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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (8/6/20)

The Greatest Hits, Part 4!




NXT UK brings us another round of underrated classics!

Let the retrospective continue! Relive Toni Storm VS Dakota Kai before she was #CobraKai, and South Wales Subculture VS the Grizzled Young Veterans!


  • 7/24/19 – Noam Dar VS Kenny Williams; Dar wins.
  • 11/7/18, Episode 6 – Toni Storm VS Dakota Kai; Storm wins.
  • 1/9/19, Episode 21 – NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinals: South Wales Subculture VS Grizzled Young Veterans; Grizzled Young Veterans win and advance to TakeOver: Blackpool.


Andy Shepherd welcomes us back to the show!

This week is another dive into the archives, and the superstars involved help introduce them. We once again return to the Download Festival as Kenny Williams explains.

“Before he had even put pen to paper on a WWE contract, before the Cruiserweight Classic, before the Monday Night Raw debut in our home country, before he was a 205 Live original,” Kenny knew Noam as a good friend. They were thick as thieves. So knowing him like he did, Kenny should’ve known the success would go to Noam’s head. So when Kenny arrived in NXT UK, them crossing paths again showed Kenny that Noam became the one thing he hated the most: “A dafty.” So they had their disagreement, and took it to the ring. Enjoy!

Noam Dar VS Kenny Williams!

The Lucky Yin used to tolerate the Scottish Supernova’s obnoxious attitude and “chancer” ways. But ever since Dar returned again to cheat and trick his opponents, Williams took a stand. What goes down now that these two former friends finally face off in the ring?

The bell rings and Dar circles with Williams. They tie up and push each other around the ring. Williams gets Dar in a corner but Dar barks for the break. Williams gives it, and the two go again. They tie up and Dar rolls to wrench Williams down with a wristlock. Dar brings Williams back up to headlock, but Williams powers out. Dar manages to snapmare Williams through that, but Williams runs Dar over. Williams runs but Dar rolls to trip him up. Dar shifts from toehold to facelock, but Williams gets up to his feet. Williams wrenches out but Dar reels him back in for another facelock. Williams wrenches out again, but Dar reels Williams back in again. Third time’s the charm as Williams wrenches to a whip but Dar reverses.

Williams goes up and over Dar to roll and bait him. Dar falls for it and Williams has a leg for the takedown. Dar rolls and flips out and gets free. Fans cheer as the two lads stand off. Dar and Williams circle as fans duel and sing. Dar headlocks but Williams powers out. Things speed up and Williams hurdles, but his powerselam is faked out. Dar taunts Williams by ruffling his hair. Williams frowns as he and Dar tie up again. Dar gets the arm and wrenches to a wristlock. William rolls and cartwheels to break free and waistlock. Dar standing switches but Williams sees the table top coming. Williams returns the ruffle! Fans cheer while Dar nods and applauds. But then Dar SLAPS Williams and dares him to come back.

William throws furious forearms and whips Dar again, but Dar slides out. Williams just wrecks him with a dropkick! And even skins the cat, to keep moving, but Dar gets clear. Williams slides out to hurry after and club Dar down. Williams puts Dar back in but Dar rebounds to clobber Williams! Dar puts Williams back in and covers, TWO! Mr. 11 keeps his cool while he watches Williams flounder to a corner. Dar is on Williams with stomps and forearms, then throws Williams down to a cover. TWO, but Dar is on Williams with a chinlock. Dar gets in some nose tweaking but the referee reprimands him. Fans rally up and duel again as Williams fights up. Williams jawbreakers free! And rocks Dar with a right! And another! Dar wobbles but kicks low to whip. Williams reverses, Dar goes up and under, but gets a SUPERKICK!

Both men are down but fans fire up. A standing count begins but Williams is first up at 4. Dar is up at 6, only for Williams to rally on him with forearms. Williams whips but Dar reverses, only for Williams to hurdle and springboard back elbow! Dar bails out but Williams DIVES onto him! Williams wipes Dar out but puts him back in. Dar goes to the corner, but Williams springboards for a Kinder Surprise! Then DIVES again! Another hit into barriers, and Williams puts Dar back in. Williams climbs up and Dar staggers to his feet, for the FLYING uppercut! But Williams keeps going, headlock driver! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives but Williams fires up again. Fans fire up with him but Dar catches Williams in a victory roll! TWO, and Williams springboards but FLOPS! Dar drags Williams right up, Fisherman buster! Cover, TWO!! Dar can’t believe Williams survives!

Fans duel again as Dar gets back to his feet. Dar has pinkies out as he takes aim from a corner. Williams stands but uppercuts the Nova Rolla away! Roll up, TWO! Into a Rings of Saturn!! Williams scrambles around and reaches, but Dar just shifts to get those legs for an Ankle Lock! Williams rolls through to throw Dar off, and they collide with clotheslines! Dar headbutts but into a headlock. Dar slips out to sweep the legs! Then Dar runs, but into Williams’ BOOT! Williams runs but into double chops, headbutt and uppercut! But Williams hits a Lunati- er, Lucky Yin Lariat! Both men are down, and the ref counts as fans declare, “This is Awesome!” The count climbs to 7 but both men stand at 8!

Williams forearms away on Dar, but Dar kicks back. Williams runs but is tossed out. He skins the cat again, but Dar has him for the Kneebar!! Dar grapevines and Williams flails! Williams claws and crawls, but Dar kicks him over and over! Williams still gets the ropebreak! Dar lets go and grows frustrated with Williams. He drags Williams over but Williams kicks him away. Williams’ shoe came off! Dar is a bit surprised by that, but then Williams rolls him up! TWO, and Dar wants to throw the shoe at Williams! The referee says no, that’s technically using a weapon. So Dar gives up the shoe, but the ref doesn’t see him LOW BLOW Williams!! Dar hits NOVA ROLLA! Cover, Dar wins!!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

Dar did it again! He found something to exploit and he exploited it! But does this really settle anything between the Chancer and the Lucky Yin?


NXT UK hears from Kay Lee Ray.

“The last few months have been hard for a lot of people for many different reasons. But there has been good in all this. Some people have used the time to help the community. Some people have learned a new language or a new skill, while others just get a dog.” Whatever it is, we’re all trying to find the good in the bad. While KLR can’t defend her championship, that does not change that with every day that passes, her reign becomes even more illustrious. Numbers don’t lie, and whether we like it or not, KLR will go down in the record books. When she gets her chance to get back in the ring, she will show us all why she is the most dominant sports entertainer today! And if she has to crush the dreams of girls who wanted to grow up and be professional wrestlers, that’s just another silver lining.


Toni Storm introduces the next match.

“Hello, this is WWE superstar, Toni Storm.” NXT UK may have gotten her fans all over the world, but it was on the other side of the world that her journey began. It was also where she first wrestled Dakota Kai. And now they met again in NXT UK with stakes so much higher. This was their first time in a WWE ring together, so enjoy and stay safe.

Toni Storm VS Dakota Kai!

As the Captain of Team Kick struggled in NXT USA, she tried a fresh start in NXT UK. But she was going up against the Lightning from Down Under, who was on quite a roll after winning the Mae Young Classic! Relive this pivotal moment in both women’s WWE careers!

The bell rings and fans chant for Toni as she circles with Dakota. They tie up and go around, but it’s Toni putting Dakota in a corner. Toni backs off cleanly and Dakota comes out. The fans like “Both these girls!” as they tie up again. They go around again as fans chant “Evolution!” in honor of that All Women’s PPV. Dakota gets Toni to a corner this time, and backs away cleanly, too. Toni comes out and the two shake hands to show they respect each other, but then both go for a kick! They both catch the other’s kick, and gently put the feet down. Dakota tries again but Toni ducks. Toni wants the Strong Zero but Dakota slips out. Dakota gets Toni down, double stomps! Then penalty kick! Cover, TWO! Dakota comes close but hasn’t beat the MYC 2018 champ yet.

Fans chant “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! OI OI OI!” but it’s the New Zealander who throws forearms. Toni slaps and kicks back, then runs for a boot! Cover, TWO! Toni keeps on Dakota with a snap suplex, then float over, TWO! Toni toys with Dakota, then stomps her. Dakota gets to a corner as fans continue to cheer on “Both These Girls!” Toni throws EuroUppers, and then wraps Dakota’s legs in the deathlock. Toni drops back for a modified Muda Lock meets crossface! Dakota endures and uses her arms to move around. She drags herself and Toni towards ropes, but Toni wrenches back. Dakota keeps trying, and fans rally up, and she gets the ropebreak! Toni lets Dakota go, but stomps the leg lock on the way out.

Toni comes back and brings Dakota up. She throws forearms but Dakota holds the ropes. Toni kicks Dakota then whips. Dakota reverses to throw a forearm! They both throw forearms now, but then Dakota blocks to counter punch. Dakota throws more forearms, and more forearms, and then the scorpion kick! Dakota runs, but into Toni’s headbutt! Both women go down from that one, but fans fire up. Dakota drags herself to ropes while Toni clutches her neck. They both sit up at 5, and Toni throws a forearm. Dakota comes back so Toni hits her again. Fans rally for “Women’s Wrestling!” as the two women stand up and continue brawling. They go back and forth, Toni hitting but Dakota responding. Toni gets an edge, then gets running, but runs into a roundhouse! Then another!

Dakota has Toni on her knees, but Toni blocks the third kick, for a trapped-leg snap German Suplex! Fans fire up again as Dakota flounders to a corner. Toni lines it up and runs in for a back elbow. Toni runs, but Dakota follows her Around the World! Dakota keeps moving, for the side to side wash, but Toni dodges just in time! Toni keeps going, but runs into a bicycle boot! Dakota runs, but her kick is countered, into another German! Toni fires up as Dakota returns to a corner, double knees! Into the Storm Zero reverse neckbreaker! Cover, Storm wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

The Storm weathers the Captain, and comes away with another victory on NXT UK TV! Both women stand, shake hands and even hug, showing there is still respect between them. We know in the present that Toni has held and lost the NXT UK Women’s Championship while Dakota is still hungry for her first taste of gold. Toni is blocked from the UK title while Kay Lee Ray holds it, will someone free her by dethroning the Scary Queen of Scots? As for Dakota, she’s just weeks away from challenging Io Shirai! Will the Evil Genius of the Sky fall at TakeOver: XXX?


NXT UK hears from Sam Gradwell.

The Thunderstorm knows you’ve forgotten him because he’s been away for awhile. “I’d a bit of knee surgery. And for the last two years, I’ve been playing ring around the roses with the medical team. But that’s done, because I am coming back to NXT UK!” What has he done for two years? He built a wall, but he also been studying. He didn’t realize he had such a good brain until he “took the wrapper off and started using it.” Gradwell’s been studying human behavior, and what he’s found is that “everyone thinks they’re a bit of a geezer until they’ve had their jabbles rattled and their kidneys wobbled.” Gradwell has some grudges and many are begging for a slap. A thunderstorm is here to shatter your greenhouse, bring the gnomes indoors for a bit, “you bunch of yoggerts.”


Next week: Hidden Gems!

Adam Cole VS Zack Gibson when both men were champions! Xia Brookside VS Nina Samuels, both vying for the spotlight! And Alexander Wolfe going after the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne! What will we get out of these rediscovered treasures?


The Grizzled Young Veterans introduce their match.

“I am Liverpool’s Number One, Zack Gibson. This man is James Drake.” Together, they had the opportunity to return to Gibson’s hometown with NXT UK. GYV had conquered all of Europe, and they told everyone that would listen that they were never gonna stop. Trying to play spoiler were the exciting duo of Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster, aka South Wales Subculture. But Andrews wastes too much time with his pop music and the Modfather wastes energy being “an insufferable turd.” But these two spend every single waking moment “perfecting our craft, being the very best tag team of our generation, SOON to be recognized as the world’s number one.” They know who they’d bet on.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinals: South Wales Subculture VS Grizzled Young Veterans!

This semifinal came about from Johnny Saint granting the Welsh Rockstar and Modfather a rematch with Zack Gibson & James Drake after the interference of the Italian Tank, Fabian Aichner, cost them the win. As such, Aichner and Marcel Barthel were banned from ringside to keep this match fair and square. The winner would move on to face Moustache Mountain for the titles in Blackpool, relive this pivotal piece of history!

The bell rings and Andrews starts against Drake. Gibson distracts the rockstar so that Mr. Mayhem can attack from behind! Then Drake hits the Modfather as he gets in. Drake comes back to tag Gibson and they stomp away on Andrews in the corner. Gibson shoves Webster off the apron then tags in Drake. The GYV work together for a Doomsday Device on Andrews! Cover, TWO!! Drake and Gibson are shocked, but they toss Andrews out. Tag to Gibson and Gibson picks up Andrews. Drake slingshots for the stomping backbreaker! Gibson puts Andrews in and covers, TWO! Andrews survives and the GYV are frustrated. Gibson drags Andrews up but Andrews hits back. Andrews hits Drake, but runs into a throat chop! Cover, TWO, but Gibson keeps on Andrews with a cobra clutch. Andrews endures as fans rally up.

Drake tags in and Gibson feeds Andrews to Drake’s forearm! Cover, TWO! Drake drags Andrews up for a cravat neck wrench, but fans rally for Andrews again. Gibson tags in and they mug Andrews. Gibson drags Andrews up and reels him in for a lariat. Cover, TWO! Gibson gets on Andrews right away with a half nelson chinbar. Fans rally up yet again as Andrews endures. Andrews powers up but Gibson wrangles him back down. Andrews keeps trying, but Drake tags in. Gibson scoops but Andrews slips out. Drake intercepts and the GYV double whip. Andrews ducks the lariat but can’t reach Webster. Andrews shoves Drake into Gibson, tag to Webster! The Modfather rallies with a springboard quebrada! Gibson rolls out and Webster dropkicks Drake again and again! Webster redirects Drake for a tackle and fast hands!

Fans fire up with Flash as he runs corner to corner. Drake puts him on the corner but Webster hits him back, to then fly onto Gibson with the Rude Boy Block! Webster hurries back in and tilt-o-whirls into double underhook, Baba O’Riley facebuster on Drake! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up and sing for Flash as he and Drake sit up. Webster drags Drake up but Drake forearms back. Gibson tags in but Webster fights them both. But Gibson traps Webster and Drake adds the enziguri! Gibson goes to throw Webster but Webster slips out. Webster runs at Gibson but gets put on the top rope. Gibson goes after the bad shoulder, then shoves Webster over. But Webster body scissors Gibson out! Andrews tags in and FLIES onto Gibson for a huricanrana!

Andrews puts Gibson in but Drake returns. Webster knee triggers Drake out! Webster helps Andrews hit a standing 450! Cover, TWO!! Gibson survives and Andrews is shocked, but fans are loving this. Andrews gets up and drags Gibson over. But Drake yanks Webster off the apron! Gibson rolls for Shankly Gates but Andrews slips out. Andrews ducks but turns around for a Ticket to Ride! Cover, TWO!! Fans are loving this as Gibson and Andrews both slowly stand. Tag to Drake and Gibson lifts Andrews. Andrews fights both Grizzled Young Veterans, and kicks Gibson away. Andrews SUPER STEINERS Drake into Gibson! Webster hits them both with a Swanton! Andrews tags in and they target Drake. Knee trigger to reverse-rana! Andrews intercepts Gibson but Gibson barrels through to break the cover!

Fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” All four men crawl to ropes. Gibson rolls out, Andrews builds speed and DIVES, but into Helter Skelter on the ramp! Drake rolls Webster, TWO!! Flash hits the headbutt! Webster wobbles but drags Drake up. Webster wrenches, tilt-o-whirls, but Drake blocks it! Tag to Gibson, throat chop, Ticket to MAYHEM!! Cover, Grizzled Young Veterans win!!

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans, by pinfall (advances to NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool)

Liverpool’s Number One wins in Liverpool alongside his best friend and partner in crime! We know in the present that Gibson and Drake would shock the world by defeating Trent Seven and Tyler Bate to become THE inaugural tag team champions! But we also know that they would eventually lose those titles because of a TakeOver: Cardiff Triple Threat. Will Gibson and Drake SOON be recognized as the first-ever two-time NXT UK Tag Team Champions?

My Thoughts:

Another great selection this week, with a lot of that great time capsule appeal. It’s quite a trip to see bubbly Face Dakota again now that she’s sinister Heel Dakota. It was always a little odd that they didn’t try to do more with her in NXT UK, but it all has worked out for the best with her. I’m also a little surprised NXT USA hasn’t tried to do more with Toni Storm since kayfabe has blocked her off from the UK championship for right now. Of course, a lot of the latter speaks to how COVID affected everything. The same goes for the Grizzled Young Veterans not getting to be a bigger part of the NXT USA Tag Division after they showed up and talked smack to the Broserweights, Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle.

Next week being a Hidden Gems episode is a great change of pace. That won’t just be a copy and paste episode, that will be fresh material for everyone to enjoy. Though I would think Adam Cole beats Zack Gibson, as he was THE NXT Champion.

My Score: 8.2/10

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