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Bandwagon Nerds #46: Marvel FINALLY Did Something!

Patrick and Dave are joined by Rey Ca$h to talk The Boys S2E6, new Amazon series, The Walking Dead, Marvel news and more!



Patrick and Dave are joined by Rey Ca$h to talk The Boys S2E6, new Amazon series, The Walking Dead, Marvel news and more!

This week Dave and Patrick are joined by fellow podcaster Rey Cash to react and breakdown all of the biggest news in the Nerdosphere!  The Boys takes a dark turn as secrets were revealed in Season Two, Episode 6.  Plus, Amazon announced a spinoff coming soon featuring Vought Superheroes in college.  The nerds speculate as to what to expect.  The Walking Dead returns to finish its 10th season and a slew of spinoffs are coming, but how much is too much?  Ray Fisher is returning to his role as Cyborg for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, will this return have any impact on Fisher’s conflict with Warner Brothers?    Finally, Marvel dropped a ton of news this wee and Rey, Patrick and Dave break it all down for you!  WandaVision!  Nick Fury! Helstrom Trailers!…And more movie release delays.  Plus, the Nerds’ favorite spinoff show.

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