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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/11/20)

Dark draws nine!



AEW Dark Coverage

AEW is Dark in the shadow of Super Wednesday!

Before Scorpio Sky goes for gold, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian battle the hardened Butcher and Blade! Will SCU rise back up in AEW?


  • Rey Fenix VS Lee Johnson; Fenix wins.
  • Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Alex Chamberlain; Spears wins.
  • The Gunn Club VS Shawn Dean & M’Badu; The Gunn Club wins.
  • Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Michael Stevens; Sabian wins.
  • Private Party VS Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr; Private Party wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS Corey Hollis, Aaron Solow & “Pineapple Pete” Suge D; Jurassic Express wins.
  • The Natural Nightmares VS The Hybrid2; The Natural Nightmares win.
  • Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS Rachel Ellering; Ford wins.
  • SoCal Uncensored VS The Butcher & The Blade; The Butcher & The Blade win.


Rey Fenix VS Lee Johnson!

The Firebird takes flight again, hoping to still rise up towards a title opportunity! Will he use #BigShotty as a big step up the ladder?

The bell rings and Fenix circles with Johnson. The crowd rally up but Fenix wants them to calm down. Johnson steps to Fenix but Fenix is ready. They tie up, Fenix wrenches and goes around to bring Johnson to the mat. Fenix floats around and gets an arm, then gets a chinlock. Johnson slips out to get a hammerlock but Fenix gets away. The crowd cheers the exchange as they circle. Fenix gets a headlock and takedown, Johnson headscissors back. Fenix hops and spins and pops out! Johnson avoids the lunge, kips up, avoids the sweep, the kick and the other kick. Fenix blocks a punch, waistlocks and ripcords but Johnson avoids the clothesline! Fenix is frustrated and Johnson smirks.

Fenix offers a handshake, Johnson is wary of it, but Johnson still takes it. Fenix stomps his foot! Should’ve known! Fenix also ROCKS Johnson with an uppercut! Fenix chokes Johnson at the ropes and even bites the forehead! The ref backs Fenix off and Fenix “apologizes,” before hammering away with haymakers! Fenix stops at the ref’s count, and he follows Johnson out of the ring. Fenix puts Johnson up against the apron to CHOP! Johnson staggers to railing but Fenix whips him into other railing! Fenix lets off to refresh the count, and he KICKS Johnson right back down! Fenix “apologizes” to the ref again, but he KICKS Johnson down again.

Fenix goes back to the ring but then fetches Johnson. Johnson CHOPS but it doesn’t back Fenix down. Fenix CHOPS Johnson and then puts him in the ring. Fenix clubs Johnson, waistlocks, but Johnson elbows until he’s free. Things speed up, Fenix hurdles and drops and dropkicks Johnson down! The crowd cheers as Fenix stalks Johnson. Fenix drags Johnson up, fireman’s carries, but Johnson gets to the apron! Johnson fights back but Fenix sweeps the legs, runs and jumps to SOBAT! Johnson ends up back in the ring and Fenix ripcords. Johnson blocks the clothesline to fire off forearms, uppercuts and a LARIAT! The crowd rallies behind Johnson while Fenix gets to a corner. Johnson runs corner to corner but Fenix puts him on the apron.

Johnson hits back, springboards and missile dropkicks! Cover, ONE!? Fenix refuses to be beat by Big Shotty but Big Shotty fires up! Johnson runs corner to corner to clothesline! Then again, but runs into a boot! Fenix whips Johnson in but Johnson elbows back! Johnson hops up, springboards but lands as Fenix moves. Johnson gets Fenix with a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives again but Johnson keeps his cool. Johnson fires up again as the crowd rallies. Johnson says BANG and he SUPERKICKS! And SUPERKICKS! Fenix kips up but Johnson blocks the superkick! Johnson spins Fenix but Fenix enziguris! Fenix runs in to SOBAT Johnson again! Fenix hoists Johnson up top, CHOPS, and then brings him out with the KINNIKU BUSTER!! Cover, Fenix wins!!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall

The Firebird burns Johnson and gets the win! Will he and Pentagon soon find themselves grabbing AEW gold?


Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Alex Chamberlain!

#PERFECT10N is winning with an iron fist, almost literally. Whatever loads up the black glove on that left hand, it is definitely the ace up his sleeve. Will he need to resort to that in order to break #TheHammer?

The bell rings and Spears circles with Chamberlain. They tie up, go around, and Chamberlain puts Spears in a corner. The ref counts, Chamberlain lets up but Spears headlocks. Spears hits the takeover, Chamberlain keeps his shoulders up to avoid the cover, and the two go around. Chamberlain fights up, wrenches out and gets his own headlock. Spears powers out, Chamberlain goes up and over and keeps moving. Chamberlain dodges, Spears drops and hurdles but Chamberlain does it back, only for Spears to forearm him on the run! Spears CHOPS Chamberlain to the corner, then CHOPS him again! Chamberlain grits his teeth but Spears whips corner to corner. Chamberlain reverses then runs Spears over on the rebound!

Spears bails out but Tully calms him down. Spears paces but Chamberlain goes out after him. Spears wants him to take it easy, but Tully distracts Chamberlain for Spears to YANK him into the post! Spears digs his knee into Chamberlain’s head, then throws haymakers and a KNEE! Chamberlain flounders around while Spears refreshes the count. Spears hammerlocks the arm and then DROPS Chamberlain on the apron! Chamberlain clutches the arm as he drops to his knees but Spears puts him in. Spears stalks Chamberlain, drags him up and targets the bad arm. Spears punches the shoulder! The ref questions the glove but it isn’t loaded, yet. Spears goes back to Chamberlain, wrenches the bad arm but Chamberlain LARIATS with the good arm!

Spears bails out but Chamberlain grabs Spears by his hair! Chamberlain drags Spears up but Spears trips him first! Spears slingshots and STOMPS the bad arm! Chamberlain screams in pain as Spears digs his heel in. Spears then drags Chamberlain up, fireman’s carries, and he hits the C4! Cover, Spears wins!

Winner: Shawn Spears, by pinfall

But that’s not enough, Spears tosses Chamberlain out of the ring! The ref is busy checking on Chamberlain that it allows Tully to give Spears the metal. Spears loads up, goes back to Chamberlain and DECKS him!! Spears breaks The Hammer and Tully applauds. Will Spears continue to use his metal friend until he finally has some precious metal?


The Gunn Club VS Shawn Dean & M’Badu!

Billy and his Son of a Gunn, Austin, won their return match, and are hoping to add to that! But will The Captain and the debuting wrestler from Nigeria have something to say about that?

The teams sort out and Dean starts against Austin. Austin salutes Dean and they shake hands to show there is respect. They circle, tie up, and Austin wrenches to a wristlock. Dean rolls, rolls back and handsprings to break free. Dean then dropkicks Austin to the corner, and gives another salute. Billy wants to help his son but Dean tells him to stay at the corner. Dean whips Austin, Austin goes up and over and rolls Dean up. Dean avoids the boot, rolls Austin, TWO! Austin fakes Dean out to dropkick a leg out! Austin facelocks to keep Dean down and the crowd cheers. Dean fights up, wrenches free, but Austin wrenches back. Austin tags Billy, and they double whip to throw a haymaker, a boot and a lariat! Cover, ONE!

Billy drags Dean up, wrenches him and brings him over. Dean breaks free, gets to his corner and tags in M’Badu! Billy sees M’Badu is a big man, but he’s just as big. They get face to face, then tie up. M’Badu powers Billy to the corner but lets up fast. M’Badu dares Billy to come back, so Billy takes off the shirt. Things get serious as Billy and M’Badu tie up again. Billy headlocks, M’Badu powers out, but they ram shoulders. M’badu doesn’t back down and Billy can’t believe it! Billy tries again, but he bounces off M’Badu! M’Badu is fired up while Austin and Billy talk it over. Billy circles with M’Badu, and kicks low to then ROCK him with that right! Billy headlocks again, M’Badu powers out but things speed up. Billy hurdles but runs into an elbow! M’Badu runs but into a boot!

Billy runs but gets only buckles! M’Badu hits a BIG splash! And a LARIAT! Cover, ONE! M’Badu stays on Billy and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Dean, they mug Billy and Dean clubs Billy in the corner. Dean stomps and clubs more, then rams his shoulder in. Dean enziguris Billy, and Billy flops down! Cover, TWO! The crowd fires up as Dean tags M’Badu back in. M’Badu stomps Billy, wraps on a chinlock, but Billy fights up. Billy fights with elbows then runs, to DDT! Both men are down, Billy reaches and stirs. Austin and the crowd rally as both Billy and M’Badu crawl. Hot tags to Dean and Austin! The Son of a Gunn rallies with clotheslines, but M’Badu returns. Austin dodges to then dump M’Badu out. Austin dodges Dean to kick and pump handle, for a SLAM! Cover, M’Badu breaks it!

Billy throws M’Badu back out hard, but Dean DECKS Billy! Dean salutes, but Austin hip tosses into the neckbreaker! Cover, The Gunn Club wins!

Winners: The Gunn Club, by pinfall

The father and son win again to start a great streak! Will the Gunn Club get themselves some gold as AEW heads for Autumn?


Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Michael Stevens!

The Superbad boy steps back into the ring, hoping to climb up the ranks in his own right. Will “Marvelous” Michael Stevens be just another rung on the ladder?

The bell rings and Sabian circles with Stevens. They tie up, are in a deadlock, so they break. Stevens does a Peewee Herman Tequila dance as he struts around. Sabian and Stevens tie up again, Sabian wrenches to a hammerlock then a full nelson. Stevens resists so Sabian spins him to a cravat. Stevens resists the snapmare but Sabian cranks on the neck to get it anyway. Sabian fakes the Penalty Kick to pat Stevens on the head. Sabian gets a quick kiss from Penelope but he turns around into Stevens’ kick! Stevens headlocks, Sabian powers out, but Stevens runs him over! Stevens flexes, showing off the guns and “the buns.”

Stevens then plays the ol’ lasso trick and reels himself over to Penelope. The Superbad couple ain’t married yet, so Stevens shoots his shot. Sabian dropkicks Stevens off the apron for it! Sabian goes out, gets some water from Penelope, and reminds us that hydration is important. Sabian puts Stevens back in and stomps him down. Sabian struts now and then stomps a mudhole into Stevens! The ref counts, Sabian lets up and the crowd fires up. Sabian tells them to watch this as he goes back to Stevens. Sabian brings Stevens up but Stevens throws body shots. Sabian pops Stevens up and KNEES then spins to DECK him!

Sabian shakes out his fist while he toys with Stevens now. Stevens hits back but Sabian clubs him down. Sabian facelocks Stevens and grinds him down. Stevens fights up as the crowd rallies. Stevens throws body shots, gets free, but Sabian blocks the kick to KNEE him down! Sabian takes aim and Penalty Kicks! Sabian says the kick is good but the ref says wide left. Sabian sighs while Stevens pumps and thrusts in a corner. Sabian gets angry and runs in, but Stevens dodges and Sabian runs into buckles! Stevens swivels and thrusts again, and Sabian runs into an enziguri! Sabian is getting pissed as Stevens keeps thrusting. Stevens goes up and over, hits a facebuster! He KICKS Sabian into a basement Complete Shot! Cover, TWO!

Stevens fires up and drags Sabian into a fireman’s carry. Gut Buster Drop is caught, Sabian catapults Stevens into buckles! SPRINGBOARD DDT! And then, DEATHLY HOLLOWS! Cover, Sabian wins!

Winner: Kip Sabian, by pinfall

Sabian mocks the swiveling hips as he celebrates with Penelope. Will Kip be kissing a title belt in the near future?


Private Party VS Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr!

Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy are hoping to make Matt Hardy proud, but that means winning! Will they keep the party rolling against the Ivy League MVP and Bulletproof BPJ?

The teams sort out and Pillman starts with Kassidy. They circle, tie up and Kassidy waistlocks to a headlock. Pillman powers out, follows and runs Kassidy over. Pillman rolls film, but things speed up as Kassidy hurdles. Pillman leaps over, keeps things moving but Kassidy arm-drags. Kassidy arm-drags again then calf kicks Pillman down! Pillman gets up and Kassidy shrugs as he facelocks. Tag to Quen, Quen slingshots to drop ax handles on the back! Quen brings Pillman up to throw a forearm into the back, but Pillman hits back. Quen fires off with clubbing forearms and big stomps. Tag to Kassidy and Kassidy climbs up to double stomp the back! Kassidy shadowboxes at Griff before he clinches Pillman. Kassidy CHOPS Pillman, snapmares and tags Quen.

Quen slingshot sentons onto Pillman! Quen knocks Pillman down, drags him back up and tags Kassidy back in. Quen atomic drops, Kassidy enziguris, then they sweep the legs and “Say cheese!” Double stomp out of the camel clutch! Private Party feels good as Kassidy builds speed. Pillman moves but Quen whips him into barriers! Kassidy goes again, only for Pillman to intercept with an uppercut! Pillman KNEES Kassidy down, covers, TWO! Pillman drags Kassidy up and feeds him to Griff’s boot. Pillman CHOPS Kassidy but Kassidy CHOPS back! Pillman stomps, tags Griff, and Griff throws body shots on Kassidy. The ref counts, Griff lets off, but then Griff throws forearms. Kassidy shoves, Griff clubs him back, then Griff whips Kassidy to ropes and BOOTS him down! Cover, TWO!

Griff keeps his cool as he drags Kassidy up. Griff throws European Uppercuts then tags Pillman. Griff whips Kassidy corner to corner and then LEAPS for a big corner splash! Pillman runs but fakes Kassidy out to SLAP him! The new Hollywood Blondes roll film on Kassidy while the ref keeps Quen back. Griff gets a cheap shot in! Pillman and Griff shrug, and Pillman drags Kassidy back up. Pillman CHOPS Kassidy, then snapmares him to KICK him in the back! Pillman spins Kassidy around for a cravat but Kassidy fights back. Pillman clubs Kassidy, pushes him to the corner and stomps away. Tag to Griff, Griff throws more of those heavy shots, then taunts Quen. Griff runs in, Kassidy goes up and over to hot tag Quen! Quen dodges Griff to PELE and elbow Pillman!

Quen dropkicks Griff then waits for him to get up so he can back drop him! Quen FLIES out onto Pillman! And he springboard crossbodies Griff! Tag to Kassidy, Private Party bring Griff up to double back suplex! Quen kips up, Private Party gets to the corners and climb, HARDY PARTY COMBO! Cover, Private Party wins!

Winners: Private Party, by pinfall

Pillman was a second too late and he’s upset about that. But Quen and Kassidy get to celebrate another great victory! Will Quen and Kassidy party all the way to a tag title opportunity?


Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS Corey Hollis, Aaron Solow & “Pineapple Pete” Suge D!

Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt are quite a unique combination, but so is this trio of The Original, the man from San Fran and Pineapple Pete! But will the boys and their dinosaur keep this train on the track with another win?

The teams sort out and we start with Stunt and Solow. Solow wants Suge to stop touching his hair. Solow and Stunt tie up, Solow pushes Stunt down, but then says he’ll fight on Stunt’s level. Solow drops to his knees and eggs Stunt on, so Stunt SUPERKICKS him! Solow pops up and swings on Stunt but Stunt dodges to bring him around, springboard headscissors and a dropkick! Tag to Luchasaurus and he drags Solow up to put in the corner. Jurassic Express mugs Solow, then Luchasaurus tilt-o-whirl scoops Solow for a SLAM! Suge runs in but Luchasaurus swats the clothesline to CHOP Suge down! Hollis runs in but is pushed away to then get a BOOT! Luchasaurus clamps onto Hollis, drags him up to a fireman’s carry, EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT!

Solow staggers up, Luchasaurus brings him up but Solow spinning roundhouses! Luchasaurus stays up to QUESTION MARK KICK! Tag to Jungle Boy and he clubs Solow. Stunt climbs up Luchasaurus, they coordinate for a crossbody brain buster! Cover, TWO! JB stays on Solow with a whip but Solow reverses. JB counters the hip toss to an arm-drag and armlock. Solow gets up, JB CHOPS him, then knuckle locks and goes up. Hollis trips JB up and JB hits buckles! The ref reprimands but Solow stomps a mudhole into JB! Solow taunts Stunt but JB fires off forearms. Solow shoves, wheelbarrows and STOMPS him down! Tag to Hollis, Suge tags in, Hollis springboard enziguris JB down! Suge gets in to headbutt low and Northern Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO!

Suge keeps on JB with fast hands, then winds up only to get hit with an enziguri! Suge is already punch drunk but he manages to whip JB. JB LARIATS on the return! Both men are down, the crowd rallies up, but Suge drags JB away with a heel hook! Solow and Hollis attack Luchasaurus while Suge jams JB. Suge runs but into a back drop! JB double clotheslines Solow and Hollis then hot tags Stunt! Fun Size starts rallying with a SUPERKICK and a sobat! Hollis grabs Stunt but gets a PELE! Stunt sends Solow into Hollis, and dropkicks Hollis down, causing him to DDT Solow! Suge rushes Stunt but gets sent into buckles. Suge goes up but Stunt trips him up! Suge is stuck, Stunt fires up and crucifix lifts! Stunt manages a RAZOR’S EDGE!

The crowd cheers but Solow clobbers Stunt. Luchasaurus returns to give Solow the TAIL WHIP! JB uses Luchasaurus as a step stool to leap and shotgun dropkick Hollis out! Jurassic Express has Suge with the leg sweep and spinning BUZZSAW! Basement blindside lariat! Stunt goes up top while JB and Luchasaurus bring Suge up like a hammock. 450 SPLASH! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

And the train keeps rolling! Will Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus find their way to titles as we roll into the Fall?


The Natural Nightmares w/ The Nightmare Sisters VS The Hybrid2!

Last week, Allie cost QT Marshall by giving Jack Evans and Angelico an opening. But this week, Dustin Rhodes is by QT’s side and they’re ready for payback! Will they succeed?

The teams sort out and Angelico starts with QT. They tie up, Angelico wrenches the arm to a wristlock, but QT spins through to wrench back. QT cranks the wristlock, Angelico spins through to slip around and wrench again. QT rolls, wrenches, headlocks and hits the takedown. Cover, ONE, but QT holds on. Angelico powers up, powers out, and things speed up. QT fakes Angelico out to dropkick him down! Angelico gets to the corner and tags Evans in. QT tags Dustin and Evans shows off by springboarding and handspringing in. Evans and Dustin circle, Evans shows off more by using spin kick after spin kick to keep Dustin back. Dustin just waits him out to ROCK him with an uppercut! Dustin wrenches Evans, tags QT and whips Evans.

QT body shots, Dustin uppercuts again! QT hits a standing moonsault and covers, TWO! QT keeps Evans from Angelico as he tags Dustin back in. The Natural Nightmares mug Evans, Dustin wrenches Evans’ arm to drop a leg on it. Cover, TWO! Dustin stays on Evans with a mounted armlock, then drags Evans up by his hair. Dustin headlocks, Evans fights out and throws forearms! QT tags in as Evans whips Dustin. Dustin dodges Evans and helps QT with the slingshot tackle! Cover, TWO! QT drags Evans up and throws a BIG forearm! Evans wobbles, QT whips him corner to corner, but Evans goes up. QT catches Evans but Angelico distracts the ref so Evans can rake QT’s eyes! The Nightmare Sisters protest and Dustin gets in but the ref keeps Dustin back.

Evans drags QT down into a Chancery and Angelico KICKS QT in the face! Evans covers, TWO! QT still lives but Evans stomps him down. Evans drags QT up, bumps him off buckles and tags Angelico in. Angelico wrenches QT’s arm, wrangles him down with a high wristlock then traps that arm as he rolls QT around. Angelico uses his legs to get QT into a modified Koji Klutch! Dustin stomps Angelico down but the ref gets him to go back. Evans stomps QT to get even! Angelico has QT in a corner and he throws jab after jab. Allie shouts at QT to fight back but Angelico whips QT corner to corner. Angelico runs and leaps but misses the BIG Stinger splash! QT hurries for the corner but Evans clubs him down! Evans talks trash but QT crawls under to tag in Dustin! Dustin CLOBBERS Evans!

Dustin rallies with Evans and whips, but Evans reverses. “Not today!” Uppercut! And an uppercut for Angelico! Atomic drop and bulldog for Evans! Evans gets to a corner, Dustin whips him corner to corner and then spinning powerslams! Angelico runs into a spinning slam, too! Dustin climbs up top, to SENTON onto both TH2! Dustin drags Evans up and reels him in but Angelico roundhouses first! Angelico runs into a SPINE BUSTER! Evans swings but QT is in, pop-up FOREARM! Dustin suplexes Evans, FINAL RECKONING! Cover, The Natural Nightmares win!

Winners: The Natural Nightmares, by pinfall

Brandi and Allie celebrate with them as one big Nightmare Family! Will Dustin and QT rise up in the AEW World Tag Team Championship scene at the same time Allie and Brandi help build the AEW Women’s Tag Division?


Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS Rachel Ellering!

The Superbad girl has her turn in the ring after watching Kip score that marvelous victory! She goes up against the newest recruit to AEW, the “Queen of Strong Smile!” Rachel’s on-air debut was the Women’s Tag Team Cup, but she didn’t quite get it done. Does Rachel fair better in her Dark debut?

The bell rings and Ford approaches with Ellering. They tie up, Ford gets the headlock and takeover fast, but Ellering headscissors back. Ford moves up, hops around and pops out! Ford grins as Ellering gets back up. The two go again, Ellering gets around and waistlocks to then reel Ford out to bring her back in for a back drop! Ellering digs a knee in for the armlock then brings Ford around for another. Ford fights up, wrenches out to a hammerlock then a headlock. Ellering endures the grind, powers out but Ford whips. Ellering runs Ford over then speeds things up. Ellering rolls, side steps and follows for the flying elbow! Cover, TWO! Ellering stays near Ford and brings her up.

Ellering cross-fisherman but Ford fights the suplex off. Ford throws forearms, and then Kip uses the leaf blower?! Ellering staggers into Ford’s BOOT! The ref reprimands Sabian while Ford drags Ellering to the ropes. Ford wraps Ellering’s hair on the ropes and pulls! The ref reprimands and counts and Ford lets up at 4. Ford comes back to choke Ellering on the ropes, but lets up at 4 again to YANK Ellering into ropes! Sabian praises his fiance, she’s “hot as hell and clever.” Ford whips, Ellering reverses but Ford boots back! Ford bumps Ellering off the buckle then CLOBBERS her from behind! Ford drags Ellering up and toys with her as she scrapes her foot on Ellering’s face.

Ford reels Ellering in but Ellering blocks the suplex. Ford fires off body shots but Ellering suplexes Ford! The crowd rallies up as both women are down. Ellering and Ford slowly rise, Ellering boots the clothesline away to SLING BLADE! Ford gets up but Ellering CHOPS her! And CHOPS her! And CHOPS her again! Ellering wrenches and wrings Ford out, to then basement dropkick her down! Ellering drops a back senton, covers, TWO! Ellering drags Ford up and whips to pop up, but Ford hits back! Ford runs, but into a SPINE BUSTER! Matchbook cover, TWO!! Ford survives and Ellering grows frustrated. Ellering drags Ford to a drop zone, but her springboard leg drop misses!

Ford goes corner to corner with the handspring and back elbows! Ford handsprings again, to STUNNER! Ford isn’t done, she drags Ellering up for the PERFECT PLEX! Cover, Ford wins!

Winner: Penelope Ford, by pinfall

That was another Superbad win for Penelope, and the Superbad super couple sweeps the night! Will they both be having a Superbad time on the way to titles?


SoCal Uncensored VS The Butcher & The Blade!

While Scorpio is going to #ReachForTheSky tomorrow on Dynamite, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian look to continue their rise in the AEW Tag Team Division! But they’re up against an incredibly tough and ruthless duo, will Andy Williams and Braxton Sutter break The Addiction?

The teams sort out and we begin with the Heavy Metal Rebel and Blade. They circle, tie up, go around, and Kaz puts Blade in a corner. The ref counts but Blade turns it around. The ref gets in to break this but Blade and Kaz start shoving. Kaz puts Blade on the ropes, Blade turns it around and they end up in another corner. They keep going around in the elbow and collar, Blade powers Kaz back but Kaz powers Blade back. They end up in a deadlock, Kaz gets a leg to bring Blade around for a headlock! Blade endures the grind, fights up but can’t power out of the hold. Kaz grinds harder, Blade fights up and fights out to get his own headlock. Kaz endures the grind, lifts but Blade cranks on the hold. Blade keeps on that headlock but Kaz powers out, only for Blade to run him over!

Blade talks smack while Kaz gets to a corner. Kaz goes up as Blade runs in, and Kaz rolls Blade up to a cover! TWO, Kaz back kicks and knee lifts to clothesline Blade down! Kaz talks smack back and drags Blade up. Kaz whips, Blade reverses, Kaz whips Blade again to duck and windmill kick! Kaz drags Blade back up, tags Daniels, and The Addiction double whip. They body shot and running neckbreaker to a cover, ONE! Daniels keeps on Blade with big forearms then whips to dropkick Blade down! Cover, TWO! Daniels keeps his cool, drags Blade up but Blade knees low! Tag to Butcher but Daniels kicks and CHOPS him first. Daniels runs only to get run over! Butcher talks smack to the “old man” before he scoops and SLAMS him!

Butcher drops a knee then drags Daniels back up. Butcher clubs Daniels then runs, but Daniels drops down to leap! Butcher catches Daniels, tags in Blade, and then the bearhug becomes an atomic drop for Blade’s LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Blade keeps his cool as he kicks Daniels to ropes. Blade CHOPS and CHOPS, then whips. Daniels kicks back, tags Kaz, but Blade back suplexes. Daniels lands on his feet, Kaz shoulders in, they high-low with the clothesline and sweep! Butcher runs in but gets double kicks, double wrenches, then a kick, clothesline and stomp! Blade gets the back suplex neckbreaker combo! Cover, TWO! Kaz keeps his cool as he drags Blade up to snap suplex him. Tag to Daniels, SCU double whips, leap frog to a lariat, then the back suplex splash! Daniels ass the LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Blade lives but Daniels keeps his focus. Daniels drags Blade up, waistlocks, but Blade breaks free. Tag to Butcher, but Daniels dodges to send Butcher’s clothesline into Blade! Daniels enziguris Butcher then clubs away! Daniels runs but Blade cheap shots! Butcher back suplexes for a back breaker! Blade STO’s Daniels onto a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Butcher drags Daniels up to put in the open corner and CHOPS him down! Butcher stands on Daniels’ head while he tags in Blade. Blade rains down rights on Daniels but the ref counts. Blade lets up to taunt Kaz. The crowd rallies, Blade stomps Daniels and circles him like a shark. Blade drops down to headlock and grind Daniels down. Butcher wants Daniels’ head to pop off but Daniels fights up.

Blade clubs Daniels, scoops him and tags in Butcher. They combine for the leg drop sidewalk slam! Butcher drops a leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Butcher drags Daniels back up, and puts on a bearhug! Daniels endures the squeeze, the crowd rallies up for him, and he BITES Butcher’s face! Daniels is free, he ROCKS Blade, but Butcher catches him to tackle him into buckles! Butcher whips corner to corner then runs in but Daniels dodges! COMPLETE SHOT! Both men are down, the crowd rallies up, hot tags to Blade and Kaz! Kaz rallies on Blade and Butcher with big haymakers! Kaz whips Blade, Blade reverses but Kaz hits flying forearms and a dropkick! Kaz suckers Butcher into a guillotine leg drop!

Kaz whips Blade but Blade reverses, only for Kaz to come back and LARIAT! The crowd fires up as Kaz scoops Blade for a slam! Kaz springboards for the leg drop! Cover, but Kaz sees Butcher running in, and lets the elbow drop onto Blade! Kaz fires off on Butcher, and ROCKS him with a haymaker! Kaz ROCKS Blade, but Blade reverses the whip. Butcher brings Kaz up and Blade gives him a spin start for the SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Kaz still lives and Blade grows frustrated. Blade argues with the ref but he focuses back on Kaz. Kaz dodges in the corner, Daniels hits Blade then tags in. The Addiction brings Blade up for Daniels’ knuckle lock STOMP!

Daniels hits Butcher for good measure before he and Kaz focus on Blade. The Addiction double whips, hip toss to the POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Blade still lives and Daniels can’t believe it! Kaz goes after Butcher but gets a LARIAT! Blade escapes Angels Wings but Daniels clotheslines Blade down! Daniels calls his shot as he goes to the corner. Blade anchors a foot and Butcher CROSSBODIES Daniels down! Butcher drags Daniels up, he gets FULL DEATH!! Cover, The Butcher & The Blade win!!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

These two just defeated former ROH World Tag Team Champions, because they’re “the realest of the real!” Will Butcher and Blade soon be AEW World Tag Team Champions?

My Thoughts:

AEW Dark is getting better at making things feel like you need to stick around and watch it. We still got matches that were going to have obvious results, though. It was obvious Fenix, Spears, Sabian, Private Party and the Jurassic Express were going to win, but they all had really good matches. The Gunn Club was probably also another obvious winner, but M’Badu was really impressive here. The Natural Nightmares and TH2 is a match that could’ve gone either way, but it makes a lot of sense for the Nightmares to win. That’s their payback on TH2 and it helps them get back on track in the tag team division. I also like the touch of Brandi showing off her action figures so that this can still tie into her story with Allie.

I feel like Ford VS Ellering technically could’ve gone either way, but it makes a lot of sense for Ford to win. Ellering is new, will get her footing in AEW soon enough, but Ford is the one on a hot streak in singles competition. It also shows AEW has faith in her by calling this match a “co-main-event” in the YouTube description. Then the main event was definitely a match that could have gone either way, but I think it’s a great move for Butcher and Blade to get the win. They’ve been a solid team in AEW, SCU sees that and respects that and wants the younger team to get that shine. I’m sure Butcher and Blade will get to the tag titles, and might even win them as AEW moves into Dynamite’s second year.

My Score: 8.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/4/22)

It’s Dark before the Anniversary!



AEW Dark 2
Mitchell's AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/4/22)

Dark paves the way to the Dynamite Anniversary!

AEW is about to celebrate Dynamite’s Anniversary, but there’s plenty of action in the Dark! Will Dante Martin & Matt Sydal outwork the Workhorsemen?


  • Marina Shafir VS Sio Nieves; Shafir wins.
  • Ari Daivari w/ The Trustbusters VS AR Fox; Daivari wins.
  • Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/Mark Sterling VS Rohit Raju & Invictus Khash; Nese & Woods win.
  • Abadon VS Freya States; Abadon wins.
  • Slim J w/ The Trustbusters VS Blake Christian; Slim J wins.
  • Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi w/ Peter Avalon VS Eli Isom & Chris Farrow; Nemeth & Bononi win.
  • Parker Boudreaux w/ The Trustbusters VS Terry Kid; Boudreaux wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Robyn Renegade w/ Charlette Renegade; Skye wins.
  • The Iron Savages w/ JT Davidson VS Gus De La Vega & Levy Valenzuela; The Iron Savages win.
  • Dante Martin & Matt Sydal VS The Workhorsemen; Dante & Sydal win.


Good line-up here. I feel like the Trustbusters are gonna sweep the night because they’ll all be supporting each other with Heel tactics. Honestly, I feel Blake Christian and AR Fox would each win their match-ups if they didn’t have to worry about outside distractions. Good to see the former Bear Country, now Iron Savages, Boulder & Bronson, back in action. They’ll definitely get a good return win. And Dante & Sydal VS JD Drake & Anthony Henry is a great tag match, and I would think Dante & Sydal win that.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (10/3/22)

Philly gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

The Peacock and his Boys defends their gold!

AEW Dark: Elevation features the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions! But will Dalton Castle & The Tate Twins still reign in Philadelphia?


  • Skye Blue VS Trish Adora; Skye wins.
  • Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Tracy Williams; Cage wins.
  • Lance Archer VS Cheeseburger; Archer wins.
  • Abadon VS Abby Jane; Abadon wins.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Primal Fear; Castle & The Boys win and retain the titles.
  • Mixed Tag: Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford VS Gia Scott & Leon St. Giovanni; Kip & Penelope win.
  • The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Tony Deppen & Dante Martin; The Lucha Brothers win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Best Friends VS The Factory; Best Friends win.


A really good line-up here, with the big attraction being Dalton & The Boys taking on Adrien Soriano, Matthew Omen, & Gabriel Hodder, aka Primal Fear. That’ll be a solid match that I will cover, but I don’t see the champions losing the titles. Good to see Cheeseburger but he’s gonna get eaten alive by Archer. And I like that we’re getting a full faction showdown of Best Friends VS The Factory. That’ll be a big win for Best Friends and they’ll have momentum going after Death Triangle for that feud.


ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Primal Fear!

The Peacock and the Tate Twins continue their reign as ROH’s trios champions, and now they defend these titles in the City of Brotherly Love! Adrien Soriano, Matthew Omen, & Gabriel Hodder are all hungry for the gold, but will they be the ones to fear Castle & The Boys?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised while The Boys help Castle with his robe and pants, and it is time to shine with gold in the Dark!

The trios sort out and Castle is all fired up as he starts against Soriano. They get in each other’s face, Castle gives a chest bump, so Soriano CHOPS him! Castle gets fanned off by the twins, then he comes back to circle with Soriano. Castle trips Soriano, rolls him with a leg, high stacks, TWO! Castle shoots in to waistlock and SLAMS Soriano down! Fans fire up, Castle waistlocks to roll Soriano around and throw down elbows. Castle gut wrenches, tag to Brendan, and he tags Brent. The Boys double whip Castle in to SPLASH Soriano at the corner, and then he feeds Soriano to a DOUBLE HIP TOSS!

The Boys roll Soriano back for Castle to shove forward into DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES! Brent covers, TWO! Brent drags Soriano up but he shoves Brent away to tag Hodder. Hodder runs in but Brent dodges to arm-drag him! Brent rushes in but Hodder kicks him low. Tag to Omen, they go after Brent but he fights back. That’s still 2v1 and they overwhelm him. They double whip, Brent ducks under but runs into a double TOSS right into the ropes! Soriano tags in and traps Brent, then Omen & Hodder run to the corners. They go up, out and Soriano runs, Primal Fear TRIPLE BOOTS Brent! Soriano covers, TWO!

Soriano drags Brent up, bumps him off buckles, but Brent elbows back. Brent hurries but Soriano reels him in. Brent lands out of the back suplex to hot tag Castle! Fans fire up with The Peacock as he rallies on Primal Fear! Castle gets around Soriano to Gotch lift OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Hodder runs in, into an EXPLODER! Omen returns, Castle dodges, blocks the boot and SAIDOS! Primal Fear regroups outside as fans fire up. “Bring me a Boy!” Brent runs in, Castle aims him and THROWS him at Omen! Then Castle has Brendan and THROWS him at Soriano! Brent returns, and Castle THROWS him at Hodder! And then he THROWS Brendan at Omen!

Brent’s back again, so Castle THROWS him at Soriano! Brendan is back, Castle THROWS him at Hodder! Fans fire up as Castle and the Boys regroup, DOUBLE BOY TOSS at Soriano! The Boys then send Soriano in for the Alabama Lift, and BANGARANG!! Cover, Castle & The Boys win!

Winners: Dalton Castle & The Boys, by pinfall (still ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions)

There was no fear in The Peacock and his trusted twins, they took down Primal Fear with ease! Will they find bigger, stronger competition as they stick around AEW?

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