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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/18/20)

Super Wednesday got Dark!



AEW Dark Coverage

Super Wednesday STACKED AEW Dark!

Before the special Saturday Night Dynamite, AEW crams ELEVEN matches into one night makes for another BIG episode! Is tonight the night The Initiative finally win?


  • Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford VS Michael Nakazawa; Sabian wins.
  • Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela VS Shawn Dean & Frank Stone; Kiss & Janela win.
  • Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Will Hobbs; Spears wins.
  • The Hybrid2 VS The Initiative w/Leva Bates; The Hybrid2 win.
  • Red Velvet VS Abadon; Abadon wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Colt Cabana, John Silver & Alex Reynolds VS Ryzin, D3 & Faboo Andre; Cabana, Silver & Reynolds win.
  • Ricky Starks VS Lee Johnson; Starks wins.
  • Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Tony Donati & Baron Black; Proud ‘n’ Powerful win.
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake Roberts VS Jon Cruz and Jessy Sorensen; Archer wins.
  • Billy Gunn VS Alan Angels; Billy wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: SoCal Uncensored & Private Party VS The Butcher, The Blade & The Lucha Brothers; The Butcher, The Blade & The Lucha Brothers win.


Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford VS Michael Nakazawa!

The Superbad Boy has been feeling pretty hot, and the Superbad Girl being by his side helps. Will Penelope help Sabian again? Or can he handle the Turkish Oil Master all by himself?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Sabian gets the arm, wrenches to a wristlock, then wrangles Nakazawa down with it. Sabian stands on the arm while he fixes his hair but Nakazawa pushes him away. Sabian goes to Penelope and gets quite the good luck kiss. Nakazawa and Sabian tie up, but Nakazawa’s all oiled up so Sabian slips right off. Sabian tries again, waistlocks, but Nakazawa slips out and under, trips Kip up, and greases him up! Nakazawa floats all over, or rather slips and spins. Nakazawa handsprings away and Sabian gets up in a huff. Nakazawa oils up more and he puffs out his chest. Sabian CHOPS, but it slips right off! Nakazawa eggs Sabian on, Sabian CHOPS but it again does nothing!

Nakazawa trips Sabian and greases him up again! Nakazawa runs and stomps for the slipping senton! Cover, TWO! Nakazawa doesn’t fret, but Sabian kicks him low. Sabian whips, Nakazawa reverses but Sabian puts him on the apron. Sabian runs side to side and triangle enziguris! Nakazawa goes down, Sabian speeds up to FLY! Direct hit and no oil could help Nakazawa there! Sabian styles his hair again, drags Nakazawa up and in, and gets another kiss from Penelope. Sabian stomps Nakazawa, kicks him to ropes and fires off forearms. Nakazawa gives forearms back, but Sabian blocks the kick to knee back! Sabian takes aim, for the Penalty Kick! Sabian says it’s good, it had back spin and all that. Nakazawa gets up, Sabian kicks and goes to springboard but Nakazawa clubs him first!

Nakazawa reels Sabian in but Sabian slips out of the slam. Nakazawa dodges Sabian and SPEARS him down! Cover, TWO! Nakazawa fires up, Sabian blocks his kick but deflects the knee! Nakazawa reels Sabian in for the OLYMPIC SLAM! Penelope freaks out as Nakazawa goes for the jock strap move! Sabian gets up and the Nasty Claw is armed! Sabian avoids it, and turns it around on Nakazawa! Sabian then springboards, tornado DDT onto the jock strap! Sabian brings Nakazawa up, DEATHLY HOLLOWS! Cover, Sabian wins!

Winner: Kip Sabian, by pinfall

Nakazawa wanted to get nasty but Sabian wasn’t going to have it! Will Sabian continue to have things his way and become a champion?


Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela VS Shawn Dean & Frank Stone!

Jersey’s Finest are still rolling, but they still haven’t reached the top! Will they be able to keep going down that road together? Or will The Captain and Mr. Smooth be a major speed bump?

The teams sort out and Janela starts with Stone. They tie up and Stone throws Janela down hard! Janela handstands out of the bounce, gets up and taunts Stone. Stone rushes Janela, Janela dodges and runs to dropkick the legs out! And then he basement dropkicks Stone down! Stone gets to the corner and tags in Dean. Janela ducks Dean and spins him for a jawbreaker! Janela headlocks Dean, tags in Kiss and then feeds Dean to Kiss’ ax kick and boots. Dean staggers back, SUPERKICK RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Janela sits Dean up for Kiss’ Meteora! Cover, TWO! Kiss keeps his cool but Dean tags Stone. Kiss tags Janela back in so the Bad Boy can shotgun dropkick Stone right down! Cover, Dean breaks it! Kiss rushes in but the ref keeps him back.

Janela runs but Dean gets a cheap shot in! Janela goes after Dean but Stone corner splashes! Stone stomps away and tags in Dean. They mug Janela, Stone pulls Janela’s pig tails and Dean stomps Janela. Dean suplexes Janela and marches around before slamming Janela down! Cover, TWO! Dean drags Janela back up and tags in Stone. Stone throws body shots, drags Janela back up for a belly2belly suplex! Tag to Dean, he and Stone mug Janela more. Dead drags Janela up to elbow him down, then brings him up to repeat. Janela fights back but Dean knees low. Tag to Stone, Stone brings Janela around for a scoop. Dean hops up, salutes, and they combine for an elbow drop sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Stone keeps on Janela with a facelock but the crowd rallies.

Stone scoops Janela for a backbreaker! Tag to Dean, they double whip Janela but Janela hits a double DDT! Janela staggers but to the wrong corner. Janela climbs up, uses Dean as a step to leap and double ax handle Stone! Hot tag to Kiss! The Concrete Rose slides under Dean, dropkicks and headscissors him to a corner! Kiss handsprings corner to corner to SLAP Dean! Dean rushes in but Kiss spins for a cravat driver with the splits! Cover, TWO!! Kiss keeps his cool as he goes to the corner. Split leg drop misses! Dean tags Stone, Stone drags Kiss up and pops him to a fireman’s carry! Dean adds on, neckbreaker Samoan Drop! Dean hits Janela while Stone covers, TWO!

Stone drags Kiss back up, tags to Dean and Dean takes the hand-off. Kiss fights free and ROCKS Dean with a right! Stone runs back in, Kiss goes Matrix and Janela SUPERKICKS Stone down! Kiss and Janela coordinate in the corner, MACHO ELBOW and SPLIT LEG DROP! Cover, Jersey’s Finest wins!

Winners: Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela, by pinfall

They’re unranked for now, but on a hot streak! Will Janela and Kiss step on the gas and head for the AEW World Tag Team Championships?


Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Will Hobbs!

#PERFECT10N and his Horsemen mentor rained on Tag Team Appreciation Night’s parade, but perhaps with a purpose. Either way, tonight is about Spears. Will the Embodiment of Willpower be the next victim of that lethal left hand glove?

The bell rings, Spears and Hobbs circle and tie up. They go around and Hobbs powers Spears to the ropes. The ref calls for the break, Hobbs lets up and Spears comes back. Spears and Hobbs tie up again, Spears headlocks and grinds Hobbs down. Hobbs powers up, throws body shots and powers out. Spears rams shoulders with Hobbs but Spears bounces off! Hobbs eggs Spears on but Tully gives Spears some tips. Spears and Hobbs tie up, Spears waistlocks but Hobbs backs him down to a corner. Spears turns it around and the ref counts, but Spears CHOPS! Hobbs just grins and says it needs more power. Spears bails out of the ring and the crowd rallies behind Hobbs.

Spears gets more tips from Tully before he goes back into the ring. Spears calls for a test of strength, but it suckers Hobbs into the low dropkick! Spears bumps Hobbs off buckles and CHOPS! And CHOPS! Spears grabs a leg but Hobbs clubs him away! Hobbs throws forearms but Spears shoves Hobbs back. Spears blocks Hobbs’ boot, puts it on the ropes and throws big forearms back. Spears ROCKS Hobbs, then drops a knee on the leg! Hobbs rolls and clutches the leg but Spears is right after that leg with stomps! Spears drops an elbow on the knee, then jams the knee in the toehold. Spears stomps Hobbs, Tully coaches him on and Spears is after the leg again.

Spears drags Hobbs to the apron but Hobbs fights back! The ref counts, Spears ROCKS Hobbs again! Spears slingshot splashes onto the leg! Spears looms over Hobbs and circles him like a shark. The crowd rallies as Hobbs stands, but Spears chop blocks the leg! Spears says Hobbs has no willpower! Spears runs again, but into Hobbs’ SPINE BUSTER! The leg slows Hobbs to the cover, TWO!! Hobbs can’t believe how close he was! Spears and Hobbs go to opposite ends, Hobbs uses the ropes to stand. Spears staggers into Hobbs’ scoop, but Spears fights free and STOMPS the bad leg! Spears fireman’s carries, for the C4!! Cover, Spears wins!

Winner: Shawn Spears, by pinfall

Ten wins for Spears, but he isn’t done yet! Spears drags Hobbs by his leg to the corner, and SLAMS the leg into the post! Spears flips Hobbs off, but Tully gives Spears “the object.” The glove is loaded up and Spears CLOBBERS Hobbs on the apron! Now Spears leaves, giving the glove a kiss. Will Spears keep punching his way to a championship opportunity?


AEW hears from Ricky Starks.

“Two weeks ago, I had my back shredded by Darby Allin.” Allin thought that was the end of Starks, but he’s still the Absolute! He’s too handsome to be hardcore’d. But he wants Allin to know something. They are complete opposites, and compared to Starks, Allin looks like he was “raised on dog food and dope.” But Starks wants Allin to understand that he cannot end Starks. Starks is only beginning. Starks promised to scrape Allin’s face on asphalt, and he will. Starks promised to stick his foot up Allin’s ass, and he will. “Some clown” jumped on his back with a skateboard covered in thumbtacks, and started a war he cannot finish! Starks doesn’t have to be John, Joseph or Judas to know this will be Allin’s last supper in AEW! But can Starks keep Allin from rising again?


The Hybrid2 VS The Initiative w/Leva Bates!

Jack Evans and Angelico are feeling even bigger and bolder now that they’re back and they’ve beaten The Natural Nightmares, Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall. But Brandon Culter and Peter Avalon have been scratching and clawing, growing hungrier and hungrier for their very first win. Will tonight be the night the Dungeon Master and Librarian finally get rid of that zero in the win column?

The teams sort out and Avalon starts with Angelico. They circle, tie up, Angelico spins around to a hammerlock to then headlock. Angelico wrenches, wristlocks but Avalon rolls and handsprings to wristlock back. The crowd likes that but Evans talks trash. Angelico punches his arm to fight through the hold and he sweeps the legs. Cover, ONE, Avalon sweeps the legs to cover, ONE! Avalon jumps the sweep and hushes Angelico. Angelico and Evans are upset, but Cutler tags in. Cutler shows off his shiny tights and dodges Angelico’s kick! Cutler shows off his own kicks, but Evans wants in. Evans says he’s the #AlphaChad when it comes to martial arts, and he shows off his spins and kicks. Cutler just ROUNDHOUSES him down! Cover, ONE as Evans goes Matrix to slip out! Oklahoma Roll, TWO!

Evans gets Cutler into a sunset flip, TWO and Cutler jackknifes, TWO as Evans bridges out! Evans spins Cutler around for a backslide, tries to bridge it, TWO! Cutler finds Evans for his own sunset flip, TWO! Evans sits on the cover, TWO! The two separate but Evans rushes in to float up and body scissor takedown to a EuroClutch! TWO, Cutler just waistlocks to bridge cover, TWO!! Evans runs to wheelbarrow and victory roll, TWO! Cutler sits on it, TWO! Evans sits on it, TWO! Cutler brings Evans up for a wheelbarrow facebuster! The crowd cheers and Cutler drags Evans up. Tag to Avalon, the Initiative kick, CHOP and snapmare, for a high five DOUBLE CHOP! And double SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Avalon keeps his focus as he drags Evans up for a suplex! Cover, TWO! Angelico is relieved but Avalon wrenches and whips. Evans goes over and out but Avalon dropkicks him down! The crowd fires up as Leva cheers. Avalon takes the book she has on Dungeons & Dragons, but Cutler says they can’t cheat. Avalon puts the book away and puts Evans in the ring. Angelico sneaks that book to his corner as Evans reverses the whip. Avalon dodges and Angelico SMACKS Avalon in the back! Evans spinning roundhouses!! Cover, TWO!! Avalon lives and Evans argues the count. Evans drags Avalon up and clubs him before feeding Avalon to Angelico’s boot. Tag to Angelico and Angelico jabs, kicks and wrenches the arms.

Angelico traps Avalon’s arms on one side and laces Avalon’s legs up on the other side. Angelico has Avalon hanging upside-down in this insanely unique hold! No one knows what to call this but Cutler clobbers Angelico! Avalon is free but the ref reprimands Cutler, and this allows TH2 to stomp away on Avalon! Leva protests but TH2 get away with it. Angelico covers, TWO! Angelico drags Avalon up and back suplexes hard! Cover, TWO! Evans shouts at Leva for shouting and Angelico bumps Avalon off buckles. Angelico alternates between feet as he stomps away. The ref backs him off and Evans gets away with a choke! Tag to Evans and Evans taunts Avalon while he stomps Avalon down. Evans clubs Avalon down, but Avalon shushes him! Evans is furious and he leaps, but his senton misses!

Avalon crawls but Evans clubs him down again! Leva gets on the apron and Evans heads over. Avalon rolls Evans up, TWO! Hot tag to Cutler! Cutler rallies on Evans with lariats! Angelico runs in but Cutler throws him out to the ramp! Evans whips Cutler, Cutler dodges and FLIES out to hit Angelico! Evans shoulders Cutler, suplexes him in but Cutler slips out! Cutler waistlocks, Evans standing switches, but Cutler throws Evans into Angelico! Cutler slingshots out to kick Angelico down! Then he springboards in to clobber Evans! Cutler brings Evans up to spin and swing for a SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Evans survives but Cutler drags him back up. Tag to Avalon, but Evans fights the Initiative off. Avalon catches a kick for a knee to the head!

Avalon runs, Cutler tags in before the MARTI-KNEES! SPRINGBOARD FROGGY-BOW! Cover, but Angelico breaks it! Avalon goes after Angelico but Angelico throws Avalon out! Evans rakes Cutler’s eyes then Chanceries for the Penalty Kick! The ref is too busy checking on Avalon and TH2 hit the assisted 450! Cover, TWO!! Cutler survives but Evans tags Angelico. The Initiative regroup, Evans springboard MOONSAULTS to take them out! Evans feeds Cutler to Angelico, and Evans grabs the book. Avalon dodges the book attack and Leva leaps from the apron to huricanrana Evans! The ref missed that as Angelico has Cutler in the crucifix. Cutler slips out but runs into a boot. Angelico crossbodies but Cutler catches him!!

Tag to Avalon, GUT BUSTER to ARABIAN PRESS!! Cover, but Evans breaks it in time!! Avalon drags Evans up to throw hands while Cutler and Angelico brawl on the other side. Evans dodges Avalon to send him into buckles. Angelico puts cutler up top and Evans runs to KICK Cutler down! Angelico KNEES Avalon, tags in Evans. Angelico has the crucifix for a BUCKLE BOMB! Evans goes up top, and hits the 630 SENTON!! Cover, TH2 wins!

Winners: The Hybrid2, by pinfall

Evans drops in from the heavens, and both he and Angelico have another huge win! And it was definitely huge, even against the winless wonders of AEW. Will the wins only get bigger for TH2 on the way into AEW’s second year?


Red Velvet VS Abadon!

One is “straight outta yo mama’s kitchen,” and the other is straight out of a horror movie! This will be anything but sweet, but will there at least be something left of Red Velvet after facing the Living Dead Girl?

The bell rings, Velvet dodges Abadon to kick, kick and code breaker the arm! Abadon goes to a corner and Velvet stomps away! Velvet does the splits as she digs her boot into Abadon, but Abadon powers right up to her feet! Abadon pushes Velvet away then BOOTS her down! Velvet flounders, Abadon is on her but Velvet dodges. Velvet CHOPS and CHOPS, but Abadon blocks! Abadon HEADBUTTS Velvet right down! Abadon crawls over to Velvet but Velvet gets to the corner. Abadon runs in but into a boot! Abadon tries again but only gets buckles. Velvet fires off body shots, whips Abadon corner to corner then runs in. Abadon puts Velvet on the apron but Velvet enziguris back!

Abadon runs into Velvet’s knee and Velvet drags Abadon out to the apron. Abadon rams Velvet into the post then kicks her! Abadon screams before she wrings Velvet out into the apron!! Abadon laughs at Velvet’s pain before she drags Velvet into the ring. Velvet stirs as Abadon slithers in the ring. Abadon dribbles Velvet’s head off the mat again and again, then drags her up into a waistlock. Abadon back suplexes, Velvet lands on her feet and shoves Abadon away, but Abadon CLOBBERS her! Abadon clamps a claw onto Velvet and pushes her to a corner. Abadon corner clotheslines, then whips her back in for another! Abadon drags Velvet off to finish her with a WIDOW’S PEAK!! Cover, Abadon wins!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall

The “Cemetery Drive” took Velvet on a deadly ride and Abadon gets another win! Is it only a matter of time before Abadon meets Hikaru Shida for a rematch with gold on the line?


Six Man Tag: Colt Cabana, John Silver & Alex Reynolds VS Ryzin, D3 & Faboo Andre!

According to BOOM BOOM Colt Cabana, he has yet to actually #JoinDarkOrder. But he is teaming up with Numbers 3 and 4, aka The Beaver Boys, to take on the Reverend of Sin, the Prince of Rome and the Monarch of Manliness! That’s quite an eclectic trio, but will Cabana have safety in Numbers?

The trios sort out and Cabana starts with Faboo. They circle, tie up, and Cabana headlocks. Cabana shifts sides, then again to snapmare, but Faboo rolls to his feet. Faboo takes a deep breath a la the Bizarre One, but things speed up. Cabana fakes Faboo out and Faboo falls down on his butt. Cabana helps Faboo up and the two circle. Things speed up again, Cabana body scissor clutches Faboo, TWO! Cabana smiles but Faboo backs off and Ryzin tags in. Ryzin and Cabana circle, tie up, and Cabana gets a waistlock. Ryzin switches and headlocks but Cabana powers out. Things speed up again, Cabana hurdles and Silver gets a cheap shot in!

Cabana is surprised, Silver tags in but there’s arguing over the miscommunication, and Ryzin rolls Silver! TWO, and Ryzin kicks low. Ryzin whips SIlver into the corner, D3 tags in and they combine to whip Ryzin in. Silver dodges and ROUNDHOUSES Ryzin down! Silver SUPERKICKS D3, ROUNDHOUSES Faboo and then shotgun dropkicks D3! D3 collides with corners and Reynolds tags in. The Beaver Boys combine for the trophy lift CUTTER! Cabana applauds but is then unsettled by how hard Reynolds is stomping D3. Reynolds chokes D3 on the ropes but even Cabana tells Reynolds to stop. The ref reprimands Reynolds who argues back, and this allows Silver to choke D3 instead! Cabana stops Silver, but he still doesn’t seem to understand how The Dark Order does things.

D3 fights back on Reynolds with kicks and big haymakers! D3 shoves and swings but Reynolds spins him to ROCK him with a right! Reynolds uses a cravat suplex to TOSS D3 away! Reynolds drags D3 up and over to the Dark Order corner. Tag to Cabana, but he doesn’t want the double team to happen. D3 turns Cabana around to throw big haymakers! Cabana seems confused, since he just saved D3. D3 keeps throwing hands then he runs, but Cabana JABS! And JABS! JAB! JAB! Flip, flop ‘n’ fly, BIONIC ELBOW! Faboo runs in but gets a BIONIC ELBOW! Ryzin runs in to get a BIONIC ELBOW!

D3 gets up as Cabana tags Reynolds back in. D3 runs in, Cabana sends him into buckles, Reynolds SNAP GERMANS D3, and Silver GERMAN SUPLEXES D3, too! Cabana runs corner to corner, FLYING APPLE! He feeds D3 to the Beaver Boys DOUBLE BLOCKBUSTER! Cover by Reynolds, The Dark Order wins!

Winners: Colt Cabana & The Dark Orders, by pinfall

Cabana wants to be part of things now since they’re celebrating the win, which confuses and upsets Reynolds and Silver. Will Cabana learn to think like the Dark Order soon enough? Or will he be made to?


Ricky Starks VS Lee Johnson!

The Absolute gave the undead underdog a warning, but he’s back in action to back it up. Will Big Shotty take just a portion of the beating Starks promises to give daredevil Darby?

The bell rings and Starks circles with Johnson. They tie up, Johnson waistlocks, full nelsons and snapmares, but Starks slips right out to get the arm. Johnson slips out and chinlocks Starks. Starks fights up and goes around, slips around to hammerlock then headlock. Johnson powers out, things speed up and Starks catches Johnson’s hurdle to a fireman’s carry! Johnson slips out, rolls Starks, TWO! Johnson dropkicks Starks and Starks gets to a corner to cool off. Taz can’t help but admire Starks’ tactics, since he’s #TeamTaz. Starks and Johnson tie up, Starks headlocks but Johnson powers out. Things speed up again, Johnson clears Starks this time but Starks dropkicks Johnson down! Starks poses before going after Johnson in the corner. Starks whips but Johnson gets around to whip Starks.

Things speed up again and Johnson hits another dropkick! Johnson dodges Starks and back drops him high and hard! Starks spasms, his body still remembering the pain of the skateboard tack attack! Starks bails out, vents his anger, but Johnson pursues. Starks gets back in, Johnson follows but Starks knees him down! Starks stomps away on Johnson but the ref counts. Starks lets up, stalks Johnson to the corner, then brings Johnson up. Starks scoops and slams, then stands over Johnson before he runs and runs and mocks Darby with the “Coffin Drop!” Cover, TWO as Johnson ghost pins! TWO and Starks clobbers Johnson! Starks glares as he has Johnson in a corner. Starks throws body shots then follows Johnson to another corner. Starks slaps Johnson around but Johnson shoves back.

Johnson swings, misses, and Starks SLAPS Johnson. Johnson SLAPS back! Johnson throws haymakers and body shots, bobs ‘n’ weaves and fires off more strikes! Uppercut and LARIAT! Starks gets up, Johnson dodges him, neckbreaker! Johnson kips up and the crowd fires up with him! Johnson runs at Starks but Starks puts him on the apron. Johnson counter punches then springboards for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Taz pretends he isn’t losing his cool on commentary as Johnson Oklahoma Rolls! TWO and Taz stresses out. Johnson drags Starks to the drop zone and heads up top. Starks trips Johnson and then gets the Canadian rack, ABSOLUTE DOMINATION! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

Big Shotty took his shot and missed, and Starks has his return win! Will Starks keep this going for when he sees Darby again? But Johnson’s night isn’t over, because here comes Wardlow! The ref tells Wardlow to stop, but Wardlow is just helping Johnson up. Wardlow gives Johnson an MJF 2020 campaign button, and Johnson pins it to his tights. That’s all Wardlow wanted of Johnson. Will Johnson continue to support MJF’s campaign for the AEW World Championship, even though it isn’t doing anything for him?


Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Tony Donati & Baron Black!

Santana and Ortiz are ready to tear into Best Friends at the drop of a hat, but they’ll have to wait for that. Will PNP sharpen their teeth on The Groovy and the #EmpBRUH?

The teams sort out and Baron starts against Santana. Santana and Baron tie up, Santana waistlocks and SLAMS Baron down. Santana gives Baron some toying kicks but Baron gets up. They tie up again, Baron wrenches an arm to a wristlock but Santana breaks free to CHOP! Baron shrugs it off to CHOP back. Santana fires off SLAP AFTER SLAP! Baron staggers, Santana runs, but Baron gets him for an atomic drop to BACKSTABBER! Baron runs, but Santana follows and comes back with a shotgun boot! Santana brings Baron over, tags Ortiz, and PNP double suplex! Ortiz drags Baron up to push him at Donati, and Donati tags in. Donati dodges and forearms Ortiz down! Ortiz gets up but Donati hits him again. Ortiz fires off haymakers to hit a DDT!

Ortiz butterfly suplexes Donati to the corner then double guns. Ortiz CHOPS Donati, and CHOPS again! Santana gets his cheap shots in, then tags in. PNP double whip Donati, Donati reverses to send Ortiz in instead! Donati runs in but Ortiz sends him into buckles. Santana back elbows then feeds Donati to the POWERBOMB! Ortiz sits Donati up for the Penalty Kick! Santana covers and Ortiz blasts Baron down, PNP wins!

Winners: Proud ‘n’ Powerful, by pinfall

Vicious to say the least! “You’re not ready to deal with these animals!” Ortiz declares he and Santana are “THE BEST! THE BEST!” But will they beat Best Friends when the two teams have it out in the ring?


2v1 Handicap Match: Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake Roberts VS Jon Cruz and Jessy Sorensen!

The Murderhawk Monster has mauled many men since coming to AEW, both in and out of the ring. These two men were the victims of wrong place, wrong time on Super Wednesday, will they go through that thrashing all over again?

But as Sorensen makes his entrance, his partner is nowhere to be found. He still goes to the ring, figuring he’s now 1v1 with Archer. But as Archer makes his entrance, he’s dragging Cruz out on his shoulder! Archer tosses Cruz in and this is technically still a handicap match! The bell rings, Archer has Sorensen now, but Sorensen dodges and CHOPS! Archer eggs him on and Sorensen throws big haymakers. Sorensen runs but gets DERAILED! Cruz gets up to CHOP but he doesn’t even make Archer flinch! Archer choke TOSSES Cruz into a corner! Archer starts up infinite back elbows as he runs corner to corner to clobber Cruz and Sorensen in turn, over and over and over! Archer doesn’t stop until he’s gotten a dozen!

Archer choke grips but Cruz slips out of the slam! Cruz kicks Archer’s leg, Sorensen kicks the knees, and the two club away! They double whip, Archer busts the line to DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Archer blocks Sorensen’s kick to FULL NELSON SLAM! Cruz staggers into a swinging TOSS! Archer drags Sorensen back up for a dragon sleeper, and Cruz staggers into the choke grip. CHOKE SLAM INVERTED DDT COMBO! Archer stands on Sorensen for a cover, but Cruz breaks it!? Why?! He should’ve just let it end! But it does end with the BLACKOUT BOMB! And then DOUBLE EBD CLAWS! Archer dribbles them both, then double covers! Archer wins!

Winner: Lance Archer, by pinfall

Archer cashes in on the two for one special, but Jake the Snake wants to have some fun! He drags Sorensen up for the facelock, but lets him drop out of the DDT. Will anyone be able to stop Archer from running roughshod over AEW?


Billy Gunn VS Alan Angels!

The Gunn Club has been having fun and getting wins, but now they run into The Dark Order’s Number 5. Will Angels complete the sweep on the night? Or will Billy have two words for Number 5?

The bell rings and Billy circles with Angels. They tie up, and Billy just stays put as Angels tries to push him. Angels tries again but Billy pushes him back again. Billy soaks up the cheers from the crowd, then waits for Angels to come back. Angels comes out of the corner, ties up with Billy and gets a waistlock. Billy again doesn’t budge as Angels tries to bring him around. Billy reaches down, grabs a leg to trip Angels, then DECKS Angels with that right! Billy shakes Angels’ hand before he stomps him down! Billy bumps Angels off buckles, then stomps and punches him down. Angels flounders but Billy kicks him out of the ring. Angels fights back with body shots but Billy knees low.

Billy throws Angels in, stalks Angels to the rope and raises his hands. One half of the crowd cheers, the other boos. Billy brings Angels up, suplexes him, and holds him up for a count of 5 before the slam! Cover, TWO! Billy grows annoyed and throws off the headband. Angels sits up and throws body shots, but Billy isn’t bothered by any of those shots. Angels runs into a scoop slam! Billy runs to the ropes but Angels avoids the elbow to BUZZSAW! Angels shotgun dropkicks Billy but Billy comes back! Angels baits him into buckles then shotgun dropkicks again! Angels rains down fists but Billy shoves him away.

Angels comes back, throws more punches, but Billy shoves him away. Angels tries again but runs into a tilt-o-whirl SLAM! Billy goes corner to corner and corner splashes! Billy reels Angels in, says “SUCK IT,” but Angels dodges the Famouser! Angels fires off kicks, enziguris and handsprings, then fires up as he runs. Wheelbarrow, but Billy turns it into the cobra clutch SLAM! Cover, Billy wins!

Winner: Billy Gunn, by pinfall

The Ass Man does a victory twerk. But as Billy goes to leave, Angels anchors his leg, and both Reynolds and Silver return! The three Numbers attack Billy, stomping him down, but here comes Austin Gunn with a chair! The Son of a Gunn runs the Numbers off, but is the Gunn Club now part of the war against The Dark Order?


8 Man Tag: SoCal Uncensored & Private Party VS The Butcher, The Blade & The Lucha Brothers!

Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy are up against a deadly combination we’ve seen dominate and devastate before. Will the Addiction be broken and the party be crashed by Andy Williams, Braxton Sutter, Rey Fenix and Pentagon?

The teams sort out and Butcher starts with the Fallen Angel. Daniels and Butcher circle, tie up, and Butcher shoves Daniels down hard! Daniels gets up and Butcher is ready. They tie up again, Butcher shoves Daniels to a corner but Daniels dodges the splash to enziguri! Daniels chops but Butcher reverses the whip to corner clothesline! Butcher CHOPS Daniels, whips him to ropes, but Daniels rolls off his back to kick back. Tag to Kaz and the Addiction double whip. Butcher breaks the line but they dodge him to kick, and high-low! Kaz facelocks Butcher, but Butcher powers the Heavy Metal Rebel to the corner! Butcher, Blade and the Lucha Bros mug Kaz all together!

Referee Aubrey Edwards reprimands them all but she also has to keep Private Party back. This allows Fenix and Pentagon to dig their heels Kaz. Tag to Blade, he digs his knee in, then he lets up at the ref’s count. Blade yanks Kaz up but Kaz lands on his feet to fight back! Kaz ROCKS Blade, hits everyone else but Blade kicks low. Blade whips, Kaz reverses and things speed up. Kaz hip tosses but Blade counters, only for Kaz to counter to a fireman’s carry takedown! Cover, ONE, and Kaz kicks, knees and LARIATS! The crowd fires up as Kaz mocks Cero Miedo. Kaz whips Blade to a corner and then hits a running Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, ONE, but Kaz drags Blade up.

Tag to Kassidy and there’s a crossover with the snap suplex to slingshot senton! Kassidy covers, TWO! Kassidy keeps on Blade with big forearms, then he wrenches and whips. Blade holds ropes to tag Fenix! Fenix fires off on Kassidy, wristlocks and trips, but Kassidy avoids the cover and pops up to huricanrana Fenix away! Kassidy calf kicks Fenix and covers, TWO! Fenix hurries and tags in Pentagon, but Pentagon runs into a drop toehold! Kassidy floats to a facelock, tags in Quen, and Private Party combine, atomic drop and enziguri! Then the leg sweep, camel clutch, SAY CHEESE! The double stomps put Pentagon down, Quen covers, TWO! Quen keeps on Pentagon with a facelock then an armlock.

Pentagon fights up, Quen wrenches and tags Daniels. Daniels hops up to drop ax handles. Daniels wrenches then tags Kaz. Kaz goes up and he drops bigger ax handles! Kaz wrenches Pentagon again, cranks on the wrist, tag to Kassidy. Kassidy climbs and double stomps the arm! Kassidy mocks Cero Miedo and covers, TWO! Kassidy keeps his cool, drags Pentagon into a chinlock then spins him around for forearms. Kassidy whips, Pentagon kicks back, then SLING BLADES! Tag to Blade! Blade runs in, though maybe that was meant for Fenix. Blade rains down furious fists on Kassidy then drags him up. Blade whips and LARIATS Kassidy! Tag to Butcher and Butcher stomps Kassidy. Butcher drags Kassidy up, for a backbreaker! Butcher glares at SCU and Quen while he drags Kassidy back up.

Butcher whips Kassidy hard into buckles, then scrapes Kassidy’s face on the ropes! Tag to Pentagon, Butcher wrenches so Pentagon can KICK Kassidy! Pentagon says hush, and he CHOPS Kassidy! Pentagon wrenches, tags Fenix and Fenix springboard sobats! Fenix taunts SCU and Quen, covers Kassidy, TWO! Fenix smothers Kassidy with the float around and then puts on a Chancery! Kassidy fights up, Fenix tags Blade. They mug Kassidy, then Blade thrashes and shoves Kassidy into ropes. The ref reprimands, Blade kicks Kassidy before he taunts SCU and Quen again. The ref has to keep Kaz back, but Pentagon and Fenix get in his face. Butcher chokes Kassidy during the distraction! Blade chokes Kassidy now but lets up at the ref’s count of 4.

Kassidy drags himself to a corner but Blade brings him back. Tag to Fenix, they double whip Kassidy but Kassidy ducks the line. Kassidy waistlocks Blade, Blade standing switches, but Kassidy gets free as Fenix SUPERKICKS! Down goes Blade! Kassidy baits Fenix in then hot tags Quen! Quen springboard crossbodies Fenix! Quen dodges Pentagon, BOOTS Butcher, then puts Pentagon on the apron. Fenix pops Quen up but gets a dropkick for it! Quen kips up to dropkick Pentagon down! Quen has Fenix, reels him in for the inverted Shiranui DDT! Cover, but Pentagon slides in to KICK him down! Kaz gets Pentagon for an inverted DDT!

Blade BOOTS Kaz, Daniels EXPLODERS Blade! Fenix runs in, dodges Daniels to tiger feint rewind and HEEL KICK Daniels! Quen BOOTS Fenix but Fenix kips up to SUPERKICK back! Quen stays up to PELE Fenix! Eveyrone is down and the crowd is loving it! A standing count begins on Fenix and Quen, and they head for their corners. HOt tags to Pentagon and Daniels! Daniels and Pentagon collide with clotheslines, but egg each other on! They clothesline again, then start throwing CHOPS! They chop back and forth, Pentagon mule kicks! “CERO! MIEDO!” Pentagon runs, Daniels dodges, SUPERKICK from Pentagon! Pentagon runs again, into an URENAGE!

Daniels goes to the enemy corner and Fenix enziguris! Kassidy dropkicks Fenix out, then Private Party DOUBLE PLANCHA Fenix and Butcher! Those four are down but Pentagon KICKS Daniels’ leg. “CERO! MIEDO!” Package PILEDRIVER!! Cover, Kaz breaks it!! Blade tags in, Kaz throws hands on him and whips him corner to corner. Blade reverses, Kaz tumbles out, tag to Butcher! They drag Daniels up, FULL DEATH!! Cover, The Butcher, Blade and Lucha Brothers win!!

Winners: The Butcher, The Blade & The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

This eight man main event was epic, and in the end it is the cohesively cruel quartet that wins. But there seems to be tension over who won, and the Lucha Bros storm off. Are things only getting more heated in the already amazing AEW Tag Team Division?

My Thoughts:

Another good episode, but WOW a lot of filler. Sabian VS Nakazawa looked like a match that could go either way, but nope. To be honest, The Hybrid2 VS The Initiative, Ricky Starks VS Lee Johnson, everything with Dark Order members, and then the 8 Man Tag main event were the important things tonight. I really like how Cabana is playing his character in all this. He wants to win and be part of the group but he doesn’t realize the Dark Order are bad guys. Cabana and the Beaver Boys win, and the real development is that I spotted the numbers are hidden in how the names are written on the trunks. SiIVer, ReynoIIIds (or was it R3ynolds?). I wasn’t sure if Angels had that, but he had a good match with Billy Gunn. Austin not being ringside was mostly so he could make that save, but the Gunn Club joining this battle with the Dark Order could be interesting.

TH2 VS The Initiative was just a straight up great tag match just for being on Dark. But just as it looked like Cutler and Avalon were going to win, they don’t. I am again torn on whether I want them to stick together and finally get that win, or break up and go back to my idea of “AEW’s Worst Wrestler” as a title that can be passed around. I’m starting to lean towards the former so that they can both triumph together. The 8 Man was also just incredible, good enough to have been on Dynamite. The Butcher and Blade are on an incredible roll, aside from that Falls Count Anywhere loss to The Young Bucks. Maybe they get in on a tag titles contender’s match after All Out, as I’m starting to think FTR challenges Kenny Omega and Hangman Page.

My Score: 8.1/10

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