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Andrew’s Stardom 5Star GP Red Stars Results & Match Ratings: Day 2

Stardom Day 2 Red Stars results! Even if one show was cancelled, the tournament still seems to be moving strong!



Now here’s some inside baseball. Since 8/15 was going to have an unbalanced match spread, Mathew and I were going to combine 8/9 and 8/15. But with the cancellation due to a positive test for covid, looks like Day 2 is coming out solo.

This is a little interesting, since you have to wonder how they handle this. Double header day? Maybe a morning and evening show? Makes these first few points matter even more with uncertain times.

Let’s see if we get an early run away or if the standing tighten up!


  • Starlight Kid vs Mayu Iwatani: Mayu wins via Two Stage Dragon Sleeper – *** ¾
  • Konami vs Tam Nakano: Tam wins via Tiger Suplex Hold – ***
  • Himeka vs Giulia: Himeka wins via Running Powerbomb – *** ½



Starlight Kid vs Mayu Iwatani

Starlight and Mayu are both part of the Stars Faction, but Mayu doesn’t tend to take things easy during tournaments. Also with Mayu starting off with a loss, she can’t have two straight years with bad starts.

Mayu’s attitude is front and center as she has a sadistic smile on her face while she kicks Kid around. Mayu has her way early, even sinking in a Boston Crab, where she was literally sitting on Kid’s neck. However, getting cocky bit her as Starlight was able to take advantage of some lackadaisical offense and pinfall attempts.

Aside from a nice Tiger Feint, Starlight gets the momentum and hits a big dive to make it look like a fight. There were a few “OH” moments. Mayu slipping on the ropes early just looked silly, but Starlight’s Wheelbarrow Inverted Yoshi Tonic or whatever that was…ya Mayu might be feeling that for a few days.

More back and forth until the Icon of Stardom starts remembering who she is. A few devastating suplexes, Two Stage set up…and Mayu sinks in the Dragon Sleeper instead of the Dragon Suplex.

Konami vs Tam Nakano

No bigger story to pull from here, beyond these are two of the best in Stardom currently. As the match kicks off, Konami continues this different attitude. She seems to be employing a larger array of Armbars and Triangle submissions, so she tries to weaken the head/neck area.

A lot of the fun is Tam’s ability to sell. Konami isn’t known to be an expressive wrestler, so Tam helps everything in this match make more sense. Each submission was debilitating, Konami’s strikes sent Tam back further and further, but she pushed forward. Tam’s resolve is something to take notice of.

In her loss to Himeka, the referee called for the bell. So we see a similar drive to not give up. Could be an interesting character development since I’m fairly sure she passed out in the title match with Giulia. So the newest version of Tam, may just never give up.

Himeka vs Giulia

Fights within factions continue! The newly crowned Wonder of Stardom champion and leader of Donna del Mondo (Giulia)  and the newest member of the faction. Himeka was pretty impressive against Tam and Giulia making an example out of Mayu was an early upset. So is this the beginning of some DDM drama?

Both come out playfully, offering opposite arms for the Knuckle Lock, and just seemingly enjoying every strike. Himeka has a Minoru Suzuki quality, where she has a big grin on her face and does the wide crazy eyes at different points in this match. She’s more expressive, and that helps to even break through Giulia’s usual stoic persona.

After a nice transition to an STF, Giulia looks to finish things after Himeka eventually gets to the ropes. Himeka blocks suplex attempts and even blocks the attempt at the Glorious Driver. Himeka is just too strong. Himeka lands a big Running Knee, a few lariats and even a fun Torture Rack Driver. Giulia still won’t stay down, so Himeka hits the Running Powerbomb for a hard fought victory.


Overall Score: 7/10

Can’t complain about the content honestly. All of the matches were solid to pretty good and favorable decisions for most of my favorites, you won’t find me upset.

This does make things weird, and with the delay on the 8/15 show, who knows how they’re gonna make up a few matches. Also, hopefully any of the wrestlers that were in “poor condition” are hopefully only run down or taking precautions, and nothing more serious.

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