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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/4/20)

Dark rolls a seven!



AEW Dark Coverage

Seven strong matches for AEW Dark!

Tonight, we see the return of The Gunn Club! Will Billy and son, Austin, hit their mark? Plus, Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon are still chasing their first win!


  • Scorpio Sky VS Will Hobbs; Scorpio wins.
  • The Gunn Club VS Aaron Solow & Serpentico; The Gunn Club wins.
  • The Initiative VS Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss; Janela & Kiss win.
  • Abadon VS KiLynn King; Abadon wins.
  • Jake Evans w/ Angelico VS QT Marshall w/ Allie; Evans wins.
  • FTR VS Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison; FTR wins.
  • The Butcher & The Blade VS Private Party; The Butcher & Blade win.


Scorpio Sky VS Will Hobbs!

The Closer of SCU is on a great win streak, but now he’s going up against a big challenge! Will Scorpio be able to get past the Embodiment of Willpower?

But before the bell rings, Hobbs attacks with a corner splash! Scorpio goes down in a heap while the ref reprimands Hobbs and the bell rings. Hobbs whips Scorpio, hits another big corner splash, then eggs Scorpio on. Hobbs CLUBS Scorpio in the chest, then whips him to ropes. SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Scorpio survives and Hobbs can’t believe it! Hobbs clubs away with crossface forearms but Scorpio covers up. Hobbs scoops Scorpio up but Scorpio slips off and shoves him into buckles! Scorpio hits Hobbs from behind then fireman’s carries! T K O!! Cover, Scorpio wins!

Winner: Scorpio Sky, by pinfall

Hobbs brought the heat but Scorpio walked through the fire and keeps the streak going! Will Scorpio #ReachForTheSky and get some gold?

Scorpio grabs a chair and sets it up in the ring, then grabs a mic to speak. “This chair is symbolic. This chair might as well be a throne.” Because lately, Scorpio’s been called the King of AEW Dark, like he’s supposed to be happy about that. He doesn’t want to bury the show, but if AEW thinks this is his ceiling, “you are very, very wrong.” Scorpio asks a question: How many people have pinned Chris Jericho in AEW? Jon Moxley, the AEW World Champion, and Scorpio himself. Scorpio has more wins on his record than he can keep count. Are they paying attention? Scorpio is tired of sitting on the outside and waiting for a seat at the table. He is tired of watching others eat, so maybe he should kick in the door! “Y’all must’ve forgotten who I am.” Say the name “Scorpio Sky” and get used to it. Scorpio has had enough of waiting and watching, when will he finally get the shots he deserves?


The Gunn Club VS Aaron Solow & Serpentico!

Billy and his son, Austin, are back in action! Will they shake off the rust and kick up some dust in the tag team division?

The teams sort out and Billy starts with Serpentico. They circle, Serpentico lunges but Billy just steps up over him. They go again, Serpentico waistlocks but Billy reaches down to trip him up! Billy swings on Serpentico but Serpentico dodges and runs but Billy pops him up. Serpentico fights out of the bomb, dodges again, but runs into a BOOT! Billy drags Serpentico up and tags in Austin. The Gunns whip, body shot and boot then LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Austin clamps onto Serpentico’s arm and wrenches but Serpentico hits him back. Serpentico whips Austin into a corner, hits an uppercut, and tags in Solow. Solow throws body shots then shoves Austin to a corner.

Solow fires off forearms then whips Austin corner to corner. Austin goes up and over and keeps moving, to duck and hurdle and counter the hip toss to an arm-drag! Solow runs into a drop toehold and Austin gets a headlock. The crowd cheers as Austin grinds Solow down. Solow fights up, powers out but runs into a boot. Austin elbows Serpentico away but walks into Solow’s spinning roundhouse! Solow rains down hands from all sides, then takes a moment to pose over Austin. Solow tells Austin to “SUCK IT” then tags in Serpentico. Solow snapmares Austin, Serpentico slingshot stomps him down! Cover, ONE! Austin flounders but Serpentico keeps him away from Billy. Serpentico whips Austin to a corner but runs into Austin’s boot.

Serpentico turns himself around, blocks boots to BACK HAND Austin! Tag to Solow, they double whip Austin to ropes, but Austin ducks and ROCKS Solow! Serpentico ducks the enziguri and drags Austin. Austin shoves Serpentico away but Solow hits a basement lariat! Solow tells Billy to kiss this then covers Austin, TWO! Solow drags Austin up to throw forearms. Austin blocks the suplex so Solow clubs him down! Solow continues to taunt Billy as he stomps Austin. Tag to Serpentico, they double whip again, Austin holds ropes to kick Serpentico! Austin shoves Solow into Serpentico, dodges them both and hot tags Billy!

Billy rallies with big haymakers! Billy throws Solow out and then corner splashes Serpentico! Billy reels Serpentico in, says “SUCK IT” but misses the Famouser! Serpentico school boys Billie, TWO, SUPERKICK! Billy wobbles, but he throws Serpentico out! Tag to Austin and he dodges Solow to hit the FAMOUSER! Serpentico returns but gets a hip toss neckbreaker! Cover, the Gunn Club wins!

Winners: The Gunn Club, by pinfall

The Son of a Gunn takes care of business for him and Billy! Will this father and son head to some bigger opportunities in AEW?


The Initiative VS Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss!

Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon still haven’t gotten a win, despite how impressive they’ve become as a team! Will Jersey’s Finest be the first to lose to them ever?

The teams sort out and the Dungeon Master starts against the the Bad Boy. Cutler and Janela tie up, Janela headlocks but Cutler powers out. Janela runs Cutler over but Cutler gets up. Janela then runs and rolls Cutler into buckles! Janela hits Avalon to then BOOT Cutler in the corner! Tag to Kiss, Janela KNEES Cutler back down! Janela and Kiss whip Cutler, Cutler holds ropes and dumps Janela out. Cutler elbows Kiss, dodges, and tags Avalon as he FLIES out onto Janela! Kiss rushes the Librarian but gets a buckle bump for it. Avalon runs and huricanranas Kiss, to then atomic drop and run. Kiss dodges, sweeps the legs but misses the slingshot split leg drop! Kiss still kicks Avalon on the apron then runs and DIVES onto Cutler!

The crowd fires up with Jersey’s Finest as Kiss gives back the buckle bump. Kiss also gives back that huricanrana and atomic drop! Kiss adds another atomic drop, then twerks cheek to cheek with Avalon before a roll up. TWO, Avalon kicks Kiss back and tags in Cutler. The Initiative go to double whip but Kiss fights back! Kiss knuckle locks each of them to springboard and flip back to drive them into each other! Tag to Janela, he goes up top and hits them both with a crossbody! Avalon flounders around, Janela uses him as a step stool to get up top! Janela splashes Avalon then PESCADOS Cutler! The crowd is fired up, then Kiss twerks into the handspring moonsault! Cover, TWO! Jersey’s Finest keeps their focus and regroup.

Tag to Janela. they double whip Avalon to HART ATTACK! Then a Boston Crab and leg drop! Chancery and basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Avalon lives but Janela has the crowd rally up. Janela throws hands on Avalon then whips. Avalon reverses but Janela holds ropes. Janela sends Avalon to the ramp to then ROCK him with a forearm! Janela follows Avalon to the stage, lines up a shot, and runs, but is sent into the steel girder! Avalon stomps Janela’s bad arm, drags him up and clubs the shoulder. Avalon wrenches and brings Janela back to the ring to dump him in. Avalon wrings the arm out! Avalon drops down to dig his forearm in, then wrenches again to tag Cutler.

The Initiative mug Janela, Cutler wrenches and wristlocks. Janela fights back but Cutler cranks on the arm more. Cutler bumps Janela off buckles and tags in Avalon. Avalon throws forearms, wrenches more and bumps Janela off more buckles. Avalon wrenches, whips corner to corner, but Janela goes up and over. The bad arm bothers him but he CHOPS with the good one! Tag to Cutler and he intercepts Janela! Cutler throws haymakers, shoves Janela back into a corner then runs in, only for Janela to boot! Janela runs, Cutler catches him and keeps him out of reach! Cutler tackles Janela into the Initiative’s corner and tags in Avalon. The Initiative put Janela in a corner, whip him corner to corner, then Avalon whips Cutler in. Janela mule kicks Cutler, then mule kicks Avalon!

Janela hops up, and uses them as steps to get to Kiss! Kiss rallies on The Initiative! Dropkick-flip and back elbow for Avalon! Kiss kicks and kicks and sweeps the legs! LEAPING splits leg drop! Cover, TWO! Avalon survives and Kiss grits his teeth. Tag to Janela, Jersey’s Finest coordinates. Kiss is up, Janela Electric Chairs, but Leva Bates gets up on the apron. Janela throws Librarian at Librarian but Leva gets clear! Avalon still gets a hotshot for it, and back to the Electric Chair. Avalon slips out as Cutler climbs, Janela gets an inverted DDT while Kiss fights Cutler. Kiss shoves Cutler but Avalon catches him in a fireman’s carry, only for Kiss to use that in a BLOCKBUSTER SAMOAN DROP!

Kiss fires up with the crowd and he opens the ropes for Janela. Janela DIVES and takes out Cutler! But Avalon uses that for a SUPER RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover but Janela breaks it! Avalon dumps Janela out and then claims something with his eye. Leva gives Janela SLICED BREAD! Avalon wrenches Kiss, tags Cutler, MARTI-KNEES! Springboard FROGGY-BOW!! Cover, TWO!?! Kiss still lives but the Initiative tags again. The Initiative double whip, Kiss counters and ROUNDHOUSES Cutler to then ROCK Avalon! Avalon kicks back, throws forearms and whips Kiss. Kiss reverses, Janela ROCKS Avalon in return! Hot tag and Jersey’s Finest coordinates again! FLYING SPLITS DOOMSDAY!! Cover, Jersey’s Finest wins!

Winners: Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss, by pinfall

The Initiative continues to put up valiant efforts but it just isn’t enough! Will they ever get that win? As for the Bad Boy and Concrete Rose, will their ride down this road lead them to gold?


Abadon VS KiLynn King!

The creeping nightmare is still going, and looks to strike fear into the hearts of everyone watching once again. But will she be able to scare the Queen of Crazy?

The bell rings and King shoves Abadon. King says she isn’t going to fall for the head games, but then Abadon powers her to a corner! Abadon throws body shots and clubbing forearms! King turns things around to throw forearm after forearm then stomps a mudhole in! King runs and rolls to go corner to corner for double knees! King fires up but Abadon gets right up!? Abadon hits a Thesz Press and rains furious hands! Cover out of the press, TWO! Abadon waistlocks King quickly, but King pries at the hold. King throws elbows and throws Abadon out. King POSTS Abadon and fires herself up again.

Abadon gets up while King catches her breath and refreshes the count. King grabs Abadon first but Abadon whips her into barriers! Abadon demands King get up but brings her back to the ring herself. Abadon slithers up behind King and dribbles King’s head off the mat! King rolls to a corner but Abadon storms over. Abadon throws forearms then goes corner to corner, but King elbows back! King hops up, leaps and missile dropkicks Abadon down! The crowd cheers while both women are down. King crawls over but Abadon sits up. Abadon fixes her neck and stares at King. King grits her teeth and fires herself up to clobber Abadon over and over! King boots the punch away to ROUNDHOUSE and GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!

King grows frustrated but she double chicken wings, only for Abadon to victory roll out! King lands on her face but gets up, but Abadon throws forearms! Abadon rocks King then SPIKE-RANAS! Cover, Abadon wins!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall

Another win for the #LivingDeadGirl, but she does not seem satisfied. Will only a shot at the AEW Women’s Championship satisfy her?


Jake Evans w/ Angelico VS QT Marshall w/ Allie!

The Hybrid2 are back, but for now it’s just the Dragonslayer in action. The Natural Nightmare’s Gift to Wrestling is also back, but with Allie by his side instead of Dustin or Brandi. Will Evans or QT get momentum for their tag team in this double return match?

The bell rings and Evans talks trash the entire time he circles with QT. They tie up, QT powers Evans to a corner, but lets up at the ref’s count. Evans comes back and circles with QT again. They tie up, Evans waistlocks but QT wrenches to a wristlock. Evans cartwheels and wrenches back, but QT rolls to reverse it. QT gets a headlock takeover and covers, ONE! Evans works his way back up, throws body shots and powers out, but QT runs him over! Allie cheers as things speed up again. Evans hurdles but QT counters the hip toss to a hip toss! Evans spins and kicks back, then shows off with a helicopter handstand! QT mule kicks him down! QT drags Evans up, back suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! QT keeps his cool and drags Evans up, but Evans jawbreakers!

Evans forearms QT in the corner, throws more hands, then stalks QT to a new corner. QT turns things around to throw forearms on Evans! QT whips corner to corner, runs in but Evans boots back! Evans goes up and springboards, but is caught by QT! QT pops Evans to a suplex! Evans rolls out of the ring, QT watches him flounder about. QT goes out and stalks up behind Evans, but Evans elbows back! Evans whips QT into railing! And then at the post, but QT blocks! QT hits Evans back and bumps him off the apron! QT puts Evans back in but Angelico creeps closer. Angelico distracts with the Bernie lean and Evans SASUKE SPECIALS! “That’s why I’m the best!” Allie is upset as Evans drags QT up and in.

Evans throws hands then bumps QT off buckles. Evans whips QT corner to corner and talks more trash. Angelico distracts the ref as Evans handsprings and rakes QT’s eyes! Evans throws QT and QT swings blindly while Allie protests. Evans puts QT on the ropes to choke him, but lets up at the ref’s count of 4. Allie is upset as Evans makes QT a puppet. “Evans is the best~!” Allie coaches QT and he throws body shots back! QT throws forearms then whips Evans, but Evans gets around to crucifix into a modified Iron Octopus! QT endures, the crowd rallies, and QT powers up and out! QT throws more forearms, but Evans boots back! Evans ends up on the apron to springboard, but QT dodges the flying attack! QT scoops for a MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Evans survives but Allie rallies for QT.

QT has Evans up, whips him, and lariats! QT double chops then whips again, for a tilt-o-whirl scoop and SLAM! Allie cheers for QT as he drags Evans back up. Evans throws shots and whips but QT reverses. QT pops Evans up for a FAST BALL! Cover, TWO!?! Evans lives and QT can’t believe it! Allie still cheers as QT watches Evans stand. QT fireman’s carries, Evans fights out and runs, but QT standing switches. Evans bucks off the roll to spinning roundhosue! Standing corkscrew moonsault! Cover, TWO!! QT lives and Allie cheers more! Evans goes up top and aims, 450! But he has to roll through as QT dodges! QT hits a lethal combination! Cover, ROPEBREAK!

Allie is furious and she gets on the apron! Angelico also gets on the apron but Allie steps into the ring. The ref worries about Allie more and Angelico ROUNDHOUSES QT! Evans hits a bridging backslide cover, Evans wins!

Winner: Jack Evans, by pinfall

The Hybrid2 take advantage of Allie’s anger, and now they stomp QT down to celebrate! Allie shouts for help, Dustin Rhodes appears! The Natural runs them off but the damage is done! Will TH2 have to deal with both Natural Nightmares in the near future?


FTR VS Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison!

As we saw on Dynamite last week, Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood are official signed with AEW! But that also comes with special FTR conditions. Will Bulletproof Brian and the Ivy League VIP be able to #FollowTheRules? Will they still lose all the same?

The teams sort out but Cash provokes the younger guys. Griff and Pillman stay back, and it’s BPJ that starts with Dax. Dax and Pillman circle, Cash gives Dax some tips, and then Dax and Pillman tie up. Pillman tries to power Dax back, Dax shifts to a headlock and takeover. Pillman headscissors, Dax pops out and the two stand off, which the crowd cheers. Dax and Cash talk again, Dax and Pillman tie up. Dax spins and wrenches Pillman and grinds him down to the mat. Dax pulls hair but clamps harder on the shoulder. Pillman rolls, cartwheels, flips and headstands, to kick Dax in the face! Cash swipes at Pillman but Pillman “rolls film” on Dax. Dax and Pillman tie up again, Dax puts Pillman on the ropes. The ref counts, Dax lets up but SLAPS Pillman!

Pillman rushes at Dax, Dax tags Cash and Cash blindsides Pillman! FTR double whip Pillman and double DECK him! Cash drags Pillman up by the hair and brings him around to European Uppercut him to the FTR corner. Cash CHOPS, but Pillman shoves Dax down! Cash clubs Pillman and bumps him off buckles to tag Dax back in. FTR double whip again, but Pillman goes up to double crossbody them both! Pillman dropkicks Dax and SUPERKICKS Cash! Pillman wrenches Dax, CHOPS him, then tags Griff. Griff and Pillman whip, drop toehold and rolls film for the basement dropkick! Cover, ONE, but Griff grinds Dax down with a chinlock. Dax fights up and throws Griff down by his hair!

Dax drags Griff up, tags Cash, and FTR coordinates for an elbow drop back suplex! Cover, TWO, but Cash grabs Griff’s long hair to keep him down. Cash headbutts Griff to ropes, fireman’s carries, but Griff fights and shoves Cash. Cash slams on the brakes seeing Pillman glaring at him, but Griff BOOTS Cash down! Dax swipes at Griff, but Griff ROCKS him! Griff hits a rolling elbow on Cash! Tag to Pillman and Griff whips Cash corner to corner. Pillman runs in for a big corner clothesline! Griff hits a leaping splash! Pillman covers, ONE! Pillman wrenches but Cash whips free, only for Pillman to reverse. Pillman leaps but Cash catches him for a POWERSLAM! Cash catches his breath while Pillman is down. Cash drags Pillman over, tags in Dax, and FTR coordinates. Boston Crab and second rope leg drop!

Pillman flounders but Dax is on him. Dax puts Pillman through ropes and throws hands and kicks and repeat! Pillman drops to the floor but Dax drags him up and in. Dax CHOPS Pillman then throws forearms! Dax shoves but Pillman counters to a backslide! TWO, and Dax goes at Pillman only to get a ROUNDHOUSE! Both men are down and floundering for their corners! Tag to Cash and Cash intercepts Pillman! Tag back to Dax, FTR combine for a back drop suplex, only for Pillman to slip out! Pillman dodges Cash, slides under Dax, hot tag to Griff! But Griff runs into the GOODNIGHT EXPRESS!! Cover, FTR wins!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall

Cash and Dax found ways to bend the rules, but they still win fair and square. Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard seem pleased by what they saw. Will FTR have business to discuss with #PERFECT10N?


The Butcher & The Blade VS Private Party!

Andy Williams and Braxton Sutter had a brutal Falls Count Anywhere with The Young Bucks, but it seems they’re just fine after that loss. Will they use Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy as a way to rebound? Or will the party rage on to redeem themselves after their own big loss?

The teams sort out, Blade starts against Quen. They circle, tie up, and Blade powers Quen to the corner. Tag to Butcher but Quen avoids the mugging to get back to his corner. Tag to Kassidy, Kassidy circles with Butcher. Kassidy dodges Butcher’s lunge and jogs around. They go again, Butcher catches Kassidy this time and rams him into the corner! Tag to Blade and Blade clubs away on Kassidy. Kassidy throws forearms back but Blade headlocks. Kassidy powers out but Blade runs him over. Things speed up, Kassidy leaps and runs to wheelbarrow and arm-drag! Blade is back up, but into a hip toss! Kassidy dropkicks and covers, TWO! Kassidy keeps his cool and brings Blade up. Kassidy CHOPS and CHOPS then throws forearms.

Kassidy wrenches and whips but Blade reverses to pop Kassidy up for a hotshot on the ropes! Tag to Butcher, he drags Kassidy back up. Butcher CHOPS Kassidy off his feet, then drops a knee! And another knee! Butcher drags Kassidy up to whip and clothesline in the corner! Kassidy flops up and down, Butcher drags him up but Kassidy throws body shots. Butcher bumps Kassidy off buckles hard, then brings him up to whip. Kassidy reverses and hits a spinning roundhouse! Tag to Quen, Kassidy punches Butcher and alley oops Quen to stomp him! Private Party double dropkicks Butcher to a corner! Blade runs in but gets thrown to the apron! Step stool dropkick sends him down!

Butcher runs but Quen dodges to PELE! Butcher wobbles, Quen spins and PELES again! Butcher is still on his feet?! Quen runs, Butcher pops him up, but SILLY STRING comes in, only for Butcher to catch Quen in the fireman’s carry! Blade trips Kassidy off the apron while Butcher gives Quen a GUT BUSTER! Butcher dead lifts and fireman’s carries Quen and tags Blade. Pop-up GUT BUSTER, to a gut wrench BOMB! Quen flounders around and Blade watches him get to ropes. Blade stands on Quen’s head, the ref counts and Blade lets up. Blade stomps more, brings Quen up to CHOP, then bump off buckles. Tag to Butcher, they double headbutt Quen down! Butcher CHOPS Quen, but Quen kicks back!

Butcher bumps Quen off buckles and give point-blank clotheslines over and over! Butcher dumps Quen down to the cover, TWO! Tag to Blade and they double whip Quen to run him over with shoulders. Blade stomps Quen, drags him up and around, and whips again to clobber with a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Blade keeps his cool as he drags Quen up. Tag to Butcher, they mug Quen then Butcher stands on Quen’s chest! The ref counts, Butcher stops and tags Blade. The ref keeps Kassidy back, Blade kicks and snapmares Quen. Blade has a chinlock but the crowd rallies. Quen fights up, fights back, but Blade elbows him down. Blade suplexes, Quen lands on his feet and drop toeholds Blade down! Butcher tags in and drags Quen back up. Quen slips out, ducks under and hot tags Kassidy!

Kassidy bobs ‘n’ weaves to fire off fists! Butcher shoves, Kassidy dodges to triangle STUNNER Blade! Kassidy mule kicks Butcher, goes to the apron to mule kick Blade again. Butcher misses the boot, gets Kassidy’s enziguri! Kassidy springboards to throwback STUNNER! Cover, TWO! Kassidy can’t believe it, but he keeps on Butcher with a rain of rights. Butcher shoves Kassidy away but Kassidy tags to Quen. Private Party go after Butcher with fast hands and double whip him to ropes. Butcher reverses, but Kassidy hurries ahead of Quen. Quen drop toeholds Butcher onto Kassidy’s knees! Then Quen hops on for a STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, but Blade breaks it!

Blade drags Quen up but gets a dropkick! Quen drops a leg on Butcher, tags Kassidy, and then they each take a corner. Blade shoves Quen down and Buther avoids Kassidy’s Swanton! Butcher drags Kassidy up, tags Blade, and give him FULL DEATH!! Cover, Butcher & Blade win!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

Divide and conquer, and they almost cut Kassidy in half there. Butcher and Blade win big, will they make big moves up the tag team ranks towards the titles?


AEW has a big Dynamite tomorrow night!

Matt Cardona made his AEW debut in saving The American Nightmare, and now they will team up against the attackers! Will they get even with The Dark Order’s Numbers 3 & 4, John Silver & Alex Reynolds? MJF will give his update on his contender status, will he be named the All Out challenger to the AEW World Championship? And speaking of the Dark Order, they and member-not-member Colt Cabana wage war with The Elite AND FTR in a titanic TWELVE MAN TAG MATCH! Who wins the literally biggest team battle in AEW history?

Plus, it’s #SuperWednesday with the first-ever debate in AEW history as Chris Jericho wants Orange Cassidy to speak up and defend himself verbally! But who is the special guest moderator? And the AEW World Championship is on the line as Jon Moxley defends against Darby Allin! If MJF is the All Out challenger, who will he even be going after?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode of AEW Dark. Looking at the card, we still aren’t past the point where Dark’s results are obvious, but I do appreciate there being some matches that could arguably have gone either way. Evans and QT had their return matches against each other, and at first I would’ve thought QT would win to get jumped by Angelico. Instead, Allie costs QT and then QT still gets attacked by TH2 at the end. TH2 VS Natural Nightmares will be a really good tag return match for both teams, but that might be QT’s and Dustin’s to win. The main event of Butcher & Blade VS Private Party was another one that felt like it could go either way, and it was a great match, though maybe a little sloppy at parts. It works for Butcher and Blade to win here, as they need to stay afloat while it might even add to Private Party’s story. A promo from Matt Hardy after this could help put it into perspective.

Scorpio and Hobbs had a fast opener, which was both impressive but also disappointing. Is Hobbs going to ever get to show just how strong he really is? Or is it that we’re supposed to understand those who beat him are that much stronger? Scorpio’s promo was great, and I really hope being disgruntled is the motivation for him to go after a champion like Cody or Moxley. The Initiative loses again in another really good match, but as I’ve said, it feels like their moment is coming at All Out. Abadon continues to be a nightmare and I honestly have a hard time looking at her face, the make-up and contacts and everything else works just that well. I feel like she might get another match with Hikaru Shida that’ll be stronger than the first.

Gunn Club had a good return match against Solow and Serpentico, so I hope they get to do more as AEW Dynamite draws ever closer to it’s anniversary. FTR has a really good match with Pillman and Griff, who I could see becoming a team much like Nakazawa and Suge D/Pineapple Pete were last week. FTR of course win, but I’m surprised there wasn’t more play off the “FTR rules” where there might have been a moment where Griff or Pillman “forgot” to use the tag rope. Of course, FTR bends the rules because they walk the Tweener line right now. That momentary interaction with Shawn Spears is interesting, given there has been talk of an AEW Four Horsemen idea in the works. Maybe this continues and All Out debuts that group in whatever form we’re getting.

My Score: 8.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/9/22)

Best Friends get Dark!



AEW Dark 2


Before entering the AEW Trios Championship Tournament, Best Friends are in action, in separate matches! Will tonight’s Dark be Freshly Squeezed?


  • 8 Man Tag: Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Isaiah Broner, Brayden Lee, James Alexander & Sam Moore; Private Party, Butcher & Blade win.
  • Anna “Jay A.S.” w/ The Jericho Appreciation Society VS Megan Meyers; Anna wins.
  • Best Friends w/ Danhausen VS Rohit Raju & Ren Jones; Best Friends win.
  • Evil Uno & Preston Vance VS Peter Avalon & JD Drake; Uno & Vance win.
  • Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Heather Reckless & Joseline Navarro; Shafir & Nyla win.
  • Kris Statlander VS Sierra; Statlander wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Trustbusters VS Sonny Kiss, Zack Clayton & Xavier Walker; The Trustbusters win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Ruby Soho, Athena & Hikaru Shida VS Serena Deeb, Leva Bates & Emi Sakura; Soho, Athena & Shida win.
  • Orange Cassidy VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake; Cassidy wins.


So it seems Ari Daivari, Parker Boudreaux & Slim J are a trio now under The Trustbusters name. Good to see Sonny Kiss back in action but Kiss, Clayton & Walker aren’t winning that one. And I’m still wondering if The Wingmen are really a thing with JD Drake also spending time with Anthony Henry as the Workhorsemen. For that matter, why wasn’t it Best Friends VS The Wingmen in a 3v3? Or are they going to use that as an easy win in the opening round of the AEW Trios Championship Tournament?

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/8/22)

Columbus gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Elevation has CERO MIEDO!

Before AEW Dynamite: Quake by the Lake and their Tornado Tag match, the Lucha Brothers tune up against The Wingmen in a standard 2v2!


  • Ruby Soho & Skye Blue VS Megan Myers & Nikki Victory; Soho & Blue win.
  • Parker Boudreaux w/ Ari Daivari VS Casey Carrington; Boudreaux wins.
  • Athena VS Queen Aminata; Athena wins.
  • Kiera Hogan & Leila Grey w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Freya States & Alice Crowley; Kiera & Leila win.
  • John Silver & Alex Reynolds VS T.U.G Cooper & Lord Crewe; Silver & Reynolds win.
  • The Lucha Bros w/ Alex Abrahantes VS The Wingmen; The Lucha Bros win.


One thing to note is that Parker Boudreaux has Ari Daivari in his corner. I wonder if the Trust Busters is becoming a trio, Parker joining Daivari and Slim J. Then in Kiera and Leila teaming up, this is the one time where “Can they coexist?” should be a thing since The Baddies still haven’t fully accepted Leila. And of course, the Lucha Brothers will beat The Wingmen to get momentum going into their Lucha Rules Tornado Tag with Rush & Andrade.

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