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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (7/13/20)

It’s Grudge Match Monday!



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

Raw raises the stakes before Extreme Rules!

Raw is chocked full of grudge matches! Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins have a WrestleMania rematch ahead of Eye for an Eye, and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships are on the line! Will #BayleyDosStraps go down one already? Or are we moments away from Double Champion ASUKA?!


  • Elimination Tag: The Viking Raiders VS Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega; Garza & Almas win.
  • Ruby Riott & Bianca Belair VS The IIconics; Riott & Belair win.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Apex Appetizer: R-Truth VS Akira Tozawa; No Contest, Truth retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • Kevin Owens VS Seth Rollins; rescheduled.
  • Aleister Black w/ Kevin Owens VS Buddy Murphy w/ Seth Rollins; Aleister wins, by disqualification.
  • Kevin Owens VS Seth Rollins; Kevin wins.
  • R-Truth VS Randy Orton w/ Ric Flair; Orton wins.
  • Ricochet w/ Cedric Alexander VS Bobby Lashley w/ MVP; Lashley wins.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Bayley & Sasha Banks VS The Kabuki Warriors; Bayley & Banks win and retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.


Raw opens with the VIP Lounge!

The “new” WWE United States Champion and his new belt open the show, because big things poppin’, little things stoppin’. MVP’s guest is so much better than the rest of us, that he is the most thoughtful and considerate individuals for taking Drew McIntyre in when he was a bum and made him into the man that is a champion. But McIntyre is so rude and disrespectful that he won’t even thank this man. Therefore, MVP’s guest is going to show-off and show out at Extreme Rules. It’s Dolph Ziggler! The Show-Off goes to the ring and sits with MVP in the lounge. Ziggler likes the new title belt. When Ziggler wins the WWE World Championship, he might do something similar. Maybe something on it will spin, real old school look. MVP says he can get his guys on that for him.

But MVP already knows McIntyre quite a bit and knows he’s legit. But Ziggler made him! So Ziggler knows what makes McIntyre tick. MVP respects that Ziggler is still holding onto the stipulation. That’s great strategy and exactly what MVP would’ve done. Ziggler and MVP are gentlemen who play the game right. Ziggler knows exactly what it takes to turn McIntyre back into the old one that got fired. IT’s a fact that Ziggler picked McIntyre out of obscurity, taught him everything he knows and yet how many times has McIntyre thanked him? Even mentioned his name? ZERO TIMES! Without Ziggler, McIntyre doesn’t beat Brock Lesnar in the main event of WrestleMania and is not WWE World Champion. He’s just an unemployed loser begging for handouts.

MVP has nothing to add to that. But with what MVP went through with McIntyre, he knows McIntyre won’t do this. MVP thanks Ziggler. Thank you! All the wannabes at the Performance Center can learn from this. But it is that lack of gratitude is the same reason McIntyre loses the title. But speaking of, here comes McIntyre! The king of Claymore Country smiles as he knocks the velvet rope over and gets into the ring. McIntyre apologizes for interrupting the ass-kissing party, but promises not to tear up the set or Claymore any of them. Tonight is about Ziggler.

Ziggler brought Heath Slater back last week. McIntyre did a lot of soul searching and reflecting. The conclusion is that Ziggler uses people. Ziggler used Mandy Rose, Big E, and he used McIntyre. They were never friends. McIntyre was the muscle that did the dirty work. Ziggler may be one of the most talented wrestlers we’ve ever seen, but at Extreme Rules- Oh, Ziggler knows what he’s going to say. He’ll take Ziggler to #ClaymoreCountry, blah blah- SHUT UP!! They’re past that. Ziggler hurt McIntyre, so McIntyre will maim Ziggler. Ziggler will beg him to stop, but McIntyre will torture Ziggler and make him regret the day he picked up the phone and called McIntyre. This Sunday, what happens is all on Ziggler.

But McIntyre isn’t so sure if he can wait. He wants some action right now! Ziggler stays behind MVP and McIntyre figures he can wait. But he still JABS Ziggler off his feet! And makes MVP flinch! “But this Sunday, you’re bloody screwed!” Will the Show-Off realize why you don’t anger a Scottish Psychopath?


Backstage interview with Angel Garza, Andrade Almas & Zelina Vega.

Safe to say that the last few weeks have seen dissension and dysfunction between this team, so how do they get on the same page in tonight’s Elimination Tag Match? Vega doesn’t understand why Charly Caruso is pushing the false narrative that these two aren’t getting along. What they’re doing is ignoring the facts: They already beat the Viking Raiders, they teamed with Randy Orton to take down The Big Show, and they have the Street Profits running scared. No man can measure up to Garza and Almas, and women like Charly are beneath Vega. Even if you fixed that weave and traded the bargain brands for Red Bottoms-

Garza and Almas calm La Muneca down, and Garza says the beauty of an Elimination Match is like being torn between two beautiful women. But Garza can beat- Oh, sorry, he and Almas can beat the Viking Raiders easily. Almas says Garza has his back, and he has Garza’s. They will win, then move on to take those Raw Tag Team Championships. But Erik and Ivar enter, and and Erik says that for over a year, they have been the most dominant team on Raw. Garza and Almas have dishonored their competition with cheating and attacks on the Profits. Tonight, the Vikings run through Garza and Almas. As for Ivar, he takes Garza’s rose, and gives it to Charly. Is there more at stake then just a shot at the tag titles?


Elimination Tag: The Viking Raiders VS Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

Both teams have has their shots at the Raw Tag Team Championships, but there’s always another chance. Which team will be left standing to head for Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins next?

The bell rings and Garza and Almas attack the Vikings! Garza throws Erik out while Almas hits and CHOPS and kicks Ivar, then chop blocks a leg out! Vega cheers but the crowd boos as Almas clubs and knees Ivar to the corner. Tag to Garza and Garza kicks and clubs Ivar. Off come the pants! But Ivar dodges those to tag in Erik! Erik rocks Garza and rallies on him with forearms! EXPLODER! Erik hits Almas for good measure, then he gives Garza Ace Ten Mao! Tag to Ivar and they drag Garza up. Erik tackles Garza to a corner. Ivar corner clotheslines, human weapon Ivar hip attack! Cover, but Almas breaks it!

The crowd rallies as Ivar tags Erik. Erik drags Garza up for forearms, whips him corner to corner but Garza reverses. Erik goes up and over but Garza dodges the knees! SUPERKICK! Tag to Almas, CIEN SHADOWS! Garza dropkicks Ivar down while Almas hits LA SOMBRA! The hammerlock DDT! Cover, Almas ELIMINATES Erik! Ivar is alone very quickly in this match and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Almas grinds Ivar down with an armlock. Ivar fights up as the crowd rallies, but Almas pulls Ivar’s hair to put him in the corner. Garza tags in, but there’s hesitation. Ivar fights back and throws Almas out. Ivar runs but Garza dropkick shim down! Garza and Almas fist bump and put Ivar back in. But then Ivar runs and DIVES to take them out! The Warbeard roars as he puts Almas back in the ring. Ivar also puts Garza in, breaks their double clothesline, then handspring back elbows! Almas saves Garza by taking the hit, Garza cradles Ivar! TWO, but Garza shotgun dropkicks Ivar down! Garza whips Ivar corner to corner, but Ivar tumbles back to ROCK Garza with a right!

Vega panics as Ivar brings Garza up for a suplex. Garza slips out, shoves, but Ivar cartwheels and clotheslines! Ivar fires up with the crowd and he drags Garza up. Ivar scoops but Almas tags in. Almas saves Garza but takes the heel kick! Cover, Ivar ELIMINATES Almas! Things are even again at 1v1, but Garza climbs up top to leap and missile dropkick! Ivar and Garza are both down, the crowd rallies up and Garza brings Ivar in. Garza underhooks but Ivar powers out. Garza SUPERKICKS! Ivar hits a SEATED SENTON! Ivar HEEL KICKS Garza down! Cover, but Almas helps Garza get the ropebreak! The crowd boos and Ivar grits his teeth but Vega and Almas are pleased.

Ivar drags Garza up, tosses him to a corner, but Garza dodges. He turns the seated senton into a POWERBOMB! Garza even has tights in the cover! Garza and Almas win!

Winners: Andrade Almas & Angel Garza, by pinfall

In a 2-1 victory, it seems El Idolo and El Latino are on the same page. Will they be able to turn things around and become tag team champions?


Backstage interview with Ruby Riott.

She’s lost to the IIconics two weeks in a row, but the IIconics themselves appear to recap that for us. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay know Ruby has been abandoned by her friends, and it’s very sad. Peyton beat Ruby, then Billie beat Ruby, and tonight, it’ll be both IIconics- Getting punched int he face for not shutting up? Well where they’re standing, the tag team match might be a handicap match. Because Ruby has no friends, outside of imaginary ones. “That’s your cure.” Bianca Belair is back! The EST is the strongest, the toughest, the roughest, the quickest and the baddest tag partner Ruby could have. Bianca doesn’t like the IIconics’ egos, and they can’t whoop her. What she said. Will Ruby and Bianca make this the most iconic tag team win in both their careers?


Ruby Riott & Bianca Belair VS The IIconics!

The teams sort out and Peyton starts against Ruby. They circle, Billie swipes but Ruby knows to elbow Peyton away. Ruby hits Billie but Peyton kicks Ruby. Peyton whips, Ruby rolls Peyton, ONE! Ruby waistlocks and O’Conner rolls, TWO! Ruby tries an Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Peyton whips but Ruby blocks the hip toss to arm-drag then STO Peyton down! Cover, TWO! Ruby drags Peyton over but Peyton whips Ruby away from Bianca. Billie tags in and BOOTS Ruby down! Cover, TWO! Billie drags Ruby up, puts her int he corner and stomps away. Peyton tags in, she stomps away then clubs Ruby down. Peyton drives a knee into Ruby’s back but the crowd rallies up.

Ruby powers her way through Peyton’s facelock towards Bianca, but Peyton knees her away! And then HEEL KICKS her down! But Ruby jawbreakers back! Tag to Billie and she hurries to grab Ruby. Ruby breaks free, kicks Billie away, and tags in Bianca! Bianca rallies on Billie with big shoulders and ax handles! Dropkick! Bianca kips up and claps back to corner clothesline and whip! Billie reverses, Bianca goes up and over and handsprings to shoulder back in! Bianca digs her shoulder in, then scoops Billie for some squats before the slam! Bianca tells Peyton to kiss this, before she handsprings her off the apron! Splash on Billie, but Peyton breaks it!

Peyton whips Bianca to a corner but Ruby enziguris Peyton down! Ruby bails out and Bianca targets Billie. Billie boots but misses, Bianca torture racks for the KISS OF DEATH! Cover, Bianca and Ruby win!

Winners: Bianca Belair & Ruby Riott, by pinfall

The newest duo beats the iconic one! Will Ruby’s new friend help her move on from Peyton and Billie?


R-Truth is wary backstage.

But he says hey to “Richard” winning the MVP award for Raw. Truth didn’t even know that was a thing. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander explain that Ricochet has a match with Bobby Lashley and MVP will be there. Isn’t that what Truth said? Alexander wants Truth to worry more about his match with Randy Orton. Bruh, you’re confused. Truth got challenged by Ric Flair, not Orton. No, but… Ric made the challenge for Orton. So the match is with Orton. Apex Predator, Viper, Legend Killer. Oh. Then Truth should go.

But he encounters Tozawa! He needs Tozawa to teach him how to be a black belt in ten minutes or less. Tozawa says NO! And then rolls Truth up! TWO, and the ninjas rush in! But Ricochet and Alexander back Truth up! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Truth says no one else has to get involved. If Tozawa wants the 24/7 48-7 title, then meet him in the ring right now! Truth heads out, and so does Tozawa. Ricochet and Alexander watch the ninjas closely, but will Truth have to worry more about that aforementioned Viper?


WWE 24/7 Championship Apex Appetizer: R-Truth VS Akira Tozawa!

Truth knows a serious threat is waiting later tonight, but there’s still this threat to handle! Will Truth handle his business and still have his baby before battling the brutal Randy Orton later on?

Truth doesn’t like ninjas lurking. He came here alone, so why does Tozawa have multiple ninjas?! Wait, wait, Shayna Baszler is here?! The Queen of Spades returns to Raw, and Tozawa uses his ninjas as shields! One gets the KIRAFUDA CLUTCH! Then the other gets kicks and KNEES! The third ninja gets a gut wrench suplex! Tozawa is all alone and decides to give up before even trying. “And don’t come back, neither!” But then Shayna turns her gaze on Truth. Truth realizes he’s all alone, and will let himself out. He tosses her the mic and exits the ring.

Shayna uses that mic to say that she has been so very patient. She has allowed everyone to have their fun, but now she’s done. “All these weak minded women’s ‘champions'” are under the delusion that they’re in control. That the terror and limbs left in her wake are a distant memory. The Queen of Spades is back to shatter that illusion, by hitting them with a hard dose of reality. “I am that reality.” Shayna has called out every single women’s champion in the WWE, but which one will she target first?


Seth Rollins finds Buddy Murphy backstage.

The disciple looks troubled. He says that when it’s Eye for an Eye, it isn’t literal, is it? They’re going to try and blind each other? Rollins wants Murphy to understand that nothing of significance happens without sacrifice. And remember: Rey Mysterio asked for this. So just stay here, focus on your match with Aleister Black. Rollins has a “message to deliver.” The Monday Night Messiah and the Prizefighter have their WrestleMania rematch tonight!


Kevin Owens VS Seth Rollins!

KO-Mania won at WrestleMania 36 by jumping off the Mania sign and onto the commentary desk. The sacrifice there was an ankle and a few months out of action. The Monday Night Messiah recovered and grew stronger in that time, and now looks to make a sacrifice of Rey Mysterio’s good eye. Will Kevin be used as an example of that tonight?

Before the match, Rollins grabs a mic to speak. “An eye for an eye.” Rollins repeats that as it sinks in. What does it even truly mean? Rollins knows what it means! But when Mysterio said it last week, he thought it was metaphorical, because that is what the saying means. But what he’s come to understand is Mysterio wants it literally. Rollins is trying to comprehend and understand how it got tot his point. All Rollins is trying to do is lead Raw to a “brighter future.” But Mysterio has resisted his part in the greater good at every step! Now they’re at a point where they’re in a match at Extreme Rules, where the only way to win is to pluck the opponent’s eyeball from it’s socket!! Never in the history of the WWE has there been such a match. It is a stipulation so sadistic and barbaric…

What Rollins needs us to understand, and he’ll keep saying it until we do, “I never meant to harm Rey Mysterio. Never!” Mysterio presented himself to Rollins “in a time of need,” and Rollins fulfilled the prophecy for the greater good! The fans asked Rollins to be this person! To be this leader to lead Raw the right way! And that is what he is doing! Extreme Rules is also being called “The Horror Show,” and that is what it is going to be. Mysterio has forced Rollins’ hand for the very last time. Rollins will rip, tear and gouge the eye out until Mysterio is completely blind, and will never watch Dominik be married, never see his wife’s face again, see another sunrise or sunset. It will be the end of Rey Mysterio.

But in many ways, it will be a new beginning. A new beginning for Raw, with a bright- Kevin interrupts! “Seth, I need to tell you this.” When Kevin came up with the stipulation of choosing stipulations at Extreme Rules, Kevin expected a Last Man Standing match or a Steel Cage match to keep the disciples out. But then he came up with “Eye for an Eye.” As disturbing as that is, what is more disturbing is that Rollins is such a scumbag, he made a truly respected man, a legend and genuinely nice guy, and turned him into someone who wants to gouge Rollins’ eyes out. Kevin understands where Mysterio is coming from, because was willing to end his own career if it meant shutting Rollins up.

So while Kevin understands all that, Kevin says Rollins shouldn’t worry. Kevin has Rollins covered. Kevin has something Rollins will be needing after Extreme Rules. Kevin’s good friends with the pirate, Jean-Pierre Lafitte, and he was given an eye patch! You think this is funny?! This is Rollins’ life! But Kevin won’t even make it to his match tonight, because here comes Murphy! But to intercept, it’s Aleister Black! Aleister and Murphy brawl ringside and Raw goes to break!


Aleister Black w/ Kevin Owens VS Buddy Murphy w/ Seth Rollins!

Raw returns and the WrestleMania rematch will have to wait! Murphy stomps away on Aleister as they have a rematch of their own! Will the disciple do his leader proud? Or will Aleister avenge Humberto Carrillo instead?

Aleister turns things around and puts Murphy in the corner for fast hands! Murphy shoves Aleister away but Aleister dodges to roundhouse! Murphy catches a kick and DRAGON SCREWS it back! Aleister hobbles but elbows Murphy away. Aleister fires off more strikes, whips, Murphy reverses and dropkicks the legs out! Aleister rolls to the apron but Murphy heads over. Murphy drags Aleister up but Aleister ROCKS him! Aleister goes to boot but Murphy catches it to DRAGON SCREW it back! Aleister falls to the floor and Kevin checks on him but Murphy goes out to fetch Aleister. Kevin stays back as Murphy puts Aleister in.

Murphy follows Aleister but Aleister baits him in. Murphy elbows Aleister back, hops up, and leaps into a BOOT! Both men are down and Kevin fires up while Rollins grows worried. The crowd rallies as Aleister sits up. Murphy follows and the two men slowly stand. Aleister throws a forearm, Murphy throws one back. Aleister fires more, then a strike fest, Murphy fires off forearms and kicks low, but Aleister KNEES him back! Aleister bobs ‘n’ weaves to sweep the legs! KNEE THRUST! And handspring! Aleister hobbles but grits his teeth as he runs. Murphy reels him in, ducks the roundhouse and chop blocks the leg! Murphy drags Aleister up and runs, but into Aleister’s KNEE! Cover, TWO!

Rollins is relieved but stares daggers at Aleister. Aleister lifts Murphy with a foot while staring back at Rollins. Murphy jams the knee! Aleister hobbles more, Murphy trips him up and goes after the leg. Aleister kicks Murphy off and Murphy flops to the apron. Rollins coaches Murphy up but Aleister hobbles over. Aleister drags Murphy up but Murphy kicks the leg! Murphy steps up and brings Aleister around. Murphy wants to suplex Aleister out but Aleister throws body shots. Aleister breaks free, BLACK MASS! Murphy flops down, Aleister covers, but Rollins drags him off! Kevin goes after Rollins but Rollins gets back to Murphy!

Winner: Aleister Black, by disqualification

But here are Rey and Dominik! The Mysterio men storm down to ringside and Rollins is surrounded as Raw goes to break!


Kevin Owens VS Seth Rollins!

Now the WrestleMania rematch happens, and Rollins has nowhere to go with Aleister, Rey and Dominik surrounding the ring! Will the Monday Night Messiah even make it to Sunday at this rate?

The bell rings, Rollins still finds a space to leave the ring, but the others close in. Kevin drags Rollins back in to throw haymakers! Kevin has Rollins in the corner but lets up to CHOP! He puts Rollins in another corner to ram his shoulder in over and over! The ref counts, Kevin lets up, but Rollins kicks back. Kevin blocks to kick the hamstring! Rollins hobbles, Kevin whips corner to corner, Rollins tumbles up and down the buckles, and Kevin DECKS him! Kevin stomps away on Rollins then drops the back senton! The crowd is thunderous as Kevin covers, TWO! Rollins wants mercy and he backs away to a corner. Kevin says NO mercy and he throws more haymakers and stomps!

Kevin lets up on Rollins and lets him get back up. Rollins goes to another corner and Kevin CHOPS him. Kevin whips Rollins corner to corner, Rollins boots back, and then Rollins hops up. Rollins aims but Aleister swipes at him! Rollins hops down and Kevin corner clotheslines! Kevin runs to CANNONBALL! Cover, TWO! Rollins gasps for air but Kevin clubs him on the back. Kevin snapmares Rollins, digs his knee in and pulls on the arms. Rollins endures the stretch and works against the hold. Rollins turns to kick Kevin but Kevin stomps him down! Kevin throws Rollins out, and Rollins sees Dominik and Aleister approaching.

The ring count climbs to 5 of 10, Rollins gets on the apron but Kevin decks him again! Rollins knees Kevin back and throws him out! Rollins goes back out but Aleister stands in his way. Rollins asks what Aleister is doing, but then Dominik comes back. “SURPRISE!” Kevin DECKS Rollins again! Then whips him into barriers! Kevin keeps Rollins from running away through the timekeeper’s area with a CHOP! They go to commentary, then around, and Kevin puts Rollins back in the ring. Rollins crawls but Mysterio is there. And Dominik. Rollins still bails out the one side but Kevin is on him with haymakers!

Kevin brings Rollins around, bumps him off the apron then throws him into more barriers. The ring count is at 5 so Kevin goes back in. Kevin heads back out but Rollins meets him at the apron. Kevin throws haymakers then fireman’s carries, but Rollins slips into the ring. Kevin punches and headbutts Rollins down! But Rollins chop blocks the leg! Kevin bails out and Rollins runs, to DIVE! Direct hit sends Kevin into barriers! Rollins dares Kevin’s allies to do something as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Rollins chokes Kevin against ropes! The ref counts and Rollins lets up as the crowd boos. Rollins throws Kevin out but Kevin CHOPS back. Rollins throws haymakers and clubs Kevin down, then brings him around to throw into Plexiglas! The ring count climbs to 5 again as Rollins taunts Dominik and Aleister. Rollins clubs Kevin and puts him back in the ring at 7. Rollins goes in at 8 to drop a knee! Cover, TWO! Rollins keeps on Kevin with an arm stretch like Kevin had before. The crowd rallies for Kevin but Rollins hooks Kevin’s face! The ref reprimands, Rollins stops but still looms over Kevin. Rollins taunts Kevin to stay in the fight, but Kevin SLAPS Rollins!

Rollins rocks Kevin then claws and chokes him at the ropes. Rollins drags Kevin up, throws more haymakers but Kevin counter punches! Kevin forearms and chops but Rollins kicks low. Rollins whips, Kevin reverses but Rollins kicks him back. Rollins ducks the clothesline, Kevin ducks the roundhouse, Kevin kicks but no DDT! Rollins blocks a punch to rolling elbow! But Kevin back drops the bomb away, then SUPERKICKS Rollins down! Both men are down but the crowd fires up. Rollins and Kevin slowly stand, Kevin ducks, kicks and DDT’s! Cover, TWO! Kevin keeps his cool as Rollins rolls away to a corner. Kevin has the crowd behind him as he runs corner to corner, but Rollins goes to boot! Kevin blocks it, but not the BUCKLE SHOT!

Rollins hops up, BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Rollins grows annoyed with Kevin as he sits up. Rollins aims while the crowd rallies. Kevin blocks the superkick! Kevin spins Rollins, rolls him and SUPERKIKCS! Then a whip, but Rollins slips off the pop-up to PELE! Rollins runs, to SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Rollins loses his cool but the crowd keeps rallying. Rollins aims from a corner as Kevin stirs, but Kevin avoids the stomp! Kick but no stunner! Rollins runs but is put on the apron. Rollins punches back, climbs up top, but Kevin punches him back! Kevin climbs up, throws body shots and brings Rollins up. Rollins resists the superplex, fights back, and CLAWS THE EYES!!

Kevin falls down and the crowd is booing harder than ever before! But Rollins just grins as he hops down. Aleister distracts Rollins, then so does Dominik. Rollins swipes at them, and even at Mysterio. But Kevin gets up to hit a STUNNER!! Cover, Kevin wins!!

Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall

The Prizefighter kept fighting, and he wins again! Mysterio grabs a mic to speak. Rollins has tried to end Mysterio’s career, and has terrorized Mysterio’s family. Rollins crossed every line he could, now it is Mysterio’s turn. Mysterio will make a sacrifice of his own. Rollins is walking into the match with two eyes, but will be carried out with only one! Is the King of Lucha Libre going to make “The Horror Show” more than just a subtitle?


The Big Show finds Ric Flair backstage.

The Giant wants to talk with The Nature Boy, and Ric agrees. He’s glad Show found him so he doesn’t have to find him. Remember when Flair retired? How everyone was upset because he talked so long, even though is career was 48 years. Twenty of those were with Show. They’re good friends, and Flair told Show back then that when Flair thinks about wrestling, the big men in it. Brody, Hanson, Andre, but most of all, in terms of skill and ability, it’s Show. Show has done it all! Show has unparalleled coordination, and has always been in a league of his own. But Show is picking a fight he can’t win! Look at Edge! You can’t do Hollywood and wrestling. Why do you think The Rock hasn’t come back? It’s in the back of his mind, too. Show needs to think about that, too.

Show is in Netflix now, making good money, he can’t risk this just for pride. The people won’t change their mind about Show as a man or as a wrestler. But he needs to go into the Hall of Fame healthy, not injured by Randy Orton. Orton is the best right now, and he has that scary side. Just give it some thought. It is not too late to just say he’s out. Show says Flair is trying to psych him out of this, because he is a master. Show knows what Orton has done. But Orton has never been more vicious and dangerous. Orton may be the best the WWE has ever seen, and he’s done things to Edge and Christian. Now he’s after Truth. Show’s question to Flair is: Is Flair willing to sacrifice his friendships juts so Orton can be the Legend Killer again? How about Flair think on that?


Raw reviews the Legend Killer’s legacy.

Or rather, his list of targets. Mick Foley. Hulk Hogan. Sgt. Slaughter. Roddy Piper. Rob Van Dam. Jerry Lawler. Shawn Michaels. Jake the Snake Roberts. Batista. Edge and Christian. The voices in Orton’s head have always been at odds, but now they’re all in agreement that they have fun being the Legend Killer.

Randy Orton speaks.

“They say you’re lucky if you make it out of this industry with a handful of friends you made along the way.” Orton had that handful. Men he bonded with and told stories with. Laughing, bleeding and fighting together. He had a handful. Edge, Christian, The Big Show and Ric Flair. Now, Edge came back at the Royal Rumble, and his miraculous return could’ve just been as Rated RKO. But Edge couldn’t trust Orton or that Orton knew what was best for him, so Orton “sent his ass home” to be a father and husband. Then Christian shows up and defends Edge’s honor. Nothing wrong with that. But the mistake was Christian selfishly wanting #OneMoreMatch. An unsanctioned match.

Then with Show, there’s history there. Orton has known Show for 20 years. Show was one of the first men to mentor Orton. Show was the one to teach Orton about the ring and the locker room, so it baffles Orton as to why Show would rather avenge fractured skulls over maintaining his friendship with Orton. Lastly, there’s Flair. Flair is like family. Flair IS family. That’s why it’d be a shame if Flair did anything at all to jeopardize what they have. As far as Orton’s opponent, R-Truth has all the respect in the world for how he’s made the WWE Universe laugh and smile. That is why it’s a shame that Truth will only amount to a chapter in the long history of The Legend Killer.

Flair walks over, perhaps not having heard any of this. Flair is excited for Orton and Orton says he’ll see Flair out there. But will Flair see Orton coming?


R-Truth VS Randy Orton w/ Ric Flair!

The THIRTY-SEVEN TIME WWE 24/7 48-7 7/11 I-95 South European Television Champion still has his title after his rematch with Akira Tozawa was interrupted in brutal fashion. Will Truth suffer a similar fate at the hands of a different vicious superstar?

Before the match, Flair asks Truth, “What’s up?” And Flair congratulates Truth on the most illustrious career Flair has seen in a long time. Flair wants to celebrate Truth’s two decades of rockin’ and rollin’! “So here’s the deal.” Truth needs to know Orton loves Truth just like Flair does. There won’t be a punt kick that field goals Truth across the arena. Just an RKO. Orton appears now and he goes to the ring with the Nature Boy. The bell rings and Truth wants Orton to wait a moment. “Hold up, wait a minute, I need to talk to Ric Flair.” Truth goes over to Flair, but Orton goes after Truth! Truth throws haymakers and kicks, then runs but the scissor kick misses! RKO!! Cover, Orton wins!

Winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall

Flair was right, the RKO hits its mark. Orton starts to leave, but then he starts to reconsider. Flair tells Orton he doesn’t need to do this. Flair promised no punt kicks but Orton still looms over Truth. Orton backs up and takes aim, but Flair stands in his way. And the Big Show heads out! Orton grabs a mic and shouts at Show that if he takes another step, Orton finishes Truth’s career right now! Orton knwos Show is angry and wants to break Orton’s body. But when Orton kicked Edge and kicked Christian, it hurt him more than Show knows. How about this? Orton wasn’t going to kick Truth because it wasn’t on the list. The name on the punt was Show.

There’s nothing going on next Monday, right? So maybe they finish what Show started in an UNSANCTIONED Match? Show says, “OKAY!” and then rushes the ring! Orton and Flair get out, and Orton lets Show know that this is going to end when he kicks Show’s head off. Show dares Orton to try! Who wins when the Viper and the Giant finally have it out with nothing holding them back?


Ricochet and Alexander talk backstage.

But then MVP and Bobby Lashley come by. Did Alexander get what MVP sent him? Alexander already told MVP that he’s not interested. No more talk, they’ll see MVP and Lashley in a moment. Ricochet and Alexander head out, but Sarah walks over to ask MVP about his United States Championship match at Extreme Rules. What is his game plan? MVP says he’s already beaten Apollo Crews once, so it’s a forgone conclusion. MVP will make this reign official and then break a bottle of Ace of Spades on this “dripped out championship title” to celebrate VIP style. Lashley guarantees that tonight, Ricochet will be nursing his injuries or even worse, courtesy of the #HurtBusiness. Will business be good tonight against Apollo’s pals?

Sarah moves on and finds McIntyre nearby. How is he preparing for literally anything Ziggler might choose at Extreme Rules? McIntyre says Ziggler likes to talk about how thankless McIntyre is. But McIntyre was being a nice guy giving Ziggler this opportunity. Now the Scottish Psychopath is out! But then Ziggler attacks McIntyre! McIntyre picks Ziggler up and tosses him at the spare ring! Ziggler lands on the apron to then leap back onto McIntyre! Referees rush in to stop the brawling, but McIntyre RAMS Ziggler into the apron! Raw goes to break as things subside. Will this affect Ziggler’s decision on the stipulation? Or will it matter against the Celtic Colossus?


Ricochet w/ Cedric Alexander VS Bobby Lashley w/ MVP!

The fast and furious duo have been doing their best against the Rocky Mountain Machine and the “uncrowned” US Champion while Apollo Crews has been resting up. Will Ricochet finally turn things around against Lashley? Or will the Hurt Business continue to profit from his pain?

The bell rings and Ricochet dropkick-flips and enziguris Lashley already! Lashley stays up so Ricochet bails out. Lashley pursues, Ricochet goes back in then to the apron, but Lashley trips him up! Lashley drags Ricochet up to RAM into barriers! Ricochet writhes while MVP keeps harping on Alexander being held back. Lashley rams Ricochet into the apron, then throws him into the ring. Lashley takes his time getting in, runs corner to corner and RAMS into Ricochet! Lashley throws haymakers then stands on Ricochet’s head. The ref counts, Lashley lets up, and then brings Ricochet up to whip corner to corner. Ricochet goes up and over and rolls Lashley but Lashley holds ropes!

Lashley drags Ricochet up, Ricochet dodges and goes around to the apron. Ricochet shoulders back in, springboards, but Lashley catches him! For a popup to the Canadian Rack, TWISTING SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet survives but Lashley is on him in the corner. The ref counts and Alexander protests, but Lashley lets up at 4. Lashley elbows away on Ricochet then brings him out for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! MVP says if his name is Ricochet, Lashley should bounce him around the ring. Lashley sweeps the legs, but Ricochet ducks the lariat to enziguri! The crowd fires up as Ricochet standing shooting stars! Cover, TWO!

Ricochet keeps his focus while MVP shouts at Lashley to get up. Ricochet goes to a corner, to the top rope, and leaps! Lashley gets under but runs into a SUPERKICK! Lashley stays up and Ricochet handsprings, into the FULL NELSON!! Lashley thrashes, Ricochet taps, Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by submission

Lashley won’t let go! Alexander goes after him but MVP goes after Alexander. MVP misses to get the NEURALIZER! But Lashley puts the All Mighty Nelson on Alexander! MVP says to make him pay, so Lashley full nelson SLAMS Alexander down! The Hurt Business got a two-for-one tonight, but will they strike gold at Extreme Rules?


Backstage interview with The Big Show.

Charly asks Show about the Unsanctioned match challenge. Show accepted the challenge, so how is he feeling? Show wants to clarify something. Yes, he accepted. Show is shaking with rage as he heads out, will he use all of that to destroy The Viper once and for all?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Bayley & Sasha Banks VS The Kabuki Warriors!

The Golden Role Models put these titles on the line before their crucial matches at Extreme Rules! She may be #BayleyDosStraps now, but will she be down to uno after she and The Boss face the Empress of Tomorrow and Pirate Princess?

Raw returns and the tag champs have mics. “Before we get this big championship match started, we wanted to give the Raw audience a chance to see some greatness.” A movie so nice, they have to watch it twice! The tribute to Bayley and Sasha, as made by Sasha and Bayley! This is in fact the very same video that played on SmackDown a couple weeks ago, and it plays to completion. Sasha and Bayley cheer themselves, but their fun is interrupted by the Kabuki Warriors making their entrance! The introductions are made, the tag belts are raised, and this pivotal main event begins!

But before a bell, Bayley and Banks blindside the Kabukis! Sasha stomps Kairi while Bayley stomps Asuka! But Asuka and Kairi hit back! The challengers whip the champions to dropkick them both out of the ring! The “role models” regroup and are in a rage as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Sasha starts with Asuka. The bell rings and Sasha goes to the ropes! Asuka wants after her but the ref keeps her back. Sasha smirks as she comes back and circles with Asuka. But then Sasha uses the ropes as defense again and Asuka grows annoyed. They circle, Sasha dodges Asuka and tags in Bayley. No more Extreme Rules preview as Bayley and Asuka circle. They tie up, go around, Asuka puts Bayley on the ropes but breaks fast. Bayley uses ropes as defense like Sasha but comes back. They tie up, Asuka again puts Bayley on the ropes, and then blocks a kick to give kicks! Bayley catches a kick, puts the leg on the rope and throws Asuka down by her hair!

Bayley stomps Asuka, bumps her off buckles then tags in Sasha. Sasha stomps Asuka then grinds her face on the ropes! Sasha throws Asuka down, covers, TWO! Sasha drags Asuka up to tag in Bayley, and they mug Asuka. Bayley bends Asuka against ropes to throw forearms. The crowd rallies as Bayley pushes Asuka down for a cover, TWO! Bayley grows annoyed and she stomps Asuka around. Asuka kicks back from the mat! Bayley rains down rights then taunts Asuka. Asuka hits back again and pushes Bayley back, CODE BREAKER! Bayley checks her chin while she and Asuka crawl, hot tag to Kairi!

Kairi uses Bayley to leap at Sasha fore a forearm! Then Kairi BLOCKBUSTERS Bayley! Kairi throws CHOPS but Sasha runs in, only to get CHOPS! Kairi knuckle locks them both to double Japanese arm-drag! Then she dodges them for a DOUBLE INTERCEPTOR! The crowd is fired up with Kairi as she stomps to the corner. Kairi runs corner to corner to SLIDING D! Cover, TWO! Kairi drags Bayley up to throw palm strike after palm strike! Bayley shoves and Sasha tags in. Kairi kicks Bayley and whips but Bayley reverses. Asuka tags in as Kairi headscissors Bayley out! Sasha runs in, she gets thrown out, and the Kabuki double hip attack the champions down! The crowd fires up as Asuka drags Sasha back into the ring.

Asuka gives Sasha kick after kick after kick! Sasha keeps sitting up to get kicked, then Asuka covers, TWO! Asuka is after the arm! Sasha endures the mounted armlock but she fights to her feet. Asuka arm-drags her down to clamp onto the arm again. Both women pull hair and Asuka whips Sasha to the Kabuki corner. Hip attack! Kairi tags in, climbs up, but Bayley trips up Asuka! Sasha KNEES Kairi down! Cover, ONE! Kairi won’t let this end, but Sasha throws her out. Tag to Bayley and the Role Models drag Kairi up for a CATAPULT into Plexiglas! The champions have control again as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Sasha has Kairi down in a chinlock. Kairi endures and fights her way up but Sasha throws her down. Cover, TWO and Sasha is frustrated. Sasha drags Kairi over and tags in Bayley. They crisscross and whip Kairi into the corner, then Bayley digs her boot in. Bayley lets up at the ref’s count and grabs at Kairi’s arms. Kairi resists being dragged around so Bayley slaps her. Kairi fights back but Bayley pushes her around. Bayley throws hands on Kairi in the corner then tags in Sasha. Sasha swings in for a meteora! Cover, TWO! Sasha mocks Asuka’s dancing and the ref has to keep Asuka back. Bayley gets a cheap shot then Sasha covers deep, TWO!! Kairi survives and crawls but Sasha brings her around for a suplex! Cover, TWO!

Sasha tags Bayley back in, and they mock the dancing and the hip attack! Bayley pushes Kairi around, drags her up into a chinlock and leans on her. The crowd rallies and Asuka coaches Kairi on. Kairi fights her way up and hits a jawbreaker! Bayley staggers but comes back to drag Kairi away! Tag to Sasha and Sasha stomps Kairi down. Cover, TWO! Sasha shouts that Kairi should just give up but Kairi shouts she won’t. Sasha puts Kairi in the corner to throw frustrated forearms. Sasha mocks Asuka but Kairi decks Bayley! Kairi boots Sasha away, slides under but Sasha grabs a leg! Kairi kicks Sasha away, Sasha comes back, but Kairi BACK HANDS her! Kairi flops down but crawls, as does Sasha. Hot tags to Asuka and Bayley!

Asuka fires off on Bayley! She whips but Bayley reverses, so Asuka hip attacks Sasha! Asuka dodges Bayley to run her over! Bayley gets to a corner, Asuka runs corner to corner for another hip attack! Sasha returns to get a back kick! Cutter clothesline combo! Cover, TWO!! Bayley survives but Asuka fires up! Bayley bails out, Asuka goes to the apron. Bayley blocks the kick but Asuka pushes her away. SLIDING KNEE! Asuka fetches Bayley up into the ring, covers, TWO!  Asuka keeps on Bayley and whips her to a corner. Bayley reverses, Asuka goes up but Bayley hits her first! And then yanks her down! Tag to Sasha and she METEORAS! Cover, TWO!! Sasha tags Bayley, they double wrench and lift for the SLAM! Cover, TWO!!

Bayley slaps Asuka around then Sasha sets to set her up. Bayley brings Asuka around and hoists her up top. Bayley climbs to join Asuka, Sasha tags in. SUPER STEINER! Bayley tackles Kairi while Sasha climbs, for the FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Asuka has the cover, TWO!! ASUKA LOCK!!! Sasha kicks and flails and Bayley is nowhere to be found! Bayley comes around and reaches for Sasha, but Kairi INTERCEPTORS! Sasha gets the ropebreak in the meantime, and Asuka lets her go. Asuka grows frustrated and Sasha kicks her away. Sasha back elbows her, too, but runs into the pop-up- NO! Sasha avoids the knee, spins Asuka, but Asuka drops to avoid the backstabber. Sasha pulls Asuka back up, but Kairi tags in!

Asuka kicks out of the O’Conner roll and Kairi ax kicks! Asuka ROUNDHOUSES! Kairi is up top, InSANE Elbow!! Cover, but Bayley drags Kairi off! Asuka goes after Bayley but Bayley DECKS her! Kairi knocks Bayley down and goes back to the ring. Kairi climbs again, leaps again, FLYING KABUKI ELBOW! She Alabama lifts, for the ALABAMA SLAM! Kairi runs and runs to SLIDING- NO!! BANK STATEMENT CROSSFACE! Kairi taps, the Golden Role Models win!

Winners: Bayley & Sasha Banks, by submission (still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

It was so close and yet so far for Asuka and Kairi! The Boss and #BayleyDosStraps have incredible momentum, but the week isn’t over! Will Sasha and Bayley still take over the WWE Women’s Division at Extreme Rules?

My Thoughts:

Is go-home syndrome back from a few summers ago? It almost felt that way. The episode had a strong start and a strong ending, but things definitely dragged through the middle. The VIP Lounge with Ziggler and McIntyre was good, and I appreciate MVP and Lashley still going after Cedric Alexander and trying to ditch Ricochet, but to save time and get the episode moving better, how about a Six Man Tag? Ziggler, MVP and Lashley against McIntyre, Ricochet and Alexander could’ve been a lot of fun, and it’d end about the same. McIntyre and Ziggler could brawl their way out of the match to replace the backstage segment, and then Lashley still puts Ricochet and Alexander down with the full nelson to win. Saves time that could then be given to that Elimination Tag because wow, that was way too quickly finished. Seriously, I feel like I blinked and it was already done.

The entire thread of Rollins, Kevin and Mysterio was stretched out tonight, when it didn’t really need it. There was also an inconsistency. Rollins told Murphy to be ready for his match with Aleister, but then commentary says it was “impromptu” because of the brawl as Rollins and Kevin were going back and forth in the promos. No offense to Aleister or Murphy, but they didn’t really need their match tonight since it was disqualified. Rollins VS Kevin was still really good, so keep that and instead make Murphy’s appearance an attempt at interference, only for him to be stopped by Aleister, Rey and Dominik. Everything else after that is the same, though Mysterio’s post match promo seemed almost a rehash of last week’s so maybe don’t worry about that at all.

We got pretty good stuff out of the 24/7 Championship, though that also felt forced. Ruby, Bianca and the IIconics have a good tag match, but I think that is when Shayna should’ve shown up. I get there was Truth getting Shayna mixed up with Shane McMahon before, but then why didn’t she take the 24/7 title from him? Shayna making a statement in the middle of another Raw Women’s Division story brings her back to NXT Shayna levels of aggression, and makes a much better point of her threatening the champions. Orton had great stuff again tonight, and the Unsanctioned Match next week is probably going to be incredible. I fear Flair is gonna get a punt for defending Truth and probably Show next week, though.

And as I said, the main event was great. Bayley and Banks retain because for them, there is still SmackDown as the true go-home for Extreme Rules. There’s a lot of ways they can play up tension between Sasha and Bayley just in how the matches will be arranged on the card. If Sasha goes first, Bayley can be in her corner but Asuka still finds a way to win, perhaps thanks to Kairi Sane or even Io Shirai countering any cheating from Bayley. Then Bayley will insist Sasha be in her corner despite Sasha being all beat up and Bayley will selfishly not understand the problem. Either way, I don’t really see titles changing in the Women’s Division, but there can be a lot of progress made towards Bayley VS Sasha at SummerSlam for the SmackDown title.

My Score: 8/10

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