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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (8/5/20)

It’s AEW Super Wednesday!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

AEW Dynamite is packing it on for Super Wednesday!

Jon Moxley defends the AEW World Championship, MJF gives us an update on his own contender status, and a TWELVE MAN TAG WAR IS WAGED!


  • 12 Man Tag: FTR & The Elite VS The Dark Order; The Dark Order wins.
  • Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Best Friends; Best Friends win.
  • Cody Rhodes & Matt Cardona VS The Dark Order’s Numbers 3 & 4; Cody & Cardona win.
  • Big Swole VS Rebel w/ Britt Baker; Swole wins and will face Britt Baker at All Out.
  • AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley VS Darby Allin; Moxley wins and retains the AEW World Championship.


12 Man Tag: FTR & The Elite VS The Dark Order!

Dynamite is starting off big already! Things were explosive between FTR and The Elite as Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood took offense at Kenny Omega pouring out beer, to then pour beer back on Omega. But it seems Hangman Page won FTR over as drinking buddies and now they’re both ready to take on Mr. Brodie Lee and his legion of minions, and Colt Cabana. Is tonight the night Cabana truly joins Dark Order? Or will it be the team that is “totally all getting along” that wins this 6v6 tag war?

The large teams sort out, and the Exalted One starts with Nick Jackson. They tie up, Brodie shoves Nick to the corner but Nick dodges. Brodie tumbles up and out to deck Nick, but Nick avoids the slingshot senton! Nick goes up and leaps but Brodie gets under. Nick comes back but into Brodie’s pop-up! Nick manages to slip out of the bomb and tags brother Matt. Nick dodges and Matt rocks Brodie with a right, then Nick springboards to crossbody! Brodie catches Nick, but Matt dropkicks them down! The Young Bucks get Brodie up, Matt gives Nick the boost to dropkick Brodie! But Brodie rebounds to DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! The Bucks are down and the crowd boos.

Brodie scoops Matt and brings him over but Matt escapes! Matt backs off as Number 9 tags in. Brodie tells Nine to kill, but Nine runs into a drop toehold! Nick slingshots to leg drop! Nine staggers around, and Nick hits a corner clothesline! Nick runs but Nine follows and clotheslines back! Nine runs but Nick sees him go up, to go up and SUPER STEINER Nine! Nine almost gets spiked and Nick covers, TWO! Nick drags Nine up and wrenches him to tag in Matt. Matt climbs up, Matt hits double stomps on the arm! Matt brings Nine back up and tags in Cash. Cash hops up to drop an elbow on the arm, then he wrenches and snapmares Nine before tagging in Dax.

Dax stomps the bad arm over and over then drags Nine back up. Dax wrenches, tags in Hangman and Hangman goes up to drop ax handles. Hangman wrenches to tag in Omega and Omega springboard ax handles the arm! Nine’s arm is about to fall off at this point! Omega and Hangman double whip Nine to kick and kick and then boot and Kotaro Krusher! Standing Shooting Star! Cover, but Evil Uno and Stu Grayson break it up! The Dark Order OG’s go after the rest of their opponents on the apron! The ref tries to restore order but the Dark Order doesn’t care. They take Omega and Hangman, but then FTR saves them from the stereo suplexes! FTR kick back, they and the AEW World Tag Team Champions get Uno, Stu and Nine 4v3! TRIPLE SUPLEX!

The crowd is thunderous while Brodie is furious. Omega covers Nine but Cabana breaks it! The crowd is loving “A E DUB!” as Cabana runs away from Omega! Omega gives chase into Brodie’s SUPERKICK! The Bucks tell Brodie they’re watching him after that, but now Stu Grayson tags in. Omega is fed to Stu and he tags Uno. The OG double whip Omega into the corner then Uno runs in for a back elbow! Uno feeds Omega to Stu’s uppercut, and then adds a BOOT! Uno covers, TWO! Uno tags Stu back in, they coordinate for a springboard elbow sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO as Stu backs off seeing Matt run in. Things are getting tense but Stu tags in Alan Angels, aka Number 5.

Angels lost to Omega and wants some payback as he throws big forearms. Angels snapmares and drops a splash! Cover, TWO! Dax warns Angels but Angels keeps on Omega. Angels whips, Omega reverses and tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKERS! Omega tags in Dax and Dax drags Angels up to whip for a BIG back elbow! Dax keeps going with the leg drop, elbow drop, and falling headbutt! Cover, TWO! Dax drags Angels up, bumps him off buckles and CHOPS him! Tag to Cash, Angels gets fed to boots. Cash throws European Uppercuts to ROCK Angels! Cash whips Angels, Angles reverses but Cash goes up and over. Cash keeps moving, catches Angels’ leap for a POWERSLAM! Stu runs in, but into Cash’s big back suplex! Cash DECKS Uno and tags Dax!

Dax tags Hangman, and the drinking buddies each grab a member of Dark Order, wanting triple Figure Fours! But the Dark Order members kick FTR and Hangman into each other! Hangman wobbles around, Angels cradles, TWO! Angels back kicks and drags Hangman over to tag in Stu. Stu stomps away on Hangman, then CHOPS him against ropes! And CHOPS! Stu whips. Omega tags in and Hangman feeds Stu to the corner! Hangman corner clotheslines, Omega and the Bucks follow up with an Elite double kick elbow combo! Tag to Nick, Hangman gives Stu a rolling elbow! Omega pops Stu up for Hangman’s GERMAN SUPLEX! The Bucks take aim as Uno tags in, Omega and Hangman dodge Uno to feed him to double dropkicks! Then Omega adds a SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX!

Angels tags back in and leaps, but misses the Elite to turn around into double elbows! Omega and Page roll Angels backwards into a wheelbarrow lift from Matt. Omega CHOPS, Hangman CHOPS, Nick back kicks! Then the Bucks wheelbarrow cutter Angels down! Nick goes up, up and AWAY to take out Stu, Uno and Nine!! Matt fires up and Hangman coordinates with him. The crowd chants along with “The! Elite! The the Elite!” Dax tags in and he drags Angels up. Tag to Cash, FTR combines for their own elbow drop backbreaker combo! Dax’s leg bothers him, though, as he had to take all that weight. The Elite call for medics to check on this, and Omega tags in so Cash can stick with Dax.

Omega gut wrenches Angels, and BOMBS him right down! Cover but Stu breaks it! Stu, Uno and Nine clobber Omega while the rest of the team is busy with Dax! Even Cabana doesn’t think this is fair! But Nine tags in and drags Omega up to uppercut. But he runs into Omega’s Snap-Rana! Matt returns to tag in as Nine hurries to tag Brodie! Brodie catches Matt for a SCRAPBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Tag to Uno and then tag to Stu. The OG drag Matt up but Matt fires off haymakers! Matt runs into a pop-up Electric Chair toss to BOMB! Cover, but Nick manages to break it in time!! Brodie is furious, and it seems Hangman has left with FTR?! This goes from being 6v4 to 6v3, The Elite is outnumbered 2 to 1!

Stu whips Matt hard then tags in Brodie. Brodie tags Uno who tags in Angels. The Dark Order block Nick and Omega off as Angels tags Nine for Nine to tag Cabana. Brodie starts off a corner attack train on Matt! Elbow, splash, clothesline after clothesline, and Cabana adds the Flying Apple! Cabana goes up, SUPERMAN SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Matt survives but Cabana keeps his cool. Cabana drags Matt up and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Uno, just as Brodie orders. Uno CHOPS Matt, but Matt fires off haymakers all around! Matt backs Uno down, but Uno blocks a kick, hands it to the ref, and hits a leaping neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Uno drags Matt up and away from The Elite to tag in Brodie.

Brodie brings Matt up but Matt fires off body shots. Brodie shoves Matt into Stu’s cheap shot, then Brodie runs, into Omega’s cheap shot! Omega ROCKS Brodie but Brodie LARIATS Omega inside out and to the ramp! Brodie tags Cabana in, they mug Matt, then whip him to a corner. Cabana tags Stu, Stu tags Angels and Uno joins in. They double whip Stu into the POST as Matt moves! Matt SPEARS Uno and then waistlocks Angels. Angels backs Matt into buckles and elbows free, but he runs into Matt’s BOOTS! Matt goes up, leaping STUNNER! Both men are down but the crowd rallies up! Uno drags Nick off to deny the tag! Stu ROCKS Nick into Uno’s kangaroo kick, “GET OVER HERE!” OVERHEAD SUPLEX!

Angels stalks Matt, who is distracted by Stu and Uno. Angels back kicks and whips, but Matt holds ropes. Matt boots again, then sends Nine flying! Matt shoves Cabana down and FLIES out onto Nine! Matt LEAPS onto Cabana! And CLOBBERS Uno and Stu! He dodges Brodie to get back in the ring but Angels is in his way. Matt fakes him out and goes under, but still no one is there to tag! Angels waistlocks, but Hangman returns! The Cowboy is back and Matt leaps to tag him in! Hangman rallies on Angels, Uno, and triangle lariats Stu! Angels runs into a FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman kips up to PESCADO Cabana! Hangman clotheslines Angels then DIVES out onto Nine! Hangman is fired up with the crowd as he returns to the apron!

Omega feeds Angels in, but Uno anchors Hangman’s legs! Angels runs over, blocks a punch to give a kick, then runs, into an APRON BACK SUPLEX from Hangman! Hangman leaves Angels behind as he climbs up top. Brodie watches as Hangman SUPER MOONSAULTS to take out everyone else! The crowd is thunderous as Brodie stares Hangman down. Hangman puts Angels in but Brodie still stares at him. Hangman sends Angels to him and dares him to tag in! Brodie accepts the challenge and circles with Hangman. The two go face to face, Brodie throws a forearm! Hangman throws one back and we have a brawl! Back and forth, heavier and heavier, but Brodie gets the edge. Brodie runs, into Hangman’s BOOT!

Hangman runs but Uno and Stu hold the ropes open! Hangman tumbles to the floor! Brodie builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit sends Hangman into barriers! Brodie puts Hangman back in, tags to Uno and Uno tags to Cabana. The OG grab Hangman as Cabana goes up top. They hoist Hangman up to Cabana for a fireman’s carry, and Cabana drops Hangman on the Chicago Skyline!! Cover, but Omega breaks it in time!! Omega rains down rights on Cabana, Angels DOUBLE STOMPS Omega down!! Tag to Uno, tag to Stu and the OG coordinate for the 450 SPLASH and CANNONBALL! Cover, TWO!?! Hangman lives and the Dark Order can’t believe it!

Tag to Brodie and he aims at Hangman. But Hangman dodges his discus and Brodie gets DOUBLE SUPERKICKS from the Bucks! Stu gets a SUPERKICK! Uno gets a SUPERKICK! Cabana gets SUPERKICKS! Angels gets SUPERKICKS! Omega is back, he full nelsons, DOUBLE SUPERKICK SNAP DRAGON!!! Hangman takes aim on the apron, Omega lines Brodie up, and we get the LAST C- NO! Brodie moves, the Dark Order drags everyone else out, Brodie DISCUS LARIATS Hangman inside-out!! Cover, The Dark Order wins!!

Winner: The Dark Order, by pinfall

There is truly strength in numbers! FTR took themselves out with their own move, and Mr. Brodie took full advantage. Brodie says Hangman should’ve joined them, will it happen in the end? Or will it just be the end of The Elite once and for all?


Best Friends arrive at Daily’s Place.

They borrowed the fan from Trent’s mom again. They made sure to park it somewhere safe for her sake. But will their match with Santana and Ortiz be anything but safe?


AEW hears from Jon Moxley.

“When I was younger, I’m not ashamed to say that I struggled with a lot of demons.” Early in his career, he’d go to the ring like he was wrestling ghosts. The people who cared about him would try to talk him out of stuff. “Don’t fight that guy. Don’t do that death match. Don’t do this or that, cut it out.” But looking back, in some cases, Moxley wishes he’d listened, because he paid the price. But in others, he wouldn’t change a thing. Moxley gets why Darby Allin pointed at the belt. He gets why Darby wants to challenge Moxley for that belt. Moxley understands where he’s coming from and what he’s trying to do.

But in an ironic twist, Moxley is now the advocate, the voice of reason, the person concerned for someone else’s health. Because Moxley knows Darby will come after him again and again and will not stop until he can’t move. It will never cross Darby’s mind even once that last time, Moxley almost broke Darby’s neck. It weighs heavily on Moxley. Moxley doesn’t want his resume to read, “The guy who ended Darby Allin’s bright career,” because Darby is Moxley’s favorite here in AEW. But the title is on the line. When you sign the contract, you make yourself the same as everyone else. Moxley’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. He won’t try to talk Darby out of this, but he does ask Darby please understand, “that when it’s time to stay down, just stay down.” Though, Moxley knows Darby isn’t going to listen, because Moxley wouldn’t. Will Darby stay down?


Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Best Friends!

The feud between the Inner Circle and the Freshly Squeezed forces is not over even after their 10 Man Tag! Will Santana and Ortiz sink their teeth into the Kentucky Gentleman and #JustTrent?

The teams sort out and Chuck Taylor starts with Santana. They circle, tie up, go around, and Chuckie T ends up in a corner. Santana lets up and lets Chuck come back. They tie up again, Santana waistlocks but Chuck pries free to a wristlock and hammerlock. Santana switches, spins Chuck to a cravat, but Chuck brings Santana to a knee. Chuck pops out to headlock, spin and hammerlock, but Santana switches it, headlocks, and hits the takeover. Chuck headscissors, Santana pops out and powers Chuck to ropes. Things speed up, Santana hurdles but Chuck leaps. Things keep going, Chuck arm-drags to a cover, TWO! Santana kicks low, tags Ortiz, but Chuckie arm-drags Ortiz to an armlock!

The crowd cheers, Trent tags in and takes the hand-off. Trent yanks on the arm, then yanks again. Trent wrenches, Ortiz breaks free and CHOPS! Ortiz runs, things speed up again, and Trent DOUBLE KNEES Ortiz down! Trent Northern Lights Ortiz, bridges, TWO! Trent drags Ortiz up, tags in Chuck, but Ortiz hits back! Ortiz stalks Chuck to ropes, brings him up and CHOPS him back down. Tag to Santana, PNP drags Chuck up to double whip. Chuck holds ropes, boots Ortiz and Trent tags in. Santana is sent into buckles, Trent throws forearms but Ortiz kicks Chuck. The teams brawl and the ref tries to restore order.

PNP whip Best Friends at each other, but they dosido and clobber PNP! Trent feeds Santana to the Sexy Chuckie Knee! Then Trent hits the TORNADO DDT! Ortiz is next, he gets the LAWN DART CUTTER! And then Best Friends… HUG!! Got to give the people what they want! AEW goes picture in picture, #SnOvsBestFriends.

Trent watches PNP regroup on the outside. Santana takes his time returning to the ring, Ortiz takes his time returning to the apron. They try and distract with trash talk and arguing, but Trent still blocks Santana’s boot! Trent CHOPS back, then brings Santana up for forearms. Trent throws body shots but Santana shoves back. Trent tags Chuck, they double whip and double elbow Santana to then double elbow drop. Chuck swaggers around to taunt Ortiz but goes back to Santana in a corner. Chuck CHOPS and stomps Santana, then tags Trent back in. Trent climbs up, Chuck has Santana, double ax handles hit Santana in the back.

Trent drags Santana up to throw forearms, but Santana shoves, ducks and kicks the leg out to dropkick Trent down! Santana drags Trent back up to CHOPS off his feet! Tag to Ortiz, Santana wrenches Trent to hand off to Ortiz’s snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Ortiz has the leg, turns Trent and sits deep on the Half Crab! Ortiz flexes while Trent endures, but when Trent refuses to quit, Ortiz just lets off. Ortiz stalks Trent, dares him to do something, so Trent forearms! Ortiz CHOPS, Trent throws forearms, and AEW returns to single picture as Ortiz CHOPS again. Trent forearms back, Ortiz CHOPS, repeat! Trent CHOPS now, then forearms, but Ortiz pokes his eyes! Chuck protests but Ortiz swivels the hips!

Ortiz drags Trent up and over to the corner to bump him off buckles. Tag to Santana, PNP double whip Trent corner to corner. Trent goes up as Ortiz DECKS Chuck, then tumbles back down  into Santana’s URENAGE! Cover, ONE?! Trent surprises Santana but Ortiz taunts Trent. Trent DECKS Ortiz, elbows Santana, but Ortiz trips Trent up! Trent hits apron then floor, and Santana DIVES out onto Chuckie! Direct hit into barriers, and Chuckie ends up in the front row! The Librarians are shocked to have a souvenir! Ortiz whips Trent into railing across the way! “The best! The best!” Ortiz drags Trent up and into the ring, Santana drags him up and backbreakers! Cover, ONE!? Santana tags Ortiz back in while Chuckie stirs at ringside.

Ortiz snap suplexes Trent, floats to a cover, ONE! Trent is tougher than PNP thought, and Santana tags back in. They mug Trent, Santana snap suplexes him down again, covers, TWO! It’s progress, at least. Santana keeps on Trent but Trent resists the suplex. Ortiz tags in, they both suplex and run to slam Trent down! Ortiz covers, ONE!! Another try, TWO! Trent grits his teeth and clutches his back but his heart is keeping him in this. Ortiz stands on Trent’s head! Ortiz taunts Mama Sue through the camera! Tag to Santana, PNP drags Trent up to double suplex, but Trent slips out! Trent boots Ortiz and LARIATS Santana! All three are down, but Chuck is back on the corner! Hot tag to the Kentucky Gentleman!

Chuckie T rallies on PNP with lariats and BOOTS! Ortiz swings into SLICED BREAD! Santana runs into a MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Chuck fires himself up, drags Santana back up, but Santana knees the suplex away. Tag to Ortiz, but he runs into SOLE FOOD! And the FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Chuckie doesn’t sweat it, he just brings Ortiz back up. Chuck puts Ortiz in the corner and CHOPS! He hoists Ortiz up top, tags Trent in as the crowd rallies behind them. Trent powers through the pain as he goes up top to join Ortiz. Santana attacks Trent! Chuckie throws Santana out and helps Trent back up. Electric Chair SUPERPLEX!! Ortiz and Trent are both writhing, and Santana drags Chuckie off to throw into the wall!

Ortiz and Trent stand up, Ortiz throws forearms into the back! Tag to Santana, PNP drags Trent up and double whip, but Trent reverses to send Ortiz into the corner. Santana whips but Trent reverses. Ortiz goes up and over, school boys Santana at Trent for the CUTTER! Pop-up BOMB, to the PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!! Trent still lives and PNP can’t believe it! The crowd is fired up as Santana tags Ortiz back in. Santana climbs, Ortiz lifts but Chuckie hits Santana down! Trent victory rolls, Best Friends win!!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

They snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! The #2 tag team is rising up again, will they be #1 contenders soon enough?


MJF gives us his contention update.

“AEW faithful, we are currently live at MJF campaign headquarters, and I am so excited to show you where the magic happens.” Wardlow opens the door and MJF walks in, greeted by the applause of his campaign staff. MJF thanks them and calls on “cue ball.” MJF is given his stick of gum, but ugh gross, that is not a good flavor, that man is fired. Moving on, MJF’s team are making and shipping posters and pins all across the world. And… Wait a minute. NINA! Yes, sir? Who hung that poster up? The MJF “We Deserve Better” in black ‘n’ white? It was Lee Johnson, sir. Lee is busy picking out the green M&M’s, by the way.

Oh? It was Lee?! Well, Lee, do you know what “level” means? Yes… Well, Lee, does that poster look level? “I dunno…” You don’t? Maybe if your LEVEL TOOL wasn’t on the ground, he’d know! MJF slaps the level against the poster and asks again: Does it look level? No… Well that aside, MJF asks Nina how they’re doing in the polls. But she needs to smile or not talk at all! Nina smiles big as she says they are leading. The poll shows MJF has 100% of the votes at 51,475,896, and somehow that means Moxley is at a negative 88%. “Epic.” Now, MJF is sure others would be taking a victory lap, but not him. Just because Tony Khan authorized MJF’s match for All Out does not mean they slow down. The campaign is not over until the title is around his waist! Why? Because #WeDeserveBetter. “Yes, we do.”

But what if Darby wins tonight? Oh, that 125 pound emo? That would suck to wrestle him for the title. #Sarcasm. MJF winks as he takes his leave, but what if that scenario does come true? Also, is that poll even real?


Matt Hardy is in the ring.

The crowd cheers as Hardy has a mic. “When I made the decision to come to AEW, it’s because I wanted to come somewhere where I would feel respected. I wanted to wrestle somewhere, work somewhere, where I felt like I had a say in the direction that my career was going to go.” And to be honest, Hardy came here, saw the incredibly talented roster of both men and women, a lot sitting at ringside right now, and Hardy thought about being an attraction. Hardy could introduce the world to the MULTIVERSE of Matt Hardy! A celebration of his career, The Best of Hardy and all his personas. He’s had a blast and so have the fans.

But Hardy listens to his audience, and AEW in general does, too. The majority that is watching Dynamite every single week, they want to see Hardy be Hardy, “the man who is stronger than death!” That is what Hardy will do onscreen. Off-screen, Hardy will continue to give back. There are two guys in particular that remind him of the Hardy Boyz, and that’s Private Party. Those two have passion, athleticism. If they ever need anything, he has their back. Another man he tries to help is Sammy Guevara. Sammy didn’t want his help, which is to get away from Inner Circle to stop being Chris Jericho’s underling. As a matter of fact, the first time Hardy showed up, Sammy snuck out from under the ring and attacked him! So seeing Sammy’s return, Hardy returned the favor!

Sammy gave Hardy the middle finger, so to say, and so Hardy will no longer try to help Sammy. But speaking of that sneak attack, Sammy slides out from under the ring now! Sammy slithers up behind Hardy but Hardy knew he’d come! And they brawl! Sammy powers Hardy to a corner but Hardy still hits back! Hardy whips and clotheslines Sammy out! But Sammy drags Hardy out and they keep brawling! Hardy throws Sammy into the railing! Then over the timekeeper’s table! Hardy drags Sammy back out, scoops him and then slams him through the table! Hardy isn’t done, he brings out a much bigger table over! Hardy sets the table up, drags Sammy over, but Sammy fights back! Sammy denies the Twist of Fate to POST Hardy!

Sammy clubs Hardy onto the table with elbow after elbow, but Hardy hits back! Sammy bumps into a camera man, but tosses a chair at Hardy’s head!! Direct hit! Hardy is in a daze, Sammy clubs him more, then Sammy goes to the stage. Hardy’s head is bleeding onto the wood as Sammy 630 SENTONS through him and table!! Hardy says he cannot die, but has the Spanish God just proven otherwise?!


AEW hears news of something happening backstage!

“You wanna see some real sh*t?!” Proud ‘n’ Powerful found the van! Santana takes a MAD BALL to the windows! Ortiz uses a SLEDGE HAMMER on the headlights! He isn’t trying hard enough, so Santana takes the hammer to SMASH the windshield! Ortiz gets the hammer back to SMASH a rear view mirror and the passenger side windows! Then the rear lights! And the rear windshield! Santana takes the hammer back to finish off the front! “You think we a joke?!” They spray paint the hood with “SUE” and then an X through it! “Tell your moms, we say what’s good.” Will Best Friends get revenge for that? Does Sue at least have insurance?


Cody Rhodes & Matt Cardona VS The Dark Order’s Numbers 3 & 4!

#StrongIsland is #AlwaysReady, and he was ready to back up his old pal in the American Nightmare up against John Silver & Alex Reynolds. Now, the Beaver Boys must take on the AEW TNT Champion and AEW’s newest signee fair and square! Will Cody and Cardona get even with the Numbers?

The teams sort out and Silver starts with Cody. They circle, tie up, and Cody gets a leg. Silver fights the takedown and they end up in a corner. Cody lets up but Silver shoves him. Cody shoves and Silver shoves again, so Cody kicks low and drops down for the uppercut! Silver wobbles into Cody’s suplex, and Cody holds Silver up for a count of 10 before hitting a gourd buster! Cover, TWO, but Cody keeps Silver with a wrench to wristlock. Tag to Cardona and Cody feeds Silver to forearms! Cardona bumps Silver off buckles, pushes him to ropes and whips him across the way. Silver kicks back, runs but into a FLAPJACK! Cover, TWO!

Cardona drags Silver up but Silver fires off kicks! Tag to Reynolds and he suplexes Cardona, only for it to turn into Cardona’s neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Cardona keeps his cool as he drags Reynolds up and wrenches. Tag to Cody, he climbs up to drop ax handles on the arm. Cody wrenches Reynolds’ arm again, whips but Reynolds reverses. Cody sees Silver’s sucker punch coming so he slides under, onto to clip the post! Silver drags Cody up while Cardona protests and Silver RAMS Cody into the apron! Silver feeds Cody to Reynolds in the ring, but Cody still BOOTS back! Cody punches but Reynolds whips him away. Cody ends up on the apron, elbows Silver away and forearms Reynolds. Silver sweeps the legs and Cody lands hard! Reynolds slingshot stomps Cody down!

Reynolds puts Cody in, tags in Silver, and they drop elbow after elbow on Cody’s ribs! They just keep dropping them until the ref counts on Reynolds. Reynolds bails out, Silver covers, TWO! Silver stalks Cody to a corner but Cody pushes him away. Silver stomps and throws heavy body shots! Silver KICKS Cody in the stomach, tags in Reynolds, and they bend Cody back against buckles. Reynolds throws more hands, whips Cody to ropes, and elbows Cody down! Cover, TWO! Cody toughs it out and hits back, but Reynolds knees low and bumps Cody off buckles. Reynolds throws shoulders in, whips Cody corner to corner hard, then drags him from the ropes. Reynolds sucker punches Cardona before he drags Cody away.

The ref has to keep Cardona back, Silver tags in and he stomps Cody down. Silver stands on Cody as he flexes, but Cody turns it into a matchbook cover! TWO and Silver kicks the ribs again! Silver throws body shots in the corner, Cody flops down but Silver eggs him on. AEW goes picture in picture, #DOvsCODYandCARDONA.

Cardona coaches Cody and Cody fires off jabs on Silver. Silver gets up and under Cody to dump him down! Cover, TWO! Silver grows frustrated but he tags in Reynolds. Reynolds drags Cody up but Cody fights back from the apron. Cody slingshots for a sunset flip but Reynolds holds ropes to stay up! Reynolds STOMPS Cody’s ribs! Cover, TWO! Reynolds keeps Cody down with a grounded cobra twist, digging his palm into Cody’s chin. Cody fights up but Reynolds knees low. Reynolds whips, Cody goes up and over to sunset flip, TWO!! Reynolds KNEES Cody down! Cover, TWO! Cody toughs it out but Reynolds drops a knee into the ribs! Cover, TWO!

Reynolds drags Cody away and tags in Silver. The Beaver Boys double whip Cody to ropes, then double hip toss into a double facebuster! Cover, Cardona breaks it! The ref reprimands but Cody crawls over. Tag to Reynolds and he BOOTS Cardona! The ref has to keep Cardona back yet again, but Cody cradle counters! TWO, and Reynolds drops another big elbow! Reynolds drags Cody around, stomps him, then puts Cody in the corner. Tag to Silver, AEW returns to single picture. Silver fireman’s carries to toss Cody into Reynolds’ KICK! Cover, TWO! Silver wraps Cody up in a rear bearhug and Cody endures the squeeze. Cody fights back with elbows and pries at the hold. Cody frees himself but Silver KICKS him in the back!

Silver stares down Cardona as he flexes. Silver sits Cody up for kicks! Cody eggs him on so Silver fires off! Silver runs, into a back slide! But he slips through to front kick, round kick and SUPERKICK! Silver runs again, into the SPINNING POWERSLAM! Both men are down and the crowd fires up! Hot tags to Reynolds and Cardona! Strong Island MC rallies on the Beaver Boys! Cardona knees Reynolds away then hops up to missile dropkick him down! Reynolds is in a corner and Cardona fires off forearm after forearm! Silver drags Reynolds out, but Cardona WRECKS them both with a dropkick!

Cardona puts Reynolds in, takes aim, but no leg lariat yet! Cardona kicks low, underhooks and TIGER BOMBS! Cover, but Silver BOOTS Cardona! Cody returns, he side steps and springboards to CODY CUTTER! Reynolds clotheslines Cody out but Cardona clubs him down. Cardona whips, Reynolds reverses and Silver KICKS Cardona in the corner! Feed to the forearm, follow up with an enziguri, STUNNER and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridge and jackknife cover, TWO!! Cardona escapes out the back and the Numbers can’t believe it! Cody returns, throws Reynolds out but turns around into Silver’s BOOT! Silver goes to run, Cody reels him into the dragon sleeper, but Silver slips out to shove Cody. Cody suplexes himself and Silver out of the ring!!

Reynolds returns but Cardona is after him. Reynolds hotshots Cardona, waistlocks but Cardona bucks him off, ROUGH RYDER!! Or as he calls it now, Radio Silence! Cover, Cardona and Cody win!

Winners: Matt Cardona & Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

A huge debut for the newest addition to the roster! Will Cardona rise up the ranks and become a top player? Woo woo woo, you know it! As for Cody, he spots someone waiting for him at the entryway. It’s Scorpio Sky! As of last night’s AEW Dark, Scorpio put management and champions on notice. Scorpio stares Cody down, eyes the AEW TNT Championship, and taps it. Will the American Nightmare give Scorpio his shot to #ReachForTheSky?


Best Friends return to the van!

It seems there was even more graffiti added to it, with “THE BEST” and a few other things sprayed on the side. And now it’s on cinder blocks because the tires were taken! Chuck says “Not only did you destroy my friend’s mom’s van, but you made a liar out of me.” Chuck promised Mama Sue that he would take care of the van and keep it safe. Trent says PNP can do whatever they want to him and Chuck. Throw chairs, hit them with those socks, whatever. “But you do NOT touch my mom’s van! You cowards!” If they wanted a rematch, just ask. Best Friends did it once, they’ll gladly do it again. And when it happens, PNP will personally apologize to Trent’s mom via speakerphone. Will the van be avenged?


Sammy Guevara returns to ringside!

The Spanish God already devastated Matt Hardy, but now he’s got his cue cards back! That’s because he knows AEW is going picture in picture! “Hey, Orange! Like Matt Hardy VS The Inner Circle…” Sammy mocks all the blood spouting from Hardy’s head. “You’re going to LOSE!” Loser~! “Not only… is the Demo God,” Chris Jericho, “a master in the ring! He’s master on the mic, master on the stage, he’s a master entertainer, and he’s a master debater!” Umm… No! Nevermind that one! Just tear that one up and… #InnerCircle #AEWDynamite #SpanishGod as AEW goes to break.


AEW returns to Super Wednesday Debate 2020!

Justin Roberts introduces us to this major event and we even get a lot of pyro. He introduces the very special guest  moderator… ERIC BISCHOFF!!! Really!? Yes! The iconic WCW and WWE general manager is now on AEW! The “groundbreaking pro-wrestling executive” takes his seat at the table and prepares his notes. “Thank you very much, and welcome to the AEW Super Wednesday Debate, 2020!” Bischoff explains the simple format: there are five questions put together through the various platforms of social media, all picked at random. Neither Mr. Orange Cassidy nor Mr. Chris Jericho have seen these questions. Without further ado, he introduces our participants!

First out is Freshly Squeezed, Orange Cassidy! Cassidy shakes Bischoff’s hand with his signature super sloth effort. And of course, second is Le Champion, Chris Jericho! Jericho has a new suit, but has Jake Hager carry the orange juice stained old one with him anyway. Both men take their podiums in the ring, and Bischoff allows Jericho to begin.

“Why does Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy hate each other so much?

Jericho says that’s easy. First he verbally annihilates Cassidy, Jericho wants to say he’s so glad Cassidy “dressed for the occasion.” This is disgraceful! Cassidy sighs, and brings out a clip-on tie! This is what Jericho hates about Cassidy. No, that might not be strong enough. Jericho despises the fact Cassidy doesn’t take anything seriously. Jericho despises who Cassidy is, who Cassidy stands for, and despise the millions of morons who follow Cassidy as if he’s the greatest thing in pro-wrestling history when he’s not. As a matter of fact, people laugh at him behind his back. Cassidy is a joke! Critics, historians, experts all laugh at what Cassidy does and so does Jericho. Cassidy is a nothing, nobody flash in the pan, “Ginger jackass who plays pocket pool on a weekly basis,” and that ends Jericho’s statement.

Bischoff is rather looking forward to Cassidy’s response. Cassidy’s response is…? Jericho says Cassidy doesn’t talk because he has nothing to say. Well, in that case, let’s move on to the second question.

“Who is the better wrestler? And who is the bigger star?”

Another easy one! Don’t be stupid! This is Chris Jericho, man! Le Champion! The Demo God! Jericho has held 50 titles around the world, while Cassidy has barely been out of the state of Florida. The only title Cassidy has is Biggest Slacker in his high school yearbooks! And if they went to school together, Jericho would’ve chased Cassidy down the halls, kicked his ass in front of the lockers, give him wedgies, steal his milk money and his girlfriend. “You’re a nerd.” Jericho is in a $10,000 suit, looking like a million bucks. Cassidy is in a filthy denim jacket and smells like old salami, Drakkar Noir and batteries. Cassidy makes Jericho sick! That’s all for Jericho.

Cassidy’s response? Just adjusting his glasses. Well then… The next question is one Bischoff feels might resonate with Cassidy.

“Global sea levels have been rising over the past century, the rate has increased in recent decades. What are your thoughts on this very serious global situation?”

What is a global warming/climate change question doing in a debate about wrestling?! Next question, please! Well, Jericho skipped it, but does Cassidy have something to say? “Ahem…” He does?! “Sea levels continue to rise at about the rate of 1/8 of an inch per year. Higher sea levels enables storms to push further inland and therefore increase the extremely dangerous flooding in coastal communities. A failure to minimize our fossil fuel usage and reduction of carbon emissions can be devastating to the estimated 40% of the population in the United States that lives in these coastal communities, and globally, eight of the world’s ten largest cities. Thank you.” What?! Wow! Now it’s a debate!

“Why is Orange Cassidy so popular?”

Why? Jericho says Cassidy is the epitome of everything wrong in pro-wrestling today! He’s the epitome of every idiot, smart mark fan in the arenas tonight and watching at home! He’s lazy, arrogant, entitled, overbearing and the “pimple on the ass of the pro-wrestling business.” But next week, Jericho will pop him! Jericho will beat Cassidy again, and when he does, Cassidy will have to pay $7000 to replace the designer creation that somehow gets oranger every week from that demonic orange juice Cassidy dumped on it! And after all that, Cassidy will leave AEW, quit the business, and go back to being “Jim the Jamba Juice guy,” and take Jericho’s order of a blueberry smoothie with extra protein and pumpkin seeds! And no tip!

Jericho high-fives Hager but what is Cassidy’s response to all that? He just looks away. Last question!

“Why does this rematch mean so much to both of you?”

The reason it means so much to Jericho- “Heeeeey, Chriiis. Shut up!” Cassidy goes first it seems. “Shut up.” Cassidy knows what Jericho is doing. Jericho schedules a debate against a guy “who doesn’t talk.” Smart, but it’s mostly to embarrass him. Yep. Trying to embarrass him with all of this? Cassidy isn’t embarrassed. Because he doesn’t care. Cassidy does care about their rematch, though. It’s the biggest match of his life. But it’s also the biggest match of Jericho’s. Just imagine. You’re Chris Jericho, man. Jericho’s done it all the things that fans can google later. But right now, what if Jericho loses to “the guy that puts his hands in his pockets?”

Cassidy takes the sunglasses off to show Jericho he is serious! “I want you to look at me, Chris. I want you to look into my eyes, and look at the man that is going to embarrass you. And next week, look at the man that is going to beat you!” The crowd is on Cassidy’s side as Jericho looks worried. Bischoff has no choice but to declare Cassidy the winner! Jericho is furious but Cassidy gives a thumbs up. Bischoff apologizes, that global warming stuff got him. No one wins a debate, Bischoff! This is why Jericho hasn’t liked you in 22 years! It’s been 24 years and the feeling’s mutual. Well whatever, Cassidy “won” this debate but Jericho is gonna “kick the sh*t” out of him in the ring! Maybe Jericho will do that right now! And Hager attacks!

Hager drags Cassidy back up to throw hands in the corner! Hager keeps Cassidy standing up, slaps him, then puts his hands in his pockets. Then he feeds Cassidy to JUDAS EFFECT! Best Friends rush out but Jericho and Hager get away. Can Cassidy recover and get his revenge? Or is it just the beginning of the end for Freshly Squeezed?


AEW returns with an interview with Britt Baker.

Last week, the Role Model gave Big Swole a challenge. Swole can get her match with Britt Baker at All Out, if Swole defeats someone of Britt’s choosing. So who does Britt have in mind? Well everyone’s dying to know. After careful consideration, Swole’s opponent is… Reba. Wait what?! Reba/Rebel doesn’t want that! Britt trusts Reba can do this. Just get in the ring! Rebel gets in, but can the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader really beat a trained and seasoned professional wrestler?

Big Swole VS Rebel w/ Britt Baker!

The bell rings and Britt says Reba’s got this. But Swole waistlocks, headlocks and throws Rebel down with the takeover. Swole dares Rebel to do something, Rebel manages to get up and powers out to a hammerlock. Swole turns that right back on her, then CLUBS her down! Britt shouts at Swole but Swole talks trash back. Rebel clubs Swole from behind! And bumps her off buckles! Rebel air high-fives Britt before bumping Swole off more buckles. Rebel brings Swole out to suplex and TOSS! Rebel might be surprising herself right now! She runs corner to corner to back heel kick Swole down! Rebel dribbles Swole into the mat, then sets her up in the drop zone. Britt coaches her to go all the way up, but Rebel wobbles. Rebel goes for second rope, to MOONSAULT and flop! Still great form, though.

Swole aims at Rebel with the DIRTY DANCING DISCUS! Cover, Swole wins!

Winner: Big Swole, by pinfall

Was there any question, though? And now, Swole has her date with Britt at All Out! Will the Role Model find a way to get out of this? Or will she finally have to put her money where her mouth is?


AEW has big matches made for next week!

After the stare down on the stage, the American Nightmare is giving Scorpio Sky his chance! It will be Cody VS Scorpio for the AEW TNT Championship! Jericho and Cassidy have their “$7000 obligation match” to settle things once and for all! And FTR’s #TagTeamAppreciationNight will of course feature great tag team matches! First, the AEW World Tag Team Champions, Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, taking on Jurassic Express’ Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus in non-title action! Can the #5 ranked team make a huge splash against the champs? Then, the Young Bucks and the Dark Order’s Uno & Stu go 2v2 to see who moves up the ranks! Plus, the legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will stop buy, and even Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson will have a reunion of sorts. That and more as Dynamite keeps the summer hot!


AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley VS Darby Allin!

If there’s anyone as truly reckless and relentless as The Maniac, it’s the Undead Daredevil. They’ve teamed together and fought each other before, but both men have only grown grittier since then. Will Darby take that advice from someone who has been there and done that? Or will Moxley have no choice but to put his personal favorite down for the count?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Moxley says a quick prayer for what he might have to do tonight.

Moxley circles with Darby, who hasn’t taken off the cardboard mask of Moxley’s face. Moxley rips it off then throws it away! Darby SLAPS Moxley! Moxley DECKS Darby! Darby is already bleeding but he seems to like that. Darby throws off the jacket and dares Moxley to do that again. Moxley kicks low, whips but Darby ducks and redirects to handspring and SLAP Mox again! Moxley LARIATS Darby inside out! Moxley brings Darby up to CHOP him off his feet! Darby growls but Moxley puts him in a corner. Moxley digs his forearms in, then CHOPS again! Darby is stinging but Moxley puts him in another corner to ram his shoulder in. Moxley TOSSES Darby across the way, then grabs the legs to stomp the stomach!

Moxley paces as Darby writhes. Moxley drags Darby up, scoops Darby and slams him down, to then drop an elbow! Cover, TWO, but Moxley keeps his cool. In fact, Moxley is conflicted. Moxley drags Darby back up, back suplexes, but Darby lands on his feet. Darby whips, Moxley reverses but Darby springboards and arm-drags Moxley away! Moxley staggers up into a shotgun dropkick! Moxley goes to the ramp, Darby DIVES to less tope and more tackle Moxley down! Darby rains right hands on the ramp but Moxley gets away. They go to the stage, Darby clubs away to the entryway. Moxley knees back, clubs Darby down, then shakes his head. Moxley drags Darby up, and TOSSES Darby at the post! Darby goes down in a heap!! The referee checks on Darby while Moxley paces. AEW goes picture in picture, #ALLINvsMOX.

Moxley goes back to the ring, looks down at Darby and asks if he really is alright. The ref starts a ring count so Darby must somehow be alright. Moxley doesn’t really like that but he goes over to talk to Darby. Darby crawls up so Moxley puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO! Moxley already senses Darby didn’t listen, so he puts Darby in a straitjacket stretch. Darby endures as Moxley seems to try and reason with him. Darby fights up, spins out, but Moxley clobbers him! Moxley paces again before bringing Darby up. Moxley rocks Darby with haymakers but Darby CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! And again! Moxley CHOPS Darby off his feet again!

Moxley drags Darby up, but Darby dropkicks back! Darby dodges and dropkicks again, only to get caught! Moxley has the one leg for a modified Half Crab! Darby endures as Moxley sits deep and digs a knee into the back. Darby crawls, the crowd rallies up, but Moxley drops down for an STF! Darby endures the new hold, Moxley digs his fingers in, and AEW returns to single picture. Darby gives Moxley double dirty birds and Moxley just bends on back! Moxley drags Darby up, and X-PLEXES him down! Moxley is again torn as Darby keeps moving. Darby rolls to the ramp, Moxley follows and tells him, “When I tell you to tap, you tap!” But Darby hotshots Moxley instead! Moxley sputters, Darby runs, and TACKLES Moxley to the outside!

Darby rains down rights on Moxley, clearly defying Moxley’s advice. Moxley gets up, Darby DIVES again! The full body tope takes them back to the railing! Darby drags Moxley up but Moxley puts him in. Moxley gets on the apron but Darby shotgun dropkicks him again! Darby goes to the corner, brings Moxley over and puts the hand on the post! Darby stands on that hand! The ref counts, Moxley gets away, but Darby SUPER SWANTONS onto him!! Both men are down again and the crowd says “This is Awesome!” Darby puts Moxley back in as the ring count hits 4. Darby runs, springboards, but the Coffin Drop is caught for a GERMAN SUPLEX! But Darby lands on his feet!

Darby throws fast hands, only to run into underhooks! But Darby bends the fingers, dropkicks the legs out, and hosp on for CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives and Darby realizes how close he was! A standing count begins as both men stir. Darby crawls to a corner and stands up at 6. Moxley springs up as Darby climbs to club him down! Moxley SUPER GERMANS, and Darby manages to rotate enough to save himself! But both men are still down, and Moxley shouts, “You wanted this!” Both men crawl at each other, but here comes Wardlow?! Wardlow distracts the ref so MJF can bring in the AEW World Championship belt!! MJF CLOBBERS Moxley with it, then bails out! Wardlow stops distracting the ref, and the ref wonders what just happened.

Darby rises and hurries to a corner! He goes up top, COFFIN DROP!! Cover, TWO!?! MJF’s screw job didn’t work out, but Moxley is bleeding! Taz loves this on commentary because of his issues on behalf of Brian Cage. Darby seethes as Moxley flounders. Moxley manages to stand, Darby throws haymakers on the wound! Moxley shoves Darby away but walks into boots! Darby leaps up and over to shotgun dropkick Moxley back! Then the THROWBACK STUNNER! Moxley wobbles into Darby’s run, and perhaps back elbow and back of the head collide with Moxley! Darby crawls over to another corner, heads back up top, and goes for COFFIN DROP into body scissors! REAR NAKED CHOKE!!

Moxley smothers Darby, Darby fades but gets a second wind! Darby sits up, reaches for ropes, Moxley wants Darby to tap! “Tap, you little bastard!” But Darby doesn’t, he just rakes Moxley’s bloody forehead!! Moxley cranks harder on the hold, spins Darby around, and shouts out Suzuki-san with the GOTCH PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Moxley cannot believe it and neither can anyone else! Moxley shakes his head. He told Darby to stay down but also knew Darby wouldn’t listen, and that’s what happened. Moxley says one more prayer, drags Darby up, and underhooks the arms, for PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall (still AEW World Champion)

Moxley holds Darby close, trying to let him know it’s alright. As for MJF, he’s disappointed things didn’t swing in his favor, even after he got involved. MJF shouts and screams though we can’t hear it, then storms off to who knows where. Moxley and MJF will collide at All Out, will Moxley prove the polls wrong?

My Thoughts:

An incredible episode for AEW! The 12 Man Tag starting things off was some wild stuff from bell to bell. I really liked the “knee injury” element that took FTR out of things, and the fact Hangman was gone for so long hints even more at him leaving Omega and The Elite to join up with them in whatever AEW Four Horsemen idea that’s in the works. I really thought Hangman’s return meant The Elite would win but it works even better that Dark Order wins. That faction is big and needs to feel strong for that reason, and Cabana started to feed into it more. Cabana should at this point really have gear that is still his designs, like the “BOOM BOOM,” but in Dark Order colors. Of course, Dark Order can’t win everything just yet, and Matt Cardona gets to look great in his debut match with a win.

I also really liked Scorpio Sky being there to make it known he wants a shot, and that Cody is giving it to him. Now, I don’t know if Scorpio wins, as convention would make you think a PPV is the place for that. But for that reason, Scorpio should definitely win it off Cody here. I feel it’d get a lot of buzz, Scorpio has been working really hard and doing amazing, he deserves to be not only the second ever TNT Champion, but the first to have checked off it and tag titles in the AEW Triple Crown bingo. Best Friends have a really good match with Proud ‘n’ Powerful, but as soon as that van pulled up, it was clear it was going to get ruined. It’s actually very on brand for Best Friends to escalate a feud because someone’s mom’s van got vandalized, and I know that rematch will be great.

The “Super Wednesday” debate segment was a goofy idea that was actually very good. I did not expect Eric Bischoff to moderate it but he did pretty good for his part. Jericho was great as always, and I knew as soon as a global warming related question came up, Cassidy would have a bunch to say, it was classic comedic genius. Cassidy also does a great promo right on Jericho, and of course there was going to be a beat down. Cassidy just has to win the match, everything points to that. Sammy and Matt Hardy had quite the segment, and WOW the blood after that admittedly reckless chair toss to the head. I’m sure Hardy will be fine, and he will come back with a vengeance. Hardy saying he’ll be normal Matt Hardy is probably a ruse, this has to be settled between Sammy and DAMASCUS~!

Britt choosing Rebel to face Swole was both natural, as no one else would care to do Britt’s bidding, but also disappointing because then it was obvious. I will say, Rebel really did impress on that moonsault and flop. Swole VS Britt is happening, it’s going to be a lot of fun, and could go either way. MJF’s campaign update was a good segment, and I feel like it’s also a good way to bring more people into MJF’s stable since it’s just him and Wardlow. Though, Wardlow is pretty capable. Lee Johnson has just been getting manhandled so maybe siding with MJF and Wardlow could change that ever so slightly.

The main event was incredible, probably thanks to MJF trying to screw Moxley over, all because he feels it’d be easier to beat Darby. I felt that at that point, the title could’ve changed hands just so Darby could actually prove MJF wrong, but Mox VS MJF is certainly a bigger match. Plus, Darby could even go after MJF for revenge, though he also still has his issues with Brian Cage. AEW likes blending and interweaving stories, so Darby having many bullies he wants revenge on would work.

My Score: 9.3/10

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