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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (8/12/20)

Will Orange Cassidy literally pay?



AEW Dynamite Coverage

It’s AEW Tag Team Appreciation Night!

AEW celebrates tag team wrestling with FTR hosting Dynamite! Plus, the AEW World Tag Team Championships are on the line!


  • The Young Bucks VS The Dark Order’s Evil Uno & Stu Grayson; The Young Bucks win.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Cody Rhodes VS Scorpio Sky; Cody wins and retains the AEW TNT Championship.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega VS Jurassic Express; Hangman & Omega win and retain the AEW World Tag Team Division.
  • Hikaru Shida VS Heather Monroe; Shida wins.
  • $7000 Obligation Match: Chris Jericho VS Orange Cassidy; Cassidy wins and does NOT have to pay Jericho $7000.


The Young Bucks VS The Dark Order’s Evil Uno & Stu Grayson!

Matt and Nick Jackson didn’t appreciate how The Dark Order handled business in last week’s massive 12 Man Tag match, so they’re going to bring things down to a 2v2 level. Will Uno and Stu be forced to join the Superkick Party?

But before even hitting the ring, the Bucks have to fight off Numbers 3, 4 and 5! The Beaver Boys and Alan Angels are all over Matt and Nick! They club Matt down then mug Nick to kick away, and BOOT him down the ramp! The crowd and limited fans boo, but Uno and Stu come out to commend their comrades. Stu and Uno dump Nick into the ring and this match begins!

Uno drags Nick up to throw haymakers, then bump him off buckles. Tag to Stu and they stomp away on Nick. The ref reprimands and counts but Uno lets up to exit. Stu bumps Nick off buckles, CHOPS him, then brings him back over. Nick jawbreakers free and runs, but Uno dumps him out! The Numbers swarm and whip Nick into a wall! But Matt FLIES off the stage to wipe the Numbers out! Stu DIVES into Matt! Nick is in the ring, Uno clobbers him and covers, TWO! Uno throws haymakers, whips Nick to the corner then tags in Stu. Stu whips Uno in to corner uppercut, then feeds him to Stu’s uppercut. Uno scoops and slams Nick next to Stu’s knee. The Dark Order pose then Stu covers, TWO!

Stu keeps on Nick with a snapmare, runs and Penalty Kicks Nick down! The crowd rallies for Nick but Stu tags Uno back in. Uno CHOPS Nick in the corner, tags Stu back in, and Uno whips Stu in, into a boot! Nick boots Uno, too, but swings into a back suplex. Nick lands on his feet, Stu tries but Nick lands on his feet again! Hot tag to Matt! Matt climbs up and crossbodies both Uno and Stu down! Matt rallies with fast hands but Stu kicks low. Stu and Uno double whip, Matt dodges and double LARIATS! Matt keeps going as he brings Stu up and tags in Nick. The bucks double wrench, double CHOP and double whip to double elbow. They drop the splash and the fist, then they catch Uno with kicks. Gutbuster to neckbreaker backbreaker!

Uno bails out, Stu runs into an elbow from Nick. Nick goes up and leaps to arm-drag! Nick mule kicks, sweeps the legs, then tags in Matt. Stu dropkicks Nick’s legs out, kips up and handsprings to dropkick both bucks! Stu urenages but Matt arm-drags out! Stu tags Uno, fakes Matt out, and Uno catches Matt for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Uno drops a leg, brother, and covers, TWO! Uno complains about the count but he keeps on Matt with a CHOP. The crowd rallies up as Uno wrenches and hits a snapmare style neckbreaker! Tag to Stu while Matt bails out to the apron. Stu hits the senton atomico on that apron!

Stu stays between Matt and his corner to then choke Matt on ropes! The ref counts, Stu lets up, but Stu drags Matt up to feed him to Uno’s boot. Tag to Uno, the Dark Order OG CLAW Matt’s back! Uno drags Matt up but Matt throws haymakers back! Uno throat chops! Matt gasps while Uno undoes his wrist tape. The ref takes that tape away so Uno pokes Matt’s eyes! Tag to Stu, Stu keeps between the Bucks and toys with Matt. Matt hits back with body shots and haymakers, but Stu dropkicks him out! Stu argues with the ref but Uno uses that distraction to RAM Matt into the apron! Uno puts Matt in, Stu covers, TWO!

Stu keeps on Matt with knees and a rain of right hands. The crowd continues to rally as Stu drags Matt up. Uno tags in, Uno headbutts Matt’s back, then brings Matt up to CHOP him again. Matt throws haymakers, Uno CHOPS, repeat! Uno rakes Matt’s eyes to put him in the corner, but lets up at 4. Stu holds Matt but Matt fights free! Matt rocks Stu then throw haymakers on Uno. Uno shoves, Stu trips and drags Matt out, but Matt POSTS Stu first! The Numbers freak out, and then surround Matt. Matt goes UNDER the ring! And pops out the side! Matt almost makes it but Uno brings him away! Uno gives the ref Matt’s foot to then hit a neckbreaker! Uno taunts Nick as he whips Matt away. Matt comes back to SPEAR Uno down!

The crowd rallies as Matt and Uno crawl, Stu tags in but Nick avoids the attack. Matt throws haymakers, but Uno BOOTS Matt down! The ref reprimands but it’s within the 10 count. Uno pops Matt up for Stu’s Electric Chair, but Matt POISON-RANAS! Hot tag to Nick! Nick rallies with his favorite combination of kicks! He shining wizards Uno, then hits the bulldog clothesline combo! “Best comeback in the business!” Nick shoulders Uno, slingshots and facebusters! Then he cartwheel moonsaults, but Stu catches him! Stu tries to lawn dart Nick but Nick slips off and shoves Stu into the crowd of AEW wrestlers! Stu avoids crashing into Luther, Serpentico and The Hybrid2 while Nick SUPERKICKS Uno on the apron! Nick sees Stu flying in to SUPERKICK him out of the air!!

Nick goes back to the ring, tags in Matt, and the Bucks have Uno. Uno fires off forearms but he runs into a trip and a basement dropkick! The crowd fires up as the Bucks coordinate, springboard splash and moonsault, the Risky Business! Cover, TWO! Uno survives but Matt keeps his cool as he drags Uno up. Matt puts Uno in the ropes and holds him, for Nick to triangle SWANTON! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Matt grows frustrated but the crowd still rallies. Tag to Nick, the Bucks double whip Uno, but Stu saves him from the kicks. Uno elbows and boots back, Stu slingshots and steps over Uno to RANA Matt! Nick staggers into a shove, KNEE and kangaroo boost! “GET OVER HERE!” OVERHEAD suplex sends Nick onto Matt!

The Dark Order coordinate, YIN ‘N’ YANG, the 450 and CANNONBALL! Cover on Nick, TWO!! Nick survives and keeps the Bucks alive in the match, to the shock of the Dark Order! Uno coordinates things and tags back in. Uno and Stu have Nick, suplex but Nick slips out! Nick shoves Uno, Stu leap frogs, Uno tries again, ROUNDHOUSE BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, but Matt breaks it! They forgot about the other Buck, but Stu tags back in to clobber him! Stu drags Matt up to dump out ramp side. Stu pursues, and he throws Matt further down into the tunnel. The Numbers stand in Matt’s way while Stu tags Uno. The Dark Order brings Nick up, Gory Especial, FATALITY DENIED! Nick sunset flips Uno, The Bucks win!!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall

By the skin of their teeth, Matt and Nick snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! The Dark Order can’t stop the Bucks, will Matt and Nick head back to the AEW World Tag Team Championship picture?


Wardlow knocks on MJF’s door.

MJF comes out, gets his gum, and this new gum guy is good. Nina takes credit for the hire, but MJF says she needs to speak when spoken. Other than that, great job. MJF keeps Lee Johnson from getting ahead of him, only MJF gets the spotlight. Will MJF have more platitudes to share on his road to All Out?


AEW stars share their favorite tag teams of all time!

The World Tag Team Champions, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page, share theirs first. Omega’s says The Young Bucks. Just look at all they’ve done! Hangman was going to say himself and Omega. Well, okay, but technically they’re still just two singles guys in a team. But The Bucks have done so much for pro-wrestling and tag team wrestling. “They reinvented tag team wrestling. They’re the gods of tag team wrestling.” But will Omega see himself and Hangman in a better light after defending their titles tonight?


MJF heads to the ring.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman leads the way as he and his campaign staff walk out on stage. We’ll hear from the 2020 championship hopeful after the break.

AEW returns as MJF stands at his podium. “Thank you, thank you,” he says to the booing crowds. Before he starts, he wants to implore us again in using #MJF2020 and #NotMyChampion on social media. Now, MJF has some interesting stats- Wait. Nina! SMILE!! Nina nods and smiles, and MJF feels better. Isn’t she a kidder? She’s just the best. But moving on, his assistant will show us the great polling numbers. MJF has 500% of the vote while Moxley has NEGATIVE 1000%, as if that’s all even possible. “You gotta love it.” The numbers don’t lie and neither does he. But we’re not here to talk numbers, no. There are much more important things. MJF might get emotional because he cares about our well-being. AEW Faithful, he mourns for your belief in Moxley, because today it dies.

Dictator Jon has made it clear, he doesn’t care about you. Otherwise, he’d be here tonight. But MJF is here. MJF will always be here, and that is a promise as your candidate. MJF is man enough to admit he has to take responsibility for Moxley’s absence. Dictator Jon isn’t here because he is afraid. He’s afraid of change and of MJF. It is perfectly understandable. Dictator Jon is in unfamiliar territory, because he doesn’t know how to handle someone with more talent than him. And he definitely doesn’t know how to deal with a pro-wrestler who won’t just look up at the lights for him. But because MJF cares about the fans who want him here, MJF wants Moxley to feel comfortable enough to show up tonight.

Therefore, MJF has his people move his podium so that he can lie down. “This better, Jon?” Is he in his comfort zone yet? The sad thing, “Jonathan,” is that MJF didn’t start this to have beef with Moxley, or a rivalry. MJF started this campaign because the company deserves quality. Moxley is a great wrestler, but he’s not a leader. Moxley is a dog. “A rabid dog chasing cars. You wouldn’t even know what to do with one if you caught it!” But there in lies the issue. Moxley has caught it. Moxley has the finest car, “Pretty Platinum,” the AEW World Championship. But if Moxley wants to prove MJF wrong, perhaps he should hand the keys over. Give them to a real leader. Why wait until All Out? Give the keys over to someone who is better than you, and you know it. “Fork the keys over, to me.” Because Mox knows, MJF knows, and the fans all know, that #WeDeserveBetter!

But wait! Moxley IS here! MJF knows Moxley comes in from the bleachers so MJF sends Wardlow and his men up there. MJF wants them to get “that idiot,” but MJF is the idiot, because Moxley actually did come out from the entry way! Moxley storms down the ramp to CLOBBER MJF! Moxley mugs MJF and throws him into his own podium! And then hits a PARADIGM SHIFT!! The crowd loves Moxley for laying MJF out and breaking the podium as he leaves! “Don’t you think for one second that makes us even! No not even close!” After what MJF did last week, he and Moxley won’t be even until All Out! Moxley will teach MJF a painful lesson in humility, and that this will be a very bitter pill for him to swallow! MJF clutches his neck and claims he can’t get up on his own. Will he rethink his smear campaign of The Maniac?


Backstage interview with Matt Hardy!

Hardy has a huge bandage on his head given the big gash Sammy Guevara gave him last week. Hardy is going to come back after waiting another 10 days. He’s alive because he doesn’t die. Hardy has seen red for all seven days, and will until he gets to make Sammy bleed just as much as he did! 10 days is just enough time for a very special Saturday Night Dynamite! Hardy is going to kick Sammy’s “weird little ass!” Tempers are flaring tonight, management wants Hardy to go home, but Hardy will not until he’s found Sammy! Sammy is “an obnoxious ant that needs to be squashed!” Hardy’s rage and fury will end Sammy! Is Hardy okay?

Hardy finds someone in a jacket and hat and thinks it’s Sammy! Hardy attacks, and it was just referee Mike Posey! Will Matt Hardy see clearly after he finally gets his hands on the Spanish God?


AEW TNT Championship: Cody Rhodes VS Scorpio Sky!

The American Nightmare is willing to take on all comers, and SoCal Uncensored’s Closer wants his! Will Scorpio #ReachForTheSky and grab the gold?

AEW returns and gold is the right word, as the TNT Championship finally has its complete plating! The Nightmare Family follows Cody out, from Coach Arn Anderson to Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall, Brandi Rhodes, and even QT’s girlfriend, Allie! The introductions are made, the shining title is raised, and this already incredible match begins!

Scorpio and Cody circle, give a fist bump of respect then tie up. Cody puts Scorpio in a corner but Scorpio pushes and headlocks to a takeover. Cody headscissors, Scorpio pops out, roles reverse as Cody headlock takeovers and Scorpio headscissors. Cody pops out, roles reverse back the other way and Scorpio denies the headscissors this time. Cody fights up, grabs a leg but Scorpio grinds the hold. Cody powers out but Scorpio runs him over. Things speed up. Cody hurdles, Scorpio hurdles, then Scorpio ducks the crossbody to send Cody tumbling out! Cody catches his breath, and Scorpio holds the ropes open. Cody goes up but then Scorpio ditches him. Cody gets in without letting that upset him, and the two go again.

Scorpio headlocks, Cody powers out, they collide but neither falls. Cody double guns so Scorpio runs. Cody hip tosses, Scorpio blocks and reverses but Cody blocks that hip toss back. Cody hip tosses Scorpio OUT of the ring! Scorpio manages to save himself from a horrible landing but now Cody gives back the rope holding. Cody waits but Scorpio flat out refuses. Scorpio slides in, he and Cody circle again. They tie up with knuckle locks but Scorpio kicks low! Cody staggers from the banged up ribs, but Scorpio whips him. Cody ducks, dodges and ducks again, into a kick! But Cody powers through to clothesline Scorpio and himself out! Cody and Scorpio get up and start brawling! Scorpio blocks an apron bump to give it, then throws body shots!

Cody ROCKS Scorpio back, clubs him, but the ring count climbs! Both men get in at 9! Cody kicks and uppercuts, but Scorpio puts him in a corner. Scorpio knees away then backs off to run in. Cody goes up and over, and catches Scorpio for a spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO, and AEW goes picture in picture, #NightmareSky.

Cody keeps his cool despite the pain in his ribs. He gets up and poses for the crowd. Scorpio gets out of the ring, Cody pursues out the side, and throws body shots in return for earlier. Cody puts Scorpio in, wrenches and arm-drags, then clamps on with a mounted wristlock. Scorpio endures but Cody hammerlocks the arm to STOMP! Cody then KICKS Scorpio in the head, covers, TWO! Cody keeps his cool again as he fires up the crowd. Scorpio sits up, Cody stands him up and puts him in a corner. Cody CHOPS, but then Scorpio CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! Scorpio follows Cody but Cody body shots! Cody trips Scorpio, goes after the arm again but Scorpio keeps his shoulders up.

Cody brings Scorpio up to wrench, twist the wrist and hit a shoulder breaker! Scorpio drops to his knees while Cody blows a kiss to the crowd. Cody ROCKS Scorpio with a right, brings him up and suplexes, to hold him up for a count of 10, GOURD BUSTER! Cody winces, his ribs bothering him. He still drops knees on Scorpio’s back and pulls on the legs. Cody brings Scorpio into a Bow ‘n’ Arrow as AEW returns to single picture. Scorpio endures as the crowd rallies, and Scorpio pops out to a cover! TWO, but Cody walks into a body shot! Scorpio whips Cody corner to corner but Cody goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO, and Scorpio dodges to flapjack hotshot Cody’s ribs on the ropes! Cody writhes but he won’t let this stop him.

Scorpio hurries after Cody to hoist Cody up top. Scorpio CLUBS Cody’s back and has him in a Tree of Woe. Scorpio stomps away but lets up at the ref’s count. Cody flops out of the Tree, but Scorpio goes out to YANK him into the post! The ref reprimands but the damage is done. Cody gasps as Scorpio slides in. Scorpio watches Cody rise and he kicks the bad ribs. Scorpio shoves and catches Cody into a cobra twist! Cody endures as Scorpio twists and stretches the torso! Cody pries a leg off and hip tosses free! Scorpio gets up, Cody runs in but Scorpio sends him out! Cody lands on his feet on the ramp, but Scorpio shoulders, then SLINGSHOT CUTTERS Cody to the ramp! Brandi is worried as Scorpio puts Cody in and covers, TWO!!

Scorpio grits his teeth while he and Cody slowly sit up. The crowd rallies up, Scorpio is on Cody first and fisherman scoops. The back gives out, Cody hoists Scorpio up top! Cody ROCKS Scorpio with an uppercut, then climbs up to join him. Cody wants and gets the SUPERPLEX! But Scorpio cradle counters! TWO!! Scorpio swings, Cody dodges. Cody swings, Scorpio dodges! Scorpio fireman’s carries, TK- NO! Cody slips out, CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!?! Scorpio survives and no one can believe it!! The crowd is loving “A E DUB!” as Cody gets back to his feet. Cody drags Scorpio back up, gut wrenches, but Scorpio tips the scales! Cody slips out, but runs into a COMPLETE SHOT!! Cover, TWO!!

The crowd rallies up as Scorpio thinks what he has to do. Cody clutches the ribs as he crawls to ropes. Scorpio goes out to the apron to bring Cody up. Scorpio slingshots but Cody denies the cutter! Cody has a SECOND CROSS RHODES!! Cover, Cody wins!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

The American Nightmare won out against the Closer, but Scorpio did win his respect. But wait, there’s a message on the titantron from… Mr. Brodie Lee?! “They say that history is written by the winners.” On Saturday, August 22nd, Brodie Lee writes a very important piece of AEW History. Did Cody think that his transgression against The Dark Order would go unpunished? The Elite has been dispatched! And soon, Cody will put respect on Brodie’s name! Cody will put respect on the Dark Order’s name! Brodie takes that brand new piece of gold out of Cody’s hand, and will give Cody the old one back! Does The Exalted One believe he will end the American Nightmare and become THE TNT Champion?


More AEW stars name favorite tag teams!

Private Party shares theirs, and they both agree it’s the Hardy Boys! They were doing things no one saw before in their lives! The style, the gear, everything! And the entrance! No one can forget that! Will Private Party do the Hardy brothers proud and one day be just as unforgettable?


AEW World Tag Team Championships: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega VS Jurassic Express!

Speaking of unforgettable, surely these two teams already rank highly among them! But while the Cowboy and Cleaner differ on opinion, can they stay united while also staying champions? Or will Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus finally strike gold?

AEW returns as the champions make their separate entrances. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and Tag Team Appreciation Night gets golden!

Frankie Kazarian is spotted watching on behalf of SCU. Jungle Boy steps up to start, and Omega insists he start with him. They circle, the crowd fires up already, and the two tie up. Omega powers JB back to ropes and pulls hair, but lets up at 4. Omega goes to sucker punch but Stunt gets on the apron! Stunt obviously still remembers when Omega gave him a little extra something after the Six Man match against The Elite. Omega backs off of JB, to SLAP Stunt! The ref reprimands Omega and even Hangman has to say something while Luchasaurus keeps Stunt from jumping in.

Omega and JB circle again, they tie up, and Omega headlocks. JB powers out, things speed up, and JB trips Omega to then Oklahoma Roll! TOW, JB spins Omega around, reels him in but Omega blocks the fireman’s carry takedown, so JB rolls it the other way! JB has the armlock coming out of it and the crowd cheers. Omega gets up but JB CHOPS him! JB knuckle locks and springboards around to arm-drag Omega across the way! Omega gets mad and kicks at Stunt, but then Omega turns around into a dropkick! JB covers, TWO! JB drags Omega up, facelocks and tags in Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus and JB kick away on Omega, then JB combines with Luchasaurus, wheelbarrow to a tornado Complete Shot! Luchasaurus covers, TWO!

Luchasaurus keeps close to Omega as Omega gets to a corner. Omega elbows back, throws forearms, but Luchasaurus swings back. Omega blocks and CHOPS! Luchasaurus whips Omega into the corner and fires off strikes! Luchasaurus wrenches Omega, JB tags in as Luchasaurus back suplexes Omega for a facebuster! JB uses Luchasaurus for the tipping point, knee-board senton! Cover, TWO! JB keeps his cool and drags Omega back up. Omega ROCKS JB back, then CLUBS him down! Omega keeps on JB and CHOPS! He headlocks but JB powers out. Hangman tags in, things speed up, Omega fakes JB out. JB dodges the kick but not Hangman’s sliding lariat! Cover, TWO!

Hangman drags JB up, CHOPS him, then whips him. JB reverses and leaps, into Hangman’s scoop slam! Hangman drags JB back up, to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Hangman keeps his cool as he brings JB up. Tag to Omega, the champs mug JB, then Omega tags JB back in. JB flounders up and see he’s surrounded. Hangman CHOPS, Omega CHOPS, repeat! JB CHOPS back on them both! JB mule kicks Omega, CHOPS Hanman and knuckle locks for another springboard! Hangman tips him up and then BOOTS Luchasaururs! TRIANGLE LARIAT for JB! AEW goes picture in picture for the PLANCHA, #EliteAsaurus

The crowd is fired up for Hangman as he stands over Jurassic Express. Omega joins in soaking it all up while Hangman catches his breath. Hangman brings JB back up and into the ring. Hangman drags JB up to CHOP him back down! JB kicks at Hangman but he ends up in enemy territory. Hangman stomps JB and tags Omega. Omega takes his time coming in before he ROCKS JB with a right! And then another! Omega stomps a mudhole into JB, even getting some air. Omega drags JB up to CLUB back down, then snapmares fast into a chinlock! Omega thrashes JB around but JB endures. Omega shifts to a facelock, JB tries to fight towards his corner, but Omega keeps him down with more forearms.

Omega powers JB back to the champions’ corner and rams him into the buckles. Omega CHOPS JB again, but JB CHOPS back! JB fights but Omega throws forearms and CHOPS. Omega hoists JB up top, CHOPS him again, and then climbs up fast to join him. Omega brings JB up but JB fights back! JB fires body shots, shoves Omega and elbows Hangman! JB leaps up and over, hot tags to Luchasaurus and Hangman! AEW returns to single picture as Luchasaurus rallies on Hangman and Omega! Luchasaurus back kicks then HEADBUTTS Hangman! Omega dodges but Luchasuaurs follows to BOOT him down! Hangman staggers into Luchasaurus’ scoop, but Omega saves Hangman. Luchasaurus handsprings under the double Polish hammers to HEEL KICK Omega! And ROUNDHOUSE Hangman!

Luchasaurus choke grips Hangman, for the CHOKE SLAMZILLA! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!! Hangman lives but Kaz seems stoic as he watches. Luchasaurus fireman’s carries but Hangman slips out. Omega tags in as Luchasaurus elbows him away. Luchasaurus runs, his boot misses, and Omega runs to V-TRIGGER! SNAP DRAGON!! Luchasaurus flounders to his feet, but Omega gets him again, for ANOTHER SNAP DRAGON! Omega catches JB as he runs in, but JB arm-drags out of the full nelson! Omega slides out, Stunt laughs, Stunt gets a SNAP DRAGON to the floor! JB DIVES, Omega manages to catch him and swing him around, for a SNAP DRAGON!!

Omega gets back in the ring and climbs up top. Luchasaurus stands, Omega hits him with a missile dropkick to the back! Omega reels Luchasaurus in, FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Luchasaurus lives and keeps the Express going. Omega calls for Hangman and Hangman gets JB into the ring. Hangman tags in, the champs have Jurassic Express in the corner. Corner clothesline! Corner elbow! Omega feeds Luchasaurus to Hangman’s rolling elbow! Pop-up but Luchasaurus resists the German Suplex. Luchasaurus elbows Hangman but gets a V-TIRGGER! JB tries to rana but Omega brings him up, POWERBOMB GERMAN SUPLEX!! TAIL WHIP from Luchasaurus to Omega!

Hangman runs but is sent to the apron. Slingshot, but no Buck Shot as Luchasaurus choke grips! Luchasaurus gets Omega, too, but the champs break free and kick back. Omega and Hangman coordinate, but it’s Luchasaurus who double suplexes them! JB is up top, FROG SPLASH onto Hangman! JB DIVES out onto Omega, then hurries back in to tornillo tornado DDT Hangman! Stunt becomes Luchasaurus’ weapon while the ref checks on JB, and Stunt takes Omega down! Luchasaurus has Hangman in the fireman’s carry, EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT!! Cover, TWO!! Hangman survives Extinction! Tag to JB, the Express coordinate, with the roll back and SPINNING BUZZSAW, to BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Cover, but Omega breaks it in time!!

Luchasaurus has Omega but Omega throws him out first. Omega fires off on JB, CHOPS and whips, but JB rebound- No! The lariat misses, Hangman pops JB up to POWERBOMB him OUT OF THE RINGDown goes Luchasaurus again! Omega FLIES to take them both out! Omega puts JB in as the crowd is thunderous! Hangman has JB up again, blocks the rana counter to BOMB again! High stack cover, TWO!! JB lives and Hangman can’t believe it. Tag to Omega, “This is Awesome!” as they give JB the LAST CALL! Cover, Omega and Hangman win!

Winners: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

The Jurassic Express almost derailed the champions, but the Cowboy and Cleaner pulled it off! What will it take to stop these “two singles guys” from ruling over the AEW Tag Division?


Santana and Ortiz talk backstage.

Ortiz asks how Best Friends got home last week, but Santana doesn’t know and doesn’t care. True. They did get a sweet deal on those tires, though. Also, watch where you keep your stuff! Proud ‘n’ Powerful have the Best Friends’ luggage! And they start throwing it all around the showers! They dump out the gear, and bring out some bleach! PNP says they’re just helping Best Friends look better. “Apologize? What, are you tripping?” There’s no apologies coming for Chuck Taylor and Trent, but are there repercussions coming for Santana and Ortiz?


More AEW stars share their favorite tag teams ever.

The Butcher and The Blade say tag team wrestling is gritty, ugly, “it’s not the sizzle, it’s the meat and potatoes.” That’s why their favorites are the Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal. Two dudes that can clear an entire city!


FTR and the Young Bucks are in the ring!

Two great tag teams of this generation also stand with two great tag teams of the previous generations! Arn Anderson stands with Tully Blanchard as well as The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton! Matt Jackson is pretty sure everyone is loving Tag Team Appreciation Night. And speaking of, here are two of the greatest teams of all time! FTR shakes hands and bumps fists with the legends while Matt says the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express were the original Young Bucks. Robby and Ricky created the style Matt and Nick use. And through that greatness, they’d inspire great teams like The Rockers, Shawn and Marty, the Hardy Boys, Matt and Jeff. Then finally, two SoCal brothers, Matt and Nick Jackson. Therefore, the Bucks want to thank these two for what they’ve done, the Bucks wouldn’t be here without them.

Dax Harwood speaks now, knowing many at home are thinking they brought the legends out because they’re huge marks. Well, that’s damn right! Dax is the biggest mark for these guys, but it’s more than that. Dax tells these legends that FTR, the Bucks and everyone else here gets to make a living in the greatest sport in the world, professional wrestling. For seven and a half years, he and his best friend have traveled the globe, and have had the times of their lives, thanks to these legends. More importantly, Dax has a beautiful wife and daughter at home watching, who he loves. He gets to give them the life he’s never had, and that is because of these legends, so he is indebted to them forever!

Ricky speaks now, saying he never misses an AEW. He watches it, loves it, because it’s all he’s done his whole life. But he hasn’t seen so much chemistry in a match like FTR’s since Tully and Arn. But also, when it comes to the Young Bucks, the last 15 years, they have dominated wrestling and then revived tag team wrestling like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express did! That’s great. The Bucks are this generation’s top tag team in the world! It reminds Ricky of a team from their generation, aka themselves. Arn speaks now, and asks Tully that while it’s been some time, he’ll help catch Tully up on something. Arn doesn’t blow smoke because it leaves a taste in his mouth. Yes, the Bucks have taken the tag team wrestling world to not just a spectacular or outstanding level, that doesn’t cover it. The Bucks have made it something entirely different, hats off to them.

Arn says Rock ‘n’ Roll Express are still going for 40 years, that’s a record. They’re the tag team of the CENTURY! And this might ruffle some feathers, but Arn has no problem saying it. FTR is the best team in the world today. Well, Ricky wants to counter but Tully takes the mic from him! Tully says Ricky doesn’t want to start nothing he can’t finish. Tully has news for everyone. Tom Brady is the greatest football player because he has championship rings. What makes you a great tag team is if you’ve got the belts! You can talk about being the baddest or the best, but as of tonight, NEITHER team here has the titles. So let’s pat ourselves on the back while looking in the mirror.

But Tully says he and Arn have had beef since last Labor Day when Arn jumped in on Tully’s guy, Spears VS Cody. Tully doesn’t understand that American Nightmare thing on Arn’s vest. Arn says he’s a grown ass man. Arn doesn’t need permission. But Shawn Spears is slithering out from the tunnel! Arn sees what’s about to happen, so Arn gets out. Tully wants to finish talking trash but Ricky pops him in the mouth! The Bucks and FTR keep this from getting any worse but then Dax gets pushed over. Cash worries about Dax because of the bad knee, and it’s on the Bucks and Spears to keep things from falling apart.

Spears gets Tully to leave peacefully, and Tag Team Appreciation Night turns a bit sour. Especially when Cash uses Dax’s knee brace to CLOBBER Robby from behind! FTR attacks Rock ‘n’ Roll Express while the Bucks are busy with Spears and Tully!! The Bucks only notice once Ricky takes the MIND BREAKER!! The Bucks can’t believe what they’ve just seen, but FTR hug over it. Omega and Hangman return and check on the legends and want to know what that was about. FTR does not give an answer, but will we get one soon enough?


Backstage interview with Mike Chioda.

Chioda officiated the TNT Championship match and is now AEW! It was a great time, but then Chris Jericho barges in. “C’mon, Marvez. 33-year vet?” This is THE Mike Chioda! #ChiChi (pronounced key-key). There’ve been some great times. Like that one time 18 years ago when Jericho had to save Chioda’s job. So that’s why Jericho wants Chioda to officiate his match with Orange Cassidy. Cassidy will lose and pay Jericho that $7000 for what he did to this jacket. But just in case, Jericho wants Chioda to know he needs to do the right thing. Chioda will call it right down the middle. Yeah, wink wink, nudge nudge. Call it down the middle, and then maybe Jericho can get Chioda a spot here in AEW. See you in the ring! Will Chioda do the right thing? Or will he “do the right thing?”


Sammy Guevara has his cards again.

AEW is picture in picture as Sammy uses the cards to ask Matt Hardy, “What’s wrong? Can’t get me… out of your HEAD?” Sammy laughs at his own joke, and recreates how he threw the chair into Hardy’s forehead. “Oh well. You need to relax. Enjoy your night off. Too bad though… You left your… THROWN! Typical Matt. Learning the HARD way!” Again, Sammy makes the motion of throwing the chair, while he takes a seat. Sammy says Hardy needs to relax, since he can’t get him anyway. Will this only make Matt Hardy want to crush Sammy more?


Hikaru Shida VS Heather Monroe!

The Stardom Samurai is on a hot streak as AEW Women’s World Champion! But now she’s in the ring with #TheKillerBae, who is making an AEW debut! Will Monroe shock us all against Shida?

Shida takes off her kimono style jacket as the bell rings, and Monroe BOOTS her right away! Monroe fires off with forearms but Shida pushes her back. Monroe turns things around on the ropes, the ref calls for break but Monroe pokes Shida in the eyes! “She’s your champ?!” Monroe taunts the crowd as she chokes Shida on the ropes! The ref counts, Monroe lets off, then clubs Shida. The crowd rallies as Monroe whips but Shida ducks and KNEES Monroe down! Shida rains down angry rights on Monroe but she lets up to drag Monroe around to a scoop and backbreaker! Shida fires up more as the crowd cheers her own. Shida bumps Monroe off buckles, runs corner to corner but Monroe dodges.

Monroe comes back but Shida kicks her away. Shida hops up but Monroe trips her up. Monroe elbows, ROUNDHOUSES, then hops up to STOMP Shida down! Cover, TWO! Monroe is furious already as she wraps Shida up in a straitjacket stretch. Shida fights up and powers out to reel Monroe into a snap suplex into buckles! Shida drags Monroe back up, toys with Monroe and then ROCKS her with a forearm! And another! And another! Shida suplexes for the FALCON- NO! Monroe victory roll counters, TWO! Shida has the legs for a STRETCH MUFFLER! She grabs an arm for NUMERO DOS! Monroe taps, Shida wins!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by submission

Shida shows her versatility by having her first submission win in AEW! Tony Schiavone interviews Shida on the stage, and All Out is coming. There are many worthy challengers, but Shida says she is still waiting. She dares them to bring it on! Who will step to Shida’s AEW Women’s World Championship challenge?


Jake the Snake Roberts is backstage with Lance Archer.

“Ideally, you could have the match won before you ever go into the ring.” Some guy doesn’t watch where he’s going and bumps into Archer, so Archer THROWS him into another guy! The Snake keeps talking as Archer mauls both random wrestlers. “If you get them to where they’re breathing fear, and then fear is coming out of them,” that’s when you have them. You own them! And when you own someone, they’re afraid to make a move. Archer finishes up and asks if The Snake got to the good part. Not yet! Archer rips Jake’s shirt off and then spins him around. “EVERYBODY DIES” is written on Jake’s back! Archer hopes everyone can read that. The warning has been sent, but will anyone heed it?


The AEW Women’s Tag Team Tournament is in the semifinals!

The Nightmare Sisters, Brandi Rhodes and Allie, will face Big & Lil Swole while Ivelisse & Diamante take on “the prettiest team in the tournament,” Anna Jay & Tay Conti. See who wins to head to the finals this Monday on YouTube! Plus, AEW Dark will be on Tuesday and PART ONE of All Out 2019 will be on Wednesday.


Be ready for SATURDAY Night Dynamite!

August 22nd at 6 PM EST or as soon as the NBA Playoffs finish for the day, AEW takes over TNT for the weekend! Private Party takes on FTR while The Elite takes on The Dark Order’s 3, 4 and 5 in a Six Man Tag! And the AEW Women’s Tag Cup Finals will also be a big part of Saturday Night Dynamite! Plus, Darby Allin returns to action after his bloody loss to Jon Moxley, and a HUGE 8 Man Tag reunites The Butcher and the Blade with the Lucha Brothers as they take on The Natural Nightmares and Jurassic Express! Last but not least, it is the AEW TNT Championship as Cody defends against Mr. Brodie Lee!


$7000 Obligation Match: Chris Jericho VS Orange Cassidy!

Le Champion’s issues with Freshly Squeeze started all because Cassidy sauntered into an Inner Circle interview. It has escalated to an assault with a sack of oranges, to a brawl in the stands, to the dumping of orange juice onto Jericho’s fashionable white suit jacket. Of course, that white jacket is now more orange than even real oranges, and Jericho wants compensation! Will Jericho beat it out of Cassidy? Or will Cassidy finally humble the Demo God?

AEW returns as Jericho returns. Things will truly be 1v1 as the Inner Circle and Best Friends are banned from ringside. Of course, Floyd the Baseball Bat still accompanies Jericho everywhere. The crowd is torn over Demo God, but Jericho encourages any noise they make. The bell rings and Jericho circles with Cassidy. Cassidy raises his hands, but Jericho rushes to stop them from going into pockets! Cassidy dodges and the two start throwing fast hands! Cassidy gets the edge with body shots and more haymakers in the corner, but he lets up at the count of 4. Cassidy comes back with a BIG leaping forearm, then more body shots! Cassidy ROCKS Jericho, then runs, to FLYING SHOULDER Jericho down!

Jericho gets to ropes, Cassidy clotheslines him out! The crowd cheers as Cassidy slingshots for the PESCADO! Cassidy keeps hammering away but lets up at the ref’s count. Cassidy kicks, Jericho forearms and whips. Cassidy reverses to send Jericho into the wall! The crowd is fired up as Cassidy brings Jericho up again. Cassidy whips Jericho into railing! Jericho slowly gets up while Cassidy slow rolls to refresh the count. Cassidy goes back out to ROCK Jericho with that right, then Cassidy goes back to the ring. Cassidy climbs up top, aims at Jericho and HANDS IN POCKET TRUST FALLS! Direct hit! The crowd loves this as Cassidy puts Jericho in.

Cassidy climbs up again, Jericho stands, FLYING DDT! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives but Cassidy powers up the fist. Cassidy runs, but into a BOOT! Jericho catches his breath and stomps Cassidy down. Jericho brings Cassidy up and back suplexes high and hard! He brings Cassidy up to CHOP, and CHOP and whip. Cassidy reverses, Jericho holds ropes, then Jericho sends Cassidy out to the apron. Jericho ROCKS Cassidy, then springboard triangle dropkicks! Cassidy goes down as Jericho soaks up the heat. Jericho checks his face while AEW goes picture in picture, #CJOC2.

Cassidy stirs as the ref starts a count. Jericho shouts at the booing wrestlers on one side of the ring. Cassidy gets up, Jericho runs and blasts him off into railing! Jericho soaks up the heat again while Cassidy stirs. Jericho goes out to fetch Cassidy, brings him up to scoop and snake eyes on the railing! Jericho grins as he drags Cassidy back up and bumps him off the apron. He puts Cassidy in the ring, takes his time returning, and looms over Cassidy in the center of the ring. Jericho drags Cassidy up, flips off booing fans, and suplexes to hold Cassidy up for a count of 10! Jericho dusts off his hands before covering, TWO! Jericho is frustrated and he slaps Cassidy around.

Jericho brings Cassidy up again, tells the fans to watch this, and suplexes again. Cassidy is upside down for another count of 10, and maybe even 20, before Jericho does squats! Jericho finally drops Cassidy after AEW returns to single picture! Jericho winks to the camera and covers, TWO! Cassidy lives but Jericho SLAPS him! Jericho drags Cassidy up, the crowd rallies but Jericho keeps toying with Cassidy. Cassidy throws body shots and palm strikes, runs but into double forearms! LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Jericho grows a bit frustrated with Cassidy now, but he still toys with him while soaking up the heat.

Jericho watches Cassidy slowly stand, and Jericho taunts Cassidy. Cassidy “ROCKS” Jericho with “haymakers,” over and over and over and over. Cassidy builds up speed but then he dodges Jericho to SUPERKICK! Cassidy is trying!! He LARIATS Jericho back down! Cassidy gets himself to a corner, climbs up, and leaps for a HUGE crossbody! Cover, TWO! Jericho kicks but Cassidy catches it for a DRAGON SCREW! Then another! Jericho clutches his leg but Cassidy walks into a forearm. Jericho whips, Cassidy boots then hops up, but the Rana is caught to the WALLS OF JERICHO!! Jericho sits deep but Cassidy endures! Cassidy crawls, reaches, but Jericho drags him from ropes! Cassidy comes so close, but he slips through and cradles Jericho, TWO!!

Jericho gets up, kicks low, but Cassidy gets him for a third DRAGON SCREW! Cassidy twists the leg into an ANKLE LOCK! Jericho endures as Cassidy cranks on the heel! Jericho rolls over and kicks Cassidy away. Cassidy comes back to get a kick and a suplex, but he makes it STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Cassidy runs, tilt-o-whirl but Jericho denies it to CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Jericho is furious and he slaps Cassidy. The crowd rallies up but here comes Floyd! The ref tells Jericho to stop right there, but Jericho says, “Do the right thing!” That’s what this is! Jericho tells Chioda to ignore this so he can keep his job. But Chioda can’t, he takes the bat and throws it out! Jericho is furious, Cassidy rolls him up! TWO!!

Jericho runs into a scoop, MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy runs to PENALTY KICK! The armband comes off and Cassidy isn’t just trying, he’s SERIOUS! He runs at Jericho, SUPER ORANGE PUNCH!! But wait! Best Friends intercept Proud ‘n’ Powerful trying to sneak in! The four of them brawl on stage and that distracts Chioda! Jake Hager slips in through the back, and POWERSLAMS Cassidy!! The Inner Circle still gets away with cheating! Jericho crawls to cover Cassidy, TWO!?!? Cassidy still lives and the screw job fails!! Jericho is at a loss for words, but the fans rally up. Cassidy forearms, Jericho gives it back, but Cassidy fires off a flurry! Cassidy waistlocks, Jericho pushes Chioda and LOW BLOW MULE KICKS!

Jericho runs, JUDAS- NO! Cassidy gets around, traps an arm, Mouse Trap cover! CASSIDY WINS!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Jericho just got beat by the guy who puts his hands in his pockets!! Le Champion can’t believe it, but The Sloth outsmarted him! Will Jericho ever live this down? Is Cassidy finally in the upper echelons of pro-wrestling?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for AEW, just straight to the point and packed with action! For one, I like the feud building between The Dark Order and The Elite. The Young Bucks have a great match against Uno and Stu, and of course win to stay strong in the tag division. Cody has an incredible match with Scorpio Sky, and that completed copy of the TNT Championship looks incredible, too. Brodie coming after this title is a good move, and I think it’s clever for him to make the incomplete title a prop in the match. This takes the Vince McMahon parallels to a new level, it’s like how Vince kept the “Rhodes” name away from Cody for a long time. Hangman and Omega have a great tag title match with Jurassic Express, though some spots seemed like they could’ve taken someone out of action. Omega and Hangman also having that bit with favorite tag teams and disagreeing, another subtle yet great detail into their story.

MJF has a pretty good segment to continue his political shtick, and the literally fake poll getting more ridiculous actually works somehow. Moxley tricking MJF was great, too, and this is really going to up the heat between them for All Out. Shida gets a quick match to keep herself going, and I feel like AEW making a big deal out of next week’s Saturday Dynamite needs to have a huge contender’s match to name an All Out challenger. I do like that there is the Women’s Tag Cup being featured for a “short turnaround” from Monday, and whatever combination we get in the finals will be a lot of fun to watch. I almost feel like that could be an opening for Britt to be back to 100% health “early” and she screws Big Swole over before their All Out grudge match.

Sammy and Matt Hardy have great promos on each other, that grudge match is going to be great. Jake and Archer have a hilarious moment, and poor Jake seems to be less Archer’s manager and spokesman as he is Archer’s mouthpiece and henchman. I don’t think Jake is going to ditch Archer, but he could try and man up so he isn’t being pushed around. Tully really got fired up during Tag Team Appreciation Night, but he does have a point. There were great teams in that ring but they need to get those titles at some point. FTR go Heel hard with that attack on Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, but it also increases the chances of them joining Shawn Spears in an AEW Four Horsemen team. It might not be with Hangman, though, he didn’t seem to like what they did.

The main event was an incredible rematch, and of course the Inner Circle violates the ringside ban to try and cheat. Fortunately it doesn’t work out, and Cassidy gets a great win! I feel like this isn’t the end of it, though, as the series is now tied. All Out should be the tiebreaker, and that should also go to Cassidy to really boost him up the rankings. If Brodie doesn’t take the TNT Championship on Saturday Dynamite, I am starting to want Cassidy to. Jericho can lose to Cassidy while PNP beat Best Friends so that the factions are tied, and then something else is the blow-off, just like how Stadium Stampede was the blow-off between Elite and Inner Circle. Maybe Full Gear 2020 finally brings us Blood & Guts, as well as fans, and the fans can pop for Best Friends, Cassidy and Private Party on behalf of Matt Hardy defeating Inner Circle.

My Score: 9.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (11/25/22)

It’s a special Black Friday Rampage!



Rampage Coverage 2022

FTR is on a Rampage!

AEW Rampage is on at a special time for Black Friday, and talk about a deal! Will FTR still be ROH World Tag Team Champions after facing Top Flight? Or will be Dante & Darius Martin be the new #TopGuys?


  • ROH World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS Top Flight; FTR wins and retains the titles.
  • Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake; Darby wins.
  • Hikaru Shida VS Queen Aminata; Shida wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Rush, The Butcher & The Blade; Rush, Butcher & Blade win.


ROH World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS Top Flight!

Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood are still THREE BELT CHAMPIONS, and have been itching for a challenge. Darius & Dante Martin have stepped up based on the mutual respect these two teams have for each other. But who will be the real top guys around here after today?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and there’s a golden deal on this Black Friday!

Dax starts with Darius and they circle. They tie up, break, and go again. Darius arm-drags Dax and stares him down. Fans rally up, Dax keeps cool and he circles with Darius again. They tie up, Dax headlocks but Darius powers out. Dax runs Darius over, scoops and SLAMS him, but Darius kangaroo kicks back. Darius arm-drags Dax, but Dax headscissors! Darius kips free and wags his finger as fans fire up. Dax still stays cool and circles with Darius again. They tie up, Darius headlocks but Dax powers out. Darius runs Dax over, covers, ONE! Darius runs Dax over again, covers, ONE! Dax CLOBBERS Darius and fans fire up.

Dax drops a leg, pushes Darius to a cover, TWO! Tag to Cash, FTR DOUBLE HEADBUTT Darius! Cash EuroUppers Darius, CHOPS him against the ropes, and brings Darius around to whip and scoop. Darius slips off to arm-drag! Tag to Dante, Top Flight go after the arm with a wrench and a kick. Cash swings, Dante ducks but Cash comes back with the elbow! Cash ROCKS Dante then CHOPS and HEADBUTTS him! Cash headlocks but Dante powers out. Cash runs Dante over, things speed up, and Cash whips the back drop away. Dante ducks, Darius tags, Dante blocks a hip toss but Cash blocks one back.

Dante throws a body shot, goes up and over Cash and then shoves him into a GAMANGIRI! Top Flight double whip, duck and hurdle, then body shot, front kick and LEG SWEEP DDT COMBO! Darius covers, ONE!! Cash is tough but Dax was there, too. Darius tells Dax to back off and then he goes back for Cash. But Cash whips Darius to RAM him at the corner! Cash pushes Darius to the corner, tags Dax, and Dax CHOPS Darius down! Fans rally and duel, Dax drags Darius up to EuroUpper! Dax snarls, he drags Darius up, but Darius CHOPS back! Dax CHOPS, Darius CHOPS, Dax DECKS Darius! And then DECKS Dante!

Dax tags Cash, FTR double whip but Darius sunset flips! Dax keeps Cash up but Dante springboards in, MISSILE DROPKICK for Dax! Darius finishes the sunset while Dante covers Dax, TWO! FTR pop up both brothers but Top Flight both RANA free, to covers! TWO!! Dante BOOTS Dax down, Darius mule kicks Cash! TORNADO DDT and a tag! Dante goes up but Dax gets Cash outta there! Fans fire up and Dante hops down to go out and ROCK Cash! AEW goes picture in picture as Dante puts Cash in.

Dax goes after Dante! They brawl on the outside, Dante ROCKS Dax, but slides into stomps from Cash! Cash snapmares Dante to KICK him in the back! Cash EuroUppers Dante down, then drags him over. Tag to Dax, Dax stomps Dante then drags him up to back suplex! Cover, TWO! Dax keeps Dante from Darius and bumps him off buckles. Dax CHOPS Dante, but Dante turns things around to CHOP Dax! Dax turns it back around to CHOP Dante! Dante flops over and Dax drags him back up. Dax hits a back suplex but Dante lands on his feet! Dante CLOBBERS Dax, and again! Cash runs in but Dante CLOBBERS him!

Dante whips but Dax reverses, only for Dante to go up and out and GAMANGIRI! Rampage returns to single picture as Dante springboards and DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICKS FTR! Fans fire up and Darius rushes in. The Martins have FTR in opposite corners and then whip them, but FTR reverse to send the Martins in. The brothers do-si-do, duck ‘n’ dodge, and DOUBLE DROPKICK! FTR regroups but the Martins clothesline them both up and out! Fans fire up as Dante holds the ropes for Darius to DIVE! Then Dante comes back to go up and FLY! Dante doesn’t have the best takeoff but he still take FTR down!

Darius puts Cash in, Dante goes back up top to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives that aerial assault but Dante tags Darius. Dax fights them back with forearms and CHOPS! Darius kicks but Dax DECKS him! Dante PELES Dax, but all three men are down! Dax hurries over to his corner, Dante runs in. Dax puts Dante on the apron and Cash tags in. Dante fights off FTR with haymaker and elbows, then HEADBUTTS Cash while jumping in! Dante drags Cash up, but Dax hops up behind Dante! Dante elbows Dax away, drags Cash back up, but Cash throws Dante to Dax’s Electric Chair! SLINGSHOT BOMB, and then a DIVING SPLASH from Cash! Cover, Darius breaks it!!

Fans fire up as all four men are down! Dax snarls and brings Darius up. He ducks a kick, jumps a sweep and ROCKS Darius! Darius ROUNDHOUSES, whips, but Dax reverses to wrench and short arm LARIAT! Dax hurries to his corner, tags in, and FTR drags Dante up. FTR double whip Dante, but Darius breaks up Big Rig! Dante sunset flips but Dax rolls through! Dax swings on Darius but misses, and Darius shoves Dax into another sunset flip! With bridge! TWO!! Top Flight is frustrated as Dax escapes, and they throw forearms on Dax! Dante gives Darius the boost, TORNADO DDT! Dante goes up, SPLASH! Cover, Cash barrels in to break it!!

Fans are thunderous as all four men are down again! Chicago is dueling as the teams regroup. Darius SOBATS Cash but Cash JABS, JABS, JABS! Darius bobs ‘n’ weaves but Cash dodges to UPPERCUT! Darius rebounds to whip and SPANISH FLY! But Dante deadlifts to a BRAINBUSTER! And then he deadlifts Dante, but Dante slips out to hop up, victory roll! TWO!! Dax scoops, Dante makes it a cradle! TWO! Wheelbarrow cradle, TWO!! Dante hops up, but Dax throws him away! Dax waistlocks, Dante switches, Cash tags! O’Conner Roll, but Dax sends Dante into an alley-oop! Dante lands safe on the ropes to BOOT Cash!

Dante adjusts, springboards, but FTR get under the Nosedive! BIG RIG!!! Cover, FTR wins!!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall (still ROH World Tag Team Champions)

Cash & Dax are still the best tag team in the world! But wait, Austin & Colten Gunn come out to mockingly praise the champs. Will the Ass Boys get their turn at the titles come ROH Final Battle?


“Powerhouse” Will Hobbs speaks.

He’s back home in Oakland, California as he says, “When you open up the Book of Hobbs, you look death in the face. And you read word-for-word, and look in my eyes, you believe the good word. This is life. A life you know nothing about. A life you want nothing a part of. So whatever higher being you believe in, I want you to look up in the sky, I want you to look down low. Just like everyone has taken everything that’s meant something to me, I’m taking everything that means something to you.” Who will Hobbs take from first to be back where he wants to be?


Chris Jericho is here!

The Wizard is still Le Champion! After a brutal and bloody battle with Tomohiro Ishii, Jericho is still #THEOCHO! The rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society walks out with him while Chicago sings Judas for them. Jericho and Garcia chest bump just to show that the bloody spot on Jericho’s chest doesn’t bother him. Angelo Parker starts by telling Chicago to pipe down because Cool Hand Ange has something to say: “ALL HONOR THE OCHO~!” Fans are  bit torn on that but it’s the truth. Jericho says, “Is there any doubt that I am the greatest ROH champion of all time? Any doubt?” Fans are again torn.

Jericho says he’s beaten everyone thrown in his way, including in one of the greatest matches in Dynamite history against Tomohiro Ishii! Fans do agree with that a bit. “I’ve bled for this title, I have sweat for this title, I have earned this title. I am The Ocho. And not even Claudio Castagnoli can come out on the stage and give me a cheap shot, not even that’s gonna slow me down!” So the question to everyone is: who will uncrown the king of ROH? The fans? That four-eyes in the fifth row? But wait, here comes Claudio! Jericho’s jaw starts feeling sore again as Claudio says, “Chris, you asked if there’s any doubt that you are the greatest ROH champion. Well, there is no doubt in my mind that you are not.

“I know that I can beat you. I beat you twice! The problem is, I started doubting myself when I couldn’t beat you when it counts. And to me, the most important thing is believing in yourself. When I came here, I wanted to be the best professional wrestler I can be. And I know I am the best professional wrestler when I don’t doubt myself. So to me, I don’t just need to beat you for this ROH World Champion, I have to beat you!” Jericho says, “Okay, you have to beat me. Maybe you should be more worried about the Blackpool Combat Club since they’re falling apart at the seams, Claudio.”

Claudio says that is a problem. He cannot focus on anything else. He hasn’t slept since Saturday and losing to Jericho. Claudio can’t sleep, focus, can barely talk. It all bothers him. He NEEDS a shot at the ROH World Championship. So he wants another shot at Jericho’s title? Should Jericho give Claudio a shot? Chicago seems to think so! Jericho tells Claudio, “You want it? Forget it.” Fans boo and the JAS laughs. Claudio sighs as Jericho says there is nothing Claudio has to offer Jericho. But then Matt Menard says maybe there is something he can offer.

“Daddy Magic has an idea! Claudio, you’re a hell of a professional wrestler. But let’s not forget there was a time when you were a fantastic sports entertainer. I think you would make an excellent addition to the Jericho Appreciation Society. How about that, Chris?” Jericho likes how Daddy Magic thinks! He’s making Jericho’s nipples hard. Jericho tells Claudio that despite the fact Claudio sucker punched him, Jericho will give Claudio that one more chance. BUT if Claudio loses, and he will lose, he will join the JAS! Claudio considers that challenge.

“You’re right. I was a great sports entertainer. And I still am a great sports entertainer. And I would be a tremendous asset to the Jericho Appreciation Society. But I know deep in my heart, despite all my doubts, and I have a feeling you know as well, I’m an even better professional wrestler! Look in my eyes, Chris. Come Final Battle, I will throw you around like a little kid, and I will beat you for that ROH World Championship! I’ll bring honor back to this title, and I will be the NEW ROH World Champion!” Fans like the sound of that! But will December 10th be Claudio’s final battle as a pro-wrestler?


Backstage interview with Toni Storm.

Renee Paquette sits with the former champion, and knows she and Hayter had an amazing match at Full Gear. Unfortunately, Toni did lose the title. But Renee wants to talk about how Hayter won. Toni says deep down, she’s actually proud. She always knew Hayter could do it, and at Full Gear, they tore the house down. And they got to see just how tough Hayter is. But we didn’t see Jamie Hayter beat Toni Storm, she needed Britt & Rebel again. And if Hayter can look in the mirror and be cool with that, fine. But Toni could never do that. And that’s the difference between them.

Renee steers things to the news from Dynamite that there is no more “interim” and even Toni’s reign counts as a true world title reign, what is her reaction? Well just look at Toni’s face. She never saw the title as “interim.” She went out there, week after week, holding onto the title as if it was always official, because that is what this division deserves. Then with all of these things, what’s next? Toni broke her face losing the belt, she’ll break it again to get it back. When will the Lightning From Down Under strike back against the Hayter?


Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake!

The Relentless Icons won another big PPV tag match, but they’re not slowing down here! Will Darby get back on the singles track against one half of the Workhorsemen?

The bell rings and Darby stares Henry down. Fans rally for Darby, he and Henry slowly circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but Henry arm-drags. Darby holds on, fight sup, and arm-drags back. They’re still locked up collar ‘n’ elbow, and Henry fights back up. Darby gets around to a waistlock, Henry switches but Darby switches back. Henry snapmares and KICKS but Darby just smiles. Henry snapmares again and KICKS again, but Darby just stands up. Henry snapmares but Darby cradles, TWO!! Henry knees low and snarls. Henry whips but Darby sunset flips! Henry stays up, drags Darby up in a deadlift suplex, but Darby gest to the apron!

Henry ROCKS Darby, runs, but Darby goes up and over! Darby comes back to DIVE into JD! Scrap Metal takes the hit for the Saint, and Darby gets in. Things speed up, Henry fireman’s carries to HOTSHOT Darby! Henry goes out, SPITS at Darby, then APRON STO’s Darby down! Henry taunts the fans while AEW goes picture in picture.

Henry drags Darby around and CLUBS him on the back. Henry whips Darby hard into railing! Darby drops to his knees and Henry kicks him down. Henry drags Darby back up, puts him in the ring, and watches Sting as he gets back in. Henry paces around while soaking up heat, and then he gives Darby a NECK TWIST! He even holds on after as he falls! Henry KICKS Darby around, wraps him up in a straitjacket stretch, but Darby endures. Darby fights up, knees low and throws body shots. Henry shoves, Darby ducks the kick to fire off palm strikes and a HEADBUTT! Darby hops on but Henry shrugs the Yoshi-tonic off!

Henry waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX, but Darby lands on his feet! Darby ducks ‘n’ dodges to COFFIN- GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Henry is seething but he stalks Darby to a corner. Sting coaches Darby up but Henry whips Darby corner to corner hard! Darby falls in a heap, Henry pats himself on the back. Henry mocks the fans booing him, and he drags Darby up to whip the other way. Darby hits buckles hard again and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Henry has Darby in a Tree of Woe! Henry KICKS away on Darby’s chest, the ref counts, but Henry lets off at 4. Henry soaks up more heat, then runs in to HESITATION DROPKICK! Henry sits Darby up, and then hits a DRAPING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Darby survives and Henry is losing his cool. Henry goes to the corner and climbs up. Darby moves and the King Kong Knee hits mat! Darby runs in to CODE RED! Cover, TWO! Henry survives and slides out of the ring. JD helps Henry around the way but Darby rushes over. Darby puts Henry in, but then Henry distracts the ref so JD can pop-up and CLOBBER Darby!

JD drags Darby back up and puts him in for Henry, but here comes Sting! Henry covers, TWO!! JD turns around, Sting CLOBBERS him! Sting whips JD into railing! Henry is furious at Sting, but he hoists Darby up top. Henry climbs up after Darby and says this is for Sting! SUPERPLEX! And then a roll through to a suplex, but Darby turns it into a SCORPION DEATHDROP! Fans fire up and Darby roars! Darby goes to the corner, he climbs up top, and COFFIN DROPS!! Cover, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Relentless as always, it’s another big win for Darby! Sting joins Darby in the ring to check on him, will they both be rolling to the top of the ranks?


Backstage interview with Athena.

Lexi Nair notes that The Fallen Goddess is back from suspension, and Athena asks why was she suspended! “We have this big ass TV, a billionaire boss, modern technology, but yet no footage. What am I supposed to do? I got docked a week’s pay, I’ve been suspended, what else do you need from me?” Maybe an apology to referee, Aubrey Edwards? Oh! A public apology! Well, sorry. Oh, then she’ll be reinstated for Monday. Good, dismissed. Athena scares Lexi off, and then talks to the camera. “I was wondering how long it was going to take you to show up, Mercedes. I beat trash bag wrestler after trash bag wrestler after trash bag wrestler, and finally you show up!

“So when are you gonna put the ROH Women’s Championship on the line? Cuz I’m waiting, and I’m game.” The Fallen Goddess is aiming for the OG Badass, but will she be the one shot down?


Hikaru Shida VS Queen Aminata!

Speaking of returns, The Full Metal Warrior is back in action, and she is surely wanting after more gold! She is still International Ribbon Tag Team Champion and Regina de Wave Champion, but will she find her way back to THE AEW Women’s World Championship?

Wait, before the match begins, The Bunny and Penelope Ford frolic their way out here. What do they have with Shida? Aminata just CLOBBERS her from behind in the distraction! The bell rings, Aminata bumps Shida off buckles, then puts her through the ropes. Aminata goes to the apron to BOOT WASH Shida into the post! Shida flounders, Aminata drags her up and around to Alabama Lift into the- NO, Shida sunset flips and jackknife bridges, TWO!! Aminata escapes, kicks low, and she runs, but Shida follows! Aminata redirects herself but Shida DECKS her! And then FALCONW ARROW!

Shida roars and fans fire up! Shida aims, for the KATANA!! Cover, Shida wins!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

The warrior deals with the queen, but what about the Superbad Girls? They back down for now, but will they pounce on their prey soon enough?


Mark Henry interviews tonight’s main eventers!

Well, more like this afternoon’s. But the World’s Strongest Man says it was a tag match originally, but was promoted to a Trios Match given the history between LFI and Dark Order. But uh, where’s Preston Vance? John Silver says they really have no idea. Evil Uno is searching, but Alex Reynolds promises Number Ten will be here. The LFI have been annoying the crap out of them for months, so this ends here! But Braxton “The Blade” Sutter says, “Nah nah nah nah! Listen, newsflash, slick! It doesn’t matter if Ten shows up, Fourteen, 26, 37! All we know is the three of us are here to kick ass!”

And Andy “The Butcher” Williams says Blade ain’t lying, there WILL be an ass-kicking party tonight! The only ones invited are The Dark Order! Rush says he is sick and tired of talking, he wants to fight! He is ready to fight! He NEEDS to fight! “Let’s go, perros!” Then there’s been enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Will El Toro, Butcher & Blade be satisfied with just Three & Four? Or will Vance come through and back up his friends?


Backstage interview with FTR.

Lexi Nair congratulates them on their title defense, adding to their amazing year. Dax says yes, it has been a great year. But please, let him and Cash handle it from here. Dax says, “What a great ’22 it’s been. I’m told I’ve got 30 seconds. What a great ’22 it’s been, and this is my best friend in the world and I love him more than anybody else, aside from maybe my family. And we have a great legacy as a tag team, but 2022 has done something for me that no other year has done. It has allowed me to etch my name with the greatest wrestlers in the world, so right now, I gotta shoot my shot before the year is done, okay?

“I am challenging for Wednesday night, I challenge the best wrestler in the world. What do you say, Bryan Danielson, huh? Me and you, Wednesday night. Top Guys, out.” This match is NOW official! Will Dax the Ax slay the American Dragon?


Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Rush, The Butcher & The Blade w/ LFI!

Preston Vance may be Number Ten, but he’s been the number one prospect for La Faccion Ingobernable. But he’s also been resisting their offers because of loyalties to the Dark Order. Will he come through for Alex Reynolds & John Silver? Or will El Toro Blanco and his mercenaries make him pay for being so stubborn?

As the Dark Order make their entrance, there is no Number Ten, so this looks to be 3v2. The bell rings, and the brawl is on 3v2! Silver gets mugged and thrown out but Reynolds takes it to Blade! Rush ROCKS Silver, he and Butcher whip Silver into railing! Blade whips Reynolds but Reynolds dodges in the corner to elbow smash! Reynolds keeps moving, FLYING ELBOW and a BOOT! Fans fire up but Butcher anchors Reynolds. Blade CLOBBERS Reynolds, drags him up and puts him in the corner. Blade CHOPS, Rush pulls Reynolds’ hair, and Butcher tags in. They mug Reynolds with a DOUBLE HEADBUTT!

Butcher drags Reynolds up to COHP him back down! Tag back to Blade, Reynolds throws body shots but Blade suplexes him. Reynolds knees free, shoves Blade into Butcher, and he scrambles to tag Silver! Johnny Hungy dodges the mercs to DECK Rush! Silver ROUNDHOUSES Butcher, FLAPJACKS Blade, then runs! Silver ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Butcher! And then he OLYMPIC SLAMS Blade! Fans fire up with the Meat Man, and he runs to DIVE onto Butcher! But Butcher catches him and feeds him to Rush’s HAYMAKER! LFI drags Silver up to put in the ring as AEW goes picture in picture.

Blade rains down fists, then he tags in Butcher. Butcher stomps Silver, drags him up, and then throws him out! Rush has the spare cables to LASH Silver! And then CHOKE him! The ref is busy keeping Reynolds back and Rush gets away with choking Silver! Rush drags Silver up and CHOPS him, the ref reprimands that, so Rush puts Silver in. Butcher bumps Silver off buckles, CHOPS him more, then stalks him as he crawls on the mat. Butcher brings Silver over, tags in Blade, and the mercs mug Silver. Blade stands Silver up to ROCK him with a right but Silver throws body shots! Silver THROWS Blade out!

Silver crawls but Rush storms in to kick him down. Rush kicks Silver but Silver BOOTS Rush! But Blade trips Reynolds off the apron! Blade hurries away and Butcher CLOBBERS Reynolds! Blade puts Silver in the corner, Rush runs to jump and BOOT! Rush tranquilos while the ref reprimands them all. Blade drags Silver up to KICK him in the back. Blade clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Silver down. Silver endures, fights up, and throws body shots over and over! Silver then KICKS and KICKS and ROCKS Blade! Silver runs, but Blade CLOBBERS him! Tag to Butcher and Butcher drags Silver up to CHOP back down!

Butcher stalks Silver to ropes, drags him back up, and CLUBS him back down. Butcher CHOKES Silver on ropes, and Rush tranquilos while digging his boot in! The ref reprimands them both, Butcher lets off and Rush shrugs. Rampage returns to single picture and Blade tags in. The mercs drag Silver up, fireman’s carry and TOSS, but Silver blocks the kick! Silver spins Blade, SUPERKICKS Butcher, then gets around Blade to STANDING SLICED BREAD! Fans fire up for Silver as he crawls over, but Rush CLOBBERS Reynolds! Fans boo but Rush looms over Silver. Rush kicks Silver around, stomps him, but lets off to argue with the ref.

Bunny talks trash on Silver but here come Uno, Negative One and… YES, NUMBER TEN!! Vance runs to the ring, he gets right up in Rush’s face, and… He CLOBBERS Silver!! Fans boo as Vance is no longer loyal to Dark Order! The mercs hold Uno back, Rush hits BULL’S HORNS on Silver!! Cover, LFI win!! Then Uno is sent hard into the steps! Reynolds rushes in at Vance but Rush CLOBBERS him first! Feed to the DISCUS!! Negative One can’t believe it! His best friend uses his father’s move in this betrayal! Vance flips off Chicago, and Rush drags Uno into the ring. Uno pleads with Vance, but Vance stands him up, for a DISCUS!!

Fans are booing harder as Rush & Vance RIP UP Uno’s mask! They then bring a table to ringside! Reynolds is brought over, Vance and Rush drag him up on the apron, DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM through the table!! Chicago is thunderous with boos and jeers as Vance puts up the Ingobernable fist! Vance walks up the ramp, Negative One asks why, but Vance just throws the mask down at his feet! Number Ten is no more, Preston Vance has shown his true colors! Will this be a new era for LFI in AEW?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage, especially for being on at a different time (blame NHL if you wanted this to be on later). FTR VS Top Flight was a great opener, but I figured FTR would win. Ass Boys/Gunn Sons showing up at the end was also a natural move, they’ve been slowly (perhaps too slowly) building to FTR VS Gunns for the ROH World Tag titles and Final Battle is definitely the place to do that. Hell, it’ll be even more obvious should Austin & Colten do something during Dax VS Bryan on Dynamite next week. And speaking of Final Battle, no offense to Claudio, it might’ve just been Chicago being rowdy, but that promo with Jericho wasn’t as crisp as it should’ve been. Jericho VS Claudio II with the stipulation of Claudio joining JAS if he loses is a nice move, and definitely makes it feel like either guy could win.

Great match from Darby VS Henry, but I’m surprised nothing really came of it. I suppose there’s a way to give us Relentless Icons VS Workhorsemen, even though I don’t know what that really does for Darby & Sting. Good promo from Toni Storm, and it was clear that she broke her nose with the puffy black eyes she had. Storm isn’t done with Hayter, clearly, but she’ll have to fight her way up to the front of the line. Ford & Bunny showing up during Shida’s match was an interesting tease, I’m just not sure at what. Perhaps Shida bringing her tag team partner, Ibuki Hoshi, to bring Ice Ribbon Wrestling into AEW’s family of partnerships?

And we got great stuff out of the main event. The Dark Order VS LFI in the main event seemed a bit odd, but it foreshadowed something big happening, so of course Vance turns and joins LFI. It is a shame that The Dark Order has fallen so far since the passing of Mr. Brodie Lee, but I suppose it was inevitable. Vance giving up his mask was obviously more symbolic than anything, as The Dark Order had moved away from everyone wearing masks, and it was really just Vance and Uno. Brodie Lee said to wear a mask, Vance was holding onto that for the memory, but now he doesn’t care because he’s been losing. Vance is going to be a strong addition to LFI, he can be their midcard guy while Rush is a top title guy, and this might be what Vance needs to get up to that level.

My Score: 8.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (11/23/22)

Fallout from Full Gear!



AEW Year 4

Who’s hungry for gold?

Full Gear was full of surprises, but Dynamite is bringing a feast for the eyes! Will Chris Jericho keep #THEOCHO alive against Stone Pitbull, Tomohiro Ishii?


  • AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Jake Hager; Cassidy wins and retains the title.
  • AEW World Title Eliminator Finals: Ethan Page VS Ricky Starks; Starks wins and has an AEW World Championship match at Winter is Coming.
  • AEW World Trios Championships Best of Seven, Match 2: Death Triangle VS The Elite; Death Triangle wins and leads the series 2-0.
  • Triple Threat Tag: Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter w/ Rebel VS TayJay VS Willow Nightingale & Sky Blue; Britt & Hayter win.
  • ROH World Championship: Chris Jericho VS Tomohiro Ishii; Jericho wins and retains the title.


William Regal is in the ring!

Fans boo as he says, “Ladies and gentlemen, would you like to hear from your new world champion, Mr. Friedman?” Fans cheer that! Well, we will hear from him, next week. Fans boo again. Regal says that Mr. Friedman has no time for such places as… Where are they again? Chicago? Oh… Fans chant, “We Want Punk!” but Regal says MJF is on the set of a major motion picture. Fans are surely all wondering, “What is the union between Mr. Friedman and myself?” Fans chant “F U REGAL!” and he just smirks. “So uncouth.” But Regal says he’ll tell us this: a number of weeks ago, Regal sent an email to MJF that we will not be privy to until next week when MJF explains everything.

So next week on Dynamite, the Devil Himself, your NEW AEW World Champion, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, will be here. But someone who is here now is MOXLEY! The former AEW World Champion goes to the ring from the crowd, staring the snarling Sir William Regal down. Fans tell Regal, “YOU F’D UP!” as Moxley gets ever closer. Moxley slowly steps into the ring, but then Bryan Danielson rushes out here! Bryan keeps Moxley from getting at Regal and fans boo! Moxley shoves Bryan but Bryan stands his ground between Moxley and Regal. Bryan gets the mic to say, “Hey! Hey! Hey, listen, Mox. Listen, listen. Hey!”

Bryan says he doesn’t know why Regal did that, and it was a bad thing, but they’ve all done bad things! Fans boo because this was really bad. But Bryan asks Moxley to please not go after Regal. Regal has a bad neck and two bleeds on his brain, Moxley can’t hurt Regal. Moxley stands down, but he is pacing with the bottled up anger. Fans still want Moxley to hit someone. Bryan SLAPS Moxley, and then he apologizes! Bryan then gets on his knees to BEG Moxley to listen! Bryan knows the fans are booing but the struggles that Moxley has dealt with, Bryan’s dad struggled with those same things. This is more than just wrestling.

Bryan says when his dad had those struggles, Bryan didn’t understand. There was only one person who could teach him how and that was Regal. Bryan wants Moxley to tune the fans out and listen to just him. Because of Regal, Bryan could understand his father’s struggles. And for the last ten years of his life before he passed, Bryan was there to love his father, because of Regal! Now just imagine, please, just try to imagine someone teaching Moxley’s daughter to love him in spite of his struggles. Fans call BS but Bryan asks Moxley to spare Regal for Bryan’s sake. Bryan loves Regal. Fans boo that, too.

Moxley sighs and leans against the ropes. Fans keep telling Moxley to go after Regal and Moxley can’t tune them out. Moxley glares at Regal but he looks at Bryan. He takes the mic, Bryan steps aside, and Moxley steps right up to Regal as he says, “Your Lordship… I only want one thing from you. I want you to run. Run far away, as far away as you can, and you never, EVER come back. Right now. Walk. And keep on walking.” Moxley drops the mic, that is his one and only warning. Regal steps out of the ring and fans tell him to GTFO. Regal leaves, being spared from the Maniac’s rage. Fans sing “NANA NA NA, HEY HEY HEY, good bye~!”

Moxley is still rather red, but this was the best he could do to show mercy to Regal. As for MJF, will Moxley hunt him down the moment he’s in an arena?


Backstage interview with Keith Lee.

Renee Paquette tells him the cameras are live, and says we all saw what happened at Full Gear. Where is Keith’s head at after this all came to a head? Keith sighs, but then Swerve steps in. Renee lets them talk in private, and Keith tells Swerve to choose his words wisely. Swerve takes off his sunglasses, Keith takes off his jacket. Swerve looks to the camera, and covers it up. “Let’s talk.” “Without that, huh? Okay.” Is the team formerly known as Swerve In Our Glory still a team at all? Or will they come to an understanding off camera?


AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Jake Hager w/ The Jericho Appreciation Society!

Freshly Squeezed is coming off a big Ten Man Tag win with his Best Friends, but now he’s back to being a fighting champion. Will Cassidy be able to hold onto the title? Or will Rock Hard Hager make everyone APPRECIATE him?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if, uh… Whatever.

The bell rings, Cassidy steps to Hager, takes off the sunglasses and gives them to the ref. But Hager takes the glasses to put them on! They do go well with the bucket hat. Cassidy grabs for the hat but Hager won’t let him touch it. So Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets! Cassidy unleashes the “devastating” shin kicks! But Hager swings, only for Cassidy to dodge and SHOTGUN! And kip up! But Hager CLOBBERS Cassidy! Hager talks trash as Cassidy flounders to the corner. Hager storms up, whips corner to corner, but Cassidy tumbles up and out. Cassidy ducks the clothesline to bump Hager off buckles! The purple hat goes flying!

Fans fire up as Hager stares at the hat on the mat. Hager grabs Cassidy with both hands to throw him! Cassidy holds the ropes and he dumps Hager out! Cassidy then sees the hat, and he picks it up! Angelo Parker runs in, OLE as Cassidy baits him with the hat. Matthew Menard runs in, OLE again! Cassidy goes to put the hat but Daniel Garcia snatches it away! Fans boo and Cassidy frowns. Rocky Romero trips Garcia up! And Cassidy has the hat! He ROCKS Hager, DIVES, but Hager catches him! Hager POSTS Cassidy, to then FLAPJACK him on the apron! Parker puts the hat back on Hager! Hager says don’t touch his hat, and AEW goes picture in picture.

Hager flexes while Parker “kicks dirt” at Cassidy. Hager and Garcia secret handshake and then Hager drags Cassidy up. Hager puts Cassidy in the ring, drags him up, and wraps on a BEARHUG! Cassidy endures as Hager carries him around, and then Hager RAMS Cassidy into buckles! Cassidy throws elbows but Hager holds on. Cassidy grabs the hat! Hager thrashes Cassidy around for that! Cassidy drops the hat so Hager drops Cassidy. Hager puts the hat back on, then stalks Cassidy to a corner. Hager digs his knee in, the ref counts, so Hager switches to a boot. The ref still counts, Hager lets off, and both Menard and Parker talk trash at Cassidy.

Best Friends run Parker & Menard off, but Hager drags Cassidy up to put him through ropes. ROPE GUILLOTINE! Hager drags Cassidy away to a cover, TWO! Hager keeps cool and sits Cassidy up for a motorcycle stretch. Cassidy endures, fights up, and goes to put his hands in his pockets! Hager stops him, Cassidy keeps trying! They fight for control, but Hager lets Cassidy go to throw him down by his hair! The ref reprimands but Hager soaks up the heat. Hager kneels on Cassidy as Dynamite returns to single picture. Cassidy keeps his shoulders up so Hager kicks him around. Hager then whips Cassidy up and out, only for Cassidy to skin the cat!

Hager CLUBS Cassidy’s hand, KICKS the other, then ROCKS Cassidy! But Cassidy trust falls with Best Friends! They catch him and help him down. Hager runs in and BLASTS Best Friends! But Cassidy DIVES! Direct hit and Hager hits railing! Cassidy puts Hager in, the JAS go after Cassidy, so Cassidy springboard CANNONBALLS! Cassidy hurries up the corner, leaps at Hager, but Hager catches him again! Hager pops Cassidy around to a suplex, but STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE hits! Cassidy runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, tilt-o-whirl DDT on the hat! Cover, TWO! Hager is still in this but Cassidy crawls to the corner.

Fans rally up as Cassidy takes off the armband! Cassidy gives the lazy thumbs up, runs in at Hager, but Hager catches him for an URENAGE! Cover, TWO! Cassidy survives and Hager is furious! Hager puts the hat back on and he stomps away on Cassidy. Hager runs corner to corner, HAGER BOMB, but he blocks the boots! ANKLE LOCK!! Cassidy flails around and reaches out but Hager holds on. Cassidy rolls, kicks away but Hager still holds on. So Cassidy throws the hat! Hager ROCKS Cassidy and gets the hat back. ORANGE PUNCH!! Hager is still up so Cassidy victory rolls, Cassidy wins!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall (still AEW All-Atlantic Champion)

Hager’s obsession with his hat costs him, and the champion is still Freshly Squeezed! And of course, Best Friends GROUP- NO, The Factory’s music cuts off the hug! QT Marshall says after Full Gear, there’s a lot of unfinished business. It seems Cassidy has no problem giving out title shots one after another, so… Wait, QT’s mic dies on him. QT still rants as he storms up to the ring, but then the lights turn off! Eerie music plays, and when the lights come back up… JULIA HART is on stage! And she calls forth THE HOUSE OF BLACK!! They’re IN THE RING!! They attack Best Friends!!

The Factory are in shock, but they stay back as Buddy Matthews, Brody King & Malakai Black kick out Best Friends! Fans fire up and The Factory applauds, too. But then the House of Black goes after The Factory! Malakai BOOTS QT, Buddy & Brody BLAST Karter and Johnson! Comoroto gets in but Brody CLOBBERS him! The destruction continues on the outside as the House of Black goes after anyone and everyone they can get their hands on! Referees and presumably the AEW Dark card rush out, but they all get destroyed, too! Malakai tosses one pour soul OFF the ramp! Julia smiles and fans fire up as the House of Black stands tall.

But they’re not done, either! Buddy brings a security guard over, and with Brody, they get him up for the DANTE’S INFERNO on the stage!! Malakai gets a mic and says, “Members of the House of Black… Please rise.” Fans cheer this devastating return, who will the House of Black tear down next?


AEW share “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry’s thoughts from after his Steel Cage Match.

“That was my best friend in the entire world, and at the same time, he’s hurt me worse than almost anybody that I’ve ever met. But at the same time, it was also cathartic to be out there, because all that pain and resentment, it came out. As much as he’s put me through, and as much as I resented him and wanted to kill him, I felt in a way, that we again shared a moment that neither of us will ever forget, and I’m glad that I got to share it with him. And I’m glad I won. I kicked your ass.”


AEW World Title Eliminator Finals: Ethan Page w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Ricky Starks!

The tournament was meant to end at Full Gear, but things happen, and Absolute Ricky Starks couldn’t wrap things up until last Saturday. But now, he and All Ego battle for the chance at the AEW World Championship! Who will MJF be facing when Winter is Coming?

But as the introductions are being made, Stokely has the music stop. “Give it up for the future number one contender for the AEW World Championship, All Ego, Ethaaaaaaaan… PAAAAGE!” Fans boo and Ethan asks, “Oh, you guys don’t like that? You guys think Ricky Starks is gonna win tonight? Well, listen up! When Ricky Starks is in the middle of this ring crying after I beat his ass, all you Chicago babies can join in and cry like the losers you all are!” Fans boo, but then Starks makes his entrance! Fans cheer, but with as much tape as is on Starks, maybe Ethan has a point. The bell rings, fans rally for Ricky as he circles with Ethan.

Ethan and Starks feel things out, knuckle lock, but Ethan kicks him in the bad ribs. Ethan then lounges on the top rope to mock Starks. Starks and Ethan circle again, Starks waistlocks. Ethan wrenches out and hammerlocks, then he CLUBS Starks. Starks staggers away to a corner and Ethan talks trash. Ethan does jumping jacks to mock Starks, then he and Starks circle again. Starks kicks and CLUBS and CLUBS and CLUBS Ethan! Starks ROCKS Ethan to a corner, fires off hands from all sides, then rains down more fists! Fans fire up as the ref pulls Starks away! Ethan shakes out the cobwebs, and RAMS into the bad ribs!

Ethan bumps Starks off buckles, ROCKS him and follows him to the corner. Ethan ROCKS Starks, RAMS into him, then RAMS into him again! Ethan talks trash to the fans at home, but Starks CHOPS back! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Starks whips corner to corner but Ethan reverses. Starks goes up but Ethan KICKS him out of the air! Stokely cheers and Ethan stomps away on Starks in the corner. The ref counts, Ethan lets off, and Starks staggers away. Ethan has Starks in another corner, KNEES him low, then brings him out. Ethan KNEES Starks low again, soaks up the heat, and fans continue to rally for Starks.

Ethan talks trash on Starks, runs the ropes, but Starks SPEARS Ethan! Fans fire up but both men are down as that took a lot out of Starks, too! Starks flops out of the ring, Ethan goes out after him. Ethan kicks Starks in the ribs, drags him up and RAMS him into railing! Ethan brings Starks along as AEW goes picture in picture.

Ethan RAMS Starks into steel steps! Starks falls back, clutching ribs and shoulder. Ethan soaks up the heat again while the ref checks on Starks. Starks is somehow okay to continue, so Ethan drags Starks up. Ethan DROPS Starks on the railing! Starks is stuck halfway into the front row, but Ethan drags him back. Ethan puts Starks in the ring, stomps him around, and he soaks up more heat as Starks winces from the pain. Ethan stomps Starks, drags him up, but Starks CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS again! Starks runs, but Ethan catches the crossbody to a BACKBREAKER! Ethan springboard STOMPS Starks in the ribs! And again!

Ethan digs his heel into Starks’ body but the ref counts. Ethan lets off, drags Starks back up, and reels Starks in to suplex high and hard! Starks crawls away to a corner while Ethan grins and flexes. Ethan swaggers over to Starks, brings him up, but Starks CHOPS and ROCKS Ethan! Dynamite returns to single picture as Starks throws shot after shot! Starks CHOPS again, Stokely is furious, but Starks ROCKS Ethan in the corner. Ethan ROCKS and CLUBS Starks back, then whips him to a corner. Starks reverses and Ethan hits buckles! Starks runs, Ethan ducks and kicks low. Ethan whips, Starks slips around and hits a TORNADO, but Ethan hangs Starks out to dry!

Starks flops to the apron but Ethan goes out to join him. Ethan drags Starks up, fireman’s carries, but Starks throws elbows! Starks gets in the ring, ROCKS Ethan with a forearm, and Ethan goes to the floor. Fans fire up as Starks builds speed! Starks DIVES, but Stokely saves Ethan! Starks crashes ‘n’ burns and shouts in pain! Ethan and Stokely high-five, but the ref EJECTS Stokely! Ethan and Stokely are furious but the fans love it! Ethan assures Stokely that he can handle this from here, and he drags Starks into the ring. The ref checks on Starks but he’s somehow okay. Ethan climbs, Starks gets up and ROCKS Ethan!

Starks climbs up but Ethan throws hands back. They brawl up top, Starks CLUBS Ethan then throws down fists. Ethan throws body shots back! Ethan scoops Starks but Starks throws elbows! Starks is on the ropes again as eh throws forearms. But Ethan ROCKS Starks, ROCKS him again, but Starks ROCKS Ethan back! Starks stands on the very top!? SUPERPLEX!! Both men are down and fans fire up! Starks crawls but Ethan sits up. Ethan kicks but Starks blocks to throw haymakers! Starks gets around to fire off more shots! Starks ROCKS Ethan, kicks him low, then whips him to ropes. Ethan reverses but Starks returns with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER!

Fans fire up and Starks pumps himself up! Starks drags Ethan up, uses the ropes, TORNADO DDT! Stack cover, TWO!! Ethan is still in this but Starks is too hurt to be frustrated. Starks throws off his elbow pads, drags Ethan back up, and he underhooks the arms! But Ethan RAMS Starks into the corner! And DECKS Starks with a forearm! RIPCORD POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Starks survives but Ethan slashes his throat! Ethan roars and drags Starks back up to gut wrench. Starks slips off to schoolboy, TWO!! Ethan BOOTS Starks, ROUNDHOUSES, and then runs, but Starks dodges! SPEAR!!

Fans fire up as Starks fires up in a corner! ANOTHER SPEAR!! Cover, Starks wins!!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the AEW World Championship)

That was absolutely a gutsy performance! And now, in three weeks, Starks gets his shot at the champion, Maxwell Jacob Friedman! Will Starks make MJF look like a transitional champion? Or will MJF be better than Starks, and you know it?


Wardlow speaks.

“Waking up Sunday morning, the reality that I was no longer TNT Champion settled in. I was very angry. And I went back to see what exactly happened, because last thing I knew, I was powerbombing Hobbs multiple times, doing what I always do, finishing the symphony and win. Watched the video back, and I see now that it got interrupted by a belt shot to the back of my head. Samoa Joe, you are not the most dangerous man in the room. You are not the TNT Champion, I am. And this is Wardlow’s World.” Will Wardlow hunt down #TwoBeltsJoe and take his belt back?


AEW shares video of the “encounter” between Jade Cargill and Bow Wow.

The UNDEFEATED TBS Champion and her Baddies were celebrating her 42nd win and her regaining physical possession of the belt. However, them ushering people out of the way at the Millennium Tour red carpet got Bow Wow’s attention. Bow Wow had his security usher them out, which got Jade all heated.

Backstage interview with Jade Cargill & The Baddies.

Renee is with Jade, Kiera Hogan, Leila Grey, and the returning Red Velvet, and asks them all about what exactly happened with Jade and Bow Wow. No comment. No more clout for that “whack ass rapper.” But Jade is happy to finally have the belt back, with no help at all… Kiera and Leila look to the side while Velvet shrugs. But more importantly, Velvet IS back! And to celebrate, it’ll be a Baddie-bration next week in Indianapolis. Wait, why not tonight? Because been here, done that, whack town, moving on. As for Jade’s legal matters, Mark Sterling is back on retainer.

Smart Mark steps in and says, “As far as the Bow Wow situation is concerned, Jade Cargill’s official statement is, ‘No comment.'” Velvet likes that. Now, time to plan the party. They need balloons, champagne, cake, all green! The Baddies head out but Jade has Kiera stay back. Sterling has a document for her to sign? Kiera is agreeing to the assessment that she did not live up to her end of the deal, and as far as anyone is concerned, Kiera is NOT a Baddie. What?! Kiera gets kicked out just as Velvet comes back to the fold! What is Kiera to do now that she’s been kicked to the curb?


AEW World Trios Championships Best of Seven, Match 2: Death Triangle VS The Elite!

If you’re wondering when the first of this series started, it was at Full Gear. Rey Fenix gave in to the dastardly ways of The Bastard and used the bell hammer against Kenny Omega to secure the win, but that doesn’t sit well with Tony Khan. Will The Cleaner & Young Bucks correct another wrong done to them? Or will Fenix, Penta & Pac go up 2-0 already?

Chicago is chanting for “CM PUNK!” as The Elite make their entrance. Don Callis joins commentary again to put over the God of Wrestling, Kenny Omega. Pac has a face brace given the broken nose he suffered at Full Gear. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and it’s time for round two! Omega steps right up to Fenix given the hammer shot, and he shoves Fenix! Fenix says it’s what the Elite would’ve done! Omega sighs, shakes Fenix’s hand, and then hits a V-TRIGGER! Penta and Pac rush in but they get intercepted by the Bucks! The Bucks stomp and throw them out, then they help Omega stomp Fenix.

Fans boo hard, but Matt WRECKS Penta with a dropkick! Nick DECKS Pac, and Omega drags Fenix up. The Bucks coordinate, they put one out on Penta and Pac, for DOUBLE APRON POWERBOMBS! Omega whips Fenix to SKY HIGH SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Matt whips Penta into railing, then whips him back the other way! Penta runs back at Matt to SLINGBLADE! Nick FLYING RANAS Penta! But Pac runs in to SHOTGUN Nick! Omega DECKS Pac from the apron, and fans boo as he sets up. The Terminator Drums still start, and the Bucks set up the Bastard. Omega says night night, runs, but Fenix SOMERSAULT CUTTERS!

Fenix goes up and up to TORNILLO onto everyone!! Chicago is thunderous, and even sing “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~!” as Fenix puts Omega back in. Fenix drags Omega up, tags Pac in, snapmare and Penta gets in. They KICK, KICK and KICK, then TRIPLE BASEMENT DROPKICK! Fenix drags Omega into position, Penta runs to wheelbarrow, VICTORY SPLASH MOONSAULT COMBO! Pac covers, TWO! Pac goes to a corner, springboards, but Omega gets under! Omega waistlocks, Pac switches, Omega switches, Pac switches back, Omega elbows out hard! Pac falls, clutching his busted nose, and the ref has Omega back off.

Omega argues with the ref, but Nick PENALTY KICKS Pac! Matt BLASTS the Lucha Brothers! Matt goes up top now and ARIHARA MOONSAULTS! Direct hit on the Lucha Bros, and Nick puts Pac in for Omega. Nick does his best Macho Man while Omega looms over Pac. Omega drags Pac up, Pac ROCKS Omega with forearms! Pac fires off hands, Omega hits back, but Pac ROCKS Omega! Pac runs in but Omega BOOTS him away! Omega runs to KOTARO KRUSHER! Cover, TWO! Omega is annoyed but he tags Matt in. Matt swaggers and jogs around Pac, before dropping the fist! AEW goes picture in picture as Matt stalks Pac to a corner.

Matt stands Pac up to DECK him with a right! Matt drags Pac back up, Nick waves him over, and Matt bumps Pac off Nick’s boot. Nick tags in, stomps Pac around, then he taunts Fenix & Penta with Latino Heat. Nick drags Pac up, Omega and Matt put their feet up, and Nick bumps Pac off both boots! Nick SPITS at Fenix! The ref has to keep Fenix back, and Nick drags Pac up. Tag to Matt, Matt fires up and aims, to slingshot and… Fall on his butt. Maybe copying Hangman is harder than he thought. Nick CLUBS Pac down and stomps him! Matt says his ankle gave out! Seems he’s mocking a certain someone with that.

Matt drags Pac up, grins, and bumps Pac off Nick’s and Omega’s boots! Tag to Omega and Omega says they’re going to go another round! They get fans to count along “FOUR!” but Pac throws body shots! Omega CLUBS Pac, whips him in, but Pac reverses! Omega hits the Bucks’ boots! And then the Lucha Brothers CLOBBER the Bucks! Dynamite returns to single picture, Pac crawls to his corner, but Matt trips Penta off the apron! Omega storms up on Pac, drags him up, and Omega wrenches Pac’s arm, to BITE it! The ref counts, Omega lets off and argues with the ref again. Pac goes to ropes, Omega runs over, but Pac sidesteps to SNAP GERMAN!

Fans fire up while Pac and Omega are both down. Pac crawls, Omega sits up, hot tags to Penta and Matt! Penta CROSSBODIES the Bucks! Then mule kick for Matt, wheelbarrow roll with Nick and DDT for Matt! Tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER for Nick! Tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER for Matt! Tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER for Omega! Fans are thunderous as Penta tags Fenix. Fenix goes up and up to FLYING ARM-DRAG Matt! Nick kicks Fenix to a corner but is put on the ropes! Fenix CHOPS Matt, knuckle locks and goes up and up again, SUPER STEINER for Nick! Matt SUPERKICKS Fenix! Fenix kips up to SUPERKICK back!

Fans are electric as everyone is down around ringside! Fenix and Matt crawl for their corners, hot tags to Pac and Omega! Omega swings but misses! Pac SOBATS, KICKS, “This is Awesome!” as Pac SOBATS again. Pac runs but into a cheap shot! Matt grins, Omega V-TRIGGERS from behind! SNAP DRAGON! Tag to Nick, tag to Matt, and the Bucks BLAST the Lucha Brothers. The Bucks sit Pac up, and they pull the face brace off!! The ref reprimands but it isn’t really illegal to do that. Pac throws body shots on Nick! And on Matt! Omega CLUBS Pac, then goes to the corner to tag back in. Omega then tags Matt back in, and all three surround Pac.

Pac sits up, the Elite fire sup, TRIPLE SUPERKICK! Cover, the Lucha Bros break it! The Bucks throw Penta out, then Fenix. Nick builds speed and goes up, up and ESCALARAS to take out the Lucha Bros! Matt tags Omega in and Pac is on the ropes. Omega says BANG and runs, V-TRIGGER!! Then the Electric Chair Lift, ONE-WINGED- NO! Pac slips off, kicks and whips but Omega reverses to fireman’s carry! Fans boo, he better not! GO TO SLEEP!!! Cover, TWO!?!? The Bastard survives and Omega is furious!! Omega tags Matt, Matt drags Pac up and Nick sets up on the apron. But Fenix tightrope walks to KICK Nick!

Pac victory rolls, TWO!! Omega runs in but Fenix dumps him out! Fenix DIVES to take out Nick and Omega at the ramp! Pac dodges Matt, waistlocks, but Matt gets to ropes. The ref is checking on everyone on the outside, Matt LOW BLOWS Pac! Fans boo and Alex Abrahantes points it out, but the damage is done! Matt gets the bell hammer! But Penta slithers up behind him to shout, “CERO! MIEDO!” But DOS HAMMERS! BAM to Matt!! Pac covers, Death Triangle wins!!

Winners: Death Triangle, by pinfall (lead the series 2-0)

Fenix and Penta argue about resorting to the hammers all over again, but in the end, they’re up big on The Elite! Will Death Triangle look to finish this off before the New Year? Or will Omega & The Bucks get on the board in Indianapolis?


Renee Paquette is on stage.

“Chicago, what a night we have had so far! Now, I am out here with a massive announcement that pertains to the Women’s Division. Due to the extent of the injuries to the AEW Women’s World Champion, Thunder Rosa, and the uncertainty of when she could return to action, AEW and Thunder Rosa have reached a mutual agreement. AEW management has been forced to ask Thunder Rosa to relinquish the championship. Thunder Rosa was a fighting champion for AEW, she is willing to step aside and forfeit the title to the benefit of AEW, but more importantly, to the benefit of all of the women of AEW.

“Now that being said, please join me in welcoming your NEW AEW Women’s World Champion, Jamie Hayter!” Fans cheer as the interim is no longer interim, and Hayter walks out on stage with Britt and Rebel. This is the Hayter Era and Renee congratulates her. How does she feel? Britt speaks up to say, “Renee, thank you for telling all these people what they already knew, and that is that Jamie Hayter is the undisputed AEW Women’s World Champion! And let me let you in on a little secret, Ne-Ne. We were never even considering the word ‘interim,’ it’s not even in our vocabulary. Now take this mic, step aside, and let the champ walk to the ring.”

Britt follows Hayter, and they’re ready to take on some hungry competition. Will “The Killer & The Pillar” crush the hopes of four contenders all at once? Or will someone snatch a golden ticket off Hayter on the way to the holidays?

Triple Threat Tag: Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter w/ Rebel VS TayJay VS Willow Nightingale & Sky Blue!

AEW returns as the Jericho Appreciation Society’s Brazilian Goddess and Star of the Show make their entrance. In this kind of Triple Threat, only two teams are legal at any time, so Tay steps to the champ! Tay and Hayter tie up, Hayter wrenches and wristlocks. Tay endures, pries free to wrench back and she hammerlocks. Tay then waistlocks, but Hayter headlocks back. Hayter hits a takeover, Tay rolls her to a cover, ONE! Hayter holds on, Tay fights up but can’t power out as Hayter holds on tight. Tay powers out to a headlock of her own, but Hayter powers out to run Tay over. Tay gets up into a kick and whip, and Hayter runs her over again.

Hayter hauls Tay up but Anna gets in! TayJay double suplex but Hayter fights that, to DOUBLE SUPLEX TayJay! Fans fire up and Hayter drags Tay up to SNAP HAMMER! Cover, TWO! Hayter drags Tay up, bumps her off buckles, and she tags Britt. Britt fires forearms on Tay, CHOKES her, and then lets off at the count. Hayter CHOKES Tay but Tay fights though. Britt full nelsons and snapmares Tay to a ghost pin, TWO! Britt fires forearms on Tay, whips her to ropes, then follows, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then SLINGBLADES! Cover, TWO! Britt brings Tay up, but Tay wrenches out to ROCK Britt! Tay brings Britt around, tags Jay, and they double suplex Britt!

Britt flounders to tag in Willow! Willow runs in but Anna ROCKS her first! Anna whips Willow to the corner, Tay whips her in, but Willow dodges Anna to ROCK Tay and whip her into Anna! Willow SANDWICHES then LARIATS TayJay! Snapmare and BOOT for Anna! Willow scoops Anna to SLAM her! Skye runs in to wheelbarrow with Willow, WHEELBARROW SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Willow frowns and brings Anny up. Willow whips, Anna reverses, and Tay gets a cheap shot in! Willow swings on Tay but Tay HOTSHOTS her! Anna THROWS Willow out hard, then Tay drags her up! Tay whips Willow hard into railing!

Anna soaks up the heat while Tay puts Willow in, and AEW goes picture in picture. Anna CHOKES Willow on the ropes, lets off as the ref counts, and she bumps Willow off buckles. Anna fires forearms, tags in Tay, and they pull Willow’s hair. Tay BOOTS Willow, then brings her around to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Tay is frustrated but she drags Willow up to CLUB away on her. Tay drags Willow up but Willow fires forearms back! Tay DECKS Willow! Tay drags Willow up, RAMS her into the corner, then tags Anna. Anna runs in to back elbow! Anna stands Willow up to dig her boot in! The ref counts, Anna lets off, and Willow fires off forearms!

Willow fireman’s carries but Anna slips off to ROCK Willow again. Anna kicks her around, then CHOKES Willow on the mat. The ref counts, Anna lets off, and she bumps Willow off buckles. Anna ROCKS Willow, CHOKES her, then tags Tay. Anna still CHOKES Willow until Tay stomps Willow down. Tay CHOKES Willow on the ropes! Tag to Anna, she drags Willow up, but Willow powers her way towards the DMD corner! Tay rushes in to CLUB Willow to stop that, then she takes over with the DD TAY! Cover, Britt breaks it! TayJay talk trash with Killer & Pillar, but Sky e tags in! Skye goes up, and CROSSBODIES TayJay!

Fans fire up as Chicago’s own SMASHES Jay! Dynamite returns to single picture, Skye whips and SHINING WIZARDS Jay at the ropes, then SUPERKICKS her down! Skye SUPER- NO, Jay blocks and spins Skye but Skye KICKS Anna down! Cover, Hayter breaks it! Hayter whips Jay to the corner, Britt tags in off Jay, and Hayter ELBOWS Jay down! Britt runs at Skye to spin her and FISHERMAN SCREW! But Willow is in to fireman’s carry! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Jay rushes in to HOOK KICK! Hayter BOOTS Jay! Tay BOOTS Hayter! Skye and Tay DOUBLE LARIAT! They stay up, to DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSE!

Skye and Tay still stand, Skye SUPERKICKS Tay! Tay wobbles around, into the CODE BLUE!! But Britt SUPERKICKS Skye! Britt feeds Skye to the HATE BREAKER! Then CURB STOMP! Cover, Britt & Hayter win!

Winners: Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter, by pinfall

The Pillar & The Killer are still a successful tag team, and the Hayter Era begins! Who will be the first to step up to the new champion?


Backstage interview with FTR and Top Flight.

Renee is with “two of the best tag teams in all of AEW,” and Dante & Darius had something to say. But Dax Harwood speaks up first. He doesn’t throw out compliments a lot, but he must say, Darius had a string of bad luck but he’s always been impressive. And Top Flight with AR Fox almost became World Trios Champions last week. That impressed Dax, too. So what he wants from now on, for the next few decades to come, is Top Flight to take over tag team wrestling. Darius appreciates that, but there’s a reason Top Flight wanted to talk. And speaking of impressed, Top Flight’s been impressed with FTR for years.

Darius says it is a dream match, Top Flight VS FTR. So if they’re all impressed, FTR will put the ROH World Tag Team Championships on the line for Black Friday Rampage. Cash says they have always liked Top Flight, and they don’t say no to a fight. They’re on! They all shake hands, and Dante says, “Top Flight, out.” Dax says that’s clever, but that’s kinda FTR’s thing. Will the ROH World Tag titles still be FTR’s thing after the special afternoon Rampage?


The Acclaimed is here!

Max Caster & Anthony Bowens finally settled things with Swerve & Keith, and they’re still AEW World Tag Team Champions! Caster has a rap ready, “Acclaimed back at it with the story of the year, cuz we broke up Keith & Swerve at Full Gear. New champs, Hayter, MJF, but Acclaimed retained, we’re staying at the apex. You wanna shot, put your name on the ballot, and get your nuts slapped like Lethal & Jarrett! Yo, we cuttin’ all the dead weight. Chicago knows, it’s Acclaimed Every Wednesday!” Bowens says, “CHICAGOOOO~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Cut the music.” The music stops and fans sing, “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!”

Bowens says, “Chicago, it’s good to be back! And there’s’ a lot to be thankful for. It’s Thanksgiving Eve! Starting with Max and I retaining the AEW tag team titles, further proving that EVERYONE! LOVES! The Acclaimed! And not only that. My shoulder’s feeling better. But most importantly…” Billy Gunn unwraps the fingers! So of course, “SCISSOR ME, DADDY ASS~!” But then Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh interrupt from the tron. Sonjay has them stop right there. Did he just hear their names come outta the Acclaimed’s mouths?! Lethal warns them to keep Jarrett’s name out their freakin’ mouths!

Speaking of, Double J steps into frame to say, “Listen up, Slap Max! And you two, Daddy Ass, and Junior Ass, and all you other AEW ass clowns! You wanna talk smack? Well Max, I’ll give you something to rap about. Acclaimed, you best be watching your backs.” Fans chant, “TNA SUCKS!” and Billy says, “Somebody get that old ass off my screen, would ya?” Fans cheer for that! Billy has pull around here cuz he’s Billy. And now, the moment everyone’s been waiting for… Chicago, SCISSOR TIME!! And the fingers scissor!! The Acclaimed doesn’t sweat Double J and Jay, but will the #LethalOutlaws come for the gold soon enough?


ROH World Championship: Chris Jericho VS Tomohiro Ishii!

The Wizard is still “Ring of Jericho” Champion after Full Gear because, whether he wanted to or not, Sammy Guevara played his part in that Fatal 4 Way. But now, the Stone Pitbull is coming after Le Champion! Will Ishii prove he’s not that Young Lion Jericho remembers? Or will Jericho check another name off the list?

The introductions are made by Bobby Cruise, the belt is raised, and we see if even Ishii must hail #THEOCHO!

The bell rings and Jericho already flips off Chicago. And then he flips off Ishii. Ishii just steps to Jericho, Jericho tells him he’s a BAKA KOUHAI (stupid junior), but then Ishii SLAPS him! Jericho snarls and SLAPS back! Ishii SLAPS, Jericho SLAPS, it’s a SLAP fight! SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP and fans fire up as the shots keep going! Ishii ROCKS Jericho with that last one, then snapmares to KICK him! Jericho winces and rolls out of the ring. Ishii waits on Jericho, and even holds the ropes open for his senpai. Jericho doesn’t accept, he gets in on the other side. Jericho throws forearms but Ishii eggs him on!

Jericho throws forearm after forearm but Ishii doesn’t budge! Then Ishii starts throwing forearms in return! Fans fire up as the forearms go back and forth now! Forearm after forearm after forearm, but then Jericho gets the edge! Jericho runs, into a SAIDO! Ishii runs but Jericho avoids the sliding lariat! But Ishii blocks the Code Breaker! Ishii throws Jericho away, but Jericho ducks Ishii’s enziguri! Fans fire up as the two stand off. Jericho and Ishii check their cheeks, they circle again, and they tie up again. Jericho and Ishii are in a deadlock, Jericho headlocks, but Ishii powers out. They RAM shoulders, and they yell at each other!

Ishii runs, RAMS Jericho, then Jericho runs to RAM Ishii! Ishii rebounds to run Jericho over! Fans fire up and Ishii finally feels those collisions. Jericho goes to a corner, Ishii storms over, but Jericho SLAPS! SLAPS! SLAPS! Ishii just eggs Jericho on, then SLAPS back! And CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS and Ishii winces. Ishii CHOPS and Jericho sputters! Jericho CHOPS, Ishii CHOPS, and Jericho staggers back. Jericho snarls, CHOPS, but Ishii CHOPS back! Jericho CHOPS, Ishii CHOPS, repeat! They CHOP and CHOP and CHOP, then they both wobble as they clutch their stinging chests while AEW goes picture in picture.

Jericho CHOPS again, but Ishii CHOPS again! Jericho roars, CHOPS, CHOPS, and CHOPS! Ishii CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS in return! Jericho drops to his knees and Ishii finally feels the pain. Ishii taunts Jericho-senpai, and Jericho comes back to CHOP! Ishii CHOPS, the CHOP fight is back on! Jericho’s chest is bleeding from one spot! But Jericho still CHOPS Ishii! Ishii CHOPS back! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Ishii just keeps hitting that bloody spot! But Jericho CHOPS back! Ishii CHOPS again! Ishii eggs Jericho on, then CHOPS again! Jericho CHOPS, Ishii CHOPS, they just keep going!

Ishii CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Jericho wobbles to ropes but Ishii CHOPS him more and more! The ref warns about getting up high, but then Jericho blocks to COHP and CHOP and CHOP in return! Jericho’s arm is tiring out! But he still CHOPS! Ishii CHOPS, Jericho CHOPS, repeat! The CHOPS go harder and harder, and Chicago gives this a standing ovation! Jericho CHOPS, Ishii ROARS, Jericho CHOPS! Ishii CHOPS, Jericho CHOPS, and they CHOP as Dynamite returns to single picture! Jericho’s chest is so red, and not even from the blood! Fans hope they “CHOP FOREVER!” At this rate, they just might!

The CHOPS just keep going, and Jericho finally gets the edge! But Ishii just roars again! To CHOP Jericho off his feet!! Jericho sits up a bloody mess, Ishii rests against ropes, and fans are loving this. Jericho and Ishii get back up, to CHOP even more!! Ishii CHOPS Jericho to the corner, he keeps giving CHOPS, then he whips corner to corner. Jericho reverses, but Ishii comes back to run him over! Jericho goes to a corner, Ishii runs in and Jericho BOOTS him! Jericho runs to LARIAT Ishii into the corner! Jericho fires off point blank clotheslines over and over! Ishii sits but Jericho keeps after him with stomps!

The ref backs Jericho off, and he drags Ishii back up. Jericho CHOPS Ishii, then climbs up to rain down fists! Jericho goes all the way to nine but Ishii brings him out to POWERBOMB! Stack cover, TWO!! Ishii and Jericho are both down and fans rally up. Ishii rises first, and he waits on Jericho. Ishii runs, LARIATS, but Jericho stays up! Jericho eggs Ishii on, Ishii runs but Jericho BOOTS him! Ishii roars at Jericho, Jericho roars back! They both run, and Jericho CLOBBERS Ishii with the cross chop! Ishii is on the apron, Jericho triangle jumps, into an ELBOW from Ishii! Ishii drags Jericho up, to suplex!

Jericho fights the suplex, is on the apron, and he kicks low to APRON DDT!! Both men are down and fans lose their minds! The ring count starts while both men are down. Ishii stirs at 4 of 10, but Jericho slowly stands at 6. Jericho ROCKS Ishii, Ishii ROCKS him back, and they go forearm for forearm! They hear the count reach 9 and they both slide in! Jericho ROCKS Ishii, Ishii ROCKS Jericho, and the forearms keep going! Ishii falls, Jericho kicks him around! Jericho runs, into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Jericho gets up, he GERMAN SUPLEXES Ishii! But Ishii is up, only to run into another GERMAN SUPLEX!

Ishii is up! But hen he falls back down! Jericho LIONSAULTS! Cover, ONE?!?! Fans are thunderous and Jericho is shocked! Jericho ROCKS Ishii, and hits a CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!!! Ishii survives and no one can believe it! “This is Awesome!” as Jericho waits on Ishii. Ishii slowly rises, Jericho runs in, but Ishii swats the Judas Effect to HEADBUTT Jericho down! Fans are thunderous as Ishii roars again! Ishii sits Jericho up, runs and SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives but Ishii just roars again! Ishii drags Jericho up, but Jericho suplexes! Ishii fights that but Jericho trips him!

Jericho has the legs, he turns but Ishii bridges to throw Jericho! Ishii STEALS THE CODE BREAKER! Fans are thunderous and Ishii runs, to LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!!! Jericho is still in this! Ishii drags Jericho up, suplexes, but Jericho fights! Jericho wrenches, Ishii fires forearms and boxing elbows! ENZI- NO, Jericho blocks the kick! WALLS OF JERICHO!!! Ishii endures as Jericho sits deep! Fans are thunderous as Ishii crawls and claws around, but Jericho drags him away from ropes! Ishii still fights, tucks and rolls but Jericho throws down forearms! Jericho turns Ishii around again, LION TAMER!!! Ishii endures, but he FLIPS JERICHO OFF! Then he taps! Jericho wins!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by submission (still ROH World Champion)

The Ocho did it without cheating! Jericho may not realize it, but he might be just as much a pro-wrestler as anyone! But he still wants after Ian Riccaboni!? Instead, CLAUDIO comes out to DECK Jericho! The Swiss Superman sends a message to Le Champion, we will see these two fight at Final Battle?

My Thoughts:

What a great post-PPV episode for AEW. When MJF wasn’t advertised for showing up tonight, I just knew he was doubling down on being a Heel by acting high and mighty now that he’s world champion. But we got a great segment from Regal, Bryan and Moxley. Moxley is understandably PISSED, and Bryan defending Regal was also great stuff. This isn’t necessarily Blackpool Combat Club breaking up so much as Regal defecting to MJF’s side, but this is just one more nail in the coffin. And they even kept “MJF never really fired The Firm” alive, since Starks won the Eliminator Tournament in a great match with Ethan Page. MJF VS Starks is going to be great stuff, and this whole MJF era is going to be a lot of fun.

I actually liked that Keith and Swerve didn’t argue or fight on camera, because this is a very creative take on a tag team breaking up. I feel like them reuniting as a team isn’t likely, but even if they do, it is only inevitable that they finally come to blows and have their own singles feud. Great stuff from Cassidy VS Hager, especially with all the antics surrounding the purple bucket hat. Cassidy retains, of course, but I like that the House of Black used this opportunity to return and just beat the crap out of everyone. I am thinking Malakai gets in on the All-Atlantic title, and we could see Buddy & Brody go for the tag titles.

Wardlow of course wants the TNT title, and I’m thinking they set up a match for Winter is Coming. Joe can go to Final Battle as a double champion, probably stay double champion, and then we’ll see if Wardlow can take the TNT title off Joe. Good promo from The Baddies but a shame that Kiera was the most loyal Baddie yet she’s the one getting kicked out. Maybe Kiera teams up with Diamante and they go after Jade together. It’s also great that the “interim” is gone, Hayter is THE champion (and apparently Toni Storm will be retroactively). Now all we need is her to break away from Britt. We did get a great Triple Threat Tag with Hayter and Britt winning, and I wonder if Britt ends up the #1 contender, compelling her and Hayter to have a match. After all, wins and losses matter.

Though, that doesn’t explain Lethal & Jarrett calling out The Acclaimed like they’re up next or something. Jarrett & Lethal lost to Sting & Darby, it should be Sting & Darby up next, except that not even AEW does Faces VS Faces or Heels VS Heels. Top Flight VS FTR is going to be awesome, but I think FTR wins, and then they can set up something for Final Battle. Still expecting it to be Austin & Colten Gunn, they have been getting at FTR so much that it just makes sense.

That Trios Championship Best of Seven match was awesome stuff, but also what a wild moment because fans were loud for both sides of the CM Punk argument. Most of Chicago was pro-Punk but there was still a vocal minority saying “F CM Punk.” The Elite added on by trolling Punk with mocking how Punk hurt himself doing the Buckshot and what not. To my surprise, The Elite didn’t win this one, either! And it was because Penta used a hammer! It seems all of Death Triangle is going to have to come to terms with Heel tactics if the team is to stick together. As for The Elite, they may have to keep an eye on those hammers. I’m thinking The Elite make a comeback no later than Winter is Coming. And I would think this goes all the way to the seventh match, that’s how epic these two teams are.

And that was an awesome main event! Jericho, for all his character’s talk of sports entertainment being superior, reminded everyone that he is an icon for a reason. He and Ishii really brought the Strong Style, but I had a feeling Jericho was going to retain. And Claudio clobbering Jericho as he was calling out Riccaboni was good stuff. Clearly, Claudio VS Jericho is happening at Final Battle, and that could be an epic match on the level of this main event. I honestly can’t be sure who else AEW can bring in for Jericho to face, but I can’t see Jericho losing the title just yet. Maybe the Jericho Appreciation Society will bring out a list of former ROH champions to face.

My Score: 9/10

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