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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (8/14/20)

Daivari Dinero is back!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

The Persian Lion is back on 205 Live!

Ariya Daivari warned us but no one expected him to be back so soon! He pounced on Oney Lorcan, will the Persian Lion tear into Jake Atlas, too?


  • Ever-Rise VS El Legado del Fantasma; El Legado del Fantasma wins.
  • Ariya Daivari VS Jake Atlas; Daivari wins.


Ever-Rise VS El Legado del Fantasma!

Chase Parker and Matt Martel want to prove they’re the new top tag team in the Cruiserweight Division, but they’ll have to deal with a faction that says they DEFINE the Cruiserweight Division. Will Parker and Martel change that definition here tonight?

The teams sort out and Raul Mendoza starts against Martel. The crowd cheers for Ever-Rise as Martel gets in Mendoza’s face. Mendoza pushes him away but Escobar seems amused by Martel’s fire. Martel and Mendoza circle, tie up, and Mendoza wrenches to a wristlock. Martel wrenches back, yanks on the arm and wrenches again. Mendoza rolls, breaks free and kicks low to headlock back. Martel powers out, Mendoza goes up and over in the corner to CHOP Martel back. Mendoza whips Martel to ropes but Martel reverses to drop down and elbow Mendoza down! Tag to Parker, Parker drags Mendoza up and wrenches to a shoulder breaker. Mendoza fights up but Parker has the double wristlock to a hammerlock.

Mendoza elbows out, throws haymakers, but Parker ducks the next one to get around. Parker lifts, Mendoza tags Wilde, and while Mendoza takes the atomic drop, Wilde turns Parker around. Parker kicks but Wilde blocks to a DDT! Wilde pushes Parker around and says Ever-Rise isn’t the best tag team, certainly not in 205 Live. Wilde stomps and stands on Parker’s hand then throws him to a corner. Wilde brings Parker up to stomp and club away on in the corner, then lets up at 4. Wilde drags Parker up, snapmares and knees Parker in the back, then clamps on a chinlock. Parker endures and Martel coaches him up with “Defense! Defense!” The crowd joins in on the chant and Parker powers Wilde into buckles! Parker is free but Wilde whips him away!

Wilde ELBOWS Parker down hard, then tags in Mendoza. Mendoza helps out, hip toss rebound splash! Mendoza stands on Parker for a cocky cover, ONE! Mendoza stomps Parker to the corner then brings him up. Parker throws body shots but Mendoza knees low. Mendoza clubs Parker, snapmares him and wraps on a cobra clutch. Parker flails and claws at the hold but he starts to fade. The crowd rallies and Martel coaches Parker up, and Parker fights his way back up! But Mendoza wrangles Parker down hard and Escobar smiles. Parker keeps fighting up, throws body shots to get free, but Mendoza knees low. Mendoza suplexes, Parker slips out and shoves Mendoza away! Wilde tags in but so does Martel! Martel rallies on El Legado with CHOPS!

Martel whips Wilde and dropkicks him down! Mendoza runs into a BIG back drop! Martel clotheslines Mendoza out and tags Parker back in. Parker whips Martel for Martel to whip Parker for the corner forearm on Wilde! Parker feeds Wilde to the drop toehold, Martel is the step stool for the BOOYA elbow drop! Cover, Mendoza breaks it! Parker throws Mendoza out and tags in Martel. Ever-Rise has Wilde up, wheelbarrow and boost, but Mendoza dumps Parker out! Wilde pushes Martel to ropes, Mendoza tags in as Martel bucks Wilde off! Mendoza hotshots Martel and Wilde sets him up, ENZIGURI RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!! Cover, El Legado wins!

Winners: El Legado del Fantasma, by pinfall

Ever-Rise came so close but were still not able to stop Escobar’s handpicked henchmen. Will Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Breezango have a better shot next week on NXT?


Ariya Daivari VS Jake Atlas!

The Persian Lion took advantage of his archenemy, Oney Lorcan, being distracted to viciously attack! The 205 Live OG has returned and looks to continue where he left off, but will the new kid on the block make sure it ends before it begins?

The bell rings and Atlas circles with Daivari. Daivari tells the crowd to shut up with the cheering but they only rally harder. Daivari and Atlas tie up, Atlas headlocks and they end up on the ropes. The ref counts, Daivari shoves, but then Daivari uses the ropes as defense. Daivari and Atlas circle and tie up again, Atlas headlocks to the takeover. Daivari avoids the cover, fights his way up, but Atlas hits another takeover! Atlas makes it a cover this time, ONE! Atlas and Daivari stand up, Daivari powers out but Atlas runs him over! Cover, ONE, but Atlas is back on Daivari with another headlock. Daivari fights up, pulls hair and has Atlas in a corner. The ref counts, Daivari rams a shoulder in!

Daivari whips Atlas corner to corner, Atlas goes up and over and hits another headlock takeover! It’s a cover, ONE, but Atlas grinds on the hold. Daivari pulls hair, Atlas thrashes Daivari around and the crowd rallies up. Daivari fights up, fish hooks the mouth then knees low. Daivari puts Atlas in a headlock now, but Atlas powers out and handsprings to evade! Atlas gets the headlock takeover again! The crowd cheers Atlas on as he gets another cover, ONE! Daivari throws body shots, Atlas grinds the headlock, but Daivari powers out to club Atlas in the back! Daivari throws Atlas to the apron, Atlas lands on his feet and counter punches Daivari away. Atlas throws in a shoulder but gets a KNEE for it! Daivari runs and dropkicks Atlas off the apron!

The ring count starts but Daivari goes out to TOSS Atlas into boards! Daivari brings Atlas up, Atlas fights back but Daivari clubs him for it. Daivari bounces Atlas off the announce desk! The count hits 7 and Daivari puts Atlas in. Daivari drags Atlas through the ropes for the hotshot neckbreaker! The ref reprimands but Daivari returns to the ring. Atlas gets to a corner and Daivari tells Vic Joseph to shut up on commentary. Daivari stomps a mudhole into Atlas in the corner but lets off at the ref’s count. Daivari throws haymakers, wrenches Atlas and yanks on the arm. The crowd rallies up but Daivari rams shoulders with Atlas. Daivari drops a leg on the arm, covers, ONE! Atlas sits up but Daivari is on him with a high keylock.

Atlas moves around, the crowd rallies up, Atlas gets up and fights back with body shots. Daivari lets go, Atlas runs, dodges and ducks but Daivari forearms him down hard! Daivari glares at Atlas as he stalks him to the ropes. Daivari drags Atlas up, toys with him, and tells the “new guy” that this is Daivari’s show. But Atlas ROCKS Daivari, CHOPS him and throws more hands! Atlas kicks and whips Daivari to run him over with forearms of his own! Atlas rallies, throws uppercuts and has Daivari in a corner! Atlas RAMS into Daivari, goes to the apron and slingshots in to GERMAN SUPLEX! BASEMENT ENZIGURI! Cover, TWO!! Daivari survives but Atlas keeps his focus. Atlas runs back in but Daivari boots him away.

Atlas fires up but runs into a hammerlock! Atlas ducks the lariat, BOOTS and hits the HEADLOCK DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Daivari survives again and Atlas grits his teeth. Atlas heads to the corner, climbs up top, but Daivari shoves him down! Atlas is on the apron, he shoulders in and springboards, for the BLOCKBUSTER! But Daivari flops out of the ring and to safety! Atlas can’t believe how close he was there, but he doesn’t give up. Atlas builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit takes Daivari down at the ramp! Atlas fires up as he drags Daivari back up and into the ring. Daivari hurries to a corner, Atlas runs corner to corner, but into a hip toss that sends Atlas into buckles!

Both men are down as the ref checks on Atlas. Atlas is okay to continue, and Daivari undoes a buckle pad?! The ref reprimands and Daivari argues, Atlas rolls Daivari up! TWO, and Daivari swings, into a back suplex! Daivari pokes Atlas in the eyes!! Hammerlock, LION’S LARIAT!! Cover, Daivari wins!!

Winner: Ariya Daivari, by pinfall

The more things change, the more things stay the same! Daivari Dinero wins with some classically dirty tactics, will keeping true to himself bring him the Cruiserweight Championship?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode here, though the Heels won both matches. Ever-Rise have made an interesting shift to Faces but I like that. Martel being the mouth with a lot of charisma definitely helps them be Faces, and they had a really good match with El Legado, even in losing. I don’t know if the NXT Tag Team Championships will come into play, but I feel like that has to be part of the goal for El Legado. El Legado, Imperium, Breezango and some other Face team, probably Ever-Rise at this point, with a Fatal 4 Tag that happens for the TakeOver that coincides with Survivor Series, that would work. Daivari and Atlas have a pretty good match, too, but of course Daivari wins for his return. I was hoping Oney would show up but maybe he’ll come back for revenge next time. More Oney VS Daivari is going to be great, and I hope at some point, 205 Live can get back over 30 minutes thanks to one of their matches.

My Score: 8.2/10

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