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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Women’s Tag Team Tournament Results! (8/17/20)

Who heads to SATURDAY Night Dynamite?



AEW Women's Tag Tournament

The AEW Women’s Tag Cup is in the semifinals!

The Deadly Draw has come to its Final Four! Which two teams advance to the special Saturday edition of AEW Dynamite?


  • Semifinal match: The Nightmare Sisters VS Big & Lil Swole; The Nightmare Sisters win and advance to the finals.
  • Semifinal match: Ivelisse & Diamante VS Anna Jay & Taynara Conti; Ivelisse & Diamante win and advance to the finals.


Semifinal match: The Nightmare Sisters w/ The Natural Nightmares VS Big & Lil Swole!

As Veda Scott points out on commentary, three-fourths of the teams in the Final Four are teams that have worked together before. Brandi Rhodes and Allie reluctantly joined forces but now they can’t picture teaming with anyone else. They also feel they are the reason we’re even getting this tournament! Will they prove they’re the top team in the AEW Women’s Division? Or will Swole Nation end the nightmare?

Brandi isn’t really helping the tension between her and Allie by bringing up how she’s the only woman in AEW with action figures. Or making “Lil’ Brandi” DIVE out to QT Marshall. The teams sort out and Lil Swole, Nicole Savoy, starts with Brandi. They tie up, Brandi headlocks and hits the takeover, she rolls and hooks Lil Swole for a ghost pin, TWO! Lil Swole has a cover now, TWO! Brandi gets up to trip Lil Swole for a jackknife cover, TWO, and now Lil Swole has the ghost pin! TWO and Brandi panics a bit. Brandi scrambles away and tags in Allie. Allie circles with Lil Swole but she kicks low! Allie wrenches Lil Swole to a wristlock and yanks on the arm.

Lil Swole endures as Allie taunts her, but Lil Swole slips around and arm-drags Allie down! Lil Swole has the armlock and brings Allie to the corner. Tag to Big Swole, and the #Swolenanigans begin as they dance with a two step to toyingly kick Allie. Big Swole hops in to add on, then tags back to Lil Swole. They hook arms to two-step together for double kicks into Allie. Brandi protests and the ref reprimands, and the #swolenanigans stop for the moment. Lil Swole brings Allie back up to tag Big Swole back in. Lil Swole whips Big Swole in for the uppercut! Big Swole feeds Allie to Lil Swole’s Fall Away Slam! Allie bails out and QT is there to check on her. Lil Swole builds speed to DIVE, onto QT! Brandi freaks out, only because QT was still holding onto “Lil’ Brandi.”

Brandi gets her action figure to safety, not caring that QT is still down against the railing, while Allie CLOBBERS Lil Swole! Allie puts Lil Swole back in and clubs her down. Allie keeps Lil Swole from getting to Big Swole and uses wristlocks to cover. TWO, but Allie keeps right on Lil Swole and bumps her off buckles. Allie stomps and grinds her boot in, then tags Brandi. Brandi adds stomps of her own and the ref backs her off. Tag to Allie and Allie rams her shoulder into Lil Swole. Allie brings Lil Swole around for knees, then runs. Brandi tags in and Allie hits the knee lift, leading to Brandi’s SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Lil Swole hurries but Brandi stops her just inches from Big Swole! Brandi grounds ‘n’ pounds until the ref reprimands about the clenched fists.

Brandi calms down, brings Lil Swole up but Lil Swole fires off shots! Snap suplex! Roll through to the ARMBAR! Brandi scrambles around, rolls and kicks back! Brandi drags Lil Swole over, tag to Allie, and the Nightmare Sisters stomp Lil Swole down. Allie rains down fists of her own then taunts Big Swole with “Kiss this!” The ref keeps Big Swole back and Brandi reels Lil Swole back into the corner! Allie throws forearms then whips Lil Swole into the corner. Allie takes a bow while the crowd rallies up. Allie digs her boot into Lil Swole but lets up at 4 to tag Brandi back in. The Nightmare Sisters double whip and double elbow Lil Swole down. Handshake for the “Nightmare! Sisters!” double elbow drop! Cover, TWO!

Brandi drags Lil Swole up and throws forearms and CHOPS! Brandi kicks then runs, but Lil Swole dodges the boot! Lil Swole haymakers then underhooks for the butterfly suplex! Both women are down, Brandi flounders and crawls but so does Lil Swole. Hot tags to Allie and Big Swole! Big Swole dodges Allie to rush the Nightmare corner, but Brandi gets clear. Wait, Big Swole kicks the OTHER Brandi action figure! Brandi freaks out again while Big Swole clobbers Allie! Big Swole rallies more, baits Allie into the corner then BOOTS her down! Brandi is more concerned about the action figure but Big Swole scoops Allie for DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO!! Big Swole can’t believe Allie lives, but she drags her up and to the corner.

Tag to Lil Swole and the Swole sisters coordinate. ROUNDHOUSE to scoop and FALL AWAY SLAM! Lil Swole drags Allie back up, suplexes then covers, but Brandi breaks it! Big Swole throws Brandi out hard and Lil Swole brings Allie back up. ROUNDHOUSE, HEADBUTT and basement- Wait, someone is shouting from the back. Oh of course it’s Britt Baker! She’s taunting Big Swole about overshadowing Lil Swole and all that. Big Swole gets out to shout back but that allows Allie to arm-drag Lil Swole! Allie brings Lil Swole up, for the elbow drop DDT! Cover and Brandi keeps Big Swole out, the Nightmare Sisters win!!

Winners: The Nightmare Sisters, by pinfall (advance to the finals)

The Role Model might be owed an assist right there. But now she has to run away, so to speak, before Big Swole can get her! Big Swole’s so mad, she runs back to the ring and scares off the Nightmare Family. Will Britt regret riling Big Swole up before their All Out grudge match? As for Allie and Brandi, can they keep it together for one more match in this tournament? Or is having two more Brandis ringside complicating things, to say the least?


Semifinal match: Ivelisse & Diamante VS Anna Jay & Taynara Conti!

The Baddest Boricua and the Cuban Diamond have proven great rivals make an even greater team, but they still have to prove they’re THE team in AEW. Meanwhile, the Star of the Show and the Brazilian Blackbelt Beauty are the one team the Deadly Draw created from nothing. Will Jay & Tay be the ones to make it to Saturday?

The teams sort out and Ivelisse gets in Taynara’s face. They back of, circle and feel things out. Ivelisse kicks but Taynara comes back go get the wrists. Taynara kicks at Ivelisse’s feet so that she’s open for the BIG forearm! Ivelisse comes back but Taynara dodges to kick the leg. Ivelisse blocks the punch but not the back elbow! And then she runs into a takedown! Ivelisse makes the armbar a cover, TWO! Ivelisse stomps Taynara to the apron, but gets caught in the ropes for a hanging triangle! The ref counts, Tay lets go to then get the hair. SHe feeds Ivelisse to Jay’s boot! Tag to Jay, and they work together to wrench. Ivelisse breaks free and tags in Diamante! Diamante runs into a waistlock that Jay makes a headlock. Diamante powers out but Jay runs her over.

Jay keeps moving, things speed up and Jay blocks a hip toss to give a hip toss! Jay wrenches and HOOK KICKS Diamante to then whip to a corner. Jay runs in to back heel kick! She snapmares and basement dropkicks Diamante down! Cover, TWO! Diamante grits her teeth while Jay grows a little frustrated. Jay drags Diamante up, the crowd rallies and Diamante headlocks to sneak a rake of the eyes! Diamante throws hands, tags Ivelisse in, and feeds Jay to Ivelisse’s boots! Ivelisse “apologizes” to the ref but it’s all to distract from Diamante’s cheap shot! Ivelisse whips Jay into buckles hard, then hits a Complete Shot! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse pushes Jay down for ground ‘n’ pound! Ivelisse puts Jay back in the corner, sweeps the legs and stomps a mudhole in! The ref backs her off, but again Diamante gets a cheap shot in.

Ivelisse tags Diamante, Ivelisse CHOPS Jay, then the two wrench, mule kick and kick away on all sides! Diamante kicks Jay down, covers, TWO! Diamante drags Jay up, toys with her while taunting Tay, but Jay hits back! Diamante kicks Jay and angers Tay, but this all allows Ivelisse to KICK Jay! Diamante snap suplexes Jay, covers, TWO! Diamante keeps on Jay with the cravat neck wrench. Jay fights up, throws hands but Diamante knees her in the head over and over. Diamante snapmares and KICKS, then covers, TWO! Diamante drags Jay back up and to the corner, Ivelisse tags in. Ivelisse and Diamante mug Jay but Jay hits back! Jay swings into a modified jawbreaker to another Complete Shot! Ivelisse holds on for an STO! Cover, TWO!

Ivelisse grows frustrated but the crowd rallies up. Butterfly takedown to the butterfly hold! Jay endures as Ivelisse pulls hard, and Jay fights up to ram her shoulder in. Jay spins out and ROCKS Ivelisse with the right. Ivelisse blocks the spin kick to the trip, but Jay kicks her away. Jay dodges Ivelisse to dropkick her down! Tay is fired up as Jay and Ivelisse crawl. Hot tags to Diamante and Tay! Taynara rallies on Diamante with lariats, then she BOOTS Ivelisse! Tay gets Diamante up in a Gory Especial, to swing her out for a KNEE! Taynara reels Diamante in, swings her for the SLAM! Taynara isn’t done, she BOOTS Diamante point blank! Cover but Ivelisse breaks it! J

ay goes after Ivelisse, Tay has Diamante. Tay and Jay throw BIG forearms, but Diamante and Ivelisse give those right back! It’s a double brawl as the forearms keep going back and forth! Things shift to CHOPS and clubbing forearms. Ivelisse and Diamante both mule kick and run, and they both wheelbarrow, for Diamante to give Tay a CUTTER and Ivelisse to give Jay a DDT! Ivelisse drags Jay up and throws her out so they can focus on Tay. Cravat and assisted SLICED BREAD! Cover, Ivelisse clobbers Jay, she and Diamante win!

Winners: Ivelisse & Diamante, by pinfall (advance to the finals)

And the finals are set! The Nightmare Sisters will be facing La Sicaria and her best frenemy! But with a short turnaround from now to Saturday, which team will be in the better shape to take the cup?


Backstage interviews with Alex Marvez.

First, he talks to the Nightmare Sisters, who says they took care of business against Big & Lil Swole. Brandi, after slipping an action figure into Marvez’s shirt pocket, says that they of course took care of business! But to be honest, it was really close there. If Brandi didn’t break that pin, Allie was done.

Um, excuse me? Brandi may not have paid attention, but Allie finished that match. Right, sorry, Brandi gets excited and can remember things wrong. This is one of those times, because Allie kicked ass. But they are both winners, they’re already the best team in AEW, and they are going to win the tournament. Because who else could? Brandi has her action figure, and might even get a second version before any of the other women get their first! Allie speaks up and Brandi again apologizes, Allie is a friend so she’s not part of that insult. But anyway, both Allie and Brandi are influencers, so they need to go and do some influencing. See you later!

Then Marvez talks with Ivelisse and Diamante. “Ten years, Marvez.” Diamante’s been at this 10 years! Ivelisse for 16! That makes 26 total! But it isn’t even about that. This is bigger than that. “We have to do this, for our people, By any means necessary!” Ivelisse and Diamante are aiming for nothing less than the cup! Will they hit their target?

My Thoughts:

A really good half hour right here. Both matches were great for being fast and short. I figured Britt Baker would cost Big Swole, and the Nightmare Sisters really do make sense as one of the finalists. The main event for tonight was actually the clunkier of the two, but not by much. Considering Jay is newer to wrestling than the others, and is literally new to teaming with Taynara, it makes sense. Nightmare Sisters VS Ivelisse & Diamante is going to be a great match in itself for Dynamite, and I hope they give it a lot of time. It’ll probably even be the opener. And no, I haven’t read spoilers since Saturday Night Dynamite is already taped.

My Score: 8.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (12/6/22)

Atlantic City gets Dark!



Anyone feeling luck in the Dark?

With AEW Dynamite tomorrow and ROH Final Battle this weekend, Dark brings out Dalton Castle & The Boys! Will the ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions find worthy opponents in time for December 10th?


  • Brian Cage VS Leon Ruffin; wins.
  • Athena VS B3CCA; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Justin Corino, Jaden Valo & Defarge; win.
  • Jay Lethal & Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt VS The Brick City Boyz; win.
  • Leva Bates VS Abadon; wins.
  • Trent Beretta w/ Chuck Taylor VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake; wins.


A shorter card here, and from way back a month ago when AEW was in Atlantic City ahead of Full Gear. Dalton Castle & The Boys are in action on this episode because per last night’s Elevation, they more or less called out The Embassy. Castle & The Boys VS Cage & The Gates of Agony probably ends up a Final Battle preshow match, and I feel like that would/should be the time The Embassy takes those titles. Castle & The Boys have been great ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions, but The Embassy is going to look like a joke if they can’t get a pin off one of the Boys.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (12/5/22)

Indianapolis gets Elevated!



Elevation turns it up to nine!

AEW is racing towards Winter is Coming in Indianapolis as The Embassy is in action! Who betta than Brian Cage & The Gates of Agony?


  • Nick Comoroto w/ Aaron Solo VS Hagane Shinno; Shinno wins.
  • Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Kitty LaFleur & Alice Crowley; Nyla & Shafir win.
  • Kiera Hogan VS Nikki Victory; Kiera wins.
  • Top Flight VS Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd; Top Flight wins.
  • Madison Rayne VS Emi Sakura; Sakura wins.
  • Lee Moriarty w/ W. Morrissey VS Serpentico w/ Luther; Moriarty wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Embassy w/ Prince Nana VS Dan Adams, Star Rider & Façade; The Embassy wins.
  • Alex Reynolds w/ John Silver VS Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford; Kip wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Aaron Solo w/ Nick Comoroto; Konosuke wins.


A decent line-up. Good to see Top Flight in action after hearing Dante Martin was really hurting after that match with FTR. Good to see Konosuke in action. Reynolds VS Sabian could be a really good one, too. And good to see Kiera Hogan in action now that she’s on her own again. Wouldn’t surprise me if she and Diamante team up to go after The Baddies.

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