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Mitchell’s WWE Payback Results & Report! (8/30/20)

No Holds Barred at Payback!



WWE Payback 2020

Payback is a dish best served cold!

Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt all want to settle the scores with each other, and the WWE Universal Championship will be the prize that is their proof! Who will get what they want? And who gets what they deserve?


  • Kickoff – The IIconics VS The Riott Squad; The Riott Squad wins.
  • WWE United States Championship: Apollo Crews VS Bobby Lashley w/ The Hurt Business; Lashley wins and becomes the new WWE United States Championship.
  • Big E VS Sheamus; Big E wins.
  • Baron Corbin VS Matt Riddle; Riddle wins.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The Golden Role Models VS Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler; Jax & Baszler win and become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.
  • Keith Lee VS Randy Orton; Lee wins.
  • Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy; The Mysterios win.
  • WWE Universal Championship No Holds Barred Triple Threat: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt VS Braun Strowman VS Roman Reigns; Reigns wins and becomes the new WWE Universal Champion.


It’s the Payback Kickoff Show!

Join Charly Caruso, Booker T, JBL, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Pete Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting everything that’s about to go down!

Lawler has a medical update on Drew McIntyre! Despite taking three punts from Randy Orton, McIntyre only comes away with a hairline fracture of the jaw! Will this mean McIntyre makes a return in the near future?


R-Truth joins the panel.

He apologizes for being late, but late for what? He for one thinks this is Raw Talk. This is the PPV kickoff show. Oh? Go to tomorrow. Oh, sorry, his 2019 calendar was still up. They don’t blame him, given what 2020 has been. Truth remembers most everything, just not what he forgot. But great to see Truth. They can pretend he wasn’t here. They’re live, by the way. Cut! No, they said live. Oh… Well he has his Raw Talk notes, they won’t help for tonight. But he asks what they’re talking about tonight. Apollo VS Lashley coming up.

Oh Truth loves Apollo. Lashley put Truth in the Nelson from The Simpsons. Full Nelson? Yeah, that’s what Truth said. JBL needs a Truth setting on his Rosetta Stone. But Truth says Apollo needs to watch his back, front and sides, capped off and sealed from the Hurt Business. Uh… Well Booker understands, at least. Truth heads out, but will leave his mic with them. Charly loves Truth, but even she sees there are screws loose there.


The IIconics VS The Riott Squad!

There’s a lot of animosity between these two duos. Billie Kay & Peyton Royce are still synchronized but it’s been a bit rougher for Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan. Of course, a lot of those rough spots are because of Billie & Peyton. Will even the kickoff show live up to the PPV’s name?

As always, Peyton and Billie have mics as they make their entrances. “Aww~, how adorable~!” How long do you think this will last? Not long at all. They tried to warn Liv about who Ruby really is, but they’ll find out tonight when they’re exposed as the fraud team they are. And that will make Payback IIconic! The teams sort out, and Billie rushes Ruby! Ruby dodges the boot to DECK Peyton! Ruby and Billie brawl, Ruby throws big forearms and rocks Billie. Tag to Liv, the Squad coordinate, but Billie whips Ruby into Liv’s knees instead! Roll up, TWO! Billie DECKS Liv then tags in Peyton. The IIconics double wrench and double kick Liv down. The ref reprimands, Liv kicks Peyton back! Liv runs, Ruby tags in but it surprises Liv.

Ruby fires off on Peyton but Peyton hits back. Ruby clubs Peyton, rethinks tagging Liv, and Peyton knees low! Tag to Billie, but Ruby DECKS her off the apron! Peyton toys with Ruby’s hair, but Ruby chases her out of the ring. They go around the way, Ruby dodges Peyton’s double ax handles but runs into the SHADES OF KAY! The IIconics put Ruby in, Billie covers, TWO! Billie argues with the ref but the count is the count. Billie kicks Ruby while she’s down, chokes her on the ropes, and the IIconics both talk trash. The ref counts, Billie lets up and tags in Peyton. The IIconics double whip to double forearm Ruby in the back! Peyton clubs Ruby, pushes her around, then drags Ruby up. Ruby rolls Peyton, TWO! Ruby gets up but Peyton clotheslines her down! Cover, TWO!

The IIconics are frustrated, Peyton gets in Ruby’s face and clubs her. Tag to Billie, and both IIconics dig their boots into Ruby’s face! Billie snapmares Ruby to a seated cobra twist and clamps on tight. Ruby endures, Liv coaches her and the fans build to a rally. Ruby fights up, knees free, but Billie throws her by her hair! Billie talks trash to Liv, Liv tells her to shut up, but Billie drags Ruby back up. Billie elbows Ruby in the back, drags her up again to whip, and clobbers her with a forearm! Cover, TWO! Billie stands on Ruby’s hand to keep her grounded! Billie then kicks Ruby in the side, and tags in Peyton. The IIconics mug Ruby, the ref reprimands and Ruby crawls under Peyton! Peyton has a leg, drags Ruby away from Liv and drops an elbow! Cover, TWO!

The IIconics grow further frustrated but Peyton pulls Ruby around by her hair. The ref reprimands, Peyton taunts Ruby then digs her knee in for the chinlock. Fans rally up, Ruby endures and fights her way up, and fights out of the elbow. Ruby ROCKS Peyton with that right! Billie hurries to grab at Liv! Liv kicks her away but Peyton knocks Liv off the apron! Ruby gets up, Peyton has her foot! Billie tells Liv that Ruby hit her?! What a liar! Peyton rolls Ruby and hits the SPINNING HEEL KICK! Tag to Billie, they stare at Liv as they bring Ruby up. Double Gourd Buster! Liv looks conflicted as Billie tells Ruby that Liv doesn’t care about her! Liv is emotional as Billie keeps shouting things. Ruby enziguris Billie down!! Ruby crawls to the corner, but what is Liv going to do?! Liv gets on the apron and tags in!!

Peyton is in, but Liv fires off on both IIconics! Liv hits a flying facebuster, then kicks away for an ENZIGURI! Peyton crawls to a corner, Liv runs in but misses. Liv elbows Peyton away, goes up and up and leaps for a forearm! Liv hurries to add on, buckle bumps and the DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Peyton clutches her shoulder, Liv drags her up, tag to Ruby. The Squad coordinates again, double- No! Peyton elbows free, throws Liv out and kicks Ruby low. Tag to Billie, the IIconics hurry with DOUBLE DEJA VU! Cover, LIv breaks it!! The IIconics are furious, but they miss Liv getting Ruby to her corner! Hot tags to Peyton and Liv again, and Peyton throws a forearm.

Tag back to Billie fast, they bring Liv up. She kicks free of Deja Vu then makes the IIconics collide! Off the ropes with the obLIVion! Billie rolls Liv, TWO! Liv ROCKS Billie, tags in Ruby, and the Squad tries this again. CODE BREAKER RIOTT KICK! Cover, The Squad wins!!

Winners: The Riott Squad, by pinfall

Now THAT was payback! The Squad ignores the lies and forgets the past, they’re friends through and through once again! Will they rise up to become WWE Women’s Tag Team Contenders?


The Riott Squad joins the kickoff panel.

Still buzzing from that victory, Ruby and Liv are just excited. Ruby was trying to tell Liv that the IIconics were working to tear them apart. But Liv doesn’t need to apologize. This is just the beginning! The world is seeing this! The Squad is truly back, as the #LIVingRiott! Ruby riots to live, and Liv lives to riot.


The time has come.

“You thought it was over?” No, this is just getting started! Just because SummerSlam happened doesn’t mean anything was settled. Roman Reigns promises to make Payback a b*tch with his return match! As for the Limitless One, he seeks revenge on behalf of his friend, Drew McIntyre. Will Randy Orton #BaskInHisGlory? Prepare for the ultimate Payback!


WWE United States Championship: Apollo Crews VS Bobby Lashley w/ The Hurt Business!

MVP couldn’t get back the belt he bought and paid for, but now it’s the Rocky Mountain Machine’s turn! Will the Hurt Business get out of the red and back into the gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the Hurt Business can “repo” the championship!

MVP and Shelton Benjamin complain about their seats as they join commentary. Lashley and Apollo tie up, go around and Lashley puts Apollo in a corner. The ref counts, Lashley lets up, but they tie up again. Lashley waistlocks and SLAM Apollo! And then he drags Apollo back up to SLAM him again! Apollo fights up, gets a headlock, but Lashley powers out to run Apollo over! Lashley talks trash but Apollo gets up to dropkick him! Apollo then hurdles Lashley, only to run into a knee! Lashley clubs Apollo down then puts him in a corner. Lashley digs his forearm in but the ref counts. Lashley whips Apollo corner to corner, Apollo goes up and over and handsprings to dropkick again!

Lashley stays standing so Apollo knocks him out of the ring! Apollo slingshots, lands on the apron, avoids a sweep and mule kicks, to ASAI MOONSAULT! Down goes Lashley, but the Hurt Business get up to check on him. MVP and Benjamin glare at Apollo but the ring count is climbing. Apollo sees Lashley coming and ROCKS him first! Apollo puts Lashley in, follows, but runs into a clinch. Lashley rams Apollo into a buckle, then again, then lifts Apollo to hotshot him out of the Complete Shot! Apollo falls to the floor and MVP says, “Business is booming!” Lashley takes a moment before fetching Apollo. Lashley drags Apollo up to fireman’s carry, and POST Apollo!! MVP loves that!

Lashley takes a moment to gloat before refreshing the count. Lashley drags Apollo back up and puts him in, covers, TWO! Apollo isn’t done yet but Lashley wraps on a chinlock. Lashley grinds Apollo down, then shifts to a rear bearhug. Apollo endures the squeeze and the fans rally up. Lashley puts as much weight as he can on Apollo, then clubs and drags Apollo up. Lashley scoops Apollo for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Apollo ends up in a corner, Lashley runs in to RAM his shoulder in! Lashley then drags Apollo up for a suplex. Apollo lands on his feet and ENZIGURIS! Lashley wobbles but stays on his feet!

Lashley knees low, reels Apollo in, Canadian rack for the DOMINATOR! Cover, TWO!! Apollo lives and shocks the Hurt Business! MVP says try again, Lashley covers again, TWO! Apollo still has more but Lashley decides to finish this. Lsahley runs but his Spear is sent out of the ring! Lashley returns, but runs into another enziguri! Apollo hops up, leaps, crossbody! Apollo bounces off and both men are down. The Hurt Business coach Lashley up as he and Apollo rise. Apollo rallies on Lashley with forearms and a tackle to the corner! Apollo rams into Lashley over and over, then clubs away over and over! Apollo is fired up and the fans fire up with him!

Apollo runs corner to corner, BIG SPLASH! Then the waistlock and lift, but Lashley knees free. Lashley runs, into a SPINE BUSTER! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!! Lashley survives and Benjamin discusses things with MVP. Apollo says it’s time to lift, and he military presses Lashley! Lashley slips out, wants the Full Lashley, but Apollo rams him into buckles! GERMAN SUPLEX! Lashley is right up, but he runs into another GERMAN! Apollo goes to the corner and the top rope as MVP freaks out! FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO?!? Lashley survives but Apollo is too tired to be frustrated. Lashley goes to a corner, the ref warns the Hurt Business to stay in their seats.

Apollo fires off on Lashley with forearms and stomps. The ref backs Apollo off and Lashley elbows back. Lashley runs, Apollo dodges, but runs into the MILE HIGH SPINE BUSTER!! Lashley stalks Apollo, Apollo sits up, and FULL LASHLEY!! Apollo endures, Lashley drops back for a body scissors! APOLLO TAPS, LASHLEY WINS!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by submission (NEW WWE United States Champion)

MVP makes the cameras get right in front of Lashley for this huge photo op! The Hurt Business has bankrupted Apollo, and now stand tall again. But Apollo fires off on Lashley!! Apollo is furious but the Hurt Business run him off. Apollo vows to get that title back, but what will it cost him?


Kayla Braxton is backstage in front of Roman Reigns’ room.

Paul Heyman comes by and she asks if that contract is signed. Also, how did he “squirrel” his way into being Roman’s manager? Wow. Did they not read the material first? Well if Charly is too busy, he’ll say it to Kayla. If he has to recite everything he says, we’d be here all day. Okay then. Will Roman sign the contract? Well he said he would, and Heyman believes he will, but they need to ask Roman himself. Then can we speak to him? No, you may not. But good question. Well what’s the answer to that question!?

Keith Lee prepares backstage.

JBL walks in to say hey. And JBL enjoys watching Keith, and wants Keith to be ready for his success. Here are some hedge funds he can invest in. IT takes a million dollars to get in, though. Whoa. Well thanks, but he doesn’t have those funds. Oh trust JBL. When Keith Lee gets his win, he’ll get that money. But there is a lot of pressure tonight. If Keith loses, don’t feel bad about it. Randy Orton is one of the greatest ever. But good luck out there. Will Keith need luck? Or will his Limitless power be enough?


Big E VS Sheamus!

AWWWW~ THUNDERDOME~! Despite what doubters like The Miz says, Big E knows he is ready to be a singles sensation! And despite what the Celtic Warrior thinks, Big E is a SmackDown locker room leader! Can Big E prove all the haters wrong?

The bell rings and Big E circles with Sheamus. They tie up, end up in a corner and the ref calls for a break. Big E lets off but comes back to tie up again. They end up on the ropes, the ref counts, but he has to pry them apart. Sheamus complains but he and Big E tie up again. Sheamus gets the arm, wrenches the wrist and pulls the fingers. They end up on the ropes again, and Big E gets away. Big E comes back to waistlock, Sheamus elbows free then waistlocks back. Big E pries free and hip tosses Sheamus down! Sheamus gets to a corner and Big E tells him to get back up. Sheamus and Big E circle, Sheamus kicks low and headlocks for a takeover.

Big E avoids the cover, rolls Sheamus to a cover, ONE as Sheamus rolls back. They stand, Big E powers out of the headlock, then drops down to hurdle. Big E dodges and runs Sheamus over with an elbow! Sheamus sits up but Big E is on him. Sheamus throws Big E out of the ring then knees him at the apron. Sheamus clubs and turns Big E to then give him Beats of the Bodhrain! Sheamus gets all 10 before the ref counts 4, then he shoves Big E down! Big E gets up to trip up Sheamus on the apron! Now Big E beats Sheamus in the chest, then turns him sideways. Big E gets on the apron for a SPLASH, that FLOPS against the edge as Sheamus moves! Sheamus gets up, stomps Big E as he gets in, and focuses his stomps on the legs. The ref reprimands, Sheamus stops, but then stomps Big E more.

Sheamus drags Big E up for a SHIN BREAKER! Big E writhes, clutching the leg, but Sheamus stomps him more. Sheams puts the leg on the rope to stand on it, then drop down on it! The ref reprimands but Big E clutches that knee again. Sheamus drags Big E up by that leg but Big E throws body shots and haymakers! Sheamus trips Big E then drops a knee on the knee. Sheamus cranks on the toehold, Big E endures and fights back. The fans rally but Sheamus stomps the leg. Sheamus watches Big E sit up and kicks him! And stomps him! Cover, ONE! Big E grits his teeth but Sheamus goes after the bad leg again. Big E endures as Sheamus cranks the leg again. The fans rally as Big E fights with his free leg.

Big E kicks Sheamus until he lets go, and then stands up, only to walk into an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Sheamus grabs the leg for a HALF CRAB! Big E endures all over again as Sheamus sits deep! Big E powers up, turns things back over and kicks Sheamus away! Sheamus comes back to BOOT and drop an elbow! Sheamus catches his breath for a moment before climbing up top. Big E manages to stand, Sheamus leaps, but Big E catches him for an OVERHEAD SUPLEX! And another! Then the belly2belly, but Sheamus headbutts free! Sheamus urns at the corner, into the Urenag-E! Cover, TWO!!

Big E fires up, gets the bad leg moving, and sees Sheamus on the apron. Big E builds speed but runs into a KNEE! Sheamus slingshots, for a shoulder tackle! The battering ram takes Big E off his feet but both men get up. Big E dodges the double ax handle to hit that side belly2belly after all! Big E still swivels them hips, but Sheamus gets up under Big E! Sheamus has Big E for an ALABAMA SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Sheamus is too tired to be frustrated, both he and Big E catch their breaths on the mat. Big E and Sheamus throw haymakers on their knees, Sheamus gets the edge. Sheamus gets the legs, steps through, and turns Big E for a modified Scorpion Deathlock! Big E endures and drags himself to ropes for the ROPEBREAK!

Sheamus lets go quickly, not wanting to waste his own energy. Sheamus stomps Big E, pushes him against the ropes, then runs. Big E dumps Sheamus over and out! Big E builds speed as Sheamus climbs back up, to SPEAR Sheamus to the floor!! Big E is all fired up and so are the fans! Big E puts Sheamus back in, claps with the fans, and scoops Sheamus! But Sheamus slips out to waistlock, roll and takedown for a KNEEBAR! Sheamus has the foot, too! It’s a HEEL HOOK! Big E endures, grabs at Sheamus’ beard, and clubs away on Sheamus’ head! Sheamus lets go of the leg, but he KNEES Big E right down! Cover, TWO!! Both men are down but the ThunderDome is fired up!

Sheamus gets to a corner and watches Big E as he rises. Sheamus calls for it, Big E stands, but he scoops the Brogue for a BOMB! And a scoop, BIG ENDING!! Cover, Big E wins!!

Winner: Big E, by pinfall

Who was it that can’t stand on his own?! Who was it that isn’t ready to be a singles superstar!? Not Big E! He is ready for anything! Will Big E be bringing his own gold to the New Day?


Backstage interview with Matt Riddle.

Alyse Ashton asks The Bro about his match with Baron Corbin in Riddle’s first ever PPV match. How motivated is he to end this King’s Ransom? Riddle is always motivated, bro. Corbin really harshes Riddle’s vibe. All these attacks, Riddle is over it. But Riddle is sure Corbin is afraid the King of Bros takes the crown. Riddle vows that he, the Stallion, will run all over Corbin. So what does he think of Corbin’s tweet saying Riddle is not only a failure in the ring, but also at home? Riddle seethes, but he has no words. Will his actions speak for him?


Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler meet up backstage.

The Irresistible Force doesn’t like the Queen of Spades, and vice-versa. WOW~! So observant! Hey, Nia is trying to stay positive. Nia is positive they will defeat Bayley and Sasha Banks, IF Shayna follows Nia’s lead. Is that so? Shayna thins it’s more if Nia stays out of her way. Then stay out of Nia’s face. Shayna shoves, but cools off. They’ll kill the pre-match chit-chat to focus on the fight. Will this destructive team self-destruct in their tag debut?


Baron Corbin VS Matt Riddle!

Well we just heard the fighting words from the Wolf King, and they were over the line as usual. Will the King of Bros show Corbin he has no idea what he’s talking about, at all?

But the moment Riddle gets in, Corbin DECKS him! The ref keeps Corbin back while Riddle hurries to get back up. Riddle demands this match happens, the bell rings, and Corbin fires off on Riddle again. Corbin stomps away on Riddle, the ref backs him off but he jukes to get after Riddle again. Corbin throws Riddle out hard, then goes after him at the desk. Corbin says Riddle doesn’t belong, and he punches away against the desk hood. The ring count reaches 5 of 10, Corbin drags him up and into the ring. Cover, TWO! Corbin clubs away on Riddle with elbows to the chest then wraps on a chinbar half nelson. Riddle endures, Corbin cranks on Riddle harder, but fans rally up.

Riddle gets to his feet, throws body shots but Corbin knees low. Corbin throws forearms but Riddle just glares at him. Riddle hits back with furious forearms and kicks! Corbin shoves him away but Riddle leap son for the HOVERBOARD KIMURA! Corbin stays up to power out, scoop and slam! Riddle gets up, gets around and hops on for a sleeper hold! Corbin carries Riddle as a backpack, reaches for ropes, but he fades! Corbin gets a second wind to backpack senton Riddle! Riddle rises up to get the sleeper back! Riddle turns Corbin to be a backpack again, elbows away, clubs with crossface forearms, then wraps Corbin up again. Corbin powers up and throws Riddle off!

Corbin runs corner to corner, dodges Riddle’s counter attack and slides out, to slide in and LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Corbin is furious as Riddle survives. Riddle gets to the corner, Corbin hurries over to throw body shots. Corbin ROCKS Riddle but the ref reprimands about the corner. Corbin chokes Riddle on the ropes! The ref counts, Corbin lets off at 4, and then ROCKS Riddle again. Corbin says, “That’s why I’m the king!” Corbin toys with Riddle now, and Riddle hits back. Corbin knees low and puts the chinbar half nelson on again! Corbin thrashes Riddle around and Riddle fades. Riddle fights up as the fans rally. Riddle pries free and gets around to waistlock. Corbin elbows free but Riddle boots. Corbin ducks the clothesline to hit a sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO!

Corbin grows frustrated again and he drags Riddle up by his hair. Corbin ROCKS Riddle again and shouts at commentary that Riddle will bow down. Riddle kicks away on Corbin and fires off forearms! Riddle runs, but Corbin runs him over with an elbow! Cover, TWO!! Corbin scowls as he looms over Riddle. Corbin keeps talking trash about being a nothing in the ring and at home. Corbin throws haymakers, blocks Riddle’s kick, then hits a takedown to a Half Crab! Riddle turns it right over to push Corbin away. Corbin runs back, slides out and in, into a ROUNDHOUSE! Corbin tumbles out of the ring and the fans fire up!

Riddle catches his breath before pursuing Corbin. Corbin slowly rises, and rams Riddle into the apron! Corbin puts Riddle in, Riddle comes back to spin and PELE! Corbin wobbles to a corner, Riddle kips up and hits a forearm! Riddle runs side to side, another forearm! Riddle fires up, trips Corbin for the BROTON! PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!! Riddle grits his teeth as the fans continue to rally. Riddle stares at Corbin as he rises, and gives the “King” some Bro Kicks! Corbin forearms back but Riddle SUPER FOREARMS! Riddle fires off palm strikes and body shots, then fakes Corbin out to KICK! Corbin ROCKS Riddle back!

Corbin leans on ropes while Riddle stirs. Riddle sits up, Corbin hobbles over, and Corbin puts Riddle in a corner. Corbin hoists Riddle up top but Riddle forearms back! Riddle pushes Corbin away, leaps over him, and comes back, into DEEP SIX!! Cover, TWO!! Riddle lives and Corbin is furious! Corbin drags Riddle around to ground ‘n’ pound. Corbin clubs away on Riddle, but Riddle drags him into a clinch for elbows and a TRIANGLE HOLD! Corbin dead lifts, Riddle shifts to KICK! Riddle fireman’s carries, BRO TO SLEEP! Corbin is down in the drop zone, Riddle climbs up, FLOATING BRO!! Cover, Riddle wins!!

Winner: Matt Riddle, by pinfall

Don’t call it an upset, this is the KING of Bros we’re talking about! Will Corbin’s “kingdom” finally crumble?


Backstage interview with Matt Riddle.

Riddle says he is moving on to greener pastures, bro! Winning this feels so good! But then Corbin attacks Riddle and throws him into tables! And clubs him so hard, the table breaks! The Wolf King is also the king of sore losers! Corbin storms off and Riddle comes to. Will Corbin only escalate things against Riddle?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The Golden Role Models VS Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler!

While #BayleyDosStraps still stands, #TwoBeltzBanks is no more, and somehow Bayley thinks letting Sasha Banks try was the problem! The Boss says that she is still going to hold onto this belt and there’s nothing anyone can do about that! Will the unlikely duo of the Irresistible Force and the Queen of Spades at least stay united long enough to prove her wrong?

The introductions are made, the tag titles are raised, and this battle of dysfunctional duos begins!

The teams sort out and Nia gets Shayna to let her start, but then she tags right in! Shayna and Sasha circle, tie up, Sasha kicks but Shayna kicks back! And clubs! Shayna kicks Sasha more, Sasha hits back then blocks a kick to dropkick! Shayna is in the corner, but she dodges Sasha. Sasha ends up on the second rope, Shayna tucks her in by pulling her hair! Shayna kicks away on Sasha’s head while she’s upside-down! The ref counts, Shayna lets up at 4, but Sasha hops back to become a backpack! Sasha has a modified cobra twist, but Shayna throws her down! Shayna stands on the arm, but Sasha gets away before the stomp!

Tag to Bayley, Shayna throws Sasha out but Bayley waistlocks. Shayna standing switches and hip tosses Bayley down for a wristlock. Bayley endures as Shayna wrenches the arm around to a hammerlock. Shayna has the double wristlock now, but Sasha goes after Nia! Nia kicks Sasha away but Bayley throws Shayna into her! Nia goes down hard and clutches her knee! Bayley then rams Shayna all the way into the Role Model corner! Bayley fires off body shots, Sasha tags in, and the Role Models mug Shayna. Sasha snapmares and covers, ONE! Sasha slips around for a seated cobra twist but Shayna endures. Shayna fights her way up, Sasha knees low. Sasha suplexes for una amiga! And then another for dos amigas! Tag to Bayley, they wrench and double lift for the SLAM!

Bayley runs to sliding lariat! Cover, but Nia uses Sasha to break it! Bayley runs, but Nia dodges the slide to ram Bayley into barriers! Sasha leaps from the apron, Nia catches her to swing her into the barrier! And again! And again! Nia drops Sasha then reaches out. Shayna tags her and Nia runs Bayley over! Nia throws Bayley to a corner then corner splashes! Nia keeps moving, to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO! Nia keeps her cool as she drags Bayley up. Nia scoops but Bayley slips out to SLAP her! Bayley cheap shots Shayna but Nia goes after her. The ref keeps Shayna out but Sasha chop blocks! Bayley runs to KNEE Nia down! Bayley stomps Nia, tag to Sasha, SWINGING METEORA!

Sasha runs side to side for a KNEE WASH! Bayley is fired up for Sasha as she covers, TWO! The Role Models keep focus as Sasha grounds ‘n’ pounds. Nia pushes Sasha away but Sasha dropkicks her down. Tag to Bayley, the Role Models mug Nia and Bayley drops elbows. Bayley drags Nia to the apron to SLAM the bad knee on the edge! Bayley covers, ONE!! Nia gets to the corner but Bayley is on her with a headlock. The ref counts, Bayley lets go but throws forearms. Nia shoves Bayley, Bayley dodges and leaps, but into Nia’s arms! Nia SLAMS Bayley down, and dares Sasha to do something! Sasha doesn’t until Nia fireman’s carries Bayley. Sasha saves Bayley but Nia just lifts Sasha now. Nia BOOTS Bayley then SAMOAN DROPS Sasha!

Nia focuses on Bayley, but the leg drops into a KNEEBAR! Bayley clamps on, Nia fights back with hammering hands, and then drags Bayley with her to the corner! Tag to Shayna, and she Penalty Kicks Bayley! Then DECKS her with a forearm, and another forearm! Bayley wobbles, Shayna shining wizard sin the corner! SLIDING KNee for Sasha! SLIDING KNEE for Bayley! Gut wrench SLAM and another KNEE for Bayley! Cover, TWO!! Bayley elbows back, tags Sasha back in, but Shayna gets Sasha for a gut wrench SLAM! Shayna tags Nia, Nia throws Sasha to a corner and Shayna has Bayley in the other. The unlikely duo coordinate to whip the Role Models into one corner. Nia corner splashes them both!

Nia drags Sasha out, lifts her, but Sasha counters with a FACEBUSTER!! Nia checks her nose, it might be broken! Shayna shouts at Nia to get up, but Sasha tags Bayley! Bayley climbs but Sasha tags back in, MACHO ELBOW! Bayley runs and rams into Shayna as Sasha FROG SPLASHES! Shayna still gets in for a BAYLEY2BELLY as Sasha covers, TWO!?! Nia still survives and the Role Models are shocked! The Role Models try to figure out what to do, Sasha Shining Wizards! Cover, TWO! And Nia roars! Sasha kicks Nia, gets around her to shoulder and kick from the apron.

Tag to Bayley, they double lift, but Nia is too big and strong! The Role Models shove Nia, Shayna tags in, DOUBLE BACK DROP! But Shayna gets in to put Bayley in a KIRAFUDA KLUTCH! Sasha runs in, Shayna gives her a FLAPJACK! Shayna has Sasha in a Muda Lock, and then Bayley in the KIRAFUDA!! DOUBLE HOLDS!! The Role Models both scream and flail and the three move around on the mat! Sasha tries to save Bayley but Shayna uses Sasha’s arm to put Bayley in a sleeper!!! Bayley taps, Shayna and Nia win!!

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax, by submission (NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Incredible! Shayna uses the Role Models against each other, literally! The unlikely duo hug in celebration! But then stop when they realize what they’re doing. But either way, this duo that hated each other has won together! Will they be the new unstoppable tag team in WWE?

In-ring interview with Shayna and Nia.

Congratulations to the new champions! And while they don’t personally get along, they did amazing as a team! They beat former champions, but Nia wants Charly to hush so they can celebrate. Shayna admits they’re not best friends, and Nia is really excited, so Shayna figures they should celebrate anyway. Will they be partying all night, just separately? As for Sasha and Bayley, who were still watching this the entire time, is this going to finally break the bond between them?


Keith Lee VS Randy Orton!

The Limitless One debuted just last Monday Night Raw, and he confronted the Legend Killer without even breaking a sweat. The Viper ambushing Keith’s friend in Drew McIntyre was some motivation that night, and it will be again this night. Will Keith be a powerful proxy to the WWE World Champion? Or will the Apex Predator just make Keith another victim?

The bell rings and Orton circles with Keith. They circle, tie up, and Orton headlocks. Keith stays standing as Orton grinds the hold, and even pulls on an ear. Orton shakes that off, so Keith tires a bearhug. Keith powers out of the headlock and collides solid with Orton! Orton is a bit surprised but Keith is ice cool. They circle, Orton suddenly speeds things up and Keith HURDLES over Orton! Keith drops down to then CROSSBODY Orton down! Orton bails out right away but Keith waits for him in the ring. The ring count begins, Orton takes his time and returns at 5. Orton wants Keith to give him space, then talks trash as he gets in. Orton reminds Keith who Orton is, and he demands respect. Orton then CHOPS Keith, but Keith just scowls.

Orton CHOPS again, but now Keith gets mad. Orton CHOPS again, and even hurts his own hand. Keith just shakes it off and blocks the whip! Keith reverses to then GRIZZLY MAGNUM CHOP! Orton staggers back to his feet, and Keith throws body shots in the corner. Orton knees low, clubs Keith’s back, but Keith pushes him back. Keith runs in but Orton dodges to POST him! Keith bails out, clutching the bad shoulder, and Orton brings Keith to the desk, for a BACK SUPLEX! Orton leaves Keith behind as the ring count climbs! Keith gets up at 7, hurries over at 8 and is in at 9! Orton stomps Keith’s limbs as Orton loves to do. Orton aims at the arm as he drops a knee! Cover, TWO!

Orton keeps on Keith with a chinlock and he grinds Keith down. Keith endures, fans rally up, but Orton keeps cranking on the headlock. Keith fights up, fights back, but Orton clubs him back. Orton whips Keith to a corner but Keith elbows back. Keith runs to POUNCE Orton out of the ring! Orton is shocked as he flounders to the desk! Keith catches his breath while Orton steadies himself. Keith heads out to bring Orton up, and he returns that BACK SUPLEX! Orton crashes down as he tastes his own medicine! Keith scowls as he drags Orton up and puts him in the ring at 6. Keith takes a second, but Orton kicks him between the ropes! Orton drags Keith onto the ropes, DRAPING DDT!

Orton grins as he has Keith down again. Orton looks to the ThunderDome screen wall, but he hears the voices in his head. Orton wants Keith to rise, and Keith does so slowly. Keith turns around, but denies the RKO for a pop-up! SPIRIT BOMB!! Cover, Keith wins!!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

UNBELIEVABLE! At least, to those who do not truly know Keith Lee! The Limitless One just took out the self-proclaimed Greatest Wrestler Ever! Will Keith Lee skyrocket right to the world title with this?


Backstage interview with Paul Heyman.

Kayla asks again if Roman has signed the contract to enter the match tonight. “Oh ye of little faith!” Doesn’t Kayla watch SmackDown? Roman promised to be here tonight, and he is. Roman promised he’d be in the Triple Threat, #WreckEveryoneAndLeave, and he will. Roman gave not a prediction but a spoiler that he will leave WWE Universal Champion, #BelieveThat. In fact, believe HEYMAN about it. Satisfied?


Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy!

Extreme Rules and Eye for an Eye was not enough. SummerSlam and a Street Fight was not enough. Raw was ruined by Retribution, so that was definitely not enough! Will Payback be where the Mysterio Family finally puts an end to the talk of “the greater good?” Or will father and son both be the Monday Night Messiah’s “necessary sacrifices” for Raw’s future?

The teams sort out, and Rey says he’ll start, but Dominik then bolts past him to clobber Rollins! Murphy hurries after Dominik but Dominik elbows him away! Dominik clubs away on Rollins, Murphy drags him off and throws him at the apron, but Dominik apron 619’s! Dominik dares the disciple to get back in, but Rollins holds Murphy back, and even slaps him! Rollins wants Murphy to let Rollins in. Murphy gets in to tag Rollins, and Rollins kicks low. Rollins headlocks, Dominik powers out and things speed up. Rollins rolls, kicks Dominik low then whips. Dominik kicks back, runs but Rollins puts him on the apron. Dominik shoulders Rollins away, springboards and flying arm-drags!

Rollins bails out and is furious! Murphy asks if he’s okay and Rollins says NO he’s not. Rollins tags Murphy in, Murphy blocks one arm-drag but not the other. Dominik runs, tilt-o-whirls and arm-drags to dropkick! Murphy wobbles, tag to Rey, and Dominik whips. Murphy reverses, Dominik gets around him and Russian Leg Sweeps as Rey runs! Rey adds a basement dropkick, covers, ONE! Murphy scrambles away and Rey dares Rollins to get in. “Get your punk ass in here!” Rollins tags in, steps to Rey, “Be careful what you wish for, Rey! Take your best shot!” Rey SLAPS Rollins then fires off body shots! Rollins knees low, Rey goes to a corner and Rollins fires off fast hands of his own.

Rollins whips corner to corner, Rey goes up and speeds up to roll and seated senton! Cover, TWO! Rollins checks his face but Rey KICKS his leg! Rey whips, Rollins reverses and fireman’s carries to a GUT BUSTER! Rollins scowls as he drags Rey up and fireman’s carries again. Rey flails free, Murphy tags in at the O’Conner roll. Rey DECKS Murphy but still doesn’t realize Murphy is legal. Rollins whips and slides Rey, onto Murphy’s knees! Things work out as Murphy throws body shots on Rey now. Murphy puts Rey in, covers, TWO! Murphy looms over Rey, drags him around and throws more heavy body shots. Tag to Rollins, Murphy whips Rollins in to RAM Rey in the stomach! Rollins laughs as Dominik coaches his dad, but Rollins tags Murphy.

Rollins whips Murphy and he RAMS into Rey. Rey flops down, Murphy crouches to taunt him. “He looks like he’s feeling good.” Murphy puts Rey in the corner again, tags to Rollins, and Murphy whips Rollins in, but Rey goes up! Rollins hits buckles, Rey wheelbarrow bulldogs Murphy! The fans fire up as Rey rolls, tag to Dominik! Dominik goes up, crossbodies, but is caught! Assisted FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Rollins is furious with the ref but the count is the count. Rollins stomps away on Dominik at the ropes, the ref counts, Rollins lets off. Tag to Murphy, they drag Dominik up to mug him, and Murphy puts Dominik in a corner. Murphy ROCKS Dominik with a right and then stomps him. Murphy wrenches and reels Dominik in for a SNAP Suplex! Cover, TWO!

Murphy keeps on Dominik with a modified cobra twist, but Dominik endures. Murphy clubs Dominik in the side but fans rally up. Dominik fights against the stretch, spins around and hits a jawbreaker! Murphy wobbles but he still drags Dominik away! Tag to Rollins, they mug Dominik more, and Rollins scoops to slam him! Rollins stomps Domink right in the shoulder, then stomps the hand! Rollins toys with Dominik as he kicks him away from the Mysterio corner. “You wanna dance with the big boys?” Rollins brings Dominik up but Dominik fires off hands! Rollins kicks low and slides Dominik out hard! The ref keeps Rollins in but Murphy goes after Dominik, only for Dominik to whip Murphy into barriers!

Rollins leaps but Dominik sends him into barriers, too! Rollins hurries up and in as Dominik crawls. Rollins anchors a foot, Dominik keeps crawling, and Dominik kicks Rollins away! Hot tag to Rey! Rey fires off on Rollins, whips him but Rollins reverses. Rey dodges, tilt-o-whirls and headscissors! Rey runs at the corner, Rollins puts him out but Rey shoulders in! Rey bumps Rollins off buckles, climbs up top, QUEBRADA! Cover, TWO!! Rey keeps his cool, baits Rollins in and dropkicks the legs out! Rollins is on the ropes, Rey dials it up, but Rollins ducks the 619 to kick low! Rollins brings Rey up, Rey counters the bomb to a huricanrana! Rey rolls to BUZZSAW! Cover, Murphy breaks it!

Murphy runs at Dominik, misses and gets buckles! Dominik goes up and around, TORNADO DDT!! Rollins SLING BLADES Dominik! Rey is up top, and leaps for a seated senton! Another tilt-o-whirl but Rollins makes it a BACKBREAKER! Everyone is down but the ThunderDome is fired up! A standing count begins as Rey and Rollins stir. Rollins rises, Rey crawls to ropes. Murphy is lurking but Dominik is there. Rey and Rollins brawl, as do Dominik and Murphy! Rey hits Rollins low, Murphy knees Dominik low. Rollins whips Rey, Rey dodges to DIVE onto Murphy! Rey hurries back up and into the ring, shoulders into Rollins and forearms him away.

Rey climbs, Rollins stands, to GUT BUSTER the crossbody!! Rollins SUPERKICKS Rey and covers, TWO!! Rollins seethes as Rey survives, and he again argues with the ref. Rollins shouts, “I’ll do it myself!” Rollins aims at Rey, Rey sits up, but Rey avoids the Curb Stomp! Wheelbarrow, but Rollins counters with a facebuster! Cover, but Dominik breaks it! Murphy gets in, drags Dominik up, but Dominik throws Murphy out. Murphy anchors Dominik’s feet, Rollins clobbers Dominik! They RAM Dominik into the barriers! Rollins hurries in to go after Rey. Rollins brings Rey out to RAM into barriers, too! Both father and son are down, but Rollins drags Rey up and into the ring at 5.

Rollins takes off the arm bands and asks Rey where his son is now. “Reach for him! Where’s your family now, Rey?! Where’s Angie, huh?!” Rollins says this is the end, and tells Murphy to kick Rey in the head. Tag to Murphy, BUCKLE- NO! Rey ranas Rollins into the enziguri! Murphy drags Rey up, Rey slips out of the back suplex to tilt-o-whirl him to the ropes! Tag to Dominik, and Dominik whips Rey out so he can SUNSET BOMB Rollins into barriers!! Dominik dials it up now, 619!! Murphy flounders, Dominik climbs up, FROG SPLASH!! Cover, the Mysterios win!!

Winners: Rey & Dominik Myserio, by pinfall

Finally! After enduring so much, father and son finally have their payback on Rollins! Rollins glares at Murphy and leaves without him! Is “the greater good” halted once and for all?


The Hurt Business heads out, feeling great.

Tonight, they celebrate! MVP, Benjamin and the NEW United States Champion, Lashley, head out. Will they use the entire month of September to celebrate this success? Who steps up to the All Mighty when Clash of Champions comes around on 9/27/20? Speaking of championships…


WWE Universal Championship No Holds Barred Triple Threat: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt VS Braun Strowman VS Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman!

The Monster just lost this title last week as he finally confronted the darkest side of Bray Wyatt. But then the Big Dog made the most powerful return possible when he brutalized them both! Roman is no stranger to what Bray and Braun are capable of, and he’s willing to take them both on to get back the title he never lost! But will the newest Paul Heyman Guy be able to #WreckEveryoneAndLeave the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion of the World?

Bray makes his entrance and gets to the ring with his surprisingly still normal championship belt, but Braun attacks outta nowhere!! The ref rings the bell so this is on the record, but what about Roman?! Braun stomps away on The Fiend at the ropes, gets him up in the corner and fires off body shots! Braun runs corner to corner to corner splash! Scoop, MONSTER SLAM!! Cover, TWO!! Fiend survives this onslaught but Braun just laughs. Fiend stands right up but Braun ROCKS him with right hands! Braun fires off fists and headbutts in the corner, then runs corner to corner, into a BODY CHECK! Fiend has Braun, SISTER ABIGAIL! Cover, TWO!! And where is Roman?!

Braun bails out and Fiend finally takes off his jacket. Fiend pursues as Braun staggers up. Braun choke grips Fiend, knees low and clubs him on the back. Fiend fights back, bounces Braun off the apron, then catches him for an URENAGE through the announce desk!! Fiend shouts at Michael Cole and Corey Graves and they hop over the barriers. Alexa Bliss is watching backstage, twiddling her braids. Fiend goes looking under the ring, and brings out the MALLET! Fiend’s little friend is back, and Fiend takes him over, only for Braun to CHUCK AN ARM CHAIR at him!! Fiend goes down, Braun hurries over and pulls the steel steps apart. Braun drags Fiend up and over to the steps, to CLUB him onto them!

Braun sees Fiend’s mallet, and decides to use it for himself! Braun lifts the mallet, but Fiend kicks low! Fiend throws haymakers then throws Braun into barriers! Braun almost tumbles into the wall of screens, but Fiend drags him up to throw haymakers. Fiend has the mallet and HAMMERS Braun in his chest! Fiend seems shocked and amazed by his own actions! Fiend laughs but then calms down to loom over Braun. Fiend brings Braun over to the other steel steps to bounce his head off them. Fiend then climbs the steps for the neck TWIST! Braun falls and crawls but Fiend up-ends the steel steps. Fiend has the upper half, aims at Braun, and RAMS him down! Fiend poses on the steps as Alexa keeps watching. She seems almost in awe of him…

Fiend drags Braun up, RAMS him into barriers, then clubs him up the ramp! Fiend keeps on Braun as they go to the stage. Fiend sits Braun up for another neck TWIST! Braun is almost helpless as Fiend brings him back up. Fiend aims for the screen wall but Braun pushes him into it! Both men are exhausted but still get to their feet. Braun brings Fiend around but Fiend throws an uppercut! Fiend brings Braun into position, but Braun uppercuts out of Sister Abigail! Braun stalks The Fiend to the edge of the stage, ROCKS him with a right, then TACKLES him off the stage and through a bunch of tables!! Both monsters are down in the wreckage, but Braun sits up to hammer away on Fiend!

Braun uses a trunk to stand back up, then he drags Fiend out of the wreckage. Braun brings Fiend around the stage but Fiend fights back. Braun headbutts Fiend, brings him back to ringside and puts him in. Braun takes a moment before getting on the apron. Fiend stirs but Braun has an idea. Braun goes up top!? He’s a bit wary, he barely does this. Fiend gets up to stop him with an uppercut! Fiend headbutts away on Braun, then finishes climbing up to join him. Fiend reels Braun in, for a SUPERPLEX!! The ring breaks!! Brock Lesnar and The Big Show would be proud! Both monsters are down, and NOW Roman makes his entrance!! Roman brings a chair, Heyman brings the contract! Roman signs on the dotted line, this is finally a true Triple Threat!

Roman gets in the ring and covers The Fiend, but he looks for the ref. The ref is part of the wreckage! A spare ref comes out, Roman covers Fiend, TWO!! Roman is furious, he covers Fiend again, TWO!! So Roman covers Braun, TWO!! Both monsters are still in this so Roman goes back to his chair. Roman brings the chair in to SMACK Braun! And again, and again, and again! Cover, TWO!!! Roman can’t believe this! Roman keeps his cool, looks between the two, and has his chair again. Roman aims at Fiend, Fiend grabs Roman with the MANDIBLE CLAW!! Roman LOW BLOWS free, but both men tumble down the tilted ring! Roman checks his jaw while he stands back up. Braun stirs, Roman aims at him from what was a corner. Roman runs and SPEARS Braun down! Cover, Roman wins!!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall (NEW WWE Universal Champion)

Payback is golden as Roman regains the title! But he waited until the monsters wrecked each other. Will Roman be able to get away with this? Or will he only face more payback as we roll into the Fall?

My Thoughts:

WOW! I doubted doing back to back weeks of PPV’s would work out, but Payback did an incredible job tonight! But I still hope Vince never does this again. Anyway, so much of this was great, even the kickoff show material. Truth is great, as always. Riott Squad and IIconics have a great kickoff match, and it’s great for Liv and Ruby to win and basically rebrand as #LivingRiott. And now the WWE Women’s Tag Division is wide open because we have new champions in an EPIC match! I really like the reluctance in Nia and Shayna enjoying teaming together, I loved that combination of holds Shayna came up and literally using Sasha against Bayley, and I loved the energy Nia had over winning. This is going to be a real fun phase in the Women’s Tag Division, I can feel it.

The United States Championship match was really good for being on the shorter side, but it just seemed the logical move for Lashley to win. I do like that Apollo tried to take the fight back to the Hurt Business, but I wonder if someone else, even among Apollo’s friends, moves up to challenge Lashley for the title at Clash of Champions. We have an entire month to see how it builds up, so anything could happen. We got great stuff out of the three grudge matches, especially the third one. Big E keeps going strong as a solo guy, things aren’t over with Corbin and Riddle, and it’s incredible that Keith beats Orton! Fans feared he was buried over just a theme song change, but this proves he’s the exact opposite! And now it definitely makes things interesting for Clash of Champions and the WWE World Championship. McIntyre VS Keith maybe?

The Universal Championship was definitely a big way to end the show. Roman may have waited until Braun and Bray were down from that ring-breaking superplex, this works because he is clearly a Heel, which is also what many wanted out of this. No one should complain if Heel Roman actually does Heel things. Roman wins, which was inevitable anyway, but I’m really surprised about a few things. The word “retribution” was literally in the Payback description on the Network, and yet we don’t get Retribution showing up even in a teaser of chaos. And what about Mr. Money in the Bank, Otis? He should’ve run out there to remind us that he’s Mr. MITB, only to be part of the wrecking that Roman kinda sorta does. Obviously there’s still a lot of time on the MITB contract but it feels like WWE missed the window on Otis’ best chance to do it.

My Score: 9.2/10

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