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Mitchell’s AEW Women’s Tag Team Tournament Results! (8/3/20)

The Deadly Draw begins!



AEW Women's Tag Tournament

The AEW Women’s Tag Cup begins with the DEADLY DRAW!

Tag teams decided at random will truly test the talented women of AEW! Which duos will live and die by luck of the draw?


  • Quarterfinal match: The Nightmare Sisters w/ The Natural Nightmares VS Melanie Cruise & Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian; The Nightmare Sisters win and advance to the semifinals.
  • Quarterfinal match: Ariane Andrew & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Tay Conti & Anna Jay; Tay & Jay win and advance to the semifinals.


Veda Scott joins Tony Schiavone on commentary!

And she couldn’t be better! Being in AEW, working with Tony, and part of an inaugural event like this, it’s just that exciting. This is a big deal that she is ready for. And she’s been a women’s tag team champion all over independent wrestling, so she loves to see this tag tournament starting!


Shaul Guerrero introduces Madusa!

The daughter of a legend introduces a women’s wrestling legend, and Madusa is honored to introduce us to the first-ever AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament, The Deadly Draw! “All walks of life across all wrestling platforms, this is their opportunity.” What makes a champion rise up to show the world what they are made of? Who steps up? Who will become allies? Can they even work together?


The Deadly Draw begins!

Brandi Rhodes and Allie just became the Nightmare Sisters and have been on an incredible roll, but now that might be halted by being separated! Brandi is disappointed. She and Allie spearheaded the AEW Women’s Tag Division with their flawless record. But rules are rules, they gotta do what they gotta do. Brandi draws… Red! Brandi’s lucky color! But as Dasha and Brandi are distracted talking about it, Allie cheats! She finds the red chip in the box! They’re still together! They’re gonna win this! Red is lucky after all! The Nightmare Sisters aren’t don’t just yet, but will they still be so “lucky” in the actual tournament?

Penelope Ford, accompanied by Kip Sabian, draws next. Kip, you aren’t in this tournament. Oh, calm down! They’re engaged, remember? Right, right, duh. Penelope chooses a nice baby blue chip. The other woman who got that chip? Melanie Cruise. “Ready to kick some ass?” “Hell, yeah!” Will Ford and Mel do some Superbad damage to their opponents tonight?


Quarterfinal match: The Nightmare Sisters w/ The Natural Nightmares VS Melanie Cruise & Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian!

An established team that already has a great win streak goes up against a team that this tournament put together! Will Allie and Brandi still be a functioning unite? Or will the woman Brandi brought into AEW ruin the run?

The teams sort out and Ford starts against Allie. Allie and Ford circle, approach, but Ford kicks low to headlock. Allie fights out but Ford pulls hair! Ford headlocks again, Allie fights back again, but Ford still pulls hair! The ref reprimands as Ford grinds Allie down. Allie fights out and throws Ford down by HER hair! Allie mocks Mel but Ford rolls her up! TWO, Allie mule kicks back! Allie runs, and knee lifts hard! She blows a kiss to QT Marshall before she covers, TWO! Allie drags Ford up, brings her to the corner and tags in Brandi. The Sisters double whip but Mel tags in before the double elbows. Nightmare Sisters double elbow drop and Brandi covers but Mel stomps Brandi! Mel rains down furious rights but the ref backs her off.

Mel goes after Brandi again, thrashes and dribbles her off the mat, and seems to have some regrets and resentment over that whole “pledge your hair” thing… Mel drags Brandi up to throw forearms, then whips Brandi to ropes. Brandi wheelbarrows and arm-drags Mel to the corner! Brandi fires up, twerks at Ford then runs to elbow Mel! Tag to Allie as Brandi snapmare rolls and SUPERKICKS! Allie waits, runs and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Allie keeps Mel back with forearms and chops! Allie whips, Mel reverses but Allie reverses to back elbow Mel! Swinging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Kip is relieved but Allie tries another cover, TWO! Allie drags Mel up but Mel powers her into the corner! Tag to Ford, and Ford throws body shots. Ford scrapes Allie’s face on the ropes! Then chokes her!

The ref counts, Ford lets up, but Allie ROCKS Ford on the return! Allie runs but Kip bails Ford out! His Superbad bride is his prime concern, but Allie is after them both. QT steps to Kip, the boys argue but Allie counter punches Ford and puts her in the ring. But Mel BOOTS Allie down! Kip applauds as Mel drags Allie up and feeds her to Ford. Ford drags Allie up, fireman’s carries, and hits a GUT BUSTER DROP! Cover, TWO!! Allie lives and Ford is frustrated! Ford drags Allie away from Brandi to choke her on ropes again. The ref counts, Ford lets up, but she YANKS Allie into the ropes! Allie flops down from that hotshot and Ford takes a swipe at Brandi. The ref has to keep Brandi back while Ford digs her foot into Allie’s face! The ref counts again, Ford lets up and brings Allie over.

Tag to Mel, the Superbad girls mug Allie in the corner! Brandi reaches, Mel drags Allie up just to bounce her off the mat! Mel dribbles Allie more but the crowd rallies up. Mel dares Allie to get to Brandi, but then she clubs her down! Mel drags her all the way back and tags in Ford. They split the wishbone! Ford drags Allie up but Allie counters the suplex to a cradle! TWO, Allie rolls Ford again, TWO! Ford CLOBBERS Allie and covers, TWO! Ford is furious but the crowd and the Nightmare Family rallies for Allie! Allie throws body shots on Ford but Ford clubs her back. Allie hits a jawbreaker, but Ford goes Matrix to avoid the clothesline, to STUNNER! Hot tag to Mel!

Mel goes up top fast, and LEAPS, only for her leg drop to miss! Tag to Brandi and she throws clotheslines on Mel. Mel stays up but staggers around, then dodges, but runs into a BOOT! Brandi SUPERKICKS! Down goes Mel but Brandi DECKS Ford for good measure. Mel hits back and whips, but Brandi hits a SLING BLADE! Cover, but Ford breaks it! Allie ROCKS Ford and rains down rights! Brandi drags Mel up but Mel ROCKS Brandi! The ref is busy trying to get Allie to leave Ford alone, but Mel gives Brandi a CHOKE SLAM BOMB! Cover but the ref isn’t counting! She would’ve won by now! The ref does count, TWO!! Mel is furious now, as is Kip. But QT trips Kip, only for Kip to DECK him! Dustin defends QT but Allie rakes Mel’s eyes! Brandi SPEARS!! Cover, the Nightmare Sisters win!

Winners: The NIghtmare Sisters, by pinfall (advance to the semifinals)

The Nightmare Family celebrates together! Allie and Brandi made it work, are they going all the way to the finals? As for Mel and Ford, will they still work together despite the loss?


Brandi Rhodes speaks on behalf of the AEW Women’s Division.

“I would like to be heard. I would like to feel included. I would like to feel respected. I would love a sense of community. I would like to be taken seriously. I would like to just be myself. I want to know that I matter. That my thoughts, my perspective, my ideas, my creativity, my happiness, I want to know that it matters. I’d like to do more than just watch. I’d like to actually contribute. I’d like to be part of a movement. I’d like for everyone to feel confident in their own heels.” AEW Heels, the movement for women in wrestling, on both sides of the ropes.


More teams face the Deadly Draw.

To recap from Wednesday, Nyla Rose drew purple, as did AEW recruit, Ariane Andrew. Will the Native Beast be able to tolerate the Funkadactyl’s attitude long enough to win a match? Meanwhile, the Dark Order’s first female recruit, Anna Jay now makes her selection. She doesn’t want to talk about that, she just wants this over with. She draws the black chip, and it turns out another new AEW recruit drew the matching chip. It’s Taynara Conti! Good for Anna. Will Jay and Tay have their way with a win?


Quarterfinal match: Ariane Andrew & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Tay Conti & Anna Jay!

The Native Beast, and the Funkadactyl by extension, has the Cougar in her corner. The Dark Order accompanied The Star of the Show and Brazilian Blackbelt Beauty, but Mr. Brodie Lee seems to have enough confidence to let them go it alone. Will Jay and Tay make him proud?

The teams sort out as Vickie fires up the crowd. Ariane starts but she needs space. Anna wants her to hurry up, as does the crowd, but Ariane tells them to shut up. Ariane offers a handshake, Anna tricks her! So Ariane SLAPS and kicks Anna! Ariane headlocks, Anna powers out but Ariane runs her over and drops it like it’s hot. But Anna drop toeholds back and shows she can drop it, too! Anna drags Ariane up, headlocks and grinds her down, but Ariane slips through to headlock back. Ariane grinds and knees and throws Anna down! Ariane runs to split boot Anna down! Cover, TWO! Ariane drags Anna up, wants to tag Nyla in, but Nyla doesn’t want to? Anna rolls Ariane up, TWO! Anna kicks low, tags Tay in, and they bring Ariane up for forearms!

Tay and Jay double whip and double forearm Ariane down! Anna applauds as Tay ground ‘n’ pounds Ariane! But Nyla comes in to DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM them! Ariane says that’s what they get! Now Nyla tags in and rushes Tay! She spins Tay, knees and clubs her, then RAMS Tay into a corner! Nyla goes corner to corner but Tay dodges and back kicks! Tay elbows, kicks and kicks, but Nyla doesn’t budge. Tay throws forearms then runs, but Nyla grabs her hair. That ticks Tay off! Tay tries an armbar takedown but Nyla stays up. Nyla lifts but Tay hops off to kick away on Nyla’s leg! Tay gets Nyla to her knees then ROUNDHOUSES her right in the face! Cover, TWO!! Tay tags Jay and Jay dropkicks Nyla down! Cover, ONE!

Anna keeps her cool as she runs, only for Nyla to scoop and POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Anna survives and Vickie is furious. Nyla whips Anna to a corner for a hip attack and a LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Anna still lives but Nyla just tags Ariane in. Ariane clubs Anna down then whips her to a corner. Ariane drops it and twerks to hit a corner splash! Then a running facebuster! Cover, TWO! She tries again, TWO! Again, TWO! Ariane is furious but she drags Anna back up. Ariane whips, digs her foot into Anna, then tags Nyla. Nyla clubs Anna then drags her up to toss to a corner! Nyla soaks up the heat, but walks into a low kick! Anna bumps Nyla off buckles, kicks away on the leg, then runs to chop block! Cover, TWO!

Anna drops knees on the bad leg then slams the leg on the mat. Nyla hits back, but Anna kicks her down. Anna slams the bad leg again as Vickie coaches Nyla up. Anna drags Nyla, clubs her down, then tags Tay. Tay goes after the leg then covers, TWO! Tay is angry so she takes it out on the leg! The plan between Tay and Jay is working as Tay drops knees! Tay puts the leg through the ropes for a draping heel hook! The ref counts, Tay lets go, but then she slams the leg on the apron! Nyla writhes, Tay gets in to cover, TWO! Tay is growing frustrated but she tags Anna in. Anna drops elbows on the leg then slams it on the mat. Anna pulls on the leg but Nyla hits back! Anna ROCKS Nyla back, runs and Tay tags in, before Nyla dropkicks Anna down!

Tay runs in but Nyla fireman’s carries for a SAMOAN DROP! But the leg slows Nyla down! Nyla manages to stand and hobble over to tag in Ariane! Ariane runs and rallies on Tay! Ariane spins, kicks and reels Tay in. Tay powers out, tilt-o-whirl but Ariane headscissors! The crowd fires up as Ariane wheelbarrows to BULLDOG! Ariane hits a BASEMENT COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, but Anna pulls Ariane off by her hair! Anna drags Ariane up to club her, Tay joins in, they double suplex but Nyla saves Ariane! Nyla hobbles but still manages a DOUBLE LARIAT! Nyla bails out fast from the bad leg, Ariane goes after Tay. Ariane brings Tay up to scoop, but Tay slips out. Anna tags as Ariane kicks Tay. Snap suplex! Ariane hits a splits leg drop, but gets a ROLLING CUTTER from Anna! Anna covers, she and Tay win!!

Winners: Anna Jay & Tay Conti (advance to the semifinals)

Tay and Jay are moving on! Will they be a new favorite moving into the next round? As for Nyla, she gets in the ring, and of course her bad leg kept her from saving Ariane. Nyla shakes Ariane’s hand, she and Vickie say no hard feelings. NOT! Nyla CLOBBERS Ariane! Vickie laughs at the young Funkadactyl, because it’s just on to their real goal of the AEW Women’s World Championship. Tay goes back to check on Ariane and helps her up. Will Ariane find her footing in the AEW Women’s Division after this stumble out of the gate?


Backstage interview with the winning teams!

First, the Nightmare Sisters! A big first round win in this tournament, it shows the success this team continues to have. Tonight is the first night that made Brandi realize she was a big star. Look at all her moves! She is a big deal, just like she thought she was! Allie wants Brandi to slow down and remember she did a good job, too. They are the top team together! They are the team to beat! They are the teams to win! And Brandi is the first woman to have an action figure! Oh, don’t worry, Allie, you will be one, too. She’s got the Brandi rub! The Chief Brand Officer and Allie head out, but will they still be on the same page in the second round?

And now, Anna Jay & Tay Conti. A great win for a debut, but tell us about that quick chemistry. Tay says she and Anna are the prettiest and the most dangerous, they’re legitimate. Anna, in relation to Dark Order- No, leave it at the tournament. Oh, well, okay. These two are moving on, will they keep moving all the way to the top?

And with four more teams left to be determined next week, who else joins forces to go for the trophy?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good start to this month long tournament. Two quarterfinals tonight, two more next week, then perhaps an entire episode per semifinal match should lead us to the finals at All Out. Now obviously AEW was planning ahead to keep this tournament from being overshadowed on Dynamite or forgotten as part of Dark. Though admittedly, I think it would’ve made Dark much more important if they had put these matches on it. The logistics aside, I liked what we got tonight.

Veda Scott joining commentary is great. I remember Veda from her stint in ROH and she was always great on the mic, so she will definitely have a spot on the announce team through this tournament. I figured the Nightmare Sisters would end up together but I love that Allie cheated to do it. She technically cheated to win the match, but given Brandi’s slight ego trip about it all after, I feel like the swerve might come for different reasons than expected. At first, Allie could’ve betrayed Brandi on behalf of Butcher and Blade getting at Cody and the Nightmare Family. Now, it might be because Allie can’t stand Brandi’s bragging when it’s been because of Allie that they’re winning. I would love for that to happen as part of the finals at All Out.

Then Taynara Conti showing up in AEW is great, she and Anna did make a good team and got a great showing going after Nyla like that. I also guessed that Nyla would only be out because Ariane was a liability. It happened, Nyla beat up Ariane for it, and goes back to the singles title scene as was the plan all along. I can definitely see red chip Nightmare Sisters VS black chip Tay & Jay cuz it’s like the roulette wheel “bet on black/red,” as well as just for a really good match.

My Score: 8.2/10

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