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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (7/20/20)

Does the Viper strike the Giant down?



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

The Raw after the Horror Show at Extreme Rules!

Even with Extreme Rules over, things could get brutal and terrifying as Randy Orton and The Big Show have an UNSANCTIONED MATCH! Will Show survive an unrestricted Legend Killer?


  • Aleister Black VS Seth Rollins w/ Buddy Murphy; Rollins wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Backstage Blindside: R-Truth VS Shelton Benjamin w/ MVP & Bobby Lashley; Benjamin wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Six Man Tag: Mustafa Ali, Ricochet & Cedric Alexander VS The Hurt Business; Ali, Ricochet & Alexander win.
  • Peyton Royce VS Ruby Riott; Riott wins.
  • The Street Profits VS Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega; The Street Profits win.
  • Kairi Sane w/ Asuka VS Bayley w/ Sasha Banks; Kairi wins.
  • Unsanctioned Match: The Big Show VS Randy Orton; Orton wins.


Raw opens with the Monday Night Messiah!

The crowd immediately boos, the sight of Rey Mysterio’s eye outside of his head still fresh in their minds. Buddy Murphy accompanies Seth Rollins to the ring. Murphy fetches a mic for Rollins but the crowd boos harder. They chant “Shame! Shame!” Rollins takes a moment before speaking. “Medically, it is referred to as ‘globe luxation.'” In the simplest of terms, Mysterio’s eye was hanging out of the socket. Rollins wants to be honest with us. He understood going into the match what the Eye for an Eye stipulation meant. IT was understood that to win, you had to remove your opponent’s eye from the socket. But what Rollins saw will stick with him forever. He wants the crowd to understand this is difficult for him, as well.

The image of Mysterio holding his own bloody eye in his hand will stay in Rollins’ memory forever. “It was disgusting, it was barbaric, it was violent, it was more than I expected.” Rollins was literally sick to his stomach, as we also saw last night. The question he has been asked most in the last day is, does Rollins regret any of it? Rollins doesn’t want to be obtuse, but he answers the question with a question: Do we the fans regret what we have done to Rollins? This was NOT Rollins’ decision! The fans made him the Monday Night Messiah! The fans demanded he become this person that they hate! “You made me!” Do we regret doing this to Rollins? And by proxy, doing this to Mysterio?

And speaking of, let’s remember who asked for this stipulation! Mysterio wanted Eye for an Eye! “Actions have consequences.” What happened to Mysterio was ugly and unfortunate but we cannot afford to dwell in the past. The beauty in all of this is that now, Mysterio is out of sight. Raw is free to fulfill its potential! “The greater good of this show can happen, will happen, and there is nobody left to stand in the way of the greater good.” Don’t speak so soon, Rollins! Here comes Aleister Black! The Embodiment of the End has a match with Rollins, but first he must respond to all Rollins said. “Don’t you dare deflect any of this blame but on yourself!” Rollins orchestrated all of this, the blood is on Rollins’ hand! But Aleister will rectify it all!

Aleister rushes the rung, ROUNDHOUSES Murphy down, and storms up to Rollins! Rollins is jumpy but Murphy drags Aleister out. Aleister RAMS and kicks and bumps Murphy off everything at ringside! Murphy clips a post, Aleister KICKS him into barriers then RAMS him into more! Aleister fires off hands and feet, then tosses Murphy over the announce desk! Rollins bails out as Aleister gets in, will this “greater good” #FadeToBlack?


Aleister Black VS Seth Rollins w/ Buddy Murphy!

Raw returns and Rollins is stomping Aleister, having turned things around during the break. Rollins bumps Aleister off buckles, throws haymakers and body shots but the ref backs him off. The crowd boos as Rollins stomps a mudhole into Aleister and digs his boot in. Rollins lets up to ram his shoulder in over and over then throw more body shots. Rollins argues with the ref about whose authority is superior. Rollins runs but into the kitchen sink knee! Aleister throws hands on Rollins now, as well as kicks! Aleister lets up to whip and elbow Rollins down! Rollins bails out but Aleister goes out the side. Murphy coaches Rollins up but Aleister fires off on Rollins again!

Aleister bumps Rollins off the apron then brings him around to throw haymakers. Rollins waistlocks but Aleister rams him into a post! Aleister punches but Rollins dodges and Aleister hits post! Rollins bumps Aleister off the desk then back into the ring. Rollins runs to SLING BLADE Aleister down! Rollins finally caches his breath and then clobbers Aleister back down. Rollins rains down rights then drops knees on Aleister’s arm! The crowd rallies up but Rollins stalks Aleister to the opposite ropes. Rollins clubs Aleister then wraps the arm around the rope! Rollins lets up to stomp Aleister down! Rollins drags Aleister up by the bad arm to kick the arm!

Aleister gets to a corner and elbows Rollins away. Aleister punches but that’s the bad arm! Rollins snapmares and KICKS Aleister then covers, TWO! Rollins grabs the bad arm for a high keylock. Aleister endures and the crowd rallies. Aleister fights up but Rollins rams him into buckles! Rollins snap suplexes and covers, TWO! The crowd rallies but Rollins is after Aleister’s arm again. Rollins hammerlocks then wrenches to a half straitjacket and he RAMS Aleister into buckles again! Aleister grits his teeth while Murphy taunts him. Rollins chinbars and straitjackets Aleister to ripcord, but Aleister dodges to forearm back! Then he BOOTS and BOOTS!

Rollins dodges the third boot to mule kick and suplex, but Aleister slips out! Aleister dumps Rollins out of the ring, waits for him to return, but the bad arm comes into play. Rollins springboards, Aleister dodges and rallies with forearm sand elbows! Aleister fires off kicks, sweeps the legs, and thrusts the knee! Aleister kips up to DECK Murphy off the apron! QUEBRADA! But Rollins dumps him down! Aleister dodges the Curb stomp to BLACK MASS!! Aleister has to drag Rollins off the ropes but Murphy runs in! BLACK MASS!! Murphy goes down but Rollins gets away! Aleister is denied victory for now as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Aleister drags Rollins up. Aleister KICKS Rollins, then KICKS him again! Rollins flounders up to his feet for Aleister to KICK him again! The ref checks on Rollins but Aleister looms over him. Aleister kneels to tell Rollins, “I will undo all that you have done.” Aleister lifts Rollins with a foot, but Rollins rolls him up! TWO, Rollins ducks the Black Mass to SUPERKICK! Rollins SUPERKICKS again! Both men are down as the crowd boos Rollins. The crowd then turns to rally up for Aleister but Rollins sits up first. Rollins shouts for Murphy to get up, but Murphy barely stirs. Rollins climbs the corner, Aleister intercepts with haymakers! Aleister climbs up to join Rollins, but Rollins fights the superplex.

Rollins has the bad arm but Aleister uses the good one to hit first! Rollins falls and hotshots Aleister’s arm at the same time! Rollins springboards, but into Aleister’s arms! Rollins goes after those arms, but Aleister ROUNDHOUSES! Aleister waistlocks but Rollins wrings him out! CURB STOMP!! But Rollins can’t cover right away! He crawls to it, Rollins still wins!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall

The Embodiment of the End gave it his all, but the Monday Night Messiah survives by the skin of his teeth. But something makes Rollins go after Aleister again! He has Murphy punch and stomp, and then Rollins joins in! The crowd boos as they dump Aleister to the outside and throw him into barriers. Murphy drags Aleister up to throw him into the barriers again! And again! They drag Aleister up again and Rollins grabs the bad arm. They bring him to the post and Rollins tells him, “When are you people going to learn?” Rollins SLAMS Aleister’s bad arm against the post! And then wrings it out even harder!

Rollins keeps asking, “When is enough enough?!” And he just SLAMS Aleister’s hand on the announce desk over and over and over and over!! Rollins dumps the desk hood onto Aleister and asks the angry crowd, “Do you think I want to do this?!” Murphy makes Aleister look at Rollins as he says, “It never had to be this way!” And where are Aleister’s friends? Who is here to save him? No one but Rollins the Messiah! And then he CURB STOMPS the hood into the arm!! Rollins has taken Mysterio’s eye, and may have just taken Aleister’s arm. Will he take Monday Night Raw’s soul once and for all?


Ron Simmons talks with MVP and Bobby Lashley backstage.

He knows they’ve got their way of doing things, but just think about what he told them. “There’s a better way.” They all fist bump and Simmons takes his leave, but MVP spots R-Truth. The 24/7 Champion has a frying pan, because he can’t trust MVP. But wow, that’s a great replica belt there. What? No this is legit! Well, maybe. Apollo Crews is the real champion, we all know that. No! MVP beat Apollo, so he’s the champ! Right, right. wink wink. Well MVP and Lashley are heading to the ring, maybe the 24/7 Champion will join them? Absolutely not! Truth doesn’t want to be put in a Full Simpson again. It’s call a Full Nelson. And they meant the NEW 24/7 Champion. A referee appears and SHELTON BENJAMIN boots Truth down! Benjamin covers Truth and WINS!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin, by pinfall (NEW WWE 24/7 Champion)

The Gold Standard has a title once again! So maybe champ to champ, will the new 24/7 Champion care to join them? Absolutely. It seems the Hurt Business is growing!


Raw returns to MVP, Lashley and Benjamin heading to the ring.

The self-proclaimed new WWE United States Champion and officially new WWE 24/7 Champion stand together with the Rocky Mountain Machine and MVP gets a mic. “In case you were under a rock and you missed it,” Extreme Rules saw MVP emerge your new United States Champion without even breaking a sweat. The CEO of the Hurt Business, Bobby Lashley, ragdoll’d Apollo Crews so bad, Apollo stayed home instead of being the fighting champion he said he’d be. MVP doesn’t make excuses, he makes history! And his victory was a forgone conclusion anyway. It wouldn’t have mattered if Apollo showed up. But once they get done beating Dumb & Dumber, aka Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, aka two dumb kids who just don’t listen, these three will all celebrate their gold.

Ricochet and Alexander do appear, and can’t believe Dumb & Dumber is the best MVP can do. That would’ve been funny in 2006 when MVP was relevant. All we see now is a coward holding a title he doesn’t deserve, standing behind his meal ticket, acting like a champ but is really more like a chump. The advice MVP gave means nothing. These two have been champions before, on their own. Well that’s cute and all, but seeing these three grown ass men in the ring, you see the Hurt Business! Benjamin is the new “Executive of the Board!” Then looking at Alexander and Ricochet, those are two little kids who should stay in catering. But since they don’t have their buddy Apollo, MVP will make it fair. Choose any two of them and they can have 2v2.

Actually, there IS a third man for their team. Someone who thinks MVP is garbage, and someone who is making his return to Raw. Well it can’t be Apollo, he’s home eating some humble pie. No, you’re right. But this man will make sure MVP eats lots of humble pie. it’s MUSTAFA ALI! The Beacon joins forces with Ricochet and Alexander, and he SUPERKICKS Lashley! Then Ricochet and Alexander SUPERKICK Lashley together! Ricochet enziguris MVP, Alexander springboards and throws Benjamin out! Then they both fake them out, triple superhero landing! Will the Beacon shine bright alongside the King of Flight and the Age of Alexander?


Six Man Tag: Mustafa Ali, Ricochet & Cedric Alexander VS The Hurt Business!

Raw returns and Ricochet starts against Lashley. Lashley dares Ricochet to do something so Ricochet throws forearms and body shots! Lashley throws Ricochet to his corner and dares someone to tag in. Alexander does, fires off kicks and CHOPS, but those hurt Alexander. Lashley LARIATS Alexander inside out then throws him into the open corner. Lashley fires off stomps and haymakers but the ref counts. Lashley lets up at 4 and Alexander gasps for air. Benjamin tags in and he mugs Alexander in the corner. Benjamin drags Alexander up to whip and run over! Cover, ONE! Benjamin keeps on Alexander and tags MVP in.

MVP throws body shots on Alexander but Alexander shoves him back. MVP throws big knees into Alexander then scoops him for a slam! MVP drops a knee then covers, TWO! MVP tries again, TWO! MVP tries a third time, TWO! MVP waistlocks and squeezes Alexander in a rear bearhug. Alexander fights up, fights back, but MVP clubs him down. MVP back suplexes Alexander up and down! Cover, TWO! MVP keeps Alexander down, drags him up and tags in Benjamin. The Hurt Business keeps hitting Alexander but Alexander CHOPS back! Benjamin runs Alexander over hard! Benjamin drags Alexander up to DECK him! Cover, TWO!

Benjamin drags Alexander up as the crowd rallies. Benjamin fires off knees and forearms to then scoop and power Alexander to a corner. Tag to Lashley, the mugging continues with stomps and haymakers. The ref counts, Lashley lets off but MVP tells Alexander he needs to learn a lesson. Lashley suplexes and holds Alexander up for a count of 10! Alexander writhes while Lashley aims from a corner. Lashley watches Alexander stand, runs corner to corner, and RAMS him into the corner! Tag to MVP, he runs corner to corner to BOOT Alexander down! MVP swaggers and runs, BALLIN~! Elbow drop! Cover, TWO! MVP rains down furious fists on Alexander for not staying down! MVP covers again, TWO!

MVP drags Alexander up and around into an open corner. Alexander chops back, then throws big forearms. Alexander runs into a BOOT! Cover, TWO! Alexander still lives and MVP respects the toughness. But MVP still drags him to the corner and tags in Benjamin. Benjamin kicks Alexander while he’s down, then brings him up for knees. Benjamin whips but Alexander holds ropes to boot back! Ricochet tags in, and they fire off kicks and double enziguris! Tag to Ali, slingshot senton! Basement dropkick! Benjamin bails out and the Hurt Business regroups as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns from break and Benjamin stomps away on Ricochet! He whips Ricochet to ropes then back drops him high and hard! Cover, TWO! Benjamin keeps on Ricochet but Ricochet hits back. Benjamin knocks Ricochet down and grinds him down with a headlock. Ricochet endures as the crowd rallies up. Ricochet fights his way up and jawbreakers free! Benjamin wobbles but he anchors Ricochet’s feet! Benjamin drags Ricochet away and tags in MVP! MVP stomps Ricochet’s knee! MVP clubs Ricochet down and stomps him more. MVP drags Ricochet up and traps an arm. “Smile for the camera!” MVP then clubs Ricochet with crossface forearms!

Tag to Lashley and he throws Ricochet out hard! Lashley RAMS Ricochet into the barriers then drags him up into the ring. Lashley stalks Ricochet to the open corner and throws big elbows. Ricochet flounders but Lashley digs his palm into Ricochet’s chin! He almost pushes Ricochet out of the ring! Lashley lets off to put Ricochet back in the Hurt Business corner and digs his boot in. The ref counts, Lashley lets up to then dig his fingers back in! The ref backs Lashley off but MVP gets a cheap shot in! Tag to Benjamin and he brings Ricochet up to throw more forearms. Benjamin knees Ricochet low then throws forearms. Benjamin whips corner to corner, Ricochet BOOTS! And somersault shotgun dropkicks!

The crowd rallies as both men crawl for their corners. Hot tags to MVP and Ali! Ali rallies on MVP then whips. MVP reverses, Ali flapjack dropkicks him down! The crowd fires up with Ali as he CHOPS and whips MVP. MVP reverses again but Ali slips out and roundhouses back! Ali slingshots in for the somersault facebuster! Cover, Lashley breaks it! Lashley drags Ali up to gut wrench, but Ali escapes to bait Lashley in and out! Ricochet leaps but into Lashley’s grip! Alexander DIVES, but also into Lashley’s grip! But Ali DIVES and sends Lashley over the desk!! Benjamin creeps in to KNEE Alexander! Ricochet MOONSAULTS to take Benjamin out! Ali gets in the ring, MVP KNEES him!

MVP throws haymakers then whips Ali corner to corner. Ali dodges and the boot gets buckles! LEAPING NECKBREAKER! Ali climbs up top, for the 450 SPLASH! Cover, Ali and team win!!

Winners: Mustafa Ali, Ricochet & Cedric Alexander, by pinfall

The Beacon has just pinned the unofficial United States Champion! If MVP thinks himself THE champion, will he have to put his belt up against Ali?


Randy Orton speaks.

“Do you ever think to yourself about those moments back in time, those moments that may have changed your life? I do.” For some, you might think those moments are when Orton joined Evolution or had that match with Mick Foley. Or even when he became the youngest world champion in WWE history. Those moments did solidify Orton as the Legend Killer, those are not the moments he thinks back to. The moment he thinks back to is the one he always sees when he shuts his eyes. “The moment I’m referring to is 175 days ago, when I swung a steel chair as hard as I could down on the surgically repaired neck of Edge.” Orton has made friends in this business, friendships he thought were etched in stone. But they’re not. The friendships are gone.

Edge, Christian, Big Show. All men that one time or another helped save Orton from himself. Which is amazing, and even baffles Orton. A moment in his history brought so much pain to so many different people, all at the same time. That moment makes Orton, brought Orton, satisfaction! Orton felt good seeing the convulsing body of a man who paved the way for countless WWE superstars. It made Orton feel FANTASTIC to stand over that man at Backlash, knowing Orton had ended that man’s career. Then that man’s best friend came to the ring to confront Orton, but Orton ruined his #OneLastMatch. Tonight, Orton will punt Show in the skull and immensely enjoy ending that career once and for all. Will the Viper’s sadistic ego grow infinitely stronger after slaying a giant?


Ron Simmons also talks with the Viking Raiders.

Erik and Ivar like what he’s saying about them and the Street Profits. What great advice is Farooq bestowing on this young team?


Raw speaks with Christian.

Just a month ago, he was involved in his own Unsanctioned Match with Orton. But it was clearly a trap set by Orton and Ric Flair. The question must be asked: How has Christian been since that night? Christian doesn’t have to tell us Orton is one of the best ever. Christian knew a little of what he was getting into, but he didn’t think Orton would “weaponize” Christian’s respect for a legend like Flair. Christian will never look at those two the same again. He may never be the same again.

To touch on that topic, could Christian expand on that topic? How is he feeling? And, Show is finding himself in a very similar situation. Is it another trap set by Orton? Christian is doing better but he doesn’t feel good. Christian can endure that pain if it means Orton gets what’s coming to him. Show has a lot of people in his corner, but he may not be ready for a trap. But Christian is ready to see Show knock Orton out cold.


Backstage interview with Bianca Belair!

The EST is back again and she surprised us by helping Ruby Riott last week. What can we expect from her moving forward? What does she mean? We all know she is the strongest, the fastest, the smartest, and she is going to rise the fastest, too. She showed up, showed out, helped a friend because she is the nicest, and felt like teaching the thirstiest duo what’s what. Peyton Royce walks in and groans. This is the longest interview. Peyton excuses Sarah to talk to Bianca directly. Bianca is the dumbest for sticking her nose in someone else’s business. Well Ruby walks in and says that these two won but, where is Billie? Billie is handling business in the land of Mind Your Own Beeswax.

But Peyton has beaten Ruby once already, so just save us the trouble and forfeit. And as a tip from Peyton to Bianca, talk less and think more, before ending up like that trash, Liv Morgan. Say her name again! Bianca keeps a fight from breaking out and says she likes this. Wherever Billie went, she better get ready to watch Peyton get whooped in a way that can only be called IIconic~! Bianca and Ruby head out, will the rematch with Peyton be the sweetest revenge?


Peyton Royce VS Ruby Riott!

The bell rings and the two tie right up. Ruby powers Peyton to a corner but Peyton turns it around to rub her forearm in. Peyton says Liv hates Ruby and will never trust her again, but Ruby tackles Peyton and rains down furious fists! The crowd fires up as Peyton runs away and Ruby RAMS into her at the corner! Ruby lets up at the ref’s count but Peyton leg lariats her down! Peyton drags Ruby around and rains down rights of her own. Peyton keeps harping on Liv hating Ruby, and then she whips Ruby to ropes. Peyton elbows Ruby down, covers, TWO! Peyton grows frustrated, looms over Ruby, then drags her up to put her throw ropes. Peyton throws knees then goes to the other side for the draping motorcycle stretch! Peyton lets up and kicks Ruby down.

The crowd rallies for Ruby as Peyton calls her a loser. Peyton kicks Ruby around but Ruby hits back. Peyton clubs Ruby, drags her up, then drives elbows into the shoulder. Peyton stretches Ruby’s neck then covers, TWO! Ruby gets up but Peyton stalks behind her. Peyton grabs Ruby by the hair and says Ruby will never have friends. Ruby hits back, Peyton CLUBS her again. Ruby standing switches with Peyton but Peyton bucks her off to throw her out. Ruby rams back into Petyon then sunset flips, but Peyton sits on it! Peyton also has ropes so the ref refuses to count. Ruby rolls Peyton, TWO and Peyton jump kicks Ruby! Ruby wobbles and Peyton goes to the apron. Peyton goes to the top rope, leaps, but Ruby gets clear! Ruby gets Peyton with the RIOTT KICK! Cover, Ruby wins!

Winner: Ruby Riott, by pinfall

Ruby has some redemption against the IIconics! Will she be able to move past all the things they said about her?


Backstage interview with Zelina Vega, Andrade Almas & Angel Garza.

Charyl Caruso asks them about the tension between Garza and Almas and the coming match with the Street Profits. Vega answers for them: “Playtime is over.” Both men are on the same page, are ready for this. But what about the Profits? They were in hiding! Who knows, maybe Almas and Garza win on a count out when those champions don’t show up. Almas says that either way, they will be one step closer to becoming Raw Tag Team Champions! Garza has been waiting for this a long, long time. Match after match, interview after interview, Garza is always ready when the opportunity arises. But then the Profits attack!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins go after Garza and Almas for all the trash they’re talking! Ford throws Almas into fence and Dawkins stomps Garza down! Vega, get your men! The Profits prepare to meet them in the ring, after the break!


The Street Profits VS Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

The Raw Tag Team Champions did stay away for a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready! Will they bring the smoke to El Latino y El Idolo?

The teams sort out and Dawkins starts, but gets mugged 2v1 by Almas and Garza! Almas stomps Ford out and Garza has Dawkins in the ropes to KNEE him down! Off come the pants and Garza SUPERKICKS Dawkins in the back! Garza tags Almas and they mug Dawkins. Almas CHOPS back then throws forearms. Almas stomps a mudhole and looms over Dawkins at the ropes. Almas grabs the legs to stomp the stomach, then tags in Garza. They split the wishbone on Dawkins then Garza keeps on Dawkins with an armlock. Garza throws fists while he has the modified crossface but Dawkins endures.

Garza drags Dawkins up and SUPERKICKS him down! Ford coaches Dawkins and Dawkins ROCKS Garza! Garza blocks a kick to KNEE Dawkins back! But Dawkins tags in Ford! Almas tags in but Ford dodges and speeds up! Ford hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks Almas down! Ford kips up and fires up with the crowd, then builds speed to FLY! Direct hit on Almas! Ford gets back in the ring and shakes the ropes as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Ford has Almas in an armlock. Almas fights up but Ford wrenches and tags in Dawkins. Ford whips, Dawkins runs Almas over! Cover, ONE, but Dawkins keeps Almas down with the armlock. Almas endures and gets a ropebreak with a foot. Dawkins lets up at 4, brings Almas up to wrench and yank the arm. Tag to Ford and he jumps in as Dawkins whips. Dawkins ducks and Ford dropkicks Almas down! Ford keeps on Almas with a facelock but Almas powers Ford to the corner! Almas rams his shoulder in over and over then tags in Garza. Garza holds Ford open for the rib shot but Almas steps out. They’re not perfectly on the same page, but Garza makes up for that by stomping Ford down.

The ref counts, Garza lets off. Ford slowly gets up, Garza SUPERKICKS him down! Garza stomps away, Almas tags back in, and now they go after the ribs. Almas taunts Dawkins while bringing Ford up. Almas snap suplexes Ford then covers, TWO! Almas clubs Ford down, drags him around by the arm and has an armlock of his own. Ford endures, fights up, but Almas knees low. Tag to Garza, they continue to mug Ford with body shots. Ford hits back but Garza clubs him down. Garza underhooks the arms to make them into hammerlocks and Garza grinds Ford into the mat. Ford fights up as the crowd rallies but Garza clubs him down again. Almas tags back in and the mugging continues.

Almas drags Ford up, spins around, back suplex and Ford lands hard on his side! Ford flounders but Almas stomps him down. Almas drags him away from Dawkins and cranks on the arm again. Ford endures, the crowd builds to a rally, but Almas drives in elbows. Ford powers up to power out and hip toss Almas down hard! Both men are down but Ford forces himself to get up. Almas hurries after Ford but Ford enziguris him away! Hot tag to Dawkins! Dawkins rallies on Almas and Garza with big right hands! Dawkins dodges and flying back elbows Almas! Garza runs into a flapjack! Almas gets an EXPLODER! The crowd fires up with Dawkins as he hits the spinning splash! Then the bulldog! Cover, Garza makes it in time!

Dawkins drags Almas back up, tags Ford in, and Dawkins Electric Chair lifts. Almas slips out and uses Dawkins to trip Ford up! Garza tags in to SUPERKICK Dawkins! Garza goes after Ford but Ford fights the superplex off! Ford glares as he DECKS Garza! Ford adjusts, FROM THE HEAVENS with a twist! Dawkins intercepts Almas as Ford covers, The Profits win!!

Winners: The Street Profits, by pinfall

Vega is in shock! The Raw Tag Team Champions keep their contenders down and keep the party going! Will Almas and Garza be able to stay on that same page after falling short?


Raw returns to Garza and Almas talking backstage.

Almas wants Garza to tranquilo. Yes, they lost but- Vega is angry and she says this was their opportunity to take control of the division! And they blew it! Now she has to fix the problem for these little boys. Garza says they are just fine. Then prove it! Almas and Garza take Vega up on that challenge. Will this trio stick together despite the tension?


Bayley and Sasha Banks head to the ring!

#BayleyDosStraps kept her title with lots of controversy, while there is even MORE controversy as to The Boss being #TwoBeltsBanks. Sasha holds the Raw Women’s Championship up but Bayley is the only reason anything happened last night. But the Golden Role Models still thank the crowd, despite all the booing. Shame on their envy and pettiness! Sasha knows people have been talking. People accuse her of stealing the belt! But either they have bad memory or bad screens. Sasha FOUGHT for the title, while Asuka was handed it! Becky Lynch gave Asuka the title, because Becky is on maternity leave. But everyone is forgetting that! Just like they’re forgetting that at Extreme Rules, Asuka spit her mist in that poor referee’s face, almost blinding him! That ref couldn’t continue!

And Bayley didn’t steal the shirt, she borrowed it. Someone had to be the official for the match. She’s not just #BayleyDosStraps but our role model! When Sasha covered Asuka, Bayley made a split decision and did the right thing to count it. But these idiots just don’t get it! Not that they need to. They just need to understand Sasha is the Boss, the Standard, the Blueprint and #TwoBeltsBanks, and these two have ALL THE GOLD! They cheer each other on, but here come the Kabuki Warriors! “OI OI OI!” What’re you talking about!? Sasha was NOT ready for Asuka! And Asuka was NOT ready for thieves! That is HER title! Then come get it! Well in that case… Asuka and Kairi storm the ring but Stephanie McMahon speaks on the titantron!

Stephanie congratulates Bayley and Sasha on being WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, and Bayley on also being SmackDown Women’s Champion. But Sasha, as far as the Raw Women’s Championship goes, that match was certainly a horror show. Sasha may think she’s champion, but Steph has a different opinion. Sasha didn’t win last not, but she didn’t lose. So next week, there will be a rematch to determine the rightful Raw Women’s Champion. And to be very clear, since the Role Models aren’t losing, Sasha can lose via pin, submission, disqualification or count-out. To be more blunt, if a certain role model gets involved, Sasha will lose. Good luck. And then the Kabuki Warriors run the Role Models out of the ring! Will the Pirate Princess get payback by proxy on Bayley?


Kairi Sane w/ Asuka VS Bayley w/ Sasha Banks!

Raw returns and Kairi dropkicks Bayley with the bell! Kairi throws chop after chop! Then even more chops! Bayley ducks, Kairi cradles! TWO, and Bayley uses the ropes as defense. The ref has Kairi stay back, Bayley comes back slowly, and she stomps Kairi’s foot! Bayley throws Kairi down by her hair, then looms over her. Sasha taunts Kairi as Bayley whips, but Kairi goes up and headscissors Bayley out! Bayley keeps her distance from Asuka, but Kairi hip attacks her! And Bayley’s arm got trapped in the ropes! Bayley gets free but Kairi goes after Bayley and puts her in the ring. Cover, TWO! Bayley gets to a corner, Kairi runs in but gets flapjack’d on the buckles! Bayley stomps away on Kairi but the ref backs her off. Sasha taunts Kairi and Bayley stomps her!

Bayley clubs Kairi while Asuka and Ssaha shout at each other. Bayley bumps Kairi off buckles then rams her shoulder in again and again. The ref counts, Bayley lets off, and drags Kairi out to snapmare to a cover. ONE, but Bayley wraps Kairi up in a chinlock. The crowd rallies, Kairi fights her way up, and fights out with body shots. Kairi runs to crossbody Bayley down! Cover, TWO! Bayley clobbers Kairi! Bayley rains down right hands on Kairi then covers. TWO, but Bayley pushes Kairi around. Bayley drags Kairi up to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Kairi toughs it out and Asuka coaches her up. Bayley glares at Asuka then looms over Kairi. Bayley brings Kairi up to suplex but Kairi resists to cradle again! TWO, but Bayley is after Kairi at the ropes!

Bayley lets up to then grab at Kairi again. Kairi holds the ropes but Bayley clubs her down. Bayley suplexes Kairi up and over, covers, TWO! Sasha and Bayley grow frustrated with Kairi but Kairi dumps Bayley out! Kairi runs into Bayley’s shoulder, then Bayley steps up to drag Kairi up. Bayley wants to suplex Kairi out but Kairi resists. Kairi throws body shots, clubs Bayley then ax kicks her! Bayley is stuck on the ropes, Kairi climbs up the corner to DOUBLE STOMP her down! Cover but Bayley flops out of the ring! Sasha checks on Bayley while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Kairi rams shoulders into Bayley’s back! Kairi runs corner to corner, SLIDING D into a boot! Bayley grabs Kairi’s arm for an arm wringer! Cover, TWO! Kairi gets to ropes but Bayley is after the arm again. Bayley clubs Kairi then wraps the arm on the ropes! The ref counts, Bayley stops at 4, but then Bayley mocks Asuka. Kairi hits back but Bayley hammerlocks the bad arm and twists the wrist. Kairi endures, the crowd rallies, so Bayley drags Kairi up. Shayna Baszler is watching backstage as Kairi double chops Bayley. Kairi rams Bayley but Bayley throws Kairi into buckles hard!

Charly asks if Shayna has a “vested interest” in this match. Shayna says she has beaten every other woman in the locker room, has been dominant, yet has no match tonight. Bayley covers Kairi, TWO! What is she supposed to do? Just sit in catering? Go and be a fan with the rest? As far as Shayna is concerned, no one else deserves the spotlight more than her. Does Shayna have an interest in this match? “Yeah, I guess I have a vested interest in this match. The same way a shark has a ‘vested interest’ anytime it sees prey in the water.” Bayley pushes Kairi around but Kairi gets mad. Kairi starts throwing big palm strikes! Bayley counter punches then drags Kairi into a big vertical suplex, for Kairi to turn into a DDT!

Both women in the ring are down and their respective partners cheer them on. Bayley gets to ropes while Kairi slowly sits up. Bayley swings on Kairi, Kairi blocks the kick to trip Bayley up, and hit the BLOCKBUSTER! Then basement dropkick! Kairi fires up with the crowd and Sasha is stressing out. Kairi stomps as she marches the plank, to SLIDING D! It hits this time! Bayley is in the drop zone and Kairi is climbing up. Bayley stops Kairi with a haymaker! Kairi hits back and the two brawl up top. Bayley hotshots the bad arm! Bayley drags Kairi back up, has the arm in a keylock as she climbs, and has a HANGING ARMLOCK! Kairi trips Bayley up and Bayley ends up in a Tree of Woe! Asuka coaches Kairi as Kairi climbs, WOE STOMPS!! Cover, TWO!!

Bayley survives and Sasha still stresses out. Asuka coaches Kairi again and Kairi is back up. Kairi aims at Bayley, she runs in, but Bayley moves. Kairi stops herself from hitting buckles, to BACK HAND Bayley! INTERCEPTOR! Kairi has Bayley down again, climbs back up top, takes aim, InSANE Elbow!! But the impact is so strong, Kairi’s bad arm slows her down. Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Bayley survives and Kairi is beside herself. Sasha laughs in relief as Kairi drags Bayley up and whips. Bayley reverses, Kairi dodges but runs into a KNEE! Bayley gives Kairi a BIG back suplex! Bayley puts Kairi in the drop zone now and she climbs up top. MACHO ELBOW!! Cover, TWO!! Kairi survives and shocks the Role Models!

Bayley is seething but she says she’s got this. She watches Kairi stand, bearhug, but no Bayley2Belly as Kairi swings it to a cover! KAIRI WINS!!

Winner: Kairi Sane, by pinfall

The Pirate Princess shocks #BayleyDosStraps! Kairi has pinned the SmackDown Women’s Champion!! Does this change everything Bayley and Sasha were hoping for as #DoubleDoubleChampChamps?


Backstage interview with Drew McIntyre.

What condition is he in after that special stipulation match with Dolph Ziggler? Well, he’d be a liar if he said he feels good. He doesn’t, actually. But he is still WWE World Champion, so that is good. He’s heading to the ring to discuss his future, what will he have to say about his own title run?


Raw returns as Drew McIntyre heads to the ring!

Despite the Show-Off making the title match Extreme Rules just for Ziggler, McIntyre overcame the odds and downed Dolph with one mighty Claymore. McIntyre grabs a mic to say, “Man, I gotta hand it to Dolph.” That stipulation was brilliant and completely swayed things in his favor. Ziggler did everything he could, from using chairs to jumping off the corner to elbow McIntyre through a table. Ziggler almost had McIntyre. But “almost” is the story of Ziggler’s career. McIntyre is going onward and upwards, and SummerSlam is coming! That’s the biggest show second to WrestleMania, so McIntyre wants a worthy opponent.

Ziggler returns! That’s not who he meant. But Ziggler says at Extreme Rules, he saw something in McIntyre he hasn’t seen in some time. It was fear. Oh, Ziggler, what’re you doing? We’re sick of you! Wasn’t getting beat at Extreme Rules enough? Yes, yes, the whole world saw them beat the hell out of each other for the title. Yes, things were in Ziggler’s favor, but he was THIS close to having his moment that he has deserved for years! McIntyre has had a 19 year journey but no one talks about what Ziggler does day in and day out. McIntyre says Ziggler lost 24 hours after picking his own stipulation! The answer is no, “bugger off.” But that look in McIntyre’s eyes was real! McIntyre knew Ziggler was due, it’s a long time coming-

OH C’MON! Now you’re just embarrassing yourself. McIntyre will save Ziggler the embarrassment, and be the first to leave. McIntyre turns to go but Ziggler grabs his shoulder, so McIntyre HEADBUTTS him down! “One day, you’re gonna learn.” McIntyre leaves, Ziggler throws off his jacket and keeps running his mouth. “Don’t you walk away from me, you son of a b*tch!” Ziggler is deserving! He had it in his hands but it was slipping away! This time, McIntyre names the time, place and stipulation! Everyone deserves what’s coming to Ziggler! Ziggler wants the match! Well, maybe all those years at law school weren’t wasted. Ziggler presents a compelling case, so McIntyre might change his mind. McIntyre’s choice? He accepts.

But before McIntyre leaves, Ziggler asks for the stipulation. Oh c’mon, he just said yes! He hasn’t had an idea. Even if he had two weeks, he couldn’t tell. But now he’ll just do what Ziggler did: Ziggler learns the stipulation right before the bell. Ziggler is a glutton for punishment, but one way or another, he is getting what he deserves. What match type will McIntyre decide on?


Big Show speaks.

“In just a few minutes, I’ll be standing across the ring from Randy Orton, with Ric Flair by his side.” The Apex Predator, the most dangerous man in the WWE today. Orton has had an incredible year. Look what he did to Edge, tearing the triceps off the bone. He took Christian’s dream of #OneMoreMatch and made it a nightmare. Orton has systematically lashed out at everyone that tried to show him there’s more to life than living up to your last name. The people that reached out and pulled Orton out of the darkness have now been sadistically taken out. Show is next, and he’d be foolish not to realize the jeopardy his health and career are in.

But it’s funny. Show hoped and prayed for a long time that the sadistic side would never show itself again. But maybe the voices in Orton’s head are too loud. Whether Flair is turning up the volume, or Orton embracing them himself, the voices are screaming for him to no longer have empathy, to have no compassion, and to take everything that’s in his way out, permanently. Show is reminded of a long time ago, when the two were rolling together as a tag team. They called themselves the Hammer & Chisel. Pretty clear Show was the hammer. But they bonded a lot together, talking about the complexities of their roles in this business. Like tigers that can’t change stripes, no matter what.

Whether Show is dealing with the literal weight of being the World’s Largest Athlete, or Orton dealing with being a third-generation wrestler. Those talks were what bonded the two of them. They became friends because they both knew deep down what the other was dealing with. But that’s changed now. Orton brought back the Legend Killer, and has a kick with Show’s name on it. Show stared himself in the eye and asked the very hard question, “Is this the end of the line?” Maybe. But there’s another saying about tigers. Tigers are most dangerous when sensing the end, because they will do anything and everything to survive. This tiger is going to do anything and everything to make sure Orton doesn’t write the end of his story! Will this be the greatest moment in Big Show’s storied career? Or just the final one?


Unsanctioned Match: The Big Show VS Randy Orton!

Raw returns, and conspicuous by his absence, the Nature Boy doesn’t accompany Orton. The bell rings and Show goes right at Orton and powers him to a corner! Orton avoids the giant chop and kicks back. Show still powers Orton to the corner to throw body shots! Show stalks Orton as the crowd rallies behind. Show wraps an arm around the ropes to then CLUB it! Orton clutches that arm but Show throws more body shots. Show CHOPS Orton and Orton sits down as he gasps for air and feels the sting in his chest. Show mockingly asks if that hurt. Then he brings Orton up to throw more body shots!

Show turns Orton around to wrap the arm on the rope and CLUB it again! Orton gets away but Show just follows after. Orton kicks but Show throws more body shots! Show punches the shoulder but Orton punches back. Show whips and SPEARS Orton! The giant spear sends Orton rolling out of the ring in pain! Show pursues, but also fetches things from under the ring. Show gets a TABLE! The crowd likes that as Show puts the table in the ring. Orton writhes and sputters at the ramp but Show hurries over to fetch him. Show puts Orton in, on the apron, and CHOPS him again! But wait! Vega, Almas and Garza appear, and Garza and Almas attack Show! Unsanctioned also means no disqualifications!

Garza and Almas keep throwing hands on Show then go after his legs. They whip Show into steel steps! Show topples over and Orton watches Garza and Almas sit Show up. Orton takes aim with his kick, but then the Viking Raiders appear! Erik and Ivar brawl with Almas and Garza and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns once more and Orton has Show in the ring with a sleeper hold. The crowd rallies, Show pries the hold apart, then turns Orton around to headbutt! Orton goes down but Show leans on the ropes. The crowd rallies up, Show shakes out the cobwebs, and Show rallies on Orton with clotheslines! Show whips Orton to a corner, runs in and hip attacks! Then he runs, into a basement dropkick! Show goes down and Orton looms over him. Orton prepares the leg, takes aim, but Show choke grips Orton first! Show choke SLAMS! Cover, TWO!! Orton survives but Show keeps his cool. The crowd rallies up, Show stands, and Show prepares the punch! Orton stands, but he drops down to bail out!

Show grabs the table and finally sets it up. Orton catches his breath on the outside but Show has the table ready. Show goes to fetch Orton and drags him up to the apron! Then hip tosses him into the ring! Show looms over Orton, drags him to the table and sets him on the wood. Show climbs the corner, for a GIANT VADER BOMB! Orton moves, Show goes through the table alone! Orton laughs as he survives and has Show where he wants him. The crowd is thunderous for Show as he stirs, but Orton slithers up like the Viper he is. Orton watches Show rise, RKO!! Cover, TWO!?! Orton has no idea how that’s possible! The crowd won’t give up on Show and Show manages to sit up.

Orton goes looking under the ring and finds chairs. Orton brings one in, aims at Show and JAMS his ribs! And SMACKS his back! Orton drags Show up by his beard to SMACK him again! Show writhes and gasps but Orton still looms over him. The ref clears out the wreckage of the table while Show gets to the apron. Orton JAMS him with the chair again, and SMACKS him on the back a third time! Orton drags Show across the top rope, for a GIANT DRAPING DDT!! Orton throws the chair out of the ring, and hears the voices in his head! Orton wants Show to rise so he can put him down again. Show stands in a daze, ANOTHER RKO!!! Cover, Orton wins!

Winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall

The Viper strikes the Giant down and has another vicious victory. But being the Legend Killer, this isn’t enough. He watches Show drag himself up on the ropes little by little. Orton takes aim while Show is still in a daze. Orton is foaming at the mouth, as he PUNTS Show in the head!! And then he whispers, “I told you. I told you! Just like all the others. One more legend DEAD.” Show barely moves as Orton strikes his pose on the corner. Is this the end of the Big Show? Will the Legend Killer’s new list of victims ever end?

My Thoughts:

This was a pretty good Raw, especially to follow up the “controversies” at Extreme Rules. Can you believe Vince changed things last minute on the PPV? Actually, it isn’t the first time so it shouldn’t be a surprise. But Stephanie McMahon making a titantron Zoom call was a nice surprise. Next week’s No Champion’s Advantage (which is the easy way of saying it) will be a great match. Kairi VS Bayley was a great match, too, especially because I didn’t expect Kairi to win! There’s still talk of when Kairi’s WWE contract is up and when she’s returning home to Japan, so unless she hot potatoes the title back to Bayley very quickly, I don’t think Kairi becomes SmackDown Women’s Champion. But even if it would be only for a few moments, she, Asuka and Io Shirai all being singles champions at the same time would be great for the history books.

Seth Rollins opening the show to harp on Mysterio was a natural move. Aleister taking lead on this feud was also a good move. Aleister and Rollins had a great match, and that hood stomp to the arm was a great touch. I’m sure Aleister will come back, and it’ll make for good story if Aleister has the bad arm to worry about. The Hurt Business is now an official faction with adding Shelton Benjamin AND him taking the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth. The Six Man was great, as was the return of Mustafa Ali! The SmackDown Hacker story may have died but it wasn’t confirmed or denied if it was going to be Ali since WWE probably didn’t know, hence why they dropped it. Ali, Ricochet and Alexander winning was great, and will surely escalate things in Apollo’s absence.

Ruby Riott’s story with the IIconics continues, and it’s great that she finally gets a win. Still wondering how they’ll bring Liv back into this, but at least they aren’t letting it be more of the same for Ruby. Shayna watching Bayley and Kairi was good. It makes me wonder if she’s going after the Role Models and their titles despite them all being Heels. Or do we get that shocker of Kairi taking the SmackDown title, only to drop it to Shayna to parallel their shared time in NXT? I’m also curious how Bianca gets going in her own return. She could still be in a team with Ruby, but for how long? The Street Profits had a really good tag match with Garza and Almas, and I’m a little surprised they won. There is still time to determine contenders to the tag titles, I’m just not sure how that goes yet.

Almas and Garza getting involved with Orton’s match was a good touch, though. Orton and Show hype up tonight’s Unsanctioned match with great promos, and the match itself was pretty good. A little surprised Ric Flair wasn’t here tonight but also relieved given COVID concerns. Guess Orton won’t get to punt him in the head after all. But Orton beating Show and punting him was pretty big stuff for this story. Ziggler coming back to want another match with McIntyre must be a way of just biding time as we’re just starting towards SummerSlam. I like how tables have turned and Ziggler has to wait and see what McIntyre chooses. Ziggler had a pretty good surprise planned with the one-sided Extreme Rules, but I feel like McIntyre won’t be that unfair to Ziggler, being the Face and wanting to shut Ziggler up. For all we know, it’ll be just a normal match so that when Ziggler loses, it’s plain and simple.

My Score: 8.5/10

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