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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (8/20/20)

The Superstar Picks return!




The superstars of NXT UK share their favorites!

Superstar Picks returns with some lesser known classics! Will one of yours be among them? One of them includes Bret “The Hitman” Hart!


  • WWE Prime Time Wrestling 10/8/85 – Dynamite Kid VS Bret Hart; Dynamite Kid wins.
  • Mae Young Classic 2017 – Piper Niven VS Serena Deeb; Niven wins and advances.
  • WCW Uncensored 1996 – William Regal VS Fit Finlay; Finlay wins, by disqualification.


Andy Shepherd welcomes us back!

This week opens the WWE Network archives for the superstars to pick their favorites of all time! First, the Yorkshire Grit, Ridge Holland! His pick comes from WWE Prime Time Wrestling, 1985, featuring “two of the most influential performers that we know today.” It’s the Dynamite Kid, Tom Billington and Bret “The Hitman” Hart!

Dynamite Kid VS Bret Hart!

The referee checks these “young lions,” if you can believe these two legends were ever rising stars. Hart insists the ref double check Dynamite Kid, so the ref does. With everything good to go, the bell rings and the two circle. Hart backs away to a corner and uses the ropes as defense, but the fans egg him on to face Kid. Hart and Dynamite tie up, Dynamite powers Hart to ropes and almost pushes him out! Hart says there’s hair pulling and the ref reprimands but Dynamite defends his innocence, as do the fans. Dynamite and Hart go again, Dynamite powers Hart to the ropes and Hart again says there’s hair pulling. Hart bails out in a huff while Dynamite again defends his case. The ref sides with Dynamite and has Hart get in the ring.

Hart and Dynamite tie up, Dynamite headlocks but Hart powers out. Dynamite runs him over with a shoulder! Things speed up, Hart hurdles but leaps into a catapult! Hart hits buckles hard, Dynamite drops a knee! Hart bails out again and catches his breath as he walks around the way. Fans cheer and jeer while Dynamite waits. Hart hears the ring count climbing and returns. Hart and Dynamite circle, but Hart backs away to a corner again. The ref wants Hart to come back, Hart and Dynamite tie up. Hart puts Dynamite on ropes and clubs away. Hart whips, Dynamite blocks the boot! Dynamite spins Hart for an atomic drop! Hart flounders but Dynamite has him in the corner. Dynamite snap suplexes and covers, TWO!

Dynamite wraps on a chinlock and Hart endures. Fans want Dynamite to rip that head off but Hart fights his way up and spins out to a hammerlock. Dynamite reverses it onto Hart, Hart spins it back. Dynamite runs around to throw Hart out of the ring! Fans are fired up seeing Hart go flying! Hart flounders up and throws a tantrum, then takes another walk around the ring. Hart finally comes back, he and Dynamite knuckle lock. Hart breaks to wrench through to a wristlock. Dynamite rolls, cartwheels and shovels Hart for a suplex! Dynamite has the wristlock, Hart kips up to throw Dynamite down by his hair! Hart stomps and whips Dynamite to give him the kitchen sink knee! Dynamite tumbles up and over but Hart pulls hair to bring Dynamite up for a slam!

Hart goes to a corner, and drops an ax handle! Then an elbow! Hart drops a leg, too, but Dynamite gets to ropes. Hart drags Dynamite up, bumps him off buckles, then brings him around for a headbutt! Dynamite sits up in a daze but Hart CLUBS him! Hart throws Dynamite out of the ring and pursues. Hart brings Dynamite up for a scoop and slam to the floor! And back then, there were no pads, that was just straight concrete! Dynamite manages to make it back in the ring before 10, but Hart gives him a fast backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Hart argues the count as Dynamite survives. Hart brings Dynamite up, whips him to ropes but Dynamite sunset flips! Cover, TWO! Hart gets out, gets Dynamite’s legs and stomps his stomach! The ref reprimands Hart, that was close to below the belt.

Hart brings Dynamite up to headbutt and throw a European Uppercut! Then another! Fans boo and jeer as Hart uppercuts and elbows more. Dynamite counters an uppercut to a backslide! TWO, and Hart drags Dynamite back up to throw haymakers! Hart whips and scoops, but Dynamite slips out to scoop and backbreaker back! Both men are down but rising as the fans rally up. Dynamite and Hart end up on the ropes, Hart sneaks in a choke! The ref counts, Hart lets up to tangle Dynamite in the ropes. Hart throws hands, then runs, but Dynamite frees himself in time! Dynamite dodges, Hart throws himself into ropes and flies off! Dynamite drags Hart up, whips and runs over with a lariat! Then the falling headbutt! Dynamite returns that hair pull and slam! “Revenge is so sweet!”

Dynamite has Hart in the corner, whips him corner to corner HARD, and Hart bounces off the buckles! Dynamite runs for a knee drop! Cover, TWO! Hart lives but Dynamite won’t let up. Dynamite brings Hart up and around for a high and hard back suplex! Cover, TWO!! Hart survives again but Dynamite won’t stop! Dynamite goes to a corner, for a FLYING KNEE DROP! Cover, TWO!! Hart shocks the fans by surviving again! Dynamite drags Hart back up, headlocks but Hart powers out. Things speed up, Hart’s trip sends Dynamite flying into ropes! Hart brings Dynamite up, whips again, and pops up, only for Dynamite to slip out! Dynamite waistlocks, Hart throws him out in return for earlier! Hart takes a breather before he fetches Dynamite. Hart scoops but Dynamite slips out and O’Conner Rolls! DYNAMITE KID WINS!

Winner: Dynamite Kid, by pinfall

What a shocker! Hart argues he got out or that there was tights being pulled, but the ref says there was no such thing! Dynamite Kid wins big, but now “The Anvil” Jim Neidhart gets in! The Hart Foundation beat up Dynamite and DOUBLE HOTSHOT! Here comes Davey Boy Smith!! The British Bulldog throws The Anvil out, then whips the Hitman for a HUGE military press slam! The British Bulldogs run the Hart Foundation off, and stand victorious together!


Andy Shepherd welcomes us back from break.

Before the second match of the card, let’s highlight the stars of the NXT UK Women’s Division!

NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray says that whether we like it or not, KLR continues to go down in the record books. Dani Luna vows to show us something new and something special. The French Hope, Amale, says NXT UK is “in desperate need of a revolution.” Jinny says no one will ever be as fabulous as the Fashionista. The White Witch, Isla Dawn, is “fire and spirit.” Candy Floss promises to be stronger than ever. The Leading Lady welcomes us to the Nina Samuels Show. Xia Brookside will fight for the dreamers! Aoife Valkyrie will have us #WitnessTheRise. Piper Niven has steamrolled through the roster and making a name for herself, and she’s growing ever closer to the title. And speaking of…

Piper Niven introduces her Superstar Pick.

“In this match, we take a look at some of my time in the 2017 Mae Young Classic.” Coming to the MYC was incredible! She met so many great competitors and the WWE Universe. “But as incredible as this experience was, it was also extremely daunting.” Did she have what it takes to win? She battled hard against Santana Garrett, and faced the biggest yet: the #Incompatible Serena Deeb. A veteran like Serena made Piper wonder if she belonged. “But where there is life, there is hope.” She fought so hard to get to this point, and wouldn’t let the opportunity slip away without a fight. Piper was ready to show everyone what she’s made of!

Piper Niven VS Serena Deeb!

In the opening round, The Scottish Viper defeated the Wonder Woman of Wrestling, Santana Garrett, while the former Queen of FCW overcame The Vision, Vanessa Borne. But Serena’s road to redemption crosses paths with Piper’s sheer determination! Whose run in the inaugural MYC comes to an end?

Fans duel before the bell, they’re just as fired up for this match as they were the opener. Serena and Piper shake hands then tie up, Serena tries but is powered backward into a corner. Piper gives her a playful chin jab like she did Santana Garrett, but just like Santana, Serena doesn’t take kindly, she shoves Piper back. They tie up again, Piper still powers Serena to a corner. Piper goes to clothesline but Serena slips out and Piper hits buckles. Serena gets a headlock, Piper blocks the takeover with strength. Serena keeps the headlock, grinding Piper’s head. Serena tries to lift Piper, but it’s just too much, Piper falls on Serena for the cover, TWO.

Piper drags Serena up to club Serena down, then stalks her at the ropes to put on a chinlock. Cobra clutch now, the fans start dueling again as they rally, Piper gives Serena the cobra clutch backbreaker, swings Serena out but Serena ducks the lariat to roll Piper, TWO. Serena gets the headlock again, fans rally, Piper lifts Serena with power into a back suplex. Serena lets go, Piper runs, low crossbody! Cover, TWO! Serena somehow survives, so Piper keeps going as she runs and jumps, the back senton takes knees! Serena and Piper slowly get to their feet, fans rally, back to a headlock, Serena runs and uses the corner for a tornado takedown! Serena grinds Piper to try and make it a cover, Piper kicks out but Serena holds on.

Piper gets to her feet as fans duel once more. Piper lifts Serena but she slips out of the back suplex. Serena throws jabs, then a right, Piper is in a corner, Serena runs in but Piper turns things around. Serena knocks Piper away, then rams Piper’s head into the top buckle a few times. Piper staggers, Serena jumps, flying code breaker! Serena is fired up as Piper gets up, Serena hits her with a short but strong POWERSLAM! Serena isn’t done there, she kicks Piper, turns her for the neckbreaker, cover, TWO! Serena isn’t frustrated but she does go for broke as she tries to lift Piper again. Piper’s still too much, and Piper throws Serena right into a corner, CANNONBALL! The fans applaud as Piper covers, TWO!

Piper is feeling some frustration now, the fans rally as she drags Serena back up. Serena slips down from Piper’s shoulder, cravat driver! Cover, TWO! Serena feels the frustration, but the fans applaud and duel once more. Serena keeps her eyes on Piper as she gets up, Serena runs in, Piper dodges and clubs Serena. Serena is whipped corner to corner hard, Piper drags her to position and goes up, BANZAI SPLASH! Cover, TWO!?! Piper can’t believe Serena survived! The fans tell her “One more time!” Piper drags Serena over, and she’s going to go up to the very top! Piper jumps, but Serena dodges! Piper flops, staggers up, Serena runs in, but Piper evades to reel Serena into the Michinoku Driver! Cover, Piper wins!

Winner: Piper Niven, by pinfall (advances to the quarterfinals)

Serena’s done in the tournament, but perhaps her road to redemption is just taking a detour. We know in the present that Piper doesn’t win the MYC but she does make waves in NXT UK. Will Piper one day grab the NXT UK Women’s Championship away from her former friend in Kay Lee Ray?


Superstar Picks continues next week!

Three more superstars, three more classics! Who introduces their favorite matches? Will they match up with yours?


Dave Mastiff gives his pick.

The Proper British Heavyweight reflected on what kind of wrestling style he holds dear. That was two other proper heavyweights having a “real scrap,” which brought him to think of the now NXT General Manager, William Regal, in his prime, taking on the Belfast Bruiser, Fit Finlay, back in 1996! These two rivals battled all over Europe and now bring their brutality to North America. Mastiff challenges us to find the exact moment Finlay breaks Regal’s nose and cheek with a single punch.

William Regal VS Fit Finlay!

Well, if Hart and Dynamite Kid as young guns was a trip, the same goes for these two! Though, technically it was Steven Regal back then… And another blast from the past, Dusty Rhodes was on commentary! Mastiff already pointed out a point where “Lord Regal” gets his face busted, when and where will that happen during this classic scrap of a match?

As soon as Finlay hits the ring, he hits Regal with his half football pad, half leather jacket… Jacket. The bell rings to get this on the record as Finlay clobbers away and then CLUBS him in the corner! Finlay headlocks, Regal powers out and hip tosses HARD! Cover, TWO! Regal drags Finlay up, throws EuroUppers then runs, into a BOOT! Finlay drops elbows, covers, TWO! Finlay keeps on Regal with elbows to the face and a stomp to the hand! Regal gets up but Finlay reels him in for a LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Finlay keeps his cool as he KICKS Regal in the back! The fans fire up with Finlay as he drags Regal back up. Finlay throws forearms, Regal boots and EuroUppers back! Finlay falls, Regal is all over him with a chinlock.

Regal grinds Finlay down but Finlay endures. Regal cranks on the hold by pushing up with his feet, then he clubs Finlay into a seated cobra twist. Regal clubs away and wraps on a modified cobra clutch. Finlay continues to endure, even as Regal grinds his forearm into Finlay’s face. Finlay knees free! Finlay headbutts and snapmares Regal to drop a knee! The fans cheer as Finlay throws Regal out and hurries after with a clubbing forearm! Finlay fireman’s carries and drops Regal on the railing! Regal sputters after taking that snake eyes but Finlay drags him up to YANK into the post! Regal clutches his chest while Finlay gets in the ring. Finlay STOMPS Regal at the apron, then drags him up to hotshot that arm! Regal flops into the ring, Finlay is after the arm with a lock.

Finlay eggs Regal on as he cranks on the hold. Regal knees free and punches back so he can BOOT Finlay down! Regal stomps Finlay’s head then brings him up for a EuroUpper. Regal whips corner to corner, Finlay goes up and turns around, into a dropkick! Cover, TWO! Regal tries again, TWO! A third time, TWO! Regal has the arm for a high keylock. Finlay endures as we check in on Spanish commentary with special guest, WCW United States Champion, Konnan. Back in the ring, Regal clobbers Finlay, wrenches the arm but Finlay ROCKS him with that right! Finlay wrenches and drags Regal down to also capture the other arm. Finlay turns Regal for a cover, TWO! Regal pulls hair while resisting the cover. Regal palm strikes Finlay over and over and over, body shots and knees!

Regal gets around to half nelson and grind Finlay down. Finlay endures as Regal cranks on the arm. Regal makes it a cover, TWO! Regal rains down right hands and the ref reprimands. Regal lets up but he’s sneaking in a choke with his shin! The ref counts and Regal lets up at 4 as the fans boo. Regal stomps Finlay, brings him up and throws knees. Regal throws another uppercut but Finlay pokes an eye! Finlay DECKS Regal then drops a knee of his own! Finlay brings Regal up, scoops and slams, then drops a senton! Cover, TWO! Regal survives and Finlay can’t believe it. Finlay chinlocks Regal and grinds him down. Regal fights but Finlay throws punches. Regal tries to counter with a facelock but Finlay cranks back on Regal’s head.

Finlay grinds Regal, Regal fights and pries at the hold, and spins around to get out. Finlay slips out of the chinlock but Regal ROCKS him with a right. Regal walks into a BOOT, then Finlay LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Regal checks his teeth while Finlay drags Regal up. Finlay drags Regal out to the apron and digs him into the edge, before he SLAMS him down! And CLUBS him, too! Finlay brings Regal out to smash his head off the railing! Finlay looks for chairs but the ref stops him. Regal kicks and punches back! Fans jeer as Regal puts Finlay back in the ring. Finlay kicks back, brings Regal up but Regal resists the suplex. Regal tries to suplex but Finlay resists! The two fight for control, Regal manages to suplex Finlay up and out!

Finlay hits the floor, Regal drops an elbow from the apron! Regal staggers up and into the ring to leave Finlay behind. Fans boo but Regal soaks up the heat. Finlay gets up and on the apron but Regal is on him right away. Regal bends Finlay against the ropes and CLUBS him down! Regal stomps Finlay, drags Finlay back up and snapmares him down. Regal drops an elbow, covers, TWO! Regal has the headlock and grinds Finlay, but Finlay sits up. Finlay pries free, has the arm now, then ROCKS Regal point blank. Finlay KICKS Regal right in the back! And the fans are loving the Belfast Bruiser! Finlay puts Regal in a corner but Regal turns things around. Regal has a leg and distracts the ref with some claim, and he KICKS Finlay low! Was it a low blow? The ref can’t say now after missing it.

The fans boo and jeer as Regal defends his innocence, but then he smirks at the fans. Regal drops an elbow and covers, TWO! Regal keeps Finlay down and tries again, TWO! Finlay gets a ropebreak so Regal has to let up, but he scrapes his soles on Finlay’s face! The ref reprimands but Regal KICKS Finlay back. Regal brings Finlay up to rock with another EuroUpper, but Finlay pokes Regal in the eye! Finlay whips, Regal sunset flips but Finlay stays up to bring Regal around for a knee drop! Finlay drops another knee and then drops an elbow. Regal avoids that one and covers quick, TWO! Regal has the arm for a double wristlock but Finlay endures. Regal digs a knee into Finlay’s head but Finlay still endures. Regal grinds the knee in then sits Finlay up to club away on his chest!

Fans rally for Finlay but Regal whips Finlay corner to corner. Finlay wrenches, whips and BACK DROPS Regal hard! Finlay stomps Regal, clubs him, and then gets the legs. Regal resists but Finlay keeps cranking. Regal pops Finlay to a cover, TWO! Regal drags Finlay back up, and just clubs him on the head! Finlay gets to the apron, Regal goes out and slams his chest on the apron edge! Regal clubs Finlay for good measure before getting in the ring. Regal sits Finlay up to choke on the ropes, but Finlay ROCKS Regal with a left! Finlay stomps Regal and drags Regal back out to then RAM him into the apron! And CHOP him! And ROCK him with an uppercut!

Regal is seething but floundering as the ref has Finlay back off to a corner. Regal’s face is bleeding, that moment Mastiff mentioned has apparently come. Finlay waits as Regal slowly gets back to his feet. Finlay goes out the side and clobbers Regal with ax handles. Finlay throws hands, Regal gets in the ring, but Finlay stays with him. Finlay stomps Regal in the chest before bringing him back up. Finlay bumps Regal off the buckles but Regal boots Finlay up and out of the ring! Finlay flounders up but Regal kicks him back. Regal goes out and ROCKS Finlay at the ramp! Regal keeps Finlay from getting to the ring, and runs him all the way to the “Doomsday Cage”!

Regal CLOBBERS Finlay, then composes himself. Regal brings Finlay up, brings him back to ringside and bumps him off the apron! Wait, the Blue Bloods are attacking! The Squire and the Earl are helping Regal!

Winner: Fit Finlay, by disqualification

Squire David Taylor and Earl Robert Eaton just ruined this incredible brawl, but they hold Finlay up for Regal’s CHOP! Regal leaves as if he won, but that’s the exact opposite. Finlay wants more and chases Regal to the backstage area! So much fire between these two, no wonder this rivalry continued even into the WWE!

My Thoughts:

A really fun episode of classics here, especially those incredible throwbacks to the younger days of some all time greats. Hart and Dynamite Kid had a really good match, but by today’s standards, that quick pin finish clearly meant this feud was continuing. Neidhart and British Bulldog getting involved in that brawl also indicated that. I’m not a wrestling historian but I would think there was a Hart Foundation VS British Bulldogs tag team match. Piper VS Serena was a pretty good match for just the second round of the original Mae Young Classic.

We got a pretty good NXT UK Women’s Division hype package, I wonder if this foreshadows a huge match or even tournament to decide a challenger for KLR. Regal VS Finlay was great stuff, maybe a little dragged out for just a DQ finish, but maybe there was an audible called because Regal got busted open like that. Still great stuff there, too, certainly something memorable for young British fans like Mastiff.

My Score: 8.3/10

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