climbs up top, Shooting Star “Fall to Pieces!” Now Aichner evades, but Andrews lands on his feet!

Aichner rolls out and Andrews goes for him, but Aichner trips him up and drag shim out! He sends Andrews into steel steps! And then takes aim, running knee into the steps! So much for that respect from earlier. Aichner wants a ring count victory as he leaves Andrews for dead. The count passes 5 before Andrews sits up. Andrews crawls at 8, but gets in at 9.5! Aichner is right on him, though, spinning sit-out bomb! Cover, Aichner wins!

Winner: Fabian Aichner, by pinfall

What a wild match! This upset win helped Aichner get to that #NXTLVL, and is a big reason why the Ring General wanted him for Imperium! Now Aichner is a tag team champion for NXT prime, will he and Marcel Barthel soon reign on both sides of the Atlantic?


Xia Brookside speaks.

“Hey, everyone! Xia Brookside here to shine a little joy, positivity and light on what have been some tough, dark days for so many of us.” This isn’t what we’re used to, but sure assures us we’ll make this through it together. Now is the time to better yourself. Learn new things, and pour your heart and mind into all things fun, optimistic and kind. So send a letter to loved ones, call them, or just check out your favorite wrestlers on NXT UK! Speaking of, she pinkie promises us that they’re working so hard to get back. If we can unite and come together, NXT UK will be back ASAP. And then Xia will fight for the dreamers and the believers, and with pride and passion!


Piper Niven introduces her match.

“Since arriving in NXT UK, I have steamrolled my way through the roster, making a name for myself, and edging ever closer to the NXT UK Women’s Championship.” Someone who didn’t like this was the Fashionista. Jinny may have high fashion but low morals with her sneak attacks on Piper. But Piper isn’t one to shy away from a fight or teaching a bully a lesson. No one attacks her without consequences!

Piper Niven VS Jinny w/ Jazzy Gabert!

The Scottish Viper is inspiring and indomitable, at least in spirit. Will she be able to deny the Spoiled Princess what she wants? Or will the Alpha Female being ringside be a factor?

The bell rings and fans jeer the Spoiled Princess as she circles with Piper. Piper and Jinny rush each other but then Jinny dodges. Jazzy swipes but Piper sees Jinny coming and elbows her down. Piper Polish hammers Jinny around,t hen whips. Jinny dodges again but leaps into Piper’s arms! Piper slams Jinny down! Piper sees Jazzy getting ready to swipe, but Jinny’s sucker punch lands this time! Jinny goes after Piper in a corner but lets up at the ref’s count. Jinny whips but Piper reverses to whip Jinny into buckles. Piper runs in but Jinny gets out of the way, and kicks Piper back! Jinny sweeps the legs then slingshots for a senton! Cover, TWO! Jinny stomps Piper in frustration and then brings her up. Piper hits back, but Jinny swings around to get an Iron Octopus! Piper endures as Jinny pulls back on the arm.

Fans rally but Piper falls to a knee. Piper refuses to quit, and she powers up. Jinny sunset flips, TWO, but Jinny is right after a leg. Jinny swings Piper by that leg, and bounces Piper’s head off her knee! Piper is down and Jinny stomps away. Jinny goes at Piper at the ropes but the ref counts. Piper falls out of the ring and Jinny distracts the ref with arguing. Jazzy lurks near Piper, but the ref sees her! The ref EJECTS Jazzy! Fans sings, “Nana na na, Hey hey hey, Good Bye~!” Jazzy and Jinny are furious but must obey. Jinny brings Piper up but gets DECKED! Piper steps in and drops an elbow! Cover, TWO!! Jinny survives and Piper grows frustrated. Fans rally up, Piper drags Jinny up and in to scoop. Jinny pulls hair to get free! Jinny SLAPS away over and over! Piper counter punches, Jinny haymakers, Piper HEADBUTTS! Now that was a Glasgow Kiss!

Both women are down but fans fire up! A standing count begins but Piper starts stirring at about 3. Piper sits up at 6, with Jinny following. They both stand at 9, and Jinny starts throwing forearms! Piper DECKS Jinny with one, but Jinny comes back. Jinny swings into a SAIDO! Jinny flounders about, fans rally up for Piper, and Piper fires herself up as Jinny gets to a corner. Piper runs in corner to corner, but Jinny boots back! Jinny hurries up top, but Piper blocks the huricanrana! Piper pops Jinny up, Electric Chair FACEBUSTER! Jinny flops to the ropes, Piper covers, ROPEBREAK! Jinny survives and Piper can’t believe it! Fans rally up again and Piper drags Jinny to her feet. Piper scoops but Jinny slips out to high KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Piper survives and now Jinny is furious!

Jinny stomps Piper to a corner and stomps even more! The ref backs Jinny off, but Jinny comes running in corner to corner, but Piper DROPKICKS her! Piper runs in, CANNONBALL! Piper drags Jinny up, scoops, MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, Piper wins!

Winner: Piper Niven, by pinfall

A huge win on the road to TakeOver: Blackpool II! But we know now that Piper came so close and yet still fell short of the title. Kay Lee Ray still reigns, but will Piper the Scottish Viper be able to rise up and dethrone the Scary Queen of Scots?


NXT UK shares next week’s Greatest Hits Playlist!

Xia Brookside VS Isla Dawn, Mark Andrews VS Joseph Conners, and Noam Dar’s shot at The Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne will be our three for another week of favorites!


Saxon Huxley speaks.

“All alone, the mind starts to eat itself!” He has sat in solitude and is boiling up! You feel it as you go outside, but it’s something he’s seen for months! What did he see? A world torn down to ruins! He’s been locked up too long, but now he’s out! “The whole world is gonna wish you didn’t let me out!” He’s the terror you hide away, he’s come to wash the world away! “When you look into the abyss long enough, the abyss stares back.” The birth of Saxon, the end of you! But all you will hear when the birds stop singing and the curtain is drawn closed, “There goes Saxon Huxley! Stay away from him!”


Dave Mastiff introduces his match.

“The match you’re about to see pits myself against Eddie Dennis in the Winter of 2018 in Plymouth.” Dennis says this brand will be built around him, but for being so smart, he couldn’t see that brains only brings you so far against The Proper British Heavyweight. “This match would ultimately be the beginning of what a bitter and brutal rivalry that would culminate at the first ever NXT UK TakeOver in Blackpool in January of 2019.”

Dave Mastiff VS Eddie Dennis!

Two big men with two big undefeated streaks at the time, but only one could stand tall as THE monster of the UK. Will the Headmaster teach the Bomber a thing or two tonight? Or will it be bombs away yet again for the man from the Black Country?

The bell rings and Mastiff stares Dennis down. Fans are on Mastiff’s side as they tell Dennis “Mastiff’s gonna kill~ you!” Mastiff and Dennis tie up and Mastiff powers Dennis to a corner. The ref counts and the two separate at 4. Dennis has his guard up as he circles with Mastiff again. Dennis clubs and body shots Mastiff, then puts on a headlock. Mastiff powers out and they collide. Neither man falls but Mastiff barely budges. Dennis runs and rams Mastiff again, but still nothing happens. Dennis kicks and forearms, then runs but things speed up. Mastiff dropkicks! Mastiff throws hands of his own, then clubs Dennis in a corner. Dennis crawls but Mastiff looms over him. Mastiff drives elbow after elbow into Dennis’ chin, and Dennis goes down.

Mastiff chuckles as he brings Dennis up, but Dennis fights back. Dennis gives EuroUppers of his won, but runs for Mastiff to follow. Mastiff tackles Dennis with a crossbody! Mastiff aims, but Dennis dodges the back senton! Dennis runs to boot Mastiff out of the ring! Dennis wants the count out but Mastiff stirs. Mastiff climbs up onto the apron at 5, but Dennis boots him back down! Dennis still wants the count out but the count has to restart. Mastiff stands at 5, but is up at 7. Dennis boots Mastiff again but Mastiff stays up this time. Mastiff grins so Dennis trips him up. Dennis kicks Mastiff around the corner then mugs him against the barriers.

Fans rally for Mastiff as Dennis puts him in the ring. Dennis stomps and punches away in the corner, and then another corner. He puts Mastiff in a cravat, but fans rally up. Mastiff resists and breaks free to throw forearms. Mastiff whips Dennis then runs in but misses. Dennis clubs Mastiff in the back, then drives in his elbow over and over. Dennis puts the cravat back on but fans rally up again. Mastiff endures as Dennis wrenches harder. Dennis drives in knees, and fans duel, “Let’s go, Eddie!” “Eddie sucks!” Mastiff powers out and throws counter punches! Mastiff backs Dennis down then rocks him with a EuroUpper and headbutt! Cover, TWO! Dennis survives but Mastiff keeps his focus.

Mastiff runs in but into boots. Dennis hops up but Mastiff clubs him. Mastiff climbs up to join Dennis now, for a SUPERPLEX! Fans are loving this as both men crash down! Mastiff and Dennis slowly stir as a 10 count begins. Mastiff and Dennis stand up, and Dennis hits first. They brawl back and forth while fans duel. Mastiff rocks Dennis but Dennis comes back with many forearms. Mastiff hits back but Dennis knees low. Dennis runs but into a fireman’s carry, rolling senton to back senton! Cover, TWO!! Dennis survives being squashed but Mastiff stalks him. Mastiff lifts Dennis, for a German Suplex! Bridge, TWO!! Dennis surprises many, including Mastiff.

Dennis gets to a corner and Mastiff runs corner to corner, but into a scoop!? Swinging side slam! Cover, TWO!! Mastiff survives and Dennis is shocked! Dennis brings Mastiff up, but Mastiff back drops him away. Mastiff stalks Dennis but Dennis gets to ropes. Dennis gets a sucker punch in! And another! But Mastiff is just angry now, and he yanks Dennis into ropes. Dennis crawls to a corner, and Mastiff puts him back on the top rope. Mastiff clubs Dennis then climbs again. Dennis fights back, bumps Mastiff off buckles, then gets around behind. Dennis uses the corner for help, in getting Mastiff up. Mastiff slips out but Dennis spins him for a clothesline! Cover, TWO!! Both men are exhausted but this match still isn’t over.

Fans cheer for “NXT! NXT!” as both men stir. Dennis is up first and grabs Mastiff but Mastiff snapmares and headbutts. Then another German Suplex! Dennis ends up in a corner, and Mastiff says bombs away! INTO THE VOID! Cover, Mastiff wins!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

And so ends Dennis’ win streak! And we know in present time that Mastiff wins again in Blackpool, only to lose to Walter down the line. The Proper British Heavyweight stays strong, will he come back even stronger?

My Thoughts:

A really good set of three matches today, though maybe not as great as last week’s. Of course, it has a lot of great parallels. The first-ever match of Aichner and Andrews was like Gibson and Dar, we got a really good women’s match, and surprisingly, this wasn’t Dennis VS Mastiff at Blackpool but the match before. At the same time, this match here was longer and probably better on that regard, so it was a better choice than the Blackpool match. The promos we got from Brookside and Huxley were good, but especially Huxley’s to revitalize his character. I don’t see him going for the title when things get back to normal, but he might make a good push up the midcard.

My Score: 8/10

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