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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (7/10/20)

AWWW~ Chairshot Followers~!



WWE SmackDown Coverage 3.0

The SmackDown Tag Team Championships are on the line!

Don’t you dare be sour! Watch The New Day defend their titles against Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura! Plus, a special encore of WWE Money in the Bank’s Universal Championship match!


  • The Miz w/ John Morrison VS Jeff Hardy; Hardy wins.
  • Bliss-Cross VS Bayley and Sasha Banks; Bayley & Banks win.
  • WWE Money in the Bank 2020 – WWE Universal Championship: Braun Strowman VS Bray Wyatt; Strowman wins and retains the WWE Universal Champion.
  • Karaoke Showdown: Dana Brooke VS Naomi VS Lacey Evans VS Tamina; Naomi wins.
  • Lacey Evans VS Naomi w/ Jey Uso; Evans wins, by disqualification.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The New Day VS Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro; No Contest, The New Day retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.


Miz TV opens SmackDown!

John Morrison and The Miz are jamming out in the ring as the introductions are made. Miz welcomes us back to the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show, and says tonight’s guest has inspired generations of superstars to reach for the stars. A man with better face paint than Doink the Clown, a daredevil that battles his inner demons one day at a time but has a hard time remembering the night before, and a true trailblazer. Emphasis on “blaze.” Is Morrison taking this seriously? This is a serious episode of Miz TV? Every episode is a serious episode! Tonight’s guest is one of the most decorate WWE superstars and a shoe-in Hall of Fame! A man who pioneered the Dougie, the Whip and the Nene! what? Y’know! That move he does. It is the Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy!

Hardy joins Miz and Morrison in the ring and takes a seat. Miz apologizes for Morrison’s jokes. Morrison apologizes for Miz misunderstanding Morrison’s enthusiasm. And speaking of enthusiasm, Hardy has a clip to share, right? What? No, he doesn’t have a clip. He doesn’t have a clip? Does Morrison have a clip? No. Does Miz have a clip? No, he has a different clip. Well we gotta show a clip. Wanna show a clip? Hardy says it’s fine. So they roll an edited version of Hardy’s interview from a few weeks ago, speaking to Sheamus constantly reminding him of his painful past. Hardy says Sheamus is an obstacle, Sheamus says Hardy is a disappointment.

Hardy wants to turn things around, but as the video shows, he lost at Backlash. Sheamus rubbed it in with the “toast” to Hardy and tempting him with a huge selection of alcohol. Sheamus claimed it was a form of helping Hardy to just get the next failure out of the way. Hardy’s response? Dump the drink on the bartender’s head, and then smash the bottle on him, too!

Back in the present, Miz and Morrison are wowed by that clip. Normally when a hero overcomes things, they come back a winner. But Hardy has always been a rule breaker. Well if they keep this up, he’s about the break something. The crowd loves that burn! Miz and Morrison want Hardy to stay calm, they’re having a friendly conversation to figure out what makes him tick. And Miz’s daughter loves Hardy. It’s mostly for his bright colors. But she’s too young to know the darkness that’s gone on in Hardy’s life. As a father, Miz doesn’t want Monroe to put faith in someone who will self destruct and let her down. Okay where was the question in that? “Jeff, are you okay?” Sheamus has been taunting Hardy, and then he won at Backlash. That has to eat away at Hardy.

Yes, Hardy has been to dark places no one else can imagine. But it’ll take more than taunting to drive him back there? Really? Sheamus isn’t in Hardy’s head? The loss isn’t eating away at him? Hardy would be lying if he said Sheamus didn’t get under his skin and that loss doesn’t bother him. It all does. The crowd cheers their support as Hardy says he will do everything in his power to destroy Sheamus and put his past behind him. Hardy is going to be a beacon of light to anyone that watches him, struggles with addiction, and help them through those hard times. Change is possible, and hope is real, and there is a life beyond their wildest dreams waiting for them if they can stay sober. Morrison is getting goosebumps. Miz is so glad Hardy came on the show, they’ve really made progress.

Miz and Morrison want to help Hardy redeem himself in a rematch! And not in a WWE ring! He needs to be somewhere where he has home field advantage! Somewhere he can do his best work! He needs to face Sheamus… IN A BAR FIGHT!! Think of the symbolism! He’ll be fighting both the physical enemy, Sheamus, and the metaphorical enemy, alcohol! Hardy does love that, it’s a Handicap Match, Hardy against beer and the Celtic Butthole. This is why he’s here, right? Sheamus put them up to this? Hardy is destined to crumble. WRONG! Hardy is never going back to what he was. And Hardy will take Sheamus out IN that Bar Fight! He will prove he’s on the right path, on the way to success once more, and never letting any of us down again! So go ahead and tell Sheamus he accepts the challenge.

And since we’re throwing out challenges, let’s have another one. Who is it going to face Hardy between Miz and Morrison. Morrison and Miz point to the other, but Hardy isn’t going to let them mock him to his face and not get hit in theirs. Well they kinda did. Hardy apologizes to disappoint them. He attacks them both! Morrison takes off his jacket at Hardy and throws forearms! Morrison whips, Hardy reverses, Morrison holds ropes but Hardy clotheslines him out! Hardy throws the set of Miz TV out, is it going to go down to start SmackDown?


The Miz w/ John Morrison VS Jeff Hardy!

It does! SmackDown returns as the bell rings, Hardy rushes Miz but Miz bails out to regroup with Morrison. They talk, Miz returns but Hardy goes after him in a corner. The ref backs Hardy off, Miz kicks low and headlocks. Hardy powers out, Miz runs him over, and Morrison cheers. Things speed up, Hardy hip tosses Miz down! Hardy headlocks and takes over, but Miz fights his way up. Miz pulls hair, powers out and throws Hardy to the apron. Hardy comes back, shoulders in but then Miz knees him back. Miz slides out, trips Hardy and Hardy crashes on the apron! The crowd boos but Miz taunts them back. Miz puts Hardy in and kicks him while he’s down. Morrison says it’s good!

Miz knocks Hardy down and soaks up the heat. Miz glares at the crowd getting attitude with him, but he whips Hardy. Hardy kicks back, throws haymakers, then whips. Miz reverses and hits a kitchen sink knee! Then the basement BOOT! Cover, TWO! Miz drags Hardy up and jams his knee into the back. The crowd rallies, Miz hooks Hardy’s nose then wraps him in a chinlock. Hardy fights up, fights back, and runs, but into a low kick. Miz whips, kitchen sink but Hardy uses that to roll him up! TWO and Hardy gets to a corner. Miz runs in, Hardy puts him on the apron but Miz ROCKS Hardy with haymakers. Miz springboards but into a kick! TWIST OF FURY!

Hardy goes up top but Morrison gets Miz out of the ring. So Hardy LEAPS onto them both! The crowd is fired up as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Hardy bumps Miz off buckles! And more buckles! And more buckles! Hardy whips Miz corner to corner then runs in, but Miz puts him on the apron. Hardy rocks Miz but Morrison trips him up! The ref was busy with Miz, Miz runs to dropkick Hardy into the announce desk! Miz bounces Hardy off the desk, then throws him into Plexiglas! Hardy flounders and Miz refreshes the ring count. Miz puts Hardy in the ring, has him on the apron and bounces him off the edge. Miz runs to knee lift Hardy back into the ring! “Hey Hey! Ho ho!” Miz catapult guillotines Hardy down!

Hardy sputters but Miz stomps him down. Miz hears the crowd booing and he gives It Kicks to Hardy in the corner. Miz runs corner to corner for a big knee! And then another! Miz goes one more time, A-List Lariat! He dumps Hardy down while Morrison cheers. “All day, all night!” Miz springboards but into another kick! But no Twist this time, Miz kicks to basement DDT! Cover, TWO! Hardy still lives but Morrison says it’s fine. The crowd rallies up as Hardy sits up but Miz is on him. “Hey! Hey hey! Ho~ ho~!” It Kicks to the rhythm! Miz powers up, BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!! Hardy survives and gets to a corner but Miz brings him up. Miz chokes Hardy on the ropes but lets up at 4. Miz runs, for the straddle attack!

The crowd boos but Miz soaks it up. Miz drags Hardy up to throw haymakers. Hardy hits back and the crowd rallies behind him. Miz throws hands but Hardy ducks to jawbreaker! Both men are down but the crowd fires up! Morrison coaches Miz up as Miz and Hardy slowly stand. Hardy counter punches Miz, backs him down, whips but Miz reverses. Hardy runs Miz over with forearms, then hits the atomic drop to leg splitter leg drop! Basement dropkick added, splash down! Cover, TWO! The crowd rallies up as Hardy waits for Miz to stand. Hardy kicks low, but still no Twist! Full nelson but Hardy drops down to victory roll, TWO! Hardy kicks, Miz blocks but Hardy spin back kicks! Hardy has Miz in the corner, swinging dropkick!

Morrison gets on the apron but Hardy knocks him down! Hardy hurries up top while Miz is still in a drop zone. But Sheamus interrupts via titantron. Sheamus is having a pint, enjoying the match, the hops and barley rolls off the tongue. And top entertainment, fella! Hardy can have one on him. Miz rolls Hardy, TWO, Hardy sits on it! Hardy wins!

Winner: Jeff Hardy, by pinfall

So much for a screw job via satellite! Hardy wins and is ready for that Extreme Rules Bar Fight! Sheamus “congratulates” Hardy on the win but will it be bottoms up in just over a week?


Backstage interview with Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.

The Swiss Cyborg and King of Strong Style are poised for a tag team title match tonight. Nakamura got the win on Kofi Kingston last week, will there be another upset this week? Upset? Cesaro can’t believe the idea that them winning tonight is an upset. That would be ridiculous! They beat the New Day once, so why think that? Is it because they don’t compromise their integrity to sell cereal and ice cream? Can you believe this? Nakamura says they all need to know who they are. Cesaro is sick of The New Day and has been sick for a long time! He’s sick of their antics, gyrating and always being happy, while representing their Tag Team Division. Tonight, that all changes.

But don’t worry! The New Day will still be here, because they never change. But you will also have NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Well these two sure sound upset, will they use that to win those titles?


Bliss-Cross VS Bayley and Sasha Banks!

Alexa and Nikki have had their problems with the #GoldenRoleModels but the feeling is mutual. Will the Loony Lass get a huge advantage over the SmackDown Women’s Champion before their match at Extreme Rules? Or will #BayleyDosStraps and The Boss roll into #GrudgeMatchMonday Raw and their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship defense?

Speaking of getting an advantage, Nikki jumps on Bayley at the ramp! Sasha helps Bayley fight her off, but here comes Alexa! They brawl down the ramp and the crowd is loving it! SmackDown goes to break as the chaos continues!

SmackDown returns and Nikki starts against Sasha. Nikki rushes Sasha, she hurries to the ropes for defense, then comes back to throw Nikki down by her hair! Sasha wraps Nikki up in a chinlock, clubs away then covers, TWO! Sasha drags Nikki up to club her back down and then tags in Bayley. They mug Nikki and Bayley covers, ONE! Bayley drags Nikki up to jam her knee into Nikki’s back! Bayley pushes Nikki around, bumps her off buckles and throws elbows, then tags Sasha. Sasha stomps a mudhole into Nikki, then walks it off. Sasha mocks Alexa’s posing but Nikki hits back. Bayley tags in, the best friends both stomp a mudhole in, then Bayley digs her boot into Nikki’s neck. Bayley lets up, mocks the booing crowd, then throws Nikki to the apron.

Bayley taunts Alexa with how close she is, but Nikki shoves her down! Nikki drags Bayley into the apron skirt and fires off! The ref counts, Nikki stops at 4 but brings Bayley back up into the ring. Cover, TWO! Nikki drags Bayley over, tag to Alexa, and Nikki whips Bayley into the corner. Alexa whips Nikki in for the corner splash! Alexa runs and Bayley knows the slap is coming. Bayley covers her face, but Alexa body shots first. Then she SLAPS Bayley! Cover, ONE! Bayley knees low, brings Alexa up and tackles her into the corner. Tag to Sasha but Alexa dodges to drop toehold! Alexa wrings Sasha’s arm out, then tags Nikki! Basement dropkick and an arm wringing neckbreaker! The crowd fires up with Nikki as she tags Alexa in.

Alexa hits Bayley off the apron but Sasha swings on Nikki. Nikki ducks, shoves, but Bayley bails Sasha out. Nikki hurries out after them to grab the title belt! Bayley notices and is furious, but she and Sasha run into Alexa’s dropkick! Nikki climbs up the desk to crossbody Bayley down! Nikki holds the title up and the crowd cheers as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Alexa brawls with Sasha. Alexa gets the edge, dodges Sasha, but Bayley tags in. Alexa tilt-o-whirl headscissors Sasha out, but Bayley gives her a hotshot at the apron! Bayley laughs as she goes in and covers, TWO! Bayley taunts Alexa as she stomps like her “Good friend” Stone Cold. Bayley chokes Alexa on the ropes, lets up at 4, Nikki is furious but the ref keeps her back. Bayley fisherman but Alexa cradle counters! TWO, but Bayley keeps Alexa from getting away. Sasha tags in and she drops an elbow on Alexa. Cover, TWO! Sasha drags Alexa up, puts her through the ropes and kicks her down. Alexa flounders, Sasha rolls her up, TWO!

Sasha thrashes Alexa around in a chinlock but Nikki and the crowd rally up. Alexa fights up, throws body shots but Sasha bumps her off buckles. Tag to Bayley, they crisscross Alexa to throw her into buckles. Bayley drags Alexa to a cover, TWO! Bayley taunts Nikki and hits a sliding lariat! The ref is busy with Nikki so Bayley calls him a dummy. Alexa hits Bayley back with back elbows, but Bayley carries her all the way back to the corner. Tag to Sasha, Bayley throws Sasha down to catapult her into Sasha’s SLAP! Cover, TWO! The crowd rallies again but Sasha keeps Alexa down with an armlock. Alexa fights up but Sasha kicks Nikki down! Sasha whips Alexa to the corner, taunts Nikki, and Bayley chokes Alexa!

Sasha tags Bayley, Bayley suplexes Alexa down and covers, TWO! Bayley grows annoyed with Alexa but she keeps close. The crowd rallies up as Bayley taunts Alexa, Alexa SLAPS and DECKS Bayley! Knee drop and hot tag! Nikki crossbodies and fires off fast hands! Nikki goes after Sasha, then Bayley. Sasha tag sin, she gets both best friends! Clothesline and bulldog! Nikki runs but Sasha puts her on the apron. Nikki counter punches then bumps Sasha off buckles! Nikki hits Bayley down, climbs up and brings Sasha in, but Bayley tags in. Tornado DDT but Bayley jackknife covers! TWO, and Nikki headbutts low! Nikki runs to corner splash, then uses the corner, but no DDT this time, THE PURGE! Cover, Sasha breaks it in time!

Alexa drags Sasha out and whips, but Sasha reverses to send Alexa into barriers! Nikki wrecks her with a dropkick! Bayley rolls Nikki up, and uses the ropes! Bayley and Sasha win!

Winners: Bayley & Sasha Banks, by pinfall

The Golden Role Models find a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! Will they do this again on Monday against the Kabuki Warriors? Can they both do it at Extreme Rules to become #DoubleDoubleChampChamps?


WWE Universal Championship: Braun Strowman VS Bray Wyatt!

The Monster Among Men must revisit his past with the Eater of Worlds. Bray wants to rewrite the story between him and The Black Sheep, just as he did with John Cena. The introductions are made and this is indeed Firefly Fun House Bray that takes on Braun tonight. The belt is raised, and this horror story turned fantasy finally comes full circle!

Bray laughs but Braun just stares him down. Bray wants Braun to take it easy, but Braun shoves him to a corner! The time for talk is over. “Well somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” The two tie up and Braun backs Bray down to ROCK him with that right. Braun whips and runs Bray over but Bray just laughs as he goes back to a corner. Bray forgot how strong Braun is. Braun says he’s not the boy he was when they met. The two circle and tie up again. Bray kicks low, uppercuts and headlocks. Braun powers out and runs Bray over again! Bray winces as he bails out. Braun shows no mercy as he goes out and throws BIG hands! Braun bumps Bray off the steel steps and Bray is dazed, but still laughing. But then Braun POSTS Bray hard!

Braun looms over Bray as the ring count climbs. Braun drags Bray up and puts him in the ring at 6. He follows and runs corner to corner, for a big corner splash! Braun roars as Bray flops and flounders back out of the ring. Bray crawls but Braun goes back out. The Strowman Express is on the tracks, but Bray sends him crashing over the announce desk! Bray used Strowman’s strength against him! Bray goes back to the ring to refresh the count and catch his breath. Braun drags himself up and back to ringside but Bray is watching with a big smile on his face. Wait, Huskis the pig boy is here?! Huskis is cheering Bray on as Bray gives Braun a DDT to the floor! Bray drags Braun up and into the ring, and runs to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Bray drops a back senton fast!

Braun flounders out of the ring now and Bray smiles again. Bray pursues Braun now and hammers him at the timekeeper’s area. Bray RAMS Braun into steel steps! Braun is in a daze and Bray is emotional. “Look what you made me do!” Bray doesn’t want to hurt Braun but he puts him in the ring. “I’m sorry.” The spider walk returns! Bray drags Braun up but Braun CHOPS him! Braun runs into a boot and Bray hops up. Bray reels Braun in, for a tornado DDT! He drags Braun up fast, for SISTER ABIGAIL! Cover, TWO!?! Braun survives and Bray is stunned! SmackDown takes a break as Bray also manages to smile and laugh in disbelief.

SmackDown returns as Bray watches Braun stand up, and he has an evil glare on his face. A kiss good night, but Braun clamps on! CHOKE SLAM!! Bray is writhing again and Braun is floundering about. Bray gets to a corner and Braun runs in for a big corner splash! Braun keeps moving, and hits another splash! Then he throws Bray out of the ring! The Strowman Express is on the tracks again, and he RAMS Bray into barriers! Braun is furious as he drags Bray up again. Braun puts Bray in the ring, but Bray BOOTS Braun back out! Both men are down but it’s Braun on the outside. Champion’s Advantage means this count will only help Braun. But Braun has put on the black sheep mask?!

Bray is so happy to see THIS Braun is back! “I told them!” Bray asks if Braun understands what this means. Braun tears off his shirt, and Bray says this time will be “perfect.” Braun kneels beside Bray and they both praise the buzzards. Bray stands, laughing all the way. “I told them, Braun. I told them.” Braun stands with Bray, and they hug it out. Mercy, Abby and the other puppets show themselves. But wait, Braun takes off the mask?! Did he not fall for the trick? Braun STOMPS the mask, scoops Bray up, and hits the MONSTER SLAM!! Cover, Braun wins!!

Winner: Braun Strowman, by pinfall (still WWE Universal Champion)

Braun says he told Bray that he wasn’t getting in Braun’s head! Bray didn’t create Braun, Braun did this all on his own! After defying his inner demons, will the Monster Among Men ever be slain? Or will the Swamp Fight at Extreme Rules be the end of the story?


Backstage interview with The New Day!

Kofi Kingston and Big E pop up and are fired up. They heard that Cesaro and Nakamura were offended by the idea tonight would be an upset. Their response? “Here we go again!” They’ve been telling the same story for six stories. Whenever they lose, someone has to ask, “Did you underestimate your opponents~? Did you take them too lightly~?” It really is as if people forget who these guys are! It’s Shinsuke Nakamura, former Royal Rumble winner, former WWE United States and WWE Intercontinental Champion! Cesaro, former and multiple time Tag Team Champion, former United States Champion, and his nickname is the Swiss Superman! The New Day has never forgotten! “They are who we thought they were!” Big E won’t let them off the hook!

Speaking of hooks, there is a song they’ve known forever. Facing the rising sun of the new day begun! Let us march on to victory! And they’re going to pump their knees, stomp their feet, and march ALL NIGHT to ensure they remain your, W! W! E! World! Tag Team Champions~! Why? Becaaaause~! NEW! DAY ROCKS! Sarah joins in clapping, but will the New Day be celebrating at the end of the night?


Naomi finds Lacey Evans warming up backstage.

And not for a match. The Sassy Southern Belle is tuning up for tonight’s SmackDown Karaoke Showdown! Naomi gets herself ready for a dance number. Who will thrill the WWE Universe in song tonight?


Karaoke Showdown: Dana Brooke VS Naomi VS Lacey Evans VS Tamina!

SmackDown returns and Jey Uso is in the ring as our host for this special moment. Welcome to the first-ever SmackDown Karaoke Showdown! Our contestants are already here, and American Idol ain’t got nothing on this! Each contestant gets to sing 45 seconds of their favorite WWE theme song, and the crowd here votes for the winner. With that said, first up tonight is someone with the voice of an angel. We might even shed a tear! The Sassy Southern Bell will be singing With My Baby Tonight by Jeff Jarrett/Road Dogg. Hit the music! Lacey’s fine, but maybe it’s Jarrett who was out of tune.

Next up, usually about that #FlexAppeal but has turned sex appeal, singing Honky Tonk Man’s theme, it’s Dana Brooke! Dana does her best Honky Tonk meets Elvis dance moves, but she isn’t really keeping up with the lyrics. Jey cuts her off a bit early. Next, the real definition of Day One. Usually 100% about her business, but tonight, Tamina is going to PLAY THE GAME! She’s singing Motorhead’s theme for HHH! She’s also a little late on the lyrics but she can head bang. Jey has her calm down and stop already. Last but certainly not least, do we really need an intro? The American Dream is gonna #FeelTheGlow! Naomi sings Dusty Rhodes’ theme and has plenty of soul! But isn’t that longer than 45 seconds? Is there some bias here?

Time for a round of applause vote. Lacey Evans? Decent reaction. Dana Brooke? Less so. Tamina? A good reaction. Naomi? GREAT reaction! Well okay then! Naomi wins!

Winner: Naomi

Love you, Dusty! We miss you! But then Lacey is a sore loser and knocks her over! Naomi pushes back and is ready to throw down! They start throwing shoes! Jey tries to keep the peace but it’s no good! SmackDown goes to break, are we about to go from singing to swinging?


Lacey Evans VS Naomi w/ Jey Uso!

SmackDown returns with the bell and this match is going down! Lacey shoves, Naomi Thesz Presses! Naomi throws hands, Lacey turns it over to rain down hands, then she drags Naomi up to bump her off buckles! Dana and Tamina watch, also upset but Lacey stomps mudholes into Naomi. Oh they’re barefoot, too. Lacey stands Naomi up to bump her off buckles but Naomi ROCKS her with a right! Lacey drop toeholds then uses her dress skirt to smother Naomi! The ref counts, Lacey lets up but Naomi KICKS back! Naomi gets up and ROUNDHOUSES Lacey down! Naomi KICKS Lacey while she’s down and Lacey falls out of the ring. Tamina and Dana walk over and check on Lacey, but Lacey shoves Dana!

Dana gets up in a huff, she’s trying to be a friend but Lacey’s being a sore loser. Lacey tells Dana to get out of her face, Tamina tries to keep the peace but Lacey shoves her, too! So Dana and Tamina get in! They attack Lacey, and then each other!

Winner: Lacey Evans, by disqualification

Tamina throws Dana out and helps Naomi go after Lacey! Dana returns and hits Tamina! Naomi chases Lacey off while Dana and Tamina scrap! More refs come out to stop this fighting, but the crowd boos. Will these four settle the score in the near future?


Backstage interview with AJ Styles!

The WWE Intercontinental Champion gets a Too Sweet and doesn’t want to gloss over how greatly embarrassed Drew Gulak got. That’s Daniel Bryan’s coach! If that’s the level of competition Styles is getting, then it’s all a waste of his time! No one is worthy of the Phenomenal One, so he’s going to keep this title for a long, LONG time. Is that all? No more questions? Well actually, the title will be on the line next week. Against who!? Matt Riddle. What?! Why!? Who has he ever beat? Well, he beat Styles in the debut. He was being rhetorical! That was a fluke! And what will Riddle do without Bryan there to pat him on the back? Or without the entire SmackDown roster there rubbing his gross feet? Styles says what happens is Riddle is going to get beat! But will it really go that way, bro?


SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The New Day VS Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro!

The EIGHT-TIME tag team champions haven’t changed, but why would they? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Will Kofi and Big E keep their reign going knowing how great their opponents are? Or does the Artist Collective have the keys to defeating such incredible champions?

SmackDown returns and the challengers make their entrance. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and our television main event begins!

Kofi rushes Nakamura but Nakamura dodges and fires strikes back! Nakamura knees Kofi, brings him out and drag shim down for more knees! Nakamura stomps Kofi then brings him up to tag in Cesaro. Cesaro stomps Kofi, throws European Uppercuts and more stomps. Cesaro fireman’s carries and then puts Kofi on the top rope! Tag to Nakamura, for the Top Shelf Knee! Cover, TWO! Nakamura looms over Kofi, brings him up and wrenches, but Kofi throws haymakers! Kofi reaches for Big E but Nakamura kicks low and wrenches him away. Tag to Cesaro and he easily gut wrench suplexes Kofi! Cover, TWO!

Cesaro drops an elbow, covers, TWO! Tag to Nakamura, they mug Kofi then Nakamura puts him through ropes. Kofi fights back with haymakers and kicks but Nakamura knees and clubs him down. Tag to Cesaro, the Artists double whip but Kofi ducks the boots. Kofi and Big E bait their challengers in, Cesaro runs into Kofi’s elbow while Nakamura runs into Big E’s shoulder! Big E shovels Nakamura up and out, Kofi runs but Cesaro dodges. Kofi goes up and leaps to missile dropkick Cesaro down! Kofi fires off on Cesaro in the corner, and stomps a mudhole! Big E tags in and adds his stomps. The New Day brings back the Unicorn Stampede! They go around a few more times, then Big E whips Kofi in for a big basement dropkick!

Cesaro bails out to regroup with Nakamura but Kofi runs. Big E boosts Kofi to fly, into a EUROUPPER! Kofi goes down and SmackDown goes to another break!

SmackDown returns again and Nakamura digs his boot into Kofi for Bad Vibrations! Nakamura taunts Big E, Cesaro gets a cheap shot, and Nakamura clamps on with a facelock. Kofi endures as the crowd rallies. Kofi fights up, fights back, but Nakamura shifts to a sleeper! Nakamura squeezes, Kofi reaches and flails, but Nakamura clubs him down. Nakamura brings Kofi back up, trapping a leg and arm. Kofi fights off the Exploder to hit SOS! Both men are down but the crowd rallies up! Nakamura and Kofi crawl, hot tags to Cesaro and Big E! Big E powers into Cesaro for an OVERHEAD suplex! Then another! Then the belly2belly! The crowd is thunderous for the hip swivels! Big E runs and splashes only to FLOP!

Cesaro gets up but Big E hits Nakamura away! Cesaro rolls Big E, TWO! EUROUPPER! Big E wobbles to a corner, Cesaro hits another EuroUpper! Cesaro adds elbows and body shots over and over! The ref counts, Cesaro backs off but comes back to pie face and boot scrape Big E. Cesaro climbs, rains down fights, but Kofi tags in and enziguris Cesaro! Big E brings Cesaro out, Kofi goes up, DOUBLE STOMP DOOMSDAY! Cover, but Nakamura breaks it! Nakamura stomps Kofi and ROUNDHOUSES Big E! The ref has Nakamura go back to his corner and Cesaro crawls over. Kofi Oklahoma Rolls him first, TWO! Cesaro puts Kofi on the ropes, lets go at 4, Nakamura ROUNDHOUSES from behind! LARIAT from Cesaro! Tag to Nakamura as the crowd boos.

Nakamura drags Kofi up, reels him in, INVERTED EXPLODER! Cover, but Big E breaks it now! Cesaro runs in and brawls with Big E! Nakamura adds on for 2v1, and they throw Big E out together. Nakamura goes back to Kofi but Kofi hits back with body shots! Cesaro tags in, Kofi fights him off, too! Kofi backs Cesaro down but it’s still 2v1. Big E returns, it’s chaos and the ref throws this out!

No Contest; The New Day are still SmackDown Tag Team Champions

Things spill out of the ring, Big E clotheslines Cesaro down! Nakamura rams Kofi into barriers while Big E drags Cesaro out. Cesaro knees low and bounces Big E off the desk! The crowd boos but here comes a table! The Artists want to do what they couldn’t last week! The table is put in the ring, Big E is RAMMED into steel steps. Kofi leaps and takes them down! Nakamura and Kofi brawl more, Cesaro adds on again. They RAM Kofi into the apron! The table is finally all the way in the ring, set it up, and Nakamura puts Big E in. Cesaro SLAPS Big E for costing them the titles. Nakamura ROUNDHOUSES Big E onto the table!

Cesaro goes to the corner, Nakamura brings Kofi up to suplex into Cesaro’s SUPER POWERBOMB through Big E AND the table!! The Swiss Cyborg and King of Strong Style will no longer be overlooked! Will they make sure the New Day are no longer champions in the Summer heat?

My Thoughts:

A really good SmackDown, though there was a little something that makes no sense. Why did we get SmackDown Karaoke? Why was karaoke the vehicle used to get us to a match between Lacey and Naomi? Shouldn’t it be, “Nikki may be getting her shot at Extreme Rules, but who’s up after?” Because that’s literally how it should be! And we didn’t even get that much of a match in the end since Tamina and Dana got involved. I suppose next week gives us a tag team match, which is fine because that also falls under, “Kabuki Warriors get their tag title shot Monday, but who’s up after?” And then there you go, Tamina and Naomi reform 2/3 of Team BAD to go against Bayley and Sasha on the road to SummerSlam.

Speaking of Bayley and Sasha, they had a really good tag match with Bliss-Cross, but naturally the Golden Role Models find a way to win. Their match with Kabuki Warriors on this Monday’s Raw is going to be great, too, especially as a go home to Extreme Rules. Sadly, Kairi is probably taking the pin in the loss to give Sasha momentum, only for Sasha to lose to Asuka. Hardy on Miz TV and his match with Miz was all pretty good, but they kinda buried the lead of setting up Hardy VS Sheamus tiebreaker in a Bar Fight. Will it be a themed Street Fight? Or a second theatrical match alongside the Swamp Fight? Honestly, I’m hoping it’s the former because one theatrical match per PPV is enough for me. And clearly, Hardy wins that for a truly heroic triumph.

Reliving MITB’s Universal Championship was fine. Seeing it again, I kinda wish they did more with the puppets. Have them constantly be present to “cheer” Bray, especially since there was no one in the crowd that time. Getting Styles VS Riddle next week is going to be amazing, especially for a go home episode. I suppose it could go either way, but with how Corbin’s had beef with Riddle, there’s a good chance Corbin dirties up the finish. The SmackDown Tag Team Championship match was great stuff, too, but I knew this since last week that this wasn’t going to finish cleanly. Tables match for the titles is surely coming at Extreme Rules, and will probably be announced next week. That will be an incredible match, especially if it’s elimination, not sudden death. No less than two table spots will really bump the quality up.

My Score: 8.4/10

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