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Mitchell’s AEW Women’s Tag Team Tournament Results! (8/10/20)

The opening round finishes up!



AEW Women's Tag Tournament

Who is joining who in the AEW Women’s Tag Cup?

The Nightmare Sisters stick together and Tay & Jay shock Nyla Rose! What surprises are we in store for as AEW’s Deadly Draw continues?


  • Quarterfinal match: Rache Chanel & Leva Bates w/ Peter Avalon VS Big & Lil Swole; Big & Lil Swole win and advance to the semifinals.
  • Quarterfinal match: Ivelisse & Diamante VS Dasha & Rachel Ellering; Ivelisse & Diamante win and advance to the semifinals.


Big Swole takes on The Deadly Draw!

While she wants after Britt Baker at All Out, she’s born ready, stays ready, Swole 3:2 says you don’t have to get ready if you stay ready! But while Swole has her usual tag partners, that’s not how this tournament works. Swole is ready, though. She draws a gray chip, and someone she knows got it. It’s… “Happy Birthday, home girl!” The newest addition to AEW is none other than #LilSwole, Nicole Savoy! Will the swolest of friends take it all the way to the finals?

As for the next team, it is Leva Bates and Rache Chanel as Team Yellow! The Librarian is used to being picked last in things, but at least she has a great partner. They do a team pose, fancy fingers to shh fingers. “Yass, girl!” Will this combination of book smart and fashion forward move forward into the next round?

Quarterfinal match: Rache Chanel & Leva Bates w/ Peter Avalon VS Big & Lil Swole!

Leva gives Chanel a fashion book as a team warming gift, if that’s such a thing. Chanel is so excited, but hopefully reading the book doesn’t distract her. Big ‘n’ Lil Swole make their way out and fire up with the crowd already. The teams sort out and Chanel starts against Lil Swole. Lil Swole circles with Chanel but Chanel is worried more about her hair. They tie up, Lil Swole wrenches to a wristlock but Chanel rolls and wrenches back. Lil Swole rolls to drop toehold and lock up the legs. Chanel endures as Lil Swole snaps back! Lil Swole gets back up, snap-locks again, and then shifts to get the arms. Lil Swole has the arms now, trapping one under her while pulling on the other, to SNAP! Chanel writhes, Lil Swole drags her down but Chanel scrambles to the ropes!

Lil Swole lets off and the crowd cheers. Leva tags in and she wants Chanel to calm down. Lil Swole rolls her up but Chanel makes the save! Lil Swole DECKS Chanel for it, then goes out to make sure she understands something, by stomping her down! Big Swole comes around to get Lil Swole focused, and then carries her away to her corner! Big Swole is like a big sister getting Lil Swole to listen. Tag and Big Swole takes over. Big Swole circles with Leva and they tie up. Big Swole headlocks, throws Leva down and grinds Leva down. Leva makes it a cover, ONE, Big Swole keeps on the hold. Big Swole wrenches and whips, then follows and runs Leva over! The crowd cheers as things speed up. Big Swole side steps Leva to waistlock, shove and dropkick Leva down! Cover, TWO!

Big Swole drags Leva up and over to the corner. Big Swole clubs Leva then tags Lil Swole. Team Swole double whips, Leva dodges Lil Swole only to run into Big Swole’s BOOT! Lil Swole is right on Leva with the Rings of Saturn! Leva endures, Lil Swole cranks back, but Peter Avalon gets on the apron to distract the ref! Chanel runs, er, well, prances in, to go after Lil Swole’s hair… With her comb? Lil Swole gets up to slap and SAIDO Chanel out! Lil Swole tells Chanel to leave the hair alone. Leva hits a BACKSTABBER on Lil Swole! Cover, TWO! Leva drags Lil Swole around, brings her up and clubs her back, to then Fisherman Supelx! Bridging cover, TWO! The Perfect Plex wasn’t enough but Leva stays on Lil Swole with more clubbing forearms.

Lil Swole tries to fight back but Leva unleashes the fury! Leva drags Lil Swole up to tag in Chanel. Chanel gets to club Lil Swole now, then she brings Lil Swole up to bump off buckles. Chanel has a leopard print bandanna on to keep her hair own safe as she whips Lil Swole into the buckles! Chanel sweeps the legs, tags to Leva and then prances side to side, to run back and BOOT WASH Lil Swole! Leva runs to swing and KNEE Lil Swole down! Leva brings Lil Swole up to scoop and slam! Leva keeps Lil Swole from getting away as she tags Chanel back in. Chanel and Leva stomp and club Lil Swole, but Lil Swole tries to fight back. Chanel drags her up, snapmares her back down and then goes after the arms. Chanel has a fashionable cobra twist but Lil Swole endures.

Chanel slaps her around but Lil Swole gets mad and fights up. Chanel is upset that Lil Swole got out so easy, but then Lil Swole fires off knees! EXPLODER! Hot tag to Big Swole! Big Swole fires off on Chanel with forearms. Chanel ducks one kick, jumps the sweep, but lands to get a ROUNDHOUSE! Leva runs in but runs into a boot! BUZZSAW! BACK HAND! Big Swole is fired up as she gives Chanel a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Chanel survives but Swole kicks her out of the ring. Leva SPEARS Big Swole outta nowhere! Leva tags in, drags Big Swole up and underhooks the arms. Big Swole powers up and back drops, but Leva sunset flips! Big Swole sits on it, Chanel staggers over and BOOTS her down!

Leva has the sunset flip back but the ref is busy reprimanding Chanel! And Lil Swole comes in to throw Chanel out! Leva complains that her cover was missed, but Big Swole spins Leva into Lil Swole’s ROUNDHOUSE! Big Swole HEADBUTTS, then they combine for a THROWBACK CUTTER COMPLETE SHOT COMBO!! Cover, the Swoles win!!

Winners: Team Swole, by pinfall (advances to the semifinals)

It’s all coming up Swole! Lil Swole has her own way of celebrating with her apparent attempts at twerking…? Big Swole politely applauds, because the main thing is, they’re reunited and heading towards the cup! Will Big ‘n’ Lil Swole reach the goal?


Brandi Rhodes speaks on behalf of the AEW Women’s Division.

“I would like to be heard. I would like to feel included. I would like to feel respected. I would love a sense of community. I would like to be taken seriously. I would like to just be myself. I want to know that I matter. That my thoughts, my perspective, my ideas, my creativity, my happiness, I want to know that it matters. I’d like to do more than just watch. I’d like to actually contribute. I’d like to be part of a movement. I’d like for everyone to feel confident in their own heels.” AEW Heels, the movement for women in wrestling, on both sides of the ropes.


One last Deadly Draw is taken.

And stepping up is Ivelisse Velez. Is there anyone in particular she’s hoping to team with? She thought she did, but who knows. She draws pink, and gets Diamante! These friendly rivals are now a team, and are ready to bring the heat! But whoa! Madusa returns and says DASHA gets to draw! Really!? Awesome!! Dasha is so pumped! So time to draw. Dasha gets the… Blue chip! Her partner? Rachel Ellering! Awesome! These old friends are ready to give it a go. Anything is possibly in the Deadly Draw, but are we about to see a miraculous upset?

Quarterfinal match: Ivelisse & Diamante VS Dasha & Rachel Ellering!

The Baddest Boricua and the Cuban Diamond take on perhaps the most surprising team of the entire tournament! But do they end the surprises here by taking the win?

The teams sort out and we start with #LaSicaria and Dasha. Ivelisse talks with Dasha, as if Ivelisse might feel bad or want to go easy. But then Ivelisse back elbows Dasha hard! Ivelisse throws BIG forearms, but Dasha counter punches and kicks! Dasha knuckle locks, goes up and manages to arm-drag Ivelisse! Dasha kips up, handsprings corner to corner to club IVelisse in the chest! Dasha is serious now, and she speeds things up to dropkick Ivelisse down! Tag to Diamante and Diamante takes Dasha serious. They tie up, Diamante wrenches the arm to a wristlock, but Dasha slips through to wristlock back. Diamante tries to punch free but Dasha cranks the wrist first! Dasha tags Rachel in and Rachel wrenches Diamante more.

Rachel slips under to back drop Diamante, and then keep the wristlock. Rachel wrenches Diamante around, brings her up and reels her into a headlock. Diamante powers out, Rachel runs her over! The power of #StrongSmile! Things speed up, Rachel keeps up and hits a flying elbow on Diamante! Cover, TWO! Rachel keeps Diamante down with a facelock and brings her to the corner. Dasha tags in, Dasha and Rachel double suplex! Dasha handspring splashes down, covers, TWO! Dasha keeps that serious look on her face and brings Diamante up. Dasha whips, Diamante reverses but Dasha kicks back! Dasha facelocks and suplexes, but Diamante blocks! Diamante pushes Dasha into Ivelisse’s cheap shot! Diamante CLOBBERS Dasha down! Cover, TWO!

Diamante keeps Dasha down with a facelock, drags her over, tag to Ivelisse. They mug Dasha, Ivelisse pushes Dasha into the corner to stomp a mudhole in! The ref backs Ivelisse off but DIamanate gets a cheap shot in! Rachel protests but Ivelisse brings Dasha up to snap suplex, with a bridge! TWO, but Ivelisse clubs Dasha down. Ivelisse uses her legs for the Lotus Lock full nelson. The crowd rallies as Dasha endures, and Dasha bridges back! Cover, TWO, and Ivelisse clubs away on Dasha! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse bumps Dasha off buckles, tags Diamante, and they mug Dasha in the corner. Diamante cravats and cranks on the neck, but Dasha endures and fights back. Diamante knees away on Dasha’s head, snapamres her and KICKS! Cover, TWO! Dasha is showing her toughness and Diamante has to shrug.

Diamante drags Dasha over, tags Ivelisse in, and Ivelisse runs to elbow Dasha down. Diamante adds an uppercut, then feeds Dasha to the Complete Shot! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse argues with the ref but clubs away on Dasha. Dasha tries to cover up as Ivelisse hammers away. Ivelisse puts Dasha in the corner, kicks low and tags in Diamante. Ivelisse feeds Dasha to Diamante’s HARD EuroUpper! Dasha flounders into a DOUBLE FLAPJACK! Cover, TWO! Rachel is relieved as Dasha survives. Diamante drags Dasha up, bumps her off buckles, and tags Ivelisse back in. Ivelisse CHOPS Dasha then brings her around to bump off more buckles. Ivelisse waits for Dasha to stagger out, but Dasha ducks the spinning roundhouse! Ivelisse clutches her knee, hot tag to Rachel!

Rachel boots Ivelisse, DECKS Diamante and SLING BLADES Ivelisse! Ivelisse staggers up, Rachel CHOPS, CHOPS, and CHOPS Ivelisse against the ropes! Rachel wrings Ivelisse out then basement dropkicks! Rachel keeps going, back senton! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse gets to ropes but Rachel keeps her cool. Rachel brings Ivelisse up, whips but Ivelisse reverses. Diamante catches Rachel at the ropes and Ivelisse runs in, but Rachel escapes! Ivelisse DECKS Diamante and then Rachel ROCKS Ivelisse! Rachel runs corner to corner for a leaping forearm! Standing STO! Rachel goes to the corner, springboard leg drop! Cover, Diamante breaks it! Rachel BOOTS Diamante in return, and she drags Ivelisse up.

Tag to Dasha, double whip to the corner, and Dasha whips Rachel in. Diamante pulls Ivelisse away and the splash hits buckles! Dasha is after Ivelisse’s leg but gets a BOOT! Tag to Diamante, Diamante wheelbarrows to the STUNNER!! All four women are down but Diamante gets up as the crowd rallies. Diamante dropkicks Rachel off the apron before she covers Dasha, TWO! Diamante tags Ivelisse and the two coordinate on Dasha. Scorpion kick, but here comes Rachel! Diamante dropkicks Rachel, Ivelisse hits a running CODE RED!! Cover, Ivelisse & Diamante win!

Winners: Ivelisse & Diamante, by pinfall (advance to the semifinals)

Rachel and Dasha put up a great fight but it just wasn’t enough against an experienced pair of training partners, rivals and friends. With that level of chemistry, will Ivelisse and Diamante continue all the way to the finals?


Backstage interview with the competitors.

First, great to see Big Swole back and Lil’ Swole joining AEW. And yes, it is L-I-L apostrophe. The exclamation point was winning in their first match together in AEW and moving on. The chemistry is obvious, this is a Swole Family thing. Swole chemistry is off the charts. This is swolenanigans all day, every day.

Dasha’s in-ring debut wasn’t victorious, but how great to see her on the other side of the mic. This was the experience of a lifetime, something she was looking forward to for a long time. Yes, it was a loss, but that’s not terrible. It is a learning experience. She hopes to have more opportunities, and it was great to have an old friend in Rachel as her partner, and to face fellow Latinas in Ivelisse and Diamante. Anything is possible!

Ivelisse and Diamante, who only just faced each other on Dynamite, are now a force in the Women’s Tag Team Cup. How did this happen? Well they had a rocky start at the beginning, but what brought and keeps them together is respect. When you have La Cubana and La Boricua in the ring with you, consider them a threat! Got that? Will all the other teams be on notice from here on?


The match-ups are set!

Big & Lil Swole will take on The Nightmare Sisters, Brandi Rhodes & Allie, while Ivelisse & Diamante take on Anna Jay & Tay Conti! Which teams will make it to the tag cup finals?

My Thoughts:

A great second part to the opening round for this tournament. It’s great for AEW to get Nicole Savoy, and for her to join with Big Swole and get this great first win. Rache Chanel did a great job in this, she’s really coming into her own as a somewhat comedic wrestler. We got the other team I just knew we were getting in Ivelisse and Diamante, and they might be the favorite to win this. Dasha getting in the ring was great, though there were some small things she still needs to work on. But given this was her first time in the ring since AEW really got going, and with Rachel Ellering, who is a great addition but also hasn’t had a match since recovering from an injury, it wasn’t going to be a five or even four star match. The semifinals look incredible already with these match-ups, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

My Score: 8.3/10

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