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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/25/20)

Saturday got Dark!



AEW Dark Coverage

A special Dark from Saturday Night Dynamite!

AEW gambles by having THIRTEEN matches on one card! And with some literal heavy hitters, like Lance Archer, Jake Hager and Nyla Rose!


  • Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy VS Storm Thomas & Demetri Jackson; Best Friends win.
  • Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Jessy Sorensen; Spears wins.
  • Melanie Cruise VS Red Velvet; Melanie wins.
  • Lance Archer w/ Jake Roberts VS D3; Archer wins.
  • The Initiative w/ Leva Bates VS Luther & Serpentico; Luther & Serpentico win.
  • Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS KiLynn King; Rose wins.
  • The Gunn Club VS Frank Stone & Baron Black; The Gunn Club wins.
  • Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS Heather Monroe; Ford wins.
  • Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS The Metro Brothers; Proud ‘n’ Powerful win.
  • Ricky Starks VS Shawn Dean; Starks wins.
  • Jake Hager VS Marko Stunt; Hager wins.
  • Frankie Kazarian VS Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford; Kazarian wins.
  • Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss VS The Hybrid2; The Hybrid2 win.


Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy VS Storm Thomas & Demetri Jackson!

While Chuck Taylor and Trent are preparing for a showdown with Santana and Ortiz, they’ll take time to “welcome” the newest additions to AEW! Will they bring the thunder to Storm and #ActionJackson?

The teams sort out and Storm starts against the Kentucky Gentleman. Storm and Chuck tie up, Chuck headlocks and grinds but Storm powers out. Chuck rams shoulders with him but Storm stays up and is pretty cocky about that. Chuck enziguris him! Chuck wrenches and reels Storm into an Octopus Stretch! Storm powers out, Chuck sunset flips but Storm stays up. Storm drags Chuck up but Chuck slips out to run and run Storm over! Chuck eggs Storm on but Storm tags to Jackson! Trent tags in and circles with Jackson. They tie up, Trent kicks low then CHOPS Jackson in the corner. And CHOPS him again!

Trent tells Santana and Ortiz to watch closely as he stomps Jackson and throws forearms. Trent whips Jackson corner to corner, Jackson goes up and over and cartwheels to mule kick, uppercut and dropkick! Jackson kips up, things speed up, but he runs into Trent’s standing meteora! The crowd cheers as Trent goes after Jackson on the apron. Jackson shoulders Trent, slingshots up but gets caught for a NORTHERN LIGHTS! A rough landing and Trent covers with a standard lateral, TWO! Trent keeps cool as he drags Jackson up and tags Chuck. Best Friends double whip, double elbow and shake hands for the double elbow drop! Chuck drags Jackson up to CHOP him then has him in a corner for shoulders and body shots, and even stomps!

The ref pulls Chuck away so Chuck sucker punches Storm! Jackson throws Chuck into buckles! Jackson throws haymakers, snapmares and KICKS Chuck! Cover, TWO! Chuck gets up but Jackson is on him. Jackson throws body shots but Storm tags in without warning. Jackson whips Storm in to back elbow Chuck and hold him there. Storm helps Jackson go up and over to the apron, and Storm runs while Jackson enziguris Chuck! Storm comes back to LARIAT Chuck down! Cover, TWO! Storm grows frustrated but he tosses Chuck back and hits a corner splash! Jackson tags back in and throws forearms. Jackson taunts Trent but Chuck boots him away! Chuck elbows Storm and KNEES Jackson down! Tag to Trent and Trent is focused on Jackson. Trent throws a BIG forearm, then another!

Trent eggs Jackson on, Jackson hits back! Jackson runs, into Trent’s LARIAT! Orange Cassidy actually speaks, saying, “Good job, Trent.” Storm runs in, Trent side steps him for a SAIDO! Jackson is up, Trent runs corner to corner at him for a big corner clothesline! And then the TORNADO DDT! Trent builds speed to DIVE into Storm! Storm hits railing, Trent goes around to SPEAR Jackson! Trent drags Jackson up and in, waits for him to stand, and gives him the PSYCHO KNEE! Tag to Chuck, the Best Friends HUG! They drag Jackson back up, SNAP PILEDRIVER, to another SNAP PILEDRIVER! Cover, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

Double the drivers, double the… Well maybe not fun, because Trent and Chuck are ready to rip into Proud ‘n’ Powerful! Will Best Friends be on top after settling things with Santana and Ortiz?


Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Jessy Sorensen!

While Tully Blanchard has started managing FTR, he still stands with #PERFECT10N. Jessy so far proves that he #Can’tBeBroken, since he’s back after Lance Archer clobbered him and Jon Cruz. Will Spears and that black glove be what breaks him?

The bell rings and Spears circles with Sorensen. They tie up, Spears waistlocks, headlocks and hits the takeover. Sorensen keeps his shoulders up but Spears pushes them down, ONE! They get up, Sorensen slips through to headlock Spears and grind him down. Spears powers out, drops down and arm-drags Sorensen! Tully cheers Spears as Sorensen steadies himself. Sorensen and Spears circle, tie up, and Spears gets the arm and wrenches to a wristlock. Sorensen spins and wrenches Spears back. Spears would grab hair but Sorensen is bald and he wrenches the arm again. Spears powers Sorensen to a corner and then knees low!

Sorensen shoves Spears but Spears CHOPS him! And CHOPS again! Spears whips corner to corner but Sorensen goes up and over and arm-drags to then dropkick! Spears bails out to regroup with Tully. Tully cools Spears off, Spears returns and circles with Sorensen again. Spears kicks low, throws forearms then has Sorensen in a corner for another CHOP! Spears CHOPS again, but Sorensen turns things around to CHOP back! And CHOP again! And again! Sorensen whips, Spears reverses and Spears knows to wait for Sorensen to go up, to dropkick him in the back! Spears clubs away on Sorensen over and over, then has him in the ropes for haymakers! The ref counts, Spears lets off but BOOTS Sorensen down!

Sorensen flops to the floor but Spears pursues. Spears drags Sorensen to the steel steps and holds his head down. Sorensen avoids the stomp! Spears wanted to break Sorensen! Spears chases Sorensen down to give him an apron back suplex! Spears takes his time following Sorensen, then brings him up, but Sorensen hits back! Sorensen throws heavy body shots and whips Spears, but Spears reverses to kick low! Spears reels Sorensen in but Sorensen counters the powerbomb with a trip and a jackknife cover! TWO, Sorensen boots Spears’ punch away to hit a neckbreaker! Spears writhes while the crowd fires up for Sorensen. Sorensen CHOPS and punches Spears over and over!

The ref counts, Sorensen lets up at 4, Spears crawls but Sorensen drags him up and to the corner. Sorensen hops up, but Spears slips out to trip Sorensen up! Sorensen bounces off the buckles, Spears drags him into the fireman’s carry, C4!! Cover, Spears wins!

Winner: Shawn Spears, by pinfall

Maybe Sorensen can’t broken, but he has been defeated! And Tully slips the metal slug to Spears and that left hand is loaded! Tully distracts the ref while Spears looms over Sorensen. Spears drags Sorensen up by his face and CLOBBERS him in the back of the neck!! Sorensen’s neck was once broken, Spears tried to break it again! Will anyone be able to stop Spears’ dangerous winning streak?


Melanie Cruise VS Red Velvet!

The former recruit of the Nightmare Collective, the menacing Mel is looking to dominate the AEW Women’s Division. Red Velvet survived her loss to Abadon last week, will she be so lucky this week?

The bell rings and Mel stares Velvet down as they approach. They circle, Mel has Velvet cornered but Velvet rolls away. Velvet is still wary of Mel, gets cornered again, and Mel creeps closer. Mel swings a big haymaker but Velvet dodges and comes back with fire! Velvet throws forearm after forearm but Mel shoves her right down. Velvet returns to stomp and kick Mel down, then dig her boot into Mel with the splits! Mel pushes her off again, but Velvet kicks away on Mel’s legs! Velvet fires up, runs but into a scoop and sidewalk slam!

Mel looms over Velvet, drags her up, and tosses her to a corner by her hair! Mel drags Velvet up to throw the other way! Velvet sits up in a daze but Mel drags her by a leg. Mel dribbles Velvet off the mat then drags her up. Mel clamps on a choke grip, grins and CHOKE- NO! Velvet wheelbarrows out of the slam to hit a jawbreaker of sorts. Mel drops to a knee, Velvet BUZZSAWS her! Velvet gets to a corner, climbs up top and leaps, into Mel’s grip! CHOKE BOMB! Cover, Mel wins!

Winner: Melanie Cruise, by pinfall

Mel dominates, but will she rise up to challenge for the AEW Women’s World Championship in the near future?


Lance Archer w/ Jake Roberts VS D3!

The Murderhawk Monster mangled two men last week, and doesn’t look to be slowing down one bit. It’s a shame D3 isn’t actually three men because he might need the numbers. Will the Prince of Rome just be another victim of Archer’s path of destruction?

It is now a tradition for Archer to bring someone from backstage out to beat up on as an appetizer! Archer throws this new meat into the ring, the man dodges Archer’s clothesline but not the BOOT! Archer then kicks the man out of the ring and BOOTS D3 right at the bell! Archer throws D3 to the corner, then another corner. Archer gets in D3’s face to CHOP him down! “Everybody dies!” Archer whips D3 corner to corner and D3 bounces off the buckles. D3 manages to stand as Archer eggs him on. D3 throws haymakers but Archer DECKS him with one! Then reels him in for a LARIAT! Archer stares at the camera as he cocky covers, TWO!

D3 gets up but Archer puts him on the ropes to choke! The ref counts, Archer lets up at 4, and Jake the Snake tells us that this is par for the course. Archer scoops and TOSSES D3 into buckles! And then the CHOKE SLAM!! What elevation! Cover, but Archer lets up at TWO! Archer wants to keep hurting D3 as he hooks D3’s nose and eyes! Archer lets up at the ref’s count, and then he runs corner to corner to forearm D3! Then he whips D3 corner to corner the other way. D3 uppercuts back! And boots! And uppercuts again! D3 goes up, QUEBRADA, but he flops as Archer simply walks away. Archer drags D3 up, inverted crucifix, BLACKOUT BOMB! EBD Claw and dribbling, cover, Archer wins!

Winner: Lance Archer, by pinfall

Archer lets go when he is satisfied, and he relishes in another vicious victory. Will Archer be an unstoppable force on the way to a title?


The Initiative w/ Leva Bates VS Luther & Serpentico!

Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon are coming closer, and closer, and closer to that first sweet, sweet victory! But can they finally get that win over the Original Death Dealer and the SNAKEMAN, who themselves are proving to be a lethal combination?

Before teams can sort out, Serpentico and Luther attack! Leva barely gets out of the ring to safety but Avalon and Cutler get stomped down! Serpentico scrapes Cutler out to the ramp side while Luther sits Avalon up to kick him down! The ref reprimands but Luther bumps Avalon off buckles! Luther keeps on Avalon with a CHOP, then a whip corner to corner. Avalon dodges as Luther runs in and Avalon fires back with haymakers and chops. Avalon whips, Luther reverses but Avalon goes up and over. Things speed up, Avalon ducks the leg lariat then slides under, but gets up into Luther’s BOOT! Luther drags Avalon up by his hair, wrenches the arm and Serpentico tags in.

Serpentico climbs to dumdum stomp the arm! Then Serpentico and Luther double back suplex. Avalon lands on his feet, dropkicks Luther out and huricanranas Serpentico away! Hot tag to Cutler! The Dungeon Master speeds up with Serpentico, ducking and leaping, but Serpentico huricanranas! Serpentico waistlocks, Cutler bucks him off and springboards to forearm Serpentico down! Cutler drags Serpentico over to tag in Avalon. The Initiative go after Serpentico with a wrench, kick, CHOPS and snapmare. Avalon dropkicks Serpentico down but no high five as he covers, TWO! Avalon drags Serpentico up to scoop slam him and cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Avalon grows frustrated but he drags Serpentico up.

Serpentico forearms and whips, Avalon reverses but Serpentico elbows him back. Serpentico whips, Avalon grabs ropes and boots Serpentico back. Cutler tags in and slingshots to enziguri Serpentico! Serpentico mule kicks and POSTS Cutler! Luther sucker punches Avalon while Serpentico bends Cutler against the crossbars! Serpentico elbows Cutler down, tags in Luther, and Luther drags Cutler up. Luther scoop slams Cutler, then scoop slams Serpentico onto him! And then again! And a third time! Luther covers, TWO! Luther shrieks in frustration but he stomps Cutler. Cutler hits back, Luther rakes and wrenches Cutler’s head! Luther drags Cutler up to bump him off buckles. Luther back elbows, tags Serpentico and whips him in for a back elbow!

Luther runs in to back elbow Cutler down, Serpentico covers, TWO! Serpentico fish hooks Cutler’s face, elbows him down, then tags Luther back in. Luther drags Cutler up, hooks Cutler’s face again then throws him down. Tag back to Serpentico, they double whip Cutler to the corner. Serpentico whips Luther in but Cutler elbows Luther back. Cutler boots Serpentico, hops up and crossbodies him down! Hot tag to Avalon! Avalon crossbodies Luther! And leg lariats Serpentico! Avalon dropkicks Luther but Serpentico mule kicks Avalon! Serpentico whips Avlaon to a corner, Avalon comes back to LARIAT! Avalon reels Serpentico in, TIGER DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Serpentico staggers, Avalon is on him but Serpentico KNEES back!

Tag to Luther, Serpentico snap suplexes Avalon down. Luther uses Serpentico again for an inverted suplex splash! Cover, but Cutler breaks it! Serpentico goes after Cutler but Cutler throws him out! Luther hip tosses Cutler into buckles! Luther stomps Cutler down then digs his boot in. The ref reprimands, Cutler pushes Luther away and Leva comes over to check on Cutler. The ref is distracted as he tells Leva to step back, Avalon LOW BLOWS Luther!! Avalon rolls Luther up, TWO!?! Avalon almost had Luther, and Luther rams him into a corner! Serpentico enziguris Avalon, Luther scoop slams! Serpentico slingshot double stomps! Cover, TWO!! Avalon lives and Serpentico can’t believe it!

Serpentico runs corner to corner at Avalon, but Avalon boots him! Serpentico fixes his head, runs back, blocks a boot and BACK HANDS Avalon! Serpentico whips, Avalon reverses to forearm back! Avalon hits Luther, forearms Serpentico and goes side to side. Cutler tags in and Avalon hits another forearm on Serpentico! Avalon feeds Serpentico to Cutler’s scoop! Avalon climbs up top, Cutler hits a GUT BUSTER! Avalon drops the BIG SPLASH! Cover but Luther breaks it up! Cutler stomps Luther, drags Serpentico up and hoists him up top. Avalon gets Luther out and keeps on him while Cutler haymakers Serpentico. Leva walks over, Avalon takes the book from her and heads up. Avalon swings on Serpentico but Serpentico ducks, and the book hits Cutler instead!!

Luther drags Avalon down and gives him a POWERBOMB to the floor! Luther gets in to go after Cutler, METEORA SPINE BUSTER!! Cover, Luther and Serpentico win!!

Winners: Luther & Serpentico, by pinfall

The Initiative miscommunication costs them right at the end! As for the Death Dealer and SNAKEMAN, will they soon bring this deadliness to the top of the AEW Tag Division?


Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS KiLynn King!

The Native Beast is working her way back up to the AEW Women’s Championship, and she has The Cougar by her side to make sure she’s ready. Will the Queen of Crazy be ready for what’s coming?

The bell rings and King ties up with Nyla. Nyla powers King to a corner but lets off, to sucker punch her low! King pushes Nyla back and eggs her on. Nyla swings, King bobs ‘n’ waves, counter boots and ROUNDHOUSES! King waistlocks, Rose elbows free and fires off more shots. Nyla whips, King goes up and out and Nyla hits buckles. King shoulders, slingshots and sunset flips, but Nyla stays up! Nyla drags King up but King resists, so Nyla whips her out of the ring! Vickie laughs at King’s pain while Nyla stalks her. Nyla stomps King, King runs and crossbodies, but Nyla catches her! Nyla POSTS King, then drags her up. Nyla puts King on the apron to elbow her in the head! She bends King back against the post!

The ref counts, Nyla lets up, but then Nyla goes back for more. King pulls Nyla into the post in return! King drags Nyla up and puts her in, warning Vickie to stay back. King gets in, runs at Nyla, but Nyla side steps and SPINE BUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Vickie is furious with the ref but Nyla choke grips King. King fights out of the slam and throws forearms! Nyla counter punches to ROCK King! Fireman’s carry but King elbows free! King waistlocks, rolls and bridges, TWO!! Nyla gets up, King side steps and tries another roll up, ONE! King is frustrated, she fireman’s carries Nyla! SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! King grows frustrated but she’s closer than most at making Nyla look normal.

The ref is busy checking on Nyla as King climbs. Vickie shoves King down!! Nyla gets King back up, SIT-OUT BEAST BOMB! Cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

Vickie brings #LieCheatSteal to AEW and it helps Nyla stay strong! Vickie grabs a mic while Nyla drags King up to throw her out. Vickie laughs again and waves bye. “I just love a victory! And all of you should be honored to be here tonight to witness what a picture perfect vision of success is.” Vickie stands before us with her distinguished legacy as a manager, and her client Nyla symbolizes fear and destruction. Tonight, they celebrate this victory by naming the alliance: The Vicious Vixens! So all the other ladies in the locker room are invited into the Vixens’ ring and play. “You know where to find us, and you definitely know our name!” As Taz puts it on commentary, “Beware of V-Squared!”


The Gunn Club VS Frank Stone & Baron Black!

Billy and his son, Austin, have been going strong, but have become the target of The Dark Order at the same time. Will they make sure The Dark Order gets the message after taking on Mr. Smooth and the EmpBRUH?

The teams sort out and Baron starts against Austin. The Son of a Gunn circles with Baron and they tie up. Baron headlocks, Austin powers out but Baron runs him over. Baron scuffs dirt at Austin before things speed up. Austin hurdles but turns around into a headlock takeover! Austin headscissors, Baron pops out but roles reverse and Austin hits a headlock takeover. Baron fights up, Austin wrenches him and whips but Baron reverses. Austin goes up and over, rolls Baron but Baron slips out. Baron blocks the kick and trips Austin but Austin kicks Baron away. Baron runs into a low dropkick that takes out the legs! Austin covers, TWO!

Austin keeps on Baron with an arm wrench and tags in Billy. Father and son double Russian Leg Sweep! Billy drops a leg, Austin marches around to drop an elbow, Billy covers, TWO! Billy keeps close on Baron, brings him up and wrenches the arm. Billy takes his time before he YANKS on the arm, then tags Austin back in. Austin clubs the arm, wrenches again, but Baron kicks back. Baron tags Stone and Stone blocks Austin’s arm drag! Stone drags Austin up to whip but Austin leaps over! Austin runs back into a tilt-o-whirl SLAM! Cover, ONE! Stone keeps on Austin, tags in Baron, and they mug Austin. Baron stalks Austin to a corner, Austin hits back so Baron drops knee after knee on him! The ref counts, Baron lets up at 4 and comes back to bring Austin back up.

Baron snap suplexes, floats to cover, TWO! Baron keeps on Austin, tags Stone back in and they mug Austin more. Stone drags Austin around to ROCK him with that right! Stone scrapes his sole on Austin’s head, then drags him up for a big suplex! Cover, TWO! Stone drags Austin back up, tags Baron, more mugging and Baron taunts Austin. Austin throws forearms but Baron gets around to atomic drop! And then a back suplex! Cover, TWO! Austin flounders but Baron keeps him from Billy. Stone tags back in, Stone drags Austin but Austin kicks him away! Hot tags to Baron and Billy! Billy rallies with big haymakers on Baron and Stone!

Billy throws Stone out, runs corner to corner and splashes Baron! Billy kicks Baron, reels him in, “SUCK IT!” But the Famouser misses and Stone trips Billy up! Baron bails out while Stone corner splashes Billy! Stone scoops but Billy slips out to shove. Tag to Baron and Austin! Austin rallies now, Baron sucker punches Billy and throws hands on Austin. Baron uppercuts, CHOPS and whips Austin. Austin ducks, whips and hip toss NECKBREAKERS! Cover, The Gunn Club wins!

Winners: The Gunn Club, by pinfall

The Quick Draw hits the mark, and the father-son duo pulls off the victory! Will they soon be taking aim at the top spot of the AEW Tag Division?


Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS Heather Monroe!

The Superbad Couple are both going strong in their own singles runs, but Ford is going to help Britt Baker with her Big Swole problem for the special Thursday Night Dynamite. Will Ford stay strong against the self-proclaimed, “Bae’st there is, Bae’st there was, Bae’st there ever will be?”

The bell rings and Ford circles with Monroe. They tie up, go around, and Ford gets the arm to wrench to a wristlock and hammerlock. Ford goes to a headlock, shifts to the other side, then arm-drags Monroe to ropes. Ford struts for Kip and the cameras before she and Monroe tie up again. Monroe arm-drags Ford, speeds things up, over-the-back arm-drag! Ford gets up, Monroe dodges to follow and handsprings through Ford’s hip toss to knee low and hip toss Ford back! Now Monroe struts her stuff, and she catches Ford’s punch to CHOP her! Monroe knuckle locks, goes up and up and flips to arm-drag Ford away! Ford ends up in a corner, Monroe runs in but Ford boots her away!Ford hops up but Monroe kicks the legs out and ROUNDHOUSES her!

Monroe kicks Ford more, but Kip has DOUBLE LEAF BLOWER ACTION! The ref reprimands as Kip blows Monroe’s hair, Ford drop toeholds Monroe into buckles! Ford drags Monroe up, fireman’s carries, and hits a GUT BUSTER DROP! Ford drags Monroe up again to club her to the ropes. Ford chokes Monroe and Kip gives her a quick kiss. The ref counts, Ford lets up at 4, then she brings Monroe up. Monroe hits back, her kick is caught and Ford throws her down! Ford whips Monroe to the corner, clotheslines then scrapes Monroe’s face on the ropes! The ref reprimands, Ford pushes Monroe to the other corner to forearm and elbow! Ford stomps Monroe over and over, then drags her up to fisherman. But Monroe cradle counters, TWO!!

Monroe waistlocks, rolls Ford, TWO! Ford swings but Monroe blocks and ROCKS Ford! And again! And again! Ford knees low but Monroe straitjackets to a BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO!! Monroe keeps her focus and she swings a kick, but Ford ducks to waistlock and throw Monroe into buckles! Ford goes corner to corner to handspring back for a back elbow! And elbow and elbow and elbow! The ref reprimands, Ford drags Monroe out, PERFECT PLEX! Cover, Ford wins!

Winner: Penelope Ford, by pinfall

Kip celebrates with his Superbad Girl as she keeps stacking up the victories! Will Penelope soon be the Superbad #1 Contender?


Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS The Metro Brothers!

Santana and Ortiz surely saw Best Friends get a win and will surely want to keep pace. Will the AEW in-ring debut of Chris and JC Metro be a speed bump or simply a tune-up for them?

The teams sort out and Ortiz starts against Chris. Ortiz takes a moment to put his gloves on but Chris talks trash. Chris and Ortiz circle, tie up, and Ortiz headlocks. Ortiz wrenches to a wristlock, Chris wrenches back and yanks on the arm. Ortiz slips through to wrench back, Chris slips through but Ortiz rolls, handsprings and gets around to waistlock then cravat! The crowd cheers the technical exchange as Chris breaks free to headlock. Ortiz powers out, reels Chris in and headlocks in return. Chris powers out, reels Ortiz in and gets the headlock back, to the takeover! Ortiz keeps his shoulders up, fights to his feet and spins Chris off to throw uppercuts and CHOPS! Ortiz eggs Chris on and Chris throws forearms.

Ortiz hits back, Chris gives more then kicks, clubs and ROCKS Ortiz! Ortiz SLAPS, ROCKS and CHOPS Chris! Chris reverses the whip, Ortiz rolls under the clothesline and enziguris! Chris wobbles, Ortiz scoops and POWERSLAMS Chris down! The crowd cheers as Chris ends up in the PNP corner. Santana tags in, Ortiz whips Chris around into Santana’s big forearm! Santana drags Chris up to KICK him in the back! And then Santana drops a senton! Santana looms over Chris as the crowd cheers, and Santana drags Chris up. Snap suplex high and hard, but that’s just uno amigo! Santana hits dos amigos, and then TRES AMIGOS! Santana is still intense and waves a dismissive hand at JC.

Santana stalks Chris, Chris pushes him away and throws body shots. Santana ROCKS Chris, tags Ortiz, and the wrench is handed off for Ortiz to fire forearms and a DDT! Ortiz eggs JC on to do something, Chris flails and flounders and tags in JC. JC dodges Ortiz to hit Santana! JC fires off haymakers and headbutts, but he runs into Ortiz’s somersault headbutt! Ortiz gets JC in the double underhooks, modified butterfly suplex! Tag to Santana, PNP mugs JC in the corner. Santana whips Ortiz in, JC dodges but Santana catches him. Santana shoves JC back at Ortiz but JC goes to monkey flip. Ortiz turns that around but JC still boots him away.

JC leaps at Santana but his huricanrana is blocked and turned into a POWERBOMB! Santana whips JC to the corner, sucker punches Chris, and then tags in Ortiz. Santana feeds JC to Ortiz’s POWERBOMB! Ortiz sits JC up for Santana’s Penalty Kick! Cover, PNP wins!

Winners: Proud ‘n’ Powerful, by pinfall

Santana and Ortiz make Metro Bros into minced meat, but here come Best Friends! The revenge sneak attack turns into a brawl on the outside! Trent tackles Santana, Chuck whips Ortiz into barriers! Ortiz tumbles up and out but Chuck follows. Trent and Santana, too, and Ortiz starts using a chair! Santana hits railing and Trent keeps on him while Ortiz is bounced off the timekeeper’s table. Trent uses the garbage can as a weapon on Santana! Ortiz blindsides Trent but Chuck comes back. Chuck and Ortiz fight for suplex control, Ortiz snap suplexes Chuck onto the trash barrel! And then throws the barrel at Chuck’s head! Chuck kicks back, bumps Ortiz off trunks! This brawl is going to continue into the night, will they fight all the way to Thursday?


Ricky Starks VS Shawn Dean!

The Absolute gave Darby Allin an ultimatum on Dynamite, and then a beating to go with it. Starks wants to finally get past “the joke” of AEW, but will he have to worry more about The Captain first?

The bell rings, Starks takes off the chain and ties up with Dean. Dean headlocks, Starks powers out and things speed up. Dean runs Starks over then brings Starks up to whip. Starks reverses, Dean blocks the hip toss to give a hip toss! Then Dean hits a headlock takeover! Starks headscissors, just as Taz says on commentary, but Dean moves around to pop out and jump on Starks. Dean has the headlock again, Starks fights up and puts Dean in a corner. The ref calls for the break, but Starks CHOPS and SLAPS Dean! Starks whips, Dean reverses to scoop and slam! Starks kicks back from the mat but both men reset. Things speed up, Dean crossbodies and goes to the apron. Dean shoulders in but into Starks’ KNEE!

Starks stomps Dean around, toys with him, slaps and kicks him around, then brings Dean up. Dean throws body shots, whips Starks to ropes, but Starks reverses to elbow Dean down! Starks mocks Darby with a standing Coffin Drop. Cover, TWO! Starks clubs Dean then SLAPS him down! Taz is as fired up as Starks but Dean throws body shots. Starks clubs Dean, Starks scoops but Dean slips out. Starks throws another slap but Dean fires off forearms and body shots! Starks knees low, throws Dean to ropes but Dena elbows him down! And again! Dean spins around, salutes and DDT’s Starks! The crowd fires up with Dean as he aims from a corner.

Dean goes corner to corner, blocks a boot to enziguri back! Dean goes side to side to KNEE Starks back! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Starks saves himself and Taz is all flustered on commentary as Dean looms over Starks. Dean brings Starks up but Starks blocks the half hatch. Dean clubs Starks, Starks slips out and ducks the enziguri! Starks BOOTS Dean, reels him in, Canadian rack to the RO SHAM BO! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

Dean gave Starks more of a fight than expected, but Starks still came away with absolute victory! Will Starks absolutely destroy Darby next time they meet?


Jake Hager VS Marko Stunt!

The Big Hurt finally returns to action, and looks to make light work of Mr. Fun-Sized. Will Stunt fulfill the old adage of, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog?”

Hager honestly can’t believe this is his match tonight but the ref says he still has to compete. The bell rings and Stunt goes right at Hager for a tie up. Hager throws Stunt down hard, and looks more annoyed than anything. Hager drops down to a knee so he’s closer to Stunt’s side. Hager gives Stunt the free headlock, then just stands up! Stunt is already way off the ground, and Hager TOSSES him to ropes! Hager tells Stunt to leave because he doesn’t belong. Stunt heads to the ramp where Hager holds the ropes open. And then kicks the ropes! The rope hits Hager in the Little Hurt, but that only angers Hager. Hager swings on Stunt, Stunt dodges and flosses on ’em! Stunt smirks but Hager shoves him to ropes.

Stunt kicks back, dodges Hager and slips under the boot to slide out of the ring. Stunt flosses more as Hager is furious! Stunt gets back in and eggs Hager on but Hager takes a deep breath. Stunt is doing the Running Man as the crowd cheers, but Hager glares at Stunt. Hager corners Stunt, fires off body shots and throws Stunt to the other corner. Hager TOSSES Stunt, and Stunt clutches his legs! Stunt might be hurt but Hager says he told Stunt to leave while he had the chance. Hager digs his knee into Stunt’s chest and slaps him around. The ref counts, Hager lets up and Stunt gets to his feet. Stunt CHOPS but Hager doesn’t even flinch. Stunt runs, Hager BOOTS him down!

Hager looms over Stunt, the crowd rallies behind Stunt, but Hager drags him up to the fireman’s carry. Hager lifts Stunt up in the military press, just to DROP him! Stunt gets up, into an URENAGE! KATAGATAMI ARM-TRIANGLE!! Stunt is OUT, Hager wins!!

Winner: Jake Hager, by submission

Stunt turns red before Hager lets go! The Big Hurt put the hurt on little Stunt, but he’s not done! Hager drags Stunt up, but here comes Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus! Hager threatens that if they step in, he clobbers Stunt. Luchasaurus tells Hager to let off, Stunt’s just a kid. Hager puts the fist down, to KNEE Stunt instead! Hager bails out before Luchasaurus can get at him! Will Hager soon feel the wrath of Jurassic Express?


Frankie Kazarian VS Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford!

We saw the Superbad Girl get a great win, will the Superbad Boy keep pace with her? Or will the Heavy Metal Rebel get a strong singles victory for himself?

The bell rings and Kaz circles with Kip. They tie up, Kaz powers Kip to a corner fast but the ref calls for the break. Kaz lets up and circles with Kip again. They go again, go shoulder to shoulder in the test of strength, and Kip breaks one grip to wrench the other wrist to a takedown. Kip stands on Kaz’s arm but Kaz gets free. Kip still poses and grins as he circles with Kaz again. They tie up, Kaz hammerlocks, headlocks, switches back to the hammerlock, but Kip drop toeholds. Kip gets the legs laced for a modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow. Kaz makes that a ghost pin, TWO! Kip runs into a headlock takeover but keeps his shoulders up, even as Kaz grinds on the hold. They fight up, Kaz wrenches to a wristlock, but Kip rolls and handsprings, only for Kip to wrangle him back down hard.

Kip works his way up, handsprings again but Kaz just wrangles him right back down. It’s a cover, TWO! Kip sits up, rolls back, rolls and handsprings again, then cartwheels and uses the ropes to flip. Kip wrenches but Kaz reverses to wring Kip into a short arm scissor! Kaz cranks on the arm as he moves around, then drops a knee on the arm! Kip endures, gets up, then works on a reversal. Kip dips, dips and then just pokes Kaz’s eyes. Kip headlocks, Kaz tries to power out but Kip grinds harder. Kaz fights up, back suplexes, but Kip lands on his feet to shove. Kaz comes back to run Kip over with a shoulder! Things speed up, Kaz hops over to Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Kip gets up but Kaz dropkicks him down!

Kaz runs but Ford swipes at him! Kaz is distracted, Kip dropkicks Kaz out! Kip builds speed and goes to the apron to fake Kaz out. Kaz turns around into the Penalty Kick! Kip fixes his hair, drags Kaz up and puts him back in. Cover, ONE! Kip stomps Kaz down, stomps him again, then brings him up to whip him hard into the corner! Kaz stands but Kip stomps him down. Kip stomps a mudhole until the ref counts 4. Kip tells the camera this is why Kip is the top of AEW. But Kip walks into a CHOP! Kaz throws haymakers and CHOPS, Kip kicks low and snapmares to a modified KOJI KLUTCH! Kaz endures, moves around, but Ford pulls the rope away! Kaz still gets the ropebreak, Kip holds on until 4.

Kaz gets up to CHOP and ROCK Kip! Kip wobbles, blocks the boot to KNEE Kaz back! Kip lines it up but Kaz ducks the kick! Kaz LARIATS Kip, then elbows him down! Kaz whips, Kip reverses but Kaz forearms him down! Kaz fires up and whips Kip corner to corner. Kip goes up, Kaz catches him to Electric Chair Drop, with a BRIDGE! Cover, TWO!! Kaz grows frustrated with Kip as he watches Kip crawl. Kip is in the corner, Kaz runs in but Kip goes up and over to enziguri back! Kip brings Kaz around, suplexes, but Kaz fights out of Deathly Hollows! Kaz throws hands, suplexes but Kip blocks! Kip is on the apron, Kaz goes out to join him. They start throwing haymakers!

Kaz wobbles but he ROCKS Kip! Kip kicks and enziguris, then dumps Kaz in. Kaz flounders, Kip slingshots, but Kaz ROCKS him again! Kaz slingshots Kip in, for the CUTTER! Cover, Ford puts Kip’s leg on the ropes! The ref sees the “ropebreak” and Kaz realizes who did it. Ford gets away with it, though, so Kaz drags Kip up in a dragon sleeper. Kip knees free, catches Kaz coming in, and high stacks with the ropes!! TWO and Kaz gets up, to run into a pop-up KNEE and DISCUS! Kip heads up top, takes aim, and LEAPS! Kaz avoids Kip’s stomps but Kip kicks him first. Kip tries a fisherman of his own, but Kaz slips out of the Aoi Shoudo to INVERTED DDT! Cover, Kaz wins!!

Winner: Frankie Kazarian, by pinfall

Kaz toughed it out and got a big win! He tells Penelope that’s what she and Kip get! Will Kaz get himself a title match as All Out approaches?


Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss VS The Hybrid2!

Jersey’s Finest isn’t slowing down on their ride together, but they’re going up against a duo that’s been all over the world. Will the Bad Boy and the Concrete Rose take the fight to Jack Evans and Angelico in this Saturday Dark special?

The teams sort out and Kiss starts with Evans. They circle, speed things up, and Kiss handsprings over to slide under, leap frog and come back to headscissor! Evans gets up, Kiss wheelbarrows to arm-drag, with the splits! Evans comes back, Kiss spins him around to a wristlock! Tag to Janela, Janela climbs up to drop ax handles on Evans’ arm. Janela wrenches Evans’ arm more, but Evans spins through to wrench back. Janela rolls, rolls and handsprings to wrench. Evans wrenches back, but Janela grits his teeth as he goes to the apron, back inside, and then rolls Evans up! TWO, Evans knees low and CLUBS Janela down!

Evans brings Janela to the corner, bumps him off buckles, Angelico tags in to stomp Janela. Angelico wrenches Janela’s arm, spins and wrangles Janela down. He rolls Janela back to his feet to cravat and snapmare then ghost pin! TWO, and Angelico toys with Janela. Janela DECKS Angelico for it! Janela puts Angelico into the corner, fires off fast hands and fires up! Tag to Kiss, Jersey’s Finest double whip to double hip toss! Kiss basement dropkicks Angelico for Janela to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Kiss keeps his cool, does some dancing, but Angelico throws him into buckles! Tag to Evans, Evans handsprings corner to corner to RAKE Kiss’ eyes! Evans sucker punches Janela then drags Kiss back up. Evans snap suplexes, covers, TWO!

Evans taunts and toys with Kiss, bumps him off buckles, then tags Angelico in. Angelico stomps Kiss with one foot then the other over and over. The ref backs Angelico off but Evans gets cheap shots in! Angelico drags Kiss to a modified Indian Deathlock! Evans taunts Kiss but Janela stomps away on Angelico! Evans stomps Kiss in return while the ref reprimands Janela! Angelico drags Kiss up, talks trash about his next leg lock, but Kiss breaks free to DECK him! Angelico tags Evans, Evans double stomps Kiss down then sucker punches Janela! Evans gives muay thai knees and throws Kiss down by his head! Evans kneels on Kiss for a cocky cover, TWO! Tag to Angelico, Angelico drags Kiss back up.

The crowd rallies for Kiss but Angelico jabs and kicks and whips Kiss to a corner. Angelico runs corner to corner, Kiss gets him with a headscissor ax kick! And a LEAPING SPLITS BOOT! Kiss and Angelico crawl to their corners, hot tag to Evans and he stops Kiss. Kiss flips free, Janela tags in and Janela ROCKS Evans out of the air! Janela crossbodies, rallies with forearms, and LARIATS Evans inside out! Janela throws Evans into Angelico to then GERMAN SUPLEX Evans! The crowd fires up as Janela drags Evans. Janela throws Evans into Angelico again, TH2 gets stuck together, Janela goes up and leaps to ZIGZAG DDT COMBO!! TH2 are both a crumpled mess but Janela is fired up!

Janela drags Evans up, reels him in, and runs for a SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Evans survives somehow and crawls back to his corner. Janela runs corner to corner to clothesline, then goes again to take Kiss. Evans dodges Janela, Janela pops him to the apron and ROCKS him! Janela goes to the apron to STO Evans down! Kiss runs to tumble DOUBLE STOMPS! Janela takes Evans from the apron for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER to the floor! Angelico POSTS Janela, Kiss Penalty KICKS Angelico! Kiss goes up top, SUPER MOONSAULT onto Angelico!! Kiss puts Evans in, climbs up top again, for the 450 SPLASH! Cover, but Angelico breaks it in time!

Janela returns to throw Angelico to the apron and BOOT him! Janela goes out to join Angelico now, but ANgelico slips off for an APRON EDGE O’MATIC! Kiss climbs, Angelico trips him up! Evans drags Kiss out to the Gory Especial, backslide with bridge! TH2 wins!!

Winners: The Hybrid2, by pinfall

Evans and Angelico survive a brutal battle, and Evans might need some oxygen. Will TH2 be climbing up the tag team ladder to one day take on the champions?

My Thoughts:

TWO HOURS of AEW Dark, but there still wasn’t much more substantial material than last week when it was less. Obvious results happened again for the majority of the whopping thirteen matches we got tonight. Best Friends and PNP both win their matches, and they were pretty good matches, but the important thing was the ambush from Best Friends on Santana and Ortiz, and that was some really good stuff. Jessy Sorensen has a great performance in losing to Spears, the Superbad Couple goes 50-50, with Kip and Kaz being the one that could’ve gone either way. I like that Kaz got the win here, each member of SCU is great as a singles competitor so Kaz getting a little bit of that shine is great for him.

Melanie destroys Velvet, Archer destroys D3, Hager destroys Stunt, but Hager and Stunt worked to push a story for Hager and Luchasaurus at the end there. I really do hope we get Hager VS Luchasaurus though it might have to wait until after All Out at this point. I am still hoping Inner Circle feuds with Orange Cassidy, Best Friends and Jurassic Express all at once for a 5v5 in Blood & Guts. Starks has a solid match with Dean and Dean looks strong but of course Starks wins. Nyla Rose still won but KiLynn King looked great in that match! Nyla and Vickie naming themselves the Vicious Vixens, what’s the point? Is Vickie getting in the ring? Are they going to add a third woman so it’s more like a stable? There seems to be a Women’s Tag Division slowly forming with the tag cup having happened, so maybe someone like Melanie Cruise joins up so that’s two towering forces Vickie manages.

We got other good tag team matches tonight outside of PNP and Best Friends. Gunn Club have a pretty good one with Baron Black and Frank Stone, and the main event was a strong 10 minutes with TH2 and Jersey’s Finest, Janela and Kiss, but I feel like the story of AEW Dark, the story that should’ve main evented, was The Initiative wanting that first win. Cutler and Avalon looked great again against Luther and Serpentico, but it seems we’re still far from these guys getting the zeros out. That book shot must be a way to bring the dysfunction back so Avalon and Cutler end up feuding with each other again. I’m torn again, because them as a team has been working out really well, but I am partial to my idea of “AEW’s Worst Wrestler” gag belt. Maybe Cutler will roll the dice and see what they say.

My Score: 8.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (6/7/23)

On the road to Collision!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Dynamite brings out the gold!

AEW Dynamite lands in Colorado Springs, and Kris Statlander defends her TBS Championship against Anna Jay A.S! Will Kris still be the Galaxy’s Greatest?


  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Swerve Strickland; Cassidy wins and retains the title.
  • Six Man Tag: Blackpool Combat Club VS Chaos; wins.
  • Texas Tornado Tag: #JungleHook VS La Faccion Ingobernable; wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita w/ Don Callis VS ???
  • AEW TBS Championship: Kris Statlander VS Anna Jay A.S; wins and
  • Ricky Starks VS Jay White; wins.


AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Swerve Strickland w/ The Mogul Embassy!

The Freshly Squeezed fighting champion survived Double or Nothing’s 20 VS 1 odds, but now he has to deal with The Mogul 1v1! Will Cassidy still be carrying the gold in his backpack? Or will that title be going to whose house? Swerve’s house!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Cassidy survives once again!

The bell rings and the fans rally for Freshly Squeezed. Swerve is annoyed by that, but he and Cassidy circle. Swerve tells Cassidy to go ahead, do what you do. Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets! Then he dodges a boot, but Swerve reels him in. Cassidy ducks the elbow to no-hands arm-drag! But Swerve handsprings through! Fans fire up and then things speed up. Cassidy hurdles, Swerve blocks the flip to drag Cassidy up. Cassidy fights the nelson with elbows, runs, but Swerve side steps and ducks the leap! Fans fire up as swerve kips up and stares Cassidy down. Cassidy stays by the ropes and Swerve is annoyed.

Swerve eggs Cassidy on, Cassidy comes back, they tie up, and Swerve trips Cassidy. Cover, ONE, but Swerve facelocks. Cassidy rolls, covers, TWO, and Swerve headscissors. Cassidy is down, ONE, and Swerve chinlocks. Cassidy scrambles to the ROPEBREAK, but then Swerve hooks Cassidy’s legs away! Swerve rolls Cassidy to a mounted armlock! Fans rally, Swerve wrenches that arm, but Cassidy fights up. Cassidy reaches for ropes but Swerve keeps him from them. Swerve cranks the wristlock but Cassidy rolls, stays put, then rolls back to roll and wrench and hook Swerve up into a Lazy Octopus!

Fans cheer while Swerve endures and fights his way to ropes. But Cassidy goes after the arm now! Cassidy bends the fingers, but Swerve fights to reach for ropes. Cassidy pops around to RANA Swerve, and he runs, to tilt-o-whirl but no DDT! Swerve and Cassidy stare down, Swerve runs in, and Cassidy dumps him out! Fans fire up, but Swerve mocks Cassidy by putting hands in “pockets!” Cassidy runs up but Swerve CLOBBERS him! Swerve TOSSES Cassidy into railing, and then high-fives Prince Nana. Swerve drags Cassidy up, gets the bad arm and SLAMS it against the post! And again! Cassidy clutches his hand while Nana applauds.

Swerve pushes Cassidy into the ring, CLUBS him, ROCKS him, then drags him up. Swerve whips corner to corner, UPPERCUTS him, and Cassidy falls! Fans are torn between the two as Swerve drags Cassidy back up. Swerve whips corner to corner, Cassidy goes up, but Swerve catches him to an Electric Chair! But Cassidy uses that to RANA Swerve out, only for Swerve to hold on! But then Cassidy RANAS again and Swerve hits railing! Fans are thunderous for Cassidy as he gets back into the ring! Cassidy builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit into railing! Cassidy puts Swerve back in, fans rally up, and he climbs the corner!

Cassidy leaps, CROSSBODY, but he bounces off the cover. Cassidy goes to run but Swerve reels him back, but then Cassidy keeps Swerve from running. Swerve breaks free with a leg, and ROCKS Cassidy with a right! Swerve drags Cassidy up, whips him to a corner, but Cassidy tumbles up and out! Cassidy blocks a punch but Swerve blocks a buckle bump. Swerve CHOPS Cassidy, climbs up the ropes and drags Cassidy up to join him. Fans rally as Swerve throws haymakers. Cassidy counters, but Swerve counters back! They fight for control, and they both HOTSHOT off the top buckle! Fans fire up while Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Nana coaches up Swerve, but both he and Cassidy stir. Both men rise, they storm up to each other, and Cassidy RAMS Swerve into railing! Cassidy brings Swerve around, and he RAMS Swerve back into the railing! Nana is furious but Cassidy brings Swerve up and into the ring. Swerve distracts the ref so Nana can yank Cassidy down! Cassidy glares at Nana and Nana backs off, but Swerve BOOTS Cassidy down! Swerve goes out after Cassidy, puts him in the ring, and climbs up the corner, for the FALLING UPPERCUT! Swerve cocky covers, TWO! Swerve scowls, stalks Cassidy to a corner, and CLUBS him on the back!

Swerve drags Cassidy from the corner, drops an ax handle, then clamps on a chinlock. Cassidy endures as Swerve leans on him and chicken wings an arm. Swerve chinbars, as well, but Cassidy fights the hold. Fans rally as Cassidy fights up to his feet, Dynamite returns to single picture, and Swerve throws a body shot! Swerve half nelsons, Cassidy throws elbows! Cassidy is free, and he ROCKS Swerve! And ROCKS him again! And again! Nana claims closed fist but Swerve BOOTS Cassidy! Swerve talks trash, pie faces, rolls, but into a SUPERKICK! Cassidy goes for an Alabama Lift but the back hurts him!

Swerve WRINGS Cassidy, gator rolls him and suplexes, but Cassidy STUN DOG MILLIONAIRES! Swerve wobbles, rebounds, HOUSE- NO, Cassidy avoids the House Call! Cassidy runs, but Swerve somersaults to COMPLETE SHOT! Both men are down and fans are thunderous again! Cassidy and Swerve stir as the fans rally up. They flounder towards each other, Swerve drags Cassidy up, and Swerve throws body shots. Swerve talks trash, but Cassidy “hits” back. Swerve says okay, and he fires off more hard body shots! Swerve talks more trash but Cassidy fires more “heavy” hands. Swerve swings, into a backslide! TWO!!

Cassidy reels Swerve in, gets around him, and tilt-o-whirls to DDT! Cover, TWO! Swerve survives but Cassidy goes to the corner. Cassidy climbs, but Swerve bails out of the ring. Cassidy sighs, adjusts position, but Swerve throws a body shot! Fireman’s carry, APRON DEATH VALLEY!! Cassidy writhes, Swerve goes up the corner, and Swerve takes aim… But Cassidy scoots away! Fans cheer but Swerve hops down to storm up, but into a BOOT from Cassidy! And another! And a SUPERKICK! Swerve wobbles, Cassidy runs in, DDT to the floor!! Cassidy drags Swerve up and in while fans lose their minds!

Swerve flounders, Cassidy climbs, DEEP IMPACT!! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives another drop but Cassidy shakes his head. Fans fire up as Cassidy throws off the elbow pad! Cassidy loads up, runs in, but Swerve pops Cassidy up, only for Cassidy to RANA! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy’s bad hand kept him from holding that cover! Nana distracts Cassidy and the ref, fans boo, but Cassidy loads up. Swerve runs in, but Cassidy dodges to send him into Nana! Down goes Nana, ORANGE PUNCH for Swerve! BEACH BREAK!! Cover, TWO?!? Swerve survives and no one can believe it! Swerve flops out of the ring while Cassidy thinks of what to do.

Cassidy grits his teeth, “This is Awesome!” as he builds speed to DIVE! But Swerve catches him, to suplex, BRAINBUSTER to the floor!! Cassidy flops against the apron but Swerve puts him into the ring. Fans are loving “A E DUB!” for this amazing opener! Swerve aims, runs in, but still no House Call! Ghost pin! TWO!! Cassidy rises, Swerve fakes him out to kick the legs out, then HOUSE CALL!! Swerve hurries up top, for the KILL STOMPS!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Cassidy survives and Colorado Springs is electric! Swerve is going out of his mind but he drags Cassidy back up! Fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” but Swerve half nelsons!

Swerve lifts, J- NO, victory roll! Swerve rolls it back with pants! TWO, and Cassidy has the victory roll again, also with tights! CASSIDY WINS!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall (still AEW International Champion)

Swerve is completely at a loss! He tried to cheat but it comes back to bite him! But The Mogul Embassy rushes into the ring to beat up on Cassidy! Fans boo as Nana, Liona, Kaun & Cage all stomp away, and even CHOKE Cassidy! Wait, the lights just went out! Because it’s STIIIIIING! And Darby Allin, too! The Relentless Icons are in the ring, the Embassy is on the retreat! Will Darby & Sting help Freshly Squeezed get past the Mogul Embassy’s numbers game?


AEW hears from tonight’s main eventers.

Jay White tells Ricky Starks, “Let me be honest with you. You have a lot of things going for you. You’re charismatic, you have everything it takes to reach the top of this business. That’s coming from me, so you know that those words mean something.” But The Absolute tells The Switchblade, “Whatever you did in the past doesn’t matter tonight. I’m gonna expose you for who you are.” White says that Starks has to look past his own ego that has grown out of control, to see that the man standing across from him in the ring tonight is going to show him just how out of his depth he is tonight.

Starks says he IS Absolute, and that is what White is gonna get and gonna understand. Starks is a man without boundaries! But White says this is absolutely still the Switchblade Era. With no one else allowed ringside, will these two finally settle the score once and for all?


Bryan Danielson is here!

The American Dragon already has big plans for Forbidden Door as he challenged The Rainmaker, Kazuchika Okada! AEW has a highlight reel of the “once in a lifetime” professional wrestler that is Okada, and replays some of Bryan’s promo from NJPW Dominion. “For the last 10 years, I’ve heard people talk about how great you are. How you’re the best wrestler of this generation. And I’ve also heard in interviews, that you said you wanna wrestle me. […] You wanna wrestle Bryan Danielson?” Okada’s response is that at Forbidden Door, we will see who is the REAL best in the world. Bryan says, “You’re good. I know you’re good. But I am the litmus test of ‘great.'”

Bryan says Okada calls himself the Rainmaker, but “When you step in the ring with me, you’re going into the EFFING DESERT! And there ain’t gonna be no rain.” Bryan now joins commentary as it is announced officially: Bryan VS Okada at Forbidden Door 2023! Okada was called a “once in a lifetime” wrestler in that video, but Bryan is also once in a lifetime! What happens when these two generational talents collide in Canada?


Six Man Tag: Blackpool Combat Club VS Chaos!

Speaking of Bryan and Okada, each of their allies are battling here tonight! Will Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta use #DeathJitsu to destroy Trent Beretta, Chuck Taylor & Rocky Romero?


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (6/2/23)

Champions are on a Rampage!



Four championships on one Friday night!

AEW Rampage hosts FOUR (non AEW) championship matches on one night! Will the champions make it through with their titles?


  • AAA Mega Championship Triple Threat: El Hijo del Vikingo VS Komander VS Dralistico; Vikingo wins and retains the title.
  • NJPW World Television Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Action Andretti; ZSJ wins and retains the title.
  • NJPW Strong Women’s Championship: Willow Nightingale VS Emi Sakura; Willow wins and retains the title.
  • ROH Pure Championship: Katsuyori Shibata VS Lee Moriarty; Shibata wins and retains the title.


AAA Mega Championship Triple Threat: El Hijo del Vikingo VS Komander VS Dralistico w/ Jose!

Two of these men teamed up just last night on ROH to win a Six Man Tag, but now they are opponents for the top title in AAA Lucha Libre. Meanwhile, La Faccion Ingobernable’s Prince of Silver and Gold is hungry for gold, will he take it away from Vikingo?

The bell rings and the three circle. Fans rally up for “LUCHA! LUCHA!” and “LUCHA LIBRE!” Dralistico swings, Vikingo dodges, but then Komander ducks Vikingo’s kick! Dralistico picks Vikingo up, throws him at Komander, but Komander throws Vikingo back. Vikingo wheelbarrows and arm-drags Dralistico but handsprings through. Vikingo dodges Komander now, shoves him to ropes, but Komander springboards! Vikingo gets under the crossbody, Komander tumbles and rolls but Dralistico jumps over, and then Vikingo jumps over Dralistico. Komander jumps over Vikingo, Dralistico jumps over Komander again, and they cycle continues!

Fans fire up for jump after jump, and then the three stand off. Dralistico raises the LFI fist and the three circle. Dralistico shoves the other two to then DOUBLE SHOTGUN! They bail out, Dralistico runs to FLY! Dralistico wipes both men out and fans fire up! Dralistico RAMS Komander into steel steps, and then he runs and RAMS Vikingo into railing! Fans cheer, Jose pats Dralistico on the shoulder and Dralistico goes back to BOOT Komander down. Dralistico puts Komander in, aims and springboards, to SWANTON! Cover, TWO! Dralistico wants a faster count but the ref says his count was fair.

Dralistico stomps Komander but fans taunt him. Dralistico bails out, tells the fans he’s done with them, but then they boo. Dralistico goes back to the ring, brings Komander up and tells everyone to hush. Dralistico CHOPS and Komander sits right down! Fans cheer as Dralistico says one more time, and he CHOPS, and CHOPS, and whips Komander. Komander reverses, runs in but is put on the apron. Dralistico swings, Komander blocks, and then Komander CHOPS! Komander slingshots up but Dralistico trips him! Dralistico ROCKS Komander, puts him in the ropes, and then goes up the corner.

Fans fire up as Dralistico WOE STOMPS Komander to the apron!! Fans fire up but then Vikingo gets in to go up and up and AIRHARA MOONSAULT! Direct hit on Dralistico and the fans are thunderous! Vikingo gets Dralistico and Komander in the ring, and then runs in at the corner. Dralistico stands up into the GAMANGIRI! Vikingo goes up the corner, to IMPLODER DRAGON RANA!! Fans fire up as Vikingo keeps Dralistico in the ring to then go up the ropes, OUTSIDE-IN PHOENIX SPLASH!! Cover, Komander breaks it! Fans fire up as this continues, they love “LUCHA! LUCHA!”

Vikingo GAMANGIRIS Dralistico, Komander adds a knee, and they double whip corner to corner. Vikingo sends Komander in but Dralistico TOSSES him out! Vikingo and Dralistico step up face to face, and Vikingo CHOPS! Dralistico CHOPS! Vikingo CHOPS again! Dralistico drops to a knee, and fans rally up. Vikingo throws forearms but Dralistico gives them back. Dralistico then SOBATS, KNEES, and runs, but into a SCREW HIGH KICK! Cover, TWO! Dralistico survives and Vikingo is a bit surprised. Fans continue to rally as Vikingo sees Komander on the apron. Vikingo storms up to throw forearms on Komander while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Vikingo GAMANGIRIS Komander down to the floor, then he fires forearms on Dralistico. Vikingo gets the fans fired up as he whips corner to corner. Dralistico reverses, runs in, but Vikingo puts him on the apron. Dralistico bumps Viking off buckles, ROUNDHOUSES him, then springboards, FLYING CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Vikingo is still in this and Jose is upset. Dralistico drags Vikingo up, pushes him to ropes, then goes out to look under the ring. He brings out a TABLE! Jose helps Dralistico set that up at ringside, then Dralistico goes to fetch Vikingo. Komander is there but Dralistico ROCKS him and RAMS him into railing.

Dralistico CHOKES Vikingo against the railing, Rampage returns to single picture, and Dralistico puts Vikingo in the ring. Fans rally up, Dralistico runs to SUPERKICK Komander in the corner! Dralistico tranquilos on the top rope and fans are torn. Dralistico runs side to side again but Komander avoids the boot wash to GAMANGIRI! Komander springboards and double jumps, FLYING RANA!! Not the cleanest but fans fire up. Vikingo returns, Komander goes Matrix to then arm-drag Vikingo around! And dropkick! Fans fire up again as Vikingo brawls with Dralistico on the outside, and Komander climbs the far corner!

Komander tightrope walks to double jump MOONSAULT! “This is Awesome!” as Komander puts Dralistico in the ring. Komander goes up the corner again, tightrope walks again, 450 SPLASH!! Cover, but Vikingo DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS it apart! Fans fire up as Dralistico flops out onto the table. Vikingo whips Komander, Komander reverses, but Vikingo goes up and Komander hits buckles! Vikingo then springboards to FLYING POISON-RANA Komander down!! Vikingo puts Komander out on the table with Dralistico, and then runs the ropes! Fans fire up as Vikingo goes up and 630 SENTONS through the senton!!

“This is Awesome!” but Dralistico avoided disaster! Dralistico puts Vikingo in, slashes his throat, POWER- RANA!! Cover, VIKINGO WINS!!

Winner: El Hijo del Vikingo, by pinfall (still AAA Mega Champion)

Dralistico is furious that victory was snatched away from him in an instant! But this is why you cannot underestimate El Hijo del Vikingo! Will his AAA Mega reign continue through the summer?


Backstage interview with Team Triple J.

Lexi Nair is with Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh, as well as Jeff & Karen Jarrett, “and the talk all week has been that you, Sonjay Dutt, and your group will be suspended.” WHAT?! Fined? Suspended? The only ones who should be facing that is AEW itself! They backed Triple J into a corner and they came out swinging like any real fighters would! Lethal feels that there should be consequences for Aubrey Edwards! She’s been against Triple J since the dawn of time! Something needs to be done about her! Jeff adds that there’s been enough talk these past five days. Should the heat go on the promotion? Should the heat go on Briscoe? On Aubrey?

The reality of the fact is, these five people are walking, talking, fire-breathing heat! But wait, here comes Mark Briscoe! He wants everyone to simmer down. There will be no suspensions, he assures us that. Mark talked with Tony Khan, Tony promised them there would be no suspensions. Because if Triple J is suspended, then they can’t be here. Because if they aren’t here, then they can’t get the ass whooping they deserve! Lethal wants Mark to hold on but Mark tells Lethal to shut up! We ain’t talking about Lethal! We’re talking about Jeff and KAREN! What?! “We?” Who is “we?!” AUBREY EDWARDS!!

Triple J cannot believe this. Aubrey wants Karen? Then there’s nothing but air and opportunity between them. So then Aubrey CHOKES Karen!! Karen and Aubrey start scrapping and Triple J, other refs and security rush in to stop this! When and where will Double J & the one true Karen have to face off with the Sussex County Chicken and one pissed off zebra?


NJPW World Television Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Action Andretti!

Speaking of just last night on ROH, the Frontman of TMDK just defended this belt against Rocky Romero to prove a point to “Samoan Joseph” about who is the better, harder working Television Champion. And here he is again as part of this championship edition of Rampage! Will the ZSJ Show continue on into the summer block? Or will NJPW have some #LightsCameraAction?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Action gets his 15 minutes of fame!

The bell rings and we’re on the clock. The two circle, fans rally, feel things out, and ZSJ shoots in to waistlock and full nelson. Then he spins Action to a cravat, but Action pries at the hold. ZSJ facelocks now, Action wrenches out of that but ZSJ rolls and slips away. Fans cheer this opening exchange and the two reset. Action shoots in but ZSJ avoids him. They tie up with knuckle locks, ZSJ bridges back and wrenches around to then wrangle Action with a top wristlock. Fans cheer and ZSJ digs a knee into the shoulder. Action rolls, cartwheels, arm-drags, but fans cheer as ZSJ holds onto the wrist!

ZSJ twists the wrist, bends the fingers, drags Action up and wrenches the arm to wrangle him again. Action keeps his shoulders up, fans rally, and Action kips up to wrench and MONKEY FLIP! But ZSJ still holds onto the wrist! Fans rally, ZSJ bends the fingers and he tortures Action’s arm. Action fights up but ZSJ keeps after the fingers. ZSJ flexes but Action stands. Action spins, flips and arm-drags free! Action then CHOPS ZSJ, then knuckle locks to go up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAG! ZSJ flounders up, Action DROPKICKS him down! Fans fire up as Action runs to IMPLODER TORNILLO! Cover, TWO!

ZSJ is still in this but he goes to a corner. Action runs in, but ZSJ dodges. Action goes up, leaps, and FLYING RANAS! ZSJ bails out, fans fire up and Action builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit into the railing! Fans are fired up with Action and he brings ZSJ back up. Action puts ZSJ in, slingshots, but ZSJ shoves him! Action lands safe but swings into body scissors, which ZSJ makes into a HANGING TRIANGLE! ZSJ did this to Rocky last night! The ref counts, ZSJ lets go at 4 and he drags Action back in, to WRING the arm out! Fans sing “OH~ Zack Sabre Junior~” as he stalks Action. ZSJ sits on the arm, hammerlocks it, and TWISTS!

Action writhes while fans are torn over the savagery. ZSJ gets Action’s leg, steps over to get the arm, and he STOMPS the arm! “OI! TV Tekkers, mates!” ZSJ stalks Action to a corner, brings him up and UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! “This is Awesome!” and ZSJ knuckle locks to wrench Action. Action endures as ZSJ twists the wrist more, and then ZSJ KICKS a leg. Action stays up so ZSJ wrenches and twists the wrist. Action throws body shots and CHOPS! ZSJ jumps on to drag Action down to a DISARMER! Action endures, reaches out, and fans rally. Action kicks around, ZSJ pulls on the arm, but Action gets the ROPEBREAK!

ZSJ lets go in frustration but he storms up to drag Action up. ZSJ has a double wristlock but Action endures. Fans rally, ZSJ jumps on to body scissor! Action stays up but ZSJ keeps on that arm. Action throws body shots, then suplexes high and HARD! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Action roars, runs, springboards, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! Cover, TWO! ZSJ survives and fans rally up again. Action brings ZSJ up, but ZSJ fights the torture rack to wrench and PELE the arm! And then he drop toeholds Action so he can STOMP the arm again! Fans are torn while Action clutches the bad shoulder.

ZSJ drags Action up, but Action blocks the Pele to ENZIGURI! Action puts ZSJ up top, CHOPS him, then climbs up after him. But ZSJ gets the bad arm to twist it! And YANK it! Action throws body shots, forearms, but ZSJ DECKS Action! ZSJ eggs on the fans, the fans cheer, and Action kips up! PELE!! Action runs corner to corner and jumps up to SUPER STEINER!! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives and Action can’t believe it! Action drags ZSJ up, torture racks, but ZSJ has a SLEEPER! Action sputters, he starts fading! But Action powers up! ZSJ lets go, slips free, but Action drops to victory roll! TWO!!!

ZSJ KICKS Action in the leg! And then KICKS him in the arm! ZSJ is mad now, but he runs into a SUPERKICK! Action goes up, POISON-RANA!! ZSJ flops around, Action runs in again, “This is Awesome!” as Action SHOTGUNS ZSJ down! ZSJ is in the drop zone, Action goes up, SPLIT-LEG MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives again but Action goes right to the apron. Action springboards, but flies into a TAKEDOWN! FUJIWARA ARMBAR!!! Action flails around, but ZSJ gets the other arm! Modified Rings of Saturn, into JIM BREAKS ARMBAR!! Action verbally quits, ZSJ wins!!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by submission (still NJPW World TV Champion)

Action’s 15 minutes of fame were really just over 10 minutes as The Frontman does it again! But now he moves on to defend this title at NJPW Dominion on Sunday against Jeff Cobb in a highly anticipated rematch. The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but will ZSJ get crushed by the Imperial Unit?


NJPW Strong Women’s Championship: Willow Nightingale VS Emi Sakura!

The Babe with the Power, too sweet to be sour, is the very-first NJPW Strong Women’s Champion after a powerful run at Resurgence. But will Willow make it through her first defense? Or will the Queen of Joshi take Willow’s throne already?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and one way or another, we witness a historic first defense!

The bell rings and the two RAM each other! Fans rally up as Emi and Willow RAM shoulders again! And again! Emi eggs Willow on so she says okay! Willow runs, RAMS Emi, but Emi roars! Emi runs, Willow follows and runs Emi over! Fans fire up and Willow waves. Willow brings Emi up to snap suplex! Willow runs up to CHOP Emi in the corner, then follows her along the ropes. Willow CHOPS Emi in the other corner and fans rally up. Willow puts Emi in the third corner, CHOPS, CHOPS and MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Fans fire up but Emi avoids the big chop. Emi runs in but Willow goes out to the apron.

Emi stops from hitting buckles, but Willow still counter punches her! Willow then brings Emi up, and fans fire up as they go up the ropes! Emi fights the suplex, tries to suplex Willow, but Willow fights to try again. But Emi rakes the eyes! Emi runs to BODY CHECK Willow off the apron! Emi goes out, signals to media to move, and laughs before she TOSSES Willow at railing! Fans rally as Emi runs in to SPLASH Willow against the railing! The ring count climbs as Emi drags Willow up and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Emi puts Willow in the ring, taunts the fans a bit, soaks up some heat, and then takes her time going up the steel steps. Willow sits up, Emi steps in, but Willow throws body shots! Emi CHOPS Willow, Willow goes to ropes, and Emi CHOPS her again! Willow goes to a corner, Emi soaks up the heat, and she storms up to CHOP again! And again! And again! Emi swaggers around, storms back up, but Willow CHOPS! And CHOPS! And ROCKS! Willow CHOPS again! Willow falls, Emi hurries to sit her up into a DRAGON SLEEPER! Willow endures, fights around, but Emi cranks the hold!

Fans rally, Willow fights but Emi pushes her to a cover, TWO! Willow is free of the hold, but Emi CHOPS her! And CHOPS her again! Willow eggs Emi on but Emi pokes her in the eye! The ref reprimands but Emi just grins. Emi brings Willow up to HEADBUTT! Willow staggers but she throws body shots. Emi eggs Willow on and SLAPS her! Emi brings Willow around to reel her in and hook the arms. But Willow fights with body shots! Willow fires off but Emi CLUBS her down as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Willow has Emi in a corner. Willow goes corner to corner to back body block! And clothesline! And snapmare to then go up. Emi stands, Willow MISSILE DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Emi survives, maybe even got Willow’s eyes again, but Willow comes back. Willow fireman’s carries but Emi slips fere to the DRAGON SLEEPER! Emi laughs, to TWISTING DDT! Willow staggers to a corner, Emi grins and runs in, BODY CHECK in the corner! Emi goes up top to TWISTING VADER! Cover, TWO!! Willow survives and Emi is frustrated. Emi reels Willow in, hooks the arms, but Willow fights again!

Willow Alabama Lifts but Emi sunset flips! Willow rolls through to BASEMENT CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Emi survives but Willow just runs in, only for Emi to sidestep and roll-up! TWO, but Emi steps over. Willow powers out of La Magistrol, and DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Willow fires up, DOUBLE LARIATS collide again! Willow fires up again, swings, but Emi gets around to CHOP LARIAT!! Both women are down and the fans fire back up! The ref checks and both women are still in this. Emi drags Willow up, fans rally, but Emi underhooks the arms. BUTTERFLY FACEBUSTER!! Emi fires up, she’s not done here!

Fans are thunderous as Emi waits on Willow to rise. Emi then CHOPS, CHOPS, and CHOPS again! MACHINE GUN CHOPS, but Willow shoves her away. Emi CHOP LARIATS, then whips corner to corner. Willow comes back to POUNCE Emi into the corner! Fans fire up as Willow runs to CANNONBALL! And then she drags Emi out to high stack, TWO!! Emi is still in this and fans fire up! But the straps come down and Willow fires up! Fans fire up with her, she reels Emi in to gut wrench, but Emi fights the lift! Emi slips free to SLAP! SLAP! And SLAP! Emi runs, but Willow CLOBBERS her!

Gut wrench, and BABE WITH THE POWER BOMB!! Cover, Willow wins!

Winner: Willow Nightingale, by pinfall (still NJPW Strong Women’s Champion)

Now that’s a first defense for the history books! How much better will Willow make this inaugural reign if this is just the beginning?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

After their encounter with Dralistico and Preston Vance last Wednesday, #JungleHook reunites for a TEXAS TORNADO TAG MATCH! Will Jack Perry & The FTW Champion tear apart La Faccion Ingobernable?


BIG news for ROH!

On Friday, July 21st in Trenton, New Jersey, ROH returns to PPV with Death Before Dishonor! Tickets go on sale next Friday, June 9th!


Mark Henry welcomes us back to Rampage.

“Tonight, two technical masters go face to face when Lee Moriarty takes on Shibata for the ROH Pure Championship.” Nigel McGuiness says a competitor like Shibata can pick you apart, one body part by another. But Tony Schiavone and Taz say not enough is said about just how talented Moriarty is for such a young wrestler. It looks like there’s been enough talk. It’s TIME for the main event!

ROH Pure Championship: Katsuyori Shibata VS Lee Moriarty!

The Wrestler defended this title just last night on ROH against his student, Alex “The Android” Coughlin. But now he faces #TAIGASTYLE, who has come close to snatching this title for his own not too long ago. Will tonight be Moriarty’s night? Or will Shibata make it through this Pure Wrestling Double Header?

The introductions are made, our judges are BJ Whitmer, Christopher Daniels & Jerry Lynn, and the belt is raised as we see who is truly THE Wrestler!

The bell rings and the clock is ticking on this 60 minute time limit. The two feel things out, Moriarty shoots in but Shibata holds him off with a sprawl. They clinch on the mat, Shibata slips to a waistlock and then a chinlock. Moriarty slips free but Shibata pushes him to a cover, ONE! Shibata wraps Moriarty up with his own arm and then goes for the armbar! Moriarty clasps hands but ends up in a TRIANGLE! Moriarty falls onto the ROPEBREAK, that is his first of three. Shibata even lets Moriarty know it as they reset. They knuckle lock, go shoulder to shoulder, clinch, and Moriarty tries for a leg.

Shibata powers Moriarty down, gets around to a waistlock, and they stand up. Moriarty pries the hold, fans cheer this technical exchange, but then Moriarty elbows free! Moriarty stomps Shibata into a corner, the ref counts, but Moriarty digs his boot in. Fans boo, but Shibata powers up to back Moriarty down! Shibata throws the foot down but Shibata ROCKS him! Moriarty runs to dropkick the legs out! Fans boo while Moriarty grits his teeth, and then the fans rally up for Shibata as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Moriarty mocks the applause as he stands over Shibata. Moriarty then says they can stop all that, and he grabs a leg to DDT the foot! Moriarty kips up, air guitars, and he ties up Shibata’s legs into a unique crisscross toehold. Then he sits with it for a modified stump puller! Shibata’s shoulders are down, Moriarty is practically stealing Darby Allin’s Last Supper! TWO as Shibata kicks out and Moriarty argues the count. Moriarty drags Shibata around, stomps a leg, then stomps it more and more before another DDT to the foot! Moriarty mocks the clapping from the fans, and then he drags Shibata around for a spinning toehold!

Shibata endures as Moriarty ties up the legs into another cross toehold. Moriarty puts Shibata into an Indian Deathlock, then he knuckle locks Shibata for a cover. TWO as Shibata gets an arm up! Moriarty pushes the arm back down, TWO as Shibata gets the other arm up! Moriarty pushes that arm down, TWO as Shibata gets both arms up! Moriarty CHOPS Shibata, pushes on the legs, then lets Shibata go. Moriarty gets a leg, hooks it, and ties Shibata up in another cross toehold, only for Shibata to trip him! Shibata gets Moriarty’s legs, steps through, but Moriarty fights the figure four! Shibata powers through to sync it in!

Moriarty endures, reaches out, but his shoulders are down. TWO as Moriarty sits up, Shibata keeps on the pressure, and Moriarty falls back onto his shoulders. TWO as he sits up again! Shibata has the extended leg caught in a heel hook behind his back! Moriarty falls back again, shoulders are down, TWO as he sits back up! Moriarty endures, reaches out, claws at the hold, and he pries it open. Shibata works to keep it on tight, Moriarty is down again, TWO! Moriarty sits up, Shibata thrashes around, and Rampage returns to single picture. Fans rally, Moriarty drags Shibata along as he reaches back, but Shibata drags him from the ropes!

Moriarty scrambles and goes to the opposite side, ROPEBREAK! That’s his second, he has one left, and we’ve only just past six minutes! Shibata stomps Moriarty’s bad leg, has him in a corner, and he fires off forearms! The ref counts, Shibata fires again and again, but lets off at 4. Shibata runs corner to corner but Moriarty follows to KNEE him in the corner! And then HALF HATCH BRIDGE! TWO as Shibata fights out of the “pancake.” Moriarty HAMMERS away on the back of Shibata’s head! Fans rally, Moriarty suplexes, but Shibata blocks! Shibata powers out but Moriarty kicks low!

Moriarty runs but into a kitchen sink knee! Fans rally, Shibata stomps his legs into working, and he storms up on Moriarty. Shibata drags Moriarty up to whip him to a corner and BOOT! And he fires off more forearms! The ref counts, Shibata runs corner to corner, HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Fans fire up for that Shibata signature and he drags Moriarty up. HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Moriarty is still in this but Shibata clamps right on with a chinlock! Moriarty fights to the ROPEBREAK, but that’s his last! Shibata waistlocks. Moriarty switches to roll up, TWO! But Moriarty rolls with to get the BORDER CITY STRETCH!!

Shibata endures, Moriarty pulls him back, but fans rally up. Shibata rolls things to a cover, TWO! Moriarty ROCKS Shibata, winds up, but Shibata ROCKS Moriarty! And then SLEEPER!! Shibata sits Moriarty down, runs, PENALTY KICK!! Cover, Shibata wins!!

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata, by pinfall (still ROH Pure Champion)

Just past nine minutes and Shibata finishes things off, but wait! Daniel Garcia is here! The Dragonslayer is a former ROH Pure Champion, and he’s walking out right to the ring! Garcia steps in, he swaggers up to Shibata, and it is clear this is what’s next for Shibata. Shibata raises the belt to signal his accepting the challenge, will The Wrestler put down this sports… enner-tay-ner?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage here, though I’m surprised this wasn’t just a Battle of the Belts special. Excalibur said it himself on commentary in the main event, but it was great to start off with the epitome of lucha libre and finish on Strong Style technical wrestling. The AAA Mega Championship was a great opener, and was definitely another instance where I’m grateful we can pause things because they were going fast and furious. Or maybe at Flash speeds, since that’s a Warner Brothers movie they could plug. But as I figured going into this, all the champions retained, since none of these were AEW titles (directly, since ROH is a subsidiary of AEW now).

The NJPW World Television Championship continues to be a great title to watch because of the 15 minute time limit speeding things up. Likewise, ZSJ is always a great wrestler to watch, but so hard to write for cuz he has the biggest collection of named signature moves/holds of any wrestler I’ve seen. I had to double check what he was using to make Action tap, because I keep thinking things are Clarky Cat when they’re not Clarky Cat. ZSJ is setting a very high bar for this title, maybe he retains against Cobb at Dominion or maybe he loses, but it’s going to be hard for the second-ever NJPW World TV Champion to match what ZSJ has done.

Great first title defense for Willow and this title, she and Emi put on a great match. I wonder when Willow has her first defense on NJPW Strong, and who she’ll be facing. And we got a great Pure Championship match to finish, and I’m surprised it was so quick, even compared to the NJPW World TV Championship match. But great win for Shibata, I like that Garcia is stepping up, and that’s going to be an awesome match. I don’t know if they’re going to wait until Death Before Dishonor in July for that match, but knowing AEW and ROH, they can find a way to stretch things out. Especially with Garcia also busy being part of JAS and doing JAS things.

My Score: 8.7/10

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