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VIDEO: The #Miranda Show: Fyter Fest vs. Great American Bash

The #Miranda Show digs into this week’s battle between AEW and WWE NXT when it’s Fyter Fest vs. Great American Bash – on VIDEO!



The #Miranda Show YouTube

The #Miranda Show digs into this week’s battle between AEW and WWE NXT when it’s Fyter Fest vs. Great American Bash!

Wrestling’s favorite left-handed PLPs–Miranda Morales and Greg DeMarco–bring you another edition of The #Miranda Show!

This week’s topics include:

  • Greg finds it necessary to grill Miranda about her shirt-tailoring habit.
  • Why did Greg eliminate 46 shirts from his closet?
  • It’s a big two weeks for AEW and NXT with Fyter Fest vs Great American Bash!
  • What do we expect to see at Fyter Fest? Who will won? Will Cody lose? (He won’t.)
  • Are you excited for the Great American Bash? How will the night go down?
  • Don’t forget to watch the show on video as well!

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  • @ChairshotGreg
  • @ChairshotMedia

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