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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (8/28/20)

Whose got the drive on 205 Live?



NEW 205 Live Coverage

205 Live keeps the title chase going!

El Legado del Fantasma’s Santos Escobar still reigns over the Cruiserweight Division, but the race to become #1 contender never ends! Who wins to move into pole position?


  • Tehuti Miles VS THE Brian Kendrick; Kendrick wins.
  • Tony Nese VS Liam Gray; Nese wins.
  • Ever-Rise VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch; Lorcan & Burch win.


Corey Graves joins commentary!

This is mostly because Drew Gulak got himself battered and beaten down by Braun Strowman on SmackDown tonight. Get well soon, Gulak!


Tehuti Miles VS THE Brian Kendrick!

Before the match, we hear Tehuti’s thoughts on the 205 Live OG. “A veteran is a leader, a role model, an inspiration. A veteran’s job is to teach the rookies how to become a WWE superstar!” But Tehuti being a rookie should learn from veterans. And he’ll be the first to tell us he does need to improve. Now, he doesn’t want to sound cocky, but he’s Rookie of the Year, and 205 Live is still going because of him! A young rookie with veteran skills! So tonight, Tehuti is hoping there’s a veteran with years of experience that can bring out the best in him. “What time is it? Showtime!” Of course, the Man with a Plan overheard all this talk as he was walking backstage at the time. Will Kendrick “teach” Tehuti the lessons he needs to learn?

The bell rings and Tehuti has a confident smirk as he stares down with Kendrick. Kendrick backs off and kicks Tehuti’s fanny pack off the apron! Kendrick tells Tehuti he’s focused on the wrong things. They tie up, Kendrick gets the arm, wrenches to a wristlock and pushes on the shoulder. Tehuti rolls, slips through the armlock to wrench back on Kendrick. Kendrick endures as Tehuti shifts to the hammerlock. They go around, Kendrick spins and drop toeholds Tehuti down! Tehuti reaches to the ropebreak and Kendrick lets go. Kendrick and Tehuti circle, approach and tie up with knuckle locks. Kendrick wrenches, whips and hip tosses but Tehuti land son his feet to arm-drag!

Tehuti arm-drags again to an armlock, but Kendrick fights up to put Tehuti in a corner. Kendrick arm-drags Tehuti but Tehuti arm-drags right back to keep that lock. Kendrick gets up, powers Tehuti to a corner again, and he whips corner to corner. Tehuti reverses, Kendirck stops himself but he turns around into another arm-drag! Kendrick gets up, whips free and things speed up. Kendrick hurdles, Tehuti stops himself to trip Kendrick and walk all ove rhim. Tehuti poses for the cameras but turns around into a CHOP! Tehuti throws a forearm, Kendrick CHOPS again! They go back and forth, Tehuti KICKS then whips. Kendrick reverses to BOOT Tehuti down! Kendrick looms over Tehuti, drags him to a cover, TWO!

Kendrick grabs Tehuti for a dragon sleeper but Tehuti endures and resists. Tehuti fights out of the sleeper, gets to his feet, but Kendrick powers him to a corner. The ref calls for the break, Kendrick CHOPS and CHOPS Tehuti! Tehuti grits his teeth to throw forearms! Tehuti ROCKS Kendrick with an uppercut, then whips, but Kendrick reverses. Tehuti turns the kitchen sink knee into a roll up! TWO, Tehuti blocks the boot to fire off fast hands! Tehuti rocks Kendrick to a corner, whips him corner to corner hard, and Kendrick bounces off buckles! Kendrick gets up but Tehuti dropkicks him down! Cover, TWO!! Tehuti grows frustrated with Kendrick, and he toys with the 205 Live OG. Kendrick drags Tehuti into a small package, and WINS!!

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick, by pinfall

Lesson learned: when you have a former Cruiserweight Champion down, keep on him. But Kendrick still offers a handshake out of respect for the “rookie with veteran skill.” Tehuti takes it, and Kendrick tells him to study film, learn from his mistakes. Will Tehuti take Kendrick’s words to heart and truly be rookie of the year?


Tony Nese VS Liam Gray!

The Premier Athlete gave Jake Atlas some ruthless aggression last week to make a point that this is STILL Tony Nese’s brand. Will Liam Gray wish he stayed away tonight?

The bell rings and Nese BLASTS Gray with that running back elbow! Nese taunts Gray and says, “What makes you so good that you’re on MY show?” Gray throws body shots but he still flounders about. Nese just laughs that off, but Gray goes up and over in the corner, only to run into a back KICK! Nese knee lifts, kicks and sweeps the legs! Nese flexes on Gray, then grins as he watches Gray shake his legs. Gray crawls, Nese kicks him mockingly and asks, “Is Tony Nese too much for you?!” Nese drags Gray up by his hair and thne lets off to THROAT CHOP! And CORNER GERMAN SUPLEX! Gray is where Nese wants him, and Nese vows to show us why this is his show. PREMIER KNEE!! Cover, Nese wins!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall

Nese continues to flex, and he gets another win, but will he be the one to rise up and go after the Cruiserweight Championship?


Ever-Rise VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

Matt Marthel and Chase Parker continue their up and down ride in the Cruiserweight Division, but the same goes for the BritAm Bruisers. Will we finally see one of these two teams prove they’re the best team on 205 Live?

The teams sort out, Oney starts with Marthel. Marthel talks some smack as he and Oney circle. They tie up, Oney gets the arm and wrenches to a wristlock. Marthel moves around, Oney brings him to his knees, then drags Marthel to the corner. Burch tags in, the One Two double wrench and double CHOP! Burch headlocks, Marthel powers out and drop toeholds Burch to get the arm. Burch stands, Marthel wrenches, tag to Parker. Ever-Rise has the hand-off, and Parker wrenches to shoulder breaker Burch turns things around to headlock! Parker sits down but fights back up to power out. Burch stops himself, and headlocks again! Burch hits the takeover, Marthel protests but Parker avoids a cover.

Parker pulls on Burch’s face but the ref reprimands. Burch and Parker stand up, Parker powers out but Burch catches the leap for a flapjack! Burch runs at a corner but Parker dodges. Parker runs into a boot, Burch hops up to missile dropkick! Parker staggers up but bails out. Parker plays cat ‘n’ mouse, Marthel tags in and CLOBBERS Burch! Marthel stomps away on Burch at the ropes, drags Burch to center and drops elbow after elbow! Cover, TWO! Marthel has the arm, Burch endures, but Marthel whips him to a corner. Tag to Parker, Parker whips Marthel for Marthel to whip Parker for a big forearm! Drop toehold, step stool elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Parker tries again, TWO!

Parker drags Burch away with the armlock, then shifts to a facelock. Burch fights up, the fans rally, and Burch endures the high keylock. Burch powers Parker to a corner but Parker stays clamped on. Parker wrangles Burch down, cranks harder, but Burch slips out. Parker tags Marthel in and Ever-Rise hands Burch off again. Marthel fireman’s carries Burch as Parker climbs, but Burch slips off to shove Marthel into Parker! Hot tag to Oney! Oney BLASTS Marthel with a EuroUpper! And then Oney DECKS Parker! Oney CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS Marthel! Oney whips, Marthel reverses, Oney BLASTS him again!

The Fury of 205 Live fires up, he tags in the “Gov’nor” as Graves corrects Vic Joseph, and the One Two bring Marthel up. Parker makes the save, but Burch ROCKS him with a right! Burch ROCKS Marthel, Oney tags back in. Oney climbs, Burch Electric Chairs Marthel, but Parker drags Burch down! Marthel goes after Oney and climbs up to join him. Marthel throws haymakers but Oney pushes him down. Oney leaps, FLYING BODY CHECK! Marthel flounders, Oney aims from a corner, RUNNING BLOCKBUSTER!! Cover, but Parker breaks it! Oney can’t believe it, but he refocuses on Marthel. Marthel throws Oney out to the apron and DECKS him!

Tag to Parker, Parker puts Oney back in, and Ever-Rise coordinates. BLOCKBUSTER SAMOAN DROP!! Cover, TWO!?! Oney lives and the fans fire up! Parker throws forearms and body shots but Oney throws EuroUppers. Oney and Parker brawl, Parker rocks Oney but is thrown out of the ring! Oney has no one to tag, Parker returns to shoulder into Oney. Parker suplexes but Oney resists. Oney suplexes Parker in, but Marthel trips Oney up to hold his feet! Cover, but the ref stops when he sees Marthel’s head! Marthel defends his innocence and Parker complains about the count! Burch is back, Oney tags him in! Burch HEADBUTTS Marthel and drags Parker to a CROSSFACE! Parker taps, Oney and Lorcan win!!

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, by submission

The BritAm Bruisers rebound from TakeOver: XXX and might be the best tag team in 205 Live! But will it take titles for everyone to understand that?

My Thoughts:

Wow, three matches in one half hour episode! This is a bit sarcastic, as Nese squashes Liam Gray, who was Bobby Lashley’s Raw Underground opponent/victim. It’s a good thing Nese got a reign with the Cruiserweight Championship already because I don’t think he’s making his way back to another one. WWE doesn’t treat 205 Live anywhere near the same level they did even a year ago, and Nese saying he IS 205 Live and vice-versa, he’s kinda stuck now. Tehuti and Kendrick had a good, quick opener and I think this will be a good story for Tehuti. Kendrick is great and has been great, he’ll definitely bring Tehuti up to another level, both in story and in reality.

Ever-Rise VS Oney & Burch was really good for being as quick as the other matches, but there’s a LOT of 50-50 booking for both teams, it’s a real shame. There’s still a lot of potential for both teams, it just takes the commitment of management’s booking to help them all get their.

My Score: 8.1/10

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