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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (7/30/20)

The Greatest Hits, part 3!




Another week of NXT UK’s Greatest Hits!

The trip down memory lane still has more stops! Relive some underrated hits, such as Noam Dar’s shot at the United Kingdom Championship!


  • 6/26/19 – Mark Andrews VS Joseph Conners; Andrews wins.
  • 1/9/19, Episode 21 – Isla Dawn VS Xia Brookside; Dawn wins.
  • 10/17/18 – WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne VS Noam Dar; Dunne wins and retains the WWE United Kingdom Championship.


Andy Shepherd welcomes us back to the show.

Once again, NXT UK relives the great matches of this brand’s history with the superstars who were involved. We start off with Download Festival 2019, introduced by Joseph Conners.

“Lockdown has given many a moment of clarity. It created a turning point in their lives.” But for Conners, his turning point already happened. As you’re about to see, it is a not so gentle reminder that Conners stopped trying to fit in, pretending, and “serving the many, many masters of NXT UK.” It is the ultimate reminder that he is capable, better and resilient. But most of all, he is worthy.

Mark Andrews VS Joseph Conners!

The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Welsh Rockstar returns to NXT UK, but against an angry Righteous Killer. Can #MAndrews continue to fly high? Or is Conners going to finally gain some ground?

The bell rings and Andrews circles with Conners. They tie up and go around as fans chant for Andrews. Conners powers Andrews to the mat and wrenches the wrist. Andrews works on an escape and rolls to hook a leg. Conners spins through to keep the wrench, but Andrews spins and handsprings to sweep the leg! Cover, ONE, and things speed up. Andrews hurdles Conners to arm-drag him down! Fans cheer as the two stand. Conners pulls hair to then whip Andrews to a corner. Andrews goes up and over and shoves off. Andrews blocks Conners’ kick to sweep the other leg. Conners dodges the Penalty Kick and rolls Andrews, but Andrews slips out, only to get a chancery snap!

Conners stomps Andrews to the ropes and a corner, then bends him back against the ropes. The ref counts and Conners lets up at 4. Conners drags Andrews up for a neckbreaker, then covers, TWO! Fans still rally for Andrews, but Conners mocks their cheers. Conners puts Andrews in a corner to throw back elbows. Conners stalks Andrews to a corner for more elbows and a spinning clothesline. Then he reels Andrews in for a big lariat! Cover, TWO! Conners stomps Andrews’ hands and head to keep on him, but Andrews body shots back. Andrews throws forearms but Conners knees low. Conners drags Andrews up for a snap suplex, floats to a cover, TWO! Conners taunts Andrews and mocks the waving before stomping Andrews down. Fans still cheer for Andrews as Conners drags him to the apron.

Conners bends Andrews’ neck against the apron edge! He lets up at 4 but then turns Andrews over to pull him into the edge! Conners lets up at 4 again to stare at the booing fans. Conners slingshots in but Andrews denies the DDT! Andrews CHOPS and punches back! He backs Conners down, whips, but Conners reverses. Andrews slides under to PELE! Fans fire up with Andrews as he whips and Northern Lights to a standing- No, Conners rolls Andrews! Conners runs but is sent right out! Andrews DIVES and takes Conners down! The Download Festival is loving “NXT! NXT!” as Andrews hits that standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!

Conners crawls but Andrews runs at him for a 619 to his back! Andrews springboards, but Conners gets under to come back, sunset flip buckle bomb! Then back suplex to facebuster! Cover, TWO!! Andrews lives and Conners is furious! Fans are loving it, though, and continue to cheer Andrews on. They tell Conners “You Suck! You Suck!” as he drags Andrews up. Andrews cradle counters, TWO! Conners swings but into a backslide! He rolls through to suplex, but gets Stun-Dog Millionaire! Andrews hurries to a corner and the top rope! Fall to Pieces shooting star! Cover, Andrews wins!

Winner: Mark Andrews, by pinfall

And the return is a success! We know in the present that Andrews would win the NXT UK Tag Team Championships in Cardiff, only to lose them later on. Andrews is also climbing back again from another injury. Will the third time be the charm for the Welsh Rockstar?


NXT UK hears from A-Kid.

“Since my debut in NXT UK, I’ve completed many life long dreams.” But those were just the beginning. He isn’t just a wrestler, he’s also an artist. He wants to paint a masterpiece on the canvas. A-Kid spent his time away studying every competitor in NXT UK. He knows their strengths and weaknesses. A-Kid has everything he needs, including a couple new tricks. “Hasta la vista.”


Isla Dawn introduces her match.

The White Witch of Scotland communes with nature as she chooses her first and only match with Xia Brookside. “Our maiden encounter as we stripped right down to our roots and showcased our respective British styles.” But watch carefully. As high as Xia tried to fly, Isla draws her powers from the earth, and did everything in her power to clip those wings.

Isla Dawn VS Xia Brookside!

The White Witch of Scotland and the young second generation superstar both look to make major moves in the UK Women’s Division! Watch as they collide in the days before TakeOver: Blackpool I!

The bell rings and fans rally for both women. Xia offers a handshake, and Isla accepts it. Fans applaud for the respect between the two women as they tie up. Isla gets the wrist but Xia laces through to reverse. Isla rolls and reverses back. Xia uses the ropes to flip through and reverse again. Isla rolls and wrings Xia out but Xia rolls through. Xia says not so fast, and fans applaud. Xia and Isla shake hands again and circle. They tie up and Xia gets a headlock. Isla reverses to a keylock then arm-drags Xia to the mat. Isla keeps on the lock but Xia kips up to tilt-o-whirl to a headscissor takeover!

Xia squeezes and Isla endures to move around and pop out. Isla traps Xia’s legs in the butterfly deathlock. Xia grabs at Isla but Isla shoves her down to keep on the legs. Fans rally up and Xia crawls to the side. Xia tucks in and throws Isla to a cover, TWO! The two stand off and fans applaud. Isla and Xia tie up again, then Isla wraps Xia up in a straitjacket hold. Xia powers her way out of the hold as fans rally, but Isla spins it around to put it back on. Xia wiggles the jacket down and then turns it on Isla! Isla endures the hold now, and powers it back onto Xia. Xia bridges backwards, avoids a cover, and rolls back to mount Isla! Isla is back in the straitjacket, but she slips out to flip Xia over!

Isla rams her knee in as she pulls the jacket tighter. Fans duel as Isla pulls Xia back! It’s also a cover but Isla gets shoulders up. Xia flips over to make it a cover, ONE, but the jacket is back on! Isla powers Xia to a corner then throws her off. Xia dodges to roll Isla, ONE, Isla sits on Xia! TWO to a sunset flip, TWO and Isla jackknifes. Xia slips through, TWO, Isla sunset flips Xia, TWO, Xia jackknifes, TWO! Isla bridges up and spins around to a backslide, ONE! Xia tilt-o-whirls to a crucifix, TWO, but she hops up again for a victory roll! Isla sits on it, Isla wins!

Winner: Isla Dawn, by pinfall

A terrific technical exchange, but Isla just has a little more experience than Xia, and that gives her the win. The White Witch shows respect to the younger star with a handshake, and Xia even bows to show greater respect. Will Isla be heading for the title in the not too distant future?


NXT UK hears from Dani Luna.

“Every good has a bad. Every light has its dark. And every person has their shadow.” Dani hit the ground running, and within five matches, she was toe-to-toe with NXT UK Women’s Champion, Kay Lee Ray. KLR won, and Dani gets it. Dani couldn’t do what she said she could, so why did she bother? But have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, you’ve only seen one side of Dani? Dani might not be worth the breath to say this, but soon we will all see that all Dani needs is a glimmer of opportunity to capitalize on her potential. Then NXT UK will see what she really stands for. Dani has the courage to do what is right, and the power to do what she wants. Slowly, you will realize that Dani Luna is something different, something new, something special, and something just a little more inevitable.


NXT UK gives us next week’s playlist!

Noam Dar VS Kenny Williams! Toni Storm VS Dakota Kai! And Grizzled Young Veterans VS South Wales Subculture! Have your favorites been picked yet?


Noam Dar introduces the main event.

“Hello, hello, hello! It’s a special week as SN 11 is turning 27!” And while he’s expecting millions of presents from the WWE Universe, he actually has a gift for us: him! Dar and Dunne for the UK Championship solidified Dar’s desire and need to be at the very top. Without further ado, allow Dar to formally introduce himself and the Bruiserweight. Enjoy and remember: Happy Birthday to Dar!

WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne VS Noam Dar!

We’re going all the way back to the series premiere of NXT UK! The Scottish Supernova earned this title match way back in June of 2018 when he made a surprise return at the United Kingdom Championship Special’s finale. He overcame Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster and Travis Banks to earn this shot, and finally cashes in. Relive the historic first main event on the birthday of this brand!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Johnny Saint shakes both men’s hands before exiting the ring. Dunne throws his coat at Dar and gets him right in the face! Dar keeps his cool as the bell rings. Fans sing for Dar as he circles with Dunne around the ring. They tie up and Dunne pushes Dar to ropes. Dunne backs off on the ropebreak at 4 but mocks Dar’s pinkie’s out. Fans banter as Dar gives a handshake. Dunne wants to take it but Dar uses his pinkie to flip Dunne off. Dunne whips Dar but Dar holds ropes. Dar ducks and table tops Dunne to then get a spinning, windmilling backslide. Cover, TWO! Dar drags Dunne up for a headlock but Dunne powers out. Things speed up but Dunne clobbers Dar with that clothesline!

Fans fire up behind The Bruiserweight while Dunne drags Dar around. Dunne has the legs and hooks them, to then grab an arm. Dunne tortures the wrist and fingers before stomping the knees. Dar clutches his bad leg as he rolls away. Dunne is on Dar in a corner and whips him corner to corner. Dar reverses and Dunne goes up, but Dar stops him from going over with a lariat to the leg! Dar rolls out as fans rally up. Dunne rolls to a corner but Dar is there to bring him to the apron. Dar throws hands then drags him out. Dunne catches himself, but Dar kicks out the arms! Fans rally while a 10 count begins. Dar puts Dunne back in at 6 and enters at 7 to kick Dunne more. Dunne kicks back from the mat but Dar stomps him down.

Fans duel now as Dar drags Dunne up. Dunne X-Plexes Dar outta nowhere! Both men are down but fans fire up. Dunne stands first and aims at Dar. Dar stands but gets furious hands from all sides! They end up in a corner and Dunne backs off at 4 but with fury! Dunne goes back in to whip Dar but Dar again reverses. Dunne successfully gets up and over to then enziguri Dar down! He drags Dar up but Dar standing switches. Dar throws Dunne with a German Suplex but Dunne lands on his feet, to buzzsaw Dar! Dunne lifts Dar and hits a sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO! Dar survives but both men are down. Fans chant for “British Wrestling!” as Dunne drags Dar over. Dunne climbs up but Dar intercepts him. Dunne goes after Dar’s ear and nose, but Dar sweeps the legs!

Dar puts pinkies out and double chops, headbutts and uppercuts Dunne quick. He runs in for a big EuroUpper and Dunne is rocked. Dar reels Dunne in for a Northern Lights, but normal covers, TWO! Dar argues with the ref but two is a two. Dunne rolls away but Dar follows. They’re on the apron as Dunne boots Dar. Dar hits back with forearms but Dunne SLAPS Dar. Dar hits back but Dunne goes after the fingers! He bends them as far as they can go, but Dar roundhouses Dunne. Dar gives Dunne a Fisherman Suplex on the apron!! Fans fire up as both men hit the floor. Dar and Dunne stir as the 10 count begins again. They crawl around the outside, and both get in at 9.5! The two glare at each other as they crawl. “This is Awesome!” but it’s far from over.

Dunne grabs the fingers but Dar hits back with forearms and kicks. Dunne still SNAPS the fingers!! But Dar uses his elbow! Dunne leaps to get the arm, for a triangle hold! But it’s a cover, TWO, Dar gets a half crab. Dunne rolls it back to a cross armbreaker! But Dar rolls through to an ankle lock! Dunne rolls to throw Dar off, they both collide with clotheslines. They don’t fall, Dunne gives a forearm but Dar gives a lariat. Dunne enziguris, runs, but into the rabbit clothesline! Fans are thunderous for this first ever NXT UK main event! Dunne and Dar stir as fans chant “UK! Woop Woop!” Dar gets to a corner and stands, to take aim at Dunne. But Dunne sees him coming, and catches him into a body scissor and floating hammerlock!

Dar powers through to a suplex! Dar gets up again, as does Dunne, and Dar sweeps the legs. But Dar keeps going with pinkies out, for a forearm from Dunne! Dunne gives Dar the pumphandle, but Dar reverses the Bitter End into a knee bar!! Dar has the knee and the ankle while Dunne is so far from the ropes! Dar kicks Dunne in the back but Dunne flails and reaches, for the ropebreak! Fans applaud Dunne’s toughness while Dar lets him go. Dar and Dunne are both down, exhausted from this action already. Fans duel again as Dar puts pinkies out. But Dunne grabs one, puts it on the mat, and STOMPS IT! Then hits Bitter End! Cover, Dunne wins!

Winner: Pete Dunne, by pinfall (still WWE United Kingdom Champion)

The Bruiserweight retains his title once again! He denies Dar the best birthday gift possible, and adds to his already impressive legacy as WWE UK Champion. Who will be the next to step up and challenge Dunne’s reign? What will it take for someone to end that reign?

Dunne waits for Dar to stand, to offer him a handshake now. Dar considers it, but then both men give pinkies out. This is it’s own showing of respect between these two. When and where will Noam Dar be back for another shot at the title?

My Thoughts:

A solid episode for being another installment in the NXT UK retrospective. Andrews VS Conners for Download Festival was solid, as was Isla VS Xia. A-Kid and Dani Luna had good promos, and I do like the character trait that A-Kid really is the student of the game, as the saying goes. In a world where there wasn’t a pandemic, A-Kid could at least be having Cruiserweight title matches, though perhaps not winning the title. Dani definitely has something, and she delivered her promo well, I’m just not sure it really frames a strong character. I suppose if she is given the chance she’s asking for, she can deliver and get to that next level.

Then having the original episode’s main event for today’s main event was really good, especially since it was a really good match. Dar would also be in the running for Cruiserweight Champion if he could, but the chances of Devlin and Dar seem impossible at this point, given some #SpeakingOut accusations. Maybe Dar can come to NXT USA and take on Santos Escobar.

My Score: 8.1/10

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