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Andrew’s NJPW Summer Struggle in Jingu Results & Match Ratings 8.29.2020

Outdoor summer heat in Jingu Baseball Stadium for the first time in 21 years! Title matches, inaugural KOPW tournament winner crowned, just a ton to go over! Does Naito bring his two belts home?



Even with a possibly less than intriguing tour leading up to this, at least we’ve ended up with some great title matches!

Hiromu overcoming injury to get to this show is a big factor in that story. Suzuki’s master plan may pay off at the expense of the Rampage Dragon. Tanahashi continues to try to prove to Ibushi that he’s not a liability. Lastly, Naito looks to get his belts back, in a baseball stadium, and avenge the betrayal of his first pareja.

All of those are great stories, but honestly, I’m not sure what to make of the KOPW tournament. It intrigues me the most since it’s an odd set up. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Toru Yano finds a way to clownshoes his way to becoming the first ever King of Pro Wrestling? Yeah, I just talked myself into wanting that to happen.

Bring out the clowns!


  • Master Wato vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru: Kanemaru wins via Cradle @7:30 – ** ¼
  • KOPW Fatal Four Way: Kazuchika Okada vs SANADA vs Toru Yano vs El Desperado: Yano wins via Low Blow/Roll Up @7:00 – *** ½
  • NEVER Openweight Championship: Shingo Takagi (c) vs Minoru Suzuki: Suzuki wins via Gotch Style Piledriver @14:55 – **** ¼TITLE CHANGE!!
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Taiji Ishimori vs Hiromu Takahashi (c): Ishimori wins via Chickenwing Over the Shoulder Crossface @13:30 – ****TITLE CHANGE!!
  • IWGP Heayweight Tag Team Championship: Dangerous Tekkers (ZSJ & Taichi) (c) vs Golden Ace (Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kota Ibushi): Dangerous Tekkers retain via Zack Mephisto @16:00 – *** ¼
  • IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Championship: EVIL (c) vs Tetsuya Naito: Naito wins via Destino @26:20 – ****  – Title Change!!!!



Master Wato vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Interesting spots in this match, and some odd moments that might’ve been counters or just fatigue since it’s outside and around 91 Fahrenheit while the show is going on. Wato started off quickly, but Kanemaru’s veteran guile slowed the youngster down often enough.

The end of the match we saw Wato pull off the Dreamcast Kick, a variation of the Styles Rush and tried to punctuate it with a Fallaway Facebuster, but Kanemaru landed in more of a seated position than on his face. Could this have been by design? The clever veteran way of making the young wrestler think they executed it fine and then catching them with the cradle. That’s possible, or hell, it’s at least a good way to save some odd spots.

Not awful, paced fairly well, just the awkward spots take away a little bit.

KOPW Fatal Four Way: Kazuchika Okada vs SANADA vs Toru Yano vs El Desperado

So admittedly I didn’t care about the preliminary matches because the winners were a little obvious, but aside from SANADA and Okada, the rest didn’t come off as intriguing to me. With this four way though, we’ve got a favorite 2, the heel dark horse and the Sublime Master Thief who could win out of nowhere.

This, was one of the most logical four way matches I’ve ever watched. SANADA and Despy gang up on Yano during Okada’s entrance, take out the faction members, it’s smart. Then they throw Okada in the corner, do some running attacks, see Yano is up and Yano tells them to wait, and watch. So Yano charges at Okada screaming “I’m sorry” and hits Okada with a Hip Attack.

Then in another logical moment, SANADA and Okada roll in, Okada wipes out Despy, and tells SANADA to get up, so they Double Lariat Despy. Okada playfully extends the fist bump just to throw off SANADA and then kick him. SANADA at some point gets Yano in the Paradise Lock and right before he dropkicks, Okada gets in the middle and suggests leaving him in the lock and focusing on 1 on 1.

Yano gets out of it because SANADA misses the Moonsault and Okada John Woo Dropkicks SANADA back into the tangled up Yano. Despy tries to take advantage of the situation by hitting a Frog Splash while SANADA has Okada on the ground in a Skull End, but can’t win off of that. Okada manages to get Despy in the Money Clip, but our sneaky Sublime Master Thief slides in, hits Okada in the Ding Ding, rolls him up, AND WINS! Sublime King of Thieves!

Hilarious that afterward Yano gets on his knees next to a still selling Okada and apologizes for about a minute straight, while SANADA has a dumbfounded look on his face. Much better match than I anticipated.

NEVER Openweight Championship: Shingo Takagi (c) vs Minoru Suzuki

As to be expected, both men ran at each other and there was never any relenting. They traded shots the entire match. Suzuki of course took it outside for a few moments, with some crashing moments against the guardrail, but never a weapon.

Part of the story they told here was that one of Shingo’s trainers was Genichiro Tenryu during the height of his powers, while the man was in his 50s. So Shingo equated a lot of his former teacher to his current opponent, and Shingo made sure he was game for the fight. This could’ve gone either way, with neither man backed off the gas.

Shingo tried to hit a few big spots with Death Valley Driver and Made in Japan, but Suzuki responded with that single leg Dropkick that he times so perfectly. Then there were open hand slaps, forearms, and headbutts aplenty. Great embodiment of NEVER and the Strong Style that the New Japan brand was built on. As we got to the end, Suzuki rocked Shingo, but wouldn’t let him fall. Every time Shingo wavered, Suzuki grabbed him, just to hit him again.

With a Sleeper, spun into the Piledriver, and a look to the heavens, Suzuki hits the Gotch Style Piledriver and wins the NEVER title!

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Taiji Ishimori vs Hiromu Takahashi (c)

Ishimori came over aiming for the injured shoulder. He took a page out of the former Bullet Club member Robbie Eagles, and became the new Sniper of the sky. Two quick Pump Kicks to the bad shoulder, then Ishimori hit a La Mistica just to add insult AND injury, to the already injured shoulder.

It was from here that we got that heart that Hiromu showed us throughout the New Japan Cup. He kept trying to fight out of submissions and bad spots, with a few of his bigger signature moves. Ishimori had one great counter to the Overhead Release Belly to Belly, where he just jumped through it, landed decently on the ropes, and when Hiromu tried to Powerbomb him, hit the Reverse Frakensteiner.

Hiromu’s hope came from when he caught Ishimori and hit the corner Death Valley Driver, then went right into Time Bomb, but Ishimori kicked out. So this just meant he’d pull out Time Bomb #2, which we saw him invent against Ishii. Ishimori countered, hit the Bloody Cross…and then did the smart evil heel thing. He locked in the Yes Lock, just to torture the injured shoulder more. Hiromu almost gets to the ropes, and then Ishimori rolls back to the center, applying a Garga-NO Escape. Hiromu submits and Ishimori gets his second reign as Junior champ!

IWGP Heayweight Tag Team Championship: Dangerous Tekkers (ZSJ & Taichi) (c) vs Golden Ace (Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kota Ibushi)

Now there was a decent bit of story here with Ibushi wavering at some point if Tanahashi was worth teaming with, and them overcoming it to prove to the Tekkers that Tanahashi wasn’t washed up. Couple that with the fact they gave ZSJ a little taste of his own medicine when they Dragon Screwed him to the point of needing to tape up his leg, referenced back to the dismantling of Tanahashi.  So there’s stuff to play with, and let’s see what happens.

This was an alright match, but frankly, following the last two matches, this was doomed a bit. It was a more story driven match, which placed the pacing a little on the slow side. Sure seeing Ibushi and Taichi continue their personal kicking warfare was nice, and ZSJ continuing his saga against Tanahashi; but this match never really seemed to pick up.

I feel like the story was a little too focused on Tanahashi trying to prove himself, and given the eventual failure, it caused the match to drag in spots. Ibushi did have a great moment where he just slowly stalked down ZSJ, whilst Tanahashi was being tormented in a submission, slowly undid the hold and looked to Kamigoye ZSJ back to England…but Taichi made sure that didn’t happen. Frankly, that kinda felt like the pacing of the match. As soon a momentum swing felt possible, someone came in to save the situation and bring us back to normalcy.

Not a bad match, Tekkers retaining is nice to see since that tag division needs some new life and Tanahashi and Ibushi need to be in singles action.

IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Championship: EVIL (c) vs Tetsuya Naito

EVIL and Dick Togo attack Naito before the match introductions even start. EVIL hits Naito with the Heavyweight title, takes him to the outside, does the Homerun CHAIRSHOT, and just dominates early on since he got the early jump. Nothing Naito tried managed to stick for a while. He attempted the Tornado DDT, but EVIL shrugged it off and dropped him. He hit the Combinacion Cabron, and EVIL still takes advantage of the turnbuckle he exposed and just kept the hits coming.

Natio tried to Baseball Slide Dick Togo, and then focus on EVIL, but he continued having to swim upstream.  IT’S ABOUT GOD DAMNED TIME THAT LIJ MEMBERS FINALLY HELPED NAITO! BUSHI ran out to try and stop all of the cheat, but Gedo comes out to neutralize BUSHI. SANADA finally had enough and hit the TKO on Togo,  Dropkicked the chair back into EVIL, allowing BUSHI and SANADA to take the trash to the back for a one on one finish.

Since Red Shoes was bumped and pushed around by EVIL a bit, EVIL hits a low blow, reminiscent of how he won the Cup and the titles, but Naito kicked out. Both men are exhausted, Naito blocks the low blow in front of Red Shoes, EVIL’s last attempt to cheat to retain, and his Valentia and then Destino to win back the double titles!

Great story, great moment for Naito finally getting to enjoy his win and in a Baseball Stadium! A stadium, where he watch the last NJPW show 21 years ago.


Overall Score: 8/10

So this show punctuated the New Japan return quite well. Anyone wondering what was going on with EVIL as champ, a goofy KOPW tournament or the Bullet Club turn…it all came to a head tonight. Once again, Naito got to fulfill a dream from childhood; he overcame betrayal, numbers and many things going against him these last few weeks.

Yano being able to come up with a bunch of goofy matches to defend his trophy will be a good way to keep him active and help make undercard shenanigans fun. Shingo getting freed up to possibly move up the card, or maybe into the tag division with SANADA is fine, especially with Suzuki getting another NEVER run. Ishimori proves that he is really one of the best Juniors in general, and how he’s adapted his style from NOAH and Impact Wrestling, to this methodical heel Bone Soldier, is just great.

Lord Taichi retained so all is right in the world. Naito got his belts back in a match with solid action, better storytelling and just a pleasure to watch. This was probably the first real blow away big event from New Japan since their return, but damn, does it feel like things are nearly back to normal.

Now if only the Strong show would stop being the slow kid in the New Japan pool, that would be great.

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Mitchell’s WWE WrestleMania 37 Results & Report! (4/10/21)

The two night extravaganza begins!



WrestleMania 37 Coverage

WrestleMania sets sail once again!

The first of two epic nights begins, and Sasha Banks VS Bianca Belair will be its main event! Will Boss Time end as this becomes WrESTleMania?


  • WWE World Championship: Bobby Lashley w/ MVP VS Drew McIntyre; wins and
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Tag Team Turmoil: wins and will challenge Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler for the titles on night two.
  • Seth Rollins VS Cesaro; wins.
  • Steel Cage Match: Braun Strowman VS Shane McMahon; wins.
  • Damian Priest & Bad Bunny VS The Miz & John Morrison; win.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: The New Day VS AJ Styles & Omos; win(s) and
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Bianca Belair; wins and


It’s the WrestleMania 37 kickoff show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Booker T, JBL, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting, finally back in front of a LIVE CROWD!!


The Night Panther is here!

But R-Truth keeps interrupting his commercials! Truth wants to be Old Spice Guy tho! Good thing he didn’t have his 24/7 Championship on him, Truth might’ve lost his baby tonight.


Sonya Deville joins the panel!

Fans are excited as the new assistant WWE official discusses the Women’s Tag Team Turmoil. She loves having fans back, and she has history with women’s tag team wrestling. She is ready to see what we get out of Billie Kay & Carmella. Finally, Billie has a spot! She has been selling herself, as it were, Mella finally accepted, and Billie’s just so entertaining so Sonya is ready to see that. And what of her former partner, Mandy Rose…? Well, they were a stronger team back in the day, but that was on Sonya. But she still wishes every team luck. JBL is so happy to have Sonya over Peter. Sonya doesn’t mind that.

And of course, today’s main event, Banks VS Belair. Sonya is a boss in her own right, so what does she make of Boss VS EST? Both very talented, but sometimes people get a nickname and it’s just that. The words better back up the names. Being a “boss” is more than just what’s on the surface. Like the suit? Yeah. You walk the walk, talk the talk, wear the suits. But Sonya will definitely be watching closely.


Vince McMahon is here!

He stands on stage with the superstars featured tonight as he speaks! “Throughout this pass year, our superstars performed tirelessly for all of you.” But there was something missing. And that was the fans of the WWE! As we now emerge from the pandemic, and on behalf of the entire WWE Family, Vince would like to say thank you, and welcome you back to WRESTLEMANIA!


Bebe Rexha performs America the Beautiful!


We’ve waited patiently for this moment.

“Finally…!” The biggest event in LIVE entertainment is BACK! Back with the spectacle, the excitement and the pageantry! WrestleMania is #BackInBusiness! And tonight, WWE sets sail on the high seas with epic epicness bigger than the history of history! Wait, what? Did he just say all that? That’s what was written. Okay, mate, let’s get this cold open done right. We pick up where we left off just last year. Our heroes are obnoxiously heroic as they battle for the ultimate prize: immortality. But no more tall tales, let’s get real, as the kids say. Tonight, we witness the global event that spans decades, created unforgettable moments, and has the memories we will remember forever.

But let us tip our caps to you, the fans, who made this possible. You over there, and them up there, and even those at home who “can’t not watch.” We raise the sails as fate still awaits. The course was corrected, the wind cannot be stopped, and the quest continues! Now how’s that? Impressive. But where’s the big finish? That’s cold open 101. Good point. Pyro montage! “Welcome back… to WrestleMania!”


There’s a rain delay!?

It seems Tampa wants to tease us by keeping things stalled a little longer.


Backstage interview with Shane McMahon.

How is he feeling after that moment on stage? Goosebumps, of course! Being back with LIVE fans, Shane is pumped! He’s going for the knockout on Braun. But what is his problem with Braun? Shane’s just poking fun is all. But he’s been more or less bullying him. What? How? What did he say? He said he was stupid. Well, Braun turned out not so stupid because a steel cage is a great choice. Shane is using is noodle to figure out what to do to Braun while he’s in there. Shane does have experience in that match. And the Monster Among Men is big, but shouldn’t Shane pick on someone more Shane’s size? Sure, maybe, but when the opportunity is there, he has to do it.

Bobby Lashley & MVP interrupt but Shane doesn’t mind, He lets them have their time. MVP says the time for talk is over. This is the crowning moment for Lashley and the All Might Era! No words can convey what is going on. The only language Lashley can speak right now and that Drew McIntyre can understand right now is VIOLENCE. MVP has said it before, the WWE World Championship changes you! McIntyre will agree with that because he has had that title and wants it back, but that isn’t happening! MVP told McIntyre that it’s over at Mania, and that McIntyre would lose his dignity, lose consciousness and lose the match. But McIntyre storms over to get in their face!

You want to go now, McIntyre?! MVP keeps the peace because this match will happen soon enough. McIntyre says Mother Nature can’t save Lashley. If they have to fight backstage, they will! McIntyre will not be stopped! MVP tells Lashley to stay calm, referees hurry over to keep this from getting any more heated, but that’s hard to do. McIntyre wants Lashley to keep that energy up. Sarah now asks McIntyre how he’s feeling. McIntyre is at a 10, he is just trying to keep his emotions in check. But last year, in the Performance Center, his first shot at the world title, he won it. McIntyre lost it for a few weeks, go it back.

But now to fight in the first match with live fans, if it’ll happen now, McIntyre is just fired up with MVP’s crap. WrestleMania or not, McIntyre just wants to drop Lashley’s ass! This WILL happen tonight!!


Kevin Patrick interviews the New Day.

They’re ready BABYYY~! People in the building has them excited! This feeling is hard to understand until you feel it! Even before Kevin was here! Kevin is happy to see these two against AJ Styles and Omos. But why? Because they’re fighting champions! Kevin had to be watching! The New Day fights the best. Omos & Styles might still not be registered, this might not happen. Oh they did? Then let’s go! Woods has felt Omos’ force but he is not afraid! Woods and Kofi have always been this size, so there are guys bigger, but they signed up for the titles! It doesn’t how big Omos is, how great Styles is, but the New Day has beaten every single other team! They cannot hang!!

OMG Big E!? Big E is THE Intercontinental Champion and he’s gonna do work on Night 2! Big E says we’ll see what makes these two one of the greatest tag teams ever!! You will see two men at their very best, so consider yourself BLESSED! Woods feels delivered! Kevin gets it, right? Yes, he does.


Backstage interview with Braun Strowman.

He has his steel cage match with Shane, but what’s he feeling? he’s just ready to do this. He isn’t doing this just for himself but for every person who has been bullied and called worthless! Braun is ready! Shane’s made the bed, he’s gonna lay it in, Braun will beat Shane within an inch of his life so let’s GO! Braun is in the best shape of his life, Shane has made a mistake getting into this. You can only poke a bear so much before it bites you. Braun is proving that bullies don’t win! You will see Braun stand over a corpse tonight, and we will be praying Shane can still breathe after tonight!


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Andrew’s Impact Hardcore Justice Results & Match Ratings: 4.10.2021

Tommy Dreamer is the Executive in Charge of Wrestling! E-C-Dub! Hardcore Justice kicks off! Does Deonna Purrazzo end Jazz’s career?



Tommy Dreamer is the Executive in Charge of Wrestling! E-C-Dub! Hardcore Justice kicks off! Does Deonna Purrazzo end Jazz’s career?

We have the major story of Jazz putting her career up, but the rest of the card is a bunch of ECW style throwbacks. Charily Legal is one of my favorite dumb names for a Chairs match. Blind Games had an amusing set up, and the whole X Division mystery tag could be fun.

I’m curious if we’ll get any old school ECW performers on this PPV aside from Dreamer and Jazz. So let’s see where Impact’s WrestleMania week show goes!


  • Mystery Partner Triple Threat Tag Match: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs TJP & Fallah Bahh vs Josh Alexander & Petey Williams: Alexander wins via Ankle Lock w/Grapevine – *** ¾
  • Chairly Legal: Shera vs Hernandez: Shera wins via Rohit Chairshot – **
  • Doc Gallows w/Karl Anderson vs Black Taurus w/Rosemary & Crazzy Steve: Gallows wins via Double Hand Sitout Chokeslam – ***
  • Crate American Bash: Johnny Swinger vs Matt Cardona: Cardona wins via Radio Silence – ***
  • Open Challenge: Sami Callihan vs Sam Beale: Callihan via Package Piledriver – N/A
  • Blind Games Match: Brian Myers vs Jake Something: Jakes wins via Blackhole Slam – ** ½
  • Number 1 Contender: Knockouts Hardcore Gauntlet: Rosemary vs Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace vs Alisha Edwards vs Havok vs Su-Yung: Tenille wins – ***
  • Title vs Career: Knockouts Championship: Jazz vs Deonna Purrazzo (c): Purrazzo retains via Cosa Nostra – *** ¼
  • Hardcore Wars: Team Dreamer (Tommy Dreamer, Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann & Willie Mack) vs Team VBD (Eric Young, Rhino, Joe Doering & Deaner): EY wins via Piledriver – *** ½



Mystery Partner Triple Threat Tag Match: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs TJP & Fallah Bahh vs Josh Alexander & Petey Williams

This was a crazy fun match where TJP and Fallah faced the Canadians for a good bit of the match, which is perfect strategy from the heel team to let the others try to gas themselves out. Fulton gets to put on a little bit of a show, as he does more athletic set ups for charges and corner attacks than we’ve really seen from the big man.

TJP and Petey had some fun interactions, as did most of the X Division sized wrestlers. Fallah and Fulton took turns taking each other out, and allowing the X Division guys to shine against one another. Fulton had some fun displays of power where TJP was on his back and he still Chokeslammed TJP and Alexander at the same time. Just a lot of fun crazy action that rarely stopped moving.

TJP went for the Mamba Splash on Josh Alexander, but Alexander got the knees up. Petey hits a Canadian Destroyer on TJP. Attempts one on Fallah, but that’s not really smart. Petey moves before the big man drops down on him, which allows to Alexander to take advantage and lock in the Ankle Lock for the win over Fallah.

Chairly Legal: Shera vs Hernandez

This was the usual power guys with weapons kind of match. Chairshots, chairs in the corners, suplexes on piles of chairs. Just the usual fun things in a hardcore match, but it wasn’t exactly captivating. The rub came in when Rohit slides into the ring, lays out Hernandez with a chairshot and then tells Shera to pin him.

Shera and Rohit seems to have an understanding now.

Doc Gallows w/Karl Anderson vs Black Taurus w/Rosemary & Crazzy Steve

Taurus is reeling for a lot of this match. Gallows tosses him around, hits a few Big Boots and Anderson makes his presence felt a bit through the match. Black Taurus manages to comeback a little bit using his agility mixed with the fact he’s not a small guy.

A 619 and Crossbody give Taurus an opening, but due to Karl’s general interference, Crazzy Steve not being overly effective; Gallows catches Taurus after a distraction, Double Handed Choke Bomb and Taurus is done!

The Good Brothers try to gain some traction before the FinJuice rematch.

Crate American Bash: Johnny Swinger vs Matt Cardona

A mystery crate match with a fun reference of name! Given that Swinger is involved there’s a solid bit of gimmick. Swinger goes to some of the crates to find toys. A Scott Hall picture gets pulled out, a Rat Trap is in the second crate (which yeah, that’s funny as hell given that he uses older lingo and has talked about rats before), the third one Cardona opens and doesn’t reveal, while Swinger finds knuckles in the last crate. When Swinger tries to use them, Cardona hits Radio Silence and we’re done!

The match was entertaining just a lot of gimmicks and references. After winning the Swinger-ellas look shocked and Cardona walks away with the third crate, just smiling and never revealing what’s in it. IF it’s the damn wad of money again…sheesh they need to end that.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Hardcore Justice 2010: Sabu vs RVD w/Bill Alfonzo

Good use of acknowledgment since nWo and RVD got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this week. Impact tends to use their old footage fairly well.

Open Challenge: Sami Callihan vs Sam Beale

Let’s be aware, this whole match was to enhance the story between Sami and Trey. Beale was abused, bitten and had joints stretched. He nearly pulled off the upset with a flash Small Package, but we knew where this was all going.

He fought hard, but this match wasn’t about him. Sami eats his lunch and the match is over. Nice to see Sami got a workout in.

Blind Games Match: Brian Myers vs Jake Something

The match was amusing watching them stumble about trying to find each other. Some random stuff and few weapon strikes make things odd. Myers bumps the referee, lifts the blindfold, beats on Jake a bit and then drops the blindfold to make it seem like he didn’t cheat.

Before Myers can finish things, Cardona’s music hits, and he walks out with the crate. Cardona distracts Myers a little, slides the crate to Something, Something cracks the crate over Myers’ head and action figures spill out. Blackhole Slam, and then Jake wins.

While the match was awkward, the finish was great. This should kick off Myers finally accepting Cardona’s challenge.

Number 1 Contender: Knockouts Hardcore: Rosemary vs Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace vs Alisha Edwards vs Havok vs Su-Yung

Okay so let’s work with the abridged version since this was a cluster. Susan comes out first, and then gets demon attacked and become Su Yung. Tenille NOPES out of the entire ring early as Havok and Rosemary look elated to get Su back.

Alisha tried at multiple different times in this match and wasn’t terrible, she even pulled out her own Kendo Stick, Kendra, Kenny’s wife. As she goes off with stick, Su Yung grabs her and takes her to the back. So maybe Alisha will succumb to darkness or something.

Havok and Jordynne go back and forth in a solid exchange, then as Havok goes to the top rope, Nevaeh appears, throws some pocket sand at Havok and Havok crashes to the mat. Kaleb pulls out Jordynne Grace, hits a Superkick and Tenille pins Havok for the win! Pocket Sand and Superkicks!

Title vs Career: Knockouts Championship: Jazz vs Deonna Purrazzo (c)

Jazz opens up quickly with a Spinning Back Kick, drops Deonna but only for an early 2 count. Deonna retreats to the ropes, manages to grab Jazz’s arm and starts working in the technical heel shortcuts. Arm Wringers, Stun Guns, Launchers into the ropes, and just staying on top of working Jazz over on the mat.

Jazz eventually fights out of the corner, and puts a few moves together. An X Factor gets Jazz a near fall, and Deonna finally starts getting frustrated. Some timely strikes open up Deonna’s defenses, but Deonna stems the tide. Paradise Lock in the ropes gave Deonna an edge guarding advantage. She caught Jazz with a few shots, forcing Jazz to come back in through a flurry of kicks and stomps.

Jazz fights through one last time, hits a few strikes, a Samoan Drop and looks to finish things, but Deonna catches her, floats through and attempts the Fujiwara. Jazz fights out to the ropes and Deonna gets mad and says she’s ending this, Deonna sets up her Gotch Style Piledriver known as Cosa Nostra, lands the move and ends Jazz’s career!

Hardcore Wars: Team Dreamer (Tommy Dreamer, Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann & Willie Mack) vs Team VBD (Eric Young, Rhino, Joe Doering & Deaner)

So with Dreamer getting jumped in the back and the doctor says he’s not cleared, we all get to go into the tank and think of fun replacements. Deaner and Eddie start off, and we continue where the IMPACT! match left off, since Deaner has done a great job reinventing himself.

Rhino is next in typical team fashion where the heels keep the early advantage. Willie Mack evens things up, Doering dominates a few people, Rich makes a big push actually equalizing Doering even though he’s smaller to help get across his ability leading towards the Omega match. Then we get to the end, where EY gets the troops together to take over, and the final for Dream Team is…Trey Miguel…vomits in my mouth, of all the things, it could’ve been Sabu or anything else…ugh.

Trey does some things that looks stupid, then we get to a Tower of Doom variation. I don’t like Tower of Dooms, but the fact we have Willie, Rich and Eddie trying to suplex EY, then Doering Triple Powerbombs them, taking EY over as well. So it makes Doering look great. Doering puts Eddie on a table, looks to drop an Elbow from the apron, but Trey hits a Meteora into Doering, as they crash through Eddie and the table.

VBD triple team Willie, Willie fights the good fight for a moment, but then the numbers catch up EY Piledrivers Willie and VBD win.

So Trey continues to underwhelm, which is nice for the Sami story. Maybe Sami can make him stop sucking. It’s a tall task…but who knows.


Overall Score: 6.75/10

Well we knew the only really big aspect to this was if it was going to be Jazz’s career or the crowning of a new Knockouts Champion, but the rest of the show was definitely entertaining. Though some of the in-ring action was lacking at times, finishes were fun, the way the stories fed into each other worked well and I was generally amused by how the show went off.

Jazz’s career coming to an end is a little bittersweet, but the fact she was going to retire a little unceremoniously a few months ago, lends a little importance to this run since she got a tad bit more exposure than just peacing out in obscurity after dropping the NWA World Women’s title.

So there we go, fun show, people that needed to be protected were, a new number 1 contender for the Knockouts title and VBD got a much needed win.

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WrestleMania 37 Coverage WrestleMania 37 Coverage
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Mitchell’s WWE WrestleMania 37 Results & Report! (4/10/21)

The two night extravaganza begins!

Coverage2 hours ago

Andrew’s Impact Hardcore Justice Results & Match Ratings: 4.10.2021

Tommy Dreamer is the Executive in Charge of Wrestling! E-C-Dub! Hardcore Justice kicks off! Does Deonna Purrazzo end Jazz's career?

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Opinion4 hours ago

Cook’s WrestleMania 37 Night Two Gambling Picks

After delivering (and standing?) his Takeover and WrestleMania Night 1 picks, Steve Cook is back with Night 2. For (sports)...

WWE Talking Smack WWE Talking Smack
News6 hours ago

Mitchell’s Talking Smack Report! (4/10/21)

A WrestleMania edition Talking Smack!

DWI Wrestling Podcast Logo 2020.08.26 DWI Wrestling Podcast Logo 2020.08.26
Podcasts6 hours ago

DWI Podcast #269: Forget the Fans, Kinny’s Back!

It’s Wrestlemania weekend! And it wouldn’t be Wrestlemania without the one and only Kinny Killa! Kinny joins the DWI crew...

Opinion8 hours ago

Ranking Matches From TakeOver: Stand And Deliver Night Two

Bodeen lists out how the Stand and Deliver Night 2 matches resonated with him! Do you agree?

Podcasts12 hours ago

Chairshot Radio: Talking SMAC(K) [041021]

This is Talking SMAC, Saturday Morning All Chairshot, where we hit topics that cover multiple sections of The Today’s...

Coverage 205 2021 Coverage 205 2021
Coverage21 hours ago

Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (4/9/21)

205 Live nostalgia, anyone?

Outsiders Edge WWE New Outsiders Edge WWE New
Podcasts21 hours ago

The Outsider’s Edge presents The WrestleMania In Covid Preview

Kyle, Karl, and Rance are BACK to preview both nights of WrestleMania!   The Chairshot brings you a brand new...


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