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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (8/31/20)

The Raw After Payback!



WWE Raw Coverage 3.0

The PPV may be over, but there’s still payback on Raw!

The Mysterios may have triumphed at Payback, but the Monday Night Messiah will not let it go! Will Rollins get revenge on Raw?


  • Keith Lee VS Dolph Ziggler; Lee wins and moves on to WWE World Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat later tonight.
  • Mickie James VS Lana w/ Natalya; Mickie wins.
  • Randy Orton VS Kevin Owens; Orton wins and moves on to WWE World Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat later tonight.
  • Six Man Tag: The Hurt Business VS The Viking Raiders & Cedric Alexander; The Viking Raiders & Alexander win.
  • Make or Break Match: The IIconics VS The Riott Squad; The Riott Squad wins and will challenge Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, The IIconics must disband as a team.
  • Rey Dominik Mysterio VS Seth Rollins; Rollins wins and moves on to WWE World Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat later tonight.
  • Raw Underground – Titus O’Neil goes 1-1, loses to Riddick Moss.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Parking Garage Brawl: Akira Tozawa w/ ninjas VS R-Truth; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Tornado Tag: The Street Profits VS Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega; No Contest.
  • Raw Underground – Jessamyn Duke goes 2-0, Marina Shafir goes 1-0.
  • Raw Underground – Shelton Benjamin w/ the Hurt Business VS Apollo Crews w/ Ricochet & Cedric Alexander; Benjamin (and the Hurt Business) wins.
  • WWE World Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Keith Lee VS Randy Orton VS Seth Rollins; Orton wins and moves on to Clash of Champions to challenge Drew McIntyre.


Randy Orton heads to the ring!

The Viper is back after the loss that certainly surprised and upset him. He did his damnedest to take out Drew McIntyre, but he should’ve been taking the Limitless One seriously. Orton has a mic as we all learn about the HUGE opportunities on the line tonight regarding Clash of Champions and the WWE World Championship. “Last Monday night on Raw, Drew McIntyre offered me a rematch for the WWE title but did so out of pity.” Orton was disrespected, and he kicked McIntyre not once or twice but three times! McIntyre thinks he deserves to be WWE Champion. He thinks he deserves that title. But as far as Orton is concerned, all McIntyre deserves is that fractured jaw! In Orton’s opinion, the only thing McIntyre deserves is to be in pain each and every day, sipping his meal through straws.

McIntyre promised he’d Claymore kick Orton’s head off his shoulders. But the only one dishing out kicks is the Legend Killer. Just ask Edge, Christian, The Big Show, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels! Go and even ask McIntyre! Now McIntyre says Orton is entitled? That Orton feels he deserves everything, was handed everything? “Damn right I’m entitled.” Orton shouldn’t have to face Kevin Owens tonight or anyone else to earn a rematch at Clash! Frankly, Orton is entitled to that rematch. But he’ll jump through the hoops, play the game, beat Kevin, win the Triple Threat and go on to beat McIntyre once and for all for THE WWE World Championship! That is, if McIntyre can even make it to Clash! He might not be healthy enough in time. He isn’t healthy enough to be here tonight!

But Orton has heard that McIntyre and a couple old bodies got together to bond over a shared experience. That experience is “the Legend Killer swiftly and stoutly kicking them each in the skull. I believe I have a picture.” Orton has a picture photoshopped of his victims, McIntyre, HBK, Flair, Show, Christian and Edge, in the hospital together. Orton chuckles at his own tasteless joke, because to him, “That’s fantastic.” But here comes KEITH LEE! The Limitless One walks down the ramp and into the ring, not at all afraid of Orton. Keith has a mic to say, “Mr. Orton… You’ve done well for yourself.” And Keith can see Orton is amused and even proud of himself. “So fixated on talking about the havoc you’ve caused over the past few months,” and doing his best to forget about what happened at Payback. Doing his best to forget about Keith beating him.

Now, Keith understands. Orton may be the “greatest ever,” but it is FACT that Keith gave Orton no choice but to #BaskInMyGlory. With that said, Orton is complaining about opportunities that should just be handed to him? Well, Mr. Orton, things are a little different now. Because maybe, just maybe, a victory like Keith’s last night over a Legend Killer like Orton means that Keith should be given the opportunity at the WWE Championship. And Keith has known McIntyre a long time, and considers him a good friend. McIntyre talks about receipts, and Keith is sure McIntyre makes good on his word. But Ziggler attacks Keith to get a jump on their qualifier match! Keith shoves Ziggler away, glares at Orton, but Ziggler comes back with the satellite DDT! Keith is down and Orton grins as Raw goes to break!


Keith Lee VS Dolph Ziggler!

Raw returns with the bell and Keith circling with Ziggler. They tie up, Keith blocks the leg pick to lift Ziggler up and toss him! Ziggler keeps his focus, circles with Keith again, but Keith corners him. Ziggler slips out fast and grins as he and Keith go again. They feel out the grapple, Ziggler goes for a leg, but Keith again pries Ziggler off. Keith brings Ziggler up to wrench the arm and twist the wrist. Keith knuckle locks that hand and uses it to bring Ziggler to his knees! Ziggler endures, fights up, but Keith lifts him with one arm! Keith carries Ziggler around, sets him down, but Ziggler kicks the legs! Ziggler leaps, but Keith counters to a catapult! Ziggler bounces off buckles and flops out of the ring!

Keith stares down at Ziggler as Ziggler flounders up. Ziggler gets on the apron but wants Keith to back off. Keith does and now he’s the one grinning. Ziggler and Keith tie up again, Keith powers Ziggler to a corner, but lets off at the count of 4. Ziggler kicks low and throws haymakers! Ziggler turns Keith around for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO and with authority! Ziggler clamps right back on Keith with a chinbar, chicken wing and body scissors. Keith pries free of one but Ziggler shifts to a sleeper hold. Ziggler leans on Keith, cranks on the neck, and grinds Keith down. Keith powers up as fans rally, but Ziggler becomes a backpack. Keith stands up, pries free, but Ziggler kicks the leg, then dropkicks Keith to a corner!

Ziggler fires up, runs and splashes in the corner! But Keith spins out of the neckbreaker, shoves and runs, to POUNCE Ziggler! The Show-Off manages to stay in the ring as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Keith has Ziggler in a corner. Keith stands him up but Ziggler hits back with body shots. Keith rams Ziggler into buckles and GRIZZLY MAGNUM CHOPS! Keith then TOSSES Ziggler across the ring! Ziggler gets up, Keith runs in and corner splashes! Keith brings Ziggler up to a fireman’s carry, but Ziggler hooks the nose! Ziggler is free, kicks low and FAMOUSERS! Cover, TWO! Ziggler grows frustrated, but he crawls after Keith toward ropes. Ziggler chokes Keith on the ropes AND rakes the eyes! The ref reprimands, Ziggler backs off, and drags him up for another neckbreaker! Ziggler drops the elbow, covers, TWO!

Ziggler clamps on with another sleeper hold and is a backpack again. Keith endures, fans build to a rally, and Keith powers up to get to his feet! Keith throws Ziggler off, gasps for air, but JABS Ziggler! And again! And then DECKS him with that left! Keith whips Ziggler, pops him WAY up for a HUGE flapjack! Keith isn’t done, he drags Ziggler back up to whip again. Keith scoops, for a POWERSLAM! Keith roars as he prepares to finish Ziggler! Ziggler is in a corner, he elbows Keith away and then sends him into buckles! ZIGZAG!! Cover, TWO?!? Ziggler can’t believe his best hasn’t put Keith away! Keith crawls, Ziggler watches him and fires himself up! Ziggler tunes up the band, runs but is blocked, into a SPIRIT BOMB!! Cover, Keith wins!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall (advances to #1 Contender’s Triple Threat)


Backstage interview with Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax!

The Queen of Spades and Irresistible Force are the NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, despite not actually liking each other. How were they able to put their differences aside long enough to do that? Nia says it was easy, once she told Shayna to follow her lead. Shayna says she told Nia to stay out of her way, and that’s how she pulled off that “stellar finish” on both Bayley and Sasha Banks. Shayna used Sasha as a weapon to put Bayley out. Well yeah, after Nia threw them both around. But Nia is a tag team champion, Shayna is just a placeholder. They start arguing again, but in comes the Raw Women’s Champion, Asuka! The Empress demands a challenger, but what is the response from management? Nothing yet.

Whoa! Shayna and Nia are united in telling Asuka to leave. This is just for tag champions right now, okay? Just because Asuka has the Raw title doesn’t mean she can butt in. Asuka shoves Shayna but Nia steps up. Asuka dares them both to do something before she leaves. With Shayna and Nia busy with the tag titles now, when and where will either of them get a chance to face Asuka?


Raw returns to Adam Pearce talking with security.

He thanks them for being here and tells them it’s time to get serious. Retribution ruined Raw’s main event last week, but we can’t allow that this week! Security will make sure Retribution won’t wreak havoc. If they can’t, then WWE will hire people who can. Is that clear? Yes, sir!


Asuka heads to the ring!

Charly Caruso is already waiting and brings up how Asuka wants a challenger. Who does she feel is deserving? Asuka has to laugh, because NO ONE is worthy! “I’ve beaten many great women. Bayley, Becky Lynch, Nia Jax, Ruby Riott, Sasha Banks. But it doesn’t matter who is ready for Asuka, because… Asuka is ready for anything!” But wait, is that Mickie James? Mickie says that as a former six-time women’s champion, she recognizes greatness when she sees it. Asuka is one of the greatest women’s champions of all time. So then, with that said, out of respect to Asuka, Mickie is telling her directly that she’s coming after the title.

But now Natalya and Lana walk out! The Queen of Harts and her Ravishing Russian best buddy can’t believe Mickie thinks she can just jump the line! Mickie’s had six chances and that’s so selfish. And delusional! Mickie’s stuck in the past, and it’s not even about age. J Lo is 50 and fabulous, but Mickie has failed to evolve and adapt. You know why Natty is with Lana? Lana is a trendsetter and influencer! And she’s not joking. Natty is the leader of the division and is Lana’s best friend, so if Mickie wants at Asuka, you’ve got to go through them. Asuka says, “Whoa whoa whoa!” as the bickering continues. Asuka is ready for Natty, Lana AND Mickie!! So do something! Natty and Lana do, by attacking both Asuka and Mickie!

Natty drags Asuka out of her robe but Asuka back KICKS Natty out! Mickie throws Lana out and then Asuka hip attacks Lana down! The Empress and #KickieJames have left Lana and The #BOAT down on the outside, but will we see even more action after the break?


WWE and Connor’s Cure brings a new generation of superstars!

Remember Lance “The Tumornator” and the others from just a few years ago? They’ve helped inspire more kids to become superstars of tomorrow. Support them and the fight against pediatric cancer at the official Connor the Crusher website.


The Viking Raiders and Cedric Alexander hang out backstage.

Erik and Ivar show Cedric the Viking high five, and then he gives it a try. Ow! No, grip your fist tighter. Demi Burnett wishes them all good luck tonight. And she is impressed that Alexander has turned down the Hurt Business’s invitations. Then she gives Ivar a kiss for luck. Erik gets Ivar to get serious before they head out. But Garza is lurking, looking to lure Demi back. All’s fair in love and war, but will Garza win in the end?


Mickie James VS Lana w/ Natalya!

Not quite what was expected, but it seems Asuka is sitting out this one. Will the six-time women’s champion show the Ravishing Russian that she’s still got it?

The bell rings, Natty gets right on the apron to distract Mickie, but runs away when Mickie swipes at her. Lana blindsides Mickie, stomps her down and then puts her on the ropes to choke her! Lana taunts Asuka on commentary, but her headset isn’t working! Asuka is furious at Lana, that’s for sure. Lana stomps and digs her boot into Mickie but lets up when the ref counts 4. Lana drags Mickie back up, snap suplexes her and covers, TWO! Lana drags Mickie into a partial camel clutch, but Mickie endures the chinbar. The headset works and Asuka shouts at Natty and Lana. Mickie fights out of the clutch but Lana throws her down by her hair! Only Natty applauds.

Asuka says that Natty and Mickie are both brilliant, but she’s the champion for a reason. Lana drags Mickie up to SLAP her and then laugh. Mickie SLAPS back and Lana is shocked! Mickie hits a Thesz Press and rains down rights! Then Mickie rallies on Lana with clotheslines, then aims for a kick, Lana gets free of the Mick-DT then runs to the ropes for safety. The ref backs Mickie off, Lana sucker punches her, but Mickie comes back with the MICK KICK! Cover, Mickie wins!

Winner: Mickie James, by pinfall

Asuka knows Mickie is that good, and dares her to come after the title. Will we see two of the greatest go head to head at Clash of Champions?


Charly Caruso waits outside Aleister Black’s locker room.

Aleister surprised everyone when he suckered Kevin Owens into an attack during the KO Show, so we all want answers. But first, we see ORTON walk out of Aleister’s room! What was the Viper doing in there?! Did he talk to Aleister about something?


Raw returns to a backstage interview with The IIconics.

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay face a #MakeOrBreak tag match to name contenders, and a team that must disband. Now these two have been friends since high school. How will this raise the stakes for them? It’s crazy to think that in the halls of Westfields Sports High School, these two would bond over their shared dream of one day being WWE superstars. The most important thing is that they did this together. They’ve sacrificed holidays with families to become the tag team champions on WrestleMania! The only constant has been each other.

And only a halfwit would think “some snot nosed hooligans destroy everything we’ve built.” Plus, the Riott Squad is destined to fall apart, and these two are just helping that along. Then the titles will be in the care of two best friends. And that will be IICONIC! Strike the pose! Will this be the last night these two are the IIconic duo we’ve always known them as?


Randy Orton VS Kevin Owens!

The Apex Predator talked with the Embodiment of the End, but what about, we don’t know. Will it come into play as Orton and the Prizefighter fight for a very big prize?

But as Kevin makes his entrance, Aleister attacks! Aleister knocks Kevin into the LED apron and kicks away on him! And then RAMS him into the LED! Fans boo but this has to be what Orton enlisted Aleister for. Aleister gives Kevin a BLACK MASS!! Aleister drags Kevin’s dead weight into the ring for Orton, and Aleister bows a “You’re welcome,” to Orton. Kevin demands he still have this match, the bell rings, but Kevin falls over as he throws punches. Kevin still gets a CHOP and a forearm in, but Orton RKO’s! Cover, Orton wins!

Winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall (advances to the #1 Contender’s Triple Threat)

The entitled Orton gets in because he had this match handed to him by Aleister Black. But Orton still has to earn his rematch, will Keith Lee and the third contender make sure he doesn’t?


The Mysterio Family is together backstage.

Charly pardons the interruption but asks Rey a question. Rey must have mixed emotions again tonight. He’s not cleared to face Rollins tonight for the spot in the Triple Threat contender’s match, but his son is taking his place and could end up in that golden opportunity. Rey says that getting closure with Rollins was important, but he, Dominik, wife Angie and daughter Aliya are all here. He couldn’t ask for anything more. They all know what Rollins has put them through. It’d mean the world to Rey to beat Rollins and become a contender again, but his loss is his son’s gain. When you’ve been in this career as long as Rey has, you understand injuries happen. And if there’s anyone he’d want to take his place, it’d be his son.

Dominik knows he’s an underdog, but after Payback, his confidence is on another level. Dominik will have a 619 with Rollins’ name all over it. The Mysterios are ready for the son to fill his father’s shoes! Can he do it?


Raw returns with the VIP Lounge!

MVP and Shelton Benjamin are already in the ring, and that means big things popping, little things stopping. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view, because the VIP Lounge is for people like the Hurt Business, aka people who are better than you. And this is the very first episode live and direct for the WWE THUNDERDOME! Fans have mixed reactions to that. MVP says he may not be Tina Turner, but they don’t need the master blaster. They have the NEW WWE United States Champion, Bobby Lashley! Lashley makes his entrance now to strut with the title around his waist. Lashley high fives and hugs it out, and now we get to business.

MVP has known a lot of men who have made mistakes from youthful exuberance. Apollo is no different. Apollo Crews tasted success but disrespected them. No matter how successful you may get in life, there are three constants in life: death, taxes, and Bobby Lashley. Lashley says he did what he promised: he beat up Apollo, put him in the #HurtLock, and then took the US Championship! And then after, celebrating with his associates, Apollo came back for some payback on Payback. Lashley isn’t mad, he would’ve done the same thing. But trust him when he says he will get Apollo back.

But since Apollo wants to act like a punk, Benjamin will beat Apollo like a punk in the Raw Underground! Right, they are far from done with Apollo. But first is the Six Man Tag with the wannabe vikings and Alexander for last week’s beating in Raw Underground! When Hurt Business rolled up, everyone was standing. When Hurt Business left, everyone was down. To Cedric, MVP has tried so hard and sincerely to- He gets interrupted by Alexander’s entrance! MVP goes out to meet Alexander at the ramp, but he wants Lashley and Benjamin to stay back. Alexander’s here all alone, does that mean he’s changed his mind? HELL NO! And he isn’t alone. The Hurt Business turns around to see the RAIDERS!

A brawl breaks out at the velvet ropes! The Hurt Business gets throw into barriers, then Alexander and the Vikings wreck the furniture! This Six Man goes down after the break!


Six Man Tag: The Hurt Business VS The Viking Raiders & Cedric Alexander!

Raw returns and Erik fires off with Lashley! Lashley backs Erik down to an open corner, clubs away but lets up at the ref’s count. The ref backs Lashley off, but he comes back for more! Erik moves and KNEES Lashley back! Erik clubs away now but Lashley shoves him. Erik dodges and ROCKS Lashley, then speeds things up. Lashley hurdles and ROCKS Erik back! Lashley RAMS Erik into the Hurt Business corner and tag sin MVP. MVP drags Erik up to throw hands and forearms. Lashley gets a cheap shot in as the ref backs MVP off. MVP throws body shots on Erik, lets off at 4 and tags in Benjamin.

Benjamin throws hands on Erik but Erik shoves him away. Benjamin CLOBBERS Erik and covers, TWO! Benjamin drags Erik back up, throws big shots then whips. Ivar tags in, Erik gets around Benjamin and feeds him to Ivar’s knee. Ivar then feeds Benjamin to Erik’s KNEE! Ivar clubs away on Benjamin, brings him over and throws big haymakers and body shots. Tag to Cedric and he CHOPS Benjamin, then fires off forearm sand rams his shoulder in. Cedric backs off, runs back in for more, then tags in Erik. They mug Benjamin together, but Benjamin hits back. Erik gives Benjamin Ace Ten Mao! But Benjamin SPINE BUSTERS back! Both men are down and the fans fire up!

Benjamin and Erik crawl, tags to MVP and Cedric! Cedric fires off on MVP, runs but into a flapjack! MVP kicks Cedric while he’s down, then drops a knee on him! Cover, ONE, but MVP tries again. ONE, but MVP drags Cedric to the corner. Lashley tags in, they mug Cedric, the ref counts and Lashley digs his boot in until the ref backs him off. Fans boo as Lashley drags Cedric up for a snap suplex! Cover, ONE, but Lashley has the arm right away. Tag to Benjamin, they mug Cedric, then Benjamin puts Cedric in a corner. Benjamin TOSSES Cedric across the ring, covers, TWO! He tries again, TWO! Benjamin drags Cedric up and scoops fast for a slam! Cedric sits up gasping for air but Benjamin drags him away.

Tag to MVP, MVP runs at Cedric to BOOT him! MVP drags Cedric out for a snap suplex and cover, TWO! Cedric toughs it out but MVP smears him in the face, then smears his face into the mat. Cedric gets to the rope but hits back with big forearms. MVP clobbers Cedric with crossface forearms, then he and Lashley taunt Cedric. Cedric tries to hit back but MVP just swats him down. MVP clamps onto an arm, fans rally up as Cedric endures. Cedric gets up, reaches but has to punch MVP. But the Hurt Business trip up the Vikings! Those four brawl and the ref tries to restore order. MVP runs in but Cedric rolls his boot up, Cedric and the Vikings win!!

Winners: Cedric Alexander & The Viking Raiders

MVP actually laughs, because he felt Cedric pull the tights! MVP keeps Lashley and Benjamin from retaliating, does he know something we don’t?


Titus O’Neil warms up backstage.

The Real Deal wants to show he’s got an edge, and he’s preparing to enter Raw Underground! With time still before the doors open, will Titus be ready to jump into that fight pit?


Raw returns, to the Hurt Business attacking Cedric!

They keep finding him alone to jump him! Ricochet and Apollo rush over and MVP asks, “Do you understand now, Cedric?” Ricochet and Apollo help Cedric up, but will the Hurt Business just keep hunting him down?


Make or Break Match: The IIconics VS The Riott Squad!

Peyton and Billie vow to keep their year long bond as a team going at all costs, but they could end up broken up by the truly united Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott! Who wins a shot at the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships and who must go their separate ways?

The teams sort out and Ruby starts against Billie. They rush each other and Billie tackles Ruby to fire off fists. Ruby gives them back but Billie pushes her away. Billie DECKS Ruby then tags in Peyton. The IIconics set Ruby up for the BULLDOG KNEE SMASH! Cover, TWO! The IIconics are furious already and Peyton clubs away on Ruby. Peyton wraps on a thrashing chinlock but Ruby endures. Ruby fights up, fights back but Peyton pushes her to the corner. Ruby ROCKS Peyton then hits Billie., Ruby ducks the kick and tags in Liv! Liv dodges Peyton to enziguri her down! Peyton flounders to a corner, Liv runs and back elbows her down! Liv has her on the ropes for a dropkick to the back! Cover, TWO!!

Liv keeps on Peyton with a scoop but Peyton slips out to throw Liv down by her hair! Tag to Billie, the IIconics double wrench, kick and kick Liv down. Billie covers, TWO! Billie tells Liv that she and Ruby are nothing! Billie clubs her down then brings her up to put her in the corner. Billie digs her boot into Liv, drags her back out and suplexes. Cover, TWO! Billie is furious as she clubs away on Liv! “I’m sick of you!” Billie drags Liv up, Liv kicks low and enziguris Billie down! Tag to Ruby! Ruby throws forearms on Billie, bumps her off Liv’s knees, then brings Billie back up. Billie fires off body shots, Ruby whips her to a corner and runs in for a big forearm!

Ruby rolls and runs, but Peyton runs in! Liv intercepts with a facebuster! But Billie DECKS Ruby! Matchbook cover, TWO!! Ruby ghost pints, TOW!! Billie gets Ruby, TWO!! Ruby matchbooks, RIOTT SQUAD WINS!!

Winners: The Riott Squad, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

The IIconics LOSE and must SPLIT!! They beg the ref to reconsider but it’s too late! The count was three, Ruby and Liv head to Clash of Champions, and the future is no longer IIconic but uncertain!


Shane McMahon checks in with Jordan Omogbehin.

Another big night for Raw Underground! Titus wants to show a side of him we haven’t seen yet, and Jessamyn Duke of the MMA Horsewomen is making her debut! And of course, Apollo wants payback on Shelton Benjamin. It’s going to be a good night! Are you ready for the third hour?


Dominik Mysterio VS Seth Rollins w/ Buddy Murphy!

Father and son got the better of the Monday Night Messiah and his last disciple left, but this golden opportunity could be the cherry on top. Will El Hijo del Rey rise up and become a contender in just his fourth match ever?!

Before the match, Murphy fetches a mic for the Monday Night Messiah. Rollins still looks at him with disdain but he takes the mic anyway. “Last night, you kicked me in the head and got pinned in the center of this ring by Dominik Mysterio!” With a WWE Championship opportunity on the line, Rollins cannot afford mistakes and cannot have Murphy screwing it up for him! “So get the hell out of my ring.” Rollins doesn’t want to hear or see Murphy until Murphy figures out what he stands for and what he figures out what side of history he wants to be on. Murphy tries to apologize but Rollins tells him to shut up! Rollins will do this on his own, so GET OUT! Rollins even SLAPS Murphy on the head!

Murphy leaves as Rollins keeps harping on Murphy’s mistakes. And then Dominik CLOBBERS Murphy on the stage! Rollins is even more upset now, and Dominik gets in, dodges and trips Rollins up! The bell rings, Dominik rains down rights but Rollins gets up to run Dominik over! Rollins drags Dominik up, whips but Dominik dodges to tilt-o-whirl arm-drag and dropkick back! Rollins bails out, Dominik follows, but Rollins kicks him and bumps him off the desk! Rollins puts Dominik back in then drags him up to club him down. Rollins stomps Dominik at the ropes, the ref backs him off, but Rollins comes back for more. Rollins shoves Dominik to ropes but Dominjik kicks back! Domink runs, is put on the apron, but he shoulders back in.

Dominik springboards for a FLYING ARM-DRAG! Rollins runs but is put on the ropes, DIAL IT UP! Rollins dodges the 619, drags Dominik out and aims for the desk, but Dominik bounces Rollins off it instead! Dominik climbs onto the desk to CANNONBALL off it! Direct hit on Rollins and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Rollins has Dominik in a cobra twist. Rollins thrashes Dominik about but Dominik pops out to jawbreaker back! But Rollins SLING BLADES Dominik down! Cover, TWO! Rollins clubs away on Dominik and drags him into a body scissors. Dominik endures the squeeze, Rollins slaps him around, but fans boo the Monday Night Messiah. Rollins laughs as he messes with Dominik, “Here’s your chance for glory!” Dominik refuses to give in and the fans rally up. Dominik sits up, elbows Rollins in the head, then elbows the legs! Dominik is free, but Rollins waistlocks for a bearhug! Rollins thrashes Dominik around again, then SLAMS him down! Rollins puts the waistlock back on and squeezes with another bearhug.

Dominik continues to endure, fights up to his feet, and elbows Rollins in the head. Rollins ducks an elbow to back suplex, Dominik lands on his feet and dodges in the corner! Rollins hits buckles, Dominik ROCKS him with right hands! Dominik punches Rollins to a corner, climbs up top and rains down more rights! Rollins stops that at 5 and tries to Buckle Bomb, but Dominik huricanranas Rollins into the buckles! Dominik slowly gets to the corner and springboards again, but Rollins catches him! Dominik TORNADO DDT’S out of it! STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Rollins narrowly escapes and Dominik can’t believe it! Dominik sees Rollins bail out and goes to the corner. Dominik climbs, LEAPS and CROSSBODIES! Down goes Rollins!

The Mysterio family watches backstage as Dominik puts Rollins in. Dominik climbs back up but has to leap over Rollins. Rollins runs in but into a drop toehold! Dial it up, 619!! Dominik climbs again, for a FROG SPLASH! He FLOPS as Rollins evades! Rollins aims, runs, CURB STOMP!! Rollins seethes as he covers, Rollins wins!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall (advances to the #1 Contenders Triple Threat)

The Mysterio family are a little disheartened that Dominik din’t win, but then they’re furious seeing Rollins CURB STOMP Dominik a second time!! Fans boo as Rollins leaves, ready to go after Keith Lee and Randy Orton. Will “the greater good” prevail and head for Clash of Champions?


Shane McMahon welcomes us back to Raw Underground!

Titus O’Neil is already giving his opponent a HUGE SPINE BUSTER! Titus rains down rights and he wins already! Another man steps up, the bell rings, and he goes for Titus’ leg. Titus pries him off for a HIP TOSS SLAM! Titus grounds ‘n’ pounds and dribbles and headbutts, Titus wins again! Two fast victories, “Who’s next?!” He wants more, but it’s Riddick Moss who steps up! The Riddick Regiment and Real Deal tie up, Moss gets a takedown and throws down hands! Titus pushes back, turns it around and brings Moss up. Moss gets another takedown, Titus guards and hits back. They get up, Moss gets Titus in a facelock but Titus throws Moss out of the ring!

The brawl continues on the outside. Moss ramming Titus into the apron but Titus ramming Moss into shelves! An onlooker gets a little too rowdy and Titus drives him down with an STO! Titus gets back in the ring, but Moss goes right after him! Titus throws Moss off, but Moss kicks real low! Moss DECKS Titus, and Moss wins!! Shane says Raw Underground will return with Jessamyn Duke!


The Street Profits speak backstage.

They’re fired up for tonight! Moss is putting himself on the board, but now it’s time to run up the score on Garza and Almas in a Tornado Match! But they can’t be lazy, so tonight, we see the debut of COACH DAWKS! He has a scouting report on their opponents! Almas the former NXT Champion, is he really tranquilo? He also always has that stank face. Garza is a Lothario, but is he really wealthy? Wait, what? Well Garza is throwing out roses, wearing track suits, that stuff ain’t cheap. Good point. And of course, Vega poisons people, made Ford go all bleeeh~! But can she get on amusement park rides? She’s probably too short, that’s why she’s so mad. But now, the Profits bring the storm to the ThunderDome! The Profits are up, and WE WANT THE SMOKE!!


Raw shares footage from earlier today.

When current WWE 24/7 Champion, Akira Tozawa, and his ninja squad rolled into the ThunderDome today, they were told to slow down and check in. The attendee apologized but they aren’t on the list. What!? But Tozawa is 24/7 Champion, he has to be! Sorry, but he’s not. Tozawa gets out of the car, tells his ninjas to stand down, and checks the list himself. R-Truth is sneaking out of the booth! Tozawa says the list is BLANK! And… This is a REFEREE!! Truth rolls Tozawa up, cover, Truth wins!! “Gotchu!” Turth smacks the ninjas and shouts, “That’s what you get for goin’ all Cobra Kai!!” Truth runs away and the chase is on again! They put the ref in the fan and take off, leaving a ninja behind! Will Tozawa catch up to the THIRTY NINE TIME 24/7, 747, 7/11, I-95 South, European Television Champion?


Tornado Tag: The Street Profits VS Angel Garza & Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are still the Raw Tag Team Champions, but they still can’t shake El Lothario y El Idolo. Will things be very different when all four men are legal at the same time?

Wait, Demi is with Garza again? Does she have no loyalties? But that aside, the bell rings and things fire off! Almas is after Ford, Garza dodges Dawkins to SUPERKICK! Garza BOOTS Ford, Almas and Garza throw Dawkins out hard. Garza and Almas gang up on Ford, he tries to fight back but that’s 2v1. Ford whips Almas to a corner but is put on the apron. Ford enziguris Almas, ROCKS Garza, but Almas intercepts him on the top rope! Almas and Garza go after Ford together, but Dawkins returns to add on! TOWER OF DOOM!! All four men are down after that double powerbomb superplex, and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns, Garza has taken off the pants and he stomps Dawkins out of the ring. Almas has Ford in the corner, Vega coordinates them to whip and POST Ford! Vega applauds while Almas and Garza soak up the heat. Ford flops out of the ring but Dawkins drags himself back up. Garza and Almas grab Dawkins, Garza CHOPS him! Garza bends Dawkins back and Almas stomps him. Cover, ONE, but Garza keeps on Dawkins with a chinlock. Garza throws the headband away and sits Dawkins up while Almas climbs. Almas leaps to dropkick Dawkins in the face! Garza and Almas soak up heat as they cover, TWO! They argue with the ref on the count but they whip Dawkins to a corner.

Garza SUPERKICKS Dawkins while Almas goes after Ford. Almas snake eyes Ford on the apron! Garza wraps Dawkins’ arm around ropes and Almas CLUBS the arm. Garza and Almas bring Dawkins up, for a HANGING ARMBAR! Dawkins endures, there are no ropebreaks or disqualifications here, and Almas lets go when he wants. Garza grabs Dawkins, Dawkins fights back but Garza clubs him. Almas goes up top, Dawkins ROCKS Garza, and catches Almas for an EXPLODER!! Dawkins rallies on Garza with big clotheslines, then dodges to FLYING ELBOW him down!

Dawkins hits a CYCLONE SPLASH for Almas! Then a BULLDOG! Cover, Garza dropkicks it apart! Demi cheers for Garza as he and Almas get Dawkins to the corner. They hoist him up top backwards, drag him into the Tree of Woe, and Garza runs to PENALTY KICK! Almas climbs up and hits the WOE STOMPS! Cover, but Ford LEAPS IN to break it! Garza rolls Ford, ONE! SUPERKICK!! Dawkins ROCKS Garza, Almas boot feints and ELBOWS Dawkins! Almas suplexes Ford, Ford lands on his feet, for a BLOCKBUSTER! And an ENZIGURI! Ford fires up and shakes the ropes, but oh no. The lights flicker, and that means…

Garza gets Demi out of here and the ref rushes to the back! Ford tries to cover Almas but RETRIBUTION appears!! Retribution runs commentary off then surround the ring! This is way more than the six last week, and they mug Ford, Almas and Dawkins! Vega fights the female members but that’s 3v1! Vega gets thrown into the barriers while Almas is choked on the ropes! Retribution hits and runs like always, and still no one knows who they are or why they’re doing this! Will we ever know?!


Raw returns to a FURIOUS Adam Pearce!

Didn’t he tell them to keep eyes open?! Get to your posts and do your job!!


We return to Raw Underground!

Shane welcomes the former IIconics, Peyton and Billie. He wants them to enjoy themselves here, this is Raw Underground. Because we’re about to see Jessamyn Duke have her debut against Avery Taylor. The bell rings and Avery eggs Jessamyn on. Jessamyn is ready, and she fires off kick after kick after kick! Marina Shafir likes what she sees out of her fellow Horsewoman, and Jessamyn grounds ‘n’ pounds! Jessamyn wins but she still wants after Avery! Avery gets up to get BLASTED out! Avery’s friend steps up, Marina gets in her way. But Marina won’t even bother changing, she just throws down! Knee, clinch and another knee! Then the judo throw! Marina gets a leg, MODIFIED TRIANGLE! Avery’s friend taps,. Marina gets a win, too! The Horsewomen are victorious together, and no one steps to them.

But wait, Peyton and Billie start talking trash with the Horsewomen! Jessamyn and Marina tell them to bring it on, but Peyton throws Billie to the wolves! They might not be a team but they’re still friends, aren’t they?! Well, Billie has no choice but to beg for mercy. Marina spooks her into Jessamyn’s ROUNDHOUSE! Ouch. Peyton shrugs, will she and Billie still be pals after all this?


Apollo and crew roll up to Raw Underground.

They tell Cedric to handle business, and they will have his back. Charly hates to rub things in, but it has been rather rough for them. Apollo lost his title, and then the Hurt Business beat down Cedric. Taking all of that into account, is it wise to keep fighting? The old Apollo would’ve felt sorry for himself. The old Apollo would’ve just been happy. But that old Apollo is gone, and in his place is a man who is more determined, who bounces back harder, and won’t stop until he gets the title back.

Ricochet says if MVP thinks he’s going to manipulate Cedric into thinking no one has his back, MVP doesn’t know anything about friendship. MVP only cares about himself and money. They’re going to show the Hurt Business this is worth more than any monetary amount. Let’s handle business! Jordan lets them in, and this showdown happens after the break!


Raw Underground: Shelton Benjamin w/ the Hurt Business VS Apollo Crews w/ Ricochet & Cedric Alexander!

We return and it’s time for the Raw Underground main event! The Hurt Business rolls up and it’s go time! Apollo and Benjamin circle, approach, feel it out, and tie up. Apollo and Benjamin throw shots, Benjamin gets a leg and SLAMS Apollo down! Benjamin stays on Apollo but Apollo’s crew coaches him up. Apollo guards, even as Benjamin rains down rights. They clinch on the mat, Apollo goes after the arm! Double wristlock, but Benjamin resists, until the KIMURA! Benjamin fights up, powers Apollo to the edge, and they fall onto the Hurt Business! MVP and Lashley go after Apollo, but Apollo’s crew goes after them! It’s a six man brawl, the crowd is fired up, but Lashley RAMS Cedric into fencing/

MVP gets Ricochet in the ring, then Lashley and Cedric follow. The Hurt Business is on top as Benjamin throws Apollo in! It’s three different scraps! MVP has Ricochet in a sleeper, Lashley stomps Cedric down, and Benjamin has Apollo in a sleeper of his own. Shane calls it, Hurt Business wins! Shane can’t wait to see what happens next week!


Garza keeps trying to get Demi to flee.

She’s more worried about his friends than he is, and that upsets her. He didn’t abandon anyone, okay? They’re all trained fighters! What concerns him is her safety, okay? If anything happens to her, he could never forgive himself. But then RETRIBUTION come down this hall, beating up security! Garza runs and leaves Demi behind!? Guess he doesn’t care about her at all. The female members of Retribution walk up but Demi runs the other way. Is Retribution far from through with Raw tonight?


WWE World Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Keith Lee VS Randy Orton VS Seth Rollins!

Despite the chaos backstage, the show must go on! The Limitless One beat The Viper 1v1, but that won’t stop Orton from trying to get the rematch he feels he is owed. The Monday Night Messiah looks to disrupt their plans for his own goals, but will even Rollins have to #BaskInHisGlory? And is McIntyre even healthy enough to face tonight’s winner at Clash of Champions?

The bell rings and Keith stares Orton and Rollins down. Orton and Rollins seem willing to work together on the new guy, but then Orton bails out to let Rollins and Keith go 1v1. Rollins doesn’t get it, but Orton says Rollins has this. Orton “already had a fight” tonight, but that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Rollins bails out now to get in Orton’s face. Orton says he changed his mind, but Rollins thought Orton could kick Keith’s ass. Keith drags Rollins up by his hair! Rollins ROCKS Keith, headlocks and laughs, saying he doesn’t need Orton. But Keith powers out and RUNS Rollins over! Then corner splashes! Orton sneaks up to headlock Keith and grind him down!

Keith endures, powers out and puts Orton in a corner for a splash! Rollins hits Keith, clubs him down and whips. Keith blocks, sends Rollins into Orton, and he runs at them both! They both put Keith on the apron but he fights both of them off! Keith slingshots to DOUBLE CROSSBODY! The Limitless One has two former world champions down as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Rollins clubs away on Keith while Orton anchors Keith’s feet. Keith kicks Orton away and punches Rollins, then slingshots, into Rollins’ SUPERKICK! Keith bails out, Rollins is on the apron and Rollins leaps to FLYING KNEE! Keith is against the announce desk, Orton BACK SUPLEXES him onto it! Orton grins as Keith tumbles down, and Rollins says that’s the Orton he knows. They both go after Keith together now, they drag him up and RAM him into steel steps! Rollins and Orton coordinate and bring Keith around. They drag him up but that’s a lot of dead weight. They get him in the ring but then Orton attacks Rollins in the ropes! DRAPING DDT!! Cover, TWO!!

Orton considers what to do next, and he notices Keith flopped out of the ring. Orton decides to listen to the voices in his head, but Rollins counters the RKO to a back slide, then FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Rollins keeps his cool as Orton writhes. Rollins aims from a corner, but Keith rises up! Keith blocks to counter punch Rollins then run him over! Keith runs Orton over, and then corner splashes corner to corner and back again! Keith TOSSES Rollins into Orton! The fans fire up with Keith as he goes out and goes around the way after both men. Keith POUNCES Orton to the barriers! Rollins is in the ring and DIVES, into Keith’s arms! Keith TOSSES Rollins across the desk!!

Keith drags Rollins into the ring, stalks him but Rollins mule kicks. Rollins front kicks then runs, into the scoop! But he counters the swinging slam into a cradle, TWO!! Rollins dodges and PELES Keith! Keith wobbles, Rollins ROCKS him with a right! And then SUPERKICKS him again! Keith is down, Rollins aims and demands Keith get up. Keith rises, Rollins runs into the lift! SPIRIT BOMB!!  But Orton is in, and he gives Keith an RKO!! Cover on Rollins, Orton wins!!

Winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender, advances to Clash of Champions)

The Viper strikes at the most opportune time, as he always has! Orton earned his rematch with McIntyre, will he get to give the champion a fourth punt to the head? Or is he just serving himself up to the wrath of Claymore Country?

My Thoughts:

Raw ends up as another aftermath episode because of back-to-back PPV’s, but they did great again! A lot of tonight was kept under wraps but pivoting to Clash of Champions was done pretty quickly, and with only a little turbulence. It was fine to have a Women’s Tag contenders match, but did we need to give it a “losers break up” stipulation? The IIconics are great on the mic and getting better in the ring, and there are very few teams as it is! I was hoping there’d be a loophole to explain, but now that Raw Underground segment might be driving a wedge. Ruby and Liv make for a decent team to start Shayna and Nia off with, but I don’t think Nia and Shayna are transitional champions. They had a really good interview segment with Asuka’s “interruption,” but I really hope they get to hold on to the tag titles for a good amount of time.

Asuka being confronted by Mickie, only for Mickie to be confronted by Lana and Natty, was alright. I was expecting a Teddy Long style tag match, and instead we get Asuka on commentary with a legitimately(?) glitchy headset. Mickie obviously beats Lana, it was Lana! Mickie and Asuka having a rematch from way, way back in NXT should be a lot of fun, but it’ll obviously be Asuka’s win one way or another, even if you throw Natty into the mix. It was great to get a 24/7 Championship segment that was more “traditional,” as it were. Truth is definitely hitting 40 reigns with that before the year is over. I kinda hope Clash of Champions is where we see that title hot potato around almost all night just to get the numbers up.

The Hurt Business story was pretty good tonight. Cedric teams up with Viking Raiders mostly just to make a point of his friends not being around. Where was Ali, by the way? But then Apollo and crew just get wrecked in Raw Underground, kinda hurting all of their chances of fighting for the US Championship at Clash. I hope something happens where, despite how determined Apollo is, it’s Cedric that gets the right to challenge, and then it really puts friendships to the test. Titus getting into Raw Underground was pretty cool, but Moss comes out of nowhere to end his win streak. I feel like Moss is really working hard to be some kind of Raw Underground champion. I don’t know if we’ll ever get that, or if we even need that, but it’d be a great opportunity for superstars who’ve dropped down the card.

We got a lot of great stuff out of the world championship scene, and it also managed to incorporate other stories. Orton has a good promo and Keith has a good one, too. Keith and Ziggler have a really good opening match and obviously it’s great for Keith to have won that. I’m surprised Orton was able to convince Aleister to help him out, but I suppose the selling point was going after Kevin Owens. Is Rey’s tricep injury real? Who knows at this point but it did give Dominik another great match with Rollins. But of course, Dominik can’t just skyrocket to the top just yet, and Rollins gets a win. The real compelling part was how Rollins treated Murphy. With Austin Theory going back to NXT and the Authors of Pain still out of action, I feel like Rollins’ story should really be about being abandoned by his followers until he’s all alone again.

There’s also something interesting going on with this whole Demi Burnett story. I don’t care for the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, so I have no idea if she’s really an airhead or playing it up. But as far as how she is on Raw, she has NO loyalties. All it takes is a rose or a turkey leg and she’s switched sides. But I do think it’s very fitting that Garza runs away from Retribution to “save” Demi, but then bails on her anyway! Maybe now Demi will stick to one guy and be done with Garza.

As for Retribution, they brought 10 or so people this time, definitely with 3 female superstars and the rest male. It seems almost a given that Dominik Dijakovic and Mia Yim are among them, as their voices seemed distinctly among Retribution tonight. I almost thought they were going to interfere in the Triple Threat and reveal themselves, and that they might have been on Keith Lee’s side all along given established connections Mia and Dijakovic have to Keith.

But perhaps that’s exactly why they didn’t interfere? Keith looked amazing, and had Rollins at the end but Orton of course takes advantage. McIntyre VS Orton rematch felt like it was happening anyway, so this was a great way to build Keith up in the eyes of non-NXT watchers, while also still bringing out Orton’s opportunistic side. I almost thought at the mention of McIntyre only having fractured jaw, he’d show up at the very end to Claymore Orton, but maybe we build up the “uncertainty” of McIntyre making it, until the go-home when McIntyre finally gets to hit Orton back.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Andrew’s NJPW Castle Attack Results & Match Ratings: 2.27.21

Castle Attack is a two day event, with this first one having top tier talent; but no championship stakes. Does that hurt the show? 



Castle Attack is a two day event, with this first one having top tier talent; but no championship stakes. Does that hurt the show?

Kazuchika Okada finally gets his hands on EVIL, Jay White gets his “get right match” against Ishii after the last month of issues, and just generally a lot of feud building. The obvious thread is all of the CHAOS versus Bullet Club going on, but I don’t think any of us are excited for Tanga Loa and YOSHI-HASHI.

We also have The United Empire kicking things off to help give Great O-Khan more momentum going into his match against Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Even if the card seems a little flat, maybe we get surprised?


  • The United Empire (Will Ospreay, Jeff Cobb & Great O-Khan) vs TenCozy (Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima) & Hiroshi Tanahashi: Ospreay wins via Oscutter @10:22 – * ½
  • Tanga Loa w/Jado vs YOSHI-HASHI: Loa wins via Ape Shit @12:58 – (-*)
  • Tama Tonga vs Hirooki Goto: Goto wins via GTR @6:39 – ** ¼
  • KOPW 2021 Trophy: YTR Strap Match: Toru Yano (c) vs Chase Owens: Yano retains @12:50 – ** ½
  • Jay White vs Tomohiro Ishii: White wins via Blade Runner @25:42 – ****
  • Kazuchika Okada vs EVIL w/Dick Togo: Okada wins via Rainmaker @28:11 – *** ¼



The United Empire (Will Ospreay, Jeff Cobb & Great O-Khan) vs TenCozy (Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima) & Hiroshi Tanahashi

So we saw a lot of dynamics that we’ve grown to expect. Tenzan struggles to not use the Mongolian Chops, O-Khan continues to prove himself a credible enough threat to Tanahashi, but this was a sloppy match. Between an early awkward exchange that made it seem like O-Khan didn’t know how to sell Kojima’s flurry, Ospreay slipped on the rope when he was coming in toward the end; even though he kinda saved it, it was obviously screwed up.

Interactions were clumsy, the match never got exciting and really just did what these kind of matches usually do, but not even as well as most Young Lions.

Tanga Loa w/Jado vs YOSHI-HASHI

Welp, this match was straight garbage. The sad thing about this match was that Loa did a pretty solid job at trying to vocally antagonize HASHI and keep things interesting, but HASHI was in slow motion. HASHI would visibly confirm things too much, his moves were bad, kept trying to rally the crowd but they didn’t respond; so there were a ton of times he waited a beat to see if the crowd would ever come alive, and they never really did.

Tanga Loa was his usual self with better verbal interactions. He kept trying to get HASHI to fight and prove what he had instead of cursing, but HASHI just fell into the waste of space mannerisms he was known for 99% of his career. He should go back to Loose Explosion on his tights, because he is the drizzling shits.

So Tama comes out to distract Hashi allowing for Loa to turn the situation and hit Ape Shit. Bullet Club beatdown ensues, Goto runs out, clears out Loa…and the referee decides to just start the match since Goto and Tama were supposed to wrestle anyway!

Tama Tonga vs Hirooki Goto

A quick start is stifled by the malaise that is known as Castle Attack so far. Tama dumps out Goto, Goto starts reviewing his life choices and why he’s here today, and then spends enough time on the outside to build a bird house before Jado eventually limps over and hits him with a kendo stick shot. Like…why? Goto saw it coming. Stevie Wonder saw it coming. The terrible decisions of YOSHI-HASHI have polluted Goto’s mind as well!

When things get back into the ring, at least Tama and Goto are good wrestlers. Tama hits the Tongan Twist and Veleno, but a missed Stinger Splash and countered Gun Stun gave Goto some space. Tama tried for Gun Stun again, but he got caught, Goto throws him on his shoulders Ushigoroshi style, but drops him into the GTR and lands it! So a surprising GTR gives Goto a victory from the jaws of defeat, and at least the in-ring action was serviceable enough to get the highest rating of the show so far.

I really hope the back half blows my socks off, because this is sad so far.

KOPW 2021 Trophy: YTR Strap Match: Toru Yano (c) vs Chase Owens

Now the gimmick here is instead of touch the 4 corner pads, you have to remove the 4 corner pads. So it seems like the person to remove the last pad, will be the winner.

We get a mostly expected Yano gimmick match. He made small references to his earlier gimmick of being a cheating, violent, always disqualified heel; when he started whipping Chase early and being more aggressive than we usually see. But Chase was clever using the outside to a great advantage. Yano was forced to go after Chase because Chase was going to take the pads off from outside, and then used Yano’s momentum against him by ramming him into posts and barricades.

The last pad was solid comedy where both took turns knocking the other out, too far from the last pad. So we had some goofy “drag the dead body” spots. Chase nearly had things won until Yano came to, pulled him close for Oni Koroshi! Yano makes it to the corner, takes it off and the God of all KOPW continues!

Jay White vs Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii has had White’s number lately, and just added to the broken status of his mental health after the Wrestle Kingdom loss. Within the first minute or so, Jay looked to have tweaked his hamstring, and that added an interesting layer to his early attack. But much like the strategic genius that he is, he lays Ishii over the barricade, and Ishii starts selling a rib injury.

Everything in this match mattered, the leg and ribs came back to play into aspects of the finishing sequence. Ishii was slow transitioning between some of his power moves since he was hampered with the rib injury, and Jay got caught a bit more than usual because his quickness was taken away.

A huge Avalanche Brainbuster after a Jumping Headbutt nearly gave Ishii the win, but a slow cover as he wanted the high stack, kept Jay alive. They fight back and forth, then we get a great counter wrestling sequence to finish the match. Ishii slips suplexes and Blade Runners, Jay slips the Brainbuster and eats a strike. It was up, down, back and forth, just hard to call until Jay finally slips a hold and catches Ishii with Blade Runner for the win!

THANK GOD we got a match worth watching! Great pacing, solid story, this is something to watch.

Kazuchika Okada vs EVIL w/Dick Togo

Ugh, okay so we know what we get with EVIL any more right? Okada tried to eliminate Dick Togo early when he hit Double DDTs on the ramp, but then the trek back to the ring was awkward. Okada bringing EVIL back to the ring, was a microcosm of the match, where it was just very slowly paced, inactive and not a good idea.

Part of the point in this match was for Okada to finally get closure on EVIL beating him during last year’s New Japan Cup; but he wanted to drag out the old aggressive EVIL. EVIL fired up late, and the crowd responded excitedly expecting something good, but it was short lived. Plus, we have Okada being a complete moron. He was shoved into Red Shoes, fights off Dick and lays EVIL out and goes for the stupid Money Clip. He goes for a submission after he was driven into the referee. This is a gap in logic so embarrassing, just so Dick could interfere again with the garrote.

All the garrote did was possibly foreshadow when Okada Tombstoned Dick, and then had a moment where he considered using the weapon. This is either a throw away for Okada to continue to be the Golden Boy, or it’s a hint that darker things are on the horizon for Okada.

Either way, Fire/Thunder Driver lead to the Rainmaker again, and we’re finally at a point where Okada is beating people with the move that started it all! No more Money Clip! It looks bad and it’s just sad.


Overall Score: 4.25/10

At least we got one match really worth watching out of this show. Jay White versus Tomohiro Ishii is truly the only thing to watch from this whole show.

I don’t know how some people didn’t find the YOSHI-HASHI embarrassing, but it completely was. The opener was sloppy to the point of uselessness. Tama and Goto was just flat given how the story was being told. Then we’ve got the gimmicky goofball match being a highlight before the semi-main and main events. I’ve seen more salient card structure and match booking from Dragon Gate during the waning days of ANTIAS.

Tomorrow has to be better because if it’s worse, then I think 2015 TNA would be happy to know they aren’t the bottom of the barrel anymore. This show was so embarrassing I think I’m just gonna end the article with the hockey coach from Letterkenny:


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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (2/26/21)

It’s a Retro Premier grudge match!



Coverage 205 2021

Is 205 Live still Tony Nese’s show?

Tony Nese helped Ariya Daivari beat August Grey last 205 Live, but now has to put up or shut up! Will the Premier Athlete make RetroAG get with the times?


  • Ever-Rise VS Curt Stallion & Mansoor; Stallion & Mansoor win.
  • Tony Nese w/ Ariya Daivari VS August Grey w/ Jake Atlas; Grey wins.


Ever-Rise VS Curt Stallion & Mansoor!

Don’t misunderstand, the truce and friendship of #BollyRise is still strong! But for taking on the Lonestar and still undefeated Star of Saudi Arabia, it’s time to go with what’s been proven to work! Will the classic combo of Matt Marthel & Chase Parker end Mansoor’s growing undefeated streak?

The teams sort out and Stallion starts with Marthel. Fans rally for Stallion but there is an Ever-Rise Rules section. Stallion and Marthel tie up, break up, and Marthel shouts at “Cowboy Curt” to bring it! They tie up again, Marthel puts Stallion on ropes, and “Clean break, no problem!” Stallion smirks as he and Marthel circle. Stallion gets a headlock, Marthel powers out and the two ram shoulders! Marthel shoves Stallion but Stallion ROCKS Marthel! Stallion hits a headlock takedown, grinds Marthel down, and gives the trash talk back as Marthel tries to kip out. Marthel powers up, powers out, but Stallion ducks and doges to CLOBBER Marthel! Cover, ONE, but Stallion has a facelock!

Mansoor tags in, takes the hand-off and wrenches Marthel to an armlock. Marthel powers up, whips Mansoor away, then drop toeholds Mansoor to a chinlock. Tag to Parker but Mansoor gets away. Mansoor and Parker reset, circle, and tie up. Parker snapmares but Mansoor rolls right to his feet. Fans rally, they tie up again, and go around. Parker gets a headlock, Mansoor powers up but Parker keeps hold of the hold. Mansoor keeps trying but Praker grinds the hold harder. Mansoor powers up a third time to atomic drop! Mansoor hits the headlock takeover now and he grinds Parker down! Marthel shouts, Parker headscissors but Mansoor kips out to headlock takeover again!

Parker endures the grind, pushes with forearms, then gets up. Stallion tags in, he mugs Parker and headlocks to hit a takeover of his own. Parker pushes Stallion’s face with forearms, fights his way up, and powers out, only for Stallion to duck and CLOBBER Parker with a back elbow! Cover, TWO! Stallion clamps onto Parker’s arm, wrenches, tags Mansoor in and Mansoor gets a facelock. Mansoor snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Mansoor clamps onto Parker with a chinbar and armlock. Fans rally, Parker fights up, pulls hair and stomps Mansoor’s foot! Tag to Marthel, Ever-Rise tries a double keylock but Mansoor stays up! Mansoor flips through to DOUBLE ARM-DRAG!

Mansoor atomic drops Marthel! Parker flies in but into an atomic drop! Stallion tags in, double dropkicks send Ever-Rise out! Fans fire up with Mansoor and Stallion, and the Bollywood Boyz run out to cool things off! They say they can still do this as Bolly-Rise! Parker goes back in, Samir & Suni keep Marthel calm, but Stallion gets Parker with a waistlock slam! Stallion facelocks, Mansoor tags in, and they mug Parker. Mansoor headlocks, grinds Parker, but Parker throws hands to get a headlock of his own. Mansoor powers out, drops, Parker hurdles but Mansoor hurdles! Marthel tags in, Parker fakes Mansoor out, and Marthel POWERBOMBS Mansoor down!

Mansoor is dazed, Marthel stomps away on him at the ropes. Marthel drags Mansoor up to bump off buckles and stomp away! The ref counts, Marthel gets mad as he lets off, and Marthel throws hands on Mansoor. Tag to Parker, they wrench Mansoor’s arms for a double shoulder tackle, and double fist drops! Parker covers, TWO! Parker drags Mansoor up while the Singhs coach them through. Parker throws hands to keep Mansoor down, but Mansoor avoids the elbow drop! And the second one! Mansoor ROCKS Parker with an uppercut, slingshots up and over but Marthel tags in! Mansoor completes the sunset flip but Marthel stomps him down! Cover, TWO!

Marthel drags Mansoor up, bumps him off buckles and throws forearms. Mansoor hits back on Ever-Rise! Mansoor hurries for his corner but Marthel trips him up BOOYAH ELBOW FLOPS as Mansoor moves! Hot tag to Stallion! Stallion shoves Marthel out, fires off on Parker and CHOPS him! Stallion sends Parker into Marthel, rolls Parker up, TWO! BASEMENT DROPKCIK! Stallion DIVES onto the Bollywood Boyz! Then he goes up, FALLING SPALSH onto Parker’s knees! Marthel tags in, but runs into a cradle! TWO!! Tag to Mansoor and he goes up to leap! Marthel gets under, comes back but Mansoor elbows him! Mansoor tries the Bulldog but Parker saves Marthel from it!

Marthel tags Parker, Ever-Rise brings Mansoor up and they give him a SWEET TASTE! But Stallion RUNNING HEADBUTTS Marthel! But Parker BOOTS Stallion! The Bollywood Boyz want Parker to use the clapboard but the ref sees it! Mansoor rolls Parker up, O’Conner roll AND BRIDGE! Mansoor and Stallion win!

Winners: Mansoor & Curt Stallion, by pinfall

The Saudi Arabian Star’s streak continues! Ever-Rise blames Bollywood for that one but the Singhs defend they were just trying to help! Is Bolly-Rise doomed to fail?


Tony Nese VS August Grey!

August Grey helps Jake Atlas get one over on Daivari Dinero, so the Premier Athlete helps Daivari get the gold chains back. Then Nese helps again so Daivari could clobber Grey into next week. Of course, last week is now this week, and Nese looks to send August into the Fall! Will the purple ‘n’ orange still belong to the OG? Or will it soon be Retro AG’s?

But surprise! If Nese has Daivari, Grey can have Atlas ringside! Will the muscle of El Monte keep the Persian Lion from stacking the deck in Nese’s favor? The bell rings, Nese and Grey circle, and they tie up. Grey wrenches an arm, clamps onto the shoulder, but Nese rolls and trips Grey up. Nese gets a leg, ties it up with the other, and has a seated figure four deathlock. Nese adds a chinlock but Grey fights free of that. Grey pops free of the leg lock and clamps onto Nese’s arm again. Nese fights up, puts Grey in a corner, but the ref counts. Nese lets off but RAMS into Grey! The ref reprimands but Nese ROCKS Grey with a right!

Nese CHOPS Grey to another corner, then throws a forearm! “I’m the Premier Athlete!” Fans boo, but Grey puts Nese in the corner to stomp away! Grey ROCKS Nese, fans cheer, but Nese reverses the whip, only for Grey to RANA and CLOBBER Nese! Nese gets around, but Grey counter punches him already! Grey throws more haymakers, keeps Nese up and whips him to the corner hard! Grey then scoops Nese to SIDEWALK SLAM Nese! Cover, TWO! Daivari swipes at Grey but Atlas storms over. The ref tells them both to cool off, Grey goes out to have Atlas back down. Grey tells Daivari he’ll get his. Nese runs over but Grey dodges the baseball slide to ROCK him!

Grey grabs Nese and glares at Daivari. “You having a good time?!” Grey puts Nese in, tells Daivari to watch him beat Nese with a smile on his face. But Daivari keeps distracting Grey, and Nese hits a BULLDOG HOTSHOT! Nese then goes up and PREMIER TRIANGLES! Cover, TWO! Nese clamps onto Grey with a neck wrench and Daivari talks trash. Fans boo while Nese clubs and toys with Grey. Nese drags Grey up, CHOPS him, and Daivari is the only one cheering as Nese brings Grey out to CHOP him off his feet! Nese flexes, fans boo, and Atlas coaches Grey. Nese pulls Grey against ropes to then KICK him in the chest!

Grey sputters, swipes at Daivari, but Nese drags him up. Grey blocks a buckle bump to give a buckle bump! Grey counter punches Nese, goes up and walks the tightrope for a CROSSBODY! Fans fire up as Grey runs in to CHOP Nese in the corner! Grey whips corner to corner, Nese reverses to slide and pump handle scoop, for a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Nese grows frustrated but he puts on the body scissors! Nese squeezes, Grey fights and pries at the hold, and Grey is free! Nese hurries after Grey to get a rear bearhug! Grey elbows Nese over and over, is free again, and ROCK Nese with haymakers and CHOPS! Nese back kicks, knee lifts and whips, but Grey returns to LARIAT!

Grey starts to rally, and he whips Nese to ropes. Nese kicks, but runs into a JAWBRAEKER, to a NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up as Grey hits the back suplex with a little extra! Cover, TWO! Atlas and Grey are both a bit surprised, but Grey drags Nese to a drop zone. Grey climbs up top and Atlas fires up, but Daivari RAMS Atlas into steel steps! The ref reprimands Daivari but Nese SHORYUKENS Grey! Nese throws Grey off the top, goes up top himself, and leaps for a 450 only to flop! Grey gets Nese in, Daivari distracts again! Nese throws Grey out hard, but Atlas trips and DECKS Daivari! Nese FLIES to take out Atlas! But Grey DIVES to do the same to Nese!

Grey puts Nese in, fans fire up, and Grey chicken wings Nese! He turns Nese, runs up the corner, and hits the SO MUCH PRETTIER!! Cover, Grey wins!!

Winner: August Grey, by pinfall

Retro takes us back, and he takes down a former Cruiserweight Champion!! But things aren’t over between the OG and AG, will there be more in this series to come?

My Thoughts:

A very fun episode, but certainly more exciting in the main event. That is how it should be, but it was a bit easy to see that Ever-Rise was losing. For one, that’s the story going on with them and Bollywood Boyz, though I did like that it was the Bollywood Boyz overdoing the help that cost Ever-Rise. The other reason was Mansoor is still building an undefeated streak, and he might not lose until it’s finally his turn to challenge for a Cruiserweight Championship. And I say “a” because obviously there’s still the issue of Escobar VS Devlin for one true Cruiserweight Champion, which may not happen for a long time. Grey VS Nese was very good, even with Daivari still getting involved, because at least Atlas was around to counter him in the end. I’m still seeing a tag team blow-off before they all move on to something else.

My Score: 8.1/10

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